Chapter Twenty Three-Uneasy
It was still daylight and there were people milling around so Spencer didn’t let himself into Hotch’s apartment. He tried to think as little as possible about the case and the journals he had read. He figured it was why Hotch had texted him to come over. While he was good at compartmentalizing things, it would take a while to get the words put where they belonged and a distraction was perfect. He figured that Hotch had his ex-sister-in-law watching Jack and wanted Spencer to be out of his comfort zone so he focused less on retreat and more on anything else.

Knocking on the door, Spencer waited. He listened, not wanting to be surprised when the door opened. He was still surprised though when he heard footsteps. But not Hotch’s. Jack’s. Because there was no way that Hotch was running to the door. Even though he had the text memorized, he unlocked his phone to reread it as the locks sounded on the door. He was right that it had said to head over as soon he was ready. Had Hotch thought that would be later? Spencer debated leaving but before he could, Jack opened the door. The boy was smiling at him.

“SPENCER!” Jack launched himself at him. Spencer wasn’t sure what to do so he picked the boy up and into a hug. Jack wrapped his arms around his neck and held on. He saw Hotch just beyond Jack’s head, smiling at him. Spencer stepped inside the apartment and Hotch shut the door. “You came!”

“I did.” Spencer raised an eyebrow at Hotch.

“Jack has decided that he is old enough to watch Jurassic Park. And who better to watch it with than the dinosaur expert?” Hotch smiled. Spencer moved to set Jack down but the boy held on tighter. “I ordered pizza and I have pop.”

“Daddy ordered my favorite pizza and he said that he got yours.” Jack pointed to the couch. Spencer saw that there was three spaces set up. Jack’s in the middle with his dinosaur cup sitting there. Spencer saw a can of Dr. Pepper on the left with plain Coke on the right.

Spencer looked at Hotch but the man wasn’t there. He was in the kitchen area grabbing paper plates and napkins. Spencer moved to the couch hoping that Jack would want down but the boy just clung to him like a limpet. So, Spencer sat down on the couch and Jack just shifted around to straddle Spencer’s legs. He was looking at the TV, where Spencer realized that the movie was already started and paused. Hotch joined them on the couch, sitting down in front of his can of pop. Jack though still stayed in Spencer’s lap.

The movie started and Jack bounced in Spencer’s lap. It only played for ten minutes before a knock came at the door. Hotch stood and Jack followed him. Spencer motioned towards the back and held up his hands. Hotch nodded.

Spencer shut and locked the master bathroom door after he entered. He turned the handle on the cold water and prepared to splash some on his face. He hadn’t expected Jack to be there at all. Since Haley and Jack had gone into Witness Protection, he’d not been around the boy as much. There was the funeral and a cookout at Morgan’s, but Jack hadn’t acted like he was right then. Jack was always happy to see him. He always wanted to talk but sitting in his lap? If it was anyone else, Spencer would think that Hotch was putting him up to it but Hotch wasn’t that way. He knew that JJ had wanted him to be Henry’s godfather, but he knew that part of it was getting him connected to a child so that he would get over the issues he had with kids. She hadn’t realized that Haley had taken care of that over time with forcing him to interact with Jack. A lot of it was that kids never liked him. A five year old walking up and talking to him was going to make him nervous because kids he wasn’t familiar with didn’t get him.

Splashing water on his face, Spencer sighed. He just had to get through the movie. If the only thing that Hotch wanted out of him was to be a distraction for Jack, or some sort of reference on dinosaurs, he could be that and then he’d leave. He didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing and he was thankful that he adapted well. He set a smile on his face before unlocking the door. He half expected Hotch to be there checking on him but he wasn’t.

Hotch wasn’t in the kitchen either. Instead, he and Jack were on the couch with the pizza boxes spread on the coffee table. Spencer’s drink was on the stand beside the couch. Jack was seated in the middle with a plate in his lap. Hotch was back in the spot he had started in.

“Come and sit, Spencer. Daddy brought your pizza over since you were taking forever washing your hands.”

“Thanks, Hotch.”

“Your welcome, Reid.”

“Daddy!” Jack chastised his father.

“I’m sorry Jack. You’re welcome, Spencer.” Hotch smirked as he said it. Spencer didn’t answer, he just sat down. As soon as he sat back from getting three slices of pizza out of the box and only his plate, Jack scooted closer.

“Can I sit in your lap to eat?” Jack asked.

“Um. I…Sure, Jack.” Spencer had watched Jack eat in his dad’s lap at the cookout as the boy hadn’t wanted to sit on the ground. He’d been careful and hadn’t dropped a single thing and he only hoped the boy did this time as well. Spencer picked up his plate and balanced it on the arm of the couch while Jack carefully set his plate down and then shifted into Spencer’s lap. Hotch handed the boy his plate and Spencer his drink so that he could set it on the stand. Jack put his back to the arm of the couch and got comfortable in his lap, smiling as he did.

“We are ready to watch more, Daddy.”

Hotch hit play and started to eat on his pizza. Spencer though was watching Jack’s face as he looked over at his father. Spencer was about to say something when Jack opened his mouth.

“You are too far away. Come closer.”

Hotch eyed his son for a second before he moved onto the middle seat of the couch. Jack smiled and started to eat on his pizza. Spencer shoved the first slice of his own into his mouth so that he could have something to focus on other than Hotch being so close. Especially when the man draped an arm across the back of the couch.

Jack’s eyes were trained on the TV as he ate his pizza calmly. The boy only shifted a little bit as he sat on Spencer’s lap. Spencer ended up eating a little too much of his pizza just to keep from spouting off facts to show how nervous he was about the way they were seated on the couch. Jack asked questions and Spencer answered them, but most didn’t need a long answer. When the movie was halfway done, Hotch’s hand moved from being on the back of the couch to resting on Spencer’s neck. He tensed a little and it caused Jack to turn and look at him but Spencer just smiled, Jack turned back to the movie.

Hotch’s hand started to move. Mainly his fingers, brushing up and down the top of his spine but every few swipes, they would duck over and under his shirt, going right for his scar. Every time that Spencer looked at him, his eyes were on the screen of the TV. Yet when he wasn’t looking he could feel Hotch’s gaze on him. If it wasn’t for Jack in his lap, he probably be half hard. He wasn’t sure what Hotch’s plans for him were but he didn’t think he was going to escape without being fucked. And that was just fine with him.

Jack was a heavy weight on his chest by the time that the movie was done. He wasn’t fully asleep but he was very close.

“Daddy, can Spencer read to me?” Jack asked as Hotch picked the boy up off Spencer’s lap.

“If he wants to.”

“Spencer?” Jack asked, turning his head to look at him.

“Are you sure, Hotch?” Spencer asked but he stood up and followed them to Jack’s room. Hotch tucked Jack into bed after stripping him down to underwear, and handed over a book as an answer.

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. Spencer saw the seal that showed it won the Newbery award. He flipped the book over and read the back cover before opening it up to the page that Hotch had left off on. Jack patted the bed beside him and he took a seat there. Hotch stood behind him, brushing his knees against Spencer’s back but it was the only point of contact between them. He focused on the book and speaking so that Jack could understand him. Within a page, Jack’s eyes were closed more than they were open and by page five, the boy was limp on the bed. Spencer placed the bookmark inside the book and shut it. Hotch said nothing as he took it and set it on the bookshelf in the corner.

Carefully getting up off the bed, Spencer made sure not to wake the sleeping boy. He backed up right into Hotch, barely containing the gasp.

“Shush, Spencer.” Hotch wrapped an arm around his waist as his lips brushed the side of Spencer’s neck. “Don’t wake him up.”

“I won’t,” Spencer said.

“Come let me fuck you,” Hotch said hotly in his ear.


Spencer didn’t fight Hotch at all as he man near drug him down the hall. The bedroom door was shut with a quiet snick.

“Jack knocks. He always does. We don’t have to worry about that. But what about your mouth?” Hotch’s hand gripped the base of Spencer’s throat and tipped his head back. His lips were claimed in a hard, passionate kiss. “Can you keep quiet?”

“I don’t think that I can. Gag me.” Spencer was already so hard in his pants. Keeping quiet was not in his scope of possibilities that night.

Hotch’s body shivered and Spencer could feel it. The older man took his glasses off him. He started to work on stripping. He could hear the rustle of clothes that told him Hotch was undressing as well. When he was naked, Spencer moved to the bed and sat on it. Hotch was naked and striding to his dresser. Spencer watched as he pulled a gag out. It was exactly like the one at his place. The color, everything. He opened his mouth as the older man stepped forward. Instead of just stuffing the ball in his mouth, Hotch held his mouth open as he tried to suck his tongue out.

“Once I gag you, get up on the bed on your back and grab the headboard. I’m not going to stretch you at all. My cock is going to open you up. Come when you want.” Hotch released him and shoved the cloth ball in his mouth. The rest of the gag was tied quickly but tightly. As soon as Hotch’s hands left the cloth Spencer was moving up the bed. He spread his legs as he heard the snap of a lube cap. He closed his eyes as Hotch moved closer. The breach was slow and gentle and Spencer could barely breathe. When Hotch bottomed out, he opened his eyes to look into the older man’s face. He was shocked to find him so close. The man was right there in his face, arm braced on the headboard above him.

Spencer gasped when Hotch pulled out and slowly slide back into him. His legs were wrapped around the waist of the other man before a rhythm was fully set up. The draw of Hotch’s cock over his prostate was maddening as the man didn’t move enough to get him excited. It wasn’t anything like their normal sexual routine, as much as they had a routine. He wondered if it was because Jack was just down the hall. Afraid to make too much noise. His orgasm surprised him, his back bowed and he cried out into the gag.

Hotch kept up the same pace, fucking him entirely through his orgasm, past the point of sensitivity and beyond. The man’s eyes never left his face. As he came down from orgasm, he realized he’d let go of the headboard and his hands were at his sides, gripping the bedsheets. He tried to make his body start moving the way he wanted, starting with getting his hands back up where Hotch wanted them. Instead though, as he moved his left hand up, Hotch grabbed it and pulled it towards him. Spencer felt flesh under his palm, looking down he saw that Hotch had placed it on his thigh. Slowly, he moved his other hand towards his other thigh and the man started to fuck him harder.

Hotch’s hand slipped on the headboard and Spencer startled as the man sort of fell towards him. He could feel the panting of Hotch’s breath as the man got settled on his arm. His other hand was a like a brand on his hip, holding him in place as he was fucked. His fingers curled as pleasure started to course through his body again. The feelings in his body had him closing his eyes. He felt it better with his eyes closed. He also didn’t have to focus on Hotch being so close to him. The whole night was messing with his head. Intimacy because of the closeness with Jack was messing with both of their heads.

Inching closer to orgasm, Spencer found that he just couldn’t get over the hump again. He felt lips brush the side of his neck and then there was panting in his ear.

“I can feel how close you are. Let go,” Hotch said in his ear. The older man fucked into him harder and harder, gripping his hip tight and keeping him right where he wanted him. “That’s it.”

Spencer felt himself let go just as he felt a swell of Hotch’s cock inside of him.

“Fuck,” Hotch muttered in his ear. His hips kept slamming into him. “Yes.”

Weight settled on him and he felt lips on his shoulder. He closed his eyes again, feeling drained and worn out. He floated on a high as he felt the bed move. He hadn’t even realized that Hotch had pulled out of him. His hands barely worked enough to undo the gag in his mouth and when it was out, he just dropped it to the bed. He rolled onto his stomach and snuggled down to sleep. If Hotch had wanted him to leave, he would have used a condom and he could feel semen leaking out of him. He asleep in seconds.


Spencer had gotten used to waking up with Hotch in the same bed. He remembered waking in the night and finding sleep pants and a t-shirt on the dresser for him to put on. The bedroom door had been open but he hadn’t thought a thing of it. He kind of wished he had as he could feel a bony foot pressing into him.

He opened his eyes to see Jack in between him and Hotch. Hotch’s arms were encircling the boy, one under Spencer’s head and the other clutching Spencer’s borrowed shirt. Jack was curled into his father’s chest but he was plastered all along Spencer as well. He wondered exactly what Hotch had told Jack about him. He knew that Jack had nightmares, Hotch had talked to him about him during cases, but he hadn’t realized that the boy would get into bed with him there. They weren’t in a relationship in the normal sense but they had been having sex for nearly six years. Hotch was the kind of person that he could fall for. He had strong feelings for the man but he was unwilling to call it love.

Hotch cared for him, he knew that he did. The man would be unable to continue like they were if he didn’t care for him. Jack huffed out a breath and rolled over in his sleep. The little boy’s head went right for Spencer’s neck, cuddling in there. It was then that he noticed that Hotch was awake. Dark eyes were staring at him.

“Good morning, Spencer.”

“Morning.” Spencer looked at him with wide eyes. Jack was asleep, he didn’t need to keep calling him Spencer.

“Jack is going to want pancakes. And since you are here, he’s going to use that as an excuse to go out and get pancakes. If you don’t want to be guilt tripped into a breakfast with him, I’d leave now.”

“You don’t mind me staying?”

“Jack likes you and we have two more dinosaur movies to watch today. I don’t have to look everything up on Google if you are here. Plus Jack likes to talk to you about dinosaurs. You are his original hero on that front.”

“That feels like so long ago.” It really did feel like so long ago, that meal with Haley and too much ice cream for Jack.

“I know. I showered in the night but if you want one, you can hop in. Did you drive?”

“I did. And I have a go bag in the car.”

“Good. I’ll run down and get it while you shower. What do you think of leaving some clothes here?” Hotch asked. His eyes were on his son but his hand was still clutched in Spencer’s borrowed shirt.

“I can do that the next time I come over.”

“Good. Good. So, Jack’s started to wake up so if you want to escape to a shower, I’d do it now.” Hotch let go of his shirt and Spencer rolled out of bed. He looked at the pair left on the bed and saw that Jack was minutely moving his legs. It hadn’t been noticeable when he was so close but now it was. He smiled at Jack then looked at Hotch who was smiling at him and not at Jack. Spencer turned and moved to the bathroom, trying to not wake the boy but trying his hardest to get in there fast. The door shut with a snick and he was tempted to throw the lock but Hotch still had to brush his teeth and do the rest of what he needed to in the morning. Spending the day with Jack and by extension Hotch was going to be better than being alone. He’d been nervous the night before but Jack was easy.

Hotch was the hard one.

After his shower, Spencer found his clothes all laid out for him on the corner of the counter. On top was his glasses. He knew his contacts were in the bag so Hotch had made a choice for him on what he used to see. He didn’t really care which he used on days off. After shaving, finding his kit on the counter, Spencer dressed. He stopped at the shirt. It wasn’t his. It was a very soft dress shirt in his size but he hadn’t bought it. He was shocked it wasn’t blue. Instead it was lilac colored. He slipped it on over his undershirt. It was a different cut than he bought. It accented his thinness in a good way.

The bathroom door opened as he was tucking the shirt in. He saw Hotch look the shirt over before he entered the rest of the way. He stopped behind him.

“Do you like it?”


“I saw it when I picked up a few button downs for myself. You wear purple at work so I thought it was a safe choice.” Hotch buttoned the last few buttons, leaving the top like Spencer always did. “I found a nice tie to go with it as well. I’ll give it to you when you leave.”

“Thank you.”

A present, even if Hotch hadn’t called it that. Spencer thought about that as he stepped back to allow Hotch in to do his morning ritual. He had a lot to think about.

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