The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 2

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Mirror World

Aaron and Spencer walked into the dining room and breakfast was already laid out for them. Warming trays of eggs, bacon, sausage and oatmeal were available, as were bowls of fruit and plates of toast and muffins. Orange juice and coffee were in carafes on the table. As soon as they entered, all activity stopped and everyone stared, some gaped, at Spencer.

“Papa, what happened to your hair?” Jack asked wide-eyed as he sat at the table with a spoon of oatmeal halfway to his mouth.

Aaron looked back and quirked up a brow, he smirked and it took Spencer a moment to realize that Aaron wanted him to come-up with an explanation.

“Oh ah y-your Dad let me try something new. What do you think?” He swallowed nervously trying to appear calm on the outside even though he was freaking out on the inside.

“When will it grow back?” Jack looked up at him with such concern in his eyes Spencer was left speechless. He hadn’t really spent much time around his Aaron’s son, in fact, now that he thought about it Aaron hadn’t let him spend much time alone with Jack. Sometimes it was only to go get food and back. He kept Spencer at an arm’s length from Jack. He started to wonder if Aaron didn’t trust him with his son. This Jack, this Jack seemed to think of him as another father figure. He felt Aaron watching him, watching the play of emotions on his face. He knew Aaron was going to ask him about this later, there was no way he was able to hide his being a little uncomfortable around the boy. And one a few years older than his Aaron’s Jack.

He remembered that Jack had asked him a question and he did the quick calculations in his head.
“Well Jack it’ll take about two months and twelve days.”

“That’s too long. I liked the long hair better. Don’t you Dad?”

Aaron turned on the full Hotchner smile and in that moment Spencer saw a glimpse of the man he knew, and had already been falling-in-love with. Then the coldness of his eyes took over and the reminder that this wasn’t his Aaron was like a stab in the heart.

“Yes buddy, I very much liked it longer. But, sometimes rewards for doing something good are more about the other person and not yourself. Now, have you finished your breakfast?”

“Yes Dad.” Jack stood and took his breakfast dishes to the tray cart that the dirty dishes went into.

“And do you have all of your stuff for school?”

“Right here Dad.”

“Okay, Grant will take you to school, now be good and I want to hear how your History and English tests went when I get home, okay?”

“Okay Daddy.” Jack got up from the table and ran to Aaron who caught him up in a hug. He then moved to Spencer and went to hug him as well. Spencer tried to act like he was expected to as he wrapped his arms around Jack in a slightly uncomfortable hug. Aaron’s gaze bore into him and Spencer saw the calculation and the cruel smile on his lips.

“Papa, are we still going to the DC Science fair tomorrow?” Jack looked-up with such hope in his eyes Spencer knew he couldn’t say no.

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for the world Jack.” He hesitated slightly on the name, not really knowing what the other Spencer called him.

“Alright.” Jack smiled wide as he grabbed his book bag and his school uniform jacket and ran out the door.

Aaron gestured for Spencer to sit while he went and plated their food. He was quiet through breakfast, not really knowing how to act. He reached for his coffee cup and took a sip. It was perfect, exactly like he would make it. That was something, at least, that they had in common. The food though, that was a different matter. Aaron had served him a plate of toast, sausage and a small amount of scrambled eggs with a small bowl of oatmeal with blueberries. This was more food than he normally ate in the mornings, which usually consisted of a hastily bought pastry or toast and some mornings it was just coffee. He was halfway through his food when JJ walked-in.

“Spence, your hair.” She exclaimed as her fingers threaded through the top of his head.

“Sir let me try it short. As a reward.” He looked to Aaron to see if he got at least something right. He let out the breath he was holding when Aaron nodded his approval.

“That’s right Pet.” Aaron then turned to the woman, “How was your evening JJ?”

“It was good Aaron. Thank you for the night off. Here’s your schedule for the week. I forwarded a copy to Maisie. You have that press conference at 6 on the courthouse steps. These are the current invitations that I believe you should look through to make decisions on. I, of course, discarded the ones asking you out for dates. Also you have the benefit dinner tomorrow night at The Bergamont. White tie, of course.” JJ then turned to Spencer and handed him a packet of papers as well.

“Spencer, here is your speaking schedule for the International Conference on Cognitive Behavioral Studies for next week…” Aaron stayed her hand a moment and looked Spencer in the eye.

“There may be a conflict with that JJ. Something important has come-up and I don’t know if Spencer will be able to attend.”

“Oh, do you need me to call the organizers? They’ve been looking forward to his being there as a speaker.” JJ handed him Spencer’s itinerary as well.

“I’ll know better by the end of the day. I’ll call Matteo myself and let him know what’s going on.”

“Okay. Just let me know what changes you want made. Now, are you still attending the benefit tomorrow?”

“Yes, and I have a luncheon at the club. I’d like you and David to accompany me as well as Spencer.”

“Of course. Just let me know the time and I can meet you there.”

Aaron dismissed her with a nod of his head then went back to eating. There was a ring at the front door and Aaron just looked at his watch and smiled softly to himself. A man walked in and Aaron stood to give him a quick hug.

“Dave, good morning. Glad you could come by for breakfast.”

“I almost didn’t. It’s hard to leave your bed when two beautiful woman don’t want to let you go.” He smirked as he sauntered over to the food trays and served himself a plate. When he sat down it was the chair one over from Spencer’s.

“When did you get your haircut kid?” Dave frowned as he looked at Spencer. “Never thought he’d let you do something like that. Likes the long hair too much.” He stared right a Spencer as if he was an Unsub or something.

“Last night. I wanted to try it and Sir said I could. This one time only, that is.” Dave gave Spencer a look that frankly gave him the shivers.

“Well, he does love to indulge you.” Dave smiled a crooked smile as he bit into some toast. The conversation around the table was stilted, Spencer didn’t really know what to say, so he bowed his head and just continued eating, hoping that it was something that this Spencer did. He only looked up when he heard someone else coming into the dining room. He was surprised to see Derek, wrapped around a teenaged boy. Spencer looked at them wide-eyed, not even trying to hide his expression.

“Hey pretty boy, nice haircut. What did you do that bossman let you cut it?” Derek smiled as he kissed the cheek of the boy before settling him in a chair. What Spencer hadn’t noticed was how fast Aaron had moved and had Derek pinned to a wall, his expression practically murderous.

“What the fuck have I told you about bringing your…boys into my home?” Aaron’s tone had Spencer swallowing and his heart pounding hard in his chest in fear. Outwardly he tried to keep his calm because he figured that was what this world’s Spencer would do.

“Hey man I just needed a place for a few hours. I thought you’d be out of here by now.” Morgan held up his hands in a show of deference to Aaron.

“And what is wrong with your own apartment?”

“My Mom and sisters are there. I needed away from them for a while, they were getting on my nerves, prying into my life. Just needed a little release, ya know?”

“So you take your boy to a hotel, not here.” Aaron shoved off and visibly worked at tamping down on his anger. “Next time remember my rules Derek.”

“Yeah, yeah I will.” Morgan glared at Aaron and Spencer was taking mental notes. His Aaron and Derek were often confrontational but there was never lasting anger behind it. Derek’s questioning was always case related and at times he was right. They’d disagree but it was quickly resolved. Especially after the New York incident when Derek drove Aaron home. Spencer never asked what happened on that drive but it seemed to have evened the two out. Now it often was more debating and Derek’s questions were more pointed. This, though, he could work with. Hiding a smile behind eating he definitely made plans.

After the tense breakfast Spencer was finally alone again with Aaron in the car.

“Why the hell do you always call him Pet? And do you really expect me to answer to that for however long I’m stuck here?”

“I call him Pet because it’s an endearment. He is everything to me and I, proudly, made him what he is. At the office and in public he is Spencer, as you will be. At home and around friends you will answer to Pet because it’s what I call him. If anyone, and I mean anyone suspects you aren’t my Spencer my enemies will see it as a weakness and I wasn’t kidding that it could get both of us killed.”

Spencer gripped the door handle hard as he closed his eyes trying to calm his fear. He wasn’t sure what this all meant and what he was going to have to do in assuming this Spencer’s identity.

“Fine. Just don’t treat me like an idiot.” Spencer turned and glared hard at Aaron.

“That’s what you think I do? By calling my beloved, Pet? Oh no Spencer, it’s a term to let him know he belongs to me. He picked it out himself.” Aaron wanted to laugh at the shocked look on Spencer’s face but he kept his eyes on the road. He waited for a minute as Spencer tried to comprehend that bit of information but he needed information from the man as well.

“I’m going to assume that you are well versed in many forms of law.”

“Yes. I was looking into a program for law enforcement officials that would let them obtain a law degree while keeping their working schedule. It was next on my list.”

“List?” Spencer saw that Aaron was actually amused, which put his back up as he pressed his lips together.

“Yes. I have a list of subjects I eventually want to study. Why? Does that amuse you?”

“Not amuse. It’s something that you have in common with my Spencer. He also has a list of subjects he eventually wants to get some kind of degree in. Though I don’t know how many more he can actually hold.”

“What do you mean?” Spencer frowned as he looked over at Aaron wondering at the tone of voice. Was Aaron taunting him somehow?

“I just mean that Spencer has time to study whatever he wants whenever he wants. I deny him nothing when it comes to education. He loves to learn and that is one area that I am more than happy to indulge him in.”

Spencer tried not to be jealous but a small part of him was. He loved his job but sometimes it did interfere with his love of learning. He had finished getting his Psychology Ph.D. and he had wanted to look into the law program but they had just too many cases in the past couple of months that he had put it off. Now, he put it as a priority for when, or if he was ever getting back.

“I’m sure that being an FBI agent must have some kind of reward for you but I can’t imagine that you have a lot of time for yourself.”

“Yes, saving someone’s life and putting psychopath’s like you away is it’s own reward.” Spencer was angry at the taunting and he let it show. He no longer let his Aaron bully him, they’d had that fight and came to an understanding with each other after the Owen Savage case. He was not going to let this Aaron intimidate him, though he could admit he had a healthy dose of fear. He just wasn’t going to let it show.

Aaron seemed to have let this part of their conversation go but the slow smile on his face had Spencer nervous.

“Tell me about your relationship with Jack.”

Spencer did not expect that question. He knew it was going to be brought up at some point, the look he had seen on Aaron’s face when he interacted with the boy told him he should have been prepared. He just didn’t expect it this soon. He thought about lying but this Aaron would see through it right away.

“I’m just getting to know him more.”

“But you never spend time alone with him do you?”

“Aaron’s just protective of Jack. I certainly can’t blame him there. Everything they went through I can understand Aaron’s wariness.” The words sounded false even to his own ears. It was an issue that had started to bother him but he hadn’t brought it up to Aaron yet.

“But, if he trusts you as much as you claim he does, he’d trust you around his son. There would be no question, no hesitation on his part. So, maybe he secretly doesn’t trust you.” Spencer knew that wasn’t true, was it?

“You must have proven yourself trustworthy over the time you’ve known your Aaron. Why doesn’t he want you to spend alone time with his son?”

“I don’t know what the hell you’re insinuating, but it won’t work. Aaron does trust me, and I know trust will grow with Jack. I can’t begrudge Aaron his being protective.” But, in truth, could he? He thought back to the pictures on the nightstand and the look of love on Spencer’s face as he held Jack on his lap, his arms wrapped around the boy in happiness. He rubbed at his heart as he second guessed Aaron. They had been spending a lot of time together outside of work and looking back on all those times Aaron only left Jack with him for no longer than a half hour. Did he really not trust him with Jack?

“Seems you’ve come to realize something isn’t quite as rosy with your Aaron as you thought.” Spencer didn’t say anything, he didn’t rise to the bait. He just kept quiet the rest of the way into the office convincing himself that everything was okay and it really was just Aaron protecting Jack, but from what?

Our World

Spencer slipped into the front seat of Aaron’s car. The walk from the front door of the hospital to the car had been silent. Spencer wasn’t sure exactly what had Aaron silent and if it had been his Aaron, he would. This Aaron was different. He was glad that he was good at thinking on his feet. He’d need it to not slip up.

“You remember leaving work. Do you remember the conversation before that?” Aaron asked as he put the car in reverse to back out of the spot he was parked in. Spencer watched his hands. What he did with his hands would tell Spencer a lot about him. Aaron’s hands hesitated across the distance between them. Like he wanted to reach out and touch but he was stopping himself. Finally, he settled both of his hands on the steering wheel.

“I don’t remember being at work.” Spencer shrugged as he looked out the car window. He could just see enough of the man to know that something was up. The man was also getting a little upset at Spencer staring right at him so watching in the reflection on the glass was going to be his only help.

“Jessica has Jack tonight and he’s taking her out on a date. We were supposed to go on a date as well.”

So there was more there than he thought between this Aaron and his Spencer. He had brief thought of pity for the Spencer that was in his place because there was no way that he was equipped to deal with his Aaron. He felt a stab of jealousy that another was going to be in Aaron’s bed, feel his hands on him but he knew that it was irrational. Jealousy was irrational. Aaron would need to do whatever he needed to make sure that no one thought that the other Spencer wasn’t him because it could get them killed. They were a united front against all those who sought to take them down. Together they were unstoppable. He pushed those thoughts from his mind because they were not helping him.

Spencer could read people. He could read Aaron better than most people in the world and this Aaron was much simpler than his Aaron. The clenching of the steering wheel, his white knuckles, and the way that he kept looking at Spencer told him that it was a first date. Even factoring a very different first meeting, the Spencer of this world would have been able to join the FBI at twenty three, it had taken this Aaron a very long time to make the move on his Spencer.

“I don’t think that I am up to that. I don’t think that I want to go out for a meal.” Spencer looked at Aaron briefly, a hopeful smile on his face. He hoped that he was at least close to how this Spencer should be acting. “But we can do burgers or something at my apartment, if you want. I know that it’s not a big, grand restaurant but I don’t think that…”

“Spencer, it’s fine. Dinner would be wonderful at your place. You’ve talked about that diner right around the corner enough that I know their burgers will be fine.” Aaron looked hopeful.

“Seven?” Spencer asked. It would be long enough for him to get settled enough in the world. To get a good enough read on the other Spencer to be able to play act him well enough.

“Sounds good to me.” Spencer smiled at him and looked back out the car window. He was silent for the rest of the ride. Aaron parked in front of a building and handed over the keys. Spencer wasn’t sure what to do. Did he just get out? Did he need to lean over and give Aaron a kiss? Thankfully, the older man took the decision out of his hands as he laid his hand on the handle of the car. Fingers on his cheek had him turning and leaning over at the tug. Their lips met in a frankly disappointing kiss. Before he could even try and turn it around, Aaron was pulling away. “I’ll see you at seven.”

Spencer nodded and opened the door. He looked at the building in front of him. It was at least something that looked like something he’d live in, before Aaron. Before leaving Vegas, when he’d dreamed of getting away from his mother. He stepped inside the building, looking at the mailboxes. It wasn’t his world but he was fairly certain that one of those boxes said Reid and he was correct. He found it, used the key on his ring and opened it. There were a few pieces of mail inside but more important he now knew what floor he lived on as well as his apartment number. As he moved towards the stairs, he turned back and waved at Aaron. The man only drove off then.

Swallowing, Spencer started up the stairs. He found the door and let himself in before someone could see him hesitate. Weakness was for behind closed doors. He shut the door and locked it. He frowned at the lack of an alarm system. He added that to a mental list of things he needed to do but was extremely happy that he didn’t have one at the moment. He looked around the apartment. It wasn’t exactly spartan but there wasn’t a lot that screamed happiness there. He could already tell that this Spencer lived for working. There was no computer in the living room so he moved towards the hallway. There were four doors off of it. He opened the first and found it was a storage/laundry room. The second door was a closet. The third was a small office. It looked a lot like his own getaway room. He stepped in and closed the door behind him and looked through the casefiles that were scattered on the desk.

The utter silence of the apartment filled his entire body. Aaron’s mansion was never quiet. With sixteen house staff within the walls at nearly all times, the only place that he got solitude was inside his getaway room or his hidden room. He quickly hit the power button on the computer at least the hum of it would help to settle him. The only room that was silent was the play room and there was never enough time to register that before Aaron’s breathing settled him. After that came screams, begs, pleads, the sounds of whips and floggers through the air, chains rattling. Just the thought of it helped to settle him. He was almost relaxed down into it when he remembered that the information from the woman was gone. She had given it to him and he’d meant to write it down after Aaron got home but his reward had pushed it from his mind. He had changed to writing it down when he woke up and now he was here and Aaron was there. Foyet had attacks planned soon and he needed to get back before then.

Spencer dropped into the chair and only barely held it together while he tried to calm himself. He hadn’t planned on this. He hadn’t known that he was going to get thrown into an alternate reality with no knowledge of how exactly to get back. That he’d not be there by Aaron’s side. The blinking cursor on the computer, asking for a password pulled Spencer from his thoughts. All he could do was keep himself safe and work on getting back. He was part of the way through typing Jack’s birthdate in binary when he stopped. That wasn’t going to be anywhere near this Spencer’s password. He thought about what he knew about this Spencer. There was just a single picture on the desk and it was himself holding a newborn. So he popped the picture out and there in his writing was a date as well as the name Henry Etienne LaMontagne.

The birthday of the boy got him into the computer. LaMontagne. Obviously the boy’s father was the cop from New Orleans and that meant the mother was JJ. That was interesting. So he was connected with the boy. Given the father’s heritage, Spencer would assume his other self was the boy’s godfather. A look into the wallet and he knew the name of the bank facility that the other Spencer used. The username easily filled the blank space. The password place was empty. He tried his own banking password of the first ten digits of pi backwards and it loaded up his financials. At least this Spencer was well off and he was rather thankful he hadn’t been shifted into a universe where Spencer Reid was an idiot. He was nowhere near as well off as he was even without Aaron’s own money. Then again all money that Spencer earned, Aaron let him keep while providing him with everything that he needed. Spencer only spent it on gifts for Aaron and Jack. Special things that Aaron wouldn’t buy for himself and Spencer wanted him to have.

Given what he knew of the BAU from his own world, Spencer figured that all the bills were set up for auto withdrawal and he was glad when he was correct. He looked over the credits and debits on the transaction list and was shocked when he saw that every month a fee was withdrawn for Bennington Sanitarium. His hand started to shake as he opened another tab on the Internet browser. He clicked the icon for the bookmarked email account and found that it was just a generic one that was used for subscriptions to online science blogs and news outlets. He looked around the office to try and find what he was looking for.

Since Aaron had saved him, Spencer had never felt true fear like he had the night that his mother died. The office held nothing of what he was looking for so he moved to the bedroom. Inside the closet, he found what he was looking for. A set of boxes with year labels on them. He opened the lid and there he found what he feared most. He shut the lid and shoved it back. He grabbed a sheet and covered the boxes up so that he wouldn’t have to look at them. The squeal of tires outside the bedroom had Spencer jumping, spinning around and moving until he found wall. As soon as his back touched it, he fell to the floor. He knew that she had to have been alive but he hadn’t realized that this Spencer kept in contact with her. That he wrote her letters and she wrote back. There was no way that he was going to ask about it so he purposely pushed the thoughts of her from his mind. For the time that he was there, she would live without letters from him because there was no way that he’d be able to mimic Spencer’s writing style to her nor did he think he could actually make himself write to her. He waited until his hands stopped shaking before he stood up.

Spencer’s eyes moved back to the closet and he eyed the clothes with disdain. He liked looking nice. He’d always worn what Aaron told him to but he liked looking nice for him. He’d never dress in anyway that would make someone think less of Aaron. He’d come to enjoy wearing the suits that Aaron bought him. Another subtle claim of the man on him. He looked good and he knew that people looked at him but he also knew that people knew that he wasn’t theirs. He fingered his neck where he missed his collar. It was his first shopping bit that he needed to get. Touching his wrists next he vowed that a leather shop was the first stop he was going to make. He needed to figure out a lot of things before the date that night with Aaron.

It didn’t take Spencer long to actually find clothes that he wouldn’t mind wearing. Vested suits that were nice and obviously something that was newer. He carefully picked his way through the clothes and it was as bright as day. The older clothes were very much college student days and when he started at the job. Just what little he’d gleaned about this Spencer told him that he’d probably not had a good role model growing up. Diana had been mentioned but not William so it would see that William left in this universe as well. Academic wise, Spencer had never had an issue with confidence. In personal life though, it had only been with Aaron at his back that he’d learned it. This Spencer hadn’t learned that confidence until it seemed several years into working with the BAU. The progression of clothes told him that.

Not caring about anything except his own mental issues, Spencer bagged up all of the other Spencer’s clothes that he wouldn’t be caught dead in before he changed into a suit. He looked and found leather loafers but his eyes went to the Converse. He tried to look away but he couldn’t. He found a pale green pair that matched his shirt. Just after he stripped naked, Spencer remembered the bag of his rings. He pulled it out of his pocket and worked the jewelry back into it’s rightful place.

Spencer changed into the suit and slipped on the shoes. He pulled up his pant legs and stared at the socks. He hadn’t liked the idea of them before but they were growing on him. It was kind of nice because for the most part no one would see them but he’d know that it was odd and it along with the shoes kind of gave himself a thrill. He hadn’t found cufflinks but he was sure that somewhere in the apartment was a pair. He stepped out of the closet and looked around. There are on the dresser was a leather jewelry case that looked like it was for a necklace. Upon opening it he found two pair of very plain but nice cufflinks. Working one set on, Spencer tried to calculate how much damage he could do to the other Spencer’s bank account and make sure that he didn’t hurt him.

The Internet was the best place to go for information. Moving back to the office, Spencer sat down in the chair and woke the computer from sleep mode. He closed out of the banking page after logging off and then the email as well. A new tab was clicked and he typed in his father’s name along with Las Vegas. Several hits came up and all in connection with his work. He found the website for the law firm in Summerlin that he worked at. There was a page that listed all lawyers that worked there and nowhere in the short biography that listed that he had a wife or a kid. There was mention of a cat though.

Opening a blank tab, Spencer typed in a string of code and hit enter. A black screen greeted him. He smiled. Typing without a cursor, Spencer laughed as he created an account without no one ever being able to find out who he was or where he was accessing it from. It wasn’t long until he found the name he was looking for in the system. It seemed that the case had been close by the BAU just a few years before. He looked at the team and found that it was Spencer’s own team that had found the link between the dead body in a desert and a man who had gone missing. He found access to a lot of files of the flagship team of the BAU. It wasn’t hard to find information floating around the Internet on this version of the Black Queen. He found that compared to Penny’s life, Penelope Garcia of this world had a good life. It wasn’t hard to see where her life split to lead to the woman he knew and the woman that the other Spencer knew. He wondered then if Garcia had any idea of this section of the dark net.

Reading on the computer slowed him down but Spencer was able to get caught up on the big happenings to the BAU. He delved into the life of George Foyet probably more than was strictly normal but anything that would help him with the man when he got back home was good. He was frankly shocked to find out that he was dead at the hands of Aaron Hotchner. His Aaron was capable of murder and had done it quite a lot but it was the manner. This Aaron beat him to death. After the death of one Haley Hotchner. Spencer looked at the article that was attached and found out that Jack was about half the age of his own Jack. He was shocked at that. Haley was his next search. There was little about her. The majority of it that he was finding was her attachment to Aaron. High school sweethearts. Married. No children until the age where Haley was almost too old to bear a child with little risks. Divorce not long after. Then her death at the hands of Foyet. He wasn’t sure which Haley got the worse deal in death.

Closing out of the dark net section he accessed, Spencer started to search for suit shops that fit close to what this Spencer wore as well as a few leather shops. He was disappointed that the shop that he and his Aaron preferred wasn’t around. He marked their addresses in his mind and then gave in and looked up the location of shoe stores that sold Converse. He was happy to find that the store that Aaron shopped at near exclusively for their cufflinks was in business. He hadn’t found evidence of tie pins so he decided that he could forgo those. He had to try and blend in as much as possible.

When he looked at the clock, he saw that by the time he got a cab to the first shop, it would be open. He grabbed a few granola bars from a kitchen cabinet as he left. He’d eaten breakfast already but he wasn’t going to be near a place he would want to eat lunch at for three stops so he needed something. He was happy to find the granola bars weren’t the cheap kind and were his favorite flavor of strawberry.

Grabbing the messenger bag, Spencer locked the door behind himself as he left. As soon as he could get someone in to install a system he was going to. After reading what happened with Foyet, he was shocked that this Spencer didn’t have one.

Mirror World

Spencer and Aaron arrived at the office and Aaron was leading him to their floor. As soon as they step out of the elevator all eyes were on him and many were openly gaping at him.

“Close you mouth Peterson. It’s not that drastic. Don’t you have a corporation you are suing?” Aaron said as he passed a handsome well dressed gentlemen. Spencer assumed it was a lawyer in Aaron’s employ. He wasn’t sure if this was a partnership or if Aaron was sole proprietor. He was led to a large office down a long corridor that had smaller offices on one side and cubicles directly opposite. In the cubicles, were men and women working at their desks with piles of files and papers all around.

They stepped into Aaron’s office and Spencer couldn’t help gaping. It was huge. A large black walnut desk sat facing the door. Behind and on both sides were large bookcases with what Spencer assumed were law books. In one bookcase, there was a long space devoid of books but held a coffee pot, a water pitcher, and several cups and glasses. On one wall, there was a display shelf with diplomas and trophies. Some were Aaron’s and some were Jack’s. There were diplomas of Spencer’s as well.

“There is your work area. I tried to give Spencer the office just through there but,” Aaron smiled fondly as his hand gripped the briefcase he held in his hand. “He didn’t like it. Wanted to be nearer. There is a pull out screen if you want or need privacy.”

Spencer went to the desk, this one was polished blackwood. The chair was extremely comfortable and Spencer quickly settled in. He picked-up several files and read through them quickly. Luckily he’d been in law enforcement and had read enough of Aaron’s law books over the years that he understood what was going on in the cases.

“I need you to go over the file on James Heathridge, Nola Jamisen, Marcy Jones and Cid Markham. Those are who we will be dealing with today.”

Spencer didn’t say a word as he searched the pile for the files Aaron told him to read over.

“I don’t really need to familiarize myself with Heathridge. My unit was the one that took him into custody. In fact, Aaron fought the man. Shot him, but thankfully it was just to wound him. He was placed in Central State Hospital in their lockdown section for the criminally insane. Is there anyone to check on the sister? I talked to her myself. I believe she was showing signs of schizophrenia.”

Aaron sat back in his chair and studied Spencer a moment.

“You believe Heathridge to be Criminally Insane?”

“I do. His delusions are due to the continued hold his mother has on him Though she died in the state mental hospital, I fully believe that if James hadn’t stayed in that environment he might have been very different. Lara, on the other hand, was showing symptoms of early schizophrenia. I haven’t had time to check on her. A family lawyer is supposed to be looking in on her.”

“Write up a list of questions that, if you were to do an interview with James, what they would be. I want your full take on the case from your point of view. First go over the case details and find any anomalies that might exist between your case and mine. Minus who it was that captured him, of course.”

Spencer turned around and booted up the computer. When the main screen came up and it asked for the username and password, Spencer sat back and thought about it for a few minutes. When the first two didn’t work he sat back again and let his mind wander. He smiled to himself and tried once more using the square root of Pi backwards and was rewarded with the home screen. He looked through some of the documents already there, taking his time to familiarize himself with the computer and the file system. It wasn’t too far off from how he organizes his own computer so it didn’t take long. He grabbed the file for James Heathridge and started to go over the reports. The only thing that was different was the BAU team that brought Heathridge in and that Aaron hadn’t gotten hurt in the process. He set that aside and turned to the computer, he brought up the word processing program and proceeded to type out a list of questions that he’s always wanted to ask Heathridge himself.

After he was done, he gave Aaron the list and asked what was first on the agenda. Aaron told him that Nola Jamisen had an appointment at 9:00 and that was priority. Spencer looked for the file in his stack and read through it. He read through it several times in fact. Confusion had settled over him and he tentatively stood and made his way over to Aaron’s desk.

“I ah, I’m a little confused on the Nola Jamisen case. I assumed you were a defense attorney. What does a child custody case have to do with your office?” Spencer slowly sat in one of the chairs across from Aaron.

“I have specialties in Criminal Defense as well as Family Law. The Family Law is where I do a lot of pro bono work. Too many women and some men get screwed in the courts. I make sure that the children come first and they go to the best parent for them. And, I get that parent the best benefits allowed by law.”

Spencer frowned deeply. This was not what he expected in any way.

“You didn’t expect that did you?” Aaron sat back in his chair and smirked at Spencer.

“I’m trying to decide if it’s genuine concern and a want of helping, or if it’s to keep your reputation squeaky clean.”

Aaron chuckled but the amusement didn’t reach his eyes. The intensity of the stare had Spencer squirming in his chair.

“Maybe it’s both.” Spencer let it go for now because he wasn’t sure what to think. His confusion deepened when the woman in question came in. She wasn’t what he would have expected of a client of Aaron Hotchner’s. Her department store clothing and cheap bag had Spencer raising his eyebrows but he just sat back, watched and listened.

By the time Ms. Jamisen left Spencer knew just what kind of actor Aaron was. The show of deep concern and sympathy didn’t fool him for one minute. Though the man turned on enough charm that he had the woman practically eating out of his hand. Moving back to his desk Spencer typed up the notes like Aaron had asked him to and saved them to the file.

Spencer had a few minutes before the next client and he decided this was the perfect time to take advantage and look into his parents. What he found horrified him. He easily found the police reports on both of their deaths. Murdered, both of them but years apart. He closed his eyes and tried to remember that this was not his world. This Aaron had gotten angry at the mention of his mother. He would reserve his questions for later. The articles he found didn’t give much information other than his mother was killed when she had gone after her young son with a knife. Aaron’s name was mentioned, but his own name wasn’t, he had been a minor at the time. This just caused more questions than answers.

He was deep in his head when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He flinched back and Aaron narrowed his eyes at him.

“Lunch Spencer, come on.” Aaron started to walk towards the door and didn’t look back to see if he was following. Spencer stood and started to follow Aaron out of the office. They ended up at a much nicer restaurant than Spencer was used to for a lunch break.

“We have two hours, then back to work and I want to go over what’s going to happen with the press conference later today.” Aaron was watching Spencer looking around the restaurant, obviously uncomfortable. “You aren’t used to this are you?”

Spencer snapped his head back to Aaron, “No, I’m not. Usually on cases it’s whatever we can grab.”

“That is practically a sin. You should always take time to rest your mind and have a good meal.” Aaron twisted up the corner of his mouth and watched the hard expression come over Spencer’s face.

“Right, and tell that to the families of the victims. That the BAU was too busy relaxing and having a fancy meal to actually work the case and stop the killer, that will go over really fucking well.”

“I would think your team would work better having a break from whatever case you’re working on. Doesn’t the constant stimulation ever make you stumble or look in the wrong direction?”

“My Aaron is almost perfectly in tune with us. He can be a hardass when he wants and needs to be. He often makes us stop and why am I even trying to defend him or myself to you? Your goal is to go after those in the BAU, isn’t it?” Spencer glared hard, having perfected the look after years of working with his Aaron.

“Just one man’s team. And will it be your goal to try and stop me? Hmm Spencer?” Aaron’s eyes turned cold and flat and it sent a not so pleasant shiver down his spine.

“I don’t have enough information on you and your operations to do anything and right now I need you, your money, and connections. Without it, I can’t get to Charlie and if I can’t get to Charlie neither of us gets what we ultimately want.”

Aaron raised a brow and a predatory smile formed across his lips as he continued to watch Spencer.

“God, if you were my Spencer I’d haul your ass out to the car and fuck you senseless. You have no idea what that spine of steel does to me. Maybe I should do it anyway.”

Spencer had his water glass halfway to his lips when he just gaped at the man across from him. This was one of those times when he truly had absolutely no come back. His face reddened and he wasn’t sure if it was from anger or arousal, which was happening way too much around this Aaron. He had only been around the man for half-a-day and his emotions were already twisted around. He knew he needed to get himself together or he could find himself doing something completely stupid. He finished taking his drink of water while he got his thoughts under control. Deciding they needed a change of subject Spencer wanted to know about his parents and Aaron’s role in their deaths.

“I read about my mother’s, well your Spencer’s mother’s death. The articles I found all mentioned you and that you were acquitted of murder.”

Aaron sat back and carefully placed the knife and fork he had been using back down on his plate. He picked-up the napkin and dabbed at his mouth, giving him time before he started to speak.

“I was in Las Vegas for a client. He had gotten into some trouble and instead of letting a local affiliate office help him, he asked for me personally. Your father’s law firm was the affiliate. I was working on getting my client released with one of the partners when your mother came in, practically dragging you along. You looked up at me as I came out of the conference room we were using. The commotion Diana made could be heard throughout the whole office. Your eyes, it was your eyes, fourteen and already you had these terribly sad, hopeless eyes. In that moment, I wanted to save you, no, I needed to save you.” Aaron took a drink of wine to settle the memories that came full force to his mind.

“Your father, he was a coward, he left you with a violent schizophrenic who abused you. It was profound abuse Spencer. You’re a profiler, I’m pretty certain you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m also certain that if I hadn’t gotten to you that night you would have disassociated.” Aaron took a deep breath as he watched the younger man go pale over the story he was telling.

“I got the address of your apartment from your spineless bastard of a father and that night went there. I had to kick in the door and I’m glad I did. It startled your mother just enough that she stopped her attack on you. She had a kitchen knife in her hand and was ready to hurt you. Instead, I slit her throat. And, I’d do it again if it were to save you. When I got down on the floor to check on you, you crawled into my lap and clung to me. I took you with me and never looked back.”

Spencer’s hands were shaking as he set the water glass down.

“I can’t imagine my mother hurting me. That was her biggest fear was hurting me. I was afraid they would take her away.” Spencer frowned down at the fish on his plate and poked at it. He didn’t have his mother here and it hit him harder than he expected. He couldn’t write her letters, and if he was here more than a week she would begin to worry that something happened. He was fairly positive that this world’s Spencer would have figured out about the letters and he was also positive that he would not write his mother. He was silently grateful because he could only imagine what he would say to her. He must have zoned out with his thoughts because he felt a tap on his hand.

“Spencer, I need you focused.” Spencer actually almost laughed. The look, the words and the tone were so Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner that it made him ache. It made him ache in a way he never thought was possible. They were barely beginning yet he knew in this moment that he loved Aaron more than he ever realized.

“Something amusing?”

Spencer shook his head, “A little. What you just said and the look on your face was so much like my Aaron. Well actually more like Unit Chief Hotchner, but it was like you were him for just that moment.”

Aaron raised a brow and chuckled in amusement. He took a moment and studied the man in front of him. He knew what Spencer meant. There were times when this man was so much like his love that his heart ached. He didn’t know how he was going to get through this but for Spencer, he would hold on as long as it took.

“You haven’t asked about your father.” Aaron watched for the reaction.

“My father. Hm, you weren’t too wrong when you said he was a coward. I’m not going to lie and say that living with my mother was easy, it wasn’t. Trying to keep her taking her meds and keep her stable was often a full time job. Lucky for me, she had a pension and disability coming in. Though, there were things I did to keep us afloat that I’m not proud of. But I love my mother so anything for her.” Spencer took a moment to let his thoughts drift to his father. When he looked back up at Aaron he found he did want to know. “Alright, what about my father?”

Aaron smiled that slow menacing smile at him.

“You killed him.”

Our World

Spencer looked at himself in the mirror. The cut of the suit was nice. Thankfully, he wasn’t like Aaron and most stores had suits on hand that looked wonderful on him off the rack. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to get at least two bespoke suits if he was here long enough. He looked at the dark grey pants and the way they fit on him. They were a perfect cut for him. Going by the colors in the Spencer of this universe’s closest, darker colors were what he wore the most but there were always splashes of colors. The shop had private dressing areas. All of the clothes he’d pulled were on the rack and an attendant was taking care of his every need. The woman smiled as he turned.

“I’ll take those pants in the colors we discussed. The coordinating belts as well.”

“Of course, sir. Did you want to try the matching jacket?”

“Please.” Spencer had long ago discarded the suit jacket he’d been wearing and had just his dress shirt on. He started to unbutton it as he turned around. The newer dress shirt was hanging on the wall beside him. There was a room where he could change in but he had underwear on under the pants. He stripped off his shirt tossing it over the edge of the door to the actual changing room and smiled. He could see the ever fading marks from his Aaron’s hand the night before in the reflection in the mirrors scattered around the room. He’d have to remember to not let this Aaron see his back. There were no fresh marks on his front and he could pass them off as bullying in high school. This Spencer had to have faced that. Their paths didn’t divert until it seemed around the time William left. He’d do some more digging at a later time.


Spencer looked up at the woman and saw her eyeing him. Eyeing his scars. He had forgot for a second that this wasn’t his shop. That the attendants at the places where Aaron had him shop had never even tried to bring up the scars. Aaron’s money bought a lot of silence and what money couldn’t buy, threats took care of the rest.

“Yes?” Spencer asked, staring at her in the mirror until she looked up at him. He adopted his sternest stare and she dropped her eyes. He turned his eyes to look at himself in the mirror. He traced his hands down all of his scars on his front. Aaron had made sure that the scar from his mother attacking him that night had been taken care of and even every single one from before that. He’d been a blank slate before Aaron had started to mark him. He saved one scar for last. All of the ones on his front were faint. He could trace every single one of them from memory. The scars that the attendant could see were heavier. Those were from the bite of the whip. Those criss crossed his back and legs but she couldn’t see the latter. He enjoyed having Aaron trace those when they were in bed, just being together. The heaviest scar on his front was above his heart. It was the Odal rune, marking him as Aaron’s possession. Letting his pointer finger trace the scar helped him calm down. He had a feeling it was going to be one of the only things that held him together.

“I have the pants being pulled now.” Her eyes were still on the scars.

“Good.” Spencer slipped on the dress shirt, buttoning it up before tucking it into his pants. The woman was there with his vest. He slipped that on and then looked at himself. The woman was looking at his back still but he didn’t care. “Lovely aren’t they?”

“What?” She looked startled as she looked away from him again.

“My scars. Every single one of them was purposefully placed there.”

“BDSM?” She sounded almost hopeful. Spencer could feel arousal building low in his belly. This trip was taking a very interesting turn.

“Yes. Sir does love it when I bleed for him.” Spencer touched his chest, knowing he was touching his marks.

The woman’s eyes held fascination now, tracing the path of the scars with her eyes even with the shirt on. Her hand was shaky as she handed over the jacket. He held her gaze in the mirror as he slipped it on. His mind calculated the odds on him needing a place to hide and he knew it would be in his interest to do anything he could to have a place unconnected with Spencer Reid to hide. He could tell she was submissive, he knew his own kind. When he was fully dressed except the tie, he turned to face her. Her eyes down and to the left. It wouldn’t take much to have her at his beck and call. He was only submissive to one person and that was Aaron. Sir cultivated his persona into what he needed. Which in their professional life was someone who didn’t take anything from anyone. Aaron got off on Spencer’s attitude at work for those that were lower than him, which was everyone but Aaron. Especially the interns. One of the first times he’d ever done it was when one new intern had decided that she would get hired on as a lawyer by sleeping with Aaron.

Aaron getting flirted with was a daily occurrence but for most of the staff, it was something they enjoyed. It was playful and a way to push off the stress of the job. The intern though went as far as to try and sit in Aaron’s lap, in his office, with Spencer in there as well. Spencer had dragged her out by the hair on her head and had thrown her to the floor. Aaron had come up behind him but hadn’t touched him or stopped him. Just watched and listened as Spencer made sure she knew that what she did wasn’t going to fly. One of the other partners had intervened only to get her out of there before getting rid of the intern all together. Aaron had slammed his office door shut as soon as the intern was on the elevator. Before Spencer could even question what he’d done, Aaron had him splayed on the desk, pants off. He’d worn a plug to work that day since they were office bound. It had been pulled from him and Aaron hadn’t even paused as he slid inside to fuck him.

“Go lock the door. Is there security cameras in here?” He hadn’t seen a single one but he wanted to be sure. It was a high end place. For someone to get into one of the private rooms, it was sure that they had the money needed. Those kind of people were too rich to have to steal clothes.

“No.” The woman moved over to the door and locked it. She stayed by it. Waiting. Spencer grabbed the chair and moved it to the dias that he was standing on before sitting down in it. He arranged himself to his liking before looking at her again. He curled his finger in an invitation to moved towards him. He didn’t say anything, wanting to see what she chose to do. She dropped to her knees and moved across the carpet, crawling. She had been played with some by someone. He wondered why that someone hadn’t claimed her. She was beautiful. Someone that Aaron would have loved to have. There was small circle of like minded people in the DC area and clubs where they could go. While Spencer was the only Sub in Aaron’s bed, there were other Subs that had felt the sting of his whip. Aaron was one of the best and he was damned good at getting Subs off with just the whip.

“Good girl.” Spencer looked her up and down, smiling as he saw that she was wearing a long flowing skirt. It would make it all so much easier. He’d watched as Aaron played with others enough to be exactly what she would need but not cross a line that Aaron wouldn’t forgive him for. “Take off your underwear.”

“I…” She bit at her lip and looked down as her cheeks started to turn red.

“Oh! Aren’t you a naughty thing? No underwear. Show me.” Spencer leaned back. She shifted to her knees and sat back on her heels. Spreading her legs, she lifted the skirt up to where he could see all of her. Not only was she not wearing any underwear, she was also hairless. She had played a lot with someone and she still kept her habits. He wondered if she had left whoever it was or she had been let go of. “Unbutton your shirt.”

She complied perfectly. It had obviously been a while if she was willing to submit to another sub and trust that he’d take care of her. Her nipples were already hard and he could smell her arousal. The thought of fucking her didn’t even cross his mind as something to do. It didn’t interest him. If it wasn’t Aaron, he didn’t want it. As a teen he’d thought about it. He’d watched as much het porn as he did gay, both females and males but his sexuality had been owned by Aaron for twelve years. He’d given it over willingly. When her shirt was all the way undone, she parted it and showed off her very ample breasts. She looked up at him when she was done.

“Such a good girl. And the front clasp bra. Go ahead and undo that as well but keep your shirt and bra on.” Spencer watched her as she worked the bra open. There was no shyness, no coyness. She wanted what he was giving her and knew that she didn’t need to angle for more. He hoped that a Dom found her soon. A Sub like her needed a Dom. She was probably floundering. “Do you like pain?”


“Good. Show me.” Spencer leaned forward, getting closer to her but not touching. Never touching. She was reading him well and didn’t move closer. She settled herself better on her legs, her fingers going up to her breasts and working them over. He watched as scratch lines formed on the upper and lower sides before she took her left nipple between her finger tips and not only squeezed but twisted as well. Her entire body shuddered at it. The smell of her arousal jumped after that. “That’s not all you can take is it?”

Spencer stood up and moved over to where he’d laid the one tie that he’d wanted to see how it looked on himself before buying. He didn’t move back in front of her, instead he crossed to behind her. He draped the tie across the front of her throat, pulling with barely there pressure to see what she did. Instead of leaning back, she pushed into it. Grabbing her hair as he dropped the tie, Spencer tipped her head back.

“Safeword.” He wasn’t going to play anything that heavy with her without it.


Spencer nodded and let go of her hair, watching the pout play across her lips. He settled into a mock parade rest and leaned over her. He could just barely see her pussy. “Work your way down.” He reached out and grabbed her hair again. Using it to hold her still as well as help hold her up. She stopped for just a second and then kept working herself. Touching, teasing all over her stomach with one hand while the other still played with her breasts. Her first hand bypassed her pussy and went right for her thighs, digging her nails into the soft flesh. Her mouth fell open and she moaned. He jerked her hair a little.

“Silence.” Spencer didn’t want someone coming in and stopping them. He hadn’t got his morning time with Aaron after their play and he was trying his hardest to keep a straight head in this world that was so opposite his own. This would help. She nodded as much as his hold on her hair would allow and then started towards her pussy with the hand that had been on her breasts. She spread her labia, trailing a finger up and down before moving back to her clit and rubbing. “Press.”

She stopped the movement and instead did as he asked. Pressing down on her clit, harder and harder. He could feel the tremors of her body even through her hair. She was getting ever closer to orgasm. Letting go of her hair, Spencer grabbed the tie. He took the two ends and crossed them at the back of her neck, pulling every so slightly. Her whole body shuddered again. He smiled to himself. Bracing a knee on her back, he pulled a little more.

“Fuck yourself with your fingers and work your clit so hard you are going to feel it all day.” Spencer felt her push back on his knee, testing how well it helped to hold herself up, when it didn’t give at all, she worked on slipping two fingers inside. She moaned softly as he pulled the tie a little bit tighter. She could breath but she could feel the constriction. She’d need to wear her shirt with the collar buttoned up but she had to be used to that. “Harder.”

“Close,” she whispered. Spencer let up on the tie for long enough to crouch. Her body fit in the V that his legs made and he allowed her to lean back on him anymore. He gripped the tie farther down to where he had better control, tightening it up to where she had to fight to breath. Then when she let out a near sob, he cut off her ability to breath at all. Her whole body spasmed as she came. The only thing keeping her up was him, his body and the tie he had in his hands. He kept track of the seconds in his brain and then released her. She gasped but didn’t pitch forward like most would. She stayed relaxed and in his arms.

Slipping the tie from around her neck, he stayed crouched as he worked it under his own collar and started to knot it while he worked on tying his preferred knot. He’d seen it not long after it had hit the tie world in two thousand and seven and loved it. Before the Eldredge tie knot had hit the world he’d used the Trinity knot. By the time that he was done, the woman was pushing off of him. He touched her shoulder, helping to calm her down. Now that the actual orgasm was over, he felt okay touching her. Hand down her arm and then down her back. He watched her with a careful eye as she stood up, her skirt falling down her legs again. She turned and when she touched her bra, he nodded. She straightened her clothes back onto her body, tucking her shirt back into her skirt and doing up the collar of her shirt to the top. She looked perfectly presentable. It wasn’t hard to help her calm her hair down before moving the chair back to where it came from. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. The shirt and vest were perfect and the jacket was just lovely.

Looking at the woman in the mirror, Spencer saw that she seemed much more relaxed than she had been even before entering the private dressing room with him. If he was in his world, he’d make sure that Aaron found a good Dom for her. There was little that he could do for her. Giving her his number wouldn’t help because he was going home as soon as he could manage. The Spencer of this world had no hope in helping her.

“Do you have the rest of the vests and jackets in my size?”

“They are being pulled now for you to try on.”

“Good.” Spencer eyed himself in the mirror. He looked good and he was hoping that the wardrobe change the Spencer of this world. He decided to wear the original vest and a plum colored shirt and the original jacket when he left. He had the other outfit bagged up and sent with the rest of the things he’d bought to the apartment.

The next shop was a high end jewelry store. He looked at everything before moving to the cufflinks. The salesman was perfect, he only offered to show him things, not try and sell him things. The man knew Spencer was leaving with something and doing a pitch would only run him off.

“You have a marvelous eye, Sir,” the salesman said.

“Thank you. My clothing is darker as you can tell. So platinum for most of my cufflinks but that pair of black Tungsten, I already know I want.”

“Of course.”

Spencer eyed the case of platinum cufflinks. He would pull this Spencer kicking and screaming into a good wardrobe if he had to bankrupt him to do it. His bank accounts were more than healthy. Any time Spencer made a large purchase, it was either preceded by or followed by a trip to trip to a casino. It had been a while since he himself had been in one. He went on occasion, sometimes with Dave, once Morgan, but usually Grant. He’d have to make a stop in the next week if he didn’t go home before then.

The first time he’d played after Aaron had rescued him had been when he’d had a group of people over for a big game. Spencer had been sixteen at the time. He’d been the drink runner for the men and one woman. Alberich had been the first out. One of the other players had pissed him off so he’d played hard and bankrupted himself five hands in. It had only taken one hand after for the others to ask Aaron if Spencer had ever played. Aaron had waved for him to answer that it had been two years since he’d played. So they had all given him ten percent of their pots and dealt him in. He’d played conservative for the first two hands but when Aaron’s hand gripped his thigh, squeezing hard. Spencer didn’t fold. Whatever tell he had, Aaron had known it and made him play to the best of his ability. He’d won it all that night. He’d been scared at first but Aaron had handed over the stakes they had made in him and they all left in good moods. He’d learned that the money was inconsequential to them. They played to have fun and getting their asses handed to them by a sixteen year old twig had made their night.

Spencer had tried to give the money to Aaron but instead if had gone into the account linked to the money Spencer bought himself things with. Aaron didn’t have another game for nearly a year and then it was a game with two people that the group hated but had to keep good business relation with. Aaron kept up appearances with them and again, Spencer played bartender until one of the new men made a comment in Russian about Aaron’s fine piece of ass kept boy. Spencer was dealt in with Louisa staking his buy in totally. She whispered in his ear to clean them out. He’d gotten approval from Aaron before he had but he’d done it. After that no one was shocked at him playing.

Walking around DC with a bag from one of the best stores was asking to be robbed so he had it courier to the apartment in a plain box. He’d have a lot of things to put up before Aaron got there so he needed to keep an eye on the time.

The shop where he found a collar that would pass as well as a pair of cuffs that would help him sleep didn’t take long at all. Shoe shopping was the quickest as he had the size already and just needed colors to match or stand out against his new clothes. He also found a pair of loafers and a pair of wingtips he liked.

Ahead of schedule, Spencer passed a high-end hair salon and slipped inside. Thankfully, the place had a cancellation and he was able to be slipped in. He listened as a very flamboyant man chastised him for his cut but when he called it a hospital special after an accident, the man set about giving him a haircut that at least looked good without a word said on what it had been before. Never more thankful for the fact that Aaron had gotten him laser eye treatment. He watched the hands as the man used his scissors to fix up the cut. He was turned loose nearly an hour later with not only a good looking haircut but the products needed to maintain it as well as the walk through to get the style he wanted on it. He’d never had short hair in his life. He’s always liked it long and Aaron loved it long. While the cut was going to grow on him, he knew he’d never get it cut short again. He’d looked at himself in the mirror after slipping his suit jacket back on. While it was a little dressier than Aaron was probably going to come dressed in, he was going to stay in the new suit. He looked damned good in it.

While getting his haircut, he’d thought exactly on what his game plan was. He had a responsibility to get home to Aaron. Aaron had told him more than once if he was in enemy hands to do whatever he needed to do to get home to him. He’d rather have him whole than broken. The Aaron of this world seemed to be a little sexually repressed. He wondered exactly what he would need to get the man into bed with him. Sex was one of the best ways to have a hold over him and he knew exactly how to play that to the best of his advantage. He’d seduced many men and women for Aaron, getting them right where his older lover needed them to be. Whether it was a compromising position with a half dressed man or dead. He’d never had to do more than get to his underwear though. Aaron wouldn’t have wanted him to dirty himself in that way with the people he went after but this was different. He was totally alone. There was no one for him to count on and he had to survive. The only thing was to seduce this Aaron. He could distract him from a lot of things with sex as the distractor.

Plans cemented, Spencer had one last stop. He needed casual clothes. He needed casual clothes that he didn’t want to burn. He was looking forward to the date. This wasn’t his Aaron and he didn’t think that he could ever hold a candle to his but the giddy phase of getting to know him had him very excited.


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