Chapter Twenty Four-Watch
Spencer shouldered his new go bag as he stepped into the elevator for Hotch’s apartment. It was long after Jack’s bedtime. Hotch had asked him to come over and bring a bag as he was staying over. It made sense given that Spencer had an early meeting with Garrett from IRT. He’d been wanting his help for two weeks and either their team had a case or his did. He really hoped that Jack was in bed because he was not sure that he could take the boy after their last case. All he could see was webcams, video cameras, spy cams, and death everywhere. His skin was crawling. He was happy that Hotch had reached out first because he wasn’t sure if he’d have actually been able to do it.

The doors opened and Spencer stepped down the hall. An older woman smiled at him as she passed by on her way towards the elevator. Spencer smiled at her before he started to pull out his key ring. He’d added the key to his personal ring, just to be safe. He unlocked the door and opened it. Not expecting the dark room. He almost pulled the door shut and backed out but he felt more than heard someone step up behind him. He stopped moving. A hand removed his bag from his shoulder before he felt another in his hair.

“You said you were getting it cut. I expected the normal Spencer Reid haircut. I was not expecting this. I saw you get out of the cab. Jack’s asleep and I am not going to gag you. Don’t worry, we are staying in the living room and he will sleep through it all.” Hotch pushed him into the apartment, shutting and locking the door behind him. Spencer’s eyes were adjusting to the dark but not quick enough. He heard the bags drop to the floor and turned towards it only to see nothing.

“This case was bad for you and I understand that. So I think I found a compromise. I have blocked all light to this entire room. No windows, no light from the back part. No one can see you. No one can see me.” Hotch was right behind him as he spoke this time. His breath exhaling on Spencer’s neck. He felt hands moving down his sides and going for the button on his pants. Fucking in the dark sounded good. It would be better than begging to be blindfolded like he was going to do. “No one can see what I am going to do to you.”

“Please, Hotch.”


Hotch didn’t allow him to do that though. He grabbed Spencer’s arm and pulled him over. Setting his hand on the back of the couch. Spencer was thrown for a second before he realized what it was. Hotch was making sure that he knew where he was. Giving him a point of reference. He stripped easily, laying his clothes on the back of the couch. He hadn’t got a lot of sleep on the case and he’d slept before their flight had left and on the jet so he was awake. Hotch had to have been dressed to have been out in the hall waiting on him but by the time that Spencer was naked, he hadn’t heard a single noise from the other man. He hadn’t seen what the man was dressed in either so it could have been shorts and a t-shirt, easy to remove and could be done with little to no sound.

Slowing his breathing, Spencer listened and tried to figure out where Hotch was. He moved silently through the apartment, around the side couch and towards the TV. He heard the sound of movement near where he had been.

“Sneaky,” Hotch said.

Spencer didn’t say anything at all. He just breathed and listened. He tried to track Hotch but was unable to. He moved to try and find a place that was a little harder to find him when he backed right into Hotch. He gasped and tried to get away but he was too slow. Hands grabbed him and he was pulled back into the older man’s chest. A hand slipped in between his ass cheeks and up inside of him. It became two before he could even blink. He wasn’t even trying to get away. He didn’t want to try and get away. Three fingers entered him as he shifted his feet farther apart.

“Fuck me, Hotch,” Spencer demanded. Hotch pulled his fingers from him and pushed him towards the wall. Spencer connected with it and braced himself. He needed this. He wanted this. Hotch pressed into him with one solid thrust. Spencer moaned and winced as the sound was louder than he wanted it to be.

“I take that back,” Hotch said in time with a hard thrust. “Try and keep it down.”

“I can’t.” Spencer muffled his mouth on his arm as Hotch fucked him into the wall. It didn’t work though, the angle hurt his neck and he had to turn his face. And on the next thrust, Hotch’s cock raked over his prostate and the noise he made was louder than his previous ones. Hotch pulled out of him. “I can be quiet, Hotch. I can.”

Hands bodily turned him around and Spencer tried to see Hotch’s face but he couldn’t. It was way too dark. Hotch had really removed all light. The TV light was gone. The box for cable wasn’t showing the time.

“Brace your hands on my shoulders.” Hotch didn’t even wait for him to get his hands fully on him before he was lifting him up by his ass. “Wrap.”

Spencer wrapped his legs around Hotch’s waist. He felt Hotch guide his cock to his hole and he pushed in slow. Spencer couldn’t even hold back the moan. When Hotch was all the way inside him, he felt breath on his face and then lips were pressed over his. Hotch pulled out of him and thrust back in slightly harder causing Spencer to gasp. Hotch took advantage of that and plunged his tongue inside of his mouth. Every single moan and gasp and even scream was muffled by the mouth on his. The only time that Hotch’s mouth wasn’t on his was when the older man needed to breathe. He’d pull back just long enough to exhale and inhale then his mouth was back.

Not seeing any of it coming had Spencer on edge the entire time. He was sure that if Hotch touched his cock he would come all over both of them. He uttered pleas as well as he could with a tongue in his mouth, Hotch had to have understood him because the man chuckled before he was hitched a little higher. Hands gripped his ass tight, bringing his body in harder and faster on Hotch’s cock. The man pulled his mouth away and Spencer gasped as teeth went for his ear.

“I wanted to take you over my desk when you came in with that haircut. You didn’t get it too short thankfully or you’d have a red ass. I can still grab it and hold you where I want so I can fuck your mouth or use it to hold you still while I fuck your ass.”

“Hotch, please. Just touch me. Please.” Spencer couldn’t think. All he could picture was Hotch doing what he said. It was enough to get him just that little bit closer to coming.

“No. You are going to come on my cock and that is it.” Hotch didn’t move back to kiss him, instead he kept up with tongueing at his neck and biting his ear. “Come on, Spencer. You know that you want to. Just let go.”

“Hotch,” Spencer panted as Hotch slammed home inside of him. The other man was coming and at the angle they were at, Spencer could feel it more than normal. Hotch exhaled against his neck and when the man pulled him just a little closer, impaling him more on the spurting cock, Spencer came with a harsh cry. He buried his face in Hotch’s neck to muffle it.

“You are so good for me,” Hotch said in a low voice. Spencer could only nod in answer to him. He clung to the man until he couldn’t anymore. Hotch seemed to realize it and gently pulled out of him, helping him get his legs down on the floor. “Ready for light?”

“Sure.” Spencer closed his eyes until he felt the light on his eyelids. It wasn’t strong so he opened his eyes, blinking a few time to get used to the light. Hotch had only turned on a lamp on the table by the couch. He looked around and saw that the man had hung a blanket on each entrance to the room. The TV was unplugged and the time on the TV cable box was taped over. There was a pile of something in the chair that was closest to where they were and when Hotch picked one of them up, Spencer realized it was a robe.

“For us to wear to go clean up.” Hotch picked up the second and Spencer knew that it was his. It was royal blue where Hotch’s was a deep red color. Spencer allowed the older man to drape his on his shoulder before he fed his arms through the holes and tied it tightly about his waist. Next he moved to his clothes and picked them up. He wasn’t ready to go to bed, even after sex. His mind was still going and he wasn’t tired. He turned to look at Hotch who had his sleep clothes in hand. That explained why Spencer hadn’t heard a sound of him disrobing. He’d worn easy clothes to take off quickly.

Wordlessly, they both went to the master bathroom. Hotch pushed him towards the shower while he set himself in front of the sink. Spencer didn’t say a thing as he slipped in the glass enclosure. The shower was quick and he was stepping out to find Hotch still in the bathroom. The man was dressed again in his sleep pants and a t-shirt. He was frowning at the pile of clothes that Spencer had brought into the bathroom with him.

“I’m not all that tired. I slept too much before the flight and on the flight. I’ll just be a few hours and then I’ll be in to sleep.”

“Okay. You can watch whatever you want in the living room.”

“I brought a few of the cases to look over that Garrett wants help on. I was going to work on them.”

“We just got off a hard case. Let your mind rest.”

“It’s puzzles, Hotch. It’s not crime scenes and such. Remember that two of them have no recovered bodies and seventeen missing. I can’t just turn it off.”

Hotch relented with a laugh and left him alone to get dressed. By the time that Spencer made it out into the living room, his go bag wasn’t in there anymore and the room was back to rights. No blankets and the TV was plugged back in. His messenger bag was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch along with a bottle of water.

“No coffee.”

“No coffee I promise.” Spencer held up his hands as he passed the man. He was grabbed by a quick arm and pulled back into Hotch. The man nuzzled his neck briefly before kissing him.

“Are you doing fine after the case?” Hotch asked, one of his hands slipping down to the bend of Spencer’s arm, where his very faded marks were.

“I am. Not feeling alone helps.” Spencer was looking in Hotch’s eyes and saw the worry there so he felt compelled to lean in and kiss Hotch. It wasn’t hot and heavy but soft and sweet and reassuring. Hotch’s hands came up to hold him in place. It was only interrupted by a yawn from Hotch. “Go to bed. I’ll be in soon.”

“I’ll hold you to that. If I wake up in the morning and you fell asleep on the couch, you are in trouble.”

Spencer pushed Hotch away from him and moved towards the couch. He settled down with the first file spread on his raised knees. He could smell Hotch on the couch, his cologne from where he probably sat there before and after work. It smelled safe and comfortable. He worked for over an hour before he fell asleep, never realizing that he did.

The feeling of being lifted up half woke Spencer up. His head was tucked into Hotch’s neck and smiled against his skin.

“You fell asleep,” Hotch murmured.

“Sorry. I didn’t realize I was doing it.”

“I know. Your file was on the floor and you were half off the couch.”

“What’re you doing up?”

“I came to check on you.”

The sound of a bedroom door shutting had Spencer opening his eyes. The room was only lit by the light in the bathroom. Hotch set him down on the bed and Spencer started to slip off his shirt but hands caught his and he just relaxed as he was slowly and methodically stripped. Spencer was about to turn and get under the covers but hands stopped him again. He felt a shirt being pulled down over his head and he was coaxed back onto the bed as sleep pants were slipped around each foot then up his legs. When they hit the bed Spencer propped his feet on the bed to raise his lower body up.

Hotch pulled back from him then and pulled him to a sitting position.

“What now?” Spencer asked. He tried to think. Hotch didn’t answer, instead he wrapped Spencer’s arms around his neck and picked him back up in a bridal carry, exactly like he had been when taking him into the room. Spencer’s covers on his side of the bed was already pulled back and Hotch laid him down there. He was covered up then the man crawled over him to lay down. Spencer pushed at him until he rolled onto his side away from him. Instead of spooning him, Spencer nestled his head at the spot where his back and the bed met, burrowing as close as he could get. Hotch hummed and then pulled the blankets all the way up to cover them both. Spencer was used to sleeping in the bed with Hotch. He was waking up at night and reaching for him when he was alone. But for that night, he didn’t have to reach and not feel someone, because Hotch was right there.

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