Interlude 10-Advice
Spencer knocked on the door to Morgan’s apartment. When the man opened the door he looked at Spencer in shock.

“Can I come in?” Spencer asked and Morgan stepped back, speechless. Spencer stepped right in not even stopping to think what he had to look like to Morgan.

“Reid, what’s wrong?” Morgan’s face was a picture of worry.

“I promise I am not hurt, physically. I’m just shook up. Do you still have that extra go bag of mine in your truck?” Spencer really hoped so. It was for when he was out and about and not able to go home when called on sudden cases. It had work clothes and a spare pair of glasses.

“I do. Do you want me to go and get it?”

“Please. I will talk but I’d like to take a shower.”

“Sure. You go and get undressed and I’ll slip your kit in the bathroom and your bag on the bed. Just come back in here when you are done. Are you hungry?” Morgan looked out of his depth, but Spencer didn’t want to think yet. Morgan would know it all before the dawn anyway.

“No. No. I…I feel like I might puke. So maybe something cool to drink?” Spencer could ignore putting off thinking as long as he had something to do. Showering was first. He was sticky and it was bothering him. He’d ran and hadn’t even thought about cleaning up. Cleaning up would have given Hotch a chance to corner him.

“Well, go on,” Morgan said as he he motioned towards the back left side of the apartment. Spencer started in that direction and it wasn’t hard to figure out which was Morgan’s room. The door was open and the bedroom just screamed his personality. Morgan had a three bedroom apartment for when his sisters or mother came to visit. Spencer knew that the guest bathroom was on the right side of the apartment along with the other two rooms. The left side was Morgan’s room and what was supposed to be an office, but he’d turned into a workout room. Spencer moved into the room and then into the bathroom. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

Spencer hadn’t realized how pale he was before he’d left. It was the shock, he knew that, but coupled with the sweatpants, t-shirt, and very messy hair, it wasn’t any wonder that Morgan was worried. He looked very much like a victim of an attack. He was still staring at himself when Morgan entered the room. He held up Spencer’s shower kit. Spencer took if from him when he got close enough.

“Kid, I know you said that you aren’t physically hurt but I just…It’s not that I think you are lying.” Morgan looked seriously worried.

“I promise, but I’ll take my shirt off if it’ll make you feel better?” Spencer offered.

“No, it’s fine. Just offering makes me feel better. If you need anything holler. I’ll be in the kitchen making some lemonade.”

“Sure. Morgan.” Spencer waited for the leaving man to turn around and look at him. “Thanks.”

“Anytime, Pretty Boy. You know it.” Morgan gave him a smile then shut the door.

Spencer turned back to the mirror as he stripped off his clothes. He looked at his body as it was revealed. Thinking that there should be evidence of the night on him. He felt like such an idiot. He’d known the moment that Hotch had shown up that something was different. He put it down to the loss of JJ from the team. That Hotch was looking for something different, but it had been a difference that Spencer should have seen. The dancing, the gentleness, the utter emotion with every single touch of Hotch’s skin to his own.

Shutting away those thoughts, Spencer grabbed the items from his kit that he needed to shower before he set them inside the glass enclosure. Next he found towels and a rag.

Washing himself off took a less time than Spencer wanted it to, but he couldn’t hide in there forever. His clothing options were limited but he didn’t feel like wearing work clothes. Yet he wasn’t going to dress in sleep clothes either.

After drying himself off, Spencer went to the bedroom and found his bag right there on the bed. He opened the main zip and was shocked when he found jeans and a t-shirt on the bottom of everything. It was one of his Cal-Tech shirts, and the jeans were soft. He remembered packing that because Prentiss had joked that he wouldn’t know what jeans were if they bit him on the ass. So after that case, he’d packed them and wore them to dinner after the next case was wrapped.

Morgan was in the kitchen still, just staring off into space when Spencer entered the little area.

“Morgan?” Spencer called out. The dark skinned agent turned around and gave him a smile.

“You look a lot better. Are you ready to talk because if you aren’t, we can watch a movie. It’s still pretty early.”

“If I take you up on that I won’t talk and I need to.”

Spencer turned towards the living room area and took a seat on the couch, tucking his feet up on the cushion, and laying his chin on his knees. He watched as Morgan carried in a pitcher along with two glasses. He poured two and took the seat on the other other of the couch.

“What happened tonight Reid?” Morgan asked.

“I was at my apartment with my…what did you call him? Fuck buddy?” Spencer waited for Morgan to nod before he continued. “He did something I wasn’t prepared for and it made me uncomfortable.”

Morgan looked up at him, anger on his face. Spencer knew that look.

“NO!” Spencer said quickly, throwing a hand up. “No, nothing like that. I just. I got uncomfortable and I left. I ran away, Morgan. And this was the first place I could think of. I dressed in what I’d laid out to sleep in and I just ran.”

“Why didn’t he follow?” Morgan asked.

“He had a lot more layers to put on, harder clothes and the bus was right there. He didn’t even see me get on it.”

“What did he do?”

“I told you before it’s just sex. A release of emotions and frustration.” Spencer took a sip of his drink before he laid his head to the side on the back of the couch and looked at Morgan again. “It started out that way, but I don’t know anymore.”

“What happened?”

“Morgan, he showed up at my place tonight and he…” Spencer stopped. He couldn’t say the words. “We have rough sex. We fight back and forth. Once I got used to the rougher aspects, it was just natural. We bite, scratch, and don’t care about bruises. Face to face is rare unless blindfolds and gags and other toys are used. We did face to face the first time that we had penetrative sex, but I think that was more to make it good for me. We don’t make love and tonight…That’s what he did.” Spencer took another deep breath. He couldn’t look at anyone so, he looked down at his hands, wrapped around his legs. “Making love. It wasn’t just sex and, he told me that he loved me. He told me he loved me and I know that it wasn’t a slip, a reaction to the high of sex. He meant it and I don’t know what to feel about that.”

“What do you feel for him?”

“I don’t know. I just…I don’t know. Seven years and I don’t know what I feel for him.”

“You’ve not told me anything about him.” Morgan looked a little put out. Spencer knew that he’d never told him about the time on it.

“I can’t. I…” Spencer stopped at the knock on Morgan’s front door. The other man waved his hand like he was just going to ignore it but Spencer knew that knock. He wasn’t shocked that Hotch had figured out where he was. “Go.”

Morgan made a second gesture that was indicative of the fact that he was going to forget about the person at the door. Spencer wasn’t sure what Hotch would do if Morgan didn’t answer it.


Morgan got up off the couch and moved to the door. Spencer ducked his head down and hid it in the crook made by his legs and his chest. He didn’t want to see Hotch, but there was no way that Hotch would miss him as soon as the door was opened.

“Hotch?” Morgan’s voice was shocked. “Come in.”

“No. I just want to drop this off.”

“Why do you have Reid’s phone?”

“He left it, and I figured this was where he was. Have a good night, Morgan.” Footsteps sounded as Hotch moved away. Spencer knew that it wouldn’t take long for Morgan to put one and one together and get two. He just hoped Hotch was long gone. The sound of the door shutting and the chain being slid back into place sounded, as well as footsteps towards him. Then the steps stopped.

“You didn’t forget your phone at work did you?” Morgan asked as he started back towards him. He felt the phone being dropped down on the couch at his feet. He didn’t want to look at it. He wasn’t sure what Hotch may have texted him before he figured out that his phone was not with him.

“No. I forgot it at my apartment when I ran out.”

“I think that this is better started from the beginning because seven years puts it right about your first case on the team. And if Hotch had your phone…” Morgan sat down on the other end of the couch and Spencer looked up at him. He was shocked that Morgan wasn’t freaking out and demanding to know how Hotch had seduced him and corrupted him.

“The first time that Hotch and I had sex was my first case on the them. He…” Spencer picked up the phone as it vibrated. He looked down at it.

Whatever you need to tell him is fine with me, Spencer. Don’t hold back for my dignity. You take care of you. I’ll deal with the fallout.

“Is that him?”

“Yes. Telling me that whatever I need to tell you to help me, I can.” Spencer scrolled back and saw that he hadn’t texted anything else. But he did have a missed call from his own land line. He had no clue what time he had ran away from his apartment, but given the time it was now, it was about right for the time of the call. “He hadn’t meant to kiss me but he had.”

“What about Haley?”

Spencer looked at his phone and smiled. She hadn’t been the best wife for Hotch, but Spencer still missed her. He missed having someone to talk to about this.

“Hotch is bisexual, as you can tell, but he loved Haley. There is a part of him that always will. He found out in college that he liked a little rougher sex sometimes. And after the first time that he let go with her, she found she did not. From what I can tell it really freaked her out. In the essence of compromise, she made a ground rule for his needs. Never with a woman, never with a pro, and she knows. I know that she never had an issue with me. Even when her and Hotch were having issues, he offered to stop, but she told him no. And after the divorce, she was still friendly with me and was an ear to talk to. She called me as she was being taken away by the Marshalls. She wanted me to take care of Hotch.” Talking Spencer could do. He laid out everything. From their first talk, how Haley handled it all. He left out her infidelity and instead focused on Jack.

“So he calls or texts and you just drop everything?” Morgan asked when Spencer’s story was done.

“Not exactly. He’s called before when I am doing something, but mostly it’s after cases. Since Haley’s death I go to him. Tonight was the first time he’s showed at mine since I started going to his.” Spencer laid his chin down again. “I didn’t even realize that Hotch was calling me Spencer. I had gone to Hotch’s when he asked but Jack was awake, I was a little freaked out but Jack wanted Hotch to call me Spencer instead of Reid. I got so used to it that night, I didn’t realize.”

“Or you didn’t want to,” Morgan said.

Spencer gave him a sharp look.

“I’ve listened to every single word you have said. I’ve listened and I’ve watched your face. Your eyes. You talked about that date you went on, and all I could hear between your words was that he wasn’t Hotch. You talk about it being just sex, but it’s not just sex and it hasn’t been for a long while for either of you. When you hurt, he’s there. When he hurts, you are there. You two have always had a connection. I always put it up to bonding over horrible family lives growing up, but now…It’s been there from the beginning.”

“I don’t…” Spencer stopped because he couldn’t say it.

“Yeah. I think that you have been burying feelings, and I think that Hotch has been going along with it.”


“You said that he didn’t slip but I think he did. Oh, I seriously believe that he loves you. He looked wrecked when he dropped off your phone. I haven’t seen him that bad since Foyet was after him. He looked ready to jump out of his skin.”

“Did he?”

“Look Reid. We all know that you hate change. Anything and everything that changes, you are upset. It’s the way that you are, we’ve adjusted. JJ leaving has you freaked and we all know it. I think that Hotch has been sort of lulling you into something more for a while now. You’re recount of it all changed as time went on. It went from event to event to stories about talking, and if it was anyone else I’d say Hotch has the patience of a saint. You told me a story once about an analogy. About sticking a frog in water. About how if you put one in hot water, it’ll jump out but if you put it in cool water and slowly heat it up, it’ll let itself be boiled to death. That’s you. If Hotch would have told you several years ago, I bet you would have freaked out. Much worse of a freakout. You are here talking and not trying to run. What was your first thought when you ran?”

“To get somewhere safe.” Spencer hadn’t been thinking beyond that but he hadn’t gone to a library or anywhere else where he could distract himself. He’d gone to the one person who wouldn’t let him get away with it. He knew he’d be forced to talk and forced to examine his relationship.

“To do what?” Morgan scooted closer on the couch and laid a hand on Spencer’s sock clad foot. Spencer didn’t answer though. He knew the answer and he knew that Morgan knew the answer. “If Haley had been alive, I bet you would have went to her. You said that Rossi has known for a while but Rossi is Hotch’s guy. I’m yours. I knew of your lover in a roundabout way, but hadn’t known it was Hotch. You hadn’t blurted out anything until after Hotch came here. Him coming here was a sign that he knew that it would tip me off. That it was okay to talk. Then he texted and told you to tell me everything. That tells me that he cares a lot for you.”

“You are taking this better than I thought.”

“You looked freaked out when you got here, but you offered to show me your chest and back, and I don’t see Hotch hurting you that way, outside of the kinks you have talked about you two doing. I understand the need and psychology behind them, so don’t worry about that, but to purposefully hurt you to make you feel pain and to hurt, I don’t see him doing that. I think that you know what you came here to figure out and you did that. A slightly objective eye to look at it all with.”

“I just…” Spencer sighed and laid his forehead down on his knees. “I ignored everything because I thought I was reading into it.”

“You have a capacity to bury shit so deep. And that magnificent brain of yours can be deadly, even to yourself.” Morgan forced Spencer’s head up. “I think that you might want to head home.”

Spencer nodded. He picked up his lemonade and drained it. He carried it to the kitchen. He grabbed his wallet and keys, his phone was next and he slipped it in his pocket. Morgan had disappeared from the living room and came back with a coat. It looked nothing like a coat that Morgan would wear and it was more sized for someone around Spencer’s size.

“Desiree left this here. It’s gender neutral enough so that it won’t draw eyes, even though I know that you don’t care.” Morgan handed it over and Spencer slipped the coat on. It fit him well enough. “I called you a cab and I gave over the destination. It’ll be here in a few. Do you want me to walk you out?”

“No, I’m good. Thank you, Morgan.” Spencer stepped towards him and drew the shocked man into a hug. Morgan hugged him back strongly though. Spencer pulled away and was out of the apartment before he figured out what had shocked Morgan. He’d never instigated a hug with the man before. He made his way down to the street and found that there was a cab already waiting for him. He slipped into the back and looked up at the driver.

“Still the address I was given?” the driver asked.

“Yes. Thank you.” Spencer shifted to where he pulled his cell phone out of his pants. He stared at it trying to figure out what to text Hotch. His stomach was a jumble of knots. He wanted to talk in person. Not over the phone and not in a text but he needed to make sure that Hotch didn’t mind him coming over. He started to input that when he felt the taxi stop. He looked up to see what light they were at when the door opened. He aborted looking up to look over and saw Hotch there. Behind him wasn’t Spencer’s apartment building but Hotch’s.

“Morgan said to expect you but it looks like you weren’t aware you were coming here.” Hotch stepped back from the door and Spencer made his decision to get out. He started to rise, he watched Hotch pay the cabbie.

“I was going to text and ask if I could come over. We-we need to talk.”

“First, Jessica will be here in a few. Jack demanded to be brought home. He overheard Roy say something about me and didn’t like it. She brought him back and was taking him to her place when I called to check on him.”

“Okay.” Spencer looked towards the road then back at Hotch. “But there is something I want to say first.” Spencer closed the distance between them, reaching up, he cupped Hotch’s cheek. He leaned in next and kissed his lips, softly. “I love you too, Aaron.”

“I’ve known for a while, I just knew you hadn’t realized. I just couldn’t not say it.”

“How long have you known that you love me because I keep going through every interaction in my head. Trying to pinpoint when you started to act different.”

“The Vegas case was when I realized. I also didn’t want to lose you. It wasn’t until much later I realized you loved me and didn’t know. I kept waiting until you knew, until that night with Jack, I saw what you were really doing. Your brain had realized it but you were suppressing it. Then I realized why.”

“I’d rather have part of you than none of you,” Spencer whispered. Aaron pulled him in for another kiss as a car pulled up.

“Daddy!” Jack cried out. Aaron let go of Spencer and moved to open the door. “Spencer!”

Spencer smiled as he waved at Jack as Aaron unbuckled him from his car seat. The little boy didn’t scramble into Aaron’s arms though. He moved right past and held his hands up for Spencer to take him. He didn’t hesitate. He picked the boy up and Jack threw his arms around him.

“Jack said he’d hoped he’d see Spencer,” Jessica said as she rolled down her car window. She handed a bag over to Aaron. “It’s good to see you again, Doctor Reid. Haley spoke of you often and kindly. I didn’t get to tell you that at the funeral.”

Spencer didn’t know what to say to that. He just nodded.

“I wanna go upstairs, Spencer. While Daddy talks to Aunt Jessica.”

“Aaron?” Spencer asked.

“Go ahead. Do you have your key?”

Spencer nodded and turned to head up. Jack laid his head on his and just relaxed in his arms. He dug his keys out in the elevator and when he let them into the apartment, Jack didn’t wiggle to be let down. Spencer moved to the couch and sat down. Jack moved then. He straddled Spencer’s legs sitting on his knees.

“What is a sotiopat?”

“Sociopath,” Spencer automatically corrected. Then he stopped. “Where did you hear that?”

“Grandpa called Daddy that. It’s why I wanted to talk to you. He called dad that and a faggot deviant.”

Spencer didn’t know what to do. He turned to look at the door but Aaron didn’t magically appear. He didn’t want to answer those questions without Aaron around.


“Well we will start with faggot. It’s a not nice word. It’s very derog… mean to gay people.” Spencer stopped to see if Jack would ask what it meant.

“Daddy told me what gay meant once. He said that you and he were bi. Mommy was straight. And that Aunt Jessica was gay but only he and mommy knew.”

Spencer wondered if Jack would realize he told him and wasn’t supposed to. And it explained why Jack hadn’t been phased by seeing him in his father’s bed.

“And sociopath?” Jack asked, saying the word slowly.

“Well sociopath isn’t a bad thing but some people who are labeled it do bad things. They are usually people who would rather spend time alone and lack a conscience. You know the thoughts that you have that tell you not to do bad things? They don’t have that.”

“That’s not Daddy.”

“No, he goes after people like that who do bad things. And a deviant in this case, means that who ever said it thinks that your father does things that are not normal. But many people are called that. Because the person saying it doesn’t understand.”

“Grandpa said it about Daddy. And you, but he didn’t call you by name. He called you Daddy’s piece.”

“Well a lot of people your grandfather’s age do not accept any relationship outside of man and woman. To him, someone who is gay or bi is deviant.”

Jack’s eyes tilted up but didn’t stop on Spencer’s face, no his eyes went farther up. Spencer felt Aaron’s hand on his head then, just stopping to rest there.

“Jack I get know that tonight was hard, but it’s way past your bedtime. Can you go change?”

Jack opened his mouth then slammed it shut. Aaron must have glared.

“I’ll start up a movie and you can come watch it until you fall asleep.”

“Is Spencer staying?”

“I don’t know.” Aaron said at the same time Spencer nodded.

“Go get dressed for bed, Jack.” Spencer kind of pushed the boy a little from the side, prompting him to swing his leg over. Jack scrambled off his lap and took off for his bedroom.

“You did well with that. I wasn’t aware that was why he wanted you. Jessica was tight lipped on the phone. She told me what she had overheard before she found Jack eavesdropping. She did not hear that part. and don’t worry about Jessica’s secret, she’d been hinting that I was allowed to tell for a while.”

“What exactly did Haley tell Jessica about me?”

“When the divorce happened it all came out. From Haley’s infidelity, to what we are doing and it was all laid out for Jessica. She also knew that after the divorce, you and Haley kept in contact. And I was just told that Haley knew that I was in love with you before she died. I wasn’t aware of that.”

“Oh,” was all that Spencer could say. He tipped his head back so that he could look at Aaron. Aaron leaned down and gave him an upside down kiss. “I don’t have any clothes to sleep in.”

“I have some stuff that will fit you. Did you want to change now or later? Did you want to take a shower? You left pretty quick from your apartment.”

Spencer shook his head back and forth for a few seconds before pulling him back down for another kiss. “I showered at Morgan’s. I have a spare go-bag in his truck for the times that I am out and about and it’s a rush case and we meet at the strip. After the second time of having to go to the office or home, I just asked him if I could do it. I should have just grabbed it when I left but I thought I was going home.”

This side of the relationship was going to take some getting used to. Aaron pulled back just as feet sounded in the hallway. Spencer watched him as he moved towards the shelves that held his DVD collection. He grabbed a movie from the Disney section. Jack didn’t settle on Spencer’s lap. He stood there at his side until Aaron had loaded the player and took a seat next to Spencer on the couch. Spencer had sat down in the middle so Aaron took the left side. He wrapped an arm around Spencer’s shoulder and tugged him until he was leaning against him. Then Jack settled down in his father’s lap, leaning back against the arm with his feet over Spencer’s legs. He cuddled down so that his head was turned to look at the screen.

Sleeping Beauty?” Jack asked as a small yawn escaped his mouth.

“Yes,” Aaron said as he started to run his hand through Jack’s hair. The boy shook his head and glared at his father. Aaron waited until Jack looked back at the screen as he skipped over the previews and clicked play before he turned to Spencer and mouthed. It puts him right to sleep.

Spencer nodded and laid his head back on Aaron’s shoulder. He smiled as he laid his hand on Jack’s legs, his thumb rubbing back and forth on pajama clad shin. Twenty minutes into the movie, Spencer heard heavier breathing and looked to see Aaron’s hand going through Jack’s hair again while the boys eyes were fighting staying open. He watched as after three minutes of that, the boy’s eyes closed and didn’t open again. Aaron kept running his hands through Jack’s hair for another fifteen and a half minutes before he slipped his arm from around Spencer and sat up with the boy in his arms. Spencer stood up as well and moved to open Jack’s door. Aaron laid him down and covered him up. Jack woke briefly but just reached over the side of his bed and lifted up a rather large stuffed T-Rex. He cuddled into the stuffed dinosaur and rolled onto his side. Aaron flicked the light off after placing a kiss on Jack’s forehead.

As Spencer was turning to leave, he heard his name called out and turned back to find Jack staring at him, blinking in the small amount of light that was cascading into his room from the hallway.

“He wants a kiss from you as well,” Aaron whispered in his ear as he got level with him in the doorway.

“Oh.” Spencer moved forward and dropped to his haunches to kiss him on the forehead as well. The smile that he got from Jack was heartstopping. He looked so much like his father in that moment. “Goodnight, Jack.”

“Good night, Spencer. I love you.”

Spencer heard the subtle gasp from behind him but he ignored it. “I love you too, Jack.” It was after he said the words that he realized exactly what Haley had started to do to him that first day that she forced an interaction between him and Jack. She saw that he would be around a long while, and wanted to make sure that her son and his father’s lover got along. He wondered exactly when Haley had figured it all out. If she saw this long before Aaron had. That meal in the diner had been strange to him but she’d seemed fine. Her ease had put him at ease. He pulled the blanket up farther on Jack’s body, settling the boy in farther. Jack closed his eyes and seemed to drop off to sleep in seconds. The sleep of the young.

Aaron was still there in the doorway, his eyes locked on Spencer as he moved towards him. When Spencer stopped in front of him because there was no way to pass him, he was shocked when his mouth was taken in a kiss. Spencer, though, wasn’t going to trust that Jack would stay asleep so he forced the older man to take a few steps back with a constant pressure on his shoulder but never removing his lips from his. When they were clear of the door, he pulled it until it was just shut, the exact way that Aaron was working on shutting it. Jack’s nightmares were few and far between but in the aftermath of the loss of his mother, he didn’t like to sleep in a dark room, and the nightlight wasn’t enough. When Aaron had brought it up to him, he told him to see about leaving the door open and just slowly, inch by inch, closing it just that much more every few nights. Based on where Jack had been when he’d stayed over last, Spencer had pulled it just that far.

“You don’t know what you just did, do you?” Aaron asked, raggedly as his lips bussed Spencer’s forehead.

While there were a lot of thing that Aaron could be asking about, given the man’s reaction, Spencer was pretty sure that he knew what the man was commenting on. “I have a good idea, Aaron, that is has to do with your blatant Alpha side and showing affection for your offspring.”

“You are rather cheeky.” Aaron didn’t kiss him again though. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Spencer and buried his face in his neck, inhaling deeply. He took a shuddering breath and it caused Spencer to hold him tighter. “I was afraid you’d not come back.”

“I’m sorry that I ran I just…I couldn’t think and when I can’t think like that I have to go somewhere safe. Usually it’s my apartment, but that’s where I was.”

“I almost called JJ but I remembered that you and Morgan had talked in circles about me when you were getting over anthrax. He made the most logical decision, and then when he looked at me totally shocked, before looking back at you. I knew I had made the right choice. What does he know?”

“Everything.” Spencer laid his head on Aaron’s shoulder. Now that rush of it all was gone, he was smelling Aaron and it was causing him to calm down even more. Lethargy was setting in.

“Let’s get changed for bed.” Aaron changed his hold on Spencer, turning them towards his bedroom. Spencer allowed himself to be pulled behind the man and laughed as he was handed clothes. The pants were worn out in a few places and looked like they might have been from Aaron’s college days. When he undressed and put them on he figured out why. Aaron had chicken legs in college. There was no way that his runner’s legs fit into these anymore. He held his hand out for a shirt but when nothing was laid in his hand, he looked up. Aaron was sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed only in pants as well. At the older man’s urging, Spencer stepped up between his legs. “Are you okay?”

“I am. I’m not going to freak out in the night. I’ve gotten used to sleeping in the bed with you.”

“No, not about that. About us. About there being an us. About there being an us and Jack. And about knowing that we will need to tell JJ, Prentiss, and Garcia soon. The knowledge that this, what we have, is going to lead to more. That at some point we will move in together.. That I’ll be making sure that we don’t lose our jobs because of this.”

“I have an in on that.” Spencer thought about John and the fact that he’d talked to his sponsor about his lover, but had never given him anything remotely verging on a name. “And Rossi or Strauss taking over my evaluations will make things go over easier. I’ve thought this, Aaron. While watching the movie with Jack, my brain doesn’t stop.”

“I don’t think I’ll tire of hearing you say my name instead of Hotch,” Aaron said. He pulled Spencer in for a kiss before the younger man could say a thing. It wasn’t a kiss meant to excite but just to reassure. Spencer kissed him back the same. He knew there would be bumps but they would get over them together. “As soon as I can figure out a night that Jessica can watch Jack and we don’t have a case, I am taking you on proper date. Not a sneaky one like I’ve been getting away with, but an honest to God date. Where I can touch you, and kiss you, and feed you and do all the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”


“And then we are going to come back here and we are going to make love. Not fuck. We are going to finish what we started tonight but this time you’ll know what I am doing to you.”

“Are you saying no sex between now and then?” Spencer asked as he pulled away to lay down. Aaron followed, pulling Spencer to him as he slipped under the covers. He settled back into Aaron’s arms, the smell of him surrounding him. He wondered how often Aaron would want him to stay over now. If the bed would start to smell like them instead of just Aaron. He was looking forward to finding out.

“That’s exactly what I am saying.”


“I plan on following through.” Aaron kissed the back of his neck and the room filled with just the sounds of their joint breathing. Spencer dropped off between one breath of his and before Aaron’s next, content.

Next Chapter


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