First Date

Chapter 26-First Date
Spencer laughed as Aaron was draped along his back as he tried to open the door with his face buried in Spencer’s neck, leaving what was bound to be an impressive hickey. Aaron’s other hand was holding his head exactly where he wanted it. Spencer took pity on the man and took the keys from him, opening the door and moving to the alarm and deactivating it. The door was slammed shut then Spencer was being slammed in the wall.

Aaron kissed him to within an inch of his life, pressed against the wall. There was no Jack to worry about. As as soon as the case was over, Aaron had asked Jessica if she would watch him. She’d agreed when Aaron had said he wanted to take Spencer on a date, and a hell of a date it was. It was a lot better than the date he’d gone on with the one guy, and better than the sneaky ones that Aaron had been taking him on. He felt like the most important person in the room with Aaron paying attention to him.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom, love,” Aaron whispered in his ear as he trailed his lips from lips to the edge of his jaw. “You go back and strip down while I set the alarm again because once I get you in bed, you are not getting out.”

“Then let me go.” Spencer leaned up and kissed him again as Aaron backed away so that he could slip away. And he did. He moved down the hall towards Aaron’s bedroom. He stopped at the sight of the door opened on a half empty closet. He pushed it all away though, and easily started to strip. He’d gone all out for the outfit he’d bought for the date. A very fancy three piece suit that had been rush jobbed into being. The pants were the best feature and according to the man who had taken his measurements would make a priest pant after him. He worked on stripping his upper body first, he was taking off his undershirt when he felt Aaron step up behind him. His hands settling right on his ass.

“You look wonderful in that and I have to insist that you don’t ever wear it on a case. Please? I don’t want to fight off other people for my lover’s attention.

“Just for you,” Spencer promised. The hands on his ass moved to the front and started to work on stripping him of his pants.

“Good. Bend down and untie your shoes.” Aaron’s voice was husky in a way that Spencer had never heard before. He did as asked and was a little shocked when he didn’t bump into Aaron. He looked between his legs to see Aaron stripping his own shoes off followed by his pants. He couldn’t see his face but he was sure that it was focused on his ass. When he stood back up once they were untied, Spencer sucked in his stomach and his pants fell with gravity taking them down. Aaron stepped up behind him, cupping him through his very tight underwear. The pair was royal blue, exactly the shade that Aaron liked to see him in. “You are naughty.”

“And what are you going to do about it?” Spencer shook his ass back and forth a little but Aaron didn’t bite. Instead his hands gripped his hips and pushed him towards the bed.

“Tonight’s different, Spencer. The two times you’ve had me, you couldn’t do what you wanted. The first time because I had you tied to a chair, and the second because you were hurt and couldn’t. Tonight you get to. You get to tell me what to do, you get to make love to me.” Aaron let go of his hips. “So tell me what you want me to do.”

Spencer turned to find Aaron already naked. He looked him up and down, not even blushing at all. Spencer shoved down on his underwear and finally he was naked as well. Aaron’s eyes, though didn’t move down his body, they stayed right on his face. Spencer’s plan fully formed in those seconds that followed.

“Go shower.” Aaron leaned in and kissed him before he moved towards the bathroom. While Aaron was showering, Spencer stripped the bed down. He piled the clean sheets and comforter on the floor at the foot before going and finding two in the closet. He covered the bed in those two for protection. He opened the drawer and found the bottle of the lube. He set it out then cleaned up his and Aaron’s clothes, putting them up where they belonged either on a hanger to be taken out for dry cleaning or in the hamper.

Aaron was toweling his hair dry when he stepped out of the bathroom, he was still naked. Spencer took the towel from him, it would come in handy later.

“On the bed, on your back,” Spencer said and he watched the older man do as he said. Aaron laid in the middle of the bed, his hands crossed on his chest. Spencer looked him up and down, debating between plan A and B. He chose B as he watched Aaron’s cock started to fill. He kissed the top of Aaron’s feet before he licked at the bend of his ankle. Aaron inhaled and Spencer looked up to see him propped up on his elbows, looking down at him.

Spencer kissed up his legs, stopping at his knees to lick on the inside. Aaron was panting, his cock rock hard and right in Spencer’s eyeline, but as he moved up, he moved outward instead of inward. To the curve of his hip and then his stomach. Spencer held himself above him so that no inch of him brushed Aaron’s cock. The only move that Aaron made was to lay fully down again. There wasn’t a thing keeping Aaron on the bed besides willpower. He wanted to stay down. His eyes never left Spencer’s path as he moved up his body. Each scar was kissed as he came to each one.

Aaron’s hands clenched as Spencer paused just at Aaron’s nipples. He exhaled on them, watching them harden.

“Can I touch?” Aaron asked.

“Yes.” Spencer licked the nipple in front of him as he felt hands settle at his sides, rubbing up and down. It wasn’t anything more than that. Aaron touching him wherever he could. His hands stayed above the waist though. Spencer made himself leave the nipples and moved to his clavicle. At his first bite, right at Aaron’s pulse point, the older man’s hands tightened.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Having you at my mercy? Yes.”

“I’m glad. Kiss me, please?” Aaron asked. Spencer lifted from the mark he was leaving and kissed his lips. He claimed Aaron’s mouth as hard as he could. He didn’t let the man get away from him. He held his face in place and fucked his mouth with his tongue. Aaron tried to rock up and rub his cock on him but Spencer moved to where he was straddling his stomach, leaving his cock just bobbing in the air.

“Turn over,” Spencer said as he sat up fully. Aaron turned over carefully while Spencer stayed over the top of him. When he was laid out again, Spencer moved down to nestle his cock in between Aaron’s cheeks. He kissed the back of Aaron’s neck. “How thorough were you in the shower?”

“I took a full one.”

“Good.” Spencer bit his shoulder, just in the spot that Aaron had marked him. He didn’t press hard enough to do anything but make him feel it. He kissed down his spine, kissing every single knob as he worked his way down. He rubbed his thumbs down the crack of Aaron’s ass and acted like he was going to bypass his ass fully before biting at one cheek. He rubbed his thumbs back up as he bit at the other cheek and then spread Aaron’s cheeks.

There was a subtle intake of breath from Aaron. Just enough to raise his back a little but Spencer was looking for it. He settled himself down on Aaron’s calves to make sure that he could get comfortable.

“Spencer, don’t make your-”

“I want to.” Spencer kissed at the top of his crack before he moved farther down. He exhaled over Aaron’s hole. It felt so good when Aaron did it to him. Aaron had cleaned up. Spencer inhaled and exhaled again before he licked from the base of his crack up to the top. Aaron jerked on the bed. Spencer looked up to see him bury his face in the pillow that his head had been resting on. On the second pass of his tongue, he pressed harder on his hole. The tip just barely caught before passing the ring of muscle. The next pass had Spencer pushing in just a little farther. He pulled back and rubbed his thumb over the hole for a few seconds, watching Aaron’s body language. The pillow he was gripping looked ready to rip. Spencer shifted up a little and kissed up his back. “Relax, Aaron.”

“If I do, I’ll come.”

“Then shift up some,” Spencer said. He relaxed back and Aaron moved to his knees. He waited for him to settle before he moved back, holding the cheeks apart, he kissed his hole before slowly pushing his tongue inside. Aaron’s muscles relaxed as Spencer worked him open first using just his tongue and then tongue and fingers. The only sound in the room was Aaron’s harsh breathing and the bed groaning as Aaron moved on it. He couldn’t hold still. And Spencer didn’t want to wait. He leaned up to grab the lube and coated his fingers.

Sliding the first finger inside of Aaron had Spencer shuddering. He slipped the finger in and out until he was sure that he had coated him well enough. Then he pushed in with two, curling to brush Aaron’s prostate. He smiled as he watched the slight shuddering of Aaron’s body.

“Are you ready?” Spencer asked. Aaron nodded against the pillow and Spencer pulled his fingers free. “Words.”

“Yes, I’m ready.” Aaron chuffed a little in laughter.



Spencer turned a little to toss the lube onto the nightstand. “I want you on your back.” Aaron rolled over and pulled Spencer down to kiss him. He allowed it, their cocks rubbing on each other. Aaron cupped the side of his face and shifted to cradle Spencer’s body in the valley between his legs. He used the lube on his hand to coat his cock before lining up to slide inside of Aaron.

Inch by inch he slid inside of Aaron. His lover’s eyes were closed, Spencer watched his face as bottomed out inside of him. He’d been inside of him twice before but it never felt like this. He pumped in and out a few times before leaning down to kiss him again. Aaron held him there, as he rocked down onto Spencer’s cock with every thrust.

Aaron came with a cry, Spencer was shocked because he hadn’t expected it so quick. Aaron’s muscles tightened on him and he stilled. Aaron’s eyes snapped open and he wrapped his legs around Spencer’s waist, not letting him pull away. “Fuck me.”

Spencer pulled out and slammed back in as hard as he could, chasing his orgasm. Aaron’s heels dug into his ass and spurred him on. Spencer let go, giving into what he wanted at a base level. Trusting that Aaron would stop him if he hurt him or went too far. Time meant nothing as he fucked his lover. His orgasm overwhelmed him and his entire body locked up. Aaron buried his cry in his mouth. Aaron didn’t stop kissing him until his entire body was slumped down on his own.

“I love you, Spencer,” Aaron said softly in his ear.

“I love you too, Aaron.” Spencer shifted to carefully pull out of Aaron and moved to the bathroom. He cleaned up before washing out the rag and going back to the bedroom. Aaron smiled at him the entire time that he cleaned him up. Spencer didn’t even blush at the look that Aaron gave him before he went back to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror for a few seconds before going back out towards the bedroom. Aaron had stripped the bed and pulled the clean sheets and comforter back up onto the bed. He was sitting with his back to the headboard, the blankets pulled up to his waist. He stopped at the sight of what looked like a necklace case resting on Aaron’s thighs.

“What’s that?” Spencer asked. He didn’t move any closer to the bed, instead he stayed where he was.

“It’s not going to bite, and neither am I, unless you ask. I want to talk.” Aaron patted the spot on the bed beside him. Spencer didn’t hesitate as he moved over but he wasn’t sure about what could be in that box. It was large, like the ones that pearls and other very precious necklaces came in. Why would Aaron buy him a necklace? He’d never, ever worn one before. Morgan wore some that were very manly. But that wasn’t something that Spencer wanted to act like he liked, not even to make Aaron happy.

“Okay.” Spencer sat down but he was stiff. Sitting with one foot on the floor. Aaron didn’t touch the box but instead turned a little to face him.

“We…we didn’t go about this the normal way at all. We have rituals and interactions that are not normal. So, I want to see about changing that a little bit.”

“Uh huh.” Spencer wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to that.

“I love you. I love the Spencer that you let me see that no one else gets to see but I don’t want what we have done to be all that we are going forward with this.”

“Explain,” Spencer said. He was looking down at his hand. He was feeling off center and he started to rub at the tip of his pointer finger.

“Spencer, look at me.”

Spencer shook his head. Aaron reached over and laid his hand over Spencer’s.

“You know what to call what we are. Dominant, submissive. We’ve never used the words but I don’t want that when we are just here together. Sexually is fine, but I don’t want you submissive in the rest of the relationship. Nor do I want it all the time when we have sex. Tonight was good, fun. I want that more.” Aaron tipped Spencer’s face up. “Do you?”

“I…” Spencer tried to think. He thought about how it all was new for him. Dating, and a relationship, being anything other than a…lover. “I don’t know. I don’t know what to do about that. I just…”

Aaron lifted up the case and opened it. Spencer just stared. What was inside wasn’t anything that he ever thought that he’d see. He knew exactly what it was and the thought of it had his blood thrumming. He reached out and touched it. It was soft and blue. The same blue as the rest of the things that Aaron bought for him.

“I know that what we’ve done hasn’t exactly prepared you for coming into this with anything but what we have been before. But I want to be us. However we end up being. This though…is for the times you want that side of the relationship. You know when I need or want something. I need to learn better when you need. I mostly guess in the dark and hope I don’t fuck it up. So if you wear this, I know what you want and need.”

“To be taken out of my head. But…” Spencer picked up the collar and held it up. “But what if I don’t want to wear the collar to show that? What if I just ask for that but wear the collar most of the time?” He turned on the bed, planting both feet on the floor, and unlinked the collar. Aaron moved up behind him and took the ends from him, pulling it up to his neck. “I like what we do and I don’t mind trying new and varied things. I understand what you mean though. Not every time we have sex has to be a… production. It can be just what we did tonight, giving and taking pleasure.”

The collar was like the cuffs, so soft on the inside and only a little bit of metal. Aaron slipped behind him, his legs on either side of Spencer’s.

“This tells me I am yours. Just like this does.” Spencer raised his hand to skirt the claiming scar on his shoulder. Aaron’s mouth went to it.

“Are you going to wear it all the time?”

“When we are home, probably. Maybe to work when I need the reminder. Is that okay?”

“More than. You…I came so hard so short a time ago but now…get up.” Aaron pushed at him and Spencer stood but he didn’t move any farther. “Bathroom.”

Spencer moved as quick as he could into the bathroom, knowing what Aaron wanted. He leaned over the counter, right in front of the mirror. He wasn’t shocked when Aaron entered, rolling a condom on his cock. A finger was slid into him with no words and Aaron tossed the wrapper on the counter. It was a different brand than normal. The finger was pulled out and cock replaced it.

“You are mine.” Aaron wiped his finger on a towel and reached up to grab the back of the collar. It wasn’t enough to block his breathing unless he leaned forward but it kept him where he was. Aaron’s other hand held his hips in place as he pushed in.


“No one else’s.”

“No. Never. Aaron, please.” Aaron wasn’t moving and it was driving him nuts. He tried to push back but Aaron’s hand stopped him.

“Say it.”

Spencer looked up, locking his eyes with Aaron’s in the mirror. Aaron pulled out but didn’t push in.

“I’m yours. No one else’s.”

Aaron slammed home inside him and he had to brace himself to stop from falling over as he was fucked. He looked back up and kept his eyes on Aaron in the mirror. He was slowly getting hard, shocked a little that Aaron had got as hard as he had as quick as he had.

“No more kissing starlets in pools or flirting with bartenders with magic.”

Spencer couldn’t do anything but nod, he was breathing only enough to not pass out. Aaron pulled out of him and spun him around. He was picked up and near slammed into the counter, his ass pulled down to where Aaron could slid into him again. When he was filled, Aaron wrapped his legs around him, using the collar to pull him up into a kiss.

“You are perfect for me,” Spencer said. His head slumped back and cracked in the mirror but he didn’t care. “I’m close, already. Make me come, Aaron.” Every slide of the hard cock in him had him dancing ever closer to the point of no return. “Please, make me come, Sir.”

Aaron slammed into him even harder and Spencer screamed. His vision whited out. He felt the swell of Aaron’s cock at the same time as he came.

“You are horrible,” Aaron said as he grabbed a rag to clean up where Spencer had come all over the both of them. Aaron held onto the condom as he slowly pulled out of Spencer. Spencer didn’t let his legs down though. “You’ve gotten down that Sirring me thing to an art.”

Aaron pressed him down into the counter.

“Am I supposed to say sorry?” Spencer asked as he wrapped his arms around Aaron.

“No. Never say sorry for making me come like a teenager.” Aaron leaned up, pulling him up with him. He kept Spencer’s legs around him, carrying him into the bed. Aaron dropped him onto the bed on his side and then climbed over him to get to his own. The sound of the case being thrown to the floor made Spencer laugh. His lover slipped under the blankets and pulled them over him before wrapping his arms around him.


“Almost,” Aaron said. He reached back and turned off the light before cuddling back up to him. “Now I am.”

“When are we telling the girls?” Spencer asked.

“I don’t like keeping it from them since Morgan now knows it all. When do you want to?”

“As soon as possible.” Spencer wanted to tell JJ more than Prentiss and Garcia, but he knew that they needed to tell them all. The ability to be a productive team hinged on not keeping a secret like this. Morgan and Rossi would only keep quiet for so long. Rossi had kept quiet the longest, but it wouldn’t take him long to see the change in them and then he would want to talk. It would be better to get it done with as soon as possible. “Maybe a dinner at Rossi’s? I’d rather not do it in a restaurant.”

“I’ll talk to him. See about something soon. I agree that this isn’t going to go over well at all. While I’d like to think that a scene wouldn’t be made if we were in public, I know that emotions run high when it comes to you.” Aaron kissed the back of his neck, just above the collar and Spencer sighed at it. He liked the weight of the collar and he’d probably see if he could wear it the next day at work, just to get used to it.

“I wish emotions didn’t run high. Garcia keeps trying to get me to date and I tell her no. That should be enough.”

“She wants to see you happy and people like her, they feel that you can’t be happy alone. If I’d have never stepped into your life, you’d have never missed anything. You’d have been fine alone. That’s the kind of person you are, Spencer. I’m happy I did though. I’m happy I took that chance and asked you.”

“After you kissed me and made me think you were a rotten cheater.”

Aaron laughed but the laugh was soft like he was fighting sleep. Spencer didn’t say anything else, listening to Aaron’s breathing evening out as he himself succumbed to sleep.

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