The Whole Truth

Chapter Twenty Seven-The Whole Truth
Spencer tried to settle his nerves as he rang the doorbell to Rossi’s place. He knew what the dinner was about, even if the rest of the team had been told it was to celebrate his newest book hitting some selling milestone. Aaron had driven with him back to his place after work and Spencer had driven Aaron’s car as they’d drove in together that morning to the office. They’d spent the day in the office working on the case files for the case in Akron, Ohio. Garcia’s first stint as their liaison had been good from Spencer’s POV, but he knew that Aaron was going to be stepping up now and working on the media side when they were on the case. Garcia would do as much as she could, but she was going to be staying in Quantico. Spencer would make sure and help Aaron as much as he could, including drafting press releases and even making sure that the locals kept to that.

Today was the first time that Spencer was going to be seeing JJ since she’d left the team. And it was to tell her that he’d been in a sexual relationship with their boss for seven years.

“You look like you’d rather be back in Akron,” Rossi said as he opened the door. In his hand was a glass of wine and he handed it over. “Aaron said to give this to you. Everyone else is here already. No one on the team suspects a thing, so just let Aaron handle the talking. If he left it up to you, you’d probably spout the occurrence of this kind of relationship in nature or history.”

“Keep the wine coming and I’ll keep my mouth quiet.” Spencer took a sip of the wine and smiled as it was his favorite.

“Well, Aaron had me buy that when he picked up all the wine for the meal and the entire bottle is yours.” Rossi pulled him into the house and wrapped an arm around Spencer’s shoulder to escort him to the formal dining room. “Aaron chose the location.”

The room was filled with the noise of talking. Garcia had her arm wrapped around JJ like she was afraid that she’d disappear if she let go. He was shocked to see Will there. He wondered where Henry was.

“Jessica took in little Henry for the evening at Aaron’s place,” Rossi said before he stepped away from Spencer, leaving him to just stand there.

“Sit by me,” Aaron said.

Spencer turned to see him sitting in one of the middle seats on the side of the table that had three seats. The head of the table just had one and the opposite side had four seats. Prentiss’s clutch was sitting at the spot on the other side of Aaron so that meant that Morgan, Garcia, JJ, and Will were going to be sitting on the other side. It wasn’t a chance that Spencer was going to basically be between Rossi and Aaron. Sitting down, Spencer drained his glass of wine and refilled it. There was a bucket in the center that he knew was his bottle. There was another bottle of red farther down and Aaron had a glass of water and it looked like Rossi was drinking beer.

Morgan was looking around like he was expecting something or someone else and Spencer needed to get up and do something, anything but sit there.

“Excuse me,” Spencer said. He stood up and Rossi pointed down a hallway behind him and held up his left hand with three fingers on it. So Spencer started down the hall and entered what he thought was going to be a bathroom but it wasn’t. It was a bedroom with a bathroom attached. It was the third door on the left and he looked back out and there wasn’t three doors on the right so Spencer moved into that bathroom. He splashed water on his face and tried to calm down. He’d never been this nervous when his and Aaron’s fucking had started.

“Do you know why Dave sent you here?” Aaron asked from the bathroom doorway. Spencer looked at him in the mirror, his glasses on the counter beside him. He could just make him out in the image.


“Because this room is connected to his small workout room and it’s soundproof so part of this bathroom is as well.”

“And what does he think is going to happen?” Spencer reached down for his glasses but Aaron was right there and caught his hand.

“Exactly what’s going to happen. You are nervous as hell and it’s got Garcia’s radar up. I was sent back to check on you by JJ.” Aaron laid his hand down on the counter and grabbed his other, laying it down as well. “Stay.”

“Aaron, no.” Spencer turned around and Aaron stepped back. “I…”

“What’s wrong?” Aaron asked but he didn’t step any closer.

“You…you want to fuck?”

“That’s pretty much a given every single second that we are awake. But I was just going to try and calm you down.” Aaron reached into his suit’s inner pocket and pulled out Spencer’s collar. He stepped forward with it and wrapped it around his neck, buckling it. When it was fully fastened, he tucked it down under Spencer’s shirt collar.

“And if I want to fuck?”

“Then your wish is my command.” Aaron looked at him. “Do you really?”

Instead of answering verbally Spencer reached out and grabbed his tie, pulling him close. From the second that Aaron had started talking, Spencer had been getting hard. He pressed that hardness into Aaron’s hip.

“Good. Now while the soundproofing muffles this room, if you scream, you will be heard so keep quiet.” Aaron smiled as he stepped back. “Drop your pants and underwear and…”

“What if we fuck on the bed?”

“Naughty aren’t you?” Aaron said but he jerked his head towards the room and Spencer started to move that way. He stripped as he went, and was naked as he reached the bed. His clothes were laid on the back of a chair and he laid down on top of the bed, his legs spread. Aaron stepped out of the bathroom with a towel in hand, he stopped at the sight of Spencer on the bed. “I’d better lock the door.”

Aaron moved over and locked it as he toed out of his loafers. Spencer then watched him strip all the way down to nothing. If it wasn’t for time, Spencer would try and get him to fuck his mouth first. Aaron pulled out two little sachets of lube and ripped open one. He tossed it at Spencer. He prepped himself as he watched Aaron lube up his cock.

“You getting off on fucking in someone else’s house?” Aaron asked as he lined up to Spencer’s hole after getting on the bed. Before Spencer could answer, Aaron thrust into him, going to the hilt in one solid move.

Spencer bit his lip to stop himself from crying out. He grabbed the pillow from under his head and covered his face with it as Aaron slammed into him harder and harder. Spencer wasn’t the only one getting off on it. He would worry about Rossi being upset but given his own predilections, Spencer really didn’t think he’d care.

Feathers filled his mouth as he bit the pillow as Aaron came inside him. He was so hard he was aching and was about to pull the pillow away to beg when he felt Aaron pull out and something else pushed at his hole. He thought for all of two seconds that there was no way that Aaron had been carrying a plug with him the entire time when it pushed inside of him. The towel was shoved under his hips and then a warm mouth surrounded his cock.

Aaron took him all the way down, not giving himself or Spencer a chance to adjust all. He knew they needed to be quick but he didn’t want Aaron hurting himself. As Aaron adjusted, his hand slipped down and Spencer saw stars behind his eyelids as Aaron started to fuck him with the plug.

Spencer let go and came not even seconds later. The fact that he still came like a rocket when a plug was in his ass made him feel a little shame. Aaron loved it but Spencer wished he had staying power. Aaron cleaned up his cock and played with the plug just a little more before Spencer hit him over the head with his pillow.

“You owe Rossi a pillow!” Spencer said with a laugh as feathers spread everywhere. Spencer spit the ones in his mouth out.

“Dave isn’t going to care. I’m going to clean up and get dressed. Follow behind me in a few minutes. I’ll say you took a call after I talked to you.”

“Okay. And don’t think we aren’t going to have a discussion on carrying a plug to a team dinner.”

“Nothing on me being heavy handed and making you wear it at said team dinner?”

“I’m shocked you didn’t have us do this before we came over.”

“Dave wanted to talk.” Aaron leaned over and kissed him, plucking a feather from his lips first. “I love you. And no matter what happens in that room, I’ll still love you.”

“Sex makes you sappy.” Spencer smiled as he pulled him down for another kiss. “But I love you too.”

Aaron dressed after exiting the bathroom and Spencer was still on the bed. The plug was very noticeable and he realized it wasn’t the smaller one. Aaron planned to have him horny during dinner. He cursed the man as he left the room.

There was only so long that he could delay leaving the room. He went to the bathroom and saw that his bottom lip was swollen from where he had bit it, but it wasn’t bleeding. He knew that no one would think twice about his lip being swollen. He’d run his bottom lip between his teeth all the time so it being swollen wasn’t a new thing.

After five minutes, Spencer got up off the bed and looked at the towel. It looked fine but he still slipped it into the hamper in the bathroom. Because of the plug and Aaron sucking him off, he was pretty clean. He found baby wipes and used those to clean around the plug before he washed his hands. He dressed and made sure to look perfect. His hair was a little messy so he futzed with it in the mirror until it looked like he had run his hands through it.

When he entered the dining room again, JJ was laughing at something that Garcia had said.

“You okay Spence?”

“Yeah. I just…” Spencer waved his hand and sat down, regretting it instantly as he sat down a little too hard and fuck if that plug didn’t rake right over his prostate. Under the table, Aaron’s hand settled on his thigh and if Prentiss looked, she see it but her eyes were on JJ. “I just needed a few.”

“Now that Reid is back, let’s dig in!” Rossi said with a smile on his face.

“So, a book celebration, huh?” Morgan asked after everyone had sat down after getting their food from the table along the wall. Rossi had chosen buffet style even if it was catered in. “Cause you have never done one with us before.”

“I think that any excuse could have been used, and even if you thought I was lying, you’d have still come.”

“Yes,” the girls chimed in at the same time.

“I asked Dave for a meal here. My apartment is too small. I wanted to talk to you all very frankly and I thought that a public setting was not a good idea.” Aaron was using his working tone of voice.

Spencer watched Morgan’s eyebrow go up and then he looked at Spencer. Spencer subtly nodded even though the girls were not looking at him at all. Will just looked a little uncomfortable. He knew that the man was feeling a little out of place, but Aaron had wanted him to not feel left out, or to have JJ feel like she couldn’t talk to him about it.

“Everyone here knows at least the generalized idea of Haley and I’s relationship. And you would be correct. High school sweethearts with a few college breakups. But what you all didn’t know is that I figured out I was bisexual in college. I wasn’t ever going to act on it with someone while I was with Haley. Late in college I started getting stressed. I got rough, but not violent with her once during sex, and it really upset her. She didn’t like it at all and she didn’t do anything more than kiss me for a month. Which did not help my stress. So she proposed something. I could seek out someone to find stress relief with. She just had to be told before or after, and it never be with a professional. And never with a woman. I was lucky as I talked to a friend of mine, Jake, and he offered to see if we were compatible. Jake and I stayed in that arrangement up until a little over seven years ago. Questions?”

“I should step out,” Will said. He started to get up.

“No, stay,” Aaron said. Will nodded and sat back down. He was looking really uncomfortable but he stayed seated. “You are a part of this family Will.”

“You say rough you mean biting scratching, not gentle at all right?” Prentiss asked, she turned to face Aaron some so Spencer turned as well, hiding the hand on his thigh. He’d rather it come out when Aaron was to that point, not before.

“Yes. Rough with what I learned later was also a domination factor. Jake wasn’t ever submissive in a true sense, but he’d be submissive to get what he wanted.”

“So what did you do?” Garcia asked.

“I spent a year trying to deny myself that while Haley and I were trying to get pregnant. I tried and then in what should have seen a really stupid move, I kissed someone. I kissed someone that I had no business kissing at all.”

“What did he do?” JJ asked.

“Freaked out. Called me out on being married, because he knew that. So I explained it all to him. He told me that he knew I wasn’t the type of man to lie, but that if he found out that I was, it wasn’t going to be pretty. He could have cost me my job.” Aaron’s leg started to bounce under the table, so Spencer reached over and squeezed it. It didn’t stop but it did slow down. He debated keeping it there but decided against it. He lifted his hand up and Aaron’s fingernails dug into his thigh so he laid his hand back down and the hand relaxed.

“What did he do?” JJ asked.

Spencer was shocked they hadn’t asked who. They had a lot more resistance than he did. He probably would have asked who long before now.

“We had sex. The next day, I took him to meet Haley ”

“Meet her? Why?” Will asked.

Spencer looked at the faces of each of the people there. Morgan was acting like it was all new and Rossi was just sitting there, kind of smirking. No one on the team was shocked that he knew any of it, Reid figured. Rossi knew it all, especially when it came to Aaron. Well, not more than Spencer, but close enough.

“Jake and Haley were friends.” Aaron sighed and sat up a little straighter in his seat. “Jake was a really good cook so he helped teach her weird dishes when I was gone on cases. It was an affair yes and one that Haley consented and knew about, but there was no way I was having my new paramour, as Haley called him, slapped in her face. Jake had been friends with us before his and I’s relationship changed. She knew him going into it and I wasn’t going to deny her the right to know my new lover if she wanted to know him. She took to him like a mother. It was a little strange to wrap my mind around at first. Then again he seemed so innocent and young. It wasn’t until later that I realized that no one ever saw the real him.”

“When was this?” JJ asked.

“Blue Ridge Strangler, the first time.” Aaron tensed as he said it and waited. No one jumped up and put the pieces together. Spencer wondered exactly what they were thinking. He wished at that moment that he could read minds. Rossi was still just kind of looking at Aaron, probably trying to figure out who would figure it out first. Morgan was just looking at Aaron. His face was emotionless, which if the girls had been paying any attention they would have seen.

“Reid, wasn’t that your first case?” Garcia asked.”

“Yes.” Spencer nodded as he reached over to grab the glass of water that was at his place. He started eating again but made sure to eat slowly. His stomach was in knots and he didn’t want to upset it.

“So why are you telling us this?” Prentiss asked.

“He and I have had this arrangement for seven years.”

“Seven years?” Garcia and Prentiss asked as the same time.

“Rossi, Morgan, you two are silent over there,” JJ pointed out.

“I’ve known about Jake since I first met Aaron. And it didn’t take me long after I re-joined the BAU to figure out that he still had something going on with someone.” Rossi looked smug but he didn’t look at

“Morgan?” Prentiss asked.

“I found out about this all a few weeks back. I think that’s why this is going on.” Morgan kind of smiled. He looked at Prentiss, then JJ then Garcia. “Rossi and I knew and he didn’t like not telling the rest of you.”

“Haley never…she made it plain why you were divorcing. I heard it time and again. She never mentioned this,” JJ said. Aaron frowned and Spencer knew it was because he knew that Haley had been horrible to JJ during the divorce. She’d never talked to him about it, never used him to try and force Aaron into doing something that he didn’t want to do. If she had been as bad as she seemed, she would have. Aaron would have done anything to keep him quiet for the sake of his job.

“Haley liked who I was with. She adored him, and I don’t think she wanted to hurt him at all. I think she would have done anything to keep him from getting hurt. I think in the end that it was the only reason besides her own guilt at not being able to handle that side of me that kept her silent about him during the divorce.”

“You keep saying him. I’m not a profiler but you go out of your way to speak in generalities.” Will was looking at Aaron but his gaze slipped to Spencer. Spencer smiled slightly at him. He gave the man points for figuring it out before the girls. He wasn’t sure what gave it away, but the girls were using their own colored thinking of Spencer to not even consider him.

“It was the only lapse in my judgement in my career that I will say has been the greatest thing in my life. Somewhere along the way I fell in love, and thankfully, he fell in love as well.” Aaron’s hand on his thigh rubbed slightly. Spencer reciprocated the movement. Aaron smiled a little.

“You are silent, Reid. I figured you’d have all kinds of questions. A relationship outside of the normal pattern and accepted rules of society. It’s right up your alley to get you all kinds of interested.” Prentiss kind of poked him in the shoulder. She gasped a second later and Spencer turned to see that she was looking at his leg, where Aaron’s hand was still resting. Her gaze shifted to Aaron’s leg where his own hand was.

“Prentiss?” Morgan questioned. He was smiling as he asked it but the woman never looked up at him. Her gaze was centered on where Aaron and Spencer were touching.

“Blue Ridge was your first case? Like first time going out at all?” Prentiss asked. Spencer nodded. “And it was about seven years ago?”

Spencer nodded again. He could see the thoughts in her eyes as she figured it out. He really hoped that she didn’t hit him. She’d seen him do it to Morgan when she was super excited and he was in her path.

“So pretty much from the moment you joined the team?” Prentiss was just gobsmacked.

“Emily?” Garcia asked. She was looking between Spencer and Prentiss, back and forth, back and forth. JJ was just looking at Prentiss and Will, Will was staring right at Aaron. There seemed to be some kind of conversation going on because Aaron nodded at the cop when Spencer looked at him.

“Is Hotch the one who gave you that scar on your shoulder?” Prentiss asked as she pointed at where the scar was on his shoulder.

“Yes.” Spencer narrowed his eyes at her. She at least looked a little sheepish at that.

The sound of someone spitting liquid drew Spencer’s gaze from her to JJ. Will was helping her clean up the wine she has sprayed on the table as well as trying to make sure she didn’t drop the glass in her hand.

“You? Spence, you and Hotch from that…what?” JJ looked like she might just faint from not being able to breathe.

“He took me to talk to Haley the day after we got back from the case. She eased my fears and we talked, for a long time. I liked her a great deal and she seemed to like me, I didn’t realize how much until long after. After the divorce, she still talked to me and I met up with her and Jack a few times. Before going into hiding during the Foyet scare she called me to make sure that I tried to keep Aaron from going insane while Jack and her were gone. I think that she knew before we acknowledged it that we loved each other. I tried to understand why she would even call me while going into hiding. It wasn’t until after I acknowledged my feelings and Aaron’s that it all made sense.”

“Love?” JJ questioned.

Spencer ducked his head a little and smiled. But Aaron spoke before he could.

“I fully accepted it after the case in Vegas. Spencer was slower in seeing it, accepting it.”

Morgan snorted and before Spencer could even think about what he was doing he picked up a piece of roasted potatoes from his plate and threw it at him. It hit Morgan square in the forehead and the look on his face was priceless. It broke the tension in the room as a few snickers were heard from those around them.

“I will not defend your honor when you provoke him like that,” Aaron said in a dead serious tone. Spencer just stuck his tongue out at him. His lover smiled and squeezed his thigh. Garcia giggled. Rossi laughed and Morgan just huffed. He didn’t respond to what Spencer had done or what Aaron had said though.

“So when exactly did you see this scar on Spencer?” JJ asked looking at Prentiss.

“Anthrax. He was asleep and his gown had slipped. I didn’t ask, but I wondered. I wasn’t going to ask because it looked like someone had bit him hard, and I knew that he was very private. Knowing this though, I wish I would have. Cause I have to say, Sir, that the thought of the two of you having sex together is very hot.” Prentiss was looking right at Aaron as she said it and Aaron just smirked at her.

“So exactly why are you telling us this now?” JJ acted like she hadn’t just heard those words from Prentiss’s mouth but the slight blush on her cheeks gave her away.

“Because they have finally admitted feeling more than lust for each other.” Rossi was smirking at Aaron. “I figure so they don’t have to hide since it’s more than sex now. It’s an actual relationship with mushy feelings involved.”

“And how does Jack feel about this?” Garcia asked.

“That’s where I think Haley realized it before Aaron and I. She kept me in contact with him and before they went into hiding even had a meal with all four of us. She got me used to him by forcing him on me. She had me feed him in a restaurant when he was a baby!” Spencer still felt a shiver when he thought about that. It was good practice for Henry but he hadn’t liked it at the time. “Aaron isn’t much better. He invited me over a while back and did not tell me it was for a movie night with him and Jack instead of sex.” Spencer knew that he was pouting but he didn’t care. JJ looked at him with a soft smile on her face while Prentiss just looked at him and let him know that he wasn’t fooling her.

“Instead of just sex, Spencer,” Aaron said softly as he leaned over and kissed his cheek. Spencer closed his eyes and rubbed their cheeks together.

“You’re next for a potato to the head,” Spencer said to him. Aaron laughed as he pulled back. Spencer was glad that he didn’t go for more than that, because he wasn’t sure where he stood on public displays of affection, and just that little bit was making him a little nervous.

“I have not seen you like this before,” Garcia said looking at Spencer.

“That’s because I bring it out in him. He has quite a mouth on him when he’s passionate about things.” The smirk on his face made sure that they all knew exactly what he was talking about. Spencer squeezed his thigh but the older man just ignored him.

“You knew two years ago?” Morgan asked.

“Yes. And I kept my mouth shut because from the beginning, Spencer has not even tried dating. He wasn’t interested in it and even Haley dropped it after a while. He was happy alone, as it were, and was content with a purely sexual relationship. Even after Haley and I divorced. I hadn’t meant to tell him I loved him when I did a few weeks back. It was a slip of the tongue and it sent Spencer running to Morgan. Hence why Morgan knows. Of course, he talked to Spencer and then in a spark of what I was sure was insanity, sent him back to me without Spencer knowing it. I don’t know what he said to him.”

“That he was in idiot. The way he talked about you before I knew it was you, there was no way for me to miss that he loved you as well.” Morgan smiled. “He just needed to talk. I think he’d have realized it on his own even if he was talking to a plant. If he had been talking to a plant though, he would have stayed wherever he was instead of going to you, so I think it worked out for the best in the end.”

“So you had us come here because?” Prentiss asked.

“I was sure that I’d be strung up by my toes?” Aaron said. He said it laughingly but there was that worry in his eyes. Spencer let go of his thigh and linked his hand with the one on his thigh. Prentiss was the only one that could have seen it but she hopefully wouldn’t say a thing.

“He’s happy and I knew that something had been changing with him, but I wasn’t sure what. I just thought that he met someone not that he had someone.” JJ smiled as she took a sip of her wine. “I just want to know how you two hid this for seven years?”

“Because for the first while it was just sex. A way to relieve stress. After things had started to go bad withr Haley did feelings start. I figure that anything that slipped over into work was just taken as friendship. Given the amount of time we all spend together familiarity on the level we have would just be seen as work related.”

“What does this mean for the team?” Garcia looked a little worried.

“Dave’s going to take over Spencer’s assessments and such. It’s something that I discussed with Strauss as part of lessening my work load since we are short JJ, and I have to take over a more active role to cover her duties.”

“How does it lessen anything? That’s just one person!” Garcia asked.

“Because Reid does more work than even Aaron,” Rossi said. The rest of the team looked at Rossi like he was insane. The older agent laughed. “You guys don’t pay attention to what he is working on throughout the day do you?”

“No,” Morgan and Prentiss answered while JJ and Garcia just shook their heads.

“The FBI is very interested in keeping his name in the academic scene. He publishes papers in the hard and soft sciences. He is given work time to work on it, after he’s finished his daily BAU work and the consults from other departments and other lettered agencies. Even cold cases from other stations around the country are sent in and he looks at them. He’s cleared thirty eight cold cases this year with the help of DNA and other new methods of evidence examination and just his big old brain. He’s busy. Me taking over his assessments and handling what he does will take a very big load off of Aaron. Every single thing that he does has to be looked over by his Unit Chief before it can be sent back to where it belongs. At least an hour of work a day that Hotch does is clearing what Reid finished the day before, and what he’s done that day as well. He’s been going over it all with me. Then I realized exactly how high up Reid’s clearance with other agencies goes and I had to get mine to match. He took over the things that Gideon used to do for the CIA.”

“You do all of that?” Garcia asked.

“Cases interest me. I work on them when I have spare time. I work on papers very little at the office unless I am using cases as a basis for them. I do most of those at home. Strauss loves to be able to put my name out there as a lure to get more academic minded people into the FBI. She’d like one of me for every BAU team, but it’s harder than she thinks to get people like me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Someone with anywhere near my IQ, reading speed, and memory are destined for the academics. With me, my mom and my memory of the Riley Jenkins case is what drew me to the FBI and the BAU. It’s a perfect storm, but for others, what would draw them to this is a perverse fascination with it and would lead to a killer on our hands.”

“I still hold that Reid could commit the perfect murder, multiple times and we’d never know,” Rossi said with a smile. He shrugged when the others turned to stare at him. Rossi had a self satisfied smirk on his face. “He could probably send us on a coast to coast chase after a ghost that doesn’t exist.”

Spencer didn’t answer and the others just stared at him. The ring of Aaron’s phone had them all cringe. He answered it and thirty seconds in mimed eating fast. That meant a case. That meant the meal was done. So the team started to shove food into their mouths. JJ and Will ate fast as well.

“I’ll call Jessica. It’s a child abduction in an area where the last was killed twenty four hours after their abduction. Missing an hour and it’ll be two until we get there. Garcia, get all the information transferred to the tablets. JJ, Will, thank you for coming.”

“Hotch,” JJ said as Aaron stood up from the table with his plate in hand. “I’m happy for you both. Not happy it was kept from us for so long, but I understand why. Just keep him happy.”

“I will,” Aaron promised.

The rest of the team filed out and Spencer stood when they were gone. The plug shifted inside of him and he looked at Aaron in shock. Aaron smirked a little and his hand moved to the collar.

“You’ll have to remove them both on the plane. There is no time. The jet will be waiting. You drove my car right?”


“Good. I have that go bag from last case in my trunk of yours so you’ll be fine.” Aaron pulled him close and kissed him. Spencer settled into the kiss. He was happy that the team had accepted them. Spencer cupped the side of Aaron’s face as he deepened the kiss a little. Aaron responded by reaching down and grabbing an ass cheek. Spencer jerked out of his hold and moved away from him.

“You!” Spencer slapped his chest and moved out of the dining room. He found Morgan and JJ standing at the door and he moved over to them. Ignoring Aaron when he came out of the dining room and called his name. Spencer moved right to the car and sat down in the driver’s seat. Morgan moved over to the window and tapped.


“I drove with Garcia, can I catch a ride with you?” Morgan asked.

“Sure.” Spencer turned his head and looked at Aaron. “Hotch, you riding with us?”

“I think I’ll catch a ride with Dave.”

“I’ll ride with you Reid!” Prentiss called out with a smile on her face. Once she was in the car, Spencer started it up and drove away. The entire ride to the jet was filled with Prentiss trying to get details from Spencer. He just smiled and smirked at her.
The End

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