The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 4

Mirror World

On the ride back to the mansion, Charlie leaned into Spencer’s side and held on. Spencer allowed it and he could see that it irked Aaron for some reason. When their eyes met in the rearview mirror Spencer just raised a brow in defiance. He didn’t care what happened to him, he just wanted to protect Charlie. He had no idea what Aaron’s plans were but he was determined to help the man. Charlie was a good friend in his world, it broke his heart to see him so broken in this world.

After they parked, Aaron opened Charlie’s side of the car and barked out an order for him to get out.

“Don’t you think you are being a little harsh Aaron?” Spencer glared at the man as he got out and moved to stand on the other side of Charlie.

“He’s a sub who has gone into severe drop. He needs some level of balance and I mean to give it to him, at least till he’s more coherent. Do you have an issue with that?” Aaron glared back. The staring contest went on for several minutes as the two men were in a silent battle of wills. It was finally Jack who broke it.

“Dad, can we go inside now?”

Aaron turned to look at the boy and smiled, “Of course. Come on, it’s time for lunch anyway.” He turned to Charlie and looked at him like he was assessing him.

“We’ll set you up in a room. I have some extra clothes  you can borrow. Once inside, you will take a shower, dress and join us for lunch. Do you understand Dr. Epps?”

“Yes.” Spencer could see that Charlie was nervous as the man stuck to his side. Aaron made a head gesture toward Charlie and it took a moment for Spencer to understand what he wanted. Charlie needed some reassurance.

“Hey, Charlie, it will be okay, I promise. And I think a shower and food will do you some good. Okay?”

“Okay, okay.” Charlie was twisting his hands but Spencer saw him start to visibly relax.

“Jack go get ready for lunch. I think Andre is making your favorite ravioli.” Aaron couldn’t help the smile as Jack jumped up and down. “We will meet you in the dining room in a bit.”

“Okay Dad.” Jack looked like he was going to run off, but Spencer saw him catch himself as he stopped and then walked really fast. He couldn’t help the little chuckle as he watched the enthusiastic boy. Everything about Jack made him ache and it made him angry inside that his world’s Aaron kept the boy away from him. He didn’t think the man did it on purpose, but he knew subconsciously that Aaron knew what he was doing. It hurt and made him question whether his Aaron was actually all in.

“Come,” Aaron said to the two men behind him. He led them through the house to a room that was just on the other side of Aaron and Spencer’s.

“This room is for play partners. I’m sure, Spencer, that you will be able to sort through the clothes that have been left over the years that will fit Dr. Epps. I leave his care to you. I’ll give you an hour to meet us in the dining room. Don’t be late.” Aaron turned on his heel and walked out. Spencer couldn’t quite understand the harsh attitude that Aaron had been projecting. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to know. At the moment, though, he wanted to get Charlie set to rights.

“Why don’t you lie down for a few minutes and I’ll see what’s in here that may fit you, okay?”

Charlie only shook his head as he made his way to the bed and curled up on top of the covers.

Spencer got to work looking through the closet and drawers. He found several items that looked like they would fit Charlie. Mostly jeans, t-shirts and a few button downs. Spencer gathered the clothes and set them towards the front of the closet and would have Charlie try them on later.

After sorting through the clothes Spencer got his friend up and into the shower. Once done he grabbed a pair of jeans and a button down that looked like it would fit. Spencer didn’t trust the underwear left behind, so he told Charlie he would have to go commando for the interim. The man looked horrified for a moment, but slipped the clothes on anyway. Thankfully they fit, even if slightly loose. Spencer found a belt and helped Charlie with it. By the time they walked into the dining room, they had minutes to spare.

“Glad to see you both are early. I don’t want to talk about what happened at the table, so we will sit and have a pleasant lunch, then after I want the whole story.”

“And I’d like to know exactly what crawled up your ass.” The words were out of Spencer’s mouth before he realized just what he said. He wasn’t going to take them back as he raised a brow in challenge.

Aaron growled as he gave Spencer a harsh look. Spencer could just make out the fists the man was making under the table trying to keep himself under control.

“Fine. We will lay all cards on the table, so to speak, but not here and not now.” Aaron took a deep breath to control himself as his food was set in front of him.

As they were eating, conversation was tense and stilted. It was during a particularly tense moment that Derek happened to come into the room. Spencer saw him look over at Charlie and smile.

“Well, who’s mister dark and gorgeous?” Derek strode over to the side of the table where Spencer and Charlie were sitting and sprawled out in a chair.

“This is Dr. Charlie Epps. Mathematician and Physicist. We met at the fair and invited him back to the house. Aaron is indulging me on a project.” The partial lie rolled off Spencer’s tongue way too easy for his taste. He had vowed after getting his mother settled to never lie anymore. It was more a matter of how mentally exhausting it was. He hated being lied to, and after Georgia he had made a vow to never lie to those he cared about again.

“And whatever Spencer wants,” Derek smirked as he swung his gaze over at Aaron.

“Spencer always gets.” Aaron smiled indulgently over at Spencer to keep up the show.

Derek leaned toward Charlie and laid two finger under his chin and turned his face towards him. A soft smile formed as he studied the younger man. Charlie didn’t flinch away so Derek boldly stroked his cheek.

“You are gorgeous.” Spencer felt like Derek was about to lean in and kiss the younger man.

“Derek,” Spencer said sharply and glared at the man.

“Hey man, don’t be like that. Just appreciating, that’s all.” Derek leaned back with his hands up.

Charlie was silent during the whole exchange.

“It, it, it’s okay Dr. Reid. Fine, I’m fine.” Charlie nodded his head and gave a shy smile to Derek. “Tha-tha-thank you, thank you.” Charlie’s hands were twisting together under the table as he looked down at his plate not meeting Derek’s look. He kept mumbling under his breath which made Derek’s brows raise as he looked concerned for the young man.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He lost his Dom and all of his friends in a bombing at the school he was teaching at.” Aaron narrowed his eyes at Spencer as he explained a little of what was going on.

“We aren’t talking about this at the table. Now, Jack are you finished?”

“Yes Dad.” Jack had been quiet through the meal and Aaron knew the reason. He very well couldn’t talk to him about it at the moment, but he leaned in and whispered to his son that they would discuss what happened at the fair later.

“Now, why don’t you go play some video games, you’ve earned time on the Atari or the Sega, whichever you want. Maybe Derek will come join you later.”

“Thanks Dad,” Jack got down and kissed his father on his cheek then did the same with Spencer and walked off towards another room.

“Let’s go to my study where we can discuss this situation more thoroughly, alright?” Aaron stood abruptly and strode towards another part of the mansion. Spencer, Charlie and Derek followed behind.

Once settled in the study Aaron turned to Spencer.

“Okay, tell me again what exactly happened.”

Spencer let his eyes linger a moment on Charlie before he turned to Aaron.

“From what I can understand a man named Adrian Bale threatened the science department at CalSci in Southern California. He had been kicked out of the Physics department when he became a little too interested in explosives. It was more because he developed an unhealthy obsession with said explosives.

“The FBI was called out on the threat after Bale had set off several smaller attacks around the city. The team that the local LA office asked for was the BAU. Charlie had been out of the office working on another project. Bale had taken the Math department as well as a few other scientists hostage. Charlie had worked out the statistical probability that Bale would detonate the bomb and told the Agent-in-Charge, Jason Gideon, that he thought that no matter what, Bale would detonate. Charlie had come-up with this based off the other bombings.

“Gideon chose to ignore his warnings and calculations when negotiations started to fail. He sent in a squad of SWAT and FBI agents into the school. Bale, had come outside and everyone thought it was safe. As soon as SWAT went inside, Bale detonated the explosives. Charlie’s partner and Dom, Colby Granger, his brother Don Epps, his colleagues Amita and Larry as well as his boss Millie, they were all killed in the bombing.”

Spencer saw Aaron’s face darken with anger and didn’t understand why he was so angry.

“Oh man, no wonder he’s so screwed-up. Poor kid.” Derek kept his eyes on Charlie while Spencer told his story and saw the man trembling. Derek went to go to him but Aaron stayed his hand.

“He’s been suffering from subdrop Derek. We need to get him evened out, if that’s remotely possible. Why don’t you go see if Jack wants to play some video games with you.” Derek shrugged his shoulders as he stood.

“He’ll be alright?”


“Let me know.” Derek smiled over at Charlie before leaving the room.

“Will you now tell me what the hell you are so pissed off about?”

“Gideon tried to take my Spencer away from me. Tried to lie to him about my faithfulness and other aspects of our relationship. The man is manipulative and dangerous.”

Spencer sighed and thought about his Gideon. The thing he couldn’t deny was that he could see his mentor doing that. Especially if he saw Spencer in an unhealthy relationship. Though it would have been subtler. Spencer knew Gideon’s guilt over what happened in Georgia, but it didn’t make Spencer any less angry at him for leaving him like he had. He was thankful that Aaron had been the one to step-up.

“Okay, but why are you trying to take my head-off? What did I do?”

Aaron deflated as he pushed back from his desk and looked between Spencer and Charlie.

“Nothing, you didn’t do anything. I know it isn’t your fault but I am quite unreasonable when it comes to Jason Gideon. Now, though I don’t want to talk about that or him. Right now what we need to do is get you, Dr. Epps, in a better frame of mind.” Aaron stood and walked around his desk then stood in front of the young man.

“Stand-up and take off your shirt.” Spencer saw Charlie visibly swallow then do as Aaron ordered. “Turn.” Charlie turned and Spencer sucked in a breath. His back was full of faint scarring. “You like pain?”

“Yes,” Charlie almost sobbed. He arched his back as if he expected to be touched.

“I am not going to touch you, but I can help you other ways. Do you agree?”

“Yes oh god please please please. I’ll do whatever, ever, ever you you you want. Whatever you want.” Charlie was trembling as he stood there, anticipating.

Spencer would never understand why he suggested what he did, even a long-time later when he would reflect back on this moment he wouldn’t understand, but the next words out of his mouth intrigued even Aaron.

“Aaron, maybe,” Spencer bit his lip as he looked up at the man who was in full Dom mode. “Maybe Derek, you know, wants him? Maybe Charlie is what Derek has been looking for. Someone to care for, to help fix, to have someone he can tell them what to do. He’s already attracted to Charlie.”

Aaron swung his gaze over at Spencer and looked at him for several long minutes as if he was trying to find the deception in his statements. Finally, though he smiled and left, with orders for Spencer to take Charlie back to the bedroom.

After a couple of minutes they were met there by Derek and Aaron.

“Go on Derek. Remember, he’s a masochist.” Derek walked over to Charlie who was standing there in anticipation. He slipped his hand in the younger man’s unruly hair and gripped tight and pulled, hard. Charlie’s eyes glazed over as his body trembled. Derek slid a hand up his chest scraping his nails across as he went.

“I want you, Charlie. I will be so good to you baby,” Derek slid his hand down and palmed his cock, Charlie almost sagged against Derek. “Do you want me?”

Charlie looked-up and there were tears in his eyes as he looked at Derek, “Yes, you you remind me a little of Colby, I like you. Please.” Charlie whined.

Aaron stepped up to them and laid a hand on Derek’s shoulder, “First thing’s first. You need centering. Spencer, go open that cabinet in the corner.” Aaron held out a key and Spencer took it. When he opened it, he saw that it was similar to the one in Aaron’s bedroom.

“Come here, both of you.” Derek let go of Charlie, but then wrapped an arm around the man’s waist and guided him to the cabinet. “Everything in here has been cleaned and sterilized. You, need a new collar. Derek, choose.”

Derek let Charlie go for a moment and looked over the items hanging there. He picked-out a burgundy red suede collar with three rings on it. He slipped it around Charlie’s neck who sighed. Looking at Derek he smiled.

“Thank you.”

Derek also noticed he had nipple piercings. In the cabinet was a variety of rings and bars, all still in their sterile boxes. He looked through them and chose a pair of burgundy bars that had a half-circle. Aaron nodded as he put them on Charlie. Derek also noticed the young man had ear piercings, but he would handle that later. Next, he found the matching wrist cuffs and put them on Charlie as well. Last was the cock cage in the same sturdy burgundy suede.

When he was done Aaron ordered all three men to follow him down to the main playroom. He ordered Spencer into one of the large chairs in the corner, and Derek in front of Charlie after he was restrained on the bondage rack in the middle of the room. Aaron slowly worked, testing, pushing, increasing the pain as they went. He had ordered Derek to touch Charlie as much as he wanted to. This would help to begin the imprinting process for the two men.

Spencer watched with both horror and fascination. When at one point Derek had dropped to his knees and was deep-throating Charlie while Aaron was using the whip, he couldn’t help the erection he got. Part of him wanted to strip and take care of himself while he watched, but he knew that Aaron would get furious with him. The other part of himself was completely horrified that he was so aroused watching the scene being played out in front of him.

He was so lost in his head that he didn’t feel Aaron coming up to him and only came back to himself when he felt rough hands in his hair.

“Strip.” Aaron ordered. Spencer was about to tell him to go fuck off when he saw the look on his face. “Strip,” Aaron growled and this time Spencer obeyed. Aaron sat in the chair after he had stripped himself. Then he pulled Spencer down onto him but he was positioned where he could still watch.

“See them Spencer. Beautiful aren’t they? Watch Derek Dom your friend. Watch the way he uses the whip, they way Charlie bows his body into it. Hear the cries and the moans as he begs for more.” Spencer’s breathing was shallow as his cock filled even more. Aaron’s voice in his ear practically dripped with sex.

“He’s good, I trained him myself. The man was a mess when I found him, little more than a teen. Father dead, Mother working all the time and he was getting into all kinds of trouble.” Aaron continued speaking low in Spencer’s ear as he stroked him. His own hardness was between Spencer’s ass cheeks. “I took him in, gave him a job, mentored him. But you know what bound him to me?” Aaron was thrusting his slick cock between Spencer’s ass, but not penetrating him. His hand was stroking Spencer’s achingly hard cock.

“Wh-what?” Spencer was trembling at what Aaron was doing. He wanted to protest, didn’t want this man’s hands over him but dammit his body was betraying him. He couldn’t deny how good it felt and damn him if he didn’t want more.

“His cousin was stalked and kidnapped. It took some time, but you and my people found her. A very, very bad man had convinced her to sign a slave contract and told her that he would kill her family if she tried to leave him. I, personally, dealt with this man with Derek watching. I saved her from the hell she had been in. Then I ruined the rest of the men that had been in that same circle. My Pet happily helped. He is quite the genius with a knife.” Aaron licked up the side of Spencer’s face and he stroked faster, touching, pinching painfully Spencer cried out but ground down against Aaron’s cock.

Spencer couldn’t take his eyes off Derek as he took-up where Aaron had left off. He could see Charlie’s hard, aching cock that was leaking. He heard Derek order Charlie to come and the man screamed out as he came without even being touched.

“Oh fuck, oh god,” Spencer cried out as he pistoned his hips seeking relief from what Aaron was doing to him.

“Don’t come.” The harsh command in Spencer’s ear made him whine. Aaron squeezed his cock hard which made Spencer scream. Nails scraped down his side, teeth bit at his neck and shoulders, a hand smacked him every so often and god help him if his cock didn’t get even harder.

“Are you with me Charlie?” Spencer heard Derek say as he gripped Charlie’s hair and the glazed look in his eyes and smile had Spencer wondering where his friend had slipped to. Derek threw the flogger aside as he stepped behind Charlie. Gripping his ass he pulled the younger man’s cheeks apart. Moaning, he grabbed the tube of lube that had been set on the small shelf on the rack. He slicked-up his cock, then thrust a slick finger inside Charlie, lubing him up.

“Look at them Spencer, don’t turn away, see how beautiful they are?” Aaron had a hand wrapped around Spencer’s chin holding his head so that he was watching what was happening. Aaron thrust hard against him and he whined as the hand on his cock was relentless.

Derek was thrusting inside Charlie, hands gripped tight around his waist. His breath was short as he fucked into the young man over and over.

“He’s going to come Spencer, do you want to come?” Aaron growled as he continued his thrusts against his ass.

“Yes, please, please Aaron.” Spencer couldn’t help the whine in his voice and when he saw Derek gripping Charlie’s cock and started to pump and heard the groan as he stilled, then the order for Charlie to come again. Spencer thought he was going to explode.

“Then come, now Spencer.” Spencer screamed as he thrust up in Aaron’s hand and came. He slumped against the man and felt the wetness and knew Aaron had also found his release. As he watched Derek carefully and almost lovingly remove Charlie from the rack, then half-carried him up the stairs he wasn’t sure why he was crying.

Our World

The sound of a phone ringing woke Spencer up. He shifted under the weight on him and sighed in happiness. He must have been a really good boy. Aaron’s hands were wrapped tight around his wrists as they were tucked underneath both of their weights. He knew that Aaron would wake in a few seconds, he always did when the phone rang. It spoke to what they did the night before that he wasn’t awake already.

One hand let go of him and moved towards the noisy phone. Aaron’s head turned towards the phone and he heard the beep of the call connecting.

“Hotchner,” Aaron said in a very sleep roughened voice. It sent a shiver down Spencer’s back. He had been a very good boy. “Jack?”

Spencer’s eyes shot open. He looked at the spot where the bedroom door should be only to find that he wasn’t in the bedroom. He wasn’t in HIS bedroom. Then the reality of it all came crashing down on him. This wasn’t his Aaron. He took a few deep breaths as Aaron shifted off of him. He had to have slept pretty damned deep for him to forget that. He hadn’t expected to sleep like that in this reality. Especially so quickly.

“Yes, I had a good night. How about you?” Aaron smiled at him as he settled onto his side, looking at Spencer. He tucked the phone into the ear that was settled on the bed before he reached out and cupped the side of Spencer’s face. His thumb brushed over Spencer’s lips and he smiled even bigger at him. Spencer leaned in to place a kiss on his lips and that was when he realized that he’d fallen asleep in the wet spot and with Aaron’s own release over his back. His face wrinkled in disgust at the feeling. He pushed himself up and started towards the bathroom. He turned the water on for a shower and looked at his face. He looked down at the materials on the counter and realized that this Spencer shaved. There was no way to hide that from Aaron. So he shut the door and set about acting like he going through a morning routine. He wondered if the other Spencer was going to come back with his hair or not. He looked at himself in the mirror and tried to remember what it was like to shave. Aaron had offered to pay for the hair removal before he’d really got used to it. He’d always like the feel though of Aaron’s short trimmed hair on his thighs when the man tried to drive him nuts and beg even more.

A knock on the door startled him and he grabbed a hand towel, starting to wipe at his cheeks as he opened the door.

“Jack wants to do breakfast out and wants to know if you want to come.”

“Sure. I can be ready in about fifteen minutes then you can have the shower.”

Aaron smiled at him and nodded before he pulled the door shut. Spencer moved to the shower to hurry and clean himself off. He washed off thoroughly but quickly. Styling his hair didn’t take long. Once he was done in the bathroom, he moved to the bedroom and to the closet. The sound of a half swallowed choke had him turning. Aaron was standing there with a go bag in his hand, looking at Spencer. Spencer looked down at himself, trying to figure out exactly what had shocked the older man into sounding like he was dying.

“Sorry, I guess I figured that you would have a robe or something on.”

It was his nakedness. Aaron hadn’t expected him to be naked. He only used a robe or a kimono when they were moving to and from the playroom. There were rare occasions where he wore one when he had clothes on but that was mainly when he was sick and since that was rare, he never even thought of it.

“We’ve had sex, why would I cover up? You’ve seen all of me.”

“I guess that I just…I thought that you’d be more…”

“Prudish? I knew you were here, it’s not like you walked in on me and surprised me. When we are out in the field, it doesn’t make sense to strut about naked. But why should I cover up in my own bedroom?”

“No reason,” Aaron said quickly, holding his hands out in a placating manner. Aaron was dressed in one of his under shirts and his underwear from the night before. Covering up his scars. That was something that was striking between the Aaron’s. His Aaron would have never felt ashamed. He owned the scars from his father, seeing them as a right of passage. Spencer wondered what it would take to get this Aaron to own his scars. These thoughts quickly went through his mind as Aaron slipped into the bathroom with a quick kiss to Spencer’s cheek.

Spencer dressed in one of the casual outfits he’d bought the day before. Dark brown slacks and a lilac button up. He left the tie off and matched the ensemble with a pair of green Converse. He eyed himself in the mirror on the back of the door for the bedroom. He looked damned good. He forwent glasses and hoped Aaron didn’t notice that he didn’t have contacts in.

The shower shut off and Spencer got an idea. He met Aaron outside the shower with a towel. Thankfully the towels were soft and fluffy. He grabbed a smaller hand towel from the closet to dry Aaron’s hair before he set about drying the rest of his body. He had a second hand towel on the counter and laid it down so his knees wouldn’t get wet. He dried off Aaron’s torso and back before dropping to his knees to dry off Aaron’s legs. He stayed away from his cock and balls, drying everything else before laying the towel across his lap and folding it long ways. He then wrapped it around Aaron’s back and gripped each end tight, keeping the other man close. There was a drop of water hanging right on the tip of Aaron’s flaccid cock.

Spencer leaned in and licked the drop before taking the soft member in his mouth. He watched Aaron’s face as he worked him to full hardness. As soon as Aaron’s hands went for his hair, Spencer pulled off.

“Touch my hair and I stop.” Spencer gave him the glare he’d perfected under years of his lover. Aaron directed his hands to the counter behind him, turning a little so he was comfortable. He shifted around to face him fully but he kept kept ahold of the towel, keeping Aaron where he wanted him.

Aaron was fully hard so when Spencer took him in his mouth again, he took him all the way in. He had no gag reflex, never had. Aaron gasped as his cock was surrounded by his mouth and then the head by his throat. It didn’t take long at all for Aaron to come down his throat. Spencer swallowed every single drop and made sure his cock was clean before he pulled off.

Spencer stood up, dragging the towel up to pull the older man into a kiss. Aaron’s hands settled on his hips, keeping him right there. He felt the hand move but before he could stop it, it was covering his sex. Which was soft. Spencer pulled hand away and smiled into the kiss. “I’m good. I just wanted your cock.”

“Spencer,” Aaron said before kissing him again. “I want to change your mind but Jack is expecting us.”

“I’m perfectly fine, Aaron. I’ll go to the kitchen to let you get dressed.” Spencer kissed the side of his mouth before turning and leaving. He picked up the two hand towels and the big one and tossed them in the hamper as he went. In the main area of the apartment, he smelled coffee, he followed it to the maker and was happy to see Aaron had made the good kind and not the can of Maxwell House, that Spencer assumed his counterpart used for guests. Pouring himself a cup, he added what he wanted and nearly drained the cup in one go. He found a cabinet of reusable travel mugs of various whimsical science themes and picked one, preparing it before making himself a second mug to drink while Aaron dressed.

The tell tale ring of his phone sounded and he sighed as he pulled it out. He was thankful Aaron wasn’t in the room at the moment. He had to make sure he did nothing to cast doubt on who he was and there was no way that he could talk to Charlie Epps and the man not realize that he wasn’t the right one. He had to trust in the other Spencer and his Aaron to do whatever it took to get him back. Silencing the ringer but not sending it to voicemail, Spencer slipped his phone in his pocket.

Aaron came out seconds later, dressed in khakis and a red pullover. He looked very good. This Aaron surprised him but then he figured that given that the core of most Aaron’s the universes wide, were the epitome of maleness, he just needed to push a little to get the Aaron he wanted out of him. He’d have to wait until they went to work to figure out if Aaron dressed like a G-Man on a daily basis. He was looking forward to that.

Taking a sip of his coffee, Spencer watched as Aaron’s eyes raked up and down his body. He hid his smile in his cup, taking a longer sip than he normally would to fully mask it. He saw the affection from the older man in his eyes mixed with a healthy dose of appreciation. Aaron grabbed his own coffee cup from the counter and took a drink. Spencer eyed what he had left and decided to just drain it before washing out the mug. Aaron finished his off and stepped up to wash his but Spencer grabbed it and did it for him. He was rewarded with a kiss on the back of his neck, just under the fringe of his hair.

“We better get going,” Aaron said, his breath ghosting over Spencer’s skin. Spencer nodded and dried his hands off. He moved easily towards the living room, finding his messenger bag and slipping it on. He still hadn’t got a chance to fully go through it but he did do a cursory check. His wallet was still in there as well as his credentials. He wondered exactly where his gun was but the rough timeline he had for the night was that he’d gone from work to where the accident had taken place so that meant it was probably locked in a case in his trunk. Which was probably where his holster was as well. He debated asking if he needed it but stopped. Aaron wasn’t wearing one and this Spencer seemed such an academic that while he was probably pretty good with the gun, he wouldn’t carry it around outside of the job.

“I’m ready,” Spencer proclaimed as he pulled his hands from his bag and looked up at Aaron. Aaron smiled at him and they moved out of the apartment. Spencer locked up and smiled as Aaron wrapped an arm around his shoulders holding him close. He laid his head on Aaron’s shoulder as they started down the stairs. Aaron held open the passenger side door on the car as he neared it. He smiled as he sat down. There was little to do as Aaron moved around the car to get into the other side.

The drive to Jessica’s apartment complex was short, given DC traffic and Spencer used it to see what was different about the two versions of the city in his head. On the outside there were very few and that intrigued him. He saw a shop here and there but for the whole it was all the same. The only thing that was hugely different was him but no one knew that. No one but him.

The car stopping drew Spencer out of his mind and onto Aaron as he got out of the car.

“I’ll be right back.”

Spencer watched Aaron as he moved into the building. They were parked in the loading/unloading zone and the man had left the car running for that reason. There was no person sitting inside the building making visitors check in and out. Spencer wondered how Aaron trusted his son in the building. After what had happened to cause him to lose his ex-wife. He thought that Aaron would be a lot more strict on where his son went, but it seemed that he wasn’t as jaded as his own Aaron. Of course, both him and his Aaron had seen the worst of life before finding each other.

Minutes later, Jack appeared in the doorway with his father behind him. The boy had a backpack on his shoulders. When it was taken off to throw into the backseat before the boy was strapped in, Spencer saw that it was a Captain America backpack. Spencer kind of snorted at that one. His Jack’s favorite superhero wasn’t Captain America. It was Iron Man for Marvel and Batman for DC. Batman because he reminded him of his Dad and Iron Man for his Papa. Spencer didn’t mind being equated with Iron Man. His Aaron felt pride on the Batman front even if the boy didn’t know that unlike the Caped Crusader, Aaron did kill people if needed.

“Hello, Jack,” Spencer said as he turned in his seat to look at the boy. Jack gave him a weak smile and waved at him. Spencer kept his face neutral as that reaction started his stomach churning. He wasn’t liking this at all. Not at all. Given the love declaration, Spencer expected the other version of him to be on really good terms with Jack, but it seemed that he was wrong. He turned back in his seat as Aaron got in the driver’s seat again and after a minute they were pulling into traffic again.

“Did you sleep well last night Jack?” Spencer asked.

There was no sound from the backseat so Spencer turned back to look and saw that Jack was nodding. Spencer turned back to look out the windshield and pursed his lips. He wondered exactly why there were issues between him and Jack. He’d have to give it time to figure it out.

The diner they pulled into the parking lot of was one that had Spencer smiling. While he and his family didn’t get to eat there as much as he liked, Aaron always made sure they went a few times a year, especially when something really good happened. Once the car was parked and the engine off, Spencer unbuckled his belt. He heard two more follow as he opened his door. Aaron helped hold Jack’s door and the boy walked in front of his father into the diner, with Spencer bringing up the rear. The sign for seating themselves was turned around and so Aaron turned towards a corner booth area. It was a rounded booth and Spencer took a seat when Aaron waved him in. Spencer expected Jack to slide in next but instead it was Aaron and Jack followed, taking a seat farthest from Spencer.

No words had been spoken. No motions made. Aaron had chosen to put Jack on the side away from Spencer. That told him all that he needed to know about why Jack was unsure and shy around him. Aaron was the block in the middle. While he knew that it wasn’t his place, Spencer didn’t care. Jack was being hurt in this. Aaron’s actions were making it seem like Aaron didn’t want him to get to be friendly with Spencer, which meant that Jack wasn’t sure what he was allowed to do and wasn’t allowed to do.

A glance at the menu set down in front of him by Aaron told him that his favorite meal was still here. He set the menu back in the holder in the center of the table and started to work on a plan. He was already fucking up the other Spencer’s life. Robbing him of the memories of a first time with his Aaron but he had to protect himself, he wasn’t going to feel bad about that. But if Aaron was going to keep Jack at an arm’s length, he knew that the relationship was going to fail. Spencer knew that he was strong enough to survive Aaron leaving him. He’d have to document everything that happened if Aaron decided that he didn’t like Spencer trying to bond with his son. It was the only thing he could do if he sabotaged the relationship before it ever really started with Aaron. He couldn’t survive with no Jack though. He missed his son almost more than he missed Aaron. Aaron and Jack were his world.

“Did you do anything fun in school this week, Jack?” Spencer asked as the waitress left after taking their drink orders. Aaron was still looking at the menu.

“No,” Jack said. His hands were in his lap and he was looking around the diner. He could tell by his eyes, though that he’d been in the diner a great deal. That meant that he was upset. No one looked around a place they had been in a great deal with so much intensity unless they were trying to distract themselves. Spencer sighed as he leaned back. The relationship could be salvaged but Spencer would have to work at it.

When the waitress came back, Aaron ordered for him and Jack and then turned to nod at Spencer. Smiling, Spencer ordered his normal meal. When the waitress left, Spencer set a little plan in motion. He grabbed the carafe and refilled his coffee while Aaron talked to Jack about the social studies test he had on Friday. Spencer was more than willing to keep silent as he listened and watched the father/son pair, figuring out the dynamics between them. Jack was animated when he was talking to his father about things he did at school during the week, what he liked and what he didn’t. There were barely glances made his way. How did the other Spener deal with that? How did he sit on the sidelines while a man he obviously loved shut him out of the life of his son? A boy that would become his step-son if things got serious? Or did Aaron think that it would never come to that? Did he think that his job would keep him from having to make that step? Was he going to use that to keep Spencer on the outside? So that no one would see him in a relationship with a underling much less a male underling?

“I don’t know,” Aaron said and it drew Spencer back. He replayed the conversation in his head as he’d only been listening to keep track but hadn’t been actively thinking on it. “Spencer?”

“Well the best way is to do an experiment,” Spencer said. He had the answer that Jack wanted to the science question but this was another way to get the boy interested in him. “I could tell you the answer but you’d probably forget it. But there is a simple experiment that we could do in your kitchen that would give you the answer. And it would be fun because it would make a mess and then you’d be able to remember it easier.”

“Why?” Jack asked.

“You play soccer.” Spencer didn’t try and model that as a question. “When your coach or your father tell you about moves, and even shows them to you. Do you remember them that well? Or do you do better when they walk you through them?” Spencer asked.

“When we do them together and they walk me through them.”

“It’s the same reasoning. It makes it into a longer, happier, better memory and your mind is more apt to hold onto it.” Spencer smiled at the boy as the plates of food were carried to them. Spencer kept his smirk to himself. Jack’s was set down first with Aaron’s and then his. He looked at his plate and put on a frown.

“Is everything alright?” The waitress asked.

“I forgot to tell you bacon instead of sausage,” Spencer said. He quickly looked at Jack and saw the boy eyeing the meat as Spencer speared it with his fork.

“Can…” Jack stopped talking when the waitress and Spencer both looked at him.

“What, Jack?” Spencer asked, before Aaron could say anything.

“Can I have your sausage, Spencer?” Jack asked.

“Of course.” Spencer leaned over and shook the fork, the sausage dropping onto the plate. Jack smiled at him. “I’ll need an order of bacon please.”

“Of course. I’ll have that right out to you.” The waitress smiled back him, her eyes twinkling. Aaron didn’t say a thing as the waitress walked away but there was a frown on his face. Spencer ignored that frown and instead watched as Jack carefully spread butter on the top of his pancake before picking up the little ramekin that had syrup in it.  He poured the syrup over his pancakes and Spencer smiled to himself when he watched as the final bits of syrup went over his sausage. Exactly like his Jack ate his sausage.

Spencer started to work on his food then. Aaron was tucking into his food, almost like he was put out that Spencer had given Jack his sausage. He could have spoke up and told Jack no and thanked Spencer for the kindness but he hadn’t. Spencer wondered if it was just to not tell Jack no or if it had just shocked him that much he hadn’t had a chance. Spencer felt no shame and definitely no guilt in it. Jack was watching Spencer though, very closely and he wasn’t that shocked when after Spencer added pepper to his hash browns, Jack asked his father for the pepper. Aaron though only added salt to his and Spencer had to hold back the frown. He was glad that Jack didn’t copy his father in that aspect. The sausage on Jack’s plate and the bacon on his own had enough salt for the meal. Aaron’s breakfast had both meats and Spencer was shocked that he’d even added any more to any of his food. Spencer had french toast with his meal and was very careful to not get syrup anywhere. Jack watched him as he ate his entire meal.

Jack’s wide eyedness when it came to him told Spencer that while Jack might know Spencer, he hadn’t interacted with him much outside of his own home. That would explain the uneasiness of the boy in a social setting with him. There were definite ways that one acted in one’s own home and when out in public. William Reid had been strict on that growing up and Spencer remembered it well. Even in adulthood there were things that Aaron and Spencer never did out in public. And there were things that they only did in public. Sides of their lives that were false for the public eye. While they were affectionate at work, it was mostly for their co workers. Public displays of affection had been something that Spencer had had to learn to like. It was needed, so he learned.

And now here he was out with his lover and his lover’s son and Aaron hadn’t touched him once.

Conversation was stilted over the meal but after the waitress took away their plates and brought a new carafe of coffee, it resumed.

“That movie that you have been wanting to see is out in theaters. Do you want to go and see it this afternoon? Maybe after we drop Spencer off back at his place?” Aaron asked Jack.

Spencer kept his mouth closed and his eyes on his coffee cup which he was doctoring. He wondered if Aaron realized exactly what he was doing with statements like that. Spencer made sure that his face showed nothing, a mask he’d perfected long before he’d ever stepped foot inside a courtroom with Aaron.

Plans were made between father and son for a movie day and Spencer figured out then that there was something that he was missing. There was a massive piece of the Aaron and Spencer puzzle that he needed. The waitress brought their bills to them, splitting it without either adult saying a thing. Spencer grabbed his and moved to the counter to pay. He went back to the table to sit down and finish his coffee. He wanted to be shocked that when Aaron got up to pay, he took Jack with him but he wasn’t. Spencer had a lot to think about.

The sun was setting when Spencer figured out exactly what was going on. He looked at the words that the other Spencer had wrote in a letter to his mother that his mother had copied back, which showed her own mind more than anything. He’d tried his hardest to find anything on the computer but in the end, he’d had to read all the letters to the other Diana Reid before he figured it out. The Reid Effect. He really felt like slapping the Aaron Hotchner of this world, he figured that he could. There were enough differences that it wouldn’t send him into a panic attack. He’d read through the life of this Spencer Reid as it pertained to the team and he figured that this Aaron Hotchner had a blind spot a mile wide when it came to how his action and inaction had hurt Spencer in the past. Spencer knew that his own ability to forgive wasn’t as big as this Spencer’s. He’d have to start making sure that Aaron saw the world around him for how it truly was, starting with shutting Spencer out of his and Jack’s life when he felt that he wasn’t needed in it.

Jack’s teenage years were going to be a mess if Spencer and Aaron were still together then. Already Aaron was setting up that only his word needed to be followed and that would make for a surly teenager, no matter how strong the relationship between the two adults were.

Spencer had diagnosed himself as a sociopath by age twenty one. He’d never seen a shrink, even before he’d become Aaron’s lover and knew the full breadth of his dealings, Aaron had never once entertained the idea of having him talk to a shrink. When teenaged Spencer had brought it up, Aaron had just raised an eyebrow and asked him if he thought he was stupid. Spencer had of course answered no. Aaron had gone on to explain that he knew that Spencer could talk circles around every single shrink that Aaron had ever looked into for his job as a lawyer and that it wouldn’t help him, but that he’d never been able to lie or talk circles around Aaron. By the time that he’d thought about what he was becoming, at Aaron’s hands, it was too late to stop it. He hadn’t wanted to stop it either. He accepted and moved on. He’d never told Aaron that he’d diagnosed himself but he had a feeling the man knew. Again he’d accepted it and moved on.

The love that Spencer had for Aaron and for Jack was all consuming. He’d been in love with Aaron before his eighteenth birthday. He’d seen him laid bare and loved him, society’s perceived faults and all.

But even he saw how bad this relationship was going to go without a course correction. The Spencer and Aaron of this word were locked in an orbit that was going to crash and burn. Aaron was waiting for Spencer to ask to be included, because of the effect of labeling him as not kid friendly years before. While Spencer was staying on the edges because he’d not been invited in. Not wanting to upset his pseudo-boyfriend by pushing for too much too soon.

Putting all of the letters back where he had got them, deciding that he needed to think more on that relationship at a later time, Spencer moved to the computer room. The computer was still on and he opened a word document and started to just type. He filled out seven pages before printing it out, his observations and even interactions with everyone that was in Spencer’s life from the moment he’d woke up in the hospital. He also included little things on his Jack and urged Spencer to try them and see if this Jack liked them. There was an empty three ring binder on one of the shelves and he punched holes in the paper and stuck it inside. He’d not be able to do a daily summary when he was on cases but he could when he got back. He knew that for both of them to slip back into their lives when they switched back, they’d have to know everything. His Aaron would make sure that he did, but this Spencer had no one. No one that Spencer trusted to tell him, so Spencer had to make sure that the other Spencer had what he needed.

When he was done with that, Spencer moved back to the living room to try and figure out a detailed plan on getting Aaron right where he wanted him. Spencer liked plans and Spencer liked having contingency plans in place. He had to have a plan to get him home but he also had to plan if he never got to go home. If that happened, he’d never be able to live long term with the Aaron in this world. He could live with working with the FBI, it was probably going to be fun as hell catching killers and possibly even killing a few, untraceably that was. And he’d never be able to live without Jack. He had to have Jack in his life.

Mirror World

Spencer woke-up in the restraints on the bed in the room with Aaron. He was trembling as he thought about the events from the day before. At least he thought it was the next day, he wasn’t quite sure.

“Shh, calm down Pet, it’s okay. You’re okay.” He felt Aaron reach over and release the cuffs then he was being pulled into those strong arms. He curled up against Aaron trying to control himself.

“Stop fighting it. You have to let yourself feel it. The more you fight, the worse the drop will get. I have a warm bath ready, it will help.” Spencer tried to do as Aaron told him but he didn’t even understand what was happening to him.

“I, I don’t understand. I don’t understand any of this. I don’t want to want you. I don’t.” The emotions were too big to process. Too much was going on all at once and Spencer felt like he just needed to take a breath. Aaron hadn’t let him just take a breath.

“But your body does. I may not be your Aaron, but you recognize something in me that is enough like him for you to want things you’ve probably denied yourself, denied him. I’ll make you feel things you never even dreamed possible Spencer.” Aaron lifted his chin then those lips were kissing him, hands soothing him and his fucking traitorous body melted right into it. Aaron broke the kiss and pulled back. One hand fisted in Spencer’s hair as the other rubbed his arm. After a few moments the trembling eased and his mind emptied.

“Come on, let’s get you that bath. I promise to take care of you,” Aaron said as he stood then half carried Spencer into the bathroom. He had gone limp from the experience, from the emotional toll of the last few days. He moaned as he slipped into the hot water that was filled with a soothing fragrant oil. Aaron moved behind him and pulled him close.

“I feel so empty, as if you’ve hollowed me out. I don’t understand.” Spencer tried to move but Aaron just held him tight.

“It’s called subdrop. You’re emotions are in turmoil from too much stimuli. You’ve had a lot happen in the last couple of days and I’m not surprised you are feeling what you are.”

“You touching me, making me do and want things isn’t helping.” Spencer sighed as he slumped back.

“You will start going on runs with me and working out in the gym. It’s one of the things that is expected. It’s also good for your health and will help those endorphins. When we get out, we will go for a run.”

“I actually like doing the running. Aaron got me into it to help with my headaches.”

“I assume you’ve been tested?”

Spencer knew, instinctively, what Aaron was asking. If the other Spencer’s mother was a violent schizophrenic there would be that fear on both their parts.

“Yes, the doctors have said that I don’t have any of the markers for schizophrenia. I’m also getting to the age where it should pass me by.”

“Good. Then stress or is it a deficiency?”

“Mostly stress. Aaron’s been helping. I tend to work too much.” Aaron started to massage his shoulders and back relaxing him more. Those feelings of emptiness and hollowness were fading little by little.

“I have a friend that I want you to see. She’s a geneticist and can maybe pinpoint the cause of your headaches. You may not be getting enough B and D vitamins. Magnesium and folic acid, which is a different B vitamin, deficiencies can also be causing your headaches.”

“Okay. I, I can agree to that.”

Aaron kept touching him, making his body relax and it felt amazing. He wasn’t going to fight this, at least not at the moment. After they spent a little more time in the bath with Aaron washing him then his hair, they got out of the tub, dried off and changed into running clothes. Aaron grabbed some waters, energy bars and a small container with cut-up fruit.

“No coffee yet. I want you to drink a full bottle of water before we get to the park.” He pushed a sixteen-ounce bottle in Spencer’s hand who started to sip it with no hesitation. He almost chuckled at just how much this part was like his Aaron. It was very much something that Aaron would do.

The run was good. Spencer got to stretch his muscles, work out all of the frustrations and emotions of the last couple of days. He found it odd at first that Aaron wanted him to run in front, but he didn’t argue. It was such a small thing, but his mind was trying to figure it out. Then he remembered that this was a far more dangerous Aaron than his own. He was looking for enemies, people that would want to hurt them. Spencer quickly set that thought aside as they continued on their run. He didn’t want to entertain any thoughts of danger outside of what he already knew working to catch serial killers.

By the time they stopped, Spencer was feeling more settled as they worked on a cool-down routine. He found out the hard way once when he didn’t and he woke from a nap with horrible cramping in his legs and arms. He did not want a repeat of that experience.

“When we get back, I am taking Jack out for the day. Every other Sunday we do something just the two of us. Next Sunday is your day. Feel free to wander about the mansion. Nothing is closed to you, but I suspect you will hole-up in the library.”

“Then what?”

“Then, we will have dinner as a family. After that, it will depend on you.”

“What do you mean?” Spencer looked at him a little fearful on where this conversation was going to go.

“We will talk later about it, but it’s time to go.”

Spencer frowned, thrown again, but he was trying to take it in stride. He didn’t want to get stressed out and have another of those episodes like he had earlier. He didn’t like that at all. He had been getting better at showing his emotions, especially around Aaron, but they had gotten to big and too much for him to process all at once.

Spencer was so much in his head he didn’t realize when they had gotten back home. His stomach grumbled and he realized how hungry he was.

“Shower, food then take the day for yourself.” Aaron was being, soft, was all Spencer could call it and it threw him off. He wasn’t sure what to make of it, or what Aaron wanted for after dinner, but he wasn’t going to think to hard on it. He had been doing nothing but thinking too hard. If Aaron was giving him the day, he was going to take full advantage.

At breakfast, Spencer looked to see Derek and Charlie coming into the dining room, practically wrapped around each other. Derek kissed Charlie then got him settled in a chair.

“Have a good evening?” Aaron asked as they took their own seats.

Charlie blushed as he looked down and seemed to Spencer like he was waiting.

“It’s okay baby, you can answer.”

“Yes Sir. I feel…” The blush deepened as he looked-up, “Better. Thank you for asking me, Sir.”

“Charlie, I am not your Dom. Please, Aaron is fine.”

“Aaron. Thank you. I, I was so lost.” Spencer looked back between the two men and everything finally clicked. This is what Aaron did. He found those that were hurting, in pain or in trouble and helped them. He helped them in ways that bonded them to him. That was why all these people were so loyal, why they did whatever it was that Aaron wanted of them, no matter the task.

“Pet, is something wrong?”

Spencer looked-up sharply as he closed his eyes a moment and settled again.

“Just coming to a logical conclusion on a problem, that’s all Sir.” Spencer couldn’t even believe that came out of his mouth. It slipped too easily on his tongue and it made him swallow hard.

“Good, then we can move on, can’t we?” Aaron was looking at him with a hard, heated look and it did things inside Spencer he still wasn’t comfortable with or understood.

After breakfast Spencer was holed-up in the library reading a Tom Clancy novel. It wasn’t the novel itself, it was more the connection with his Aaron and what it meant. It gave him a sense of comfort and a little bit of normalcy in this crazy mixed-up world he had found himself in.

Lunch, then later a light dinner had been delivered to him in the library. He had realized just how much time had gone by when dinner was brought in. It made him wonder how often this world’s Spencer had done the very same thing. He set the book he was reading aside, the fourth for that day. He had read a little slower than normal and tried to just get lost in the words instead of speeding his way through.

He ate dinner at the desk then went back to reading. He was feeling more settled, and more accepting of what was happening. He knew he needed Aaron and now that Charlie was at the mansion, he knew he wasn’t going to escape. He needed to talk to Charlie alone to tell him what was really going on, then get a lab set-up somewhere to try to recreate the experiment and the flaw. He only hoped that if it did work, it sent him to his own world and not another one. They were going to have to be very precise with their calculations. Of course, he wasn’t even sure what went wrong in the first place. Sighing, he put the book down and sipped the coffee that had been left for him.

Spencer was restless, he decided he was going to go poke around the mansion, see what he could find. As he wandered he made a mental map of where everything was. He found the game room that was set-up with every video game system from the old Nintendo to the latest that Atari and Sega had to offer. Spencer was amused that it was those two that had risen to the top. There were no Playstations that he could see but something called EverPlay was there. He smiled as he ran his hand over the titles. Some were actually familiar, just for different systems, but most were nothing like what he was used to. He knew he was going to take some time to learn, maybe make a play date with Jack.

He left the game room and found a viewing room, another type of game room with a pool table and other larger types of table games, video game machines and more. He moved on finding offices, bedrooms and a couple of empty rooms. When he got to the end of the level he was on he saw a set of stairs that led down. His heart beat a little faster, mostly from his experiences in the FBI. Basements were never fun.

Of course Spencer’s natural curiosity got the better of him and he went down the stairs. When he got there he saw two doors. One was reinforced with a keypad on the side and a fingerprint scanner. He raised a brow at that and filed it away to ask Aaron about it later. He kept walking towards the other door and went in. What he saw didn’t shock him. In fact it was pretty much expected that there would be a security room. What he hadn’t expected was to find Aaron there. The man didn’t turn around, though Spencer suspected Aaron knew he was there. His focus was on one particular screen.

Spencer watched as Aaron reached over and turned on the volume. What he heard had Spencer leaning forward getting a good look. What he saw shocked him to his very core as he stumbled back till he hit the wall and slid down. His breath was shallow but he couldn’t stop watching. Aaron had turned up the volume even more.

….I hate you, I hate you and nothing you say will ever let me forgive you. Because of you I buried my heart five times over. Because of you my life is ruined. You egocentric, pathetic, bastard. I TOLD YOU WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. I TOLD YOU OVER AND OVER…Fuck you, fuck you too goddamned hell you bastard.”

Charlie’s voice over the comm broke Spencer’s heart. The pain and the anguish coming from him hurt Spencer more than he thought possible. The pounding and kicking on the glass while he was yelling made tears slip down Spencer’s face. He was torn, “….

I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad he broke you so you could know what it feels like. So you know the pain that I have EVERY FUCKING DAY. Every day.”

On it went till Morgan was there to capture him and hold him. Charlie broke, he screamed and it was like an animal caught in a trap. Morgan held him, whispered in his ear, as he followed Charlie to the floor.

“What did you do Aaron? What did you do?”

Aaron turned to see Spencer on the floor, crying, arms wrapped around his waist.

“It’s petty, I know, but this is my revenge. Gideon had to pay.”

“How, how long?”

“How long have I had him locked-up in a glass cage with only a feeding tube?”

Spencer closed his eyes a moment. Just when he thought he had gotten his bearings around Aaron something new made him remember just what this man was capable of.

“Yes,” Spencer quietly said as he looked down at the floor.

“It was just after the bombing incidents. He came back to DC and I kidnapped him. Broke him. Of course, it wasn’t too hard. After CalSci his psyche was already in the stages of becoming fractured. I just pushed him over that edge.”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Spencer looked up at Aaron and saw the small smile on his face.

“Oh yes I am. That man’s arrogance has hurt many people…”

He saved many more. What gives you the right to do this?”

Spencer shoved off the floor and was in front of Aaron. Rage and pain was all over his face.

“Because I can.” Aaron stood and glared right back at Spencer. “Because he is selfish and arrogant, thinks he knows what is best for everyone else. Doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions. He is dangerous and.” Aaron cocked his head and looked at Spencer then a slow smile crossed his face. “He hurt you too, didn’t he Pet.”

Spencer snapped his mouth shut, grinding his teeth together.

Aaron took the last step towards him and had his hand painfully in his hair pulling his head back, staring into his eyes.

“Tell me, or I’ll make you tell me.”

Spencer didn’t say anything as he pressed his lips together in defiance. Aaron grabbed one of Spencer’s wrists and had his arm bent behind his back in a painful, hard hold.

“I am not kidding Spencer, tell me what he did to you.” The steel hardness in Aaron’s voice wasn’t something he had heard before. It wasn’t even like the day he woke. This was worse and Spencer was genuinely afraid.

“He, he pushed Hankel too far and I died. I died and he never said he was sorry. Never tried to help when I was using. He left me then, left me alone to struggle. Told everyone else to as well. Then, a few months later he physically left, with only a letter and still, still didn’t apologize.” Spencer hadn’t realized he was crying and screaming at the same time till strong arms banded around him and held him. The pressure on his hair gone, and he almost whimpered at its loss.

Spencer laid his head on Aaron’s chest and let out the pain of what Gideon had done, what he had left behind. He had never dealt with it, though Aaron tried to encourage him to talk to someone about it. He knew how to get past the Bureau psychologists, he’d been doing it for years. But, seeing the man caged, bound and at the mercy of another brought it all back and he shook. An old need rose up as he scratched at his elbow while Aaron held him.

Spencer felt his hand being pulled from his elbow.

“We can deal with this in better ways.” The hard look had Spencer trembling at the dark promises he saw there. In a fit of rage that swelled up so suddenly he didn’t even know it was there he pushed hard at Aaron, getting the man away from him he fled.

He ran through the mansion, not caring if anyone saw, he wanted to just get away. He went to the getaway room, slammed and locked the door behind him. Sliding down the wall he curled into himself and tried to stem the tide of emotions that he once again found himself in the middle of.

Our World

Spencer sighed and leaned his head back. He was used to desk work, he just hadn’t got used to the tediousness that was government forms. He used them only in cases that Aaron wanted only their hands on. Otherwise, interns filed them. Three weeks in this different universe was just enough time for the novelty to wear off on working in a government facility. He did enjoy the access it gave him, finding little niches were he might be able to get in from his universe. Foyet needed stopped and this could be what was needed to do that. Signing another consult, Spencer tossed it in the outbox. Thankfully, he was more than qualified to work on the cases from an educational standpoint.

After the first day, Aaron had kept the team grounded for a week, which had worked for Spencer just fine. He’d spent the first three days, holed up in the files storage and read over every single case file that the other Spencer’s name was attached to. He was shocked to find that it wasn’t just BAU cases he worked on. There were files from White Collar, Terrorist Task Force, and just about every single unit within the FBI that he worked on. There had been a single case worked in nearby Arlington since Spencer had switched universes and being stuck in the office was getting boring. The case had only been a few hours as the killer had messed up as soon as they arrived.

The beep from his computer startled him and he looked down to see a chat box up.


: Come to my lair.

Spencer eyed the box, wondering who the hell was messaging him and why he would want to go to their lair. He thought for a few seconds that the other Spencer wasn’t as nicey nice as he thought.


: I’ll get my Chocolate Adonis to get you and bring you here, Reid. Don’t think I won’t.

And the air in Spencer’s lungs left him in a rush of laughter. It was just Garcia. He hadn’t been able to keep thinking of her as Penny because she was nothing like his Penny so it hadn’t been hard to start to think of her as Garcia. She was annoying and this was just another reason that she was. Spencer laid his hands on the keyboard and started to type. 3PhD appeared on the screen and that had him stopping mid word.

“Only three?” Spencer asked himself.

“What Reid?” Emily asked from her desk, her eyes turned towards him.

“Nothing. Just read something and it startled me.”

“Okay.” Emily’s eyes went back to her work and he was forgotten.

Spencer eyed the screen with disdain. He understood that working with the BAU was time consuming but there was no way that colleges the country over wouldn’t love to have his name added to getting a degree from them. He’d have to look into some of it and write out a sternly worded entry in the journal for his counterpart. It was a disgrace to not use his brain to get as many degrees as he could. There were a lot of degrees that would help with profiling. A quick search on the Internet before he replied to the pompous woman was in order.

It didn’t take long for him to find what he wanted. While it was nice to know that he had three other degrees besides the PhD, he’d have to set out a plan for Spencer.


: I’m busy, Garcia and I don’t have time. So unless it’s case or consult related it will have to wait until I am not working.


: I know that there is something up with you.

Spencer eyed the screen with a hint of worry on his face. He wondered how the analyst for the team had figured out he was different before any of the trained profilers.


: Something has been weird with you for months and I will find it out.


: My life is my own, Garcia so I suggest you step out of it.

There was no response for several minutes and Spencer wondered if he’d stepped over a line that the other Spencer never would. He wasn’t that worried. If Garcia went to Aaron, it wouldn’t be hard to get the man to understand it was him that was making him different and that was why he wasn’t going to say a thing to Garcia.


: You know with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks I can find out what I want to know. It’s better to give in now.


: And I’m sure that the FBI would love to know how you are digging into the lives of coworkers with no reason and no warrant. Stick your nose in Morgan’s life.

Spencer had got used to speaking of his friends with their surname instead of their given with ease, he was smart, it wasn’t hard to figure it out. Still in his brain most of them were still thought of with their given names.

The chat box disappeared but Spencer didn’t care. He’d already set up alerts on if someone searched him. He’d had a few small pings from colleges and the like but nothing interesting. His weeks had been well used in making sure that he was safe. He looked at his coffee cup and smiled. He’d use coffee as an excuse to get up and move around.

When he entered the kitchen area, Spencer delighted a little in the fact that the coffee pot was empty. He set about making a new pot, finding that whoever had made the last had never emptied the grounds. He washed out the reusable filter and cleaned it better than the person before. Filled it with grounds and waited.

His mind filled with the images of this world’s Penelope Garcia. Her bubbly attitude that grated on his nerves. He understood where most of it came from but there was lighting up a dark atmosphere and there was being too much. He’d held his mouth a few times but it was fast becoming where he wouldn’t. Especially with her now wanting to get into his personal life. He thought about the tucked out of way room in the mansion he lived in. He was the only one with the combination to enter the room. Aaron sometimes came in with him but for the most part he was allowed to do what he wanted. Anyone who came to the mansion would never find it. Not with sonar, radar, or any other method of search that was on the market or even in the research stage.

In that room was everything that he would need to make anyone sing anything that he wanted them to. Only the special ones made it into that room. The longest person to last in the room was Vincent Perotta, who had been the first FBI agent he’d killed. Spencer had spent five weeks breaking him down and getting every single bit of information out of him that he could. After that, Aaron had known who was after him and the hunt for Foyet had started.

He wondered how long Garcia would last in the room. He figured a day if not hours. It wouldn’t be hard to take her. Even in the weeks that he’d been there he’d figured out her routine. He’d figured out the entire team’s routine. He knew the weak points and he had plans made on what to do if he was found out. Jack and Henry would be protected but those were the only two. Garcia would be the easier to break but also given her ability to snoop, would have the most information on the rest of the team, what little bits Spencer would need.

Garcia would wake up strapped to the table. He’d be behind her because he’d want to see what her reaction would be. One of his victims had freaked out for an hour before she had passed out. Spencer’s specialty was blades and messing with someone’s mind. He didn’t beat them bloody or rape. Rape was something that he’d never do. Fisticuffs was Aaron’s go to in a tight spot, Spencer just gutted them. Garcia would probably scream herself hoarse before she calmed down. The fear in the room would be so big that Spencer could probably taste it.

Of course, her mind would be going through all of the UnSubs that could have potentially caught her but she wouldn’t be expecting Spencer’s face to sidle into her line of sight. The utter betrayal at that would probably feed Spencer for weeks. She’s probably beg and plead. Spencer always bored quickly of that. If he was back in his world though, he might allow Aaron to set up a feed in his room for her breaking. This Garcia would have caused his Aaron to fire her long before now. His room was the only one in the mansion without a feed. The cameras in the bedrooms in use and the playroom were only activated by Aaron or Spencer. Not even security could activate them. But a camera just above the table so that the view wouldn’t be obstructed that ran on a closed feed to Aaron’s tablet or laptop, he could live with that.

Garcia would probably be crying before Spencer even cut her for the first time. He found that with women, starting with the breasts/chest was the best place to start. Men it was best to start small and get bigger but with women, cutting that which separates them from men most recognizably hurts them more. Garcia embraced femininity so that was where he’d start. He’d start with a scalpel. He liked the ability to see the skin as it split open. With a knife there was more impersonality. A distance. It wasn’t hard to get scalpels. Or at least it wasn’t hard for Aaron.

The first cut was always the best. The pooling of the blood and the way the body shook from that first cut. The sight of it would almost deaden the sounds his ears were hearing, the screams. He liked the beginning screams but the ones that came near the end were the best. When the body was giving in to the pain, those were the best. The next place he’d go would be her fingers. Those were her livelihood as a hacker and as an analyst. The reveal of flesh under her skin would be lovely.

By the time that he finished flaying her first finger, she’d probably be begging for him to stop and would tell him whatever he wanted. He wouldn’t stop though. No one could ever be left alive. That was the first rule of Aaron’s after obeying him. Never leave anyone alive. He figured that the removal of skin from her first hand would kill her but if not, he’d move onto the second.

The act of flaying was hard and took a lot of concentration. Mostly he carved nonsense symbols into bodies until the person inside gave up. But flaying, he saved those for special ones and Garcia would be special because she pissed him off and in reality, he couldn’t do a thing to her.

The sound of someone entering the little kitchen area pulled him out of his day dreaming. He looked to see Derek step towards the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of water out of it. The man smiled at him and then moved back towards his office. Spencer filled his mug with coffee and a touch of sugar before moving back to his desk. His computer desktop was exactly as he’d left it. He opened his next file and got to work again. He made note of the file number and was compiling it into a list that he added each day to his journal entry for the other Spencer. Just so that he could look them up later. Profiling had interested him before Aaron and he’d looked into it as Aaron never limited his access to anything educational wise.

The sudden flurry of movement from Aaron’s office had Spencer looking up. He watched as Aaron strode out of his office and started towards what the team called the round table room.

“Team!” Aaron called out just as he was entering the room. Spencer grabbed a pen and a notebook of paper before going up into the room. There was a paper file sitting at one spot at the table and tablets at the rest. He took the seat where the paper file was and started to look through it. He frowned at the first few images in the file. There was something about the bodies that was familiar. He wasn’t sure what it was. He looked through the case file more as the rest of the team filed into the room. Spencer was actually a little shocked as Aaron took the seat next to him. He watched Aaron turn his tablet on to find a picture of the main victim on it. He looked at it over the man’s arm as he blew it up to look at the hand of the victim. All of the victim’s fingers were broke.

Spencer listened as Garcia went over the case as they understood it at that moment. Spencer tried to remember where he had seen the bodies before. There was so many files in his head from his own world as well as all the ones that he’d looked at recently. The case was in Florida so he’d have a little time to get his head into what he needed. The image of the first body wasn’t leaving him.

The short drive to the airstrip where the jet left from gave him just enough time to understand exactly what he was going to do. The gun at his hip, worn at the same place he wore his when Aaron made him wear it out, made him feel better but not enough. Once the jet was in the air, Spencer excused himself to the restroom. He looked at himself in the mirror. It was strange. Seeing himself with a gun on his hip. In a jet that was obviously government issue. Aaron’s jet was a lot better in everything. He was heading to a case that already had a three children dead and if the whole case held true, a fourth was being taken as they flew down there. The kids had been taken from three different counties and dumped in three other counties. It had taken a little time for them to be connected. The first nine year old boy had looked a little like his Jack just a year before. He wondered if this Aaron recognized that.

The two boys taken after looked nothing like Jack so the only link between the boys was the age, nine. There were links between where they were taken and where they were dumped. Spencer tried to separate himself from the image of Jack’s body lying broken, beaten, and raped in a photo, but he was having trouble. He needed to see the body. He’d figured out that Spencer usually helped with the geographic profile, but he was unsure of being able to do that yet. He had his own mind on the profile of the crime, but he wanted confirmation before he worked one for a case. Doing this one and see if his profile matched someone else’s. He’d try and get to go to the ME’s office so that he could see with his own eyes that the body wasn’t Jack’s.

The team hit the ground running. With the dump sites so far away from each other, the team was spilt a little thinner than normal. Spencer was sent to the ME’s office alone and he was quite thankful for that. The ME left him alone with the bodies, sheets still covering all three. He flipped the sheets back and looked at the three faces. Staring at them, he knew exactly where he had seen the faces before. Just not that first victim. He’d not seen it. By the time that the FBI had caught the killer in his world, the man had claimed and killed seventeen boys in Florida. Aaron’s firm had been contacted to handle the case but Aaron had turned it down. Spencer hadn’t questioned it and he’d not seen all the victims, just what he’d glimpsed moving around the office as Aaron had looked over it. He wondered then if Aaron had hidden that picture from him on purpose. He stopped that train of thought. Aaron hadn’t hidden it on purpose, not in that way. Instead, he probably didn’t want to look at it himself so he’d made sure that he didn’t, which had stopped Spencer from seeing it. Aaron didn’t hide hard truths from him, not like that. A few weeks and he was already looking at his Aaron like he was looking at the other Aaron.

The UnSub’s name was known to Spencer now but he had no way of linking that man. The one thing that he knew was that Foyet’s team had been the one to catch the case. Aaron had almost taken it based on that alone, but given the scope of the case, he wouldn’t have allowed the man to escape justice. Of course, there was the thought for a few minutes in Spencer’s mind of letting him get off and then taking and killing him himself. Given that he knew who the first victim was, he kind of wished that he had.

His phone ringing drew him out of his thoughts. It was Aaron.

“Reid,” he said as he answered his phone.

“Micah Daniels was taken from his home sometime over the past three hours. His babysitter thought that he was in his room playing videos games. It seems that he snuck out of his second floor room. The parents came home and he wasn’t there. You are seven blocks away from the house.”

“I’ll go there until I can be relieved. I haven’t finished at the ME’s.”

“Dave is the closest but he’s just getting to his dump site. He was going to go to the next but I’ll have him divert to you and then Morgan can cover the second dump site. Keep me informed. The LEOs are holding the site for you. You’ll be the first to look through it.”

“Good. The detective dropped me off so just text me the address and I’ll walk. Getting a cab here at this part of town will be questionable.”

“Text me when you get there,” Aaron said with a tinge of worry to his voice.

“I will.” Spencer hung up and moved to find the ME. He made sure the hours that the ME was going to be there and even took the cellphone number to call if he was gone longer than he was there. He easily found the direction that he needed to go after exiting the ME’s office. The walk to the site of the newest kidnapping was short. By the time that he arrived, the area was cordoned off and there were no one but LEOs and agents from the local field office there. This he could do. Being the top in the food chain. This he knew.

The way that he was looked at by some of the reporters on the edge of the lawn told him that a few of them knew who he was. Obviously this team of the BAU made their rounds. One of the other detectives from the local station met him at the doorway. He’d grabbed several sets of gloves from the ME’s given that he hadn’t had any on him and didn’t have one of the bureau assigned vehicles with him.

The babysitter and the parents were in the living room, but Spencer ignored them. He wanted to see the bedroom that the boy had been in and then how he’d left. The bedroom wasn’t hard to profile. He was a regular nine year old boy in the big city. Walls with posters of sports stars, action figures on the tops of his dresser and low book shelves. Backpack on the floor with homework scattered on the desktop. Slipping on the gloves, Spencer looked around the room. There was no evidence that he’d been taken from in the room. Nothing was out of place. The bed was made, the tower of Jenga blocks in the corner wasn’t upset.

“Agent Reid, the parents are ready to talk,” one of the LEO’s said.

“I’ll talk to them after I canvas the route the boy may have taken.”

“Okay,” the man said and turned to go back down the stairs.

Spencer looked around the room, trying to place anything out of place but there was nothing. Micah left his room of his own volition. The two windows in the room were both an option for him leaving but Spencer was pretty sure that he went out the left hand one. It went right to the side fence that surrounded the property. If Micah had gone down the right tree to get out, he would have had to have crossed the window in the living room.

Just as he was crossing the room to leave, he saw the trashcan right by the doorway. Reaching down into it, there were a lot of wrappers for hard candy. It was the nondescript wrapper that was plastic with a zig zag cut on each end. Many candies used wrappers like that. He found the bag of Life Savers in a drawer in the desk. It was half empty.

Outside the house, there were four ways that the boy could have gone once he’d slipped out of the fence. Spencer though was looking for something else. Towards the park, he found what he was looking for. A wrapper in the grass. He picked it up and slipped it in an evidence bag before handing it back to the other FBI agent with him.

“He went this way. Towards the park. Check all cameras between the park and the house and see if we can see him. He eats a lot of Life Savers. Have a team look over every bit of ground between here and the park for more. I want prints run on this one here.”

“Yes, Sir.” The agent turned to relay the message to the team that was back at the house. Now that they had a direction, Spencer felt like he could talk to the parents and the babysitter.

A red light camera caught Micah being shoved into a pickup truck and it gave them the plates that they needed. Patrick Colson was picked up a block from his house and was currently in interrogation with Aaron, Dave, and Derek. Spencer had watched the first few minutes of Dave and Derek trying to get him to talk. He felt a little bad that he liked this universe’s Dave better but there was something about his David Rossi that set his skin crawling a little and had since he’d met him.

“Do you think you can crack him?”

“No,” Spencer answered honestly. He wasn’t trained in those kind of interrogation tactics. His involved blades and pain and in this capacity, he was a Federal Officer and wasn’t allowed to do that. He imagined what he could do with a few hours and a thin scalpel. “I want to go to his home and see if I can figure out his hiding place.”

“Take JJ.”

“JJ needs to stay here and deal with the press. You need to stay here with Colson. Prentiss is with the family. I’ll take the detective with me.”


Spencer didn’t even wait for another word to be said. He stopped at the desk of the detective who he had worked with the most so far. It would be better to work with him as the man didn’t pay that close of attention to him.

Colson’s house had already had CSU teams over it. His computer was still on site and waiting for the tech from the field office to come and look at it. It had massive firewalls that Garcia had been unable to get through remotely. By the time that Spencer had got to the UnSub’s house, he was certain he had figured out the password down to ten different guesses. Still he didn’t go right for the computer. All of his DVDs of burned copies of Children Rape Porn had already been given over to the correct agency within the FBI. He didn’t envy them at all. Two hundred DVDs had been found in his place.

“Agent Reid, the computer is in his bedroom,” the lead LEO Detective said.

“Thank you. I want to get an idea of him before I try a crack at the computer.”

“I’ll be outside, I don’t want to disturb you.” The man exited the living room and pulled the door shut, standing guard. Spencer was a little shocked at that. He hadn’t asked to be left alone but the man had offered. He wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Patrick Colson had a perfect house. It was neat and cared for and it was obvious that at some point he’d had a woman in his life because there was feminine touches in the place. But that woman had been a long time gone.

Colson’s kitchen was state of the art and it was obviously used well. Colson was a computer IT man for several local businesses. It wasn’t any shock that his computer was like Fort Knox.

The guest bedroom hadn’t been used in a long time but the room was kept clean of dust. The fading on the comforter was the only indication that no one used it. Where it draped over the side of the bed that had no window was still unfaded.

The main bedroom was just as perfect as the rest of the house. The man was meticulous. It wasn’t any wonder that the FBI in his world never found the man until much later. The wrapper was luck. But it had been a good piece of luck. It allowed them to find him before more victims were taken. Now they just had to find the one that had already been taken. Micah needed to be found.

On the wall in the bedroom was a black and white picture of a house. It was a modern picture but developed intentionally in black and white. Spencer stopped. That house had been on his way to the UnSub’s. He’d noted the column work on the front porch. He pulled his phone from his pocket.

“Garcia,” Spencer started as soon as he heard the phone pick up. “I need you to run an address for me.” Spencer picked through the houses in his head to give her address.

“Okay, Boy Wonder, that house is…still in the original owner’s names but a further search into them tells me that they are dead. The land deed for the house though is registered to a company that…” There was a pause and Spencer could hear the furious clacking of keys. “Patrick Colson.”

“Have Hotch meet me at that address with medics.”

“As swift as wings.” Garcia hung up on her end and Spencer raced out of the house. The LEO was on his heels with barely a word spoken. Spencer drew his gun as he entered the front gate of the house.

“Go around to the back,” Spencer said. He waited for the man to disappear from his sight before he looked at the house. He saw a curtain moving in the attic of the house. The clearing of the house took little time at all. Every room was still furnished but there were not a lot of rooms on each floor. Spencer had the LEO stay at the base of the stairs that led to the attic. He wasn’t sure what he was going to find up there and he didn’t want to overwhelm Micah. The door to the attic was locked. Spencer didn’t want to break it open and scare the kid unless he had to. He pulled the simple kit he’d scrounged up to pick locks. The lock was simple and in just five seconds he had it picked. He didn’t step into the room. It was dark and he just waited to hear movement.

There was nothing from the room so Spencer reached in with his right hand and flicked the light switch on. He didn’t step into the room but just looked. He saw a chain in the middle of the floor, hooked to a ring. He followed the chain to the side of the room where it disappeared under what looked like a dining room table. It was covered with a table cloth.

“Micah?” Spencer called out, his eyes on the table. The chain jerked and Spencer smiled inside. He holstered his gun and started over towards the table. Aaron didn’t have a lot of cases that dealt with abused children, but enough came through the office that Spencer had taken classes on dealing with them. He sat down on the floor of the attic and crossed his legs. He was about five feet away from the table.

“My name is Spencer. I work with the FBI. The man who took you, he’s in our custody.” Spencer waited, letting the boy get used to him being there. The chain pulled a little under the table and then a face was peaking up from under the cloth.

“Hi,” Micah said.

“Hi. I’m Spencer. Are you Micah?”

“Uh huh.” Micah nodded up and down fiercely. The boy scooted out from under the table to where he was mostly out from under it. The chain was linked to a metal cuff that was around his ankle.

“Do you want me to undo that?” Spencer pointed at the cuff on his ankle. Micah shook his head. There was still some trust to be gained there. “That’s fine. The rest of my team is on their way to us. They are going to be bring someone who can look you over for any wounds. Do you have any?”

“No. He chained me up here and then left.” Micah looked at the doorway. “Are they just going to barge in here?”

“Not if you don’t want them to.”

“I don’t want them to.”

“Okay. Stay right there.” Spencer moved towards the doorway, he looked down to see the Detective. “Detective, when my team gets here, don’t let them up. Tell them Micah is scared.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Spencer moved back and sat down in the exactly same spot as he had been. Micah was in the same spot but he seemed to have relaxed more. Spencer reached into his pocket and pulled out his credentials. He set them down with the badge facing up and slid it over towards Micah. The boy reached out and picked it up. His fingers traced over the ridges on the badge before he flipped it open to look at it. He had to get Micah out of the house but he wasn’t going to force him. Patience would win him what he wanted.

“You really are an FBI agent.” Micah smiled.

Lights flashed in the windows, red and blue and Spencer knew that his team was there. Micah wasn’t paying attention to anything but the credentials in his hand. The sound of running feet in the ground floor had Spencer’s head turning to look at the doorway. He looked back at Micah to see the boy was standing up. His chain rattled and he moved towards the window and looked out.

“Is that your team?”


“Are they nice?”

“Yes. I don’t know which members are here right now but all of them are really nice.”

“Reid?” Aaron called up the stairs. Micah gasped and jumped into Spencer’s lap. Wrapping his arms around him.

“He sounds scary.”

“That’s just Hotch. He’s my boss. He has a little boy who is just a little younger than you.”

“Can you undo my chain now?”

“Yes.” Spencer pulled the tools out again and Micah laid his legs over Spencer’s lap so that he could get to the cuff. It took no time at all for Spencer to pick the lock. The boys ankle was rubbed raw so badly it was bleeding. “You are hurt. Can I let the medics up?”

“I want to meet the man who was talking before.”

“Hotch?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. Do you have to get up to get him?”

“No. I can call him.” Spencer showed his phone to Micah and called Aaron. The ringing of the phone could be heard down there. Aaron answered it and a short conversation later, he hung up. He appeared at the top of the stairs with a first aid kit in his hand. He looked shocked to see the boy in Spencer’s lap.

“Hello, Micah. My name is Aaron.”

“Spencer called you Hotch.”

“Hotch is my nickname.”

“Is that to make me better?” Micah asked pointing at the kit.

“There are things in there to bandage up your ankle so that it’ll stop bleeding.” Aaron opened the kit and showed Micah what was inside. Micah curled into a ball and settled more into Spencer’s lap but he did hold his hurt leg out for Aaron. Spencer wrapped his arms around him and let the boy grip his left arm so tight that he was sure that he would bruise. It was going to take time to get the wound clean so Spencer started to sing.

Spencer sang song after song that he’d learned to sing to Jack when he was sick. He didn’t stop singing until Aaron had wrapped Micah’s leg with gauze. Micah watched Aaron with wary eyes but when Aaron let go of his leg, Micah smiled at him.

“Thank you Mr. Hotch.”

“Your mom and dad are outside, Micah. Are you ready to go to them?” Aaron asked.

“Yes please.” Micah stood up out of Spencer’s lap and waited for him to stand before he linked his hand with his. Spencer escorted him down the stairs to the second floor and then down the next set to the ground floor before taking him out the door. JJ and Prentiss were standing with Micah’s parents at one of the SUVs. Micah dropped his hand and took off running towards his parents.

Spencer’s heart ached to see his son again. He wanted to hold him close and never let him go. To wrap him in his arms and have Aaron hold them both. He wanted to feel safe and he wasn’t safe here.

When they were on their way home, Spencer wasn’t shocked when Aaron called and talked to Jessica about getting Jack even though it would be after the boy’s bedtime. He also wasn’t shocked that Aaron didn’t ask him to come over. He did see the way that Aaron was watching him though, like Spencer had shocked him. He wondered how Spencer acted with the kids that were victims or even witnesses. He seriously doubted that he rejected them and didn’t talk to them. He just wondered how long it would take for Aaron to see it all.

Mirror World

Spencer eventually came out of the room. He knew he needed to keep up the pretense, but in private he made it clear he didn’t want Aaron’s touch. He was angry, confused and depressed. He still dressed how Aaron wanted him to, still went to the office and worked by rote, still slept in the same bed and even let Aaron cuff him, but any attempts at touch Spencer shrugged it off. He curled up in sleep to protect himself and tried to distance his feelings from the man.

He grew closer to Jack. In fact, it was his favorite thing in the world to spend time with the boy. He came alive around him and he quickly was falling for the the energetic, smart, playful boy. His heart swelled when Jack called him Papa and he knew it was going to break him if he ever found his way back home.

Spencer had found some empty leather bound journals and decided to keep one in his bedside drawer. There was one with a lock on it and a set of tiny keys. He kept one and put the other in the getaway room where he knew the other Spencer would find it, but no one else would. He knew he needed some way to let the other Spencer know what was happening with both Jack and with Aaron. And his preferred method was always to handwrite.

He documented everything from the morning he woke-up restrained, to the confrontation in the security room. He thought it only fair to let the other Spencer know, just in case.

Charlie settled more into the house. His relationship with Derek was surprisingly good for the both of them. Derek didn’t seek out either women or young boys. Spencer was shocked that Charlie seemed to be exactly what this Derek was looking for. When the day came that the man was more coherent, Spencer laid it all out and Charlie, bless his heart, was more excited than shocked. Aaron gave them an empty room to set-up for their combined office to start working on plans to build the scale model of the Hadron collider. It had taken almost two years of calculations and experimenting before his Charlie had gotten it right. Spencer just hoped with the information he had that it didn’t take that long.

Spencer also noticed that in the few weeks that followed, Aaron was becoming more depressed, shorter of temper and anxious. He wasn’t sure what was happening and the open communication that they had established when Spencer first arrived had eroded. He knew he needed to talk to someone, but it was a risk. He just didn’t know who.

While in the library one night looking through some books on mechanical engineering, particle accelerators, the God Particle, and anything physics related someone came in and sat down in front of him.

“So, you want to tell me who you really are kid? Because you are not the Spencer that I know.” Spencer looked-up from his book to see David Rossi sitting in front of him. “And all this secrecy surrounding Dr. Epps and what the two of you are doing is the big clue. Plus I haven’t seen Aaron this agitated since before you came into his life.”

Spencer swallowed and sat back in the chair he was sitting in.

“I suppose there isn’t any reason for me to lie to you. If you are anything at all like my David Rossi you are more than hyper observant.” Spencer put the book down and shoved it aside. “You are right. I’m not this world’s Spencer.” He went on to tell Rossi what happened.

“I can see why Aaron was keeping this quiet. Don’t worry I’m not going to say anything to anyone. Aaron is very important to me. He’s like the son I never had. I don’t know what he has told you of his childhood, but it wasn’t a good one. His father was an abuser and a serial cheater. His mother committed suicide leaving him and his three year old brother at his father’s mercy. One night, Marcus beat Sean up so badly the boy died on the way to the hospital. Aaron had a broken arm and a concussion from trying to save him. I was a detective at the time and when I got to the house after the 911 call I saw a thirteen year old Aaron standing in front of his brother with a dead father at his feet. I could surmise what had gone on.”

“You took him in?”

“Yes, after a trial. He was acquitted because it was self defense.” Spencer let this digest for a moment and wiped his face before continuing.

“Do you know what’s going on with him?”

“After a fashion. I’m not really into his lifestyle, though I have gone to clubs with him and observed. From what I can gather it’s called Dom drop. A Dom has needs, Spencer. And when he’s had a relationship as long as he has had with his Spencer, there’s a routine. It’s been thrown. I know if this goes on too much longer he will seek an sub outside. He doesn’t always like that, but he can’t keep pushing down his needs Spencer.”

“You’re saying I should let him Dom me?” Spencer glared at Rossi, the look on his face made Spencer’s stomach roll. It wasn’t something he could define and this David Rossi made him very nervous.

“I’m saying exactly that. I’m also going to say that you want him to. Deep down, I think there is a part of you that is very much like his Spencer. If there wasn’t, you wouldn’t be able to fake it like you have.” Dave stood and started towards the door before he turned around, “Think about it Spencer and you’ll see I’m right.”

Spencer swallowed hard as he pulled his legs up on the chair setting his chin on his knees. He was very much afraid that Rossi was right.


Aaron was sitting in his study with only one light on and a bottle of scotch sitting on the desk. His hand was shaking as he picked up the glass. He knew intellectually what this was, he was suffering from Dom drop and he didn’t like it. The last scene with his Spencer had been tame physically. He gave Spencer what he needed and cared for him after. It was still no less intense and having his beloved ripped from him, not being able to have the morning after talk, the soft quiet moments with his sub was playing with his emotions. It had been too long and he knew depression and anxiety were setting in. He didn’t like this feeling which he knew was adding to the surly attitude he had been sporting at work and at home. There was a knock on the slightly open door.

“Go away,” he growled low as he slung back another drink.

“Its me. Can I come in?” Spencer stood just inside the door and watched the man at the desk, guilt eating away at his stomach. He hadn’t meant for things to get this far, but he had been angry and hurt by the way Aaron had forced him to talk about things he thought he had locked away.

“Fine. Just say what the fuck you want and leave me alone.”

Spencer took off the glasses he was wearing and rubbed at his eyes. He lowered himself in the chair across from Aaron and just stared at him a moment.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry this happened. I’m trying to fix this and I, I know you are trying to be patient. I’m sorry I’ve backed away but you scare me Aaron. You make me feel and do things I never even knew were in me. Then you hurt me, with Gideon. You did all that on purpose. Putting it in my head to wander the mansion. You knew I would find the security room and the video feeds.” Spencer trailed off not knowing what more to say.

“I need him Spencer. I


him,” Aaron’s eyes were wet but he refused to let himself cry. The last time he cried he was ten, after a particularly bad beating from his father. He resolved himself that day that he wouldn’t let anyone, ever, make him cry. He knew then he was worse off than he thought.

“And yes, I did lead you down there. I wanted you to see the


Jason Gideon. Not this mentor you built-up in your head. He hurt you like he hurt my Spencer, like he hurt Charlie. What if he had done that in your world? Would you have forgiven him so easy?”

Spencer was silent and Aaron could practically see the thoughts in his head. “No. I don’t think I would have and I don’t think that I have forgiven him. You made me see a hard truth I was denying.”

Aaron could feel Spencer’s eyes on him and he just really wanted the man to leave him alone. The last time he felt this emotionally lost was when Haley had tried to run away with Jack. When he finally found her he took Jack, handed the baby to Spencer, who cradled the boy close. It melted Aaron’s heart to see his Spencer loving the boy almost immediately. He made Spencer go wait in the car while he dealt with the woman. He didn’t care that Jack would never know his mother, the boy had two fathers that adored him and, in his mind, that’s all he needed.

Aaron watched as Spencer stood up and bit his lip. Taking a deep breath, he kneeled in front of Aaron, head down and hands clasped together behind his back. Aaron watched him as he held the pose, his eyes boring into Spencer.

He wasn’t sure what was being offered. He let Spencer sit there in the pose, studying him. There was so much that was the same, but so much that was different as well. After he finished his scotch, he reached out and gripped Spencer’s chin and forced his head up to look him directly in the eyes.

“Do you understand what you are offering me?” Aaron studied his face, trying to find the lie or the trick but saw only openness in the man’s eyes.

“I can’t take the level of pain that your Spencer can, but yes I understand,” Spencer swallowed as the hand holding his chin was now wrapped lightly around his throat.  Aaron observed him carefully as he kept his hand there, lightly squeezing.  Aaron wasn’t blind, he saw the rush of want and need in Spencer’s eyes. Slowly he leaned forward and keeping his hand around Spencer’s throat, kissed his full soft lips. He flicked his tongue out and across those lips he still had captured and on a deep moan Spencer opened for him. Pressing his tongue inside he explored Spencer’s mouth reveling in the shiver he caused. He kept up the assault on the other man’s mouth till Spencer was practically vibrating with need. Sitting back in the chair Aaron smiled at the swollen lips and blissed out look on Spencer’s face.

“Stand-up Pet.” He was taken by surprise when Spencer did it with no argument. He reached out and hooked his fingers through one of the belt loops then pulled the man closer. Spencer was watching his face the whole time wondering what he was going to do. Aaron undid Spencer’s trousers and let them fall to the floor, then taking a hand tugged him into his lap. Without saying a word he reached in and wrapped his hand around the hard cock and started to stroke.

“You aren’t him,” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear as he stroked along the length of him.

“I know,” Spencer’s breath caught in his throat as the pleasure spiked through his groin making his back bow.

“Then, why? You obviously hate the man I am,” Aaron breathed against Spencer’s neck as his grip tightened and his movements sped up. “And I’m not your Aaron. I could never be.”

Spencer leaned against Aaron for support, his head on the man’s shoulder, his hips thrusting up into Aaron’s hand seeking relief from the intensity of what was happening to him.

“Y-you n-n-needed something. Oh fuck, wha-what are you doing?” Aaron had a finger pressing on the area just below his scrotum and the sensation was shooting all through his lower stomach and thighs. He was trembling with each pass of Aaron’s hand, the need for release making him whimper.

“You are still a treasure Spencer. I hope your Aaron knows what he has.” Aaron continued to press kisses along his neck, licking a stripe up to his ear where he caught the lower lobe in his teeth. Sucking on the soft flesh Spencer cried out, his shaking getting worse, the intensity of sensation on his cock increasing with each thrust. He looked down and watched as Aaron stroked him. He couldn’t take his eyes off that hand and when he felt the bite on his ear, his body responded as he thrust up and came in Aaron’s hand. The intensity of the orgasm had him shaking in Aaron’s arms. He buried his head against Aaron’s neck to hold back the tears that wanted to come.

“You’ve never done that with your Aaron have you? Am I the only one that has touched you like this Spencer?”

Spencer couldn’t speak even if he wanted to so he just shook his head no.

Aaron wrapped his other arm around Spencer and held him close till the shaking stopped. Not letting go of Spencer, Aaron reached in his desk for the hand wipes he kept in there, mostly for this purpose. He cleaned himself, then Spencer up and leaned back and wrapped both arms around the man in his lap.

“He’s a fool. If he’s anything even remotely like me he’s been in love with you for years. Why hasn’t he done anything about it?” Aaron ran his hands through Spencer’s hair and though it was short he got some sensation from just touching it.

“We were going to go on a date, our first one. It was the day I woke-up in your bed.” Spencer admitted as he closed his eyes trying not to cry.

Aaron kept a hold of Spencer as he was settling more back into himself. This, this was familiar. Even if it was a different Spencer, the feelings and the touches were so much the same.

“He was married, and life just happened.”

“Life doesn’t just happen Spencer. People let themselves get caught-up in their own emotional baggage and hold back from what they really want. If he truly wanted you, he should have already had you.” Aaron slid his hands up under Spencer’s shirt and caressed the flesh underneath. Spencer couldn’t help the physical response as his body shivered at the feel of those hands on him.

“You don’t know, oh god,” Spencer sighed and fought with himself on whether he should stop what was happening. A part of him felt like he was cheating on his Aaron, but another part, the part that was touch-starved didn’t want it to stop. He was shaking again, unashamed in wanting more.

“Was your submission false Spencer?” Aaron whispered in this ear as his tongue flicked out and he licked along the lobe.

Spencer wanted to lie again, wanted to say yes but he would be lying to himself as well.

“No.” The word was out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

Aaron breathed in deep, practically smelling the arousal pouring off of him. His smile was almost feral. A part of him wanted to push Spencer, wanted to do to him what he normally would do to his Pet, but he wasn’t going to. But, he did plan on using the man currently writhing in his arms.

“Pick a safeword.” Aaron rumbled low in his ear.

Spencer tried to think but is was so hard as those hands caressed him and held him in an iron grip. His breath hitched as fingers pinched one of his nipples.

“I’m tempted to send you back to him with pierced nipples. Strap you down on the table, straddle your legs and pull out the piercing kit. I’d put a bar through both, a minor claim to let him know I had you.” Aaron scraped his teeth across Spencer’s jaw then his cheek.

Spencer closed his eyes and a small part of him wanted it. God help him he wanted it but he wasn’t going to let this Aaron know, wasn’t going to give him that ammunition that would let him dig deeper into him, twisting him up more than he already was.

“Tumultu.” Spencer finally choked out.

“Latin for confusion. Is that really what you feel Spencer? Confusion? Do I confuse you Spencer?” Aaron hummed as his tongue slid down Spencer’s neck licking the sensitive flesh.

“You, you twist me up and turn me around. I know what you’re doing. These mind games, you’re punishing me.”

“Am I? Or am I making you see things you choose to be blind to.” Aaron slid his fingers into the top of Spencer’s hair. At least he could grip that part. Hooking his fingers in the short locks he pulled hard and forced Spencer to look at him. “Do you want me to fuck you Spencer?”

Panting hard, Spencer looked at Aaron with slightly glassy eyes, “Yes.” He wanted to cry at the confession. God, he wanted it so bad. He knew how much of a sociopath this Aaron was but god he just wanted to let go, let go and let Aaron take control. He hadn’t even realized he had that in him and he knew this was another thing this Aaron was going to win in.

“Stand up, put your clothes back on and go to our bedroom.” Aaron stood, his arousal was quite evident but Spencer was too far gone. He scrambled to do as Aaron told him to do and walked at a fast, clipped pace till he got to the bedroom.

Aaron wasn’t too far behind him when he went to the cabinet immediately and opened it. He took out a few items then turned to Spencer.

“Strip.” Aaron commanded. Spencer quickly shed his clothes and stood there shivering a little. He didn’t know what to expect as he’d never done anything like this before.

Aaron walked over and put a different type of cuff around his wrists. These were black hard leather with buckles and a few rings as well. He also put some cuffs around his upper arms and tried not to let his fear show. Aaron smiled as his chin was gripped tight, then that mouth was on him, kissing him and Spencer couldn’t help the moan that escaped from him.

“Are you backing out?”

Spencer swallowed as his breath turned shallow, “No.”

“Good.” Aaron turned him to face the cabinet. “Choose two.”

Spencer stood there for a long time not knowing what to do. He lightly fingered each item, guessing what they were used for. He was intrigued by the long hard paddle and took that out as well as the braided flogger. It was thick with many braided strands that were knotted on the ends.

“Go to the closet. The purple kimono, put that on, and come back out here.” Spencer quickly did as Aaron told him.

“Beautiful.” Aaron clipped the leash on the collar, that Spencer almost forgot he was wearing. Aaron pulled on the leash as he started out the door. Spencer had no choice but to follow.

When they entered the playroom Aaron took off the leash, then stripped him of the robe. He reached down and stroked Spencer to hardness then snapped on the leather cock cage and ring. He then led Spencer to the very rack that Charlie had been on just a few short weeks ago. Aaron pulled out chains and attached them to his arms, a belt was attached around his waist and chains to the ankle cuffs that were attached to him. Aaron stood and looked in Spencer’s eyes.

“You safeword, it all ends.”

“I understand, Aaron.”

“Sir. In this room, I am Sir or Master.”

Spencer shivered as he looked in Aaron’s eyes, “Yes, Sir.”

Aaron groaned as he walked around Spencer, his fingers lightly trailing over his skin.

“God you’re beautiful. Your skin is almost perfect.” Aaron walked back to the front and gripped Spencer’s chin. “I won’t scar you. Not like I would my Pet. But, I want to mark you, but we can talk about that later.” Aaron leaned in and kissed Spencer hard, his tongue thrust in and was relentless in tasting him. Spencer groaned as he leaned as much as he could into the kiss. He gave up trying to fight the want of Aaron the moment he stepped into Aaron’s study.

Aaron pulled out of the kiss and moved around the room a moment. He didn’t want to start Spencer out hard so he grabbed a silicon flogger with thick strands that would give just a slight sting, but wouldn’t cause damage. He caressed the flogger over Spencer’s body, then lightly swung it so it just slapped him. Spencer shivered and closed his eyes trying to empty his mind.

Aaron took a step back and loosening his wrist up a bit he took a swing and hit full force the middle of Spencer’s back. The man cried out as his body bowed in shock. Aaron swung again and again. Varying the strength, from light to hard. He watched Spencer’s reactions and noticed how his cock hardened, even in the cage.

Aaron ignored his own erection, that need would be satisfied later. Here, now, this was what he had needed. He had been on the verge of seeking a play partner for a short-term, no-sex relationship, but he didn’t want that. Knew it wouldn’t truly satisfy him. This, right here and now was what he needed. Training


Spencer to become what he needed, what they needed, was intoxicating.

When welts started to form and Spencer’s cries became screams, Aaron shivered and felt more settled in his own skin. He set the flogger down and went to the fridge to pull out a bottle of water then walked back.

“Drink.” Spencer took a few sips of the water, then Aaron was pulling it away. He leaned in and kissed Spencer again, holding his head and leading the kiss.

“Tell me how you are?” He asked as he gripped Spencer’s chin.

“G-good. I’m good.” Spencer was breathing hard as he looked into Aaron’s eyes. He groaned as fingers explored his back, then pressed on the welts. Crying out, his head fell back and his breath shortened.

“Shall I continue?”

“Y-yes,” Spencer whispered and Aaron could hear a little bit of shame in his answer.

“There isn’t anything wrong with what we are doing Spencer. Let yourself go, let yourself feel what I do to you, get out of your head for once and you will fly,” Aaron whispered close to his ear.

Spencer whined as he leaned forward. Aaron chuckled as he moved away then picked-up the flat paddle. He lightly hit Spencer on the ass, letting him get used to the instrument. He slowly made the hits harder and harder till he was landing very hard blows on each cheek and a little on Spencer’s upper thighs.

Spencer was screaming and trying to buck as each blow landed.

“Sir, fuck, fuck I, I want, I want…” Spencer was finding it hard to form words.

“You what Spencer?”

“I want to come. I want to come. It hurts so bad.” Spencer whined and was begging.

“No. You don’t come till I tell you. Understand?”

“Please. Please I need to…” Aaron closed his eyes and trembled at the sounds of begging.

“No. You hold it Spencer. If you come I will punish you.” He ran his hands over Spencer’s sensitive reddened ass. It was hot to the touch and Aaron dropped to his knees and kissed and nipped his teeth all over the abused flesh. The whine that came from the younger man made Aaron want to crow in pleasure. Instead, he kept himself in control as he stood, took a few deep breaths and went for the braided flogger. The first hit was hard and added to the welt’s on Spencer’s back. Aaron’s body was practically singing as he continued.

He kept a careful eye on Spencer who had gone silent, his head was hanging and his body was slack. Aaron put the flogger down and went for a warm wet towel. Coming back, he gently padded the abused flesh as Spencer sucked in a breath.

“You with me Pet?” Aaron lifted his chin and saw glassy eyes.

“Please,” Spencer whimpered as he thrust forward.

Aaron released him from the restraints, covered him with the robe then took him back to their bedroom. Grabbing a rolled pillow he slipped it under Spencer then bent the young man over it. He quickly stripped and grabbed the bottle of lube. Slicking up his hand he pushed one finger inside Spencer’s exposed hole.

“Oh, oh please, please Sir.” Spencer was practically humping the pillow under him. Aaron added a second finger, spreading the lube inside. He then slicked up his own achingly hard cock and pushed inside, not even stopping to let Spencer get used to it before he started to fuck into him hard and fast.

“Fuck,” Spencer cried out as he pushed back then whimpered at the sting as his abused ass made contact with Aaron’s flesh as he was pounded into.

“Please, Sir, please I need…”

“Shh, I know Pet.” Aaron reached down and snapped off the cage. He felt close as he wrapped his hand around Spencer’s cock and started to stroke in time to his thrusts. His breath shortened as his cock ached with his own need for release.

“God, Spencer, so good, fuck,” Aaron caught his breath as that familiar pull started deep within. “Come for me Spencer,” He ordered through gritted teeth. He was rewarded when Spencer thrust and bowed his back up at the force of his orgasm. The pulsing heat around him was almost too much as he too let go and came inside Spencer.

Aaron closed his eyes and stayed on the bed like he was, still buried as his heart hammered in his chest. He knew he was beginning to develop feelings for this Spencer, he just didn’t know what they were yet. Carefully pulling out, he pulled Spencer to him and carried him into the bathroom where he went about his aftercare.

When they were settled in bed, Spencer not even protesting the cuffs anymore, Aaron curled around him and held him tight. He was afraid, and yet, wasn’t this what he wanted? Wasn’t this the long-game? The goal if he never got his Spencer back? Yet, he feared giving his heart because what if it was all ripped away from him, yet again.


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