New Roads 2010 Part 2

Spencer smiled as he pulled out of his parking spot he’d used the past few weeks at GWU. He settled into the seat as he drove. His hotel wasn’t far away, but instead of turning in there, he kept driving. He drove around the city, seeing the changes in even the short time that he had been gone. He’d been there for a week and he hadn’t really done anything except hang out with professors at GWU, and spend his nights with JJ, Will, and Henry. He stopped at the coffee shop that was by his old apartment.

When he’d looked up to the room after asking a question, it wasn’t hard to miss Hotch in the back of the room. He was in a suit, probably had come from work, so he stood out with the people in jeans and t-shirts at the back of the room. He’d expected the older man to come up to him, but when he’d been talking with some of the professors Hotch had slipped away. He blamed the older man for the walk down memory lane that he was indulging in. He got back into his car with a cup of steaming, very sweet coffee, and started to drive again. JJ and Will had always taken Henry to see him in Las Vegas and then California. He hadn’t settled down after leaving the BAU. He had a myriad of job offers, but he hadn’t picked a place to settle down so he moved from place to place, sometimes staying at a hotel for weeks on end. The rest of the time usually a professor or Dean had him stay with them.

Spencer knew from JJ where Morgan was at. He was in the final stages of remodeling a new place and was staying in it at the moment. He stared at the windows, seeing someone moving around the living room area, but he had no urge to go inside. He had no desire to open that wound up again. Morgan had stopped calling and texting him a few weeks after Haley’s funeral. He knew that Garcia was keeping track of him, but there wasn’t a way to stop her. Thankfully, no cases for the BAU had come up in the areas he was often found himself in, so their paths never crossed.

Prentiss’s apartment was the same as it always had been. She was sitting on the deck that came off her living room. She was reading a book and from the distance, Spencer couldn’t tell what it was. Again there was no urge to engage her. The first few weeks away from DC had been hard. Even though he’d been alone with just JJ, Will, and Henry, there was something about being so far from them. He had missed Morgan and Prentiss, but the ache for Hotch had been horrible. He couldn’t understand how the man had never even tried to contact him. Even as a team leader, how did he not care that his subordinate was injured.

Pulling away, Spencer turned back towards his hotel room. When he stopped at a light, Spencer realized that he had been driving towards Hotch’s. He parked in the parking lot across the street and looked up. The apartment was dark, so that meant Hotch wasn’t home, or that they were asleep. It was December, but that didn’t mean that Hotch wouldn’t not be out. He watched the people crossing in front of the apartment until he noticed Jack. The boy was bundled up, but he didn’t look all that different than he had at the funeral. Hotch was behind the boy with a smile on his face. They looked like they’d been at the park. He watched them as they moved into the foyer of the building.

The ache started up in his chest. The same as it always was, but the urge to go and knock on his door wasn’t there. He wasn’t the man who had been in love with the older man anymore. He wasn’t happy with his life, but he wasn’t unhappy either. He wanted to settle down, find somewhere to live where he could be happy, and while being near his mother had been good the past year, he wanted to be nearer to JJ and Henry again.

Sitting on his desk in his hotel was a job offer for a private school in Virginia. It would be a good, generous offer and it would put him closer to his godson. The school wanted him for his degrees as well as him being a former FBI agent. The school was seeing a rise in students from DC whose parents were influential. He would be asked to have access to his gun while at school given the threats that had been made against the school. And the students were not unintelligent. They weren’t rejects from public school, they were in private school because they were smart.

The contract offered was for a year and anything further to be discussed at the end of the year. He’d had fun doing little classes here and there at colleges all around the west coast, but kids were different. But this was was family. He could do it for family.

There was no desire to go and check on Rossi or Garcia, he didn’t know what to think about that. Rossi and he had moved to a point of mutual respect, but he hadn’t felt the betrayal he had from the older man as he had the others. He didn’t ‘hang’ with him after work. He didn’t know much about his life outside of work, other than him having three ex Mrs. Rossi’s, and that he was the reason that most of the fraternization rules existed in the BAU. And Garcia…he had no feelings of any kind when it came to her. He was numb to her. JJ had told him what she had said at Haley’s funeral about making him stay. He felt sorry for her. That she was that sheltered. That she felt like him leaving was hurting her more than it was hurting him. That being left alone wasn’t a good reason to protect himself.

Turning the car back on, Spencer had made his decision. Himself above anyone.


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