The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 5

Our World

The ringing of the landline had Spencer standing up to look at the caller ID on the phone. It was Charlie again. Spencer had texted him the week before and told him that work had been really busy lately and he’d let him know when he could work on the project again. The voicemails and answering machines messages only spoke of wanting to talk about what went wrong but Spencer knew that he couldn’t answer that. He had no clue what the hell the two of them had been doing and he wasn’t going to even attempt to lie about it. It would take him at least a month with access to the experiment to understand it and he didn’t have access.

Charlie realizing that he didn’t know about the experiment was sure to reveal that he wasn’t the correct Spencer. He had no way of lying his way out of any of it and he couldn’t have the BAU team looking at him in anyway other than a teammate. He’d never be able to hold up to their ideals of Spencer with such harsh eyes on him. His sociopathy was well hidden because they weren’t looking for it.

A glance at the new alarm on the wall had Spencer sighing in comfort. He leaned back against the arm of the couch again, his collar affixed around his neck a welcome weight. He’d missed being able to wear it for a week. The team had been on a case. Prentiss, suffering from a severe cold that had Spencer deeming her a walking petri dish, had been sent home by Aaron. The town they were in was small and it only had a motel. There had been a single occupancy and two double. Dave had claimed the single. And it seemed that when it came to cases like that where there were odd numbers of male and females, he and JJ were paired together. So Spencer hadn’t been able to wear his cuffs to sleep or his collar to calm him down.

The ping of an email had Spencer looking at his laptop. He’d gone out and bought it as he was used to having one at home. When he and Aaron had to work on things on a computer they did use their office a lot but they also used a shared laptop so that they could still be mobile, especially on the weekends with Jack hanging around. Family time was important but sometimes cases were paramount so it was a good compromise. He opened the email and found that the paper submission had been accepted. Spencer had made sure to go through all of Spencer’s academic things and get his homework done as well as the few paper submissions that he’d agreed to. Thankfully, it was all things that he already knew and Spencer had already started them so it was easy to continue in the veins to make sure that he sounded like Spencer enough to where the academics wouldn’t suspect anything..

Spencer was nearly done finalizing his paper for the Journal when he heard a knock on the door. Instead of getting up, he picked up his cell phone and accessed the security feed. The small peep hole camera showed Charlie standing just outside. Spencer had to give him props for being tenacious. At some point Charlie was going to come to the BAU to talk to him and he just hoped he’d be able to lie his ass off to get out of it. So far in the weeks that he’d been there, he’d dodged him well.

Pushing the noise out of his mind, Spencer focused instead on the search that he was conducting to try and find a little bird. The man wasn’t that hard to track as he didn’t try to hide but Spencer wanted to know every single little thing about him before he confronted him. The web he was weaving was tightening around the man had he had no clue. He was a threat no matter what world he was in. Spencer wasn’t going to let him live.

Most of the morning had gone before Spencer closed down the laptop and moved to get himself a refill of coffee. Spencer enjoyed the game of technophobe that the other Spencer played with the team. It really showed how little they understood academia. He’d learned that they really thought the other Spencer hated technology. Reading was one thing, but how did they really think that Spencer researched his topics? Everything was digitized now. He was enjoying the game though. Aaron saw through it more and that thankfully meant the man wasn’t too stupid to live.

The taste of fresh coffee was welcome as Spencer stood in the kitchen of the apartment. He’d adapted well to living there alone but he was more than ready to go home. He wanted his bedroom, his playroom, and his office. He wanted a place where those who looked at him were just as scared of him as they were Aaron and in some cases more so. Their work personas were perfect but everyone knew that they loved each other to the ends of the Earth and while Aaron’s love was possessive, Spencer’s was manic at times. Spencer had even gone so far as to poison Aaron’s previous flirtatious partner without anyone being the wiser.

Her ex-husband had been falsely accused and convicted but Spencer concluded that he was just as much to blame for her attempted seduction as she, since it was their divorce that had caused the woman’s eyes to turn to Aaron.

It was after that that Aaron had found better ways to keep Spencer entertained. The woman had been asking to be punished though since she desperately pursued Aaron despite his and Spencer’s obvious relationship

Spencer’s cell phone ringing had him going into the living room to find that it was Aaron calling him.

“Aaron,” Spencer said as a way of greeting. He could hear noises in the background that sounded like Jack chattering away about something.

“Spencer, Jack would like you to join us at the park. We are about twenty minutes away from leaving the apartment. Are you busy?”

“No. I’ve got all my classwork and papers done for now. I have the day to do what I want.” Spencer looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was thirteen minutes past two. He’d spent more of the morning working than he thought. He’d have to eat something quickly. “Did you want me to meet you or did you want to pick me up?”

Spencer knew what he wanted but he had to make Aaron want to do it, not force it on him.

“I can pick you up. Jack’s favorite park is in your direction.. It has more soccer fields.” Aaron said something to Jack but he’d pulled his mouth away from the phone so Spencer did hear it. He waited patiently. “It seems that Jack wants to do dinner while we are out. Jack, we can’t take up his entire day.”

“Aaron, it’s fine. I’d be delighted to spend the day with you and Jack. Like I said, I have completed everything that I need to do. Even if we go on a case tomorrow, I’ll be fine.”

“Well Jack, it seems like Spencer has agreed to eat out as well. Think about where you want to go.” The sound of running feet carried over the phone and Spencer kept his laughter to himself. Jack had changed when came to him. Before that breakfast, Spencer discovered that Jack enjoyed having Spencer visit the apartment and eat meals with him, but he hadn’t realized that it could actually be fun to see Spencer outside of that setting. Jack asked about him constantly it seemed and Aaron had to rein him in. Spencer had several plans that he could enact to get what the other Spencer needed out of this. If it came down to it and Aaron was unwilling, Spencer would end it. He wasn’t going to let Aaron hurt him. Not in that way.

He quickly grabbed meat and cheese from the fridge, and made a sandwich. He ate it while packing his bag for the afternoon out. He slipped in a book but figured he wouldn’t be able to read but he didn’t like being without. Next was a discreet bag that he slipped his collar in. Even just carrying it around helped. He brushed his hands down his belly, stopping at his naval. He knew that he was going in a slow drop. He’d have to find someone to dominate him in some way and soon. He was hoping that someone would be Aaron, but the man seemed so resistant.

Spencer was ready to go by the time he finished the sandwich. He grabbed a bottle of juice and downed it before he set the alarm and left. The alarm had been installed a little later than he liked but he liked what had been installed. It was state of the art and was very well maintained by a company that catered to a lot of the Senators in DC. He wasn’t sure which company Aaron used for his. He wasn’t going to ask, nor at the moment give Aaron access to his apartment.

When he stepped out in the sun, Spencer slipped on his sunglasses. He looked for Aaron’s car in the passing traffic. It wasn’t long before his car pulled into the loading/unloading zone in front of the building. He easily slipped into the front passenger seat and as he buckled his belt, Spencer turned back to Jack.

“Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Spencer. Dad said you are going to spend all day with us.”

“I am.” Spencer smiled at him. He stayed turned towards Jack as they made the twenty minute drive to the park. The boy played with the soccer ball in his lap and smiled at Spencer every single time that he looked up at him. Aaron stole glances at them but Spencer ignored him.

Once the car was shut off, Jack unbuckled himself and rolled the ball to the side while he climbed out of the car. Spencer met him at the car door and made sure that it stayed open. Jack smiled at him before taking off towards the closest, empty soccer field.

“Jack! Slow down!” Aaron yelled.

“I’ll catch him,” Spencer offered and moved towards the boy. Aaron’s face wasn’t exactly filled with happiness about it, but he didn’t say no. Spencer caught up with Jack easily and the boy dropped his ball to the ground and started to kick it around. Spencer moved quickly and kicked the ball back towards Jack. The boy looked at him like he was in shock. He wondered if Spencer had ever reached out to him or if it was Aaron who never let him.

“You can play?”

“Not really but I have looked at moves and read some books on soccer. I can probably teach you some. Would you like that?”

“YES!” Jack screamed.

“Jack!” Aaron chastised.

“Sorry, Dad. I’m just really excited. Spencer said that he was going to teach me some soccer moves!”

“He is?”

“He said he read some books and he’s looked at the moves.”

Spencer smiled at Aaron and kicked the ball a little farther out in the field. Jack followed it and Spencer followed him. Aaron set himself up on the edge of the field and watched them for almost two hours as Spencer went over all the moves that Jack could do at his age and dexterity. The first time that Spencer passed by where Aaron was standing, he tried to kiss him but Aaron ducked away. So Spencer decided to just ignore him. For two hours, Spencer gave all of his focus to Jack. Jealousy wasn’t an emotion that his Aaron had ever displayed so it took Spencer almost an hour to place the emotion on his face. Jack ran to Aaron for drinks of his water while Spencer grabbed his own from where he’d set it after he’d taken it from his bag.

After two hours, Jack was tired and he flopped on his back in the grass. Spencer laid down beside him except on his side. The ball was on the ground between them and Spencer started to roll it back and forth. Jack was panting from running the length of the field as he’d learning ways to better handle the ball. He was as much a natural as his Jack was at the sport.

“Most of it is understanding your own body and how others move as well.”

“And physics. Our coach talks about physics and tells us that as we get better and older we will understand the science behind soccer more.”

“He is right. Knowing how hard to kick and with which part of your foot to use, helps in understanding where it will go and how quickly. It’s not so much the numbers as just understanding. When you get older and better at soccer, you’ll be able to predict where a ball kicked by someone else is going based on how quick their foot moves, where the ball is when it’s hit, and what part of the foot hits it.”

“Is that how goalies know where the ball is going to enter their net?”

“The really good ones, yes.”

“Can we watch games and you show me what you mean by all of that?” Jack asked. He smiled at Spencer before opening his mouth to talk again. “Dad has DVDs of FIFA games that I can watch.”

“We can do that sometime.” Spencer would enjoy that. With his Jack getting older, he studied games on his own now and didn’t need him as much to help him analyse it all.

“Dad says that you and he are dating now. That things are going to change and that there will be times that you and him want to do things alone.”

“Sometimes we will want to have dinner alone and have other alone time.” Spencer leaned a little more towards Jack, resting his arm on the ball and laying his hand on Jack’s belly. Jack didn’t remember when his parents were married, Spencer was sure, given the age he was when it happened. All he could remember was the aftermath of it. Spencer wasn’t sure if Haley ever dated. “Didn’t your mom go on dates?”

“I don’t know. There were nights where I stayed with Aunt Jessica before Mom died. Mom just said she needed some her time. Do you think that’s what she was doing?”

“I don’t know. What I do know is that your Dad and I wanting time alone with each other does not mean that he and I don’t want to spend time with you.” Spencer rolled the ball to the side and rolled on his stomach. “You like to spend time with friends right?”


“Do you want to spend all your time with your friends?”

“As much as I can.”

“But to spend time with your friends, you have to not spend time with your Dad.”

“Yes.” Jack was looking at him puzzled.

“Think of it like that. Your dad has to choose between you and his friends. He wants to spend all of his time with you but sometimes he wants to spend time with his friends. And that’s what your Dad and I are. We are friends.”

“Who kiss.”

“Who kiss.”

“Kissing is ucky.”

“You won’t always think that. You liked the kisses your Mom gave you and you still like the kisses that your Dad and Aunt give you. But one day, you’ll want to show someone else that you like them. But it’s not something you do to everyone. You don’t kiss all your friends. You’ll know the friends you want to be more than friends with and want to kiss.”

“Like you and Daddy?”

“Exactly like that.”

“What does it feel like?”

“For your dad and I it was different. We worked together for so long but when I first started to think about him that way, he’d make my heart race. My palms would get sweaty. I’d have to double think everything before saying anything. When we kissed the first time, my heart skipped a beat and my mind went blank.” Spencer had to stop himself from starting the story that his Jack liked to hear time and time again. The rest of it wouldn’t fit the idea that Jack had of his father.

“That sounds confusing.” Jack sighed as he looked up into the sky.

“It is.”

“When will I start to have to keep an eye out for the uckiness?”


“I don’t want puberty to happen to me.”

“Well, Jack. You can’t stop it. It happens to everyone, boy or girl.”

“And we can’t stop it?”


“UGH!” Jack sighed even louder and flopped his arms up and then down. Spencer tried to hold in his laugh but Jack side glanced at him for a second and then was on the move. Spencer didn’t react, waiting to see what he would do. When Jack climbed up onto his back, Spencer looked back at him, seeing hands going right for Spencer’s sides. Jack’s hands were hesitant but not soft enough that it didn’t set his nerves alight. He laughed as Jack tickled at him. Spencer held back the tears that were threatening to fall down his face. Jack stopped when Aaron stepped up to them. Jack sat up straight on his back and Spencer tilted his head up to look. That jealous look was back on his face and Spencer felt better for it. No one who loved another would be jealous of him and his son spending time together. Them bonding meant that Jack wouldn’t balk at being on the side when they did go on dates. It meant that they’d have a happier life.

“Jack, I think a stop at the house for a shower would be a good idea.”

“Okay, Daddy.” Jack held up his hands and Aaron picked him up off of Spencer and set him down on the ground. Spencer raised himself up to his knees but Aaron was moving away with Jack in tow. Spencer smirked as he grabbed the soccer ball. Aaron had already picked up everything except Spencer’s bag. Spencer grabbed it and walked at a slow pace after them. He watched the sway of Aaron’s hips, the play of his muscles as he opened the door. The trunk popped and Spencer placed the ball in it. As he rounded the car to get into the front seat, the back seat window rolled down. “Spencer will you sit in the back with me?”

“Sure.” Spencer sidetracked back around the back of the car and slipped into the seat behind Aaron’s. When they were on their way, after Spencer made sure that Jack was safe in his booster seat, Spencer caught the eye of Aaron in the mirror often during the drive, looking at him. He tried to ignore it and focus on Jack but it was no avail. He couldn’t help but stare at the face staring back at him.

A quick stop at Aaron’s apartment and Spencer followed them up into it. He stayed in the living room, finding a comfortable spot on the couch to read while Aaron had Jack shower quickly. Spencer savored the words on the page, reading slowly as he listened with an open ear to the rooms at the back of the apartment. If Aaron wanted to have a happy home as well as a happy life, he had to learn to share, and Spencer was all for making sure that he learned that.

When they finally sat down at the diner table, another corner booth, Spencer smiled into his menu like the cat that got the cream when instead of sliding in on his father’s side, Jack slipped in on Spencer’s. Spencer, though, made sure to include Aaron in all of the conversations, from soccer to school, to heroes and everything in between. Still, he wasn’t shocked when he was dropped off at his apartment with Aaron talking about breakfast with Jessica. He entered his apartment and settled in with his collar around his neck and cuffs on his hands before settling into bed and chaining himself in.

The ache of missing his lover and his son was great and he cried himself to sleep.

Mirror World

“Are you seriously stupid?” Spencer didn’t yell, didn’t raise his voice even. He didn’t have to. The junior law clerk stood there, shaking, as he held the file up to her face and glared. It was the look he had perfected over the years when dealing with particularly manipulative UnSubs.

“You filled out the evidentiary forms completely wrong, as well as the transfer requests, the hearing request, and the re-trial forms. What the fucking hell were you thinking? This case is not only a high-priority case, but it can set precedent for criminals with Shared Delusional Disorder. Your fuck-up could have cost Mr. Hotchner, and in turn this firm, not only the case, but his reputation. Now, I will ask you again, what the hell were you doing that you screwed-up this badly?” Spencer didn’t waver as he stood there and glared.

“I, I, I’m sorry Dr. Reid. I, was trying to manager my time like you told me. I worked on several files at the same time that had similar requests…” The girl’s voice trailed off as Spencer’s scowl deepened.

“By managing your time I didn’t mean for you to do something this incredibly stupid. Bring me all the files you were working on. I want to see just how much you screwed-up. Then, and only then, will I talk to Mr. Hotchner and make a decision on whether he should fire your ass or not.” Spencer marched her out of the office and pointed towards her desk.

He shut the door and went back to his own desk and set the file down. He’d have to re-do the requests before three o’clock that afternoon or else they would lose their window of opportunity to get them in on time for consideration. He looked-up sharply when he heard the door click shut and the lock engage and the automatic blinds slide down.

“Stand-up, strip, and bend over the desk. After that little display I want to fuck you here and now.” Aaron growled as he walked-up to Spencer, a dark smoldering need was simmering in his eyes.

Spencer didn’t even argue as he quickly undressed and practically ran to the desk, which already had a soft towel draped across the middle.

“Ho-how long were you here?”

“Long enough Pet. Now, bend over.” Spencer squeaked at the tone in Aaron’s voice, but he complied. He was startled to realize just how hard he was. Aaron didn’t even prepare him as he was quickly impaled with the man’s hard cock.

“Fuck,” Spencer screamed out as hands gripped his hips in a hard bruising hold. His mouth went dry as he gripped the opposite edge of the desk for a hand hold while he was fucked into hard and fast.

“Fuck Spencer, that was hot,” Aaron growled as he pistoned his hips and pushed in and out of Spencer’s tight hole over and over. “To see you let go, to see you becoming more, fuck.”

Spencer lost all ability of speech as he was pounded into, his hard cock rubbing against the towel causing friction. He was babbling, pleading, but he knew he would only be allowed to cum when Aaron wanted him to.

“So beautiful, all splayed out on my desk for me.” Aaron loosened one hand and trailed it down Spencer’s back, tracing the large tattoo that had been started just ten days prior. At the bottom was an intricate picture of a man slumped over in sleep on top of an ornate desk. The messy curly hair framed a model perfect face. Behind was a bookcase that took up Spencer’s entire back. Only a part of one shelf was filled in. A small section of books lined the upper right shoulder, with one open and a quote written inside. The quote was from Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

Him so I sought, and so at last I found, Where him that witch had thralled to her will,
In chaines of lust and lewd desires ybound, And so transformed from his former skill,
That me he knew not, neither his own ill.

Spencer chose it for two reasons, one of which was that it was one of his Mother’s favorite books, and two, he very much identified with the quote. Aaron was gently tracing the book with his fingers enjoying the mark on the younger man. He leaned down flush with Spencer’s back and licked at the tattoo which had the man in question shuddering under him. He stayed in the position, practically fully dressed except for the cock buried in Spencer’s ass.

“Fuck, cum Spencer,” he growled close to Spencer’s ear who immediately obeyed cumming against the towel as he was pressed into the desk. Aaron crowed as he felt that tight heat pulse around him, then he too was cumming.

Aaron stretched his arms out to cover Spencer, his fingers lacing with his lover’s. He sucked a mark on his neck, and bit down hard, but not enough to draw blood. They stayed there like that for a few minutes panting from the effort. Finally, Aaron pulled out when he felt himself soften.

Holding his pants up Aaron went to the bathroom and cleaned-up, then Spencer stood and did the same. When he came back into the office he quickly dressed and slid boneless into his chair.

Aaron kneeled between Spencer’s legs and gripped his chin.

“You’re letting go, becoming more than what you were. Standing-up for yourself, losing that shyness. You’re not pretending anymore are you?”

Spencer swallowed hard as he bit his lip looking into Aaron’s hard, dark eyes.

“No.” And that had made Spencer hurt. He was changing, slotting too easily into Aaron’s world and it made him afraid. He wasn’t sure how much of the old Spencer would be left if he ever got back to his world. The one thing that had the potential to break his heart was leaving Jack. He had come to care very deeply for the boy, and Jack had come to care very much for this Spencer.
“And this makes you sad.”

Spencer closed his eyes a moment to calm himself. “Yes. I don’t know how much of me will be left if I ever do find my way home. But I know in these few weeks that I’ve changed on a fundamental level. You, you’ve changed me.” He swallowed against the dryness of his throat.

“No, I’ve only shown you what you’ve been afraid of. If you didn’t want it, you would never have become what I saw when I walked into this office. And your submission, that isn’t false either Spencer. No one has been able to calm all those voices in your head, have they?”

Spencer frowned, but didn’t even try to get out of Aaron’s hold.

“No. It’s constant and…”

“You sometimes feel like you are going to go crazy.”

“Can we not talk about this right now? I have requests to re-do and Marnie needs to bring me the files she fucked-up.” Spencer glared and crossed his arms. He knew he was retreating a little and they would hash this out later, but he needed to refocus and work was always a good outlet for him.

“Alright, but we will talk about this later.”

The lock was being disengaged and Marnie brought the files over to Spencer. He just told her to get back to her desk and work on the letters that Aaron wanted written.

Spencer spent the better part of the early afternoon re-doing the reports and requests, when they were all straightened out he told Aaron the Heathridge requests were ready. Aaron took them and went quickly through them. Signing his approval, he called for the firms courier to have them taken to the courthouse to get filed.

Spencer went back to his desk and decided that it was time he did some research on Foyet and why the man was a danger to Aaron and his businesses. After about two hours and copious notes he had some of the puzzle worked out, or so he thought.

Turning towards Aaron, Spencer took a moment to gather his thoughts before he spoke.

“Why is Foyet after you?”

Aaron looked-up sharply and narrowed his eyes.

“There are a few reasons. He doesn’t like my connections to very powerful people. His original team is…” Aaron smiled almost cruelly, “Gone because they couldn’t keep their noses out of my business.”

“You,” Spencer shut his eyes a moment to get himself under control. He did not want to get punished again, that wasn’t pleasant. The chastity cage he was forced to wear had been painful, but it was a reminder that he walked a very fine line in this world. “You had them killed.”

“Yes. And you don’t know how to reconcile that. It’s okay, you’ll understand soon.”

“But that still doesn’t explain this obsession he has for you.”

Aaron put his pen down and leaned back in his chair, and Spencer felt like he was being examined like a bug under a microscope.

“Jack’s mother, Haley. I… seduced her, well, partially anyway. I never had sex with her, but I wanted a child. Someone for Spencer and I. She came willingly and I explained what I wanted. At first, she was more than willing, then she walked in on Spencer and I. It was the day I gave him my most precious mark.”

Spencer swallowed hard as he wondered what Aaron meant. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to know.

“Wha-what did you do?”

“I carved a rune above his heart. Odal.”

“Possession? You carved the Proto-Germanic rune for possession on a person?”

Aaron smiled that shark like smile that Spencer had come to learn was a very dangerous look. When it came to his Spencer, Aaron did not like to be questioned.

“He helped pick it out. Do not think that anything we did was without consent. Just like with you.” Spencer curled his hands into fists as the words hit him hard and made his stomach churn.

“Anyway, she came upon us and had a meltdown. I had to sedate her. She was inseminated, and nine months later, we had Jack. Except the traitorous little bitch tried to run with Spencer’s and my child. I found her on the way to her lover’s house. I took Jack, gave him to Spencer and I dealt with Haley. It was only later I found out she had been fucking Foyet behind my back. He wants evidence that I had something to do with her death.”

Spencer thought he was going to be sick. His Aaron had loved Haley, even though they had problems in their marriage, he still had loved her. To hear this Aaron speak about the woman like he had made Spencer shudder in disgust.

“So his whole vendetta is because you killed his lover.” Spencer wiped his face and that lack of self preservation that he sometimes had reared its ugly head. “What makes you think I won’t go to him, tell him all of this?”

Aaron stood and faster than he knew what was happening Spencer was pulled out of his chair and slammed against the wall.

“Because if you leave, if you breathe one word of any of our conversations, you have no chance in hell of ever getting home. I will have Charlie committed, the lab destroyed, and you will have the cell next to Jason, do you understand?”

“You would take the risk of stranding your lover in my world?”

“To keep him safe, to keep myself safe, yes. It would be better then him coming back here to nothing. So, if you want to have even that slim chance of getting home, you will have no contact with Foyet unless I say so.” Aaron’s eyes were black and hard with anger and Spencer was reminded once again at the dangerous game he was playing.

All Spencer could do was swallow as he shook, but he didn’t back down. He stared Aaron down and nodded his acquiescence.

“Good.” Aaron let him go and straightened his clothes for him. “We understand each other perfectly then.”

“Yes,” Spencer growled as he tamped down on his anger. He was in deep and he knew it. It also didn’t help that he was falling in love with a man he hated, and that was just fucking with his head even more.

Spencer didn’t have time to wallow when there was a knock on the office door and Aaron looked surprised. There was nothing on his calendar for the day. Frowning, Aaron stood and, buttoning his jacket-up he made his way to his office door and opened it.

“Alex, this is a surprise,” Spencer was startled by the genuine affection he heard in Aaron’s voice. Then he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in quite a while. He stood and walked towards Aaron.

“Aaron,” Alex leaned in and hugged Aaron, then had a fond smile on her face as she walked in and toward Spencer. “Spencer,” she said softly as she pulled him in for a hug. “I must say this is a surprise. I’ve been worried, but didn’t want to jump to any conclusions on what happened to you.”

Aaron cleared his throat and motioned for Alex to follow him. He went to his desk and hit a hidden switch that slid open the bookcases on the east wall where the the bathroom was located. A room that Spencer didn’t know was there revealed itself as the bookcase was moved aside.

Not saying a word Aaron motioned for them both to follow him inside. Once in, he flipped a switch so the bookcase closed again.

“What is this?” Alex asked amused as she looked around. There was a small table, a closed circuit television, and a telephone that Aaron or whoever was in there could call out on.

“A room that no listening devices of any kind can get through. Alex, what’s going on?”

“Spencer, you didn’t tell him? That’s not like you, and I was getting worried because you hadn’t done anything for a while.”

Spencer looked to Aaron for guidance and all Aaron did was give a slight nod.

“I’m not your Spencer.” He then went on to explain the accident. Alex couldn’t keep the expression of incredulity off her face as she looked at him.

“You’re serious.”

“Show her.”

Spencer scrunched up his face as he took off the vest, jacket, and shirt he was wearing. Showing off his unmarred skin.

“Okay, I believe you. Here, the list of new agents. He’s put together a new team, but the Director has told him several times to back off of you. He’s trying to obtain several warrants for the firm, the charity foundation, and for Grimes Tech. Jackson, as you know, will protect you.”

“Wait, Jackson Grimes? The Jackson Grimes? You know him?”

“More than know him, I own 52% of shares in Grimes Tech. We’re business partners and friends. He’s been out of the country for a couple of months getting a new eco-friendly plant up and running in Japan. I haven’t heard that he’s back yet, but I’m sure Foyet and his snooping will bring him back.”

“He wants me to gather as much information from any correspondence that he gets a warrant for. Do not worry, there’s a judge I know who is very much of the mind that government agents should not be harassing individual citizens unless they have probable cause. There is no probable cause to come after you. He is reaching and the Director knows it.”

“Thank you Alex. He doesn’t suspect you at all?”

Alex smiled, “No, he has no idea that the grants given to James came from you, nor does he know that with those grants James was able to save Ethan. Your Black Queen has buried that connection so deep that not even Kevin has been able to find anything.”

Aaron smiled that impish smile of his and Spencer hated just how much it turned him on.

“Thank you. Just watch yourself. I’d hate for anything to happen to you because of me. Thank you, Alex.”

“Not a problem Aaron. You take care Spencer.” Aaron let her out of the room then escorted her out. Spencer went back to his desk to ponder just what the hell was going on.

“How do you know Alex? And how do you know she’ll be loyal to you?”

“I’ve known Alex and James for a number of years. We met at a fundraiser for my foundation. They told me of the problems James was having getting grants for his research into finding a treatment for his son. I greased a few palms and got his grants for him. They were able to find, not necessarily a cure, but a treatment for their son. When her brother was murdered, I looked into it, and took care of it. She and James are grateful for my help.”

Spencer thought again about how Aaron gave the people loyal to him exactly what they wanted and needed. He never asked for anything in return, but they were there to help when the need arose. The dichotomy in Aaron confused the hell out of him. He had thought most of the good deeds were for show, and while he thought that was true, there was a genuine underlying kindness towards certain people that was just fucking with his head. Spencer didn’t know what to do with all this, he’d have to write it all down in the personal journal he kept separate from the one for this world’s Spencer. He just needed to make sense of it all.

“Aaron, what the hell are we doing?” Spencer was nervous. He was in a car he’d never seen Aaron in, with a man in back with a hood over his face.

“We are going someplace quiet where we can have a little chat with our friend back there.”

Spencer swallowed hard and tried not to ponder exactly what that was going to entail. He was silent as he turned towards Aaron, a question on his lips, but the expression on his lover’s face told him to back off. Sighing, he bit his lip and wondered just exactly what was going on. About an hour later they pulled up to a cabin and Aaron told him to get out of the car. He was then handed a black leather bag while Aaron pulled the man out of the back seat of the car. The man hadn’t said a word and that worried Spencer. The three of them went into the cabin.

When Aaron flicked on the switch Spencer’s nervousness went through the roof. It was a large single room with a chair in the middle of the floor, heavily bolted to the ground. Another chair was in front, but that one could be moved around. Two more chairs were just slightly back on either side of the room. Two hanging lamps were the only light. There was no bed, no kitchen. The only other furniture was a long heavy table to the left side of the cabin, an industrial size sink to the back and a large, deep claw foot tub to the rear right. The last thing that Spencer noticed was the tall heavily locked cabinet to the right as well.

“Aaron, what are we doing here?” Spencer swallowed hard as Aaron pushed the man into the chair, secured him with the chains and lockpick proof cuffs around wrists and ankles.

“Like I said, we are going to have a little chat with our friend here.” Aaron pulled off the hood and Spencer saw why the man hadn’t been talking. A ball gag had been secured around his mouth. Aaron unlocked that and took it off. He walked around and sat in one of the unbolted chairs, but not before telling Spencer to place the bag on the table. Spencer, however, was standing stock-still looking at the man in front of him, practically hyperventilating.

“Pet, I asked you to put the bag on the table.”

“What are you doing Aaron?”

Aaron narrowed his eyes as he stood and walked in front of Spencer. “What do you mean what am I doing? We are getting information, it’s what we do.” The cold flat tone of his voice shook Spencer to his core.

“Why him?”

“What do you mean why him? He’s the closest to Foyet currently that’s why.” Aaron cocked his head and stared him down. “You know him don’t you?”

Spencer wrung his hands together as he stared at the man in the chair.

“Ethan, his name is Ethan. We were best friends at CalTech. He decided not to go into the FBI, he took up playing piano full-time. Aaron, please, don’t do this.”

“What exactly do you think I’m going to do Pet?”

“I know exactly what you are going to do.” Spencer lowered his voice, but his nervousness came out as he whispered angrily, “You are going to torture him if he doesn’t give you what you want, aren’t you.”

Aaron lifted one brow as he smiled, an almost proud look on his face and it made Spencer sick to see it.

“Yes. Now, put the bag on the table, sit in the chair behind me and don’t say a word. If you leave, I will punish you, if you throw-up, I will punish you, if you try to help him in any way, I will punish you. Do you understand?”

Spencer was shaking in both fear and anger as he glared at Aaron.

“Perfectly,” he bit out through clenched teeth as he practically threw the bag on the table. Moving quickly, he sat in the chair to the right and hoped like hell he could get through this. Aaron turned and went back to the bag. First he took out a pair of gloves and put them on. Then he carefully laid out several items on a small leather pad. Grabbing one of the items, Spencer saw that it was a thin, sharp stiletto. He closed his eyes and almost choked on the bile that rose up from his stomach.

Aaron sat in the chair and moved closer to Ethan who was looking at both men with a healthy amount of fear.

“Now, Agent Michaels, you are going to tell me everything about Foyet’s plan to try to stop me. If I feel that you are lying or holding back, I will be forced to use this.” Aaron leaned forward and placed the tip of the stiletto on Ethan’s cheek, while he had a hand on the man’s knee squeezing very hard.

Spencer saw the man swallow hard as he shook in the chair.

“Please, please, please I, I, I don’t know much. He only gives us a little bit at a time.” Aaron sighed and shook his head, He moved the knife slowly down Ethan’s cheek, over his neck then slit open his shirt, popping the buttons as he went. He placed the tip below the rib cage but out of the way of any vital organs.

“Now, see, I know you are lying. I have someone who knows all about your team and they told me that you, Agent Michaels, are Foyet’s right hand man. Now, let’s try this again. What are his plans for me and my companies?”

Ethan looked over to Spencer, eyes pleading for help. Spencer scrunched up his face and shook his head. There wasn’t anything he could do to help as the tears ran down his face.

“I don’t know,” Ethan growled between clenched teeth, then screamed as the knife was slowly pushed inside him.

“I know just how much a human body can take, Agent. I can make this last for hours, and if I was so inclined, days. Though I’m not quite as talented as my Pet. Oh no, he studied the art of torture, even asked me if he could spend some time in Japan. He charmed a rather lovely submissive of the Yamaguchi-gumi clan of the Yakuza. Now, normally they don’t allow outsiders to learn their secrets, but a kyodai, one of the big brothers of the clan took a liking to him. Though I did not allow him to touch, he was allowed to watch and was enthralled by his submission. He was impressed that my Pet’s submission was total and complete and only for me. He decided to ask his Oyabun permission to train my Pet in his specialties, which were numerous. And, by extension, I was then taught.” Aaron pulled the knife out and taking the cloth he had grabbed from the bag, he cleaned off the blood. “I learned just the right places that a stiletto could slip in and not puncture any vital areas. I can, literally, do this all night.” Aaron plunged the knife in again and Ethan screamed.

Spencer lost track of time just how long Aaron was interrogating Ethan. He was hanging on by a thread, and thought he was going to be sick, or lose his mind, he wasn’t sure which. The bile in his throat wouldn’t go down, but he kept from throwing-up by sheer will alone.

When Spencer opened his eyes again, he noticed a garotte was around Ethan’s neck and Aaron had a small hammer in his hand. Spencer clenched his mouth shut.

“What Judge is issuing the warrants Agent?” Aaron asked in an oddly patient voice. Ethan was sweating and glaring at Aaron.

“You…won’t….get….away….with this,” Ethan stuttered out as he tried to swallow.

“You underestimate me. That has always been George’s problem, he has as well. We’ve been playing this game for too long and I mean to end it by any means necessary that will protect me and mine.”

“He’ll…take…you….” Spencer heard an ungodly howl as Aaron brought the tack hammer down on one of Ethan’s fingers.

“Now, you still have nine fingers left, and I know for a fact that you’ll still be able to play with that many, but, if I were to say, break your middle finger, then no more jazz for you Agent.”

Ethan’s eyes widened in horror, but Spencer knew it was an empty promise. He knew, as did Ethan, that he wasn’t leaving the cabin alive. Spencer slid out of the seat and curled up in the corner in a ball, covering his ears and closing his eyes, but it wasn’t quite enough to stop the sounds in the room. Then, just when Spencer couldn’t take anymore there was silence. Complete and utter silence.

He felt a hand on his hair and someone crouching beside him.

“It’s all over Pet. Stand up now.” Spencer slowly took his hands away from his ears and with Aaron’s help stood on shaky legs. “You did as you were told, I’m very proud of you, go to the car and wait for me. I’ll be right out, just have to take care of a few final details.”

Spencer didn’t even consider running away, not after what he’d seen and heard. Still shaking, he slid into the back seat and laid down, curling in upon himself. It didn’t register when the vehicle started moving as he lost all track of time. Even when they got home he felt like he was just going through the motions. Aaron helped to strip him, then picked him up bridal style and carried him into the bathroom where he was bathed and taken care of. Spencer had retreated inside his mind after what had happened, and even he wasn’t sure if he was going to come back out. His one and only thought was that Aaron was a monster.

Our World

Spencer settled back into the front passenger seat of the car. Aaron was driving and they had just dropped off Jack at a friend’s house for a sleepover. Jack had been a right terror for the past week and it was all on Aaron since he had refused to allow contact between his lover and son. If it wasn’t for the fact that Spencer knew Aaron wasn’t realizing exactly how much it was hurting Jack, he would have said something before then. Aaron had to come to terms with everything on his own. It was now the weekend and after a short uneventful case mid-week, the team was going to be on stand down for the weekend.

The way Aaron was driving and acting told Spencer that he knew something was up with the man and he wondered if it was just Jack and Spencer and their bonding or if it was something more.

Jack had stolen his father’s cell phone and called Spencer to come over that morning. Spencer had been tempted to just show up but instead he’d told Jack that he’d see what he had to do that he couldn’t put off. After a few minutes, he called the house phone. Aaron had answered and Spencer asked if he’d asked Jack to invite him over for the day. The phone had been muffled but Spencer could tell that Aaron was upset. Still, he’d been invited over.

The car stopped and Spencer came out of his zone-out to find that they were back at Aaron’s building. Spencer was under the impression that he was going to be dropped off at his apartment, and grew suspicious. Aaron moved around the car and opened his door. He thought that perhaps something good was about to happen, but when Aaron wrapped his arm around his shoulder and gripped his upper arm tightly, he knew that something was going to happen. He just wasn’t sure if it was good or not.

When they reached the elevator, Spencer expected Aaron to release him, but he didn’t. Thankfully there was no one else inside and when he opened his mouth to say something, his arm was squeezed, hard. Spencer closed his mouth with an audible click. The pressure released on his arm but the hand didn’t go away. When the car stopped on the third floor and a woman got on, Aaron shuffled him into the corner, away from her. A shiver went down Spencer’s spine. He wanted to know exactly what was going through Aaron’s mind at that moment, but knew that asking would get him nothing.

Spencer was only released when they got to Aaron’s front door. But it wasn’t for long. As soon as the door was shut and the alarm was armed, Aaron turned to face him. The look on his face was unreadable. The man toed off his shoes and Spencer did so as well, putting them in a line with Aaron’s on the little mat next to the door.

“What exactly are you trying to pull with Jack?” accused Aaron.

“What do you mean?” There was no one better at feigning innocence than he. Aaron once said he could convince God himself that he was as pure as the driven snow.

“You have been driving a wedge between him and I since last weekend.”

“No,” Spencer said shaking his head back and forth. “No. I’m just trying to bond with him.” Spencer opened his mouth to say something else but he stopped suddenly when he saw pure anger appear on Aaron’s face. His eyes though, he’d seen those eyes before. In the just starting on their path Doms that passed through their lives. He crowed inside and tried not to drop to his knees. He had to be really careful or Aaron would run. He had to teach Aaron how to release his anger safely. And that was going to be tricky since he would have to push him.

“What about this morning?” Aaron’s voice was raised high, higher than Spencer had even heard this Aaron talk. “What the fucking hell was that?”

“Jack called me, Aaron. I promise. He called and I didn’t hear you in the background. So I called the house phone.” Spencer started to back up when Aaron advanced on him. He remembered where everything in the room was so instead of dodging the stand at the end of the couch, he kind of tripped on it. He was just about to fall onto his ass but Aaron grabbed his arms and held him up.

“You’ve wanted little to do with him and then all of a sudden you want to be best friends with him.”

“No, Aaron. No,” Spencer pleaded.

“What do you hope to gain by this?” Aaron glared at him and then let him go with a shove. Spencer stumbled and couldn’t gain his own feet so he fell back onto his ass. Aaron loomed over him and Spencer knew that he was close to losing him. Aaron was right on the anger that would either turn him into what his Aaron was or what their father had been. If he went down that path, Aaron would never forgive himself.

So Spencer lowered his head so that he wasn’t looking Aaron in the eye and he shifted to his knees. Next he tilted his head so that his neck was showing, just slightly. “I just want him to like me.”

“By taking all of his attention!” Aaron was yelling again. Spencer swallowed letting out a whimper.

“NO!” Spencer said lowly but emphatically. “We had that breakfast and you sat him away from me. I wasn’t sure what that meant. You don’t trust me with him and I didn’t know why. So I thought that if I just tried to show you that I liked…”

Spencer didn’t get any farther in his carefully constructed lie as a hand grabbed the back of his head and jerked his face up to stare at Aaron. Spencer lowered his eyes away from Aaron’s after a quick second. He wasn’t expecting the kiss that came out of nowhere. It was brutal and full of just a little too much anger for Spencer’s liking but he could work with it.

Aaron shoved his tongue into his mouth with no finesse and Spencer didn’t kiss back as much as react to it. His instinct was to kiss back but he needed to keep it in control. He submitted to the kiss and when Aaron leaned into him more, he allowed himself to fall all the way onto his back. Aaron straddled his waist and pressed him into the carpeted floor.

Surging up to press Spencer’s head farther into the floor, Aaron’s hands settled on Spencer’s chest seemingly tracing down to his belt and then back up but before he could even process, he heard a rip and felt the pressure of his shirt being ripped open. The buttons made small thudding sounds on the carpet and one bounced off a table leg with a clink. Aaron was possessing his mouth and Spencer was already so hard that he ached. He reached up to touch and his hands were slammed back down onto the floor faster than he could process. The fight wasn’t forgotten, Spencer would make sure of that but this, holy hell he wanted this so much. He yearned to feel owned, to be fucked. Sex with Aaron had been disturbing vanilla and he could feel it under the man’s skin that he wanted to mark, to bite, to claim.

“Don’t,” Aaron whispered as his mouth burned a trail from lips to ear. “Be good.” Aaron found the pulse point on his neck and licked at it. He moved down slowly, tracing every inch of skin with his tongue before he nipped at Spencer’s collarbone. Spencer wasn’t moving other than to breath and it was getting difficult to even do that with his blood boiling inside his skin. Spencer clenched his hands into fists. He was a good boy and he could keep his hands off but he knew it would be hard. He laid there while Aaron explored, leaving bite marks everywhere. He was afraid that moving would scare or further anger Aaron. Aaron took his time moving farther down and down his still body. Spencer bit his lips to stop himself from begging. That time would come later. It would come when Aaron was fucking him. Aaron sat up and moved away. Spencer opened his eyes to look, afraid that Aaron was having second thoughts. But the man ripped his shirt off and grabbed Spencer’s legs, spreading them so he could slip in between them.

“Aaron, please,” Spencer begged, it unintentionally slipping from his lips. Aaron just stared down at him. The older man reached out and trailed his hand from his hip to his knee. He cupped that knee and drew it up. When Aaron trailed the other hand from hip to knee, Spencer didn’t need any help getting that leg up. Aaron’s hands moved to his belt and it was unhooked and pulled from his pants before he worked on the button and zipper. His pants were jerked off his hips as hard as Aaron could. They were thrown somewhere behind them and Spencer grabbed the carpet as hard as he could.

Aaron cupped him through his underwear, gripping his cock tight in the fabric. Spencer thrust up into his hand but Aaron firmly held down his hips. He roughly stroked his cock and Spencer couldn’t hold back the moan.

“That’s it, Spencer. Don’t hold it in. No one is going to hear you but me. No one is ever going to hear you like this but me.” Aaron pressed his hand down harder on his hip and when he was on the top of his jerk, he ran his thumb over the head of Spencer’s cock. Spencer’s whole body started to shake. He slumped down to the floor and just gave in. “You’re beautiful like this. Spread on my floor. Are you close?”

Spencer nodded, not trusting his voice.

“Then come.” Aaron’s hand was hard on his cock and he came with a cry. Spencer’s back arched up and he near screamed. Aaron jerked him through his orgasm and only stopped when it became way too much on his sensitive cock. He slumped down to the floor and laid there. Aaron worked on fully removing Spencer’s underwear and used them to clean him up. Spencer didn’t realize that he’d closed his eyes until he opened them up and saw Aaron standing up.

“Where are you going?”

“Getting naked so you can suck me.” Aaron started on his shirt first. By the time that he was bending down to take his pants off, Spencer was on shaky knees. Aaron grabbed his hair and held him where he wanted him. “Open.”

Spencer opened his mouth and closed his eyes. Aaron fed him his cock and Spencer relaxed his throat the second that the head of his cock touched. He swallowed Aaron all the way down until he bottomed out. He braced his legs better and clasped his hands behind his back so that he couldn’t be tempted to touch.

Aaron set up a brutal pace, fucking his mouth fast and hard. He’d let go completely. Taking what he wanted from Spencer and giving him no option but take it. It wasn’t long before Spencer could hear the telltale signs from Aaron’s mouth that he was close. Spencer didn’t want to swallow his release, not yet. He wanted fucked and he wanted fucked hard.

Before he could do anything about it, Aaron pulled free of his mouth, releasing his hair. Spencer was spun around and pushed on his hands and knees. He could feel the heat from Aaron’s body as he settled along his back. Spencer dropped down to his elbows, using the position to look back at Aaron. His eyes were black with lust and he was totally focused on Spencer’s ass.

Hands parted his cheeks and Spencer wondered exactly what was going to happen when he felt spit land on his hole. His cheeks were parted even more and the stretch had him moaning. A finger chased the spit as it tried to roll farther away and then was pressing inside of him. As he was still spread, it had to be a thumb and when more spit landed and a second finger pushed inside him as well, he groaned. The two thumbs pushed into him all the way to the second knuckle and Spencer could feel his cock hardening again.

Spencer cried out in pleasure when he felt the thumbs pulling him open. He knew what was going to happen before he felt the spit drop down onto his hole. He was held open as it was worked down inside him. Spencer shifted so that he could brace himself for the hard fucking he knew was coming. By the time Aaron was done, Spencer was sure his hole was wrecked, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was getting that cock inside him. He clenched and released his hole open and closed, only stopping when the head of Aaron’s cock pressed in at him. He inhaled and exhaled quickly as the cock slid into him a little faster than he would have thought Aaron had intended.

The burn and stretch was delicious to him though. Aaron was all the way inside of him and he moaned. He heard a rustle and looked to see Aaron wiping his hands on the remains of Spencer’s shirt. As soon as he was done, he grabbed Spencer’s hips in a grip so tight that he knew it would bruise. He then pulled out and thrust back in as hard as he could.

Aaron fucked him hard and fast. Spencer could feel the heat building on his legs as the friction against the rug burned his knees. The brutality had Spencer’s cock aching with pleasure, but his years of submission allowed him to easily control those urges.

One of Aaron’s hands slipped up his back, pressing in along his spine and making Spencer bow his back downward. The only noises escaping both of them were pants and exhales and moans. The hand pressed on his shoulder blades and Spencer moved like Aaron wanted him, down. Down all the way down to where his shoulders were pressed to the floor, his head turned so he could breathe. He was thankful that he’d kept up his yoga and exercises that Aaron had him do in his world in this one, otherwise, he’d never be able to do this for long. He breathed using his stomach and screamed as Aaron shifted to hit his prostate on every single thrust. His entire body was shaking by the time Aaron grabbed his hair again and pulled him up. He braced himself on his hands as his hair was used to pull him back onto Aaron’s cock even harder with every single thrust.

His Aaron knew how to make his body sing but this Aaron was staking a claim and it was animalistic and hard and just what Spencer’s body needed.

“Come,” Aaron said in a harsh and authoritative tone and Spencer yielded. He screamed out an orgasm but steadied himself on his knees as Aaron refused to allow him to relax forward. His prostate was hit with every thrust and it was keeping him suspended in orgasm. Despite his growing sensitivity Spencer refused to move away from Aaron until he was released from his grip.

Aaron let go of his hair and grabbed his hips again, slamming into him so hard that he almost pushed him to the ground. Aaron didn’t scream but rather gasped, and Spencer could feel the pain of the man’s hands gripping his hips grow sharp and constant. When Aaron let go of him, Spencer slumped to the floor, rolling slightly to miss the wet spot. He looked up at Aaron and could see that he was still a little high. Spencer reached out with a hand and pulled him down cradling his body between still shaking thighs. Aaron kissed him gently. Spencer kissed him back with passion, the endorphins in his body making him pliant. He knew that the crash would come for Aaron. A crash where he would realize exactly what he had done, but Spence hoped that they were wrapped around each other in bed after a quick shower when it would happen.

Spencer allowed the kiss for several minutes before he pulled away. “Let’s go get clean.” The spot on the floor would have to be cleaned up but they had until Jack got back the next afternoon. When Aaron stood up, he pulled Spencer with him, and seemingly headed to the bathroom on auto pilot. Spencer followed, eagerly watching the man to see his intent.

Aaron touched him slowly while they were showering. He used a soft cloth to wipe down his entire body, tendering cleaning between his cheeks. The pain was a reminder to Spencer of what he’d just convinced Aaron to do. The silence though was deafening. Spencer turned quickly and worked the cloth out of Aaron’s hand as their bodies pressed together slightly. They locked eyes and Spencer slowly began washing Aaron’s body. Aaron opened his mouth to protest but Spencer forcefully kissed him and continued.

“You took care of me, let me take care of you.” he whispered.

“But I don’t des…” Aaron stopped speaking when Spencer covered his mouth with his slightly soapy hand.

“Did I say no at any point?” Spencer asked. Aaron just shook his head, but his eyes pleaded to speak though he didn’t attempt to break from Spencer’s hold.. “While we should have established a safe word before we started, all your anger is gone isn’t it?”

Aaron nodded.

“See. It’s all fine. I could barely stay up, you know… on my hands and knees. It was only your hands on my hips, holding me there that kept me up. I’ve never had any other lover fuck me so well that I almost forgot my name.” Spencer reached up with his free hand and directed the spray onto Aaron’s face as he pulled his other hand away. The water washed the soap away then Spencer was kissing him. He slipped his tongue into Aaron’s mouth and pressed him into the wall of the shower. “Do you think I’d be here if I thought you would hurt me or if you had scared me? I’ve seen your anger and I know you’d never hurt me or Jack. I know I am safe with you.”

“I liked it,” Aaron ashamedly whispered almost so soft that Spencer didn’t hear him. He pulled back and looked Aaron in the eyes.

“Which part?” Spencer wanted to know which one was giving him the most hangups.

“I don’t. I can’t.” Aaron shook his head, sealing his mouth shut.

“The part where you jerked me to ograsm on the floor? The part where you fucked my mouth so hard that I’m going to have a scratchy throat until morning.” Spencer reached down and even though he’d been throughly fucked and he’d already come twice, he was getting hard again. He looked down and saw that Aaron was half hard as well. Aaron moaned and his head fell back against the wall, eyes shut tight. Spencer grabbed the conditioner and spread some on his hand before he reached back down, taking them both in hand. “I know you liked the part where you held me open and spit into me before you fucked me. That I wanted you so much I didn’t even voice a single protest. That I couldn’t think with your cock inside of me to even beg for more.”

“Spencer,” Aaron begged. He reached out and up, grabbing his shoulder and squeezing. Spencer dropped down to his knees, wincing at the impact. He leaned back to allow the water to wash off Aaron’s cock before he swallowed it whole. Despite his sore throat, he wanted this badly. Aaron’s hand was hesitant in his hair but he didn’t push it. He’d work slowly on getting him to let go when not angry. Aaron though made a strange noise and Spencer pulled off his cock, long before he was ready to and looked up at him. Aaron moved back out of the spray of water and pulled Spencer with him. He followed across the tile of the shower on his knees, locking eyes with Aaron the entire time. He watched as the black of Aaron’s eyes grew larger and larger. He didn’t even have to say a thing, Aaron used his thumb to push down on Spencer’s jaw and then slid his cock inside of his mouth.

“You make me feel like a teenager again. You make me want to never stop touching you.” Aaron groaned as he pushed farther into Spencer’s mouth. Spencer relaxed to take him all the way and Aaron set up a pace that wasn’t as fast or as hard as before but it was every bit as satisfying. Aaron’s hand in his hair, gripping tightly, keeping him where he wanted him as he fucked his face. He lost himself in the pleasure of it. The pleasure he got from it. His Aaron loved to fuck him, no matter how he did it. But if Spencer had to choose a way, he loved sucking Aaron’s cock. Oh, he loved Aaron fucking him but he loved to drop to his knees after feeling the sting of the whip or flogger and getting his face fucked.

“I’m jealous of whoever you learned all of this from,” Aaron panted as he pushed all the way in before coming. His cock was all the way in his mouth as he released, Spencer could feel the swell of his cock and groaned before Aaron pulled out to where at least some of it bathed his tongue. Spencer tongued at his cock until there was nothing left on it. He thought about how Aaron was jealous of himself. He followed the pull on his hair to stand. Aaron pressed him into the wall. “Jerk yourself off.”

“Yes, S-” Spencer caught himself before he called him Sir. He took his cock in hand and started to pleasure himself. He felt Aaron bracket him, his heat all encompassing. Aaron’s eyes were on his cock. He didn’t look away. Spencer came a few strokes later. He slumped a little, his body worn out. Aaron moved to wash his release off his body, then helped him out of the shower. He hadn’t came three times in that short of an amount of time in a while.

Aaron was perfect. Spencer knew that he couldn’t fall asleep, they had to talk. Even if he had to force Aaron to talk now.

“What are you afraid of, Aaron?” Spencer asked after they were in bed, Aaron’s arms wrapped around him tight.

“You have never tried to get that close to Jack.” Aaron’s voice was low but not like he was falling asleep.

“We were just friends before and you kept him at arm’s length, even after we started to get closer. That was fine but as soon as you and I became more, the arm’s length hurt. I thought if I showed you I was willing, you’d see it and be happy that I was trying, not jealous. I’m not trying to take him away. I am just trying to get to know my lover’s child.”

“You are close with Henry but you’ve never tried to talk to other kids before. The Reid Effect has never gone away.”

“Kids don’t understand me, that is true, but why would I attempt to get to know a child that I will only ever get to see once?. Jack is your son. I thought that you’d want me trying to get to know him better.”

“I do. I guess I just haven’t had to share him before and I guess it threw me.”

“Did you really think that I would step into a relationship with a single father and not try and get to know his son? After what happened with my mother and father why would I want to be in your life and not your son’s? If you really expect me to love the man but not his family, then I don’t think this relationship is healthy. I will not be a glorified fuck-buddy who can never get close to your son.” Spencer acted like he wanted to get up. Like he was trying to wiggle out of Aaron’s arms. Aaron reacted as Spencer thought he would, and grabbed him tighter. What he didn’t expect was Aaron to roll them and settle on his back. It was early in the evening but with Spencer still not sleeping well, the weight of Aaron on top of him, holding him down on the bed, allowed him to relax enough sleep. A nap would be good.

“I didn’t think that. I promise. I just thought that you would ease into it. That you’d be hesitant. It threw me. I love you, Spencer, and I didn’t mean to hurt you like this. To make you feel like I didn’t want you around Jack. That was the furthest from my mind. I want you around Jack. I promise.”

Spencer pulled on Aaron’s hands until they wrapped around his shoulders and he could settle there. A little bit of a nap and then dinner.

“Love you too,” Spencer said. The pull of sleep was great. “Love Jack, so much.”

Mirror World

Spencer didn’t move for the whole day. He even stayed in bed with his hands still bound. Aaron had sensed his needed some time and for the first time in weeks he slept in a different room. Spencer didn’t know what to think of that at first, but he was just too tired and emotionally drained. He fell into a fitful sleep as he tried very hard to forget the events of the evening, not with his memory though, it is a night he will never forget and possibly never forgive, but he had to let it go to allow him to rest. Even though he knew who this Aaron was, he felt his feelings for him deepening and that confused and sometimes scared him.

Later that night when he heard Aaron come in the room he curled in on himself and wanted nothing to do with him.

“Spencer,” Aaron called out as he sat on the bed.

Spencer closed his eyes and didn’t want to talk.

“You have to understand Spencer, I may be a dangerous man, I may be manipulative but there would be a lot of damage done if Foyet gets his wish. He isn’t coming after me because of anything I’ve done politically or business wise. He’s coming after me because of a woman.”

Spencer sat up and glared at Aaron trying to find the words he wanted to say and for once having trouble finding them.

“You’ll understand. You’ll come back to me, because you and I? We’re connected Spencer. We’ll always find each other.” Aaron took a deep breath before he stood and looked back and smiled. “I’m patient and I know one thing, you may not be my Pet, but you’ve changed and you like how you’ve changed. You don’t know what to do with that, but it’s beautiful to watch, seeing you become more. I…” Aaron was going to say more but he stopped himself. Spencer narrowed his eyes and wondered what he was going to say, but didn’t ask. He just watched as Aaron moved around the bed and released the cuffs. “They won’t come back on until you ask.” Spencer swallowed as Aaron ran a finger down his face and smiled, then walked out.

Spencer finally stood and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He hadn’t even realized that he was shaving his body hair till he was almost done. Laying his head against the shower stall he tried not to break. He had to remember that Ethan was still alive in his world, that his Aaron would never do what this Aaron had done. Taking a deep breath he pulled back and finished his shower, then stepped out and after drying he dressed and made his way to the library. There he saw Jack sitting with a book on his lap and Spencer smiled, grabbed a book and walked over sitting next to the boy. Jack looked up at him and moved closer snuggling next to him.

Spencer almost cried. His Aaron had kept Jack at such distance from him and he didn’t want to say anything, but it had hurt. He had desperately wanted to tell Hotch that the whole Reid Effect joke hurt him. It wasn’t funny and it wasn’t cute and he knew, if he got back, he and Aaron were going to have it out. Having Jack there, looking up to him with such affection, he knew he wasn’t going back to how it was before. He knew there was going to be work on both of their sides.

“Are you mad at Dad?” Jack closed up his book and bent his head down.

“Jack, you know I’m not your Papa.”

“I know. But you are a lot like my Papa. You’re smart like him and you like to do stuff like he does. I care about you.” Spencer’s heart swelled a little at those words and he hoped, if he got home, that his Jack would come to care about him too.

“Your Dad and I have a difference of opinion at the moment, but we’ll work it out.” Those words surprised Spencer because deep down he knew it was true. Spencer just put an arm around Jack and continued reading.

That’s how the next few weeks went. Spencer spent most of his time with Jack when they were home and only spoke with Aaron at work. At home he hid away in his, or rather the other Spencer’s office. When he had looked through the computer he noticed several papers that needed finishing. The ones that he knew he could finish he worked on and sent off to the magazines or publishers. He also spent time with Charlie in their combined office working out the math to build the scale model of the Hadron Collider.

Spencer noticed that he was getting twitchy and anxious. He had not let Aaron touch him over the last couple of weeks, every time he thought of it he pictured that night and it made his stomach turn. He was holed-up in the cinema room watching movies, curled up in one of the chairs trying to make the shaking stop. It had been happening slowly and Spencer did not want to think about what this meant.

Charlie slipped into the seat next to him, but Spencer didn’t acknowledge him.

“I know what’s happening to you. I don’t know if you’re going to like it though.”

Spencer turned to look at Charlie.

“What?” Spencer had a really good idea, but he wanted it confirmed and Charlie would know.

“It’s called subdrop. You got used to the dynamic between you and Mr. Hotchner. It can pass, but seeing how long you’ve been like this, it isn’t. You became dependant on him whether you want to acknowledge it or not.”

“You’re saying I need to go back to him.” Spencer looked away and didn’t want to think about how his life had turned so upside down, but he had to know. “Is this like what happened to you? You know, before Derek…”

“Yes. Losing Colby…I didn’t know how to handle it. Colby…” Spencer heard the pain in his voice and wondered if it would always be there. “He wasn’t just my Master, Spencer. He was my everything. Derek has been good for me. He’s helping me and I’m grateful for you and Mr. Hotchner. I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t become my friend.” Charlie smiled sof blushed.

“I can’t Charlie. I can’t. He’s a monster.”

“Yes. He is.”

That startled Spencer more than anything and he looked over at his friend and frowned.

“You think I don’t know about Aaron Hotchner? I’m a scientist and mathematician, I’m not stupid, Spencer. He’s ruthless and manipulative to those that aren’t loyal or close to him. Don had even tried to find evidence on him once, but never could. I come into this with my eyes wide open. But, what you aren’t seeing is the bigger picture.” Charlie turned his head to watch the screen in front of him.

“And what is that bigger picture?” Spencer couldn’t keep the bitterness out of his voice.

“You don’t know this world Spencer. You don’t know what it was like before. We were on the brink of war. The man that was President was a megalomaniac. If people like Mr. Hotchner hadn’t stepped in and you came to this world there would be no going back, none and that isn’t even a joke. Mr. Hotchner and those around him, they’ve made change. Serious change happen. Do you really think that would come from legal means? Bribes, manipulation, extortion, etc. If you knew the world we lived in and the everyday fear you’d overlook some of the things he does too.”

Spencer hadn’t taken the time to learn the history of the world he had found himself in because his preconceived notions made him think it was exactly like his world. Hearing all this from Charlie gave him pause.

“So you agree with him, torturing and killing someone? Manipulation? And whatever else he has his hands in?”

“Do some research Spencer. Learn about where we were before and maybe you’ll understand.” Charlie got up and left. Spencer watched him go and stayed in his seat for a while thinking about what he had said. He stood and turned off the movie then went to the office. Booting up the computer he sat down and started to do some hard history research. Several hours later he stood-up and paced the room. What he learned horrified him. The rampant homophobia, hate and anger. The unjust laws and the many groups of people it hurt. Law enforcement run rampant, and more. Not even his own world had been as bad as what he had read.

He read that many political parties had sprung up and several grass roots movements were trying to change things, but they were often stopped before they even began. Then, ten years ago, changes started taking place, fast. Spencer read between the lines and figured out which ones Aaron had a hand in. He shut down the computer and left the room. He had a lot to think about and a lot more research he wanted to do.

“I’m not ready for us to go back to a sexual relationship. But, I miss talking to you.” Spencer stood there in front of Aaron’s desk at home trying to control the twitching. It was difficult but he really was not emotionally ready for sex.

Aaron sat back in his chair and Spencer felt like he was being studied like a bug under a microscope. Aaron was keeping him waiting. He knew this was control for dominance and Spencer just wanted him to talk. Casting his eyes down he walked around the desk and dropped down to his knees, hands behind his back and waited.

“You still submit to me even though you don’t want sex yet?”

“Sex and Dom/sub relationships can actually be mutually exclusive. The emotional release that a sub often feels from the Domination play can be just as satisfying as the physical release. Submitting to you on an emotional level, I hope, will have the same kind of satisfaction that a physical release would.”

Aaron chuckled and shook his head as he gently lifted Spencer’s face with his two fingers. He stroked Spencer’s face and swallowed. Spencer wondered what he was thinking and wanted to ask but he would wait.

“You are so different from my Pet. Yet, there are things that are exactly the same. His ramblings are one of the things I’ve always loved about him. You are correct Spencer. We can work on getting back to what we were to each other, but you had to see what I am. I had to show you everything about myself. If there is any chance of this working we both need to have our eyes wide open. Plus, Foyet needed to know that I haven’t been weakened.”

Spencer furrowed his brow and swallowed hard as he looked Aaron in the face.

“I’ve come to understand a great many things. Charlie came to me, told me to do some historical research. It’s rather fascinating that there are events that have happened in your reality in just the same way as they did in ours, but there are others that never happened at all. Like your WWII was very different. The reasons for it and who was allied with who is rather a fascinating study. Like in my world, Germany was the country that started it and they allied with Japan and Italy. We called them the axis powers and they were quite ruthless. Also we had the allies which were the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and several other countries. But here, it was America, Germany and South America, mainly, against Japan, Great Britain and Russia. I delved further…” Aaron placed two fingers on Spencer’s lips.

“Fascinating and at another time I’d be interested in comparing histories, but I understand what you are getting at Spencer. Your reality is vastly different and you’ve learned why myself and those I work with are the way we are, am I correct?”

“Yes. Though big business still runs on capitalistic ideas, your world doesn’t let business run the Government, nor do you let religion run it.”

“It wasn’t always that way. There were too many leaders who used religion in office to push through laws that made it impossible for many groups to feel even remotely free. Yes, there is a coalition of those like myself, ruthless, manipulative, with no qualms in eliminating our enemies and those who oppose true freedom. That’s what I fight for Spencer and I will do it by any means necessary.”

“What if you do get caught one day?”

“Then there are others who will take my place and continue my work.”

“Corruption beats corruption is what you are saying?”

“It’s the only way things will get done, have gotten done and we are better for it. Schools are performing better all the time. Equal rights are being enacted everyday, people feel safer with more stringent rules for police. It’s not perfect. There are still hate groups and those that oppose true equality in the name of whatever God they pray to. But, the right people in the right places, bribes, extortion. It’s the only language politicians speak and I speak it very, very well. I have no desire to sit on a seat, I prefer to stay in the background.”

The unfortunate reality was that Spencer could see it. He could see where a powerful and intelligent person like Aaron could help foster real change using illicit means.

“I need time, Sir. To understand it all.”

“Then what are you doing on your knees?” Aaron’s voice was almost cold and distant.

“Because,” Spencer bowed his head and shook. “I need it.” Those were three words he never thought he would ever say. He knew where this feeling was coming from, he knew and it scared him. This, whatever it was that he had with this Aaron, he craved it. He craved it like he had once craved Dilaudid.

“I was right. Your submission is true, then. If you don’t want sex then we won’t go there, but if I take you to the playroom, if we start this again, you cannot back out anymore Spencer. It would damage both of us emotionally and mentally. Do you understand?”

Spencer nodded his head as his breathing went shallow and he started to shake even more.

“Words, Spencer.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“And you give this to me freely?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Aaron ran his fingers through Spencer’s hair and the man practically purred. He would swear that this Spencer liked to be pet and his hair touched even more than his own Pet. Aaron smiled as he continued petting and touching Spencer’s hair.

“You aren’t my Pet, you are different in many ways. I think I need a new name for you. Kitten.”


Aaron smiled and leaned down to give Spencer a soft, chaste kiss. “You curl-up like a kitten. Any chair or tabletop, you curl-up. You like your hair petted and, dare I say groomed. You bounce around and when you let go, you are mischievous like a kitten.”

Spencer wanted to smile in acceptance, but not yet. He wasn’t letting Aaron in again just yet. They had work to do to rebuild trust, but he wasn’t opposed to the nickname.

“Stand Kitten. Go to our room, strip and put on one of the kimono’s in your closet and a pair of your Spandex running shorts and wait for me.” Spencer stood on shaky legs and almost shuddered at the commands. He quickly obeyed and waited in the middle of the bedroom for Aaron.

“I will not be responsible if you become hard. You will be allowed to take care of it yourself. This won’t be about sex, as you have made the rules clear.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good.” Aaron turned to the cabinet and opened it up. “Choose.”

Spencer stood in front of the cabinet and took his time in figuring out what he wanted. He pointed to the long flat paddle, a riding crop and a silicon flogger. He was breathing heavy as Aaron allowed him to look in the drawers. There was something he had been curious about for a while. He didn’t know if he could take it, but the way he was feeling he wanted to try. With shaking hands he pulled out a pair of nipple clamps.

“Are you sure Kitten?” Aaron asked as he took the clamps from Spencer.

“I want to try.”

“Then we’ll use these.” Aaron put the ones Spencer had grabbed away and pulled out a different style. They had a flat surface on one side and a screw pin on the other.

“These are for beginners. The ones you pulled, you wouldn’t have been able to take. These can get you used to the sensation.”

“Okay.” Aaron gently stroked his cheek as he slipped the clamps in his pants pocket. He attached the leash and pulled Spencer close to him and kissed him, tongue swiping out to taste. A moment later he pulled back and stared into Spencer’s eyes. “You tempt me Kitten. But I will respect your boundary.”

Aaron shut the cabinet doors then grabbed the leash and pulled Spencer along towards the playroom. Once there he stripped off the robe and had Spencer lie face down on the table. Spencer felt the restraints as his arms were lifted above his head and his legs were spread. Aaron used a crank on the table that split the legs wide apart. When he was satisfied with the position he started with the flogger.

Each stroke was heaven to Spencer. He loved and hated it at the same time. He craved this, craved how the pain made his mind empty and he just didn’t have to think. He didn’t know what he was going to do when he got back, he wasn’t sure if his Aaron could even do anything like this and it pained him to think that he’d have to find a skilled Dom.

He screamed when he felt the paddle come down on his ass. He lost track of the counts. He was squirming riding that edge between the pleasure and the pain. He was sweating and shaking for an entirely different reason. When he felt himself being turned he looked up into Aaron’s face and just kept his focus on that. The handsome face that he had grown to love so much. Even in his world he had loved Aaron, even before they got a chance to start.

He looked down to see Aaron sucking on his nipples and he couldn’t help how hard he was getting. The tight running shorts were getting increasingly tighter from the erection he had gotten. He knew Aaron wasn’t going to cross his boundary, but a part of him wished he would. Then he felt the screws tightening and it was all almost too much. His eyes were rolling back in his head and when the crop came down across his stomach he screamed and arched into it at the same time.

He was lost completely to sensation. He was floating on a new high where he almost didn’t even feel the sting of the crop or the pinching of the clamps anymore.

“Kitten, are you with me?” Spencer heard Aaron asking, but he was so far gone, he was so deep he couldn’t respond. He tried to protest when Aaron lifted him off the table, but all he could do was groan. He was picked-up bridal style in Aaron’s arms and his head was tucked against Aaron’s shoulder, he had tried to lift his arms but they wouldn’t cooperate. When he was being lowered on the toilet in their room he tried to stay-up but he felt himself slipping. Aaron caught him and helped him stand. He felt his shorts being pulled off him and heard Aaron chuckling.

“I didn’t even have to touch you Kitten. You came, and I don’t think you even realize it. Spencer I need you to come back. Come on Spencer.” Aaron sighed and picked him up and lowered them into the tub. “You went too far down.”

“Mmm, need you, so much.” He heard himself saying against Aaron’s neck. He was trying to stop the words that wanted to bubble out, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t make anything work the way it should. “Miss you, why? Why did it have to be Ethan? Why Sir?” The slurred words were spilling out of his mouth faster than he could ever hope to stop them at this point. “Best friend. I loved him, only friend. Why?” The tears were spilling as he was held against Aaron’s chest. “I should hate you, hate you. I love you. I don’t want to, I don’t, I can’t stop it.”

“Shhh Spencer. Just rest against me.” Spencer felt those hands buried in his hair and he finally let out the pain and anguish he had felt watching what Aaron had done to Ethan. By the time he was being laid in bed, after being forced to take some advil and drink water he was being cuffed to the bed and felt a chain being added to the collar he wore. He didn’t even protest as he dropped into sleep.

Spencer was slowly waking-up and he felt the security of the cuffs and didn’t even question the chain on the collar. When he finally opened-up bleary eyes to look at the clock beside his side of the bed he saw that it was after ten. At first he started to panic, but then remembered it was Saturday. Aaron would never have played with him that hard on a weekday. It all came back in a rush, the play, how far he had gone into subspace, then the words and emotions. He felt drained and didn’t want to move.

“You’re awake.” He turned to see Aaron sitting up in the bed reading. He hadn’t woken Spencer for their run. “How are you feeling?”

Spencer turned, he wasn’t ready to leave the comfort of the bed just yet. He contemplated the simple question for a moment and knew that Aaron wasn’t talking physically.

“Better.” He looked up to see a soft look on the man’s face. It wasn’t often that he looked like that. “Aaron…those words…last night…”

“It’s okay Kitten. We don’t have to talk about it just yet. We do have an appointment at the tattoo shop, but if you need to cancel I’ll understand.”

Spencer thought about it but decided he wanted to. They were going to finish the third row of the library. He had already had the quotes he wanted picked out and, after the night before, he wanted it. Needed it and wasn’t that just the kicker. This Aaron and what he gave him had replaced old needs. He was still trying to decide if it was a healthier replacement, he wasn’t sure, but that small constant ache that he had learned to live with after Georgia wasn’t as pressing anymore and when it got too bad, he knew he could go to Aaron to get what he needed. A way to get out of his head and that, more than anything, was why he craved the pain.

“No, I…I want to.”

“Good. I’ll give you some time. It was pretty intense and you went down too far. I should have been more alert. It won’t happen again.”

Spencer lifted his hands and Aaron unlocked the cuffs and detached the chain. Spencer sat up and propped the pillows behind him. He had questions about what happened, but he wasn’t sure where to start.

“What did happen Aaron? I’ve never experienced something like that.”

Aaron set his paper aside and turned to fully look at Spencer.

“It’s called subspace. You’ve skirted the edge and I’ve kept you from tipping all the way over because it’s a very intense place to be. A Dom has to be careful when their sub does enter that state because pain no longer has much meaning. You can’t effectively tell me how you’re doing and the deeper you go, the possibility for lasting harm is there. There are Doms that don’t care and push their subs into that fugue state just so they can harm. Those Doms are dealt with in the community and sanctioned. It’s never okay to harm a sub in that way. It breaks trust.”

“That’s why you stopped when you did.”

“Yes. I should have stopped sooner, but I will admit I was too far in my Topspace. It had been too long and I wasn’t as careful as I should have been. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be.”

“Yes I do. I could have further broken your trust in me Spencer. You pulled away and wanted nothing to do with me and I’ll admit it hurt, but I understand your reasons. I couldn’t break what little trust was left. Do you understand?”

Spencer was surprised to see this side of Aaron. Oh he had seen the caring and had felt that it was genuine, but this, Spencer couldn’t define it. Aaron seemed, regretful but that didn’t coincide with what he knew of this man. This Aaron was rarely regretful of his actions. Except…

“You didn’t know what it was going to do to me seeing Ethan, did you?”

“Honestly Spencer, I didn’t even know you knew the man. And I do regret that it was emotionally painful for you and for that I’m sorry. But, I’m not sorry for my actions. If you want to know why I chose him, I have a file you should see. This Ethan, was not the man you knew.”

“I’m beginning to understand a lot of things. I’m beginning to understand just how truly different this world is. Nothing and no one is the same.”

“No, I suppose they aren’t.” Aaron stood and walked around the bed. He lifted Spencer’s head, his hand warm against Spencer’s skin. “You’re learning though. I’m going to bring you some coffee and some food. Just relax. Jack is out with JJ for the day.”

Spencer just smiled and nodded. Aaron broke the gaze first, then left. A few minutes later a tray was being laid over his lap and he realized just how hungry he was. He ate slowly, running the last couple of months, and god that just wasn’t right. He was stuck in this reality and it could be measured in months. He knew that the collider was going to take some time to build and the testing to start. When he thought about it all, it made his head hurt. He had no idea how long he was going to end up being here. It could be another few months, it could be years. What would be left of him if he kept fighting all of this? He could leave, he knew he could. Aaron wouldn’t stop him, but what would he do? Go to the Bureau? If what he read was true, then there was rampant corruption in the FBI. The new director was trying to get it under control, but it wasn’t the Bureau he knew and loved. The BAU wasn’t even the same. They didn’t work to stop serial killers, their purpose was entirely different. He could teach, but where? And what?

Spencer set the finished tray aside, reached into his nightstand and pulled out the two journals. The first was documenting everything for the other Spencer, the second a personal one. He documented everything that had happened in the last few days first, then he opened his personal one. He started to just write and by the time he was done, he knew. He wasn’t leaving Aaron or Jack he couldn’t. They both meant to much to him. He lifted his eyes up to the room and looked around and felt that so much of himself was there. Things he’s added over the months. Little knick knacks and a few things of his own personal style was there. Aaron encouraged it.

Spencer stood and walked into the closet and pulled on a pair of tight jeans that he knew Aaron liked. They were soft and comfortable in a dark denim. Then pulled on one of the quirky fandom shirts he had bought and paired it all with a casual denim jacket. He grabbed a pair of the converse Aaron had allowed him to buy and pulled them on. When he was done he looked at himself in the mirror and saw the changes to himself. He didn’t know if they were physically there, but they were there none the less. He had changed. He knew he wasn’t leaving and he knew he was no longer pretending to be what Aaron needed. The only line he knew he’d never cross is taking a life. Spencer reached up and touched the collar around his neck, the one that had never come off in the weeks since it had been changed out, and closed his eyes. When he opened them up again he made several decisions rather quickly, then stepped away from the mirror and went in search of his lover. They had an appointment to keep.

Monday morning and Spencer was sitting at his desk, the new collar making him almost giddy. It was dark blue leather with studs around it and a dangling blue police box from the center ring. It was a charm that could be clipped on and off it. Spencer had been glad when Jack had showed him their collection of Doctor Who. While not all the stories were the same and a few of the actors were different, it was still Doctor Who and that more than anything had made Spencer happy.

Aaron didn’t even balk at the fact that it wasn’t purple. Though it was the man’s main fetish, even Aaron grudgingly admitted that the color looked good on him and the collar was perfect. The tattoo was still healing but Spencer had been pleased with the outcome. The biggest change were the piercings. Nipple piercings. It had been something that was spur of the moment, but he had liked it when Aaron had played with them the way he did the other night. They were still sore and would take a while to heal, but was all part of Spencer accepting a part of himself that he had tried so hard to ignore in his own world. Aaron was right, nothing that happened to him, none of the changes were truly against his own will. He allowed them, he craved them and a small part of him, the part that was the shy, repressed Dr. Spencer Reid, agent of the BAU was screaming at him to fight. He was tired of not standing up for himself and tired of denying things that, he grudgingly concluded, were things he wanted.

Turning back to his computer he turned it on, opened up the files on his desk and got to work. He was completely focused on what he was doing when a knock on Aaron’s door startled him. They weren’t expecting any clients till later in the afternoon. He heard Aaron stand and heard the door open. He tried to stay focused on work, but when he heard a voice, that voice everything in him stilled and went quiet. He had convinced himself just a couple days before that he could never kill a man in cold blood, but here, here was a man that could push him. A long buried anger welled-up and he kept his breathing even and controlled.

“George, what can I do for you this morning?” Aaron’s voice was cold and emotionless and still Spencer stayed where he was. He unconsciously wrapped a hand around the handle of his letter opener, a long handled double edged version. Spencer didn’t have to wonder why his doppleganger kept it sharpened.

“I have a warrant to look through your files Aaron.” That voice was the same. Honeyed and menacing at the same time. Spencer just kept breathing.

“Really. On what grounds George?” Spencer heard Aaron moving but he was afraid to move, afraid to turn around because he was afraid of what he might do.

“On the grounds of suspicious activity, jury tampering, bribing Judges, and witnesses to get the outcome you want. There’s more, you can read it in the warrant.” Spencer turned just enough to see Aaron and the almost sharklike look on his face. The laugh in his voice as Aaron set the paper aside told Spencer they had nothing to worry about.

“You know, I think you almost really believe that I would do all that. I mean I admit that I’m ruthless, and I get what I want in the courtroom, but I do it through skill, evidence and, well my considerable charm. I have no need to do anything illegal to make a case. If I did then don’t you think I’d win every single time?”

“Oh I have evidence. Enough for a Judge to sign that warrant Aaron.”

Spencer turned fully to watch what was going on and his hand tightened around the letter opener. He had never in his life felt such hatred and anger towards an UnSub…Spencer shook his head. He knew he was blurring the lines in his mind between this Foyet and the one from his own reality.

“Judge Berkins? You got a traffic Judge to sign off on a warrant? Do you know how many ways I can get this thrown out?” Aaron threw the warrant on his desk and his look was almost, gleeful.

“It’s still a warrant and you will give me access to your files.” Aaron smiled that sharklike smile once again. He reached down into his desk and pulled out a set of CD’s.

“You know I was kind of expecting this, so here. All of our files for the last ten years. Every last one, for all eight senior partners and the fifteen or so junior partners and the, let me see, we now have twenty, twenty-five non-partnered attorneys and paralegals? So, go ahead, search them. You won’t find a thing Georgie.”

Spencer was sweating he was holding on by a thread and Aaron taunting him just felt too familiar. He felt his pulse racing and he just wanted this over because he knew without a doubt the longer this went on the closer he was to snapping.

“I want access to your paper files. These could have been doctored.”

“Have your analyst look them over, you’ll see that no doctoring went on. And by all means, you can look through our archives, because if you look at the wording on this warrant, that is all you have access to. This,” Aaron set the CD’s in front of Foyet, “Is the files up through and including cases closed as of last year. Even this warrant doesn’t give you access to active cases.”

Foyet was out of his chair and leaning menacingly over the desk practically snarling at Aaron and that was all it took. Spencer was out of his chair and had Foyet slammed against one of the bookcases with the letter opener up under his chin.

“You will take the CD’s and you will get your sorry ass out of this office and leave Aaron alone. Your little vendetta has gone far enough Foyet. Haley was a little bitch and whore. What makes you think she would have stayed with you and wouldn’t go looking for another dick to screw?” Spencer felt his hot breath on Foyet’s cheek, his body tight with tension. He felt like a dangerous snake ready to strike with one false move of his prey.

“Call your Pet off Hotchner,” Foyet yelled but Aaron didn’t make a move. Spencer felt a strange sort of perverse glee at the fear he saw in Foyet’s eyes. “You better get off me, you don’t want to be arrested for assaulting an FBI agent.” Spencer laughed, but it was a dark menacing laugh. He leaned in close and whispered in Foyet’s ear. The man started to shake in his tight hold.

“That’s enough Spencer,” Aaron commanded from his chair and though he was conflicted and really didn’t want to let the man go, obeying Aaron was so ingrained in him by now that he let Foyet go, but the warning had been given.

Foyet grabbed the CD’s and glared at Aaron, “This isn’t over.” The man stalked out of the room and slammed the door.

Spencer was still vibrating with pent-up rage and didn’t know what to do with it. When he felt rough hands grip his shoulders and piercing brown eyes looked at him he almost collapsed in the man’s arms.

“What was that? Not that that little display didn’t get me hard and aching but that was a page out of my Spencer’s book.”

“It’s a long story and I don’t really want to talk about it yet.”

“What do you want Kitten?” Aaron lifted his chin so they were looking eye-to-eye.

Spencer didn’t even hesitate, “Fuck me.”

Aaron grinned, “With pleasure.”

Our World

All Spencer knew before he boarded the jet was that there was a case in Chicago. Morgan had traveled there the previous day because his sister had been in a car accident. All that Spencer could deduce was that Morgan had caught a case in the hospital. Aaron had been at the office but the rest of the team had been enjoying their day off. Spencer had used it to work on the classes that this Spencer was taking, he was breezing through them.

The rest of the team arrived pretty much at the same time at the airfield. Spencer let Emily take the inside seat of the four person table while JJ sat across from him and Rossi took the seat across from Emily. Aaron took a different seat and nothing was said as they took off. As soon as they were allowed to move about, Aaron passed out the files and when Spencer opened his, his heart plummeted to his stomach. He had to walk a fine line in getting Cindi back. Because instead of it being something that they discovered six months after Ford had taken Cindi, it was…Spencer looked at the file, over eight years. Spencer closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. He could do this. He really hoped that he’d be in a room alone because he’d need his cuffs and collar to sleep.

The first thing that he needed to do was direct the team away from Hitchens and onto Malcolm Ford. After they got off the phone with Morgan, Spencer started to pour over the Hitchens file. Most of it contained things that they never had in Spencer’s universe as they were working from the outside and his Derek wasn’t FBI.

“The gun that Hitchens used to kill himself was traced to a dealer in Chicago. There is no record of any issues with the business,” Spencer pointed out. He wanted to be on the ground helping to get to Ford quicker.
“Reid, go to the dealer when we land and see if he can remember Hitchens mindset when he bought the gun,” Aaron said as he barely looked up from the file he was looking at. Spencer went back to the files and worked his way through the rest of the pages.

There were three cars waiting for them when they landed at the airstrip. By the time they landed, Spencer figured that Ford would have already packed up he and Cindi to leave. He had no clue what the man would really do though. He’d had Cindi for eight years. How much damage had been done to her? How fucked up was she truly?

Two hours later, the entire team was focused on Malcolm Ford and Spencer relaxed just slightly. He had a record that was screaming he is the one who took her. From there it was Hotch sending Morgan, JJ, and him to see if he was home. Spencer figured he was in hiding but the man had an ego in his world so he really wouldn’t have been surprised to find him sitting at home with Cindi on the couch beside him.

As soon as the house was cleared, Spencer started to go through the files. There were some burnt in one of the fireplaces. The detective from the Chicago PD grabbed a headbox. Spencer had seen them and knew what they were. Aaron had had one but had either gotten rid of it or moved it into one of the storage rooms in the lower areas of the house. Punishment was not something that Spencer had ever liked so he’d never pushed enough to need it after the first few times. Aaron’s disappointment in him had hurt worse than whatever the man had done to him.

“I wouldn’t do that.” Spencer looked at him briefly.

“What is it?”

“It’s a head box.”

Spencer tuned them out while he looked at the papers. Then Spencer found what he was looking for. He had hoped that this would be different but it wasn’t. And he felt so bad for Cindi.

“Morgan, we need to deliver the profile.” Spencer stood up and started to hand over papers.

“Why Reid? We know who the UnSub is.” Morgan looked pissed that he even said it.

“We need to deliver the profile.”

The papers were taken and Morgan looked at them. Spencer felt for Morgan. Submissiveness was supposed to be freely given not taken. The Company was a good headspace for willing people who wanted to act like slaves. For it to be used to steal the hopes, dreams, lives, and consent of someone gave Spencer a bad taste in his mouth. The team followed it to the ring that Aaron and he had ended up breaking in their world.

It wasn’t but a few hours later that Cindi did something to draw attention inside of a grocery store and Morgan and Rossi were right there to take Ford in. However, Cindi was still missing.. The man had spent eight years turning her into his perfect slave, he wasn’t going to kill her, but he knew how to hide her. That’s where Spencer had the advantage over the rest of the team. He waited for Ford to be brought into the station. Given what was known, Aaron would probably send in JJ and Prentiss after Rossi talked to him. Spencer had to make sure that he was sent in before the girls.

Spencer hovered as Aaron slipped into the viewing room for the interrogation.

“How’s it going?”

“He hasn’t asked for a lawyer yet. He’s baiting us. Which means we need an interrogation strategy to throw him off.”

“He’s expecting-,” Aaron said and Spencer stepped into the room.

“I can get him to talk.”

Aaron and Rossi looked at him in shock. There was a little bit of disbelief on Rossi’s face while Aaron’s was just his work mask.

“I can. I know the world he lives in. I know what to do to get him to talk.”

“Aaron,” Rossi said but Spencer didn’t pay him any attention. His eyes were locked on Aaron.

“You can give it a shot. If you fail, I’m sending in JJ and Prentiss. I want a wig in your ear though. I want you to be able to hear us in case we find out something else.”

“Of course.”

Ten minutes later, Spencer entered the room. He took the second chair on his side of the table and moved it to the corner and then sat down in the middle of the table on the first chair. He had a stack of files that he’d had printed off from Aaron’s tablet. The man had been confused and still was. He could hear the subtle sounds of the team in the viewing room through his earwig. He pushed the noise away. Morgan and he had taken pictures of places in the house and Spencer had printed those out along with a few other things from other files. Then he’d dressed down to just his dress shirt, taking his tie off and rolling up his sleeves.

Ford was eyeing him up and down and Spencer knew the moment that he dismissed him. Spencer allowed himself to smirk inside. Ford was playing into his hands.

“Mr. Ford, can I ask you a few questions?”

“Yes.” Ford was still leaning back in his chair, his posture smug. Spencer would love to show him what a true Dom was. To let him meet his Aaron. He knew who would win and it wasn’t the piece of shit in front of him.

“Thank you. So…” Spencer opened the file on Hitchens. “There is a police report here about the gun used in the what was then classified as a suicide of John Hitchens. It seems though that you are the one who bought the gun.”

“That was stolen from me.”

“But see the small issue is that Hitchens was stalking a woman. We found photographs of her in his place and now eight years later, here you are married to the woman he was stalking and we can’t find a single trace of evidence that links you and him besides her.”

“I don’t know who this Hitchens person is.”

“That may be but see in court, any intern could make the jury see enough to suspect that you killed the man stalking the woman you love. But you are right, there is no link. We can’t see where you’ve ever crossed paths with her.”


Spencer interrupted him. “So we need your alibi for the time that Hitchens was believed to be killed.”

“If you had anything, you’d charge me already. You’re here because of Cindi.”

Spencer smiled at him. “What is your married life like?”

“Cindi and I never fight. She knows her role.”

“I see. And what role is that?” Spencer pulled the sealed bag out of the folder. He kept it so that all Ford could see was the fact that it was half burned.

“We don’t fight about who does the dishes. Who folds the laundry. What we have is a bond you know nothing about.”

“A bond I know nothing about?” Spencer stood up and sat down on the edge of the table. Ford just looked at him. “I know what a bond between a Dominant and a Submissive should be. I know what it feels like to take care of my Dom and for him to take care of me in return. I know what it’s like to give myself over completely to him and I never signed a contract. He didn’t need it to know that I was going to stay with him.” Spencer started to unbutton his shirt just enough to show off the rune. “This was all he wanted to show that I was his besides wearing his collar. He carved this into my flesh and with it I felt owned. I use it to remind me that only a single person is allowed to tell me what to do. The rest of this?”

Spencer took his shirt off the rest of the way, showing the fine scars on his chest and then turned to show the heavy scars on his back. The gasps from the team were loud in his ears but he didn’t even look up into the mirror. When he was done, he put his shirt back on but didn’t button it up.

“The rest of my marks, I wear because I want to. He never demanded and he never made me. You play at being a Dom. You play at being in control when all you are is an abusive man who doesn’t even understand what it feels like to have a submissive be a slave. You may own Cindi, Malcolm Ford. You may own her body but her mind and her soul? They will never be yours. She wouldn’t lay down her life for you because in the end, you are not more important than herself. She would walk away from you in a heartbeat if she was given the full opportunity.”

Malcolm looked at him with a look of sadistic glee on his face. “What are you doing here then? Why aren’t you there with your man? Why aren’t you taking care of him right now? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here because Sir isn’t around anymore. He’s gone from my grasp and I made him a promise that I would never take my own life. I’m here because his love is what is keeping me alive and knowing that I get to put away people who harm others fills up the void in my life just enough to make the days worth living. So Malcolm Ford? Do you think that your bond with Cindi will last through that?”

Malcolm had nothing to say to that. Spencer just stared at him. There was noise in the background of the wig and he was sure that it was Morgan. Morgan had finally made it back to the station.

Let me go in there.” Morgan’s voice was far away and Spencer was sure that he hadn’t seen the display.

Reid’s in there right now and has a good thing going. You’d just throw it off.

You put Reid in there? He’s not a woman.

No but he’s getting Ford to say more than we thought.


By lying his ass off.” Rossi sounded shocked. Oh if only they knew it wasn’t all a lie.

Spencer smirked and shrugged. No one could see him except for Ford.

Reid?” Aaron’s voice was questioning and Spencer just raised up his arms like he was stretching and waggled with his finger in a come in motion. “You want Morgan in there?

I know I can break him.” Morgan at least sounded calm but Spencer knew that wouldn’t last. This man was a slave to his emotions. He had no control, unlike Derek.

Spencer nodded slightly and waited. The door opened and Spencer just nodded at Morgan to take the seat at the side of the room. Morgan looked a little shocked but he did as Spencer asked him to.

“What time is it?” Ford asked.

“It’s ten thirty three,” Spencer answered before he turned back to look at Malcolm. “I’ve already read the report that states what Cindi tried to take from the store. I’m sure that it has a very deep meaning to Agent Morgan behind me but see, I kind of already figured it out. At least part of what he’s in here to find out. Microwave spaghetti and meatballs. That’s not something a wife makes for a husband. That’s something a mother makes for a child. Now if you have that bond that you speak so highly of, she never would have done that. I’m sure it was a message for Agent Morgan and a woman who has that profound of a bond would never want to tell Morgan that she is still there. She would have went in and bought you something to eat and left, never tipping anything off. So, Malcolm Ford, where is Cindi now?” Spencer stared at him just a little bit longer before he looked back at Morgan.

“You don’t know what she became. You don’t know the love she had for me.”

“‘Had’?” Morgan asked as he stood up.

Spencer was watching Ford’s face and saw what Morgan was seeing, the micro expression on his face that he had given up more than what he wanted but Spencer saw more. He saw his eyes. He saw the triumph in those eyes.

“You just…”

“Morgan stop,” Spencer said as he turned to look back at him. “Quit letting him play with you. Now sit down and shut up before I throw you out of this room.”

Morgan sat down, more in shock than anything else.

“Looks like someone has forgot all his Sir taught him.”

“Oh, no. I didn’t forget. I have not forgotten a single lesson that he taught me. My submission is just for him. He wanted me to push away other Doms. Because the more my submission is spread around the less it means to him. Is that what you did? Did you make Cindi bow to every person? Beg to be allowed human contact and speaking with other people. You wanted a slave and you got one. You just don’t understand what happens when submission is taken and not given”

Reid, someone has lawyered up for Ford. You need to come out.

“Looks like I found where you dropped Cindi off. Your lawyer and wife are here, Ford.” Spencer stood up and waited for Morgan to pass in front of him before he left, he stopped in the doorway and buttoned up his shirt again. When he got out there, Morgan and Hotch were standing in front of Cindi and the lawyer.

“Mrs. Ford,” Spencer started.

“Stop. You are not to speak to my clients without me present.”

“What the hell is this?” Morgan asked.

“You are holding my client on suspicion of kidnapping, as you can see the woman he’s supposed to have kidnapped…” Spencer was glad that he filed that paperwork. There was enough circumstantial evidence to hold him on that one, at least for a little while. Aaron was looking at him like he had grown another head.

“Actually, he’s also being held in connection with a murder,” Spencer cut in. The lawyer looked at him. “So we have a little while longer with him. You are more than welcome to join in in interrogation. We need to talk about Mr. Ford’s whereabouts the day that Mr. Hitchens was murdered.” Spencer held his hand out and directed the lawyer towards the room where Ford was then he turned to Cindi. “Ma’am. There is a room over here where you can wait.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Doctor Spencer Reid, I work with the BAU. Now is there anything that I can get you while you wait?”

“I just want my husband.”

“Well, before you can see him we have to talk to both you and him and since you share a lawyer, you’ll have to wait.”

“Why do you need to speak with me?”

“I can’t discuss that without your lawyer present.” Spencer opened up the secondary door and ushered Cindi into an office. She took a seat and Spencer shut the door before he turned to the team. “I want her left alone. Morgan, I know you want to talk to her but you are an Alpha. She’s lived with an abusive Alpha for years. I can get her to talk, you just have to trust me. Can you do that?” Spencer asked. Morgan was still wary, Spencer could see that. After this case he’d have to keep a fine line on making sure that he turned back into the Spencer they all know.

“Reid, are you sure you can do this?”

“Have I ever not done what was needed for a case?”

“No but this is…A house of cards.”

“I’ll get him to crack, don’t worry.” Spencer went into the interrogation room, tapping at the wig in his ear as he sat down.


“Actually it’s Doctor Reid. I prefer to go by my earned named than the title that’s given with my job.”

“Doctor Reid, Mr. Ford filed a police report about the gun.”

“Yes but see there is just too much circumstantial evidence. His seemingly stolen gun used to kill a man that was stalking his now wife. I’ve gone over this with Mr. Ford. There is no cross in his life and in Hitchens’. It just looks really weird that he is killed with Mr. Ford’s gun when the now Mrs. Ford was fleeing from Hitchens and heading south. Her family doesn’t hear from her in eight years and all of a sudden it’s found that she is here in Chicago, her home, married to the man who killed her stalker.”

“She wants nothing to do with her family. I saved her from him while all they did was send her away. I love her and she knows it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ford.” Spencer stood up and looked in the mirror. The door opened and two officers entered. “Mr. Ford, these men will take you to processing. Mr. Stiles, I need you to stay to be present while I talk to Mrs. Ford.”

“Of course.” Stiles looked like he knew that Ford was sunk.

Ford tried to fight with the officers while Stiles kept trying to calm him down. In the end, two more officers had to come in and help Ford out. JJ appeared in the doorway.

“JJ can you bring Mrs. Ford in here?”


Spencer sat back in his chair and waited for JJ to bring her in. She took the seat that Malcolm had been sitting in and Spencer smiled at her.

“Mrs. Ford, the charges of kidnapping have been dropped. For now. We just have to go over everything that happened from the moment that you were on your way to Charleston and how you ended up here. You have to understand how all of this looks. Your family is here in Chicago and you want nothing to do with them. They helped to try and get you away from a stalker and you seem to have abandoned them.”

Cindi looked at Stiles. He nodded at her.

“I came home. I didn’t like it there and I came home. Malcolm found me and protected me.”

“And that protection came at the cost of your family?”

“No. I chose to get rid of them.”

“You chose to get rid of them?” Spencer eyed her up and down. “Aren’t you warm? Would you like to take your coat off?”


“Are you afraid of what we will see? Do you want to see my marks?” Spencer asked. Her eyes opened wide and she looked really confused.

“Doctor Reid, what purpose does this serve?”

“I’m just trying to get into a good rapport with Mrs. Ford. I classify as submissive. I lived the life that Mr. Ford is trying to portray. Now Cindi, do you want to see my marks?”

Cindi only nodded. Spencer didn’t hesitate like he had with Ford. He undid the shirt all the way in a single line before he opened it. Cindi’s eyes looked up and down his chest.

“A true submissive, someone who knows that giving themselves to someone else is what they want, they enjoy when this happens to them. I remember every single one these marks. I remember what I felt when they were laid on my skin. I remember what he did to me after and before. And when he’s done, he carried me into a bath, he cleaned me, took care of me, bandaged my wounds, and I never feel more loved.” Spencer looked her in the eye. “Does he do that with you?”


“And your child. Where is he?”

Cindi closed her mouth and pursed her lips.

“My Sir had a son. Artificial insemination. I helped raise that boy. Sir would never keep him from me. He used to run in and jump into bed with us. I lost him when I lost Sir. If you tell me where your son is, we can go and get him. No matter where he is, if he is your son, you have a right to walk in and get him. Especially with a police escort.”

Cindi was looking at him like she didn’t understand him.

“Mr. Stiles, can I approach her? I won’t touch her but I want her to see something.”

“I’ll allow it.”

Spencer stood up and moved around to her side of the table. He crouched and opened his shirt a little, showing her the skin above his heart. “He marked me with this when I turned nineteen. I trace it when I am upset and it calms me down. It reminds me when I feel upset that someone truly loves me. That no matter how alone I feel, that I am not.”

“I’ll take you to him,” Cindi said.

When the case was wrapped and they were getting ready to leave, Strauss called and put them on a few days of leave. Morgan was staying in Chicago while the others wanted to go home.

“I’m going to head to Atlantic City,” Spencer said as he finished slipping a few things into his bag. Everyone on the team stopped and looked at him, including Morgan.

“Why?” Prentiss asked.

“There is a tournament going on and it looks like it might be fun.” And it would be a good chance to try and win a little money. The rest of the team left the room but Aaron stepped over to him.

“We need to talk.”

“About?” Spencer asked.


“Scars? Aaron I was playing him. I have talked with true Doms and Subs enough to be able to fake it all. The psychology of it all is fascinating. I’ve watched scenes and seen the care and love that a true Dom has for his or her Sub.”

“It’s more than that.”

“What do you mean?” Spencer asked.

“Your voice when you spoke of Sir…”

“That’s someone else’s story, from a Sub I’d interviewed as part of my thesis for psychology. But the rune on my chest was done by a lover. To have a mark that was placed with love.” Spencer hoped that Aaron believed the lie. He made his face soft. “I had to get them to believe it. If Ford got away from here, who knows where he was going to go. We were a threat to him and men like him kill what’s theirs so others don’t take it.”

Aaron looked at him and it seemed like he believed him. The older man looked around and then reached up and slid a knuckle down his face. “Come back so you can spend a day with Jack and I.”

“I’ll come back to your place if you want. Do you want that?”

“Yes. Be safe. Call me every night. Jack likes saying goodnight to you. And I do as well.” Aaron looked around again. “I want to kiss you.”

“The want is enough. Better go before Morgan or Rossi comes back for you. I’ll call you tonight.”

Aaron grabbed his things and left. The team had already checked out of the hotel before going back to the station to pack up. Spencer just needed to find a different hotel to stay in. He used the stations computers to find what he was looking for. The Peninsula Chicago. He was happy that it was still in this universe. He’d see what suites were available for him when he got there. He had a preferred room for when he stayed by himself. Often, due to work, he’d had to go sometimes a day or two before Aaron to get things set up for trials. It would be perfect for him.

On the taxi ride to the hotel, Spencer saw signs for gambling establishments in the Chicago area. That would be better for him. He made his plans of hitting a few electronic café type places to get a good sum built up. Then he could go to a casino in the area. He didn’t want to spend that much of Spencer’s money if he didn’t have to. When he got to the hotel, it was easy to check in and when he looked though the wallet he found a card he’d missed before. It was a high limit credit card, he recognized it on sight. Shocked, Spencer used it to pay. He hadn’t found that account yet. The Spencer of this world was a lot sneakier than he thought.

Once settled in his room, Spencer pulled out his phone and started playing around. The company the credit card was through was based in Las Vegas so he figured that there was a PO Box or something like it the statements went to. He accessed the bill site and used the login that Spencer had and password for his regular bank account and found access. There was a zero account balance but a limit of seven hundred thousand dollars. The interest rate was so small and Spencer just stared before accessing the history. There he found evidence of the payoffs of some big amounts, mostly on books and a few odds and ends. And hotels in Atlantic City, Vegas, and a few other big gambling cities. Here was evidence of how much Spencer gambled and he settled down a little. He found where Spencer had bought his last set of clothes, the newer things that he had actually kept most of.

He had to make plans and he’d do it better while distracted. He settled his things in the suite before he unpacked his bag. He dug out the laptop and settled in. There were the parents of the children but they were off limits. The FBI was going after them but Spencer had other names. The first was Dominic Maguire and his wife Suzy. While he wasn’t in the ring that bandied the name of The Company, he had brainwashed his wife in other ways. He wanted to do research before he went after him.

Unlike in his world, Dominic was more thorough in hiding. It had been stupid simple for Spencer to find every single link between him and anyone else that matched from his world. He’d have to go to the source. So he made the plans for the next day. He wanted to enjoy it.

Spencer spent the day gathering money and he had a few thousand by the time that he entered a casino. As long as he stayed away from Blackjack, he’d be able to fly under the radar. When he stepped into the casino, a security guard stepped up to him and he paused.

“Doctor Reid, the floor manager will be down in a moment to talk to you.”

Spencer sighed. His high was going away. He really wanted to just have some fun. He followed the security guard to the bar. There he was given a glass of iced tea. He sat down and waited.

“Doctor Reid, we are happy to have you back for a night?”

“Possibly a few.”

“Lovely. Did you want a room?”

“No. I’m staying inside of Chicago.”

“A car back to there?”

Spencer eyed him for a few seconds before it all clicked. The other Spencer came there a lot and was a high roller. He was probably a high roller that gave back part of his winnings to the casino.

“That would be lovely? Anyone fun to play with? What table is best?” Spencer could play this part. He could and he was going to have a lot of fun doing it.

The entire night was spent playing and taking all the money he could from a table of men who were half drunk when they started to play and could barely talk by the time the last card was thrown down. He handed his chips over to the manager and watched as they took their part of the winnings and the rest of his were put into a safe for the next night. He was shuffled into a very nice limo and taken back to his hotel.

He showered and once he was fully dry he slipped on his cuffs and his collar and laid down. Being in a different place was better. It was cold and clinical and didn’t remind him of what he missed.

The wakeup call came ten minutes after he was already up. He answered it out of breath and thanked them, having them send up oatmeal and orange juice for him. He took a little extra time on his morning yoga, having the chance to really center himself. He’d not got as much time to do it with demands of work. Between the cold cases he had in his apartment, his consults with other departments within the FBI, and the papers he was asked to write, he was shocked at exactly how much time the other Spencer actually spent working.. He had respect for what the man did, that he still found the time to fall in love, even if it was with someone he worked with.

While he ate breakfast, he accessed the bank account and transferred a few thousand into the account for Diana at Bennington. His winnings has already covered the clothes he’d bought as well as some of the other things. When he got back that night, he’d be able to cover the rest of it and the next night would cover anything else he bought. He dressed himself and grabbed the things that he would need to take care of the Maguire’s and then he left.

Dominic Maguire thankfully lived in the suburbs and it wasn’t hard to get a taxi to a close area and then walk the rest of the way. The walk was nice and it helped him get settled for what he was about to do. Committing the perfect crime was easier than cops wanted the average person to know. He watched as Dominic moved around the living room. He worked from home, as far as Spencer could tell. A knock on the door and Suzy answered with a smile.

“Hello, my name is George. I was sent here by Malcolm.”

“Oh, come in please.” Suzy stepped back to let him in. Spencer followed and waited as she shut the door. When she turned to invite him father in, he grabbed her around her neck and covered her mouth with the other. Dominic came into the room thirty eight seconds later to see his wife being held by another man.

“I wouldn’t touch a phone if I were you, Dominic. You see, it wouldn’t take much at all to snap your wife’s pretty neck.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is unimportant but what I want to know from you is the name of the man you were sending Malcolm Ford to. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. What is your choice?”

“I…You are bluffing,” Dominic said, his eyes locked with Spencer’s.

Spencer leaned down and whispered “I’m sorry,” into Suzy’s ear before he shifted the arm wrapped around her neck to grip the edge of her jaw, he slipped his other to the other side and jerked. Suzy’s head snapped sharply to the left and Spencer felt her bones break as he heard the crack. He let go and she dropped to the floor, dead. Dominic just stared at him in shock. Spencer stepped over the body, stepped up to the man and before he could do anything, Spencer was pulling a needle from his pocket and injecting him with a sedative. Dominic was dropping before he knew what had hit him. Spencer slipped on the gloves from his pocket before capping the needle again and slipping it back where he had got it. He picked up Suzy and carried her up to the master bedroom. There he found no evidence of her living there. The bed had a subtle dip and it was in the center. Spencer laid her down there, covering her up and closing her eyes.

Moving to the other rooms, Spencer found an office, a workout room, and a guest room, there was no evidence of her there either. So he started searching the house. He found where Suzy seemed to live and that was the basement. He frowned at everything he saw around the room. While it didn’t look too much different from the play room that Aaron had for them, there was a different feel to it, especially considering that the bed was well used. Suzy’s life revolved around that room while Spencer’s didn’t. He never would have allowed Aaron to keep him confined to a room like this. Keeping her in the room like that meant that she was only his possession, a sex toy that he took out and played with and then put back. It didn’t show love and understanding. Spencer fingered the collar at his neck. It wasn’t one that Aaron had given him but it was as close as he was going to get. It showed enough of a commitment to Aaron that he was sure that Aaron wouldn’t be that upset with him wearing a collar that he didn’t put on him.

It took no time at all to hook up Dominic to the pipe that ran down the wall at the back of the room and position him with his head in the large sink. He was very thankful that the man had the sink down there but it was not very well maintained. Nothing really was in the room. Dominic wasn’t even half of the Dom that Aaron was and it showed, a lot. The drugs were short lived and he would wake up within ten minutes. Spencer filled the sink with water just until it brushed the tips of his hair. He turned the water off. Spencer grabbed a chair and sat down in it in front of where Dominic was upside down.

The fluttering of Dominic’s eyelids told Spencer that he was waking up. Spencer sat back in the chair and crossed his legs at the knees. He watched as the man realized he was upside down and started to scream.

“No one is going to hear you. I don’t know exactly how soundproof this room is but given that you’ve not had the cops called on you before tells me that it’s soundproof enough. Tell me the name of the man who you were sending Ford to and I’ll kill you quick, just like Suzy. Choose not to tell me and I’ll let you die slow. Look down and see that water? I just need to turn the tap on again and it’ll start to fill, your mouth and nose are below the fill line on the sink. You’ll drown. Drowning is a horrible way to go, especially from this position.” Spencer leaned forward on the chair. “So please, don’t tell me because I’m looking forward to watching you die slowly.”

Dominic sputtered words but none of them were a name so Spencer barely listened to him. Instead, he turned the water on. He turned it on full blast and waited as the water filled to just where it would cover the man’s nose. He tried to keep his head up out of the water but Spencer could tell he was tiring out as his head slipped back down for longer and longer periods of time. When the man started to cough water, Spencer drained the sink enough to where it wouldn’t go in his nose but he couldn’t open his eyes.

“Let’s try this again. What’s his name?”

Dominic just coughed and then went silent so Spencer started the tap again and waited for it to go over his mouth this time. He stayed back and waited for him to tire enough again to where he was underwater for over thirty seconds without coming up and again drained the water.


“Paul Standish,” Dominic gasped.

Spencer smiled and sat down in the chair. He watched as Dominic stared at him but asked nothing, said nothing. At least he wasn’t begging for his life. The man’s face was red from all the blood that was rushing to it and his own tiredness of trying to stay above the water. He waited until the man was relaxed some before he turned the water on again. He left the basement this time. Tracking over everywhere he had been and running a rag over the entire place before finishing in the basement. He wiped down everything that he even might have touched, even with gloves on. When he was done, he pocketed the gloves and looked to where Dominic no longer moved. He didn’t even turn off the water, just wiped off the handle for the drain valve and then the tap wheels and left.

There was something in Spencer that was glad that he was going back to a nameless hotel. He showered and laid down to rest and process. He filed away the death to explain to Aaron when he got back.

Paul Standish was a seemingly normal to anyone who didn’t know what to look for. Spencer though knew. He knew what to look for. Aaron had found and exposed enough of them when it was needed.

The man had horrible security on his home given the evidence of his depraved lifestyle he lived. Standish stumbled into the house at ten in the morning. Spencer had a list of names that he was going to leave for the cops after he killed Standish. If he was in his world, he’d go after all of them but if he did here, there was a very big chance that he’d get caught.

Standish moved towards the kitchen. He hadn’t even buckled his belt up from whoever he had just fucked. Spencer hated people like him. There was probably a prostitute out there somewhere with bruises that she or he didn’t want and feeling like shit. He hadn’t even seen Spencer sitting on his couch. He watched the man get food from his fridge and then plop down on a chair in front of his table. He grabbed the water that was just sitting in a glass on his table and drank deeply of it.

Less than five minutes later, the man was woozy and bobbing and weaving at the table and then in another five he was crashing to the floor. Spencer found the room where he took the people he brought home. It was horrible and there was nothing safe about the room. Sane was long out the window and he wasn’t even sure consensual ever entered the mind of Standish. And there wasn’t a single bit of Risk-Aware Consensual Kink in it as he was sure that the man didn’t pick and choose, he just went for what was pretty.

The room was perfect though. It was disgusting and probably enough DNA to confuse the cops for weeks. Still Spencer was careful as he set up his things how he wanted. Standish was tied to the table and Spencer set out the kit that he’d found. Medical grade scalpels were hard to get a hold of on short notice unless one knew the underbelly of a city. Spencer knew what to look for so it wasn’t difficult. He liked using them and not stilettos, like Aaron preferred, but he’d use them in a pinch.

Spencer spent an hour, binding him to the table the way that he wanted after he stripped him naked. He made sure that his head couldn’t move and his arms and legs were secure. Standish had a good table, the legs split so Spencer tied each leg separately. His arms were tied artfully so that there were a lot of interesting patterns.

There was plenty of time between finishing tying his knots and Standish waking up. He set up the stage for how he was going to leave the man after he was dead.

Standish woke with a groan. Spencer watched as he realized that he was immobilized – totally trapped. The terror in his eyes as he opened them and looked around was delicious. He hadn’t spotted Spencer yet. He was trying to look around but his head was stuck. He hadn’t started to scream and that kind of made Spencer sad. He’d have him screaming by the end though. Finally, Standish saw him.

“Who are you?”

Spencer didn’t answer him though. He picked up the first scalpel and moved to his left side. The man tried to shift away from him, trying to get out of the binding he was in. He made his first cut down the man’s left side, from his nipple down to his navel, curving in and going up to his right nipple. He lifted the blade when he hit a rope and laid it back down again on the other side. The man was screaming for him to stop already. Spencer was really upset about that.

Pushing away all thoughts about the man, Spencer slowly carved up the man’s chest, the design only making sense in his head. It was extreme and he made shallow cuts many of them stopped bleeding in seconds. When he was done he moved to Standish’s cheeks, carving deeper there. When he was done on the left, he moved to the right and made his mark there. He carved deep into the skin, marking him with the symbol that Subs in his world used to mark unsafe Doms. It probably didn’t have a single meaning in this world but he didn’t care.

After Standish’s cheeks, he moved to the man’s legs. His screams were near constant. Spencer wasn’t even sweating. He’d taken what he’d learned from Aaron about being his perfect Sub and had transferred that to what he’d learned in Japan. With the leaps and bounds that genetics was making, leaving sweat behind was a bad idea. He had control of his body. Perfect control.

Matching patterns of cherry blossoms twined up the man’s legs when Spencer was done. Each of the blossoms was deeper than the branches. After that Spencer traded out the scalpel for a thinner, better one. Used mainly in plastic surgery. Standish was crying the tears running down the sides of his face. Spencer still hadn’t said a word to him.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because you don’t deserve to live. I found your files. When the cops come to find your body they will find all the people you have ever helped to keep hidden from their families. You are going to burn in hell because, if there is one, the Devil, he’s all about freedom, whereas you are not.”

“What the hell do you know of anything?” Standish gritted out.

Taking off his gloves, Spencer opened his shirt collar. He showed him. He unbuttoned a few more and showed him his scars. “I consented to every single thing ever done to me. Limits were discussed and my Sir would never cross those lines. You allow those who have no choice to be kept in a life they don’t want.” Grabbing a new pair of gloves and slipping them on, Spencer held up the scalpel and made the first cut, from the root of his cock to the head. It was shallow, not going past the skin at all.

“If a Dom has to threaten someone to become their Sub, their submission isn’t true. That’s called slavery. And the person who does that to them, is barely a human being.”

Standish started to scream again as Spencer slowly flayed his cock. He laid the skin he removed on the man’s chest, outside down on his chest. Standish’s screams were piercing to Spencer’s ears but he ignored them. He started at where he’d stopped the flaying and started to cut deep. He didn’t stop until Standish’s cock was in his hand. That he laid down on top of the skin he’d removed. He moved to his pack and took off his gloves. He slipped those into the freezer bag along with the other pair before he slipped the scalpel back where he got it and slipped his kit back into the bag. He turned to watch Standish bleed out from the cuts on his legs and where his cock used to be.

There was no trace of him when he left, no evidence he’d ever been there and no cameras that caught him. He went back to his hotel, gathered his things and got on a train. From there he hopped a second train that would take him home.

Spencer waited at the door, hearing the locks on the other side. He’d texted Aaron hours before telling him he got lonely in Chicago. The man had known he’d chosen to not go to Atlantic City the day after the team had left. He had the names of the men and women he would need to check on, to make sure they were caught.

Aaron opened the door and smiled at him. He reached out and grabbed Spencer’s hand, pulling him into the apartment and into his arms. Spencer dropped his bag and wrapped his arms around Aaron’s neck. He bypassed kissing Aaron and instead buried his head in Aaron’s neck, smelling that he was fresh from a shower.

“Hello to you, too,” Aaron said with a smile in his voice evident by his tone. “What did you want to do?”

“Go to bed.”

“Yeah? Tired?” Aaron’s voice dropped and little and his hands slid down to Spencer’s ass.

“No. Wanna fuck.”

“Then let’s take this to the bedroom,” Aaron whispered in his ear before he nipped at it. Spencer nodded and let himself be pulled back farther into the apartment. They passed by Jack’s room, a nameplate declaring it his. It was new. The door to Aaron’s bedroom was already opened and Spencer followed him into it. The door was shut and there was only the light from the streetlights to illuminate the room. Aaron settled in at his back, working on pulling his shirt from his pants. Then his warm hands were sliding underneath and up, tucking the shirt up to near his armpits. “Take off your pants.”

Spencer complied, working the button loose and then jamming the zipper down so fast he was sure that he’d break it. When he had done that he slipped the pants down to his feet. He wasn’t told to take off his underwear so he didn’t. Aaron mouthed at the back of his neck before starting to unbutton his shirt.


Spencer shoved those down and wiggled so they fell to the floor. Aaron swept his shirt sleeves down his arms and it fell to the floor. He hadn’t even looked to see what Aaron was wearing when he opened the door. He hadn’t cared. He wasn’t going to get the rewards he got when he did a job well done, taking care of issues. So he made up his mind he was going to get a reward that this Aaron could give him. He smiled.

“Go ahead and get your socks and shoes off.” Aaron’s voice was husky, telling Spencer exactly how aroused he was. Spencer did as he was told, bending over and thrusting his ass into Aaron’s groin. When he was done, he stood up turning around to look at Aaron, who was just in a t-shirt and boxers. He stripped the older man of his shirt before teasing at his cock with his hand.

“Aaron,” Spencer moaned as the man grabbed him and pulled him close. His cock brushed Aaron’s cloth covered one. He was spun and Aaron walked backwards towards the bed. He sat down and pulled Spencer closer, his lips teasing his cock. “Fuck, Aaron.”

“That’s what we are going to do, fuck.” Aaron leaned back, pulling Spencer with him. Spencer braced himself over Aaron as the older man laid back before he scooted back to lay on the pillows. The sight of Aaron, any Aaron, spread out on the bed for him was just too much. He looked and started to get hard. “You gonna come up here and take what you want?”

Spencer smiled, keeping it from turning wicked because Aaron didn’t know how much he was playing into Spencer’s machinations. He nodded and watched as Aaron reached up under the pillow, pulling out a bottle of lube. So Aaron had been expecting sex. Spencer grabbed the lube and Aaron pulled his underwear off. Spencer slicked up his fingers and looked down at Aaron, leaning up and over him as he slid a finger inside of him. He planned to make him beg to be filled.

When Spencer pressed two fingers into Aaron, he leaned down, licking from the base to the tip of his cock. Aaron went utterly pliant under him and he smiled. He was gentle when it was time for three fingers. Aaron hadn’t talked about whether he’d been fucked before so he was going to go for the fact that he was an anal virgin unless he said something else. He pushed his three fingers in steadily and smiled as Aaron just gripped the sheets of the bed, his body covered in a sheen of sweat from arousal. His cock was hard and leaking but Spencer was ignoring it in favor of playing with his ass. He pulled his three fingers free, applying more lube before reaching down for where Aaron had dropped his boxers. He cleaned his hand and pushed two fingers back inside of his lover. He curled them and brushed them across Aaron’s prostate.

Spencer alternated between stimulating Aaron’s prostate with two fingers and stretching him with three. Aaron’s hands never left the bed, gripping the sheets and pulling up on them.

“Please, please. Spencer, please.” Aaron thrust down on the three fingers inside of him. Spencer slicked up his cock after he pulled his fingers free. He kept the boxers to clean his fingers once he was inside of Aaron. Leaning up, Spencer grabbed a pillow and Aaron arched up to allow him to slip it under his hips.

“Are you ready?” Spencer asked.

“Yes.” Aaron spread his legs a little more and let Spencer get as close as he could. He leaned down to kiss Aaron before lining up to slide inside of him. As soon as he put pressure down on Aaron’s hips as he leaned over him, Spencer saw the change in his face. He saw the fear in his eyes that weren’t staring at him anymore. Spencer moved back away from him, slowly, wiping his hands clean. He didn’t move away, just settled in on his knees between Aaron’s legs. He watched him as he came out of the memory. Aaron’s eyes eventually settled on him.

“Back with me?” Spencer asked. He knew a flashback when he saw it. It wasn’t a violent one. It could have been and Spencer wasn’t exactly sure what he would have done if it had been – to have a memory of an Aaron fighting him, hurting him.


“What was that, Aaron? Because we have to talk about it.”

“No.” Aaron looked away from him.

“Yes.” Spencer stood up and grabbed his underwear from the floor where they had fallen. He slipped them on before getting a clean pair of Aaron’s out of the drawer. He tossed them at his lover and just stood there staring at him as he put them on.


“If you want to shut me out that’s fine, Aaron. That’s perfectly fine. It’s your life. But that means that once I walk out there is no coming back for me. We are done.” Spencer stopped talking and just waited. He waited for Aaron to say something but he didn’t. So Spencer started to get dressed. He had his pants on in seconds, his shirt on his body a few seconds later. His socks came next and Aaron still hadn’t said a word so Spencer grabbed his shoes and moved out of the bedroom. Whatever it was that happened in there was nothing he wanted to be a part of. He stopped at the couch and sat down to put on his shoes. He stood up when he was done and buttoned his shirt. He paused with his hand on the doorknob and waited. He counted to fifty before opening the door and stepping out. He made sure to lock the door as he pulled it shut. He looked at the elevator and chose to head towards the stairs. He took each step as slow as he could.

When he hit a landing, Spencer pulled out his phone and turned it off of silent. There was no texts or calls from Aaron. Spencer slid the phone in his pocket. He thought about sleeping in a bed alone and how at the moment it might be the best. If Aaron was avoiding him because they were over, it would help keep him from seeing anything that he didn’t want him to. He could make it work.

By the time that he was at the door that lead into the lobby of Aaron’s apartment building he had a wall around him. He looked back at the stairs and sighed as he opened the door. The lobby was empty and Spencer was glad of it. He opened the doors that lead outside and he turned up his collar, turning towards home. He’d find a cab on the way. His gaze was downward.

Three steps in, Spencer bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” Spencer uttered as he looked into the face of the person he ran into. It was Aaron. He stopped and just took him in. He was shirtless and his jeans were buttoned but not zipped and he was staring at Spencer like he was afraid that he was going to disappear.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…I.” Aaron grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss but Spencer didn’t want it. He slapped him. Aaron looked at him in shock and Spencer just stared at his hand. “God. I…” Aaron stepped back from him, holding his hands up.

That answered a question that Spencer never thought he’d have to answer or even think of. He could hurt Aaron if he had to.

“We need to talk. I know that but it doesn’t have to be right now. We are both a little raw. I…if you want to go home, please but just call me when you get there.” Aaron looked heartbroken. Spencer reached out and touched his red cheek. Where his own handprint was. He touched it and he took a step closer. Aaron didn’t move at all. He let Spencer come to him. He let Spencer kiss his cheek. Spencer debated it but he knew himself. Without Aaron there to make him feel safe, he’d hide. He’d hide and never be alone with this Aaron again and he hadn’t been violent, not like his mother. He hadn’t been mean. He’s surprised Spencer and had kissed him in the heat of the moment. It wasn’t anything bad. It wasn’t anything that he needed to be cautious of.

“Can we go upstairs?”

“Sure.” Aaron looked hesitant and he held out a hand and Spencer moved up and let him wrap it around his waist, pulling him close. They said nothing as they walked into the lobby and over to the elevators. They were silent as they moved down the hall to his door, which was standing wide open. Spencer felt something bloom in his chest as he thought about how Aaron had run shirtless and left his door open to catch him.

Aaron pulled him down onto his lap after he sat in one of the chairs. He was silent for a few minutes, his fingers traces the bones of Spencer’s left hand before he started to speak. “It was Foyet…”


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