Odium Chapter 2-Hate

“Where is he?” A man demanded as he stormed into the New York Field Office of the FBI. Spencer looked up as the man looked around. Everyone eyed the stranger in shock. His face wasn’t familiar from any of the cases they were working or had worked in the past. He took a few steps forward. He was the Unit Chief of the very small BAU that was still getting it’s feet under it.

“Can I help you?” Spencer called out. The man turned to look at him and then started towards him. When he would look back at that moment he blamed working for too long with little sleep for the reason he didn’t recognize the man. It wasn’t until his eyes came in clear view and then he could only focus on them, he knew those eyes and he had never thought that he’d see them again, especially on someone who wasn’t Aaron. He didn’t see the fist coming and he didn’t realize that he’d been punched until he was on the floor. Before he could say a thing, his fellow agents had the man tackled and cuffed, frog marching him out. His analyst, Carmen, was coming at him with a bag of peas from the freezer. It had started out as a joke but it had been used time and again after cases.

“Reid, who was that?”

“I need my cell phone,” Spencer mumbled. Carmen grabbed it from the desk he’d been using and handed it to him. He pushed himself up and followed where the agents were taking the man who had punched him. He was actually shocked. Sean and Hotch had made up it seemed, enough for the younger brother to feel like attacking the man who had wronged his brother. The distance had helped him get his mind settled.

“Doctor Reid, we need to get you checked out,” Gilles said as he shoved Sean into a cell.

“I’m fine. I’d like to be alone with Mr. Hotchner.”

“Mr. Hotchner…but he’s not…” Gilles knew Hotch, had worked on the edge of the last case that had brought the BAU to New York.

“No, he’s Agent Hotchner’s younger brother. He’s on the other side of bars and he’s not me. He can’t escape.” Spencer leaned against the wall across from Sean and looked at the man. Sean was holding his eyes.

“I’m not going to tell you sorry.”

“I don’t expect you to. But you struck a federal agent in FBI headquarters. I’m not going to stop the charges from being filed. I will call your brother though and give him the option of coming up and saving your ass.” Spencer pushed off the wall and stepped out of the holding cells. He moved up to his office and sat down in his chair. Finally letting his facade drop as the pain in his jaw ramped up. Sean had done good. He’d have a large bruise and substantial swelling to his face. He sighed and set down his cell phone. He was going to have to use speakerphone. He dialed Hotch’s number from memory. It was there just like everything else.

“Hotchner,” Hotch said. His tone was one that Spencer knew. He knew that it was Spencer on the other end of the line. It had been over a year and still his heart raced at the sound of his voice.

“Hotch, I have a very pissed off Sean Hotchner in my holding cell in New York.”

“What did he do?” Hotch sounded upset, exactly like he did when Sean was ever brought up around the team.

“I am assuming that he paid you a visit recently?”

“Yes. He came to mend fences a little more.”

“I say that those fences are very high right now. Or at least my jaw feels like they are. He got into headquarters here, I am assuming telling them that his brother worked in the BAU. He stormed into my bullpen and threw out a punch that, thankfully, didn’t break my jaw. I won’t stop charges from being filed. I have a hard enough time as Unit Chief for the BAU team and those teams around us. I won’t, however, stop someone else from stopping the charges.”

“New York is still a mess after Kate Joyner’s death isn’t it?”

“Very much so.”

“I’ll be in New York as soon as possible. We are on stand down right now. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that he was going to do that.”

Spencer was good at reading verbal ques and it very much didn’t seem like Hotch was in a good place at all. He kept his mouth shut. He remembered the picture that Carmen had showed him. It wasn’t his circus and it wasn’t his monkeys. He hit end on the call and closed his eyes, bringing the bag of peas to his face. He was getting ready to see his now ex-husband after a year. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that.


Aaron adjusted his tie as he slipped into the FBI headquarters in New York City. His ID badge on full display as he moved to the elevator. Reid had messaged him that the New York BAU team was on the sixth floor. Aaron found it funny, but hadn’t asked Reid if he found it funny as well. He punched the sixth floor button as the doors closed.

When the doors opened under a minute later, found Reid standing there. He looked just as shocked as Aaron felt. The urge to kiss him was overwhelming, but he kept it in check.

“You look like shit,” Reid said. His hand moved and his thumb brushed the bags under Aaron’s eyes. Aaron closed his eyes. The hand moved away. “Carmen will handle everything with you.”

Aaron opened his eyes to see Reid leaving. He was walking away. Aaron though wasn’t going to cause a scene. One Hotchner had already done that. Instead, Aaron waited until a woman came over to him to help him. He got a lot of looks that told him that the team that Reid had in New York was fiercely protective of him.

Two hours later, Aaron was using a borrowed SUV to drop off Sean off at his apartment with a promise from him to never seek out Reid again. Sean didn’t like agreeing, but it was the only way that Aaron would get him off on the charges. Aaron though, had no plans on letting Reid go without a talk. A call to Kevin Lynch had given Aaron the address of Reid in New York. He wasn’t shocked that it wasn’t that far from the Federal Building.

Aaron parked in the guest parking and made his way to the thirteenth floor. He had been a little shocked that the building had a thirteenth floor, but he wasn’t shocked that Reid was living on it. It wasn’t hard to figure out the door given that it was nearing Halloween. and Aaron knew that it was his favorite holiday. His door was covered in cute little scary faces. Aaron rapped on the door and waited.

When Reid opened the door, he looked pissed. He just stared at Aaron but didn’t move to let him inside at all.

“It’s about time for us to talk, don’t you think?”

“Alone in my apartment? No. Out and about at the diner around the block, sure.”

“No. Here.” Aaron could feel his rage starting to simmer just under his skin. It seemed that Reid pushed all those buttons in him. He pushed on the door and only the shock of Aaron doing it allowed him in. He shut the door and Reid’s eyes twitched over towards where Aaron was sure his bedroom was. “We are going to talk, Reid.”

“Fuck you, Hotch.” Reid moved to turn away from him and Aaron just snapped. He shoved Reid and when the man stumbled, Aaron pushed him again. Reid spun and put a wall to his back and Aaron struck. He grabbed the shoulders of the other man and pinned him to the wall. He only felt like this around Reid. The anger that he was usually so good at controlling was right there ready to explode.

“You seriously are a cold hearted little bitch aren’t you?” Aaron asked as he looked into Reid’s hard eyes. He’d truly just been a revenge piece. “Maybe it was a good thing that I married you and left you. I shudder to think the life I would have had if I had stayed.”

The slap came at him so hard that Aaron swore that his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Reid raised it up again, but as it came at him, Aaron grabbed it. He pinned Reid’s wrist to the wall and waited. Reid raised his other hand and tried to shove, but Aaron was a lot more solid than him. Aaron used the pinned hand to spin Spencer around, holding him against the wall and linking both of his wrists in one of Aaron’s hands. Aaron pressed himself into Reid’s back, keeping him pressed to the wall. The close proximity between them had Aaron starting to harden. He remembered their single night together.

There was no reason for what Aaron did next. He pressed his cock into Reid’s ass. Reid stopped the wiggling that he had been doing to try to escape. The younger man gasped as his whole body stilled. Whatever had caused them to be linked as mates was still there. They could have been perfect.

“If we aren’t going to talk, we are going to fuck. You left before I could have you,” Aaron said lowly in Reid’s ear. He felt the full body shiver the younger man gave at his words. Aaron let go of his hands and slid one around his hip, feeling his cock. It was hard. He jerked the zipper down and reached inside, grabbing hot flesh. Reid thrust into his hand. Aaron pulled his hand free and grabbed the sides of his pants, jerking them down. He heard ripping, but didn’t care. The pants pooled around Reid’s feet but Aaron didn’t even pause at all. Fingers were shoved into Reid’s mouth as soon as he could. Reid didn’t even need any prompting as he made Aaron’s fingers as wet as he could. Aaron worked his own pants open and pulled out his cock. He took his fingers and slid them hard and fast into Reid.

Reid screamed as he was breached. It wasn’t anything that scared Aaron, though, because he wasn’t saying no. Aaron worked the fingers in and out several times before he pulled them almost all the way out and then spit down on them. He worked that all around Reid’s hole before working as much inside, around the passage as he could. Reid’s hand shot out and felt around on top of the stand just on the other side of him. Aaron saw a bag and grabbed it with his free hand. Inside was a bottle of lube. There was a bottle of painkillers and stomach antacids in there as well so it was just a normal trip to the store to stock up on things. He dumped out the lube into his other hand before ripping off the lid and taking off the little seal. Reid didn’t even try and get away from him, just leaned into the wall panting.

Aaron slicked up his cock with the lube, but didn’t press his fingers inside of Reid, instead he just smeared them a little over his hole before he was pushing the head of his cock inside of Spencer. Aaron wasn’t fast with breaching him. He knew that he didn’t want to hurt him that way, no matter how angry he was. He bottomed out inside of his ex-husband and groaned at the feel of tight muscles gripping him just right.

“Fuck me, Hotch.” Reid shoved back with his body and Aaron growled, slamming him back into the wall. He lost it. Aaron fucked him hard and fast, not caring what happened to Reid. Aaron chased his own orgasm. He shut out pleasured cries from Reid mouth, keeping him right where he could take what he wanted from him.

As Aaron finally crested, he reached around to find that Reid was soft. Aaron felt bad. He hadn’t meant to lose control like he had, he hadn’t wanted to hurt him. He opened his mouth as he pulled his hand away but a wet spot on the wall had him shutting it. He dropped his head down onto Reid’s shoulder as the younger man slumped down. They were both breathing like they had run a marathon. Aaron carefully pulled out of Reid and couldn’t help looking for blood. There was none. He hadn’t been gentle at all so he was a little shocked.

“I can hear your angst. Don’t.” Reid turned in the shelter of Aaron’s arms. He didn’t say anything but just stared for a few minutes. “I didn’t take you as the type for angry sex.”

“I didn’t think I was either, but you pissed me off so bad.” Aaron reached up and touched just at the edge of the bruise forming on Reid’s face. Reid stilled as Aaron leaned down but he didn’t shove him away. Aaron kissed the skin under his eye. “I am sorry for what he did. He’s always been impulsive. Did someone look at it?”

“One of the other agents was a field medic. Nothing is broken. I don’t…I don’t understand my feelings for you.”

“I don’t think that either of us can really say that we act like healthy adults around each other.” Aaron looked at the clock on the wall. He had five hours until his return flight back to DC. “Can we talk? Really talk. That’s what I have missed the most, just being able to talk to someone.”

“I’m going to shower. My guest room has some clothes that members of my team have left when they have stayed over after injuries. There is a full bath in there. I…” Reid looked away. “I miss talking too.”


The talking didn’t start until after they had both showered and changed, and after Chinese had been delivered for dinner. A phone call had come in from upstate New York about a case that Reid had been tele-consulting on. Aaron had listened with half an ear as the younger man talked about the seemingly obsessional stalker that was plaguing the small town. Reid had been in the kitchen making a pot of coffee when the doorbell had rung for food, so Aaron had paid and carried the food in there.

Reid looked at him, his face calm and serene. He nodded at the food and held up a finger. Aaron set about setting up the food as he listened to Reid explain things to do to try and catch the stalker. Aaron grabbed a pad of paper and wrote down something. Reid moved over and read it when Aaron flipped it around.

“No, Sir. I will gladly come up when you want to look over it all.” Reid grabbed the pen from Aaron’s hand and scratched down two words. Stalking police. Aaron raised an eyebrow at that. Whoever the stalker was they were stupid brave. “Tomorrow? Sure. I’ll drive up early in the morning. See you then.”

“There is someone stalking the police?” Aaron asked as he handed over a set of chopsticks. Reid looked at them and grabbed the fork that Aaron hadn’t even realized had been in the napkins.

“Yes. They know my address and know I can’t use chopsticks. They always pack a fork.” Reid grabbed the box of food that was marked hot. He popped it open. “No one balked at me using them on cases because we all did because we worked and ate.”

“Yeah I never thought of it. I gave the address and the man on the other end said he knew what you wanted.”

“I order pretty much the same thing. I get brave on occasion.” Reid opened his box and started to eat something that looked like it would set Aaron’s mouth on fire. The smaller box of noodles was opened next. Reid pointed his fork at him. “What I did probably wasn’t the best reaction, but I didn’t think that the team would side with me. I kept myself from them for a reason. I’m sorry that they have been acting like they have. I have e-mailed the lot of them, including JJ and told them to step out of the situation.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s the least I could do. You know I had this big revenge thing planned. I was going to swoop in and show you up. Get you to fall for me, because at the core, those tests have never failed. You and I are perfect for each other, outside things messed everything up. You were almost double my age. I knew that long before I saw you. I just… I never thought that you’d just leave like you did. There are no cases of that. I didn’t have anyone to help me fight. You’d done your part and married me like the government demanded. They didn’t care about the state of my life or yours. It wasn’t until much later that I learned of the accident that took Haley from you, and while it helped me to understand, there were other paths that you could have taken. You chose the worse thing for the both of us.”

“I should have asked for a deferment. I was the older and should have been the wiser, but I can’t take that back. I can’t fix that, but I do miss talking to you. I don’t know though if I can ever forget the harm I have done you. Or the harm you did me.”

“I know. That-” Reid waved into the living room. “Shows we have sexual feelings, but that’s not all a relationship can be based on. I still look at you and see you leaving me. Can we just do maybe texts and emails? Calls if we need?”

“That sounds good. It sounds really good.” Aaron felt a weight in his chest release. He smiled at his ex and he smiled back. It was better than how things had been. It was better than what he’d had a few months before. He was truthful though. Reid and he were better apart. Better not in a relationship, but having someone to talk to that understood the job was enough for now. Maybe one day they could even call themselves friends.

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