New Roads 2014 Part 3

Aaron was parked in the line of waiting parents picking up kids. He saw Jack come out of the school with a smile on his face. As soon as his eyes landed on the car, Jack took off running towards him. Every single line of his body screamed happiness.

“DAD!” Jack near screamed as he fell into the car seat, throwing his backpack into the back seat. He buckled in and then turned and looked at his dad. “Dad, Doctor Cane is the one who is going to watch me every morning and he’s so cool. He even said that Aunt Jessica can bring me in early as well, even when you are out of town.”

Aaron looked at Jack in shock. He was a likeable kid, but most of his teachers at his public school found him to be too much. He knew that the Headmistress had said that the teachers at the school loved teaching but this was something else.


“Headmistress Moneta talked to him and I have a letter from her for you. I can get it out when we get home. So do you think Aunt Jessica would mind?”

“I don’t think so buddy. So what did you and Doctor Caine do today?”

“We talked about the Boeing P-8 Poseidon.”

“So he was the teacher with the planes in his room?” Aaron smiled.

“Yes, and his science class is so much fun. I was his helper today. We made a big mess it coated the floor and the lab station that we made it on, but before we could all run to get mops and buckets, it was this fine powder all over the floor, and we just needed a broom and a dustpan. He told us that by the time that the year was out, he’d show us how to make it at home. Jenny got it all over her skirt, but it didn’t stain, and once Doctor Cane had taken the fan to her skirt, it was dried and it was like she hadn’t been all wet.”

“So you think you are going to like it there?”

“I love it there, Dad.” Jack chattered on for the entire ride home. Talking about all of his classes, but talking about Doctor Caine more than anything else. For safety’s sake, the DOJ had the list of employees locked on a digital database. He knew that. He’d been told that. One had to actually be on the grounds to meet all the teachers. It was a pilot school in that fashion. All the teachers were vetted through the highest levels, but the majority of their information was basically classified. If things went well for the school for a few more years, other high priority schools would get the same treatment, basically disappear from the digital world. The NSA was responsible for hiding the school. Aaron had been told that Britain had several schools like it as well.

Jessica came to dinner that night so that Aaron could talk to her about dropping Jack off early to school, even when he was out of town. She stayed until after Jack was put to bed.

“So he really likes the school.” Jessica sat down with her glass of wine on the opposite end of the couch.


“I know that you worried about Beth, but he doesn’t miss her. I think that he knew that you weren’t that serious so he didn’t get attached. I overheard him talk to Henry about it the other day. Henry was asking where she was because she hadn’t been to any of the team things in a while.”

“I just didn’t…I didn’t fall in love with her. With Haley it was near instant. I was so young, though, then.”

“And there is the person you fell in love with after Haley.” Jessica pointed out. Aaron looked at her in shock. “Don’t look like that. Jack heard some of your nightmares after Haley’s death. Whoever Spencer is, he was an idiot for leaving you at a time like that.”

Aaron could only look at her. Jack had never said anything about hearing him. He didn’t want Jessica thinking the worst though. “There is a lot more to it than that, Jess. A lot more. I wasn’t aware that Jack had heard me. That Spencer he heard me dreaming about is actually Doctor Spencer Reid.”

“Reid? Wasn’t that the name of one of…the one who left after he’d been shot. You were in love with him?” It was Jessica’s turn to wear a shocked face. “Jack says that you had a dream about him a few weeks ago.”

“It was a case that reminded me of one of the first he was part of the team for, that’s all. And how much better it would have been if he had been there.”

“Have you seen him since then?”

“Not since the day of Haley’s funeral. And even then I just saw him, I didn’t get to talk to him.”

“So it’s unfinished business?” Jessica looked at him and he could see Haley in her face. It made his heart ache. “Maybe you should try and finish it. Find him. Talk to him.”

“It sounds simple, but it’s really not.”

“You aren’t going to move on until you know for sure, Aaron.” Jessica drained her wine glass, kissed his forehead, leaving him alone in the living room. Aaron picked up his cell phone and unlocked it. He looked at the messaging and scrolled to the bottom. Reid’s number was still in his phone along with his message of sorry. Everything case related, he’d deleted. But he hadn’t been able to delete the I’m Sorry or the number. He typed out a message, but then erased it, locking his phone. That was not how he wanted to talk to him for the first time in over five years.


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