New Roads January 2015 Part 1

Spencer wasn’t shocked when Jack near bounced into his classroom. He’d got to spend two extra hours with the boy that morning as a delay due to road conditions, which had school starting later, but neither one of them had been upset about that. He had known that morning that Hotch would be going to work at the normal time so he’d made sure to be there. He’d waited at the door, and when Aaron had pulled up he’d opened it. Jack had carefully made his way out of the car and across the sidewalk that was coated in salt due to the ice that was over everything.

Five months into the school year and Spencer’s class was still Jack’s favorite, he came to school at the same time nearly every day no matter if his father was on a case or not. Spencer handed over the papers that needed passed out and Jack put one on each seat in the lab. The rest of the students filed in quickly as the bell got close to ringing.

When the door to the lab shut hard and the clang of the deadbolts sliding from one side of the doorway to the other happened, Spencer didn’t react other than to look. It was about time for another drill. There was always one in either December or January that wasn’t planned to test the teachers as much as the students. However, the red light above the door flicking on had Spencer inputting the code into his gun safe and pulling the gun out. As soon as the kids saw it, they scattered to their hiding spot. From the window in the door, the corner at the other end of the inside wall wasn’t visible. There was no way in through the door and if someone came around to the window they would find them bullet resistant. Spencer had enough ammo in his safe and he slipped three extra clips into his pockets before shutting the safe. He directed two of his kids under the desk. The space where the feet went was hidden from the other side. Unless whoever was attacking got into the room and around the desk, they would never know that they were there. Eliana was deaf. Spencer signed for her to stay quiet until he told her not to be. With her was Deanna, her partner in all classes. Deanna knew sign language and would help her with anything that she needed.

The rest of the kids were dead silent as Spencer sat down in a chair with his entire body focused on the door. If he didn’t have his knee problem he’d be standing. He leaned forward to slip his gun into the back holster he had on. He heard kids gasp behind him. Then he felt a weight at his back. He turned enough to see who it was. Jack. He pulled him a little closer to his back. The sounds of gunfire echoed down the halls.

“Try and be quiet. Think about anything else. Think about Field Day in May. Think about your vacation over the summer.”

“Dad will come,” Jack whispered in Spencer’s ear.

Spencer closed his eyes for two seconds and wished that Hotch was there. He remembered Des Moines and how he felt when he shot Dowd. There was silence for several long minutes before the door locks disengaged. Spencer relaxed back, but he didn’t tell the kids to move. Only security and the Headmistress could unlock the door to his room, beside Spencer himself. He was halfway to standing when the door opened. He expected to see Bob, the head of security, but instead two men stepped in with glocks trained on him. He raised his hands in supplication. There was no time to draw his gun.

“Just have a seat, teach.” The first man said. They both had on face masks with eye and mouth holes cut in them. Spencer sat down. “We are all going to sit in here and be comfortable for a little while.” The second man shut the door and Spencer heard the locks engage. Whoever these hostage takers were, they were well off. There was more than one, and it didn’t seem to be a random nonsense hostage situation. They were here for a reason, and Spencer needed to find out that reason before he could safely get the kids out. Thankfully, these guys didn’t know who they were dealing with.


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