The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 6

Mirror World

Spencer was leaning back on his arms across Aaron’s desk, legs wrapped around Aaron’s waist as he tried to hold on to something, anything, as his lover plowed into him over and over.

“You are a deadly little kitten aren’t you Spencer? That mind hides the real danger,” Aaron was panting as he snapped his hips harder and faster into Spencer.

“Please, Sir, please,” Spencer was begging. His cock was so hard it was almost painful, but Aaron hadn’t even touched him yet. He let his head fall back onto the desk and nonsense words fell from his lips as he was fucked into over and over.

Aaron grunted and let out a laugh. Spencer was so pliant and wanton he couldn’t get enough of the man’s body. His eyes raked over the body that had changed so much over the weeks Spencer had been there. Lean muscles had started to form from Derek’s exercises and the running and biking Aaron, Spencer and Jack had done. Stomach taut, and strong arms had replaced the thinner frame. Aaron’s eyes couldn’t stop looking at the little golden hoops that were bouncing over Spencer’s nipples. His breath caught at the sight and a moment later his knees almost buckled with the force of the orgasm that ripped through him. He stayed buried in Spencer as he grabbed the now straining, leaking cock and using his hand he worked his lover towards release.

“Come now Spencer,” Aaron growled out his command and Spencer’s body bowed and a scream ripped from his throat as he came all over Aaron’s hand. He collapsed down on the desk panting and boneless.

Aaron pulled out and walked to the bathroom to clean-up. After a few moments, Spencer slid off the desk and walked on shaky legs to the bathroom. He wanted to jump into the shower, but he needed to protect the tattoo, so he went with just the soap and a wash cloth.

When he got back out he grabbed his clothes and slipped them on. He didn’t protest when he felt Aaron press against his back and settle hands on his hips.

“Ready to tell me now?”

Spencer closed his eyes and nodded. Aaron didn’t let him get too far away, he pulled him onto his lap when he sat down in his office chair.

Spencer laid back against Aaron and told him what happened with his Foyet and his Aaron. He told him about the stabbing, the stalking and killing of Haley. When he was done he was emotionally drained. It had been one of the worst times in not only the team’s life, but Aaron’s as well.

“I can’t help but feel like some kind of strange destiny is at play here. You and me, Georgie, Haley. I wonder how many realities we play out similar lives.”

“I don’t think I want to know the answer to that. Too many variables, too many ways that we could be different in each reality. I’m having a hard time with just the two that I have been subjected to.” Spencer snuggled closer on his lap and melted into those arms around him.

“Why Ethan, Aaron?” Spencer felt a hand in his hair and he almost purred at the feeling. He knew he was falling hard, even knowing the kind of man Aaron was, he was falling in love. He wondered how this was going to affect him when he got back home, if he got back home. He pushed those thoughts aside as he laid his hand on top of Aaron’s.

“I’ve only heard his story once, and he never wanted to talk about it again. I’ll tell you what I know. Spencer and Ethan were at CalTech together. Spencer was twelve, Ethan was fourteen. The school had special accommodations for their younger students. They were put in a room together and had, Spencer thought, become friends. You have to understand, he trusted no one. He let Ethan in and everything seemed okay, except it wasn’t. Ethan was abusing him. Verbally, mentally and emotionally. From what I could get out of him there was also some gaslighting going on as well. This went on for two years, Spencer.

“Just a few weeks before he went home on break, Ethan tried to rape him. He was woken-up in the middle of the night with Ethan on top of him. What Ethan didn’t know was that Spencer had years of learning how to avoid his mother. They fought and Spencer ran from the room to the dorm security. Ethan was taken to the Dean’s office and, fortunately, they believed Spencer. It didn’t hurt that other residents came forward and admitted they were witness to the bullying and abuse. Ethan was expelled immediately and Spencer wasn’t given another roommate. Of course he didn’t go back to CalTech. That was just before his mother attacked him, and I broke in and saved him. I brought him home and he went to school near here. And, if he did want to go to a school outside Virginia, I had a bodyguard with him at all times.”

Spencer was crying. He couldn’t ever see his own Ethan ever hurting him like that, but he understood the bullying. The football field coming back to him as he sat curled into Aaron reliving his own painful past.

“You’ve known your share of bullying, haven’t you?”

Spencer nodded, he didn’t want to talk about that, not yet at least. Aaron seemed to understand and let him cuddle with him. This, more than anything else, was something Aaron had missed.

The trust built back-up slowly. Spencer was now going into the relationship with eyes fully open. He was more comfortable in his own skin than he had ever felt before. The things they did in the playroom, he now craved as much as he craved his next breath. He no longer fought it. He let himself become what Aaron wanted of him. He no longer had to pretend and there was a type of freedom in this strange new life he was living. He was deep in thought when he felt himself being shaken.

“Spencer. We’re ready to put the finishing touches on the scale model.” He looked over at Charlie and mentally remarked on the changes in the man. Derek wasn’t the only thing that was good for him. The math and science was helping to center his friend as well. This Charlie was so like his own that Spencer was relieved. At least one person was the same and he took comfort in that.

“Okay, I’ll read out what needs to be done next while you finish up in the room.” Charlie smiled as he donned protective gear and went into the room with the almost finished collider. Carefully Spencer gave him direction on what to do and with steady hands Charlie worked slowly, and methodically. After about two hours they both breathed a sigh of relief as the collider was finished and humming with power running through it. Spencer was ecstatic. The first and most important part of the experiment was complete.

Over the next several days they did various tests to make sure the scale model of the Hadron Collider was stable. They did hundreds of small tests and each outcome was better than the previous. After two weeks, they agreed that they could begin the real test – trying to recreate the circumstances that brought Spencer to this reality.

“Are you ready Spencer?” Charlie turned to him with a smile on his face and everything was so achingly familiar to that fateful day that Spencer tried not to give in to his hope. He knew there was a high potential for failure to this endeavor.

“Ready.” Each step was carefully recreated to Spencer’s exact specifications. He went and took the numbers down from the readouts in the room with the collider, just like before.

“Okay, ready to introduce the God Particle Spencer.” Spencer held his breath when he went to open the door… nothing happened. The door clicked open, the collider hummed along and no accidental explosions. He sighed and tried his hardest not to be disappointed. He checked the analysis on the computers and the numbers were way off. He had all the numbers from the accident down in another program that he could use to help analyze how to make the collider come closer to what they needed.

“Well, we didn’t think it would work the first time. No experiment ever does. Don’t worry, we have no time limit Spencer.” Spencer sat at one of the computers in the lab that separated them from where the collider was secure.

“I know, here are the calculations from the accident. here’s where we are. We need to figure out how to get them to correlate and then figure out exactly what made the explosion. I think if we increase the energy here, just as the collider is building the internal energy, it might get us closer to where we need to be.”

“Okay, but not today. We’re both tired and I don’t want any mistakes here.” Charlie was cleaning-up and shutting down for the day when there was a knock on the main door. They looked up at the security cameras to see Derek standing outside. Spencer noticed his friend smile as he stood and let the man in. Spencer’s cheeks pinked at the very obscene kiss Derek gave Charlie.

“Ready Doc?”

“Yes Sir.” Charlie gathered his things and said his goodbyes to Spencer. They agreed to meet the next day in their study at the mansion. Spencer sat and stared at the machine in the other room and thought about the last weeks when something very important hit him like a ton of bricks. His Mother. He hadn’t written his mother a letter in twelve weeks that was 92 days, twelve hours, 23 minutes and sixteen seconds of no communication with her. He tried not to panic. He didn’t know what his mom would think about not receiving any letters from him. Then the guilt crashed down on him for not even thinking about what all of this might be doing to her, for surely with the other Spencer’s familial history he would never try to write to his mother.

Spencer was lost in his head, in the guilt he was feeling, when he was broken out of his rumination by a pounding on the door. He unfolded himself from the chair and reached-up to wipe his face when he realized he had been crying. He looked up at the security camera. Despite the darkness he knew that figure. His head whipped around and looked up at the clock on the wall and noticed that it was almost eleven at night. Spencer had been lost in his head for almost six hours. He ran to the door and an angry Aaron strode in. He did not even hesitate as he sank to the floor, hands behind his back and head down.

Aaron didn’t say a word as he walked to Spencer’s work station and grabbed his phone, unlocked it and saw all the messages and phone calls that had gone unanswered.

“Care to explain this?” The cold, flat tone did nothing to Spencer as he held position and tried not to move.

Spencer bowed his head and shook it from side to side. He was not sure he could speak and not break down.

“I was worried for you Spencer. When Derek and Charlie came back from their club and you were not back I became concerned. Then the hours just ticked by and no return of messages, no answering the phone. Well, you can’t imagine what I was thinking.”

Spencer stayed quiet as he closed his eyes.

“Speak Spencer!” Aaron was standing in front of him again and all he saw was the perfectly polished shoes. Shame, anger, guilt and fear were all warring within him. He wasn’t surprised when Aaron grabbed the back of his hair and forced his head up. He saw Aaron frown, but he didn’t break. “You will tell me what’s going on.”

The wetness in Spencer’s eyes had Aaron narrowing his.

“Do you not want to talk about it, or can you not talk about it?”

Spencer wanted to tell him, he did, but it had taken years to tell his Aaron about his mom and that was on accident. His mom was precious, to be protected, and the shame he was feeling went deeper than just not being able to send her his letters. All he could do was shake his head because the words just wouldn’t come.

Aaron lowered himself and sat back on his heels never taking his hand off Spencer. Something was very wrong here and he knew it. He moved his hand in Spencer’s hair to where he was gripping harder and closer to the scalp. The small whine his sub emitted had him looking closely at the younger man.

“I’m going to let you go. I have a kit in the car, do you need cuffs?” Spencer took a moment to think about it and slowly nodded yes. “You will stand, you will go to the car and get in the front seat. I will put the cuffs around your wrists then drive us home. Once there you will go to the playroom and strip then wait for me. Do you understand?”

Spencer nodded and almost whined at the loss of contact. He stood and did exactly what Aaron told him to do. When the felt the weight of the hard, black leather cuffs it almost settled him. He still didn’t speak. It was as if all his words were tied up in his guilt and shame. When they got to the house Aaron unhooked the cuffs from each other and Spencer didn’t hesitate as he went to the playroom and stripped.

Aaron was there a few minutes later with a heavy looking braided flogger in his hand. Each strand was about a ¼ inch thick and at the end were hard looking heavy knots. Spencer had never seen that toy before, and he wondered about it.

“When Spencer first came here, he was emotionally and psychologically a wreck. He didn’t feel safe or secure. Oh, he trusted me, but we still didn’t know each other. When I tried to give him a separate room that first week I would wake up with him clinging to me.

“He had seen the chain and asked about it. I told him about my lifestyle and asked if it would make him uncomfortable. He told me no and asked to try the cuffs. That night was the first night I cuffed him to my bed. Though there was an attraction there, I didn’t touch him sexually till he was eighteen. He wore clothes as did I, to bed.” Aaron walked around Spencer talking, telling him more of their story, though he wasn’t sure where this was going.

“I knew from the start that I couldn’t send him to a psychiatrist. He had asked about it and I told him no. I understood how smart and intuitive he was and I knew no psychiatrist could help him. He’d talk circles around them.

“He was closed off, though. Wouldn’t talk much those first few months. I proposed an idea to him. It was risky, especially with what I knew about the abuse from his mother, and possibly his father. I told him I knew ways I could help the words get unstuck. I showed him the playroom and this flogger. He was scared, but intrigued at the same time. When we were done, he broke down and told me everything. I sat with him in my lap, soothing him, reassuring him that everything I did it was out of caring. After that he trusted me even more. When the words would get stuck he would seek me out and I’d help him find them. We haven’t had to do this in years.

“I propose the same to you. I can help you find your words Spencer. You’re lost in here,” Aaron reached out and cupping the side of his face he ran a hand over his forehead, “Aren’t you?”

Spencer nodded and he tried his hardest not to cry.

“Do you trust me?”

Again, Spencer nodded.

“Do you remember your safe word?” The affirmation from Spencer had Aaron nodding his head right back. “Come here.” Aaron moved to a piece of equipment that looked almost like an unpadded pommel horse. It had cross planks and chains that could be made longer or shorter. Aaron pulled the chains close till they were almost flush with the planks. “Kneel facing the cross.” Spencer quickly knelt down, a face rest was flipped out from the middle and Spencer laid his head in it. Then Aaron had him stretch his arms out to the sides. He attached the cuffs to the chain and locked the chain in place.

“We’ll go slow and when you know you can talk to me use your safeword.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer finally found his voice, but it was soft, he felt fragile, like the smallest thing would break him.

Aaron lifted the flogger and swung. The first contact was a thud and Spencer just flinched. Aaron knew he needed to increase slowly, he didn’t want Spencer to go into a full drop which was what he was witnessing. He started sweating – the flogger getting heavier in his hand as time went on. Spencer was shaking with sweat pouring down him as he struggled with himself.

Aaron was about to give up and switch to a different implement, a scream ripped from the younger man and he was yelling his safeword. Aaron knew he could finally stop and that Spencer was ready to talk. He quickly undid the cuffs and helped Spencer to stand. He gently lifted his lover and walked to the large comfortable leather chair and sat with Spencer wrapped around him.

“Tell me Kitten, what has you so upset.”

Spencer buried his head against Aaron’s chest and tried to curl up.

“It’s my Mom. I didn’t do this just to myself, but my Mom too. I write her, everyday and send the letters at the end of the week. It’s been 92 days, that’s 92 letters I haven’t written.” Spencer curled his hand in Aaron’s shirt and let himself cry.

Aaron couldn’t say that he understood. His Spencer hated and feared his Mother. She was so far gone in her delusions that Spencer wasn’t even human to her anymore. But this man he was holding, loved her. He loved her and protected her and Aaron tried to understand.

“I’m sorry Spencer, I don’t know how to help you with this.”

“You can’t. I know he isn’t going to. I’m scared Aaron. I’m scared that she’s going to think something horrible happened to me, and it’s going to make her mind shatter even more and it’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” Spencer cried even harder. His Mom meant everything to him and now she was gone to him.

Aaron for the first time in a very long time had no words he could give. He could, on one level, sympathize with Spencer’s pain. But, he didn’t understand it, didn’t understand the connection this man had with his mother. All he could do was sit there and soothe.

Spencer knew that Aaron didn’t understand. He had come to learn that this Aaron was a dichotomy of emotions. In everyday interactions he was hard, cold, but fair to those that were loyal. But, here, at home with him and Jack he was loving, but he lacked the empathy that his Aaron had. Spencer figured it out, though, that right now he didn’t want that empathy. After he purged himself and the shaking stopped he felt himself falling asleep.

Our World

Spencer was glad that he’d kept up most of his exercise routine. The hand to hand was probably lacking a little, but there was no one he could practice that with here. He was bound to be a hell of a lot better than this Spencer. Aaron didn’t let him be anything but the best at everything. After they had gotten back from a case the night before, Aaron had asked him to spend the night. He’d agreed. They stopped so he could get clean clothes and grab his mail before they headed to Aaron’s. He’d been shocked that the older man had only wanted to cuddle in the night.

But when they awoke, Aaron had asked him to run with him. Spencer had bought new running clothes for himself and kept a pair in his go bag. Sometimes it was the only thing that got him to sleep at night during cases. Running until he was too tired to do anything but pass out. He knew that he was slowly dropping. There wasn’t a way that he couldn’t be. The runs only delayed it. And the minor playing he was able to force out of Aaron. It wasn’t enough and he needed to figure out something that would get him what he needed without betraying his Aaron and worsening his drop.

Aaron had woke him up with kisses all over his face but the man ignored both their erections. He was pulled up and convinced to go on a run to get his blood pumping. Aaron asked him how long he wanted to run for and found that Aaron liked to do ten miles on the weekend and Spencer happily agreed.

Running could give him a high if he needed it. Knowing that Aaron was right there behind him, knowing that doing it was pleasing Aaron. He’d learned to like running because it made Aaron happy. Running this time though felt strange. He had needed time to get used to running beside Aaron and not in front of him. By the second mile he was kind of okay with it and by the eighth mile he was okay with Aaron beside him.

Entering Aaron’s apartment behind him, he thought about showering and eating breakfast. On the run, he’d seen a nice little café that looked like it had a nice menu and was right up his alley. He hoped he could talk Aaron into eating there and then going to pick up Jack. He missed the boy. Spencer closed the door and turned to head towards the back of the apartment. An arm wrapped around him tightly from behind. He felt Aaron’s erection press into him and he groaned. That hadn’t even been on his mind.

Turning in Aaron’s arms, Spencer looked into his eyes. They were black with lust. He pulled up Aaron’s shirt to touch his skin as the older man took his mouth in a kiss. Aaron kept his arm wrapped around Spencer’s body keeping him right where he wanted him. Spencer kept his hands on Aaron’s stomach, palming and squeezing the flesh while Aaron was doing things with his lips and tongue that made his head spin and scratching just enough to excite when he tried to slow things down.

Spencer didn’t know up from down by the time Aaron started to back him up. He was still sweaty from the run and the wall felt freezing cold as he was pressed into it. He broke the kiss to hiss at the sensation. Aaron didn’t even pause, just moved to his chin and then down his neck, licking up the sweat that was on his skin.

Grabbing at the edge of Aaron’s shirt, Spencer lifted it up and Aaron pulled away just long enough for him to rip it up and over his head. The wall was already chilling his body down so when Aaron pressed into him, the heat at his front and the cold at his back dueled in his mind. He moaned loudly. Aaron kissed him again to muffle the sound.

Hands worked down to his pants and pulled them down, heard the thunk of shoes and then a foot was dragging his pants down the rest of the way. The hands grabbed his asscheeks next and pulled him into Aaron’s groin, hard. He wanted it badly. He wanted fucked badly.

The snap of lube cap sounded seconds after one of the hands left him.

“Turn around,” Aaron said.

Spencer couldn’t move fast enough to comply. He planted his hands on the wall and tried to move to take off his running shoes but Aaron wasn’t letting him. Instead he used his thumb and a finger to spread apart Spencer’s ass cheeks and then he felt a finger sliding inside of him.

“Tell me as soon as you are ready,” Aaron panted in his ear. Spencer could only nod. The finger pulled out but only the single digit slid back inside of him. It was just wetter. It thrust in and out of him, slowly, maddeningly. Every single time that it was pulled out of him, it went back in but never two fingers, just more lube. His body relaxed as kisses were placed on his sweaty back and neck.

“Now, now. In me now.” Spencer heard as pants hit the floor and then Aaron was pressing into him. The stretch was wonderful and he thrust down a little harder onto Aaron’s cock. Aaron whispered words into his skin of how good he felt, how hot he was. Every single one went right to Spencer’s cock, making him hard as rock. Aaron fucked him like he ran with a single minded determination with the goal to get off rather than winning a race.

Aaron stayed pressed to him and his lips never left his skin.

“Harder, please, Aaron. Harder. Please, fuck me harder,” Spencer begged, his voice breathless. Aaron wrapped an arm around his waist to hold him steady and right where he wanted him as he did as he asked. Harder and harder Aaron fucked him. Spencer could barely keep his head from banging into the wall. Right as Spencer was about to come, Aaron pulled out. The loss was great and Spencer slumped down and groaned loudly.

Aaron manhandled him around to where they were facing. Before Spencer could even say anything, Aaron was grabbing his thighs and lifting. Spencer braced his back against the wall as he wrapped his arms around the older man. As soon as he was braced, Aaron lifted him up to wrap his legs around his waist. Aaron guided himself back inside him and Spencer could only hold on as he was fucked hard against the wall.

“Are you close?” Aaron asked after he sucked a bruise on Spencer’s neck, right where his collar usually lay. When he wore it next, he’d feel that every single time he moved his neck. That didn’t help him try and hold on. He still needed permission.


“So am I. Can you hold until I go?”

“Yes.” Spencer clamped down on his cock with his muscles. Making the slide of cock in and out of him just that much tighter. Aaron fucked into him a few more times and then groaned. At the feel of the cock swelling inside of him, Spencer came. Aaron’s legs gave out but it was a controlled descent down with Spencer ending up in his lap.

“You…you don’t…”

“Breathe, Aaron. Just breathe.” Spencer carded his hand through Aaron’s short hair. His own was growing back out again and was just about the perfect length for him to need a cut.

“I’ve wanted to do that since we started running together three years ago,” Aaron said as he pulled back to look at him. He cupped Spencer’s face and kissed him. “Every single time we came back here, I’d be hard as a rock and you either never noticed or didn’t say anything.”

“The release of adrenaline and the pumping of your blood can account for that. There is a lot of guys who get them. There was no way to know that it was me. Several of the boys’ in high school got them running PE.”

“I’m not a teenage boy.”

“But you are a man who had a healthy sexual appetite when married and you’ve probably kept that up masturbating after Haley.”

“You didn’t get hard while running today,” Aaron pointed out.

Spencer wasn’t going to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to get hard unless his Aaron was touching him. “I don’t get hard from running. I’ve never had a long term sexual monogamous relationship before you.”

Aaron moaned and pulled him in for a hard kiss. Spencer allowed him to dominate the kiss, tugging on that part of Aaron that Spencer was attempting to release.

“You can’t say things like that,” Aaron said as he pulled back.

“The truth? Why not?”

“You make it sound like I snagged you. Like you were Morgan before.”

“You talked about being jealous when I spoke of the person who taught me to suck cock like I do. Where do you think I learned it? In my books?” Spencer nosed in around his face, letting him nuzzle back. He was shocked when he felt the arm around his waist tighten and Aaron jerked him in tighter. There was a growl that emanated from low in his lover’s throat. “Don’t like me talking about others?”

“You’re mine now and I don’t like to share.” Aaron seized his mouth in a kiss that had their teeth clashing together and Spencer felt his lip split. When Aaron pulled back, he was breathing hard and the look on his face was so close to Spencer’s own Aaron that it made his heart ache a little.

“Yes, Aaron. I’m yours now. I don’t want anybody else.” Spencer relaxed down into his Aaron’s body and rested his head on his shoulder, his face turned towards his neck. Aaron’s hands moved up and down Spencer’s back. Spencer could feel his heart still pounding from getting excited and territorial about him.

“Mine,” Aaron murmured as he wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. Spencer felt himself relaxing slowly even more down into Aaron. “You are mine.”

Spencer just hummed in answer. He was sweaty and covered in fluids from both him and Aaron but right now he could push that from his mind as this was needed more. For him and for Aaron. They sat like that until the semen on his shirt was dry. The sun was fully rising and Spencer’s stomach growled.

“Let’s get cleaned up and get you fed.” Aaron helped him up. Spencer had slipped on his shorts so they could move through a few cool down stretches so they wouldn’t be sore.

The shower was quick and just about getting clean. Spencer had packed a pair of jeans that looked fantastic on him and a shirt that screamed to be touched, hoping that Aaron wouldn’t stop touching him. Aaron dressed in a pair of slacks and a t-shirt, topping it with a very light pullover. He looked edible. Spencer kissed him once they were both dressed, letting his hands wander everywhere. It was a habit that he was not breaking. When they were alone together, especially at home, Aaron loved him touching him.

Spencer’s stomach growled again and he laughed. Aaron just looked at him with a slight frown. Spencer dropped the laughter and allowed himself to be all but shoved out of the apartment. He was barely able to grab his bag as he passed it. The little café was in walking distance so Spencer tucked himself into Aaron’s side as they walked.

There was a table available outside when they got close so Spencer went right for it and took the seat that had his back to everyone and allowed Aaron the seat that would give him a view of everything. The menus were in the middle of the table. Aaron picked up two and handed one over to Spencer. He ducked his head and blushed a little as Aaron was staring at him. He looked over the menu before setting it back where it belonged. When he looked up Aaron was staring at him again.

“What?” Spencer tried not to shift around and check to make sure that he looked fine.

“You… I can see the mark I left on you. I just… you usually cover them up.” Aaron finally looked down at his menu.

“Well, we are out and about today. If we get called on a case, I’ll gladly cover it up. I like the thought of it signifying to others that I’m someone else’s and if you walk with your arm wrapped around me like we did, they’ll know that I am yours.” Spencer didn’t look at Aaron as he spoke, instead he dug around in his bag for the mail he’d grabbed out of his box. There were bills to merely check the amount due and a slightly thick letter that seemed to be from Atlantic City.

Frowning, Spencer looked at it. The address didn’t pop in his head so he opened it. There was a few sheets of paper and two plane tickets inside. He set the tickets aside and looked at the first sheet. It was a confirmation of his reservation for a suite at the Borgata. The next sheet of paper was the entry confirmation into the tournament being played at the same location. Next was a list of things for him to do to fill the hours of the morning and afternoon that would interest him.


“Oh, I just… I forgot about my leave coming up.”

“Yes. I saw you had put in for a week off and that it was marked a no call out. There was a note of cheek from Strauss that you had said that if you were called out, the FBI could refund the money you used to mark your place. Strauss talked everyone into taking the week off, just in case.”

“Poker tournament in Atlantic City. One million dollar buy in. With everything with us, I just forgot that it was close.” Spencer picked up the tickets and found the one with Aaron’s name on it. He set it down on the other man’s side of the table. Aaron picked it up and looked at it. His eyes widening when they reached his name. “I meant to ask weeks ago. I understand if it’s too sudden and too soon.”

“No, it’s…” Aaron leaned back in his chair after he set down the ticket again. “I didn’t have any plans for it as it’s not summer. Jack’s going away for the weekend before to visit with cousins who are coming in from California. I just need to talk to Jessica. Excuse me,” Aaron said as he stood up from the table, pulling his phone out. When he passed Spencer, he kissed his cheek.

Spencer ordered coffee and juice for the both of them when the waitress came to take their drink order. A week away with just the two of them was going to be fun. He was looking forward to the tournament. The waitress set down two carafes, one filled with orange juice the other with coffee just moments later while Spencer was doing research into the tournament and the booked hotel. He realized that it was a very nice suite. Spencer had spent a good bit of money on it. It wasn’t the honeymoon suite or one of the penthouses, but he figured that those had gone to the main players in the tournament, the men who made a living running the circuits.

Aaron had gone far enough away that the conversation would not be overheard by any of the diners of the café so Spencer allowed himself to think about what his Aaron and the other Spencer were doing. Spencer would remember the tournament and convincing his Aaron to go wouldn’t be hard to do. Whether at work or at play, Aaron loved to see Spencer lord himself over others. He loved Spencer’s steel spine. Of course, they had a penthouse already in Atlantic City so that, for them, would be easy. The money wasn’t an issue, if Aaron let the other Spencer use money from his account. Spencer has his own issue with going about in this world. He wasn’t a high profile target like in his own and the Borgata would have their own security for the in house tournament.

Theft wasn’t an issue because all money transfers were handled from accounts to accounts at such a high profile event. No one walked out with the prize money in a bag.

The sound of feet moving towards him had Spencer turning to make sure that it was Aaron. The man had a smile on his face. Spencer smiled back at him. He sat down and looked in shock at the coffee and orange juice that Spencer poured for him before filling his own cups.

“I ordered juice and coffee but not our meal.”

“Jessica is more than happy to take Jack. She thinks that a week off and away from DC will do me good. Jack sounded excited for what we will bring back for him.”

“I limit myself. The buy in was paid a year ago with the winnings from last year and I have a fund that I access. If you wish I can have a fund set up for you. I don’t draw out of my regular accounts when I am there. Outside of what I have set aside for Christmas, if I see something that I think a friend would like I get it.” Spencer was lying out his ass but he figured that it was close enough to what Spencer did given the list for the fund account that had only certain open dates. The balance from the year before as well what had been spent showed that even when in a city like Atlantic City he had great restraint. Spencer was sure that he wouldn’t be as cautious when it came to the city. He’d have to make sure to keep the account at a good level before he left.

“You made enough last year for the buy in?”

“Always. It’s part of why Strauss isn’t going to call me. I’d make the FBI pay. Our leaves are interrupted too much when other teams can handle it but her vanity pushes her to call us back. It’s not any wonder that the BAU has a turnover like it does. The burnout rate. We need time to ourselves or we will become what we hunt.”

“Let’s not talk of that. So the tournament is a week long?”

“Sometimes less if hot heads prevail. Never shorter than five and never more than seven.”

The waitress came back and Aaron ordered and then Spencer did. Spencer handed over the list of activities in Atlantic City so Aaron could mark anything that enticed him.

“We can pay ahead of time for the things we want to do.” Spencer stood up and moved to the seat that was right beside Aaron, pulling it just that little bit closer so he could lean on his lover. While they waited for the food to arrive they talked about the early shows that were being put on. There were shops that Spencer wanted to visit and a few things that he wanted to do, seeing the list of smaller shows.

“Who put this list together?”

“The tournament runners. I play in several that they organize and they have a list of things that I enjoy. It’s not hard for them to put this together. They do it for a lot of the players who attend year to year and those that follow along with them from city to city. We can see about setting up another list for you. Some events are single night and I go to them when I can over the weekends.”

“We can do that.” Aaron kissed the side of Spencer’s head and pulled him closer with an arm wrapped around his shoulders. They only separated when the food was placed in front of them.

“What does Jack want to do today?” Spencer asked when their food was nearly all gone. Spencer had drank half of the juice and talked Aaron into drinking the other half. Subtle moves like that had Aaron eating better. He hadn’t eaten that badly before, but there was always room for improvement.

“He wants to play at the park. I figure that he’ll be content there until late afternoon. One of us can go and grab lunch when we start to get hungry.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

Hours later, Spencer was laying in the shade of a tree while Jack and Aaron played a game of soccer with two other sets of kids with adults. He looked around, not able to get away from keeping a close eye on those around him. In one of the alcove areas near trees, he saw a man doing yoga. He watched him for many minutes before the man stood up, finished with whatever set that he had. The black ring around his neck didn’t stand out to Spencer but he saw several people who were looking at him with frowns on their face. When the young man turned, Spencer was shocked to see that it wasn’t just a collar worn for fashion but one that locked. The lock hung down and swung slightly as he moved towards the gym bag.

Spencer looked over to where Aaron and Jack were and they were engrossed in their game so he stood up and moved towards the man. He bent over, stretching and Spencer saw the faint marks from a whip healing on the man’s back, visible only because he bent down to grab his bottle of water.

“Hello,” Spencer said. The man spun around and looked at him with wide eyes. “I am new to DC and find that my ways of release are harder to find here.”

The man’s eyes softened as he looked at him, his eyes moved up and down his body before settling on his neck.

“I am glad you saw me. I happen to have a card for a place that I think you’ll find a crowd that will be to your liking. From there, if it is not, you can find a few others more tame or more wild.” The man bent over and pulled a card from his yoga bag. He handed it over to Spencer making sure their hands did not touch. The card was simple and purple. Spencer laughed at it before slipping it into his pocket.

“Thank you. Maybe I’ll see you and your Sir there.” Spencer turned back, not wanting Aaron to see him talking to a stranger, not yet. The activities Aaron might see at the club were far too foreign for him to tolerate just yet. Still, Spencer hoped that one day soon, maybe they wouldn’t be.

Mirror World

Spencer was sitting on the round table in the office looking at a newspaper and tried not to sigh. He had forgotten in all the craziness that was now his life about the tournament. He had reserved a spot when he had gone the previous year. His vacation had been set and plane tickets and hotel reservations had been made. He had wanted to ask Aaron to go with him, to maybe push their relationship further. Now, though, he knew he had no chance of going. Setting the paper aside he picked up his plate that he had set aside and started eating again. Aaron was in court. It was the final session of the James Heathridge hearings. After all these long weeks they were finally in the closing arguments stage. Aaron had a good case and he believed he was going to win.

Spencer had opted to stay in the office. They were behind on some casework and he and Aaron agreed that it was a good day to catch-up. Aaron had also started to trust him with some of the other business dealings he was involved in like Grimes Industries. Spencer, thankfully, understood many of the reports that came to them for the various businesses Aaron had his hand in, all of them legitimate, of course. Spencer was coming to understand that Aaron’s illegal activities were solely held to government and politicians, from local government on up.

One day while thoroughly going through the desk in the office at the mansion, Spencer had found a locked filing drawer. It didn’t take much for him to break into it. The lock was sophisticated, and any other person wouldn’t have been able to, but he’d learn to pick locks young because his mother would randomly lock things up at the house. She would insist that the government had surveillance equipment in the silverware, or the junk drawer, and, one time Spencer’s own closet. What Spencer found in the file drawer were journals. They included a full accounting of all the things this Spencer had done. It should have shocked him, really, but it didn’t. He had seen too many atrocities working as an agent to be shocked by the revelations in the journals. In a weird kind of way, that knowledge had been one of the things that had settled him. Knowledge always helped him and this time was no different.

After finishing his late lunch he cleaned-up and went back to his desk to finish up some of the pending paperwork. It was hours later when a very happy Aaron walked through the doors of his office, strode up to Spencer and kissed him thoroughly.

“I take it that court went well?”

“We won Spencer. James Heathridge is being moved from the prison to the state mental hospital for the criminally insane. He will get the doctors and treatment that he deserves. A conservator is going to go check on the sister and provide us with monthly updates.”

Spencer stood and kissed Aaron, “Congratulations.”

“I want to celebrate, take a weekend and go somewhere. We’ll have JJ watch Jack because I want you all to myself.”

Spencer looked at the paper then looked at Aaron. He really wanted to ask about the poker tournament because he really wanted to go. He dropped to his knees in Aaron’s favorite position and waited.

“Kitten? You have something you want to ask me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Aaron grabbed a chair and sat down in it. He tugged at Spencer’s hair till he was looking up at Aaron.

“Then ask me.”

It all came spilling out at once. The tournament, how in his world he had already booked the trip and had a special account that he set aside that would unlock for just this purpose and how he really wanted to go. He knew he was rambling and the more he talked, the more nervous he got.

“Kitten,” Aaron said sharply. Spencer snapped his mouth shut and just watched Aaron for a moment. “Then we’ll go. All you had to do was ask. We already have a penthouse suite so not much to arrange. We’ll take the Cessna. I’ll call Jax and have him meet us. He has a new sub that he’s been wanting to introduce to us. This is perfect.”

The next couple of days were a flurry of activity as they worked to close a couple more cases, get paperwork filed, and clear-up anything still pending. Aaron wanted a clean desk when they came back the following Monday. Spencer was in the unique position to not be anxious if a call came through and his week be ruined. By the time they were on the plane and heading to New Jersey he was practically humming with excitement.

“I think someone needs to relax.”

“Sorry, it’s just one time a year that I get to be totally myself.”

Aaron beckoned Spencer to sit in his lap. As soon as Spencer was settled a hand unbuttoned his jeans and reached in and pulled out his quickly hardening cock. Spencer laid his head on Aaron’s shoulder and thrust into that hand. There wasn’t much they could do on the plane but Spencer couldn’t deny that it felt so good.

“You are going to look gorgeous in the outfit I bought you. I can’t wait to take you to the club and show you off. Make everyone there jealous of what I have.” Aaron snaked a hand up his back and fisted his hair, pulling till Spencer was looking at him. The kiss was hot and Spencer wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back. He was too excited and Aaron was short-circuiting his brain, his control slipping. Aaron pulled back just enough to whisper to him.

“It’s okay Kitten, go ahead, I know you want to come.” Pulling Aaron’s head back to him he kissed back with such need that he ached with it. Only a few more pulls to his aching cock and he was coming in Aaron’s hand. “That’s it, god you’re beautiful when you come.” Spencer was slumped in Aaron’s arms not wanting to move. Luckily Aaron had already had cleaning clothes with him and though it was awkward, he was able to clean Spencer and his hand. Settling back, he wrapped his arms around Spencer and held him till they landed just a few minutes later.

When they disembarked, Spencer saw a car and driver waiting for them. He sent a silent thank you that it wasn’t a limo. That would have been too much for him to handle. All the wealth he was being exposed to had been uncomfortable, especially with how much he had to do to keep him and his mother afloat. Sliding in the car as the driver retrieved their bags, Spencer belted in and laid his head back. He reflected on the last fourteen weeks of his life and knew without a doubt that he had succumbed to Stockholm syndrome. He wasn’t a captive in the classic sense, but he was trapped. If he left Aaron, he knew there would be no chance of ever returning home. Spencer looked out of the window as they passed through the streets of Atlantic City and worried about his own psyche. He had not only accepted the things this Aaron wanted from him, but he craved them. Closing his eyes he tried to quiet his thoughts.

Moments later Spencer was being gently shaken as they had made it to their hotel. Stepping out, Aaron came around and pulled him into his arms. They walked together inside and Spencer was stunned, yet again, at the subtle understated luxury of the place. Wrapped around each other they walked up to the concierge desk and a pretty blonde woman looked up.

“Mr. Hotchner, it’s so good to see you again. And you, Dr. Reid. Your Penthouse is all ready for you, sir.”

“Thank you, Melissa. Which chefs are on duty today?” Melissa named a few and Spencer saw Aaron contemplating a moment. “Can you see that Michele is available for us for the week? And I’d like Anthony as our valet.”

“Of course. I’ll send them up as soon as possible, Mr. Hotchner. Are you here for any special occasions?”

“The poker tournament at the Borgata. Spencer will be playing. I want to arrange for a bodyguard and personal security for him while we are here.”

“Of course. Would you like to use Diamond Security or The Parker Agency?”

“Parker. See if Tim and Andre are still with them. If they are that would be my preference.”

“I will arrange everything Mr. Hotchner. You and Dr. Reid won’t have to worry about a thing.”

“Thank you, Melissa.” Spencer hadn’t said a word as they walked through the lobby to a special elevator that needed a key card. Releasing Spencer, Aaron took out his card and slipped it into the elevator. It didn’t take long for them to step out and into the entryway of a very large penthouse apartment. The living room alone was as big as Spencer’s apartment back in his own world.

“Jackson and his sub will be joining us later this evening. We share the penthouse, plenty of room for all of us. Come, this is our room.” Aaron led Spencer through to a suite of rooms to the left of the main living room. He wanted to explore, but he sensed that Aaron wanted to go to the bedroom first. “You need rest, there will be plenty of time for other things, but right now, food and rest are on the agenda. Do you have the tournament itinerary?”

Spencer pulled the papers he had been e-mailed after entering his name at the last minute into the tournament.

“There is a meet and greet in about an hour. Then the first of the elimination rounds in the 25,000 dollar slot.”

“Take a half an hour, then we’ll make our way to the Borgata.” Spencer nodded and taking his bag off, he set it in a corner. Unlike a lot of players, he didn’t take any talismans as he didn’t believe in ‘luck’. He believed in pure skill alone. He knew he needed to relax and get himself in the right headspace for the elimination rounds, or he wouldn’t make it past tonight. Taking a half hour was just what he needed. He was surprised that Aaron had left him alone, but after hearing all the arrangements that he was handling with Melissa, he figured that Aaron wanted to get all of that settled. He settled himself on the bed, piling pillows behind him, and utilized some of the meditation exercises he had been learning to help clear his mind. When Aaron came in a few minutes later with their luggage, Spencer felt better, more relaxed and though mildly nervous, like always, he felt ready. All he had to do was change out of the clothes he was wearing and he’d be ready to go.

Pulling his suitcase and garment bag to him he pulled out fitted black trousers, a fitted purple button down with a paisley pattern, and a fitted black vest with gray accents at the neck and pocket. He slipped the outfit on as well as the black dress shoes. He forewent a tie, but he did add a pocket handkerchief in the same purple as the shirt. He stepped into the bathroom and with just some light hair product he tamed his curls. His hair had grown in the time he had been in this world, but he hadn’t cut it, Aaron liked it this length. Their personal stylist only clipped it every couple of weeks to keep it in good condition. When he felt satisfied with how he looked he stepped out of the room. The heated look he got from Aaron told him that he made the right choices.

“If this wasn’t such an important night, I’d slip your pants down and fuck you in that outfit. Jesus Kitten, you are going to turn a few heads and I won’t even pretend not to be jealous.” Spencer couldn’t help the smile that came over his face and leaned in to kiss Aaron.

“You have nothing to worry about.” The surety of that statement hit Spencer like a ton of bricks. He saw Aaron’s eyes darken and his pulse start to jump. He knew they couldn’t start anything, but after this first round, he definitely wanted to come back here and have Aaron do exactly what he wanted. “We ah, we should go.” He had to close his eyes a moment and think about something else or he’d be going to the meet and greet sporting a rather hard erection. The husky chuckle from Aaron did nothing to help. Spencer shook his head and moved away from Aaron and grabbed only his wallet, making sure his key card was in it, as well as his ID. He then grabbed the papers he would need to show at the sign in booths.

It didn’t take long for them to make it to the Borgata, it was within walking distance of Youshi. Spencer didn’t have enough time to look around, but he would make some time in the morning. He was too focused on the evening ahead.

Getting to the Borgata, signing in and moving towards the ballroom where the meet and greet was didn’t take long. Aaron was even allowed to go with him, but he’d have to move back to the sidelines once the elimination rounds began. This was one of those rare times that Spencer felt in his element. Poker, much like science, drew intelligent people. Anyone who wasn’t was quickly weeded out. Poker took skill, and to hone that skill a person needed to be smart. Here was a collection of people with minds, maybe not exactly like his, but close enough that conversations varied from science, to geek culture, literature and everything in between. He felt open and relaxed. He thought about his team for a moment and knew they wouldn’t be able to recognize him. The team had always put him in a Spencer shaped box and didn’t ever try to see past it. He enjoyed himself, enjoyed showing Aaron off. He flirted, laughed, and charmed more than just the women there. A few men had roved an appreciative eye over him, but Aaron’s glare had them smirking and backing off.

When the bell rang signaling the end of the meet and greet all of the guests of the players were shown where they could watch and wait. The players themselves were led to the first of what would be several rooms. The announcements went quickly, and each player was randomly assigned a table. As players dropped out, tables would be rearranged. Spencer loved this part, the unpredictability of the tables was always exciting for him.

Throughout the night he was always aware of Aaron at the edge, watching. The goal of the elimination was to get it down from the 1500 players, to the 100 players that would make-up the start of the 25,000 dollar round. Then 50 for the 100,000 dollar round and so on till the last ten players for the 1 million dollar buy in no holds Texas hold ‘em. Spencer had come in 9th the first time he played, and kept getting better each year. The year before he came in second, this year his goal was first. Though there was no way for him to take the money back with him, the satisfaction of playing and winning was first and foremost in his mind.

The rounds went quickly, people being eliminated fast and furious. Spencer never had issue in this round, he was confident he was going to end up in the top 100. After five hours of play, it was time for a three hour break. Spencer was glad, he was getting hungry. The snacks were good, but they only kept the hunger at bay.

Grabbing his case of chips he put it in the small locker that was provided for him and set his own code. Taking the key, he left the poker room to find Aaron.

“You were magnificent. You have an amazing poker face, and no tells.”

“Took me a long time to develop it, but when you interrogate people for a living you learn how to turn on and turn off facial expressions and other tells that an UnSub might use to their advantage.”

“There’s that dangerous mind again. Come, we have reservations. Jackson is waiting for us at TaiHai. The chef is preparing a tasting menu for us, you do like Sushi?”

“Love it. Though I have to tell you I can’t use chopsticks worth crap.” Aaron chuckled as he shook his head and walked back to the hotel. Spencer was nervous meeting Jackson. He was shocked when they got to the restaurant and Jackson pulled Aaron into a rather heated kiss. Jealousy flared hot and bright in him and it was a feeling he wasn’t used to. He tried to school his expression because he had a feeling that his counterpart knew the relationship between Aaron and Jackson a lot better than he did. He was going to have a very long talk with Aaron later.

Dinner went by quickly, conversation flowed and Spencer hated to admit he liked Jackson. The man was smart, probably smarter than Aaron, which he wasn’t going to make that known to Aaron. They had a lively discussion on string theory, as well as other physics theories. Spencer tried to engage Jackson’s sub, which was another blow to him. Adam Jackson was someone Spencer had tried to help in his home world. He had supplanted his desire to help Tobias onto Adam, but the man had retreated into his secondary personality, Amanda, so deeply that he didn’t think Adam would ever be seen again. It was a momentary shock, but this Adam was nothing like his. When they were done, the two couples went back to the penthouse so Spencer could get some rest.

As soon as they were in their room, Spencer pulled Aaron to him and kissed him.

“I think you promised me something earlier.”

Aaron smiled that feral smile that always made Spencer shiver.

“Undo your pants but don’t take them off.” Spencer’s breath hitched as he watched Aaron move to the nightstand and pull out a bottle of lube and a condom. He lifted a brow, they hadn’t used a condom once since they started having sex. He just watched as Aaron moved back to him, ripped open the package and rolled it onto his already hardening cock. “So you don’t get your clothes dirty.” Spencer swallowed hard as he was spun around and shoved down over the pillows that Aaron had put at the end of the bed. It was a tall-footed bed that was the perfect height for just this type of thing. He heard the clank of a belt being undone and a zipper being pulled down, his heart raced and he waited in anticipation for the breach.

Moaning into the pillow he felt Aaron pushing into him, as hands wrapped around his waist holding him still. His arms were above his head and he gripped the sheets as Aaron pulled out then slammed back in. Any thoughts he had in his head fled the moment Aaron started a hard fast pace. He knew he was going to have bruises on his hips, but it wasn’t unexpected, he almost welcomed it. They would give him something to think about during the rest of the tournament. Spencer tried to push back, but he was held down to where he couldn’t move. His cock was achingly hard as the friction on it was constant.

“Please, Sir,” Spencer couldn’t help begging. He just about came without permission when Aaron leaned over and hooked his fingers in his collar and pulled just enough to force his head up, but not enough to block his air.

“Look at you, begging to come. If you didn’t have to go back out there, I’d cage you, keep you on edge all night. Think about that, Kitten. Aching and hard, wanting me to let you come and you’d like that too, wouldn’t you.” Aaron had leaned over him and swiped his tongue up his spine.

“Yes,” Spencer whined as he again tried to push back against his lover. Aaron let his collar go and stood, fucking him harder. It was just on the edge of painful and with the command he had been begging for, Spencer was coming in the condom. Aaron wasn’t too far behind as he slammed in one more time and let go.

“I so want to plug you, but that would be too distracting.” Aaron pulled out of him and walked to the bathroom. Spencer heard the sink running and he was loath to move at the moment. Finally he succumbed and stood slipping off the condom before he met Aaron in the bathroom. His Dom was waiting to clean him up.

“That should tide you over,” Aaron said playfully as he kissed Spencer. Looking over at the clock Spencer saw that it was almost time to get back to the tournament. While righting his clothes he remembered that he was going to ask about Aaron’s relationship with Jackson. Putting it aside for now, he knew he couldn’t worry about it, not till much later when he could afford the distraction.

Spencer was smiling as he walked away from the final round, he was in not just the top 100, but he had placed thirtieth. The best he had ever done in the first rounds. Taking his chips he locked them up, then walked with Aaron back to their hotel.

“We don’t start till eleven tomorrow. That gives us enough time for breakfast and you can show me around the hotel. Tonight I just want to rest.”

Aaron kissed his temple as they walked, not really in a hurry. Spencer had noticed the two bodyguards at Aaron’s back and knew that at least one of his requests had been taken care of.

“I’ll have Michele have a good breakfast ready in the morning. I think, since we are on vacation, we can be a little indulgent. How about some crepes with berries and fresh cream?”

“That sounds good.” Spencer sighed as he laid his head on Aaron’s shoulder and wrapped an arm around his waist. He didn’t want to feel this happy, but he was. His thoughts wandered back to his earlier observation that he was suffering Stockholm syndrome. The more he tried to put it out of his mind the more persistent the thought became. Wrapping tighter around Aaron he did not want to think about that. If he did, if he gave into those thoughts, it would make him doubt his feelings, and that he didn’t want to do.

“Kitten, something wrong?”

He knew it was useless to keep it to himself, not when Aaron had ways to loosen his words.

“I was just thinking that I’ve fallen into a type of Stockholm syndrome, that my attachment to you is because I have no choice and I’ve adapted.”

“You don’t trust your feelings?” Aaron tightened his hand in Spencer’s shirt as he tensed next to him.

Spencer took a while to answer. They were almost to the front doors when he let go of Aaron and really looked at him. Cupping his cheek Spencer leaned in for a kiss and sighed as Aaron settled his hands on his hips and pulled him close.

“I know what I feel. I love you and I’m tired of fighting it. I know who and what you are, but underneath it, you’re Aaron. I never believed in fate, but now, I think I do. It’s like we were always meant to find each other. Stockholm, fate, addiction, I just don’t fucking care about defining it. I love you.”

Aaron’s eyes darkened as he pulled Spencer back to him and kissed him with a fierceness that surprised even him. When they broke apart, Aaron wrapped possessively around Spencer as they made their way back to the penthouse where Aaron was achingly gentle in making love to Spencer. When they were finished cleaning up, Spencer fell asleep and for the first time in weeks he didn’t worry about tomorrow.

Waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon was new to Spencer. He’d been alone for so long that only the coffee he set the night before was ever ready by the time he awoke. He knew he was getting spoiled and when he found his way home it was going to be another adjustment. Sighing happily, he grabbed his phone and turned off the alarm. He still had another forty-five minutes before he had to get out of bed. He looked over at the still sleeping form of Aaron and for the first time he took his time. The covers had slipped and Spencer could see Aaron’s back and the top part of his ass. Frowning, Spencer moved closer and gently ran his hands over the old fading scars. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out that they were scars from Aaron’s abusive father. It made him wonder if his Aaron had any.

Spencer pulled the covers back even more and straddled Aaron’s legs. He wanted to touch, he craved it almost as much as he craved being touched. His friends had it wrong about his handshakes. He wasn’t touch phobic, he just didn’t like shaking hands. The probability of getting a cold or the flu from a handshake was very high, and he just didn’t like taking the chance. He tried not to think about the team. It wasn’t just his Aaron he missed, but Derek, JJ, Dave, Henry, and Garcia as well. Though it did make him wonder how his counterpart was adjusting to Garcia. She could be a bit much if one wasn’t used to her. He chuckled softly and knew that the other Spencer probably was incredibly annoyed by her.

“What are you so amused by? And that feels amazing.” Aaron turned his head trying to look at Spencer.

“Just a lot of things. You don’t hide your scars.” Aaron carefully turned with Spencer still above him. He settled back down on Aaron’s legs while Aaron caressed his sides.

“I have no reason to hide them. I’m not ashamed of them. My father was a bastard, that’s on him, not me.”

Spencer leaned down and kissed him, then started to moved down till his face was buried against Aaron’s balls. He licked and sucked one, then the other. When a hand fisted in his hair, but just held him there he smiled as he took Aaron’s soft cock in his mouth. It didn’t take much to get the man hard. He moaned at the full feeling in his mouth. Spencer liked sucking cock. It was something he had never shared with anyone. But, the few encounters he’d had over the years made him realize that he loved having a cock in his mouth. The fact that it was Aaron, made it even better.

Spencer sucked the cock down till the head hit the back of his throat, then he relaxed and took Aaron a little further. He smiled as he heard the sharp intake of breath and knew just when Aaron was going to come. He pulled back just enough for him not to choke as he swallowed Aaron’s release.

Sitting up, Aaron followed and kissed him, chasing the taste of himself in Spencer’s mouth.

“God I love it when you wake me up like that. You’re mouth is wicked. If you aren’t careful I’ll have you on your knees sucking me every chance I get.” Spencer shivered at the thought.

“I need a shower. Then coffee.”

“Of course. Go start it, I’ll join you in a minute.”

Spencer walked into the spacious bathroom and gaped at the shower. There were seven different shower heads with room for more than two people. Turning it on and getting the temperature just right, Spencer stepped inside and almost moaned at the sheer opulence of having seven shower heads pulsing water all over his body. Aaron joined him a few moments later. They took their time cleaning each other, something else that he had gotten used to.

By the time they were finished and stepping out of the bedroom breakfast was waiting for them.

Jackson and Adam came out a few moments later and if the intake of breath by the tech guru was any indication, Spencer knew he had chosen well in what he was wearing.

“You keep letting him dress like that Aaron, people are definitely going to turn heads.”

The black almost painted on jeans fit Spencer perfectly. They accentuated his ass and his thin frame in a very pleasing way. The fitted blood red button up brought out his pale skin and the gray vest showed off a defined chest and the shape of his waist. He enjoyed the way he had been dressing since being around this Aaron and knew he would have to make some major changes when he got back to his own world.

“As long as he knows who he belongs to, there will be no issues, isn’t that right Kitten.”

“Only you, Sir.” Spencer flashed his boyish smile and he noted the flash of lust he saw in Jackson’s eyes.

They made quick work of the crepes with a side of bacon, orange juice, and coffee. Spencer wanted to explore. Aaron was only too happy to indulge him before the start of the game.

Taking their time like they had the evening before, Spencer had fun window shopping. Not much caught his eye till he was standing in front of a toy shop and looking at a kids play bed in the form of Snorlax from Pokemon. His heart constricted in his chest as he thought of the little boy he had left behind. Jack loved Pokemon and it would have been a wonderful present. He didn’t even know a tear leaked out till he felt a hand brushing it aside.

“Tell me, Kitten.”

Spencer swallowed and cleared his throat, “If I was home, I would probably have bought this for Jack.” He laid a hand on the glass and tried to control his breathing. “He loves Pokemon. And you were right, all those weeks ago. Aaron wasn’t letting me get to know Jack. I hated you for making me see that. They tease me, you know.”

Aaron cocked his head to the side as he turned Spencer to look at him.

“About what Kitten?” Aaron brushed the tears that fell from Spencer’s eyes.

“They called it The Reid Effect. Kids and dogs, they didn’t like me. But that’s just not true, after Henry, I learned to trust myself with kids. I took psychology classes to help me understand and when we have to deal with children, JJ, she always trusts me with them.”

“Sounds like your team has some growing up to do. If they can’t see the changes, that’s on them. I see you with Jack and anyone who sees you together would be stupid to think you don’t like kids. And the way you are with his friends, they all adore you. If you do get back there, you need to take a stand for yourself Spencer. Make them see how it hurts you.”

“I know you’re right.” It didn’t lessen the pain of realization, but it gave him something to really think about.

“And you can always buy it for Jack. He may be ten, but he isn’t too old to still have fun.”

“You think so?” Spencer lit up at the idea and Aaron’s heart flipped at the utter joy on the younger man’s face.

“I know so.” Spencer flung himself into Aaron’s arms and let himself be wrapped up. A few minutes later one Snorlax kid’s beanie bed was being packaged up to be delivered to their hotel room.

The thought of the present got Spencer through the second part of the tournament as he made the cut to the next stage. It was late by the time they made it back to the hotel and when they walked in Spencer stopped cold in his tracks. There on the couch was Jackson naked with his sub straddled on his lap.

“You’re back. Didn’t expect you yet.” Jackson couldn’t quite keep the smirk off his face as Aaron chuckled and led Spencer to their room.

“Does he do that all the time?”

Aaron couldn’t help the laugh at the indignant look on Spencer’s face.

“Quite. I guess I should have explained more about our relationship. Sometimes I forget how much you still don’t know. We met in college like I told you, and we were lovers for many years. The unfortunate thing for us is that we are both Dominants and a long term relationship wouldn’t have worked out, not unless we found a sub to share, but we never could.”

“Does your Spencer know you’re still in love with him?” This was one time that being a profiler made Spencer smirk, and he enjoyed the shocked look on Aaron’s face.

“I should have known you would pick up on it. That profiler in you?”

“It was evident at TaiHai. The way you interact with each other is more than just best friends.”

“Yes, Spencer knows. And yes, on occasion we have sex. I told him from the beginning of our relationship and for some reason it’s never bothered him. He would tell me if it did, especially since he likes to watch.”

Spencer felt like he should be shocked by that, but he wasn’t. He knew he was adjusting to this world and he felt like nothing much could shock him anymore.

Our World

Spencer shouldered his bag and waited as the turnstile slowly rotated the bags. Aaron was behind him talking to the leader of the team that was on point while the A team was on leave. A message had been waiting for him on his phone when they had landed. He had told Aaron that he didn’t mind a few minute conversation but that they were on vacation, together. If he wanted to work he could go home. Aaron had looked at him shocked but promised to get off the phone as soon as possible.

Aaron moved up behind him and grabbed his two bags before following Spencer out to the car that was waiting for them. The older man was still on the phone and Spencer gave him until the car started to move to finish up. He was only half listening to the conversation on the other end but it seemed that the other Unit Chief was very upset about everything and was acting like a child. As soon as the car pulled away from the curb, Spencer turned to fully listen to the conversation. As soon as he heard Strauss’s name, he grabbed the phone and hung it up. Aaron looked at him like he had grown a second head. They had a night before the tournament started and Spencer wanted to make the most of it, whether he was alone or with Aaron. Tomorrow would be for getting into the right mindset for the tournament.

“I gave you a warning so make the choice before we get to the hotel. I do not let work intrude on my vacations.” Spencer turned to look out the tinted window and ignored the man beside him. Aaron tried to engage him in conversation twice before he figured out that Spencer was truly going to ignore him. The car pulled into the hotel/casino with little fanfare and the bellhop was right there to take their things up to their suite. Spencer left Aaron’s phone on the seat of the car and carried his messenger bag with him to check in. When he talked to the concierge, Spencer found that his room has been upgraded. He assumed that it was the first year that he had brought someone with him and he was very surprised that the other Spencer even had the balls to buy a ticket for Aaron.

The bellhop escorted them to their suite and Spencer generously tipped him. The man payed them no attention. He was either totally straight or just really good at his job. Being eyed up and down was part of his life in his world. Aaron garnered just as much attention. Looking was fine, touching was not.

Spencer watched as Aaron looked around the suite. His eyes were taking in everything. He knew that Aaron had some money, the suits and his few things of extravagance said that but the way he was looking around said that he didn’t indulge in nice places to stay when he traveled for pleasure. The front room was decadent, even for Spencer. Every piece of furniture looked sinfully soft and there were a few he’d like to try out for sex. The bedroom door was shut but the secondary bathroom door was not. Spencer settled in at the bar the separated the small kitchen area from the rest of the suite. He was on the stool leaning back into the counter.

Aaron finished his looking around the main room and moved to the second bathroom. He came out and moved to the bedroom. Spencer stayed where he was. Aaron was silent though his steps softly echoed in the room. The sound of the bathroom door opening had Spencer smirking. He was going to have to make sure that Aaron enjoyed himself and relaxed.

“You stay in places like this when you do these?” Aaron asked as he exited the bedroom.

“This is a little more extravagant than normal. I was upgraded at no cost.” Spencer crooked his finger and Aaron stepped up to him, easily sliding between his legs. He shivered when the older man boxed him in with his hands. “We have tonight to get settled in. We can stay in or take a meal out. There are several in house restaurants.”

“That tub looked good,” Aaron said before he leaned in for a kiss. “Big enough for two.” Aaron pulled one hand from the counter and laid it on his thigh, sliding it up. When the hand ghosted over his groin, he subtly thrust up into it. “I want you naked.”

“Yes.” Spencer didn’t move at all, he waited to see what Aaron wanted. Where he wanted him.

“You haven’t looked at the bed.”

“Seen one, seen them all,” Spencer said off-handedly. Aaron linked their hands but instead of pulling him up, he spread his arms, laying them on the counter and softly pinning them there. He took Spencer’s mouth in a toe curling kiss. There was no way that he could miss Aaron growing hard as they kissed, so he allowed himself to harden as well. Aaron didn’t seem to want to continue beyond that.

“Will the couch feel as soft as it looks?” Aaron asked when he finally took a break to breathe.

“Even better.” Spencer smirked as Aaron pulled back while keeping his hands with him. He wasn’t shocked when he was pulled over to the couch and all but shoved down onto it. When Aaron waved a hand he laid down as he kicked off his shoes. Aaron took his off before he settled down into the crook of Spencer’s legs. He felt the minute shivers that wracked Aaron’s body and he wondered exactly how horrible of a woman his ex-wife had been. Being in love meant doing stupid things like making out on a couch for no reason other than to do it. It was slipping away for a quickie at lunch. Even though he and Aaron had sex in the office, being a partner had it’s perks. There were days that slipping away to a hotel was thrilling. The one time that a nosy reporter had caught them and reported on it, Aaron had simply smirked and expressed that he was so in love with Spencer that he found he couldn’t wait until he got home to have him. The reporter had been so upset with his indifferent response, that even if they had been caught again it never made the news.

Aaron didn’t go right for his mouth. Instead, he unbuttoned Spencer’s shirt slowly. When it was all the way open he finally leaned down to kiss him. As soon as his tongue traced Spencer’s lips, he opened his mouth. Spencer played his hands on Aaron’s stomach, lifting up the shirt he was wearing to touch skin. It was nice to just relax and only worry about pleasure and not about saying the wrong thing or work. He hoped that when he got back to his world, he’d be able to nudge the right people towards the BAU, and maybe even get it to the quality it was in this world.

“I could get addicted to you,” Aaron said.

It was that instant that Spencer realized exactly how this Aaron operated. He didn’t want to ruin the night so he pushed it aside, making sure to remember to go back to it later. Aaron’s mouth was pressed against his again and Spencer kissed back with as much fervor as he could muster to ignite Aaron’s passion. But Aaron, standing his ground, wasn’t allowing Spencer to rush him.

Spencer relaxed down into the couch and allowed his body to melt under the attention offered by Aaron’s hands. His arousal was still evident but he wasn’t as eager to come. He’d forgotten what a hard earned orgasm felt like. Aaron’s hands worked his pants open and he moaned loudly into his mouth as a hand wrapped around his cock.

Aaron worked him right to the edge of orgasm then released him. Spencer was used to edging. His Aaron, when playful, would do it to him for hours but he was shocked to have this one do it to him. He didn’t grip the base of his cock but the loss of sensation was good enough to cut the rush. Aaron chuckled into his mouth as he held his body up and away just far enough that Spencer couldn’t thrust up into him. Once more, Aaron did it before he sat up on his knees, staring down at Spencer.

“Bed?” Aaron asked.

Spencer nodded and sat up when Aaron slide farther back and off him. The man didn’t get up off the couch though. He waited until Spencer was on two feet and slid into the space behind him, holding him still by his hips. His hand moved up his chest, barely brushing his skin.

“Strip for me.” Aaron’s voice was low in his ear. Spencer shivered and stepped away when he was released. He could feel the older man’s eyes on him as he stepped far away enough that Aaron could take in his full form. He left his shirt on as he took another step towards the bedroom, unbuckling the belt that he was wearing. He slowly slipped it out of the loops on his pants and smiled as he did. He dropped it to the floor and rotated his hips as he worked the button free on his pants.

The sharp intake of breath told Spencer that Aaron was more than happy with what he was doing. He slowly unzipped the zipper as he felt Aaron step up behind him. Aaron himself had admitted that outside of Haley he had no real relationships so this was probably as playful as Aaron had ever seen a lover. From what he knew of Haley from his world and what he had learned from this Spencer’s own observations of her that he had relayed to his mother, there was no way she would ever have done something like this. His shirt was just long enough to cover most of his ass so as soon as he had the zipper worked all the way down, his pants fell and he smoothly stepped out of them moving towards the bedroom, not stopping until he was fully inside.

When Aaron joined him at the doorway, Spencer bent down and removed his socks. Aaron’s hands grabbed his ass cheeks as he stood up, firmly gripping them while avoiding enough pressure to cause bruising.

“You are a tease.”

“You told me to strip. You didn’t say how. If you want me to go quicker, just speak up.”

“I want you to turn around and show me what you are doing from the front.” Aaron released his flesh and Spencer turned around for him. He only wore his shirt. Aaron’s hands went right for his hips, holding him. “Take it off.”

Spencer kept his eyes on Aaron’s face as he lifted his arms up and slipped the cloth off his shoulder. He let the shirt drop down with gravity to settle in Aaron’s hands. Spencer allowed himself to be pushed back towards the bed and dropped onto it as his legs grazed the edge. Aaron pulled Spencer’s shirt away before he started to strip himself. Spencer reached over and opened the drawer. He smiled at the very well stocked drawer. Exactly as he had asked for it to be. He broke the plastic seal on the lube. He twisted off the cap and pulled that seal off as well. Aaron had paused in his own clothes removal to watch.

“You had them stock lube?” Aaron looked exceedingly shocked.

“And condoms. Just in case we had a lazy fuck and didn’t want to clean up afterwards.”

“I…” Aaron just stared at the bottle as Spencer sat back up on the bed. His hands were holding onto his pants where he had just unbuttoned them. “That is…”

“I know that the maids are going to know that we fuck. We are having them change the sheets every morning while we are out to breakfast. I didn’t want airport security to get all argumentative and pull it out to look, gawking and trying to make me feel ashamed because I let men fuck me. Therefore I will not travel with lube.” Spencer watched Aaron’s eyes darken. He was quite happy that this Aaron liked it when he showed his own dominant side. Spencer handed over the lube and laid back. He lifted his legs up and braced his heels on the edge of the bed, displaying himself totally for Aaron.

Aaron didn’t say a thing as he stripped out of his clothes with zero finesse. He lubed up his cock as he stepped up to Spencer. A single finger pushed inside of him, lubing him up before it pulled out. Aaron wiped his hand on the leg of his underwear before dropping them to the floor. He grabbed Spencer’s thighs and pulled him just a little off the bed, his cock going right for his hole. Aaron pushed into him slowly, stopping halfway into him before pulling him off the bed just a little more. The only thing keeping him on the bed was Aaron holding him up. He wasn’t even able to wrap his legs around him. Aaron gripped him just above his hips and held him there as he plowed into him over and over. Spencer could only grab onto the bed to hold on.

“You…fuck.” Aaron thrust into him one last, hard time and stilled. He didn’t reach up and grab Spencer’s cock. Instead, he pulled carefully from him and dropped to his knees. Aaron took him into his mouth in one go. Spencer wrapped his legs around his neck and was rewarded with a finger pressing right back behind his balls. Farther back it went until two pressed into him. He came with a near scream and Aaron milked him for every drop that he had. The fingers stayed inside him as Aaron kissed up his thigh and stomach before kissing him on the mouth. Spencer was pressed down into the bed. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Spencer cupped the sides of his face and pulled him back in for a quick, sweet kiss. “But at the moment, I would love to clean up a bit more.”

“Hmm,” Aaron hummed as he kissed him again.When he finished, he rose up, pulling Spencer with him. They made their way to the master bathroom and Spencer found that it was impeccable. There was a shower stall they could use to wash off quickly before getting into the tub. It wasn’t like the suite at Youshi but it was nice. He hadn’t quite adjusted to the hotel rooms they stayed in while on cases. Thankfully, the FBI attempted to maintain their image and the team routinely stayed in the nice hotels unless there was nothing else. The shower was large enough that they both showered quickly and while Aaron was looking at the bathroom in closer detail, Spencer prepared the tub. It was a jacuzzi tub so after Aaron settled into it, he relaxed back, turning on the soft jets. They were on opposite sides but Spencer knew they wouldn’t stay that way for long. Aaron was relaxed back, a picture of serenity. Spencer extended his foot out and slid a little lower in the tub. He rested it on Aaron’s thigh for a second before he used his toes to kind of rub on his stomach. Aaron’s eyes cracked opened and watched him.

Spencer was well read. If there was anything he wanted to know, his Aaron made sure he did. While in Japan, he’d learned some of the art of pleasure and used to settle his Aaron when their normal methods weren’t working. He watched as Aaron relaxed into the water. The stress the man was under was intense. He’d not had to deal with Strauss much but he wasn’t fond of her. He could tell that she was afraid of what would happen if Aaron ever hinted at wanting a desk job. Spencer wanted to see Aaron relaxed and destressed so that he knew what he still had to work with.

“Come here,” Aaron said as he grabbed Spencer’s foot and pulled him in. Spencer turned and scooted into Aaron’s arms. “This is nice. Can we just stay here, like this for a while?”

“Sure. Until my fingers become macerated.”

Aaron chuckled into the wet hair on his head.

“How does steak sound for dinner? I really like the Bobby Flay Steak they have here. They have a lobster bar that I have been looking forward to.”

“While we are here, I’m at your mercy.”

Spencer was sitting at the bar during the break between sets. They were down to the twenty five thousand dollar buy in. Aaron had watched the first rounds like a hawk but this round…he wasn’t there. He’d escorted Spencer to the playing area and then disappeared.

“You are alone tonight,” a voice said behind him. Spencer held in the gasp that wanted to escape. He knew that voice. He knew it and it was a part of home that he didn’t think he’d see. He’d looked him up but he wasn’t like he was back home so he didn’t expect to see him here. “Do you want company?” the man said.

“As long as it’s just conversation, Mr. Grimes. I’m quite happy with my man.” Spencer didn’t turn at all but he wasn’t surprised that Jackson didn’t seem shocked that he knew his name.

“Yes, he leaves you alone…” Jackson moved from behind him to lean on the bar beside him, looking him up and down. “I wouldn’t leave you alone unless I had to.”

“This isn’t his world.” Spencer was polite and turned to face him. He took a drink of his Thin Man. He’d told the bartender to give him anything as long as it was virgin and he’d been a audacious little man and served him that. It was a mixture of non-alcoholic beer and seltzer with a twist of lime.

“No, I would bet that he’s more comfortable in a courtroom than a poker room.” Jackson had his “I’ve got a secret” smirk on. Spencer just raised an eyebrow at him. “I know exactly who you are, Doctor Reid. I came here tonight to speak to you actually. When I saw your list on the name of players, I made sure to clear my calendar for the entirety of the tournament.”

“Oh, really?” Spencer took another sip of his drink, swallowing in a way to make sure what his adam’s apple bobbed just right. Jackson’s eyes dilated just enough to show interest.

“I want to borrow your brain. And I’m willing to pay handsomely for it. We don’t have enough time to discuss it tonight but I have reservations at Gordon Ramsay’s for tomorrow. Say you’ll join me?” Jackson smiled at him and it was the same one that he always wore when he wanted something and wasn’t above begging to get it. “Bring Agent Hotchner with you. I promise not to hit on your boss.”

“I’m not sure what he’d do if someone like you hit on him. I might pay for dinner to see you do it.” Spencer eyed the clock and saw it was time to head back to the tables for the night. “As long as you make me an offer I can’t refuse for my brain, I’ll come to dinner.”

“You drive a hard bargain but yes. I promise you won’t be able to refuse.” Jackson nodded at Spencer before he moved away. Spencer kept his emotions off his face, he wasn’t going to let anyone see the pain he was feeling. Thankfully, he knew everything that this Spencer did in the science circles. He’d read every file on the computer at the apartment. He knew how much he was courted for his time on projects but his actual work kept him from taking on many. One with Jackson though would benefit him greatly as he was a man who didn’t believe in rushing results. He’d be paid fair for his time and Jackson would probably make him upgrade his home computer. Spencer missed his own tech from home.

Spencer moved back to the tables and smiled at who he was playing against. At least one was a homophobe and Spencer was going to enjoy taking all of his money. Every time that they took a small break between rounds to have servers bring drinks, Spencer looked for Aaron but he wasn’t there. He pushed that from his mind and focused on the game.

By the time that the game was over for the night, Spencer was sitting right where he wanted to be. He stored his ships and made his way up to the suite. He slid the card in the lock and waited for the flash of green. He opened the door and was a little shocked to see Aaron. He was sitting in the armchair. Only the light from the kitchen was on and the older man was cast in a lot of shadows. He strode over to him and saw the glass of something dark in his hand. He lifted it from lax hand took a sip. At least this Aaron had taken to one thing. Expensive bourbon. He looked for the bottle and found it on the counter.

Spencer turned to leave but a hand grabbed him and pulled him down into Aaron’s lap. He tried to get up but Aaron had a good hold around his waist. He allowed his face to be pulled into a kiss. He could tell by the taste of Aaron’s mouth that he’d been drinking for a while.

“What’s going through that head of yours?” Spencer asked softly.

“I don’t…I don’t know this world.”

“And I don’t know the world of inherited money and you do. This is my secondary world. My primary is the BAU and my life with you.”

“But you…”

“You didn’t even stay and try to learn, you ran up here to the bottle and drowned your sorrows.”

“I’m sorry.” Aaron leaned up and kissed him again, his free hand moving to rub at Spencer’s cock. Spencer freed himself fast from Aaron’s hold, putting a little pressure on his elbow joint to do it.

“I don’t do sex while intoxicated.” Spencer moved to the kitchen and found a few bottles of water. “Go shower. You stink of sweat and alcohol or you can sleep on the couch. It’s your choice.” Spencer handed the drunk man a bottle of water and he frowned but drank it before he made his way to the bedroom and then the bathroom. Spencer turned the bed sheets down and grabbed another few bottles of water. He smelled of alcohol and after stripping made use of the secondary bathroom. He was done long before Aaron and was already in bed when he came out. The man looked a little better and drank two more bottles of water with no complaint before he laid down.

“I am truly sorry, Spencer. I mean it. I just…I got lost and I started to pity myself. You are right. I’ll be there to watch you tomorrow.” Aaron was on his back looking up at the ceiling. Spencer rolled onto his side after turning off the lights in the room. The moon and the city light shone in through the window lightly illuminating Aaron’s face. “I remember watching you play when we attempted to apprehend Curtis Banks, but it wasn’t like this. You turn into someone different when you are at the table. You have a damned good poker face and no tells that I can detect.”

“Why would I have obvious tells? I can’t let an UnSub see a tell,or a lawyer in court. I just had to get my poker face I learned at poker into a work setting, it’s why I was bad at in the beginning.” Spencer laid his hand on Aaron’s chest, playing with the slight hair that was there. He didn’t shave but unlike his arms, Aaron had only fine hairs on his chest. For the sake of keeping to his own word, Spencer didn’t let his hand go past his rib case.

“I know and you have excelled at it but…you say you do your best work under intense terror and that’s not what you have here. I just…I let myself forget reality for a while.”

“At the dinner break tomorrow, we have a meal planned with Jackson Grimes.” Spencer wasn’t even sure if the older man would remember this in the morning so he might have to tell him again but he didn’t want to blindside him with it if he didn’t have to.

“Of Grimes Tech? Why?”

“He didn’t say other than he wants my brain. I’ve not turned away a letter by him so whatever it is, it’s recent and he wants to do it in person.”

Aaron was having trouble keeping his eyes open so Spencer laid his head on his shoulder and breathed softly and evenly. After ten minutes, Aaron gave into the lull of sleep and alcohol. Spencer laid there, listening to his breathing. Even at a few months, they were still way too new to even think about having sex while one of them was drunk. Consent before sex was essential for Spencer. Drunk Aaron didn’t scare him either. He knew how to protect himself if Aaron had gotten handsy or even violent if Spencer needed to stop him. Instead, Aaron had given in. He at least has some rational thought. Just as Spencer was surrendering to sleep, Aaron rolled to his side. Spencer rolled to his side and placed his back to Aaron’s chest and the man wrapped his arm around him.

Spencer was skilled at adaptation. As long as Aaron held him, he slept fine without his cuffs, but when alone, he wore them and the collar. He had the items with him, just in case. One of Aaron’s hands moved slowly from his elbow down to his wrist, encasing the delicate bone with his fingers, gripping just tight enough for Spencer to know he was there. He settled down and fell asleep that way.

Mirror World

The days were quickly going by and Spencer found himself one of the last 10 players in the final round. It was 2 a.m. and everyone agreed to pick-up the next afternoon. Spencer had felt confident thus far. He had already profiled all the players at the table. He guessed each of their tells and filed them away. He knew his strategy for tomorrow, especially since three of the players he recognized from previous years. He wasn’t surprised to find out they were essentially the same group as they were in his world. This would be a huge advantage to him since they didn’t know him. He knew he was going to be underestimated, and this would be where that submissive side he was growing to understand would be a huge advantage. He smiled inwardly, but outwardly showed no emotion at all.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please place your chips in your lockers and we will resume at 1p.m. tomorrow. And good luck.” The tournament facilitator announced and the players all proceeded to do as requested.

Spencer was glad for the long break as it would help reset his brain. He just hoped he could get some sleep. Aaron hadn’t played with him much on the trip, which he was partially glad for. If he went too far into subspace he knew he’d be useless at poker. He was happy to see Aaron in the audience and went right over and kissed him. No one had dared to even comment on the relationship during the last few days. Everyone there knew who they were but no one dared to comment. It was freeing in a way. He could be open about his sexuality and his affection with no one criticizing or bullying him. He was finding that this vacation was an eye opener in more than one way.

“I’m sure you want to get some sleep. This was the longest you’ve had to play.”


“Yes, kitten?”

“We haven’t done, well, you know.” Spencer still blushed at some of the things they did, he was slowly growing comfortable with it.

“That’s because your focus should be the game. But, I very much have plans for you at the end of the tournament. The club that Jackson and I own is going to be having a private exhibition and we will be attending.”

“Oh.” Spencer blushed even more. He had never been to any kind of exhibition. The closest was the time when he watched Derek with Charlie. It had turned him on way more than he had been comfortable with at the time.

Aaron chuckled as he smiled at Spencer. The previous four days they had only had minimal interruptions from the paparazzi, but Spencer making it to the top ten in this amateur tournament hit the news with a bang. The rush of reporters and photographers when they left the Borgata surprised him, especially considering the time of night. He was fairly used to it with his job and being by this world’s Aaron’s side. He didn’t flinch and answered all their question with that boyish charm he had become known for. Finally, after Aaron signalled the body guards, they made a path through the milling nosy reporters and were on their way to the hotel. No one dared to try and follow them.

“You handle them well. I have to say I was surprised by that at our first press conference.”

Spencer shrugged a shoulder, “Comes with the job. We all have a few training classes in handling the press, through our liaison, JJ, handles them for the most part.”

“It doesn’t negate the fact that you are very good with them. Almost better than my Pet.” Spencer tried not to feel a swell of jealousy, but he did. He felt jealous of basically himself. It was odd and he didn’t quite know what to make of it.

He also didn’t always know what to make of the public displays of affection. He was fairly certain that if he ever got home that his Aaron might not enjoy it. Rubbing his eyes and face, he knew he was tired and the disconnected rambling thoughts in his head didn’t help. He just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

When they got back to the hotel Spencer was shocked when he walked in their room and saw a very naked Jackson Grimes had crawled into their bed. Aaron chuckled and shook his head.

“What is he doing?” Spencer whispered to his lover.

“Jackson, for all his Dominant self, wants, believe it or not, to cuddle.”

“And he can’t do that in his own bed with his own sub?” Spencer crossed his arms and glared at the man in their bed. There was that jealous streak again and Spencer didn’t know what to do with it.

“No.” Aaron turned and eyed Spencer who just quirked a brow and pouted. “I’ll tell you his story later. There’s more to this, something had to have happened and he’s feeling insecure. I told you, we have a very strong bond and I’m one of very few people he truly trusts. If you feel you can’t handle this..” Spencer held up a hand to stop Aaron.

“It isn’t my place to question, Sir. I’m just tired and want to go to sleep.” Spencer slipped into the bathroom and changed out of his clothes. He knew his clothing selection for the tournament had been ideal when more than one player had gotten distracted by his appearance. He also used false tells. and inwardly laughed at how easy it was to fool some of the players. One of the men in the final ten had been trying to flirt with him when they had found themselves at the same table. He filed that away and knew he could use it in the final round. Spencer knew he should take a shower, but he was just too tired. He slipped out of his clothes and finished up in the bathroom quickly. Padding back out to the room he saw Aaron wrapped around Jackson, soothing him. He heard quiet sobs and wondered what had happened. Not wanting to intrude on an obviously personal moment, Spencer put it all out of his mind and slipped into bed and tried to go to sleep.

The next morning was a little tense with Spencer waking to Aaron wrapped around him, and Jackson gone. Turning he looked at Aaron and wondered if he was going to explain the previous evening.



“What happened, Aaron?”

“Someone went after a good friend, a close friend. He’s in the hospital, and they aren’t sure if he’s going to make it.”

“I’m sorry. Please tell me it wasn’t Foyet.”

“I can’t. It’s very possible, or at least one of his people. They have gone too far this time. Victor is one of the best men I know. Why he’s friends with me, I don’t know.” Aaron set his lips in a hard line and Spencer didn’t know what to do. “I have to be careful, but I want this man dead Spencer. I’m no longer playing nice.”

“Nice? You’ve played nice?”

“I’ve been holding back, but I can’t any longer. George Foyet is going down and I don’t mean killing him. That’s too kind. I want to ruin the bastard. I want to crawl into every part of his life and take it apart inch by fucking inch.” Aaron was shaking with rage. Spencer crawled up to straddle him. Aaron’s hands wrapped around Spencer’s hips and held him. “Penelope is the perfect person to do it. She’ll be ruthless.”

“Who’s Victor?” Spencer rubbed circles around Aaron’s hip where he was holding on.

“Victor Marks. Art dealer and interior designer. We met when Spencer came to work with me. He helped design the space and even found the desk that you’re currently using. We became friends as he helped pick out art for our home over the years. Like I said, he’s a good man. One of the best men I’ve ever known. He’s completely innocent when it comes to my life. He doesn’t know anything about my darker dealings.”

Spencer didn’t know what to think as he listened intently. He was upset that someone Aaron was close to was hurt. He leaned down and kissed Aaron, trying to comfort him.

“We’ll figure this out Aaron. Do you need to go back home?”

“No. I want to be here. We can deal with Foyet later. If I hear any different from the hospital then plans may change.”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what, Kitten?” Aaron was softly kneading Spencer’s back.

“I’m sorry that your Foyet isn’t really all that different from mine. His narcissism is just as strong. He’ll hurt who he wants, when he wants, but he has a legal system behind him instead of him being out there untethered. It’s almost more frightening.”

“Don’t let him ruin your time here, Kitten. You’re having fun, and I like seeing how ruthless you are at those tables. We should do this again.” Spencer furrowed his brow, and tried not to react to those words. Did Aaron believe that this was permanent? Did he think that the experiment couldn’t be repeated? What would happen if he and Charlie couldn’t figure it out and he was stuck here permanently? Closing his eyes he gathered his thoughts. He didn’t need any negativity today. It was too important of a day. He was roused out of his contemplation when a hand wrapped around his soft cock. Spencer sucked in a breath as his eyes flew open and he looked down at Aaron.

“Mmmm, what to do with you.” Spencer sucked in a breath as the hand didn’t stop and he was coaxed fully erect. Aaron’s sly smile had him shivering in anticipation. He was flipped down on his back as Aaron threw the pillows off the bed. Spencer wasn’t sure what was about to happen until a moment later when Aaron was practically sitting on his face. He reached up to grab Aaron’s hips, but his hands were pushed down on the bed. “Stay. Open your mouth and take my cock.” Spencer’s heart sped up as he did as he was told. Aaron slowly fed him his cock, and he relaxed his throat so he could take as much in as possible. Spencer gripped the sheets under him as he closed his eyes getting lost in giving himself to Aaron.

Spencer moaned around the cock in his mouth as his lover laid down on top of him, taking the head of his cock in his mouth. Spencer wasn’t sure how long he could last like this. He had never sixty-nined anyone before, and he found it was one major fucking turn on. He was so hard and aching that he wanted to beg, but he couldn’t. Aaron’s knees were around Spencer’s head, pinning him to the bed. The cock in his mouth began to piston in and out and Spencer was getting lost in the submission of it. When he felt Aaron take all of him, he almost lost it, almost cumming without Aaron’s approval.

Humming around the cock in his mouth, Spencer felt himself float and it wasn’t much longer before he felt Aaron’s release spilling down his throat. He swallowed everything, and almost screamed as he was being restrained while Aaron kept going.

“Come for me, Kitten.” Aaron growled before taking Spencer’s cock in his mouth once more. The need to obey welled up inside him as he felt that familiar pull and he cried out as he came in Aaron’s mouth. Finally, Aaron pulled off and turning around, pressing him into the mattress, kissing him hard, letting him taste himself in Aaron’s mouth.

“God, you’re mouth, I could fuck it all day,” Aaron breathed into his mouth as he continued kissing him. “I know you have some time, what do you want to do?”

“An early lunch?” Spencer was floating on a high and it felt so damn good. He knew the more he gave into this side of him the harder it would be to let it go. He didn’t think his Aaron would be open to anything close to what this Aaron and him did. It saddened him that he knew he’d have to find an outlet for the needs that had awakened in him.

“Sounds good. Go take a shower and get ready. Do you want us to be alone, or do you mind if Jackson and Adam join us?” Spencer was wondering why Aaron was asking him. The frown on his face must have given him away because Aaron began chuckling. “I do value your space and your time Spencer. I won’t push people on you, nor would I ever push them on my Pet. If you don’t want them to come, just say no. I won’t be offended, and neither will Jackson.”

“No, I…” Spencer sighed as he slid off Aaron’s lap. Seeing Adam had been a huge shock that he had put to the back of his mind. Wiping his face he turned to Aaron. “There’s an Adam Jackson in my world. But, like most everyone I’ve met, he’s very different.” Spencer stood and grabbed his robe that was draped over the reading chair in the corner. He paced the room as he told the story of the man from his world, a delusional serial killer and rapist who, living with dissociative identity disorder, was lost to his dangerous alternative identity, Amanda.

“And you keep trying to bring Adam back?”


“Why? Why hurt yourself like that?”

“Because I couldn’t save Tobias.” Spencer shocked himself as he stood stock-still. Tears pricked the corners of his eyes as he thought of the two very different people who suffered from the same disorder.

Aaron stood and gripped his shoulders forcing him to look in his eyes.

“Spencer, what happened to you with Tobias wasn’t your fault. You did what you needed to survive. Don’t feel ashamed of that.”

“I thought I had him, I thought I could help him, but it was too late.”

“And you think by saving Adam, you’d somehow save Tobias?” Aaron cupped his cheek and kissed him. “That will not happen Spencer. You cannot be responsible for another’s mental delusions. Amanda sounds like too dominant to let go, you have to consider the possibility that Adam is gone.”

Spencer shut his eyes and calmed his breathing. He knew this, and Derek even tried to talk him out of his continued sessions with Amanda, but hearing from this Aaron, in this world brought it into stark reality.

“You’re right. I do need to move on.” Spencer pulled out of Aaron’s arms and with a heavy heart went to go take his shower to get ready for the day. His high had quickly dissipated, but he wasn’t going to agonize about it, he had bigger things to worry about.

Spencer was eyeing his opponent. He had played him before, in his home world, and he silently celebrated when he realized that all of his tells were the same Spencer had already taken off his jacket, a fitted piece that had a subtle paisley pattern embossed in the fabric. It was a deep charcoal grey and showed off his slim body to its best advantage. He also knew the other player was a terrible flirt, and Spencer was using that to his advantage.

“So, mon amie, is it true ‘dat your amour is as good as he looks?” The player was trying to throw him and he knew it. The dealer revealed the river and Spencer remained emotionless. He knew he was going to take it, he felt it down to his very core. Spencer unbuttoned his vest and the first three buttons of his shirt, revealing just enough skin and the collar around his throat. The other man’s dark eyes dilated and still Spencer didn’t react.

“I wouldn’t try it if I were you. Aaron is mine and I’d do anything for him.”

“Anyt’in’ cher?”

“Anything.” Spencer looked right at the other man, “Call.”

“I tink’ y’r bluffing cher.”

“Then you won’t mind putting down.”

“All in.” The Cajun glared at Spencer who deliberately took his time before pushing in his pot. The cards were laid down revealing a full house, eights and threes one of each in his hand.

“Mr. Chance has a full house, eights over threes.”

Spencer’s expression turned sharklike as he slowly revealed his cards. Two nines, which played off the nines in the river.

“And Dr. Reid has four of a kind. And he is the winner.”

The Cajun smirked and stood, holding his hand out for Spencer who stood and shook it firmly.

“Well played mon amie. Well played.”

Then it was a whirlwind of pictures, questions, and congratulations from the organizers as well as the casino management. The money was sorted by bank transfer, with all taxes already accounted for. By the time he was done, he just wanted Aaron.

They walked back to their hotel and went straight up to their room. They were greeted by Jackson and Adam with a congratulatory dinner prepared by their in-room chef. Spencer smiled as he sank down in a chair, happy but exhausted. Aaron poured him a glass of wine and moments later the four men were sharing an exquisite meal.

Spencer didn’t want to admit that he liked Jackson. He also didn’t want to admit that he really liked Adam, because it brought a sadness to him to see what Adam could have been under different circumstances. The young man was smart, funny, engaging, and gorgeous. It didn’t take long for him to recognize what Jackson saw in him.

Conversation flowed between them and Spencer felt Jackson was studying him closely.

“Alright, what’s the story Aaron. Because you and I both know, that is not Spencer.” Spencer froze in mid-bite, staring at Jackson.

“Wondered how long it would take for you to notice Jax. It’s a long complicated story.”

“We have time.”

“Aaron, don’t you think too many people know already?” Spencer leaned in and whispered.

“Spencer, I trust Jackson with my very life.” Spencer didn’t like it, but conceded that Aaron knew better than him.

Aaron went on to tell Jackson everything. And when the man burst out laughing, Spencer thought he had gone crazy.

“Well, Spencer is always going on about everyone having a twin. You know I won’t tell a soul Aaron.”

“Like I said, I trust you with my life. Now, it’s been a long day, I think we all need some sleep, we’re going to need it for what we have planned for tomorrow night.”

Spencer still hadn’t been told what was going on, but decided to wait for Aaron to tell him rather than ask directly. He was exhausted anyway and just wanted to sleep. The next day he wanted to do a little sightseeing and some shopping. They said their goodnights and as Spencer was sliding into bed, he was mentally and physically exhausted, but excited at the same time. He was having difficulty settling till Aaron had him roll onto his stomach, and he felt the man’s weight settle on top of him. His wrists were grasped and held above his head. After a few minutes, he settled and welcomed the weight. He sighed and moments later slipped into sleep.

Their last day in Atlantic City came with good news. Victor was out of surgery and he was going to make it. Both Aaron and Jackson relaxed, as if a huge weight had been lifted off of them. Jackson had ordered his personal security detail to watch over Victor. If anyone tried to finish what they started, they wouldn’t get the chance.

Aaron took Spencer sightseeing around the city. As they walked, Spencer asked about his history with Jackson.

“We met in college. Jax was already out and proud, but his parents had disowned him because of it. We became roommates and then lovers. We were inseparable in college. But, with how he was treated growing up he had a lot of insecurities. He started to go to the Dom/sub clubs. Before he even realized he was a Dominant, he got involved with someone who tried to take advantage of him, shaping him into a sexual slave. He had gone into a deep depression over it, so I stepped in, and helped him sort out who he really was.

“We do love each other, Spencer. It’s a strong bond, but we knew a long time ago that we wouldn’t be able to live with each other. Too much alike in many ways. But, I’d never give him up. Sometimes those insecurities will rear up and he comes to me when he needs comfort and security because he trusts me. It takes a lot for him to trust others and he doesn’t take a sub lightly. You’ll have to accept this, there is no arguing on the subject of Jackson Grimes.”

Spencer curled his fingers around Aaron’s.

“It isn’t my place. I’m sure my counterpart doesn’t have issues with your relationship. I have no right to be jealous.” Though Spencer was. He knew he shouldn’t be, that their physical relationship was intermittent at best, but he couldn’t help what he was feeling. He would have to accept it because he had a feeling they were going to be seeing a lot of Jackson Grimes in the coming months.

“Good. Ready to head back? We have to get ready for tonight.”

“Yeah. I think we spent enough money.” Spencer was surprised by just how much money they had dropped on presents for Jack and some of the other’s in the house. He was particularly excited by the antique sextant he had found and purchased for Charlie.

They walked back to the hotel in companionable silence. When they got to the suite, Aaron put in an order for a light, early dinner. The chef talked with him for a few minutes and they agreed on a menu of a steak salad. Then he led Spencer into the bedroom and pulled out the garment bag that he hadn’t allowed Spencer to look inside of.

“Go take a shower, make sure you thoroughly clean yourself and shave. When you’re done you’ll dress in what I have here, no arguments. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer’s stomach was fluttering in anticipation as he ran into the bathroom and did exactly what Aaron asked of him. When he came back out his eyes landed on the…clothes was a relative term to what was on the bed. A leather body harness and a pair of leather pants with open laces all down the sides. They looked like they were going to leave nothing to the imagination. Spencer swallowed hard as he looked at the items.

“This first.” Aaron held up the harness, which Spencer nervously let Aaron put on him. The very bottom of it had a cock ring that fit around him snugly. There was no way that he wasn’t going to feel it every time he moved. Then he pulled on the leather pants, which hung low on his hips and hugged his legs. Aaron had him walk around the room, getting used to the feeling of the outfit. When he looked at himself in the mirror he was shocked. The workout sessions with Derek and Aaron had been very beneficial. His muscles were more defined. He didn’t have six pack abs, but his chest and stomach had more definition than he had ever had. His thighs had bulked out just enough that anyone could see how muscular they were through the laced sides. The gold of the nipple rings contrasted against the milky white of his skin. His breath caught in his throat at truly seeing himself for the first time.

“Beautiful,” Aaron whispered in his ear as he bussed a kiss against the back of his neck. “Come and sit.” Spencer was breathless as he sat down at the vanity. Aaron took off the collar he was wearing and he couldn’t help the whine that escaped from his mouth. “Shh, Kitten. I have something special just for tonight.”

Spencer waited in anticipation, then cool metal was being snapped around his neck. When he looked in the mirror his eyes widened at the platinum that now encircled his neck. Imbedded in it were gem quality peridot chevrons. On the front was a solid platinum ring. Aaron leaned down and snapped a leash into the ring and Spencer swallowed hard. He felt wholly and completely owned in that moment. He was turned in the chair and Aaron kissed him hard and possessively.

“One last thing.” Aaron bent down on one knee and picked up a jewelry box that was sitting on the vanity. Carefully he took out the gold hoops in Spencer’s nipples and replaced them with ones that were identical to the collar he now was wearing. The platinum and peridot complimenting his skin. Wide cuffs in the same materials were then snapped around his wrists. Spencer was watching Aaron closely, wondering what was going to happen next. When all he did was grab some hair product and played with Spencer’s now shoulder length hair, emphasizing his curls, he relaxed. “Now you’re ready.” Aaron grabbed the end of the leash and pulled Spencer along.

They met Jackson and Adam in the living room.

“Jesus Christ Aaron. That man is sex on two legs.” Jackson’s eyes went dark with lust. “To bad you’re a selfish bastard,” he growled.

“We’ll see. Come on, we don’t want to be late.” Spencer finally got a good look at Aaron and almost choked. He was wearing a tight fitting blood red button down that was tucked into a pair of dark denim that looked like they were painted on. He was wearing little jewelry except for a ring in the same platinum and peridot and a thin wrist cuff. Spencer wasn’t even paying attention to what Jackson and Adam were wearing, his eyes were only on Aaron.

As they moved through the hotel, Spencer knew they made quite a spectacle, but from what he learned over the last few months, most of the press knew much of their relationship. They never hid who they were. When Spencer had done research and looked into his doppelganger, the man proudly wore the collar and sometimes even cuffs, even at black-tie events. He liked showing off who he was, and Spencer knew it boosted Aaron’s ego to show off his lover.

By the time they were walking into the club, Spencer’s heart was pounding hard in his chest, and his stomach was in knots.

“Listen to me, Kitten. You are mine, no one else’s. If anyone dares to touch you, you are allowed to tell them no. If they don’t back off, you let me know, understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. You’re going to see a lot of things, you must act like you’ve seen them before. Put on that poker face of yours and you’ll be fine.”

Spencer wasn’t quite as innocent as Aaron believed. Not much could shock him anymore and he often used his poker face when entering a new situation. He was jarred out of his thoughts when the leash was pulled and he almost stumbled forward. Righting himself he followed Aaron and the four of them went into the club through a side entrance. They made their way to a low booth that was front and center of the stage. As they sat, Spencer was pulled onto Aaron’s lap. Only then did he allow himself to look around.

Spencer noticed just how many men and women were looking at him. It was a new experience, people looking at him like they wanted to fuck him. He smirked at them as he wrapped an arm around Aaron’s neck and leaned into him. The booth they were in was angled in such a way that they could see the stage, but also had a good view of the club, and in return, patrons had a good view of them. Spencer knew what happening, Aaron was showing him off. That sense of being owned should have freaked him out, but it didn’t, not even when Aaron pulled him into a kiss with his hand settling on his cock, stroking him through the leather.

While outright sex wasn’t allowed in the main area of the club, there were many couples that skirted that edge. Around the perimeter of the club were barely private sections that could be used for impact play as well as other types of play that exhibitionist couples could engage in.

“That’s beautiful ink, Mr. Hotchner.” A young man came to their booth with a tray and a notepad in his hand.

“Thank you, Seamus. How is Red doing?”

“He sends his regards. What can I get you this evening, sir?”

“Brink us a bottle of the Hennessy X.O. and a bottle of the 2007 Vidal Blanc. Has Piotr prepared any new confections?”

“Yes sir. Shall I bring out a variety?”

“Please. Thank you, Seamus.” The young man left and Aaron went back to kissing and teasing Spencer.

“The two of you are going to be the death of me.” Jackson teased.

Spencer, feeling bold, turned in Aaron’s lap, giving everyone a view of his back. He bent and kissed Aaron who gripped his hips and pulled him harder onto his lap. The waiter came back with the bottles and glasses appropriate for each drink. Jackson told him to pour the Cognac first. He had Adam draped on his own lap, the two of them doing nothing more than touching.

Several people throughout the night tried to proposition Aaron for time with Spencer, and each time the offers were politely declined. Spencer felt a mixture of embarrassment and flattery. When the house lights started to dim, Aaron prodded Spencer to turn around, but stay in his lap.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a treat for you tonight, a special exhibition from Lady Heather, and her sub Gil. Please refrain from clapping, and a reminder that filming and photography are prohibited during the performance.” The announcer left, the club became hushed, and a moment later Lady Heather appeared on stage. Spencer had to swallow a moment to keep under control. Aaron wasn’t helping as his hands wandered over Spencer’s exposed skin, playing with his nipple rings, and fingers slipping between the laces on his pants. He glanced over a few times to see Jackson giving him heated looks.

He looked up on the stage where the sub was strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross and Lady Heather was using a barbed whip, which made shallow cuts all over the subs back. What amazed Spencer was that the man didn’t cry out once. The exhibition went on for several more minutes, and Spencer was positively squirming in Aaron’s lap. A hand was still on his cock teasing him. When it was over, and the house lights were brought up once more, wine gone, as well as the confections, and Spencer was aching.

“I think it’s time to get our boys back to the hotel. What do you say Jax?”

“Oh, I think you’re right.” Aaron left instructions to have the Cognac sent to his penthouse. It wasn’t long before they were back in the hotel. Aaron pulled Spencer into a room that he hadn’t yet entered. It was a set-up similar to the playroom back home.

“Strip,” Aaron demanded. Spencer didn’t balk at the order, but almost hissed when he removed the cock ring. “I want to see you under Jackson’s hand. I want to watch him dominate you. Can you do this for me Spencer?”

Spencer was breathing harder the more he thought about it. If he wasn’t so worked up, with a few drinks in him, he probably wouldn’t have agreed, but he almost moaned at the suggestion.

Aaron smiled and quickly went to get the other couple and was back in just a couple of minutes.

“You can touch, but no sex.”

“You’ve never offered before Aaron, why now? Is it because he is so different from your Pet?” Jackson held Aaron by the hips as he pulled him close kissing him. Pulling back Jackson left Aaron and walked to Spencer. Ghosting his fingers over Spencer’s shoulders he leaned down and whispered in his ear. “You like pain?”

Spencer shivered at the almost touch and closed his eyes, “Yes.”

Jackson breathed in and nuzzled against Spencer’s ear, “Good.” He then led the younger man to the rack on the west wall of the room. A large bed and two comfortable chairs were on the east. Jackson secured Spencer, with his back towards the room where everyone could watch. Jackson walked back to Aaron.

“Strip, and sit in that chair, but you can’t touch yourself, and you can’t come. I want to fuck you later and make your boy watch.”

“Fuck, Jackson.”

“Later. Now, sit.” He pushed Aaron into the chair, and grabbed Adam, who he strapped naked against the wall. “I’ll get to you later. No cumming until I tell you you can. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Jackson then walked to a wall where several impact instruments were displayed and pulled off the whip. He snapped it a few times against the floor, loosening his wrist. Then, without warning, he cracked it against Spencer’s back making the man cry out in shock.

Spencer knew immediately that Jackson was very different from Aaron. He was relentless. He used the whip expertly. It never wrapped around his waist, but he didn’t let up. His cock was so hard from all the stimuli, that it was achingly painful.

“Please, Sir,” Spencer whined as his body slumped, his head lolling back. He could just see over his shoulder, Aaron gripping the chair, his cock hard and Spencer almost moaned at the sight.

“Please what?” Jackson grabbed his hair and forced him to look up at him.

“I need to come, please,” Spencer begged.

“Pretty,” Jackson stroked Spencer’s cheek making him moan low in his throat. “It’s not for me to decide. Let’s ask Aaron.” Jackson turned a wicked eye towards Aaron, “Well, do you want to let him?”

“No.” Aaron gave him a dark, hard look. “I want to try something. I want to see if he’ll come without being touched.” Aaron’s wicked laugh had Spencer’s breathing hard in both fear and anticipation. “I want you to fuck me, with him tied to a chair, so he can’t touch.”

“You are a wicked, wicked man. I think that’s why I love you.” Jackson put the whip away and set-up a chair about an inch from the bed. He helped Spencer out of the restraints and led him to the chair where he secured his ankles and then his hands behind his back. He stripped before letting Adam down and brought him to the bed. “You. Stay. No touching.” Jackson ordered.

Aaron was watching Spencer the whole time and reveled in how his eyes were darkening and his cock was still hard and waiting.

“Jackson’s right, Kitten. You are very pretty sitting there wanting. I see the frustration in your eyes, but the want as well. Tonight, you only get to watch.”

“Sir,” Spencer whined, he couldn’t help it, he needed and his body was tight with tension.

“No whining Kitten.” Aaron glared for a moment, then he had a lap full of Jackson Grimes, kissing him and grinding obscenely against him. Aaron brought his arms around the man and pulled him closer and thrust up, his hands gripped the other man’s back as the kisses turned deeper, tongues tangling, exploring each other’s mouths. Jackson was undulating, moving against Aaron and the moans coming from Spencer assured them that they were definitely putting on quite the show.

Jackson finally pulled away and slid off Aaron’s lap. With just a nod of his head, he indicated the bed.

“I want you on your hands and knees facing your Kitten.” Jackson stroked a hand down Aaron’s cheek before pushing him down on the bed. Panting hard Aaron quickly complied and gazed directly at Spencer. He was so focused on his lover, watching his expression and the way he squirmed as his cock twitched, that he didn’t even notice when Jackson got behind him until he was being breached. Aaron gripped the bedspread as the sudden spike in pleasure almost made his knees buckle.

“God you’re so tight,” Jackson growled as Aaron’s hips were gripped in a bruising hold, then he was being fucked, hard and fast.

“Oh god, Sir…” Spencer was so hard that it was painful. “Please, please,” he begged, but all it got him was a smoldering look from Aaron.

“Look at your boy Aaron. He’s so hard that it’s probably painful. I bet he wants you to touch him, or suck that beautiful cock. Look at him squirming, trying to find relief. So.” Jackson thrust in hard then pulled back and thrust again. “Fucking.” A repeat and Aaron was crying out as he pushed back against Jackson. “Hot.” A hard thrust, and Jackson was grunting out his release. Pulling out he quickly, he disposed of the condom, then flipped Aaron onto his back and took his cock in his mouth. Aaron’s eyes never left Spencer.

“Close, so close Jax.” Aaron thrust up as Jackson took all of him in his mouth. “Kitten, I want you to come when I come.” Aaron gripped the bed as his cock was being worked over relentlessly. He locked eyes with Spencer and gave a small nod as he thrust in Jackson’s mouth, coming.

Spencer was so worked up, his body flush from the exertion that when he heard Aaron come, his body responded and he was crying out as thick streams of cum shot up, coating his chest and stomach. When he could open his eyes he saw Jackson kissing Aaron once again. A part of him wanted to be jealous, but he was just too spent.

They all looked to Adam who had fallen asleep, his own release coating his hand. Jackson just shook his head as he woke his sub and took him to their bedroom to get him cleaned up.

Aaron stood and released the restraints holding Spencer to the chair, then pulled the younger man into his arms, kissing him, holding him close.

“You were beautiful. Let’s clean-up, then go to bed. We have a late start in the morning and I have an agent to ruin.” Spencer couldn’t even protest as he was being lifted and carried to their bedroom. He wasn’t sure what Aaron had in mind, but he knew it wasn’t anything good, but at the moment he just didn’t care.

Our World

Spencer ordered breakfast to be delivered when he called back down. Aaron was still asleep and he didn’t want to wake him. Spencer was taking the morning to learn as much as he could about Jackson and his company. He found no evidence that Jackson was dating anyone serious and it seemed that all the pictures of him at events had a revolving door of men on his arm. From the dress and countenance of the men, he knew they were escorts and it didn’t shock him.

The knock on the door had Spencer slipping on his robe to answer it. The woman there with his carafe of coffee was very beautiful. He smiled at her and tipped her as he took the tray with the carafe and the little bowl of sugar and creamer of milk. A coffee cup was placed on the tray upside down. He shut the door and moved over to the island where he was settled in to do his research. After setting the tray down, he moved to the bedroom door and checked on Aaron, who was still dead to the world.

An hour later, Spencer was seventy eight pages into the last report put out by Grimes Tech on what the future held for the company. It was a month old and so far nothing relating to him was jumping out. He was so lost in it that he didn’t even hear Aaron getting up until he felt arms wrap around him. He settled into the arms.

“Research into Grimes?” Aaron asked.

“Trying to find out exactly what he wants me to do for him. There is nothing in this. Nothing, and I don’t like going into a situation without knowing why I am there.”

“You’ll have me there.”

“That is true. He seemed rather interested in having you there.”

“Do you have a little time?”

“Before the start of the next round, yes. Why?” Spencer closed the laptop and turned around in Aaron’s arms. He gasped to see that while Aaron had a robe on, he was naked under it. Naked and hard.

“I want your lips around my cock.”

Spencer pushed Aaron back to where he could slip down to the floor from the stool. He licked at the head of the cock in front of his face. The strong taste of the drop of release there made him moan as he took the head in his mouth. Aaron grabbed at his hair, holding him still. He couldn’t move closer and Aaron was refusing to let him take more than the head in his mouth. So he licked all around the head and sucked. The fluid he collected with the passing of his tongue over the slit was strong and bitter, evidence of his drinking from the night before.

Slowly, Spencer was fed the cock inch by inch. After he had serviced each new section of flesh he was given another. He hadn’t worshipped a cock like this in a long time and he forgot how good it was.

“Your mouth…” Aaron moaned and Spencer looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he was biting at his lower lip. Aaron was taking it so slow that when the head of his cock was swallowed down Spencer’s throat, he gasped and his head dropped. His eyes open wide, he stared as Spencer took the last inch of him in his mouth. Aaron started to rock in and out of his mouth, no urgency. No rush for anything. Spencer shifted to take pressure of his knees. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the submission of it. He hadn’t had a chance to go to the club yet. This though, Spencer shuddered and gave himself over fully to it. He clasped his hands behind his back and just floated. He listened to Aaron’s noises and felt his own pleasure at being used to give this man pleasure.

Spencer felt the semen flood his mouth and started to swallow as it filled him. He was still skirting subspace as Aaron pulled his cock from his mouth. Steady hands pulled him up and he was pressed down onto the stool. Cool air hit his cock and Spencer could feel the cooling heat from his release. Aaron leaned him back to relax back onto the island before his hands left him. A minute later, he was back with a warm wet washcloth, cleaning him up. He opened his eyes to watch as Aaron adjusting his body and rewrapping his robe around him tightly.

“Nap?” Spencer asked. He leaned forward into Aaron, burying his face into his skin. Needing the smell to help him stay there right where he wanted to be.

“It’s a late day today right?” Aaron sounded a little worried.

“I set an alarm in case you talked me into lazing with you in bed today.”

“Then let’s go take a nap on the couch.” Aaron helped him stand and they moved over to it. Aaron settled down onto the couch and looked up at Spencer as he laid down on top of him. Spencer’s phone was on the end table at the head of the couch. He settled in and with Aaron’s hand running through his hair he fell into sleep.

Aaron gently shaking him woke him up. He rolled his head to look at the wall clock. He had enough time to eat a nice lunch before it was time to start the round for the day. Aaron was watching him as he got ready. Today, he chose dark purple pants with a color coordinating shirt and a lilac vest. With the possibility of Aaron and him being caught on camera and seen by the FBI, they had to be careful about appearances while out. Still, he was dressed to the best. He knew that Aaron didn’t understand what exactly had happened when they had sex that morning and he’d tried to talk to him about a Dom/sub lifestyle before but the man had just talked about work aspects. So Spencer had dropped it.

Jackson was waiting in the one of the lounges off the main playing area. They were down to the last elimination round before the final ten faced each other. Aaron stayed in Spencer’s sight the entire night, drinking what looked like ginger ale. He only looked at him in between hands and Aaron smiled every time their eyes met.

“So why did your boss come with you?” the player next to him asked as a waitress took drink orders for the whole table.

“He’d never been to anything like this before. And with our job, any day away from work is a vacation. So he asked to come and I agreed.” Spencer tilted his mostly empty glass and nodded at the waitress when she looked at him. He’d been drinking club sodas as the cheeky bartender wasn’t working that night.

“Is it true you are the FBI agent?”

“Yes.” Spencer answered all the questions asked by the two men that he had learned hadn’t played the year prior. The waitress quickly returned with the drinks and they were playing once again. Hand after hand Spencer realized exactly how gullible these people were. He was still faking a tell and had been making it a little worse and worse as the game played on.

It was now time for the three hour dinner break and Spencer was looking forward to the short respite from the game. Aaron met him at the edge of the playing area and smiled. It was a soft smile and Spencer reached over and squeezed his hand before Jackson came upon them.

“Are we ready? I have my car waiting outside to take us over. I called and made sure the room will be ready for us.” Jackson gave Spencer a heart stopping smile before the man turned to Aaron. “Agent Hotchner, are you having fun in Atlantic City?”

Spencer narrowed his eyes at the tone he was using. Aaron, though, wasn’t paying attention to it.

“I am. I’ve only ever been here for cases so it’s nice to relax and enjoy.”

Jackson led them to the car, opening the door, and Spencer ushered Aaron in first. It wasn’t a limo but the back did have two sets of seats facing each other. Aaron slid into the one facing the front and Spencer slid in beside him. Jackson took the seat across from them, settling in the middle.

“I don’t share, Mr. Grimes,” Spencer said as soon as the partition was up and they were on their way.

“You are quite the viper, Doctor Reid.”

“Spencer,” Aaron lowly whispered in his ear. Spencer laid his hand on Aaron’s thigh and squeezed.

“Mr. Grimes would love to have you in his bed, Aaron, and he’s not going to stop making insinuations about it until you or I stopped him. I know you would never do it for fear of him screwing with whatever intellectual courtship he is attempting to establish with me.”

“Doctor Reid has me by the short and curlies, Agent Hotchner. He is very much right. I do prefer your type to his when it comes to my bed, but I do understand when to back off if necessary. Now why don’t we dispense with formalities. You both may call me Jackson.”



Spencer looked out to see what he could view of the city. He heard Jackson talking about some of the places they passed. This Atlantic City looked a lot different than his own. This world was much lighter and almost friendlier. His world was snapping out of a state of decay. Jackson was attempting to control his flirting but as Aaron leaned forward to look out the window, Jackson leaned in close. Spencer hissed and Jackson sat back with a smirk. The man was testing his situational awareness. Spencer raised an eye and Jackson just raised a shoulder in reply.

“Ah here we are!” Jackson exclaimed stepping out of the car while holding the door for his guests. Spencer stepped out and leaned close to Jackson’s ear.

“I wouldn’t suggest playing with me, Jackson. I’d set the world on fire for him and laugh while it burns.” Spencer wasn’t going to play games with Jackson. He was willing to share his Aaron with Jackson because he knew that despite the love they shared, Aaron and Jackson’s relationship couldn’t last long term. A few shared nights of passion was all they would ever have.

Jackson looked him in the eye and nodded. There was fear in his eyes but Spencer knew he’d keep his hands to himself. Harmless flirting was allowed, he didn’t think that Jackson could breathe without flirting, but anything more was unacceptable.

They were seated in a small alcove with had a curtain blocking them off from the rest of the restaurant. Pitchers and glasses of ice water were already waiting for them when they sat down

“I just ordered an array of food that they’ll bring out as we need them.” Jackson smiled as a tray of appetizers were set down in the center of the table. “I promised you an offer you couldn’t refuse.”

“You did.”

“Two million dollars to oversee a joint project.”

Aaron sputtered but Spencer just stared at him.

“For what?”

“VICAP is adequate for what it is, but the BAU has shown time and again that criminals are thinking outside the box. Too many are changing their signature just enough to go undetected. Then there are those offenders that operate state to state just to avoid detection. What I want to do is fund a server farm within each state that will house a database that includes all cases, regardless of severity.”

“And who would maintain it?”

“I’d fund that as well. The breakup of counties, townships, and cities would be at your discretion. I figured it would be a good job for retired cops and veterans, even disabled ones who can no longer function in a day to day job. Even some of the veterans or cops with PTSD or who have become shut ins. Benefits would match what all Grimes Tech employees have including healthcare.”

“To what end?” Aaron asked.

“If a single killer a year is caught with this database before they take another victim, I’d consider it money well spent. Using resources like disabled cops and veterans means that I can take part of it as a tax write-off. It’s not all altruistic. My board has already agreed to it. The DOJ has as well. It’s not their money, just their oversight that I need. The security measures that I want to put in place are already higher than what they use. The server farms are going into production in the next few weeks but I need to find sites in each state for them. All soft and hardware will be provided by Grimes Tech. Most of the software it will be beta programs that need a good workout before being released to the public, but the reason I want you is because you don’t give a shit about anything but the victims. Also the DOJ said that I needed an actual FBI agent to oversee it.”

“What exactly will I be doing?”

“You’ll have an assistant that will do all of the on-site work but you’ll oversee it all. You’ll help me finish with the database that I am building as well as manage all upgrades that happen in real time. We are going to start with DC and the FBI’s databases on every offender in the mid-Atlantic region. From there we will add in New York then California. I added those first because they are the top two states to request assistance from the BAU. After that it will all be at your discretion. My hope is that in five years we can have all fifty states at least up and running even if adding in backlogged cold cases takes longer. The BAU and the DOJ does great with the current systems, don’t get me wrong, but there are some areas that it doesn’t reach as well. You will also help me design a website that will run on anything, even computers that still use Windows ME. I want everyone to have access to it and it won’t cost a single thing.”

“You make a good pitch but I want to know why you want to do this. It’s going to get you great publicity for working with veterans and disabled cops and even from your desire to catch killers, but I want to know the personal reason why.”

“Victor Marks was a long-standing friend of mine. He was killed five years ago because of a killer who kept crossing state lines. He’d pick small towns and never killed more than a few before moving on. Victor was an art collector for museums and galleries and the like. The man who killed him was caught because of an unrelated crime. He kept trophies and what he kept from Victor was a necklace that I had given him. The smarter the criminals get, the smarter law enforcement has to get, and sometimes the funds are just not there.”

Spencer felt his stomach plummet to his feet. Victor Marks. He’d not thought to look him up, even after he’d researched this Jackson after meeting him. Aaron was close to Jackson and Spencer was close to Victor, but there was no love there, he didn’t feel that emotion outside of Aaron and Jack. They had a mutual close friendship but nothing more. To find that he was dead though, a long time dead at that, hurt fiercely. Even if Spencer was going to agree to this job, he’d do it without the added benefit of it stopping someone from killing someone like Victor. While he hated that his friend was dead in this world, he didn’t have enough emotional investment to care about the deaths of these people. However, he figured that this opportunity was exactly the type of job the other Spencer would agree to.

“And exactly how much time are you expecting me to put into this? The BAU isn’t exactly the kind of job that allows a secondary one.”

“Most of your input will be done through your assistant. He or she will know your wishes. All hiring will be done through them and if you need a bigger team, you’ll get it. I want your brain to make sure that this doesn’t get fucked up by the DOJ or anyone else. Your name carries weight in the criminal academic world. I was thinking that some of the criminal justice students could help in their states over summer breaks. Others can be added as needed, like cops who are on leave from work due to surgery. If we can get them a laptop, we can get them putting in cases for their department. No crime will be left out, break-ins, beatings. The BAU has proved that a lot of these lesser crimes are serial UnSubs just getting their feet wet.”

“You’ve put a lot of thought into this,” Spencer mused as he sat back to allow the waitress to remove their plates. The appetizers were gone and Spencer hadn’t realized that he’d been grabbing bites as he listened to Jackson talking. He was used to working lunches with his Aaron and eating what was in front of him as Aaron’s clients were adventurous. It was a relatively safe place where no one would attempt to poison him.

“I spent years on this. I’ve been rejected by the DOJ five times. This is the first time I have got the green light and I don’t give a rat’s ass about the publicity. The only reason that I even thought about including retired cops or disabled veterans is that the people I paid to brainstorm this brought it up as a good resource for employees. Having a name like your’s attached gets me in good with colleges. How many doctorates do you have?”

Spencer raised an eyebrow but answered. “Seven.” As soon as it left his mouth, he recoiled inside knowing that he had fucked up. He looked at Aaron out of the corner of his eye and saw the man staring at him. “Seven degrees total. Working on, that is.” Spencer decided to just shut his mouth.

“Still more than me, and way more than many of the people you will be working with. So…” Jackson leaned back in his chair as the three waitresses set down three plates of food. They were gone again before Spencer could even blink.

“A two million dollar salary is nothing to blink at. But you still haven’t exactly told me how much work you see me doing in a week. I have a life and I have a lover.”

“The average will be ten to fifteen hours for a normal person but it’s mainly reading and I’m told that your reading speed is astounding. It’ll be playing around with the database and the website. I want your name more than anything, Spencer. Oh, I want your brain as well, but mainly it’s the name.”

“Send me the contract when the tournament is done and I’ll look it over.” Spencer pulled out the card that he has slipped in the pocket of his vest and slid it over. “If it’s to my liking, I’ll sign it. If not, we can negotiate.”

The day of the final round was gloomy but it wasn’t raining so Aaron and Spencer went out to do a little window shopping. Spencer found a few gifts appropriate for his team members for Christmas. Aaron walked beside him, as close as was allowed. Given that the streets were packed with others, it was a lot closer than normal unless they wanted people to keep walking between them.

“You move through this kind of world so easy. No one on the team would believe it,” Aaron said.

“I grew up in Vegas. I understand that the team kind of forgets that on occasion. It never sleeps and all that ‘morning’ means is that the early risers get to the casinos first. Back then a kid could slip in and watch. Sometimes the players would take pity and let me get close and that’s how I learned. Of course, it was easy to watch and learn it all with the memory and intelligence I had.” Spencer smiled at Aaron. He’d found a paper from the other Spencer’s childhood that told of how he learned to play and how he won his first hand at poker. “So I followed around this one man from game to game and finally he had me sit in at a game of poker. They were playing for fun. Just a fifty dollar game. They all gave me fifty. There I was with four hundred and fifty dollars sitting in front of me. They told me that whatever I had in my hands when I had to leave, I could keep.”


“I won. Took the money home. I kept a little bit of it for fun and deposited the rest into our account. Mom never knew where it came from and I never told but it helped in the lean times when she couldn’t work. They called it beginner’s luck but only let me play when they were playing for fun. I only ever left with a few hundred after that. Telling them I had to get home. It was easy to learn tells and how to hide my own from them. I had fun and I loved the game. Then it was off to college where it was a lot easier to take money from the older kids. They’d get drunk and play games. Just fifty dollars won a game but when it kept me in food, it wasn’t that hard to take it from them.”

“Is that why you play this…to make sure?”

“I play poker because it’s fun and in this life I don’t get a lot of fun that’s not work. I love work, I do. But I need a diversion now and again, and poker is it.”

“Not me?” Aaron asked with a smirk.

“You are a carnal diversion. This is a mental one. All that matters are the players I play with. The skills I’ve picked up as a profiler have helped. But I only rely on myself.”

“A carnal diversion,” Aaron repeated with a weird smile on his face. Spencer wanted to lean over and kiss the look off his face.

“What do you call what we do behind closed doors?” Spencer asked. He looked ahead and saw that they were coming up on a kid’s shop. He smiled at the display of toys in the window.

“Making love.”

“Which is carnal. Aaron you are not going to win the word game with me.” Spencer moved to open the door to the shop but instead, he was grabbed and spun into the corner, lips pressing into his.

“You make it sound salacious.”

“Well to many it is. Two men having sex. Having filthy, loud, rough sex. Especially with you so much older than me.” Spencer breathed into Aaron’s mouth and the man’s eyes became black with arousal. He looked to the side to make sure that no one was looking at them and as he did he saw something that had him smiling. There was a Snorlax play bed in the corner of the store. He pushed Aaron back and opened the door to enter the store. He moved right over to it. Before coming to this world he had heard of Pokémon but hadn’t paid much attention to it as Jack hadn’t shown any interest. He wasn’t sure if it was that he didn’t like it or that he’d not been exposed enough, but this Jack, this Jack loved Pokémon. He’d spent a night researching it on the Internet and had discovered that it was a game his Jack might just love.

“Spencer?” Aaron asked.

Spencer turned back to look at him and found that he was adjusting himself.

“There is just enough room in Jack’s room for this. If we get rid of that old bean bag that he uses to read in. And then you wouldn’t worry about transferring him like you do and he could do movie night in it in the living room.”

“He would love it.” Aaron stepped up behind him as Spencer turned towards the bed again. He saw that all around it was a collection of toys. He and Aaron had spent a great deal of the tournament having sex instead of doing anything else. They’d seen none of the things they had wanted to and that was fine with Spencer but it meant that the money he had set aside for fun and gifts was just sitting there, and Jack would be a lovely recipient of all that money. Jack’s favorite Pokémon was Eevee and her evolutions and there was a lovely set of bedsheets featuring those creatures. “I know that look.”

“I’ve got to bring back presents for Jack from this trip. He’s still a little young to come for something like this so we have to let him know that we missed him.” It was the same reasoning he used on his Aaron but the man was usually just toying with him. They never went anywhere without bringing back several hundred dollars worth of things for their boy.

“I don’t know why I ever thought that you were just humoring me with Jack.”

“I don’t know. If I didn’t like kids, why would I pursue with a man who has one?”

“There are a lot of men and women who do that all the time,” Aaron said.

“And what made you think that I was like every Tom, Dick, and Harriet?” Spencer huffed and stepped away from Aaron. No matter the life that Spencer had, he would have never started something with Aaron if he hadn’t wanted to go all in, Jack included. He was too smart to think that Aaron could choose him over Jack and was much too hurt by his father leaving to ever do that to a child. Aaron’s hand settled on his shoulder, squeezing as he stepped closer. As close to a physical apology as he was going to be able to do in the packed store.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring it up. Forgive me?” Aaron asked, lowly in his ear.

“Always. Love you,” Spencer said as he ducked his head down to rub his cheek on Aaron’s hand before it disappeared from his shirt. “So the Snorlax bean bag chair, the bed sheets, and what do you think of the stuffed Vulpix?”

“That’s all?” Aaron asked, humor in his voice.

“All that I am getting him. We still have to pick a few things from you.”

“But it’s…”

Spencer knew what his argument was going to be, that it was all Spencer’s money, but he closed his mouth and nodded. Aaron had brought some fun money with him and he’d got a few gifts for some of the team but he’d blown the rest on trying to gamble. He was wholly inept at gambling and it hadn’t taken long for him to basically lose his shirt. Spencer was grateful Aaron had only allotted a little money for that.

“I’ll find some things for him.”

“Good. I’m going to find a few things for Henry.” Spencer looked at his watch. If they wanted to get in a lunch somewhere before he needed to be back to start the final night, they didn’t have a lot of time. “Twenty minutes?”

“I’ll meet you at the register in twenty minutes.”

Spencer found quite a few things for Henry and he was sure that he’d spent several hundred on each boy. Henry was a lovely little boy and Spencer was going to miss him when he went home. Another child was something that he and Aaron had never discussed. Jack had been enough but now…leaving this Jack and even Henry behind was going to create a hole in his heart. When he got back, he’d talk to Aaron. They had more than enough money, space, and an unending supply of love. There were plenty of children in foster care so finding one that would fit with them wouldn’t be difficult. First though, he would have in ensure that Foyet couldn’t hurt his family.

“Are you ready?” Aaron asked as he came up behind him.


The cashier rang up their selections, and Spencer paid for them to be shipped to his apartment. His building manager signed for and held packages until the owners could retrieve them. Aaron tried to balk at how much he was paying for shipping but Spencer reasoned that the price to have them stored as cargo on the plane back to D.C. would cost twice as much, so Aaron conceded.

After shopping they had a quick lunch and then ventured back to the hotel to get dressed. Spencer had shopped for a suit to wear at the final game after discovering the other Spencer was signed up for the tournament. The rich black pants and jacket were hanging up on the back of the door to the bedroom. The bag with his waistcoat and dress shirt were in the closet. Those were a deeper lilac color. When he’d tried the suit on after his rushed fitting, every person in the shop hadn’t been able to take their eyes off him.

Aaron watched him dress with barely hidden hunger in his eyes. When he won, Spencer was going to come back and let Aaron take him however the older man wanted. He knew he’d be so tired that it wouldn’t matter as long as they got off. The suit had been specifically picked for its ability to shed layers. Spencer’s established fake tell was removing clothing when he was nervous. His layered suit would allow him to remove each piece slowly, falsely signaling to the other players that he was apprehensive or that his resolve was weakening. An unbuttoned and then removed waistcoat would set his final adversary up for the kill.

The crowd in the watching area was larger than normal. He could see sponsors and other benefactors milling around. Making it to the top ten meant that some players might be going pro. Spencer didn’t bother entertaining any of them. Jackson was along the edge of the room laughing each time Spencer sent someone away refusing to talk to them.

Spencer tried to mingled with a few of the other players but when he noticed a card floozie chatting up Aaron, he became irate. He excused himself as Joshua, the last player to have been dropped, snorted into his hand when Spencer’s eyes narrowed on the shameless woman.

“Excuse me,” Spencer said to the back of the woman. She turned around and looked at him with a smug frown on her face. “You really don’t want to try this, ma’am. I could see the gaping hole that is your hidden ace from across the room. Despite the clothing that you wear.”

“Reid!” Aaron growled in a scandalized tone. Spencer refused to look at him, instead keeping his eyes fixed on the incorrigible woman. He would have been less upset if she had been an escort. The room was full of them. At least an escort had a reason to approach a man at a tournament event, but it should be obvious to anyone who watched them that they were together. He didn’t care for lecherous women and this one seemed particularly brazen. He dealt with women like her all the time in his home world and he was eager to dispose of her immediately.

“Yes, dear?” Spencer asked coyly. At the quirk of Aaron’s eyebrow, Spencer knew that he’d stunned him. “Speak up, Aaron. Still a little hoarse from the blowjob you gave me this morning?”

The woman sputtered, glared at him, and contemptuously sauntered away.

“Spencer, that was entirely inappropriate. We were just talking.”

“She’s a poker whore, Aaron. She jumps from event to event and fucks men. And she doesn’t even do it for money like the escorts around the room. I, at least, understand the escorts’ motives.”

Spencer was saved from Aaron’s retort as the players were called back to the tables. He took his seat and blocked out everything from his mind except the game. He was feeling particularly confident since he had played against every person currently at the table at least once.

Hours went by and people dropped off one by one. As the night wore on, the drinks went from lightly alcoholic to none at all for most of the players. Spencer kept drinking Thin Mans. The break was shorter than usual so Spencer ate quickly in the hotel instead of in town. Aaron ate with him and didn’t seem to take offense when Spencer was not the best company. He’d make up for it when they got back to the room that evening.

When it was down to him and the only woman to make it to the final round, Spencer knew he had it in the bag. He’d realized it before but this just assured him of it. He sat back in his chair and studied her. She’d identified his fake tell the first time they had played together and she’d been attempting to use it against him all night.

The cards were dealt and Spencer denied himself even a twitch a smile when he peered at his cards. He was only blinking when necessary. He had total control of his body. He had total control of everything. Hand after hand he slowly lost his fake tell and examined his opponent. As he became harder and harder to read, she grew increasingly more upset. When they laid down their cards for the final hand, the winner was going to take all. Her cards were flipped slowly and deliberately and she was smirking. She revealed a straight flush with the ten and jack of hearts in the river. Spencer flipped his first card, the ace of hearts, followed by a queen, and then a king. A royal flush to beat her straight. There was dead silence all around. Spencer smugly grinned at her as she glared back at him.

All the attention was on Spencer in the aftermath. It was a whirlwind of boring faces and superfluous discussions and all he wanted was to escape to his room and be fucked. But he endured it all knowing that his time alone with Aaron drew nearer. He’d certainly endured worse, but in those cases he had Aaron touching him, teasing him, making his blood boil. This was almost worse simply because all they could allow was the “accidental” skimming of skin or a casual pat or caress on the back. But it would all be worth it in the end.


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