New Roads February 2015 Part 2

Aaron felt his phone vibrate to tell him that he had received a text message. He wasn’t on a case, so he had it silenced. He was shocked when he read it was from Spencer. He set down his chopsticks and switched hands for his phone. He hoped that it was more than just him asking something about Jack. He was fast figuring out that JJ was right. He might have to force the issue.

Dad, can I go with Spencer after school instead of having Aunt Jessica pick me up?

Aaron was a little shocked. It was lunch time, but he wasn’t expecting that. Ever since Jack had stayed with Spencer while he’d worked a case and Jessica had needed to deal with Roy, he’d been really attached to Spencer.

Have Spencer call me when he can and we can discuss it.

Aaron turned his phone off of vibrate before he started eating again. He was nearly done when the phone rang. It wasn’t his cell though it was his desk phone. He looked at the caller ID. It was Spencer. He smiled and picked up.

“I shouldn’t be shocked you remember my direct number. But I am. How are you today?”

“I’m good Hotch. How about you?” There was no background noise so he was either in the teacher’s lounge or in his room.

“Drowning in paperwork as always. Not all of us have your memory and reading skills.”

“Jack is still fascinated by watching me grade tests.”

“It’s Thursday. Why does Jack want to go to yours?”

“I was talking to another teacher, and he heard me talk about a four hour program I recorded on jets. Now he wants to watch it at mine. I told him it was up to you.”

“You don’t care about a nine year old invading your science time?” Aaron wondered if he’d be able to snag a dinner. Even with fast forwarding through commercials, the program was likely three plus hours long. They weren’t going to get to Spencer’s before three thirty.

“I was going to transfer it to VHS, and let him watch it in the mornings, but he really wants to see it all in one go. I don’t like taking time from his aunt, or you.”

“Spencer, Jessica is going to be fine with it. She’s still visiting Roy a lot to get him settled in. This means a night off for her. And I can just stop by and get him from yours on my way home. It’s not out of my way.”

“Okay. I can have food ready if you text me a time when you are getting off. Jack really likes the baked macaroni and cheese I made two weeks ago and brought in for my lunch. I shared it with him, and he split his turkey and muenster sandwich with me.”

Aaron laughed to himself. He knew that once a week Jack ate lunch with someone, but he hadn’t been aware it was Spencer. He had a feeling Jack was getting very attached to him, and as more than a teacher. Was Spencer aware, or did he file it as normal given how much time they spent together?

“I’ll text you, but I am more than willing to pick up dinner for the three of us.”

“I have the food prepped. Just have to pull it from the fridge and bake it. It just means I won’t have leftovers and that is fine. It’s no trouble.” The sound of a door opening sounded down the line. Then a bell. Lunch was over. “Kids will be flooding in soon. Have a good day, Hotch.”

“Have a good day.” Aaron dropped the phone into the receiver. “I wish you’d call me Aaron.” He cleaned up his lunch and started in on paper work.

An hour later, Dave stepped into his office and shut the door.

“You and Beth fizzled, and you never told me. You went out with me to that club, but turned down a very nice woman. So Aaron Hotchner, who were you talking to that had you smiling like a loon for this past hour?”

“My personal life is not your concern, Dave.”

“So there is someone.” Dave leaned back in the chair. “Who is she.”

Aaron debated what to tell him. He didn’t want the whole team getting in on it like they had Beth. Spencer wanted to be kept away, and Aaron would, but Dave would be like a dog with a bone. “One of the teachers at Jack’s school has shown an interest. I’m keeping it low key, and even Jack is unaware. Keep it to yourself Dave.”

“I will. I’m just glad that you are looking. Does Jack like her?”

“He does.”

“Good.” Dave leaned forward. “I ask to be told when you go on a date.”

“We shall see.” Aaron waved for him to leave and thankfully he did. Either he hadn’t totally caught onto him using no pronouns at all, or he was going to wait. Aaron was looking forward to the evening. With Jack there, there were no expectations. No worry that Aaron would try and turn it intimate. As long as Spencer allowed him over like that, he’d keep going. It would wear the genius down eventually.

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