New Roads February 2015 Part 3

“Aunt Jessica needs a break,” Jack said as he flopped down into his normal chair in class. He was the first to arrive as his class before was next door.

“Okay. And why are you talking to me about it?” Spencer looked up from the powder he was mixing for his first class the next morning. The freshman class was getting on his nerves as a new kid had started just a few weeks before after moving to the area when his mother transferred to the Pentagon. The kid was used to being the smartest in the room, and therefore given a pass for whatever he did. Other teachers were having an issue with him also, and Spencer was going to correct his attitude. With nonviolent means before he was called to order, and possibly kicked out of the school. Spencer knew that he could be a stellar student, if given the chance. He’d tried to engage him in an intelligent manner, but the boy was still rebelling. Spencer looked forward to what happened after he pranked the kid.

“It’s Monday. Dad’s coming home today from a case in a few hours according to what Aunt Jessica told me this morning. I think that she needs a week break. Only have to worry about Grandpa, who is giving her issues. We spent a lot of time at his new place this weekend. I don’t think I’ve played my DS so much in a long time.”

“And again, why are you talking to me about this?” Spencer just stared at him, and Jack never looked away. He was fairly certain that he knew what the boy wanted, but he wanted to hear the words from his mouth first.

“Can I stay with you after school this week? Until dad gets off, and spend the night if another case comes up?”

Before Spencer could answer another student came into the room. Spencer handed over his phone and Jack smiled before jumping out of his seat and moving to the chair in the corner with the phone in hand. Spencer had Jessica’s number, just in case she was going to be late, or something came up with Roy. Today was a day of studying before their big test, so Jack texting his father and aunt wouldn’t impact class that much. The other students were already getting their study materials out and a few were already reading. There was only a test a month in this class. And it was fluid when it was in the month. They were finished with a section so it was test time. The kids liked it.

In the older classes, there were sometimes more tests and sometimes less, it depended on the subject. The older kids had five different tests floating around for each test. That way it was harder for anyone to cheat.

Once he was done mixing the powder and slipped it into the locked drawer of his desk, he moved to the table at the side of the room. He had a few things already spread out on it. It was fun little projects that had to do with the subject matter of the test the kids were going to be doing the next day. The kids could come up and do one with him quickly to help give them a clear mind before going back and studying. The kids liked it as it gave them something physical to do instead of sitting and reading the whole time.

Ten minutes later, Jack came over with the phone and set it down. Spencer opened the messenger app and found the conversation between Jack, Hotch, and Jessica. Jessica was more than okay with it and Hotch left it up to Spencer.

I have nothing planned this week and having Jack over a while each day is no issue.

As long as you are sure.

Thank you, Spencer. Jack is right that a break is something I could do with.

Then I’ll see you Hotch tonight at the house when you pick up Jack.

Spencer pocketed his phone as Eliana moved up to the table. She sat down in front of the middle project and started to read the instructions before she worked it. He kept an eye out, and when another boy moved up to sit down at a different project, he tapped the table in front of her to let her know that someone was coming up behind her. She looked up and smiled at him before signing hello when Jacob sat down at the first project. Jacob signed hello back at her. After a few more minutes, Eliana moved away after she was done, and Spencer cleaned up her project. He was thinking of other things as the kids came up and then moved away, his eyes firmly on Jack, who never looked up from his book.

He wondered exactly what the boy was after. Jack was a thoughtful boy. Exactly like his father, but there was something more than just wanting to give his aunt a break in it all. He had a motive and Spencer wasn’t exactly sure what it was. If it was any other situation, Spencer would say that he wanted to get him and his father together, but the boy had never seen them touch much less do anything that would tell him that his father was interested in him. He decided to watch the boy closer the rest of the week.

Hours later, when Hotch knocked on the door, and Jack disappeared from where he had been studying for a math exam later that week, Spencer was fairly certain that he was right. Jack was giving him and Hotch alone time. He didn’t think that Hotch was putting the boy up to it, it wasn’t a tactic that he could see Hotch employing given their history. Jack was an observant child, and he was seeing a lot more than Spencer was giving him credit for. It made his stomach feel funny, thinking about the fact that Jack was more than okay with him and his father dating, it seemed.


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