New Roads March 2015 Part 1

Spencer was waiting outside for Jack to be dropped off. It was still kind of dark out, but Spencer was expecting Jack at any moment. Hotch had a day in court, and was going to be busy for hours. A court case that had been set for three weeks from then had been jumped up in the dockets. The only saving grace was that it was local. The team was going to be scrambling to get all the documents needed for Hotch’s testimony ready for him. So Spencer was happy to go in early, just to give the older man some stress relief in not having to worry about Jack. Hotch had wanted to drop him off at Spencer’s but Spencer had an early morning excursion planned for the two of them. He needed some water from the pond, and with Jack it would be easier to carry what he needed back.

The headlights cut through the dark surrounding the long loop in and out of the school. The lights weren’t on for the drop off lane as the teachers parked along a different side of the school and it was all lit up. Spencer leaned on his cane, waving at Jack who looked only half awake.

Hotch stopped the car, and Spencer expected Jack to open the door, but instead the engine cut and Hotch got out. Jack unbuckled his belt, but stayed seated, looking up at Spencer with a smile on his face. Hotch moved to the back of the car and popped the trunk.

“Spencer, can you come here?” Hotch called out.

Spencer quirked an eyebrow at Jack who just smirked and shrugged. The smirk told him that the kid knew exactly what was going on, even if he tried to pass it off as him not knowing. Spencer stopped at the back corner of the car looking into the trunk.

“JJ is going to to be picking Jack up from your house tonight on her way home from work.” Hotch pulled the same go bag that Jack had used before to stay at Spencer’s overnight out of the trunk, but he didn’t shut the hatch. Instead, he took a small step closer to Spencer before he set the bag down on the ground. He reached out next and gripped the arm that Spencer didn’t have the cane in and pulled him closer.

“Is he going to be staying over at JJ’s?” Spencer looked down at the bag. It seemed a little full for an overnight stay. Hotch’s fingers were on his chin, tilting his face up to look at him, shocked Spencer.

“No, I’ll be picking him up from there later tonight. That bag is full of clothes for Jack to keep at your place. A few outfits as well as a few ties for school and some play clothes. That way things are easier. Also, his kind of shampoo, bodywash, toothpaste, a new toothbrush. I know that you bought him one, but we found a really cool one last night, so we had to get a new one for the house, and he wanted one for your place too.” Hotch looked him in the eye and Spencer could tell that he was nervous. What could he have to be nervous about? “I’m going to be in court all day, but I want to know the answer to this now. I was going to wait until I got out of court, but I don’t think that I can.”

“Hotch?” Spencer tried to step back, but the hand on his chin gripped him tighter and his other hand shot out and settled over his hand on his cane. It was gentle though, grounding. He knew before Hotch opened his mouth what he was going to ask. He knew he had taken too long. He wanted what Hotch was offering. A chance to try again for what they had talked about after his fight with anthrax. He wanted it, but that fear always reared it’s head that Hotch would go away again. That he’d be left alone, again.

“I see your wheels turning.” Hotch took another half of a step closer. If either of them moved even just a half an inch forward, they would be touching. Spencer reached out and touched a button on Hotch’s coat, not wanting to touch him more than that, but needing to touch him in some way. Hotch understood him in that way, he always had. Never touching him too much, but always grounding him if needed. It had started in the graveyard and had just built from there. Hotch smiled at him. “I have a reservation for a restaurant for seven in Alexandria, for two. I should be done with court by three, four at the latest. I can either pick you up, or you can join me. That is your choice. Yes?”

Spencer swallowed and nodded. Hotch’s smile dropped a little. “Yes. Yes, I’ll go to dinner with you, Hotch.”

“Aaron. Call me Aaron, Spencer, please.”

“Aaron.” The smile that Spencer got for that one uttered word told him that he was making the right decision.

“A kiss? To bolster me through court the rest of the day.” Aaron leaned in that little bit that had them touching. Spencer leaned in a little as well and brushed Aaron’s lips with his own. Just a tease before he pulled back. “That’s not even going to get me through the interrogation from Dave about the smile on my face.”

“You want more?” Spencer asked. The hand on top of his own lifted off and slipped around his waist, gently pulling him all the way in. Aligning both of their bodies to each other.

“Yes.” Aaron covered Spencer’s lips with his own, not giving him the chance to be a tease again. Aaron left no doubt in his mind that he was wanted. His mind raced, and he wanted more. He was so thankful that they were not in view of the school with the trunk popped. His knees went weak at the passion that was in the kiss. All he could do was hang on for the ride. The older man kissed just like Spencer thought he would. It was passion and love and just raw emotion. Everything that he held back in his daily life at work. The lights flicking on for student drop off was what made them pull away from each other. Spencer’s heart was racing and he felt happier than he had in a very long time. “It’s going to take me the entire drive to DC after stopping at the office to get rid of this smile.”

“What kind of dress for the restaurant?” Spencer had no clue what kind of place it was.

“You could wear jeans there, but I was hoping to see you in one of those three piece suits. But then I’ve never seen you in jeans.”

“The only jeans I own are from my college days. They are soft and look like they have been painted on. I have a pair of black ones that would look good with one of my suit vests. Especially with my dark purple shirt.” Spencer lifted Aaron’s tie. “The shirt and vest match this tie, actually. Is this what you are going to wear?”

“I was going to change, but now I am not so sure.” Aaron sat down on the edge of the trunk and pulled Spencer into the space between his spread legs. “I want this so bad. We’ve both changed, but that spark is still there. If I move too fast or do something you don’t like, tell me, Spencer please.”

“Is that why you said Jack isn’t spending the night at JJ’s?”

“To stop temptation? Yes. Haley and I and even Beth and I moved too fast into sex. I don’t want that with us. I want the rest of our lives.”

“So do I, Aaron. I’ve been alone for so long. And you know I adore Jack. I’m going to get scared. I’m going to pull away at times. I’m never going to hurt you on purpose.”

“You already know my worst faults. I work too much. I get obsessed with work. Haley never wanted to talk, even in general terms. You already know the job, but I…”

“You don’t have to hide it, Aaron. I miss the job sometimes, but I don’t want to go back. I love it here at New Haven. I love my kids, and I love the work. If a case frustrates you, talk it out with me. Tell me what is bothering you.” Spencer leaned his head down to kiss Aaron. The older man cupped his cheeks, holding him there. He turned the kiss soft, and so gentle that it almost brought tears to his eyes.

“Never change Spencer, because you are perfect the way you are.”

“You are going to give me an ego.” Spencer stepped back more to not give into the urge to kiss Aaron again than anything else.

“Egos can be good. Go before we get caught making out like teenagers.”

Spencer looked into the sliver of backseat. He could see Jack looking at them. The boy was smiling. “We’ve already been caught. What have you told him?”

“I was honest. That we’d talked about it before and then your knee and Foyet happened and we moved apart. I told him that we’d been moving towards this since January. That even if we didn’t work out, he’d still see you as much as he does now.”

Spencer didn’t know what to say to Aaron in response to that. He just nodded. Aaron smiled at him.

“He has his backpack with him. JJ is going to text when she is done so she knows where to pick up Jack.” Aaron stood up and his hand hesitated like he wanted to pull something from the trunk but stopped. A second of hesitation and then he was grabbing something. It was a cardboard tube. Aaron smiled as he handed it over. “This is for your room. I saw it and thought that you’d love it so I ordered it. I’m sure you can find somewhere to put it.”

“What is it?” Spencer moved to pull the lid off but Aaron’s hand stopped him.

“It’s a poster and it’s pretty big, so wait until you are in your class.”

“Aaron Hotchner blushing. Obviously if you want me to put it in my classroom it’s not intimate.”

“I saw it and thought of you. It’s intimate in that aspect.” Aaron leaned in and kissed his cheek before he shut the trunk. He knocked on the car and Jack scrambled out. He was dressed in a light jacket, but his outfit was close to his father’s just without the suit jacket. Even their ties matched and Spencer laughed.

“We have to drop off your go bag, Jack, and my secret present before we can head to the pond. I need pond water for my Earth science class. Think you can help me carry it?”

“Sure, Spencer!” Jack grabbed his go bag from the ground and took off towards the school. He didn’t even look back at his father, or Spencer, once.

“I’ll be waiting at home. Pick me up at any time. I’ll make sure to be home, so tell JJ she can just stop by, and doesn’t need to text. I don’t have a lot of homework being handed in today, and only a single test, those never take long to grade.”

“I’ll see you around six then.” Aaron caught his face and kissed him, chastely on the mouth before moving to the driver’s side door of the car. Spencer started towards the school. He knew he was going to wearing a smile on his face all day.


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