The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 8

Mirror World

Spencer looked at himself in the full-length mirror in their bathroom, water slowly dripping off him as the steam of the shower was evaporating. His fingers ghosted over the image staring back at him and he almost didn’t recognize himself. He no longer fought the changes, no longer fought Aaron’s desires. He had surrendered himself fully and yet found a strength within him that he didn’t know he had. Everything that happened to him was completely in his control. He could have said no at anytime, but realized, especially after the last change to his body, he didn’t want to say no. He gently cupped his cock and looked at the Prince Albert piercing. The slightly curved bar adorning his penis fascinated him. Spencer didn’t startle when he felt hands on him. Aaron was dropping onto his knees in front of him with the salt water soak to help the healing of the piercing.

That was the biggest surprise for Spencer. Aaron was obsessed with the care of the piercing, making sure it healed well. He wouldn’t let Spencer care for it alone.This was not the first time since coming to this world that he felt completely loved, worshipped, and owned. Though Aaron hadn’t said the words to him, the care Aaron took with him, even in the playroom, Spencer knew. He also knew Aaron was conflicted over the feelings he had, but he wasn’t going to bring it up yet. He lightly touched Aaron’s head and moaned when kisses were placed around his groin and thighs. He shivered with the tenderness and care that Aaron took. It was so achingly wonderful, even knowing the psychopathy of the man. It was moments like this that made him fall even harder.

“All done.” Aaron stood and grabbed a towel, gently drying Spencer. “I can’t wait till you can fuck me.” Aaron ghosted his lips over Spencer’s neck, not quite kissing, but it was enough to make Spencer shudder in pleasure.

Aaron’s hands wandered over his now nearly hairless body, which he was still getting used to. The treatments had taken a while, over the last two months, but Spencer liked not having to shave. It still felt odd, but he was finding that he enjoyed it, especially when Aaron would caress him. The only hair he had left was on his head, his eyebrows and around his cock. Even his underarms were hairless, which he wasn’t going to complain about.

“How does it feel to not to have to wear glasses anymore?”

“Strange, but I’ll get used to it.” Spencer smiled then was pulled against Aaron and kissed. They stood there wrapped together, and Spencer could feel Aaron’s rapidly hardening cock. He didn’t need much encouragement as he sank to his knees onto the soft thick rug and took Aaron’s hardness in his mouth. That was another revelation to him. He found that he loved sucking Aaron’s cock, loved the feel of it. He loved how Aaron used him, then came down his throat. He shivered at the feeling as the now softened cock was pulled out of his mouth. He whimpered a little and a soft chuckle escaped from Aaron’s mouth.

“Perfect.” Aaron pulled him up by his hair and kissed him, tongue thrusting in his mouth as he chased the taste of himself. “My perfect little kitten.” Words whispered against his lips had Spencer moaning in pleasure. He was beginning to relish the knowledge that he could reduce Aaron completely and in that knowledge was power. It took Spencer a while to realize that while Aaron was the dominant, he held so much of the power in their private relationship, and in that knowledge it became easier to surrender, to let himself be owned, and he wondered, not for the first time, what his Aaron would think of him. Would this strength he found follow him? Or would he return to the man he was before? Somehow Spencer knew these changes were permanent, and knowing that, he was certain his team was not going to know what hit them. He had a few choice words for each of them, and a part of him hoped he got back because he couldn’t wait to use them.

He was brought out of his head by a hand in his hair.

“We have to get dressed. The Senator will be waiting for us.”

“Dinner and Vivaldi, she did her homework on us.”

Aaron smiled that sharklike smile, “And you, my little ruthless kitten, found everything I’ll need on her. Between you and Garcia, the Senator won’t know what hit her.”

Spencer dressed in the tuxedo, the platinum collar sticking out just enough that people would see it. He was disappointed he couldn’t wear the cuffs, but the platinum and peridot cufflinks settled him a little. When he was done he went to meet Aaron in the dining room where Jack was having dinner with JJ and Garcia and they wanted to say their goodbyes before they left.

Spencer had been struck by how very, very different this Garcia was. She still had that bright personality, but it was tame compared to his Penny. Her clothing was also more subtle, she chose to show her personality in her work. She was ruthless when it came to finding the information she wanted and Spencer suspected that a few of the widespread breaches in information was her doing, but he knew he’d never be able to prove it. He admitted, he really liked this Garcia. She was still compassionate and understanding, still saw the brighter side of humanity, but she wasn’t naive. She knew that bad things happened in the world and accepted and processed them. She also wasn’t naive about Aaron. She knew the things he was into and it seemed to speak to the Black Queen, her loyalty, like others around Aaron, was fierce.

He fully entered the dining room and saw the two women lightly teasing the boy and both men laughed at their antics.

“Bossman. You look amazing.” Garcia smiled as she stood and came over to give them each a quick hug.

“How are you settling in Penny?”

“Well, if I get tech like Mr. Grimes gave me? I don’t think I’d ever leave here. That system is boss. I just may never leave.” She smiled her infectious smile. “And being closer to my Der Bear is a plus. Thank you for never giving up on him.”

“Never. Now, don’t corrupt my son too much Penny.”

“Oh, Bossman, never.” The wicked grin didn’t fool either Spencer or Aaron, they just shook their heads, said their goodbyes and left for their meeting with Senator Prentiss. Aaron was so looking forward to this evening.

“Mr. Hotchner, Dr. Reid. I’m glad you agreed to meet with me. Of course my daughter didn’t give me much choice.”

“Senator. Let’s not play games. You got your daughter to try to spy on me in my own home. Of course, I can only imagine what she relayed to you since she didn’t have access to much at all.” Aaron took a sip of his wine, his expression turned flat as he glared at the woman. “I knew the moment she stepped into my home what she was there for. You are a fool to have attempted something like that. You and she are also lucky that my son likes her. If not, she would have been dealt with long ago.”

“Are you threatening me, Mr. Hotchner?” Senator Prentiss glared back.

Spencer watched the exchange, looking for tells in the Senator. The minor shaking of her hands let him know she was afraid, but wasn’t going to show it. Spencer adjusted his cuffs, as a signal to Aaron, before he lifted his glass to take a sip of his wine.

“I don’t make threats Senator. I make promises. And I promise that if you or Emily does anything to compromise my family in anyway, I will end you both and no one will be able to prove a thing.”

The Senator visibly swallowed as she slightly squirmed in her seat.

“Well, it’s lucky that I have some news that you will be very happy to hear. Seems I received a computer file, don’t know who sent it because it was untraceable. I can assume it was someone close to you, but, like you said, I won’t be able to prove anything.”

“If you have something, Mrs. Prentiss, it would be in your best interest to tell us. Aaron is an infinitely patient man, but, even I can see that that patience is wearing off.” Spencer glared at the woman. He hadn’t liked her in his world at all. After reading up on her, he absolutely hated her in this world. She played with people’s lives, bullied and used her own daughter for her own means. The BAU had another case that they were going to help out on, but her interference caused them to be diverted. People died and Spencer couldn’t help resenting the woman. It was almost mirror to what happened in his world. There had been no need for the BAU to get involved in the Russian community and what was going on in it. But, her interference had diverted them away from cases they were more suited for, and just like this world, people needlessly died because of her. Now she was blocking an important bill because it looked good for her to politically oppose it.

“Your boy toy is showing that spine of steel I’ve heard so much about.” The Senator stared hard at Spencer, her eyes turning flat and cold. What she hadn’t expected was for Aaron to strike. Her wrist was held in an iron grip and the look on Aaron’s face had her shaking. There was no disguising her fear.

“You will address him as Dr. Reid. He is a man to be respected, and if you don’t want your daughter to be out on her ass and thoroughly ruined you will change your tone. Now, tell me what you wanted to tell me and stop playing these word games. Spencer is right, my patience is thinning, Senator.” He held her gaze till she broke eye contact and looked down at the table. Only then did he release her wrist and sit back.

Aaron smiled a bit as the Senator took a drink of water, hands shaking and her eyes darted around for a moment before she finally settled.

“I apologize Dr. Reid. I meant no disrespect.”

“I highly doubt that Senator. You play with lives because it gives you a false sense of power. You play political games because it makes you look good on the Senate floor. You hold your votes when you think it will give you the power that you crave, though you know that power is only temporary. Don’t play with me Senator, you won’t win, and you certainly will not win with Aaron.”

The Senator looked between the both of them then took a deep breath.

“We have enough evidence to hand over to the FBI that will get Supervisory Special Agent George Foyet, not only fired, but discredited and blackballed from all lettered agencies. Early yesterday I received a file that contained details of his…deplorable sexual appetites. Pictures of underage girls, dates and times and details of the acts themselves.” The Senator sat back and wiped her mouth with her napkin.

“Some as young as thirteen.” Senator Prentiss stopped talking as the cheese course was brought out and placed in front of them. “I’ll stop the block on your initiative, Mr. Hotchner. No one in law enforcement should have the means or the power to get out of facing the consequences of such deplorable acts. Even if I think it’s a little far reaching, it’s necessary.”

Aaron took a few moments as he cut into the soft, sweet brie on his plate and added the marcona almonds and honey to the bite. Slipping the fork between his lips he closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure at the taste explosion on his tongue. He pulled the fork slowly out of his mouth then opened his eyes, first to smile at Spencer, then he swung his gaze to the Senator.

“And what do I have to do for this generous offer?”

“Don’t hurt my daughter, that’s all I ask.”

“Nothing will happen to Emily, I promise. Now, I have information on a certain arms dealer that has made his own threats against Emily. I can promise you I will have it taken care of and Emily will be safe.”

“Then we have an agreement?” Aaron’s mouth turned up in an almost sharklike grin. He knew he had her, now and for quite sometime to come.

“Sir, I’m sorry I tried to stop…” Aaron’s secretary ran into the office just ahead of the man behind her who barged his way in.

“I know it was you. I don’t know how you did it, but I know it was you.” Foyet started to move forward towards Aaron in a threatening manner when Spencer struck. The working out with Derek was paying off more and more as he moved fast. He had Foyet in an unbreakable hold, though the man was doing his best to struggle out of it.

“It’s fine Nancy, we’ll deal with it from here.”

“Yes sir.” The woman backed out of the room and shut the door behind her.

“I’m genuinely flattered that you think I had anything to do with the firing and the current manhunt out for you, but..” Aaron smiled wide, his dimples showing as he stepped up to Foyet. “I can say with perfect clarity and sincerity that this was not my doing. Spencer, if you’d be so kind as to sit him in the chair and here, use these.” Aaron handed him the handcuffs he had grabbed from his desk.

“You know it’s rather stupid to go on the run and show up in the office of the man you’ve been stalking for the last few years.” Spencer said as he cuffed Foyet to the chair.

“If it isn’t me, it’ll be someone to bring you and your whole operation down.”

“I don’t think so Foyet. Whatever was given to your bosses, it wasn’t us. But, this will be.” He picked-up a file and didn’t stop the sneer on his face.

“What’s that?”

“Evidence, of course. Misappropriation of funds, using your team’s budget for personal gain, and so much more. Blackmail, coercion of witnesses, even evidence of having certain inmates killed to further your vendetta against Aaron. We’ve spent months compiling it all. When the FBI gets here, we will hand this over. You’re done Foyet.”

“Mr. Hotchner, Dr. Reid, how are you this evening?” Spencer was stunned, Aaron just smiled as one Special Agent Seeley Booth walked into the office. “ I’ve been sent to collect Foyet.” The agent walked through the door and right up to Aaron. “We had a feeling he would try to come at you. Your secretary called and we weren’t that far away.”

“Thank you Agent Booth. And here, all statements inside this folder are corroborated and notarized. You’ll have even more on this corrupt asshole.” Spencer glared hotly at Foyet.

“Well, well, well. How’s it feel Georgie? I am soo gonna love this and Bones? I had to keep her in the car or she would have come up here and kicked your ass. You know how she feels about Dr. Reid. You also know that no one in the Bureau will sympathize with you. We have all known that you were corrupt, but now someone had the balls to actually prove it.” Seeley stood in front of the now discredited agent and sneered.

Spencer knew he had to be careful, Booth was one of his favorite people, as was Temperance, but he had to play it cool. He hadn’t even thought of them in the months he had been to this world, but it was nice to see that someone else was somewhat the same as his Booth.

“Booth. You and your partner will pay for this.”

“Nope, we won’t. But you certainly will.” Booth got even closer and Spencer saw the fire in his eyes. “One of those girls was Cassie White. Tempe’s niece. How many other girls that volunteered in the Bureau Day Care did you touch? Huh? You are lucky that I’ve been to anger management or I’d tear you limb from limb right now. Tempe, though, well, I can’t say the same for her. Now let’s go.” Booth grabbed Foyet’s arm and squeezed.

“Spencer, Temperance wanted to have you and Aaron over for dinner. She had some old skeleton come to her lab that she wanted your opinion on. Say Thursday?”

Spencer almost burst out laughing, but he held it in as he kept his face deadpanned.

“I think we can pencil it in Seeley. Tell Dr. Brennan we’d be happy to go.”

“Good, bring Jack. He can keep the twins occupied.” Seeley smiled once then turned and shoved Foyet towards the door. “I am so going to enjoy seeing you go down Georgie boy.”

As soon as they were gone and out the door both Spencer just shook his head.

“How long have you had Booth in your pocket?”

“I don’t. You and Dr. Brennan have had a close friendship since you were about fifteen. She was just finishing her second doctorate when you went to a series of her lectures. You asked quite a few poignant questions and she asked you to stay after. You’ve been research partners and friends since.”

“That’s…” Spencer had to sit down and wrap his head around that. “That’s almost exactly how it happened in my world. Things like that still throw me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.”

Aaron moved to stand in front of Spencer. He cupped his cheek and lifted his face so that they were looking at each other.

“Why don’t we go celebrate. Foyet in custody, he won’t hurt anyone else, and the annoying bastard is finally being taken care of.”

Spencer for once could say that he thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this Aaron was a psychopath. He wanted to shake his head and laugh, but he didn’t. He stood and leaned in, kissing Aaron hotly, his body aching with need, but Aaron seemed to do that to him, constantly.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I want you to wear the outfit from Atlantic City, then I want to take you out to a special club for dinner. I noticed just how hot you get from watching Lady Heather and her sub and tonight is exhibition night.”

Spencer hated to admit that he wanted that more than anything at the moment. Leaning into Aaron he kissed him hard as he pressed up against him. It was going to be a very good night after all.

Spencer strolled through the club with his head held high even with the leash on the collar. He came to understand that it was a form of protection for him in the club. It marked him as Aaron’s and no one could touch him without permission. Spencer again found power in that. And in the looks that he was getting from those around him. Comments made about the exposed tattoo had him smiling to himself. He wasn’t sure where all this confidence was coming from, he wasn’t sure if it was Aaron, who treated him like he was the most important person in his world, or the way others reacted to him. The respect and sometimes awe that followed the name Dr. Spencer Reid around in this world was not something he was used to.

Spencer liked the way the leather felt, the soft supple fabric moved with him but hugged his body tight. He was relaxed in a way that he had never been before, and it scared him still how easily he was slotting himself in this world. How he was changing, and being changed by Aaron. He smiled at the compliments and smirked at the looks he was getting. He was enjoying himself immensely when before a club would be a source of anxiety. Nothing Morgan or the team ever did had helped him settle when at a club, but now, it was all different. He was different, and he liked it.

“Hey, where did you go?” Aaron asked as he was pulled down into his lap, fingers playing with the simple silver rings in his nipples as a kiss was bussed against his cheek.

“Just thinking about how much I’m changing. Everything has happened so fast these last five months. But, being with you has changed me and I can’t say that I don’t like who I’m becoming. Now I’m scared that it won’t last if I ever get back to my world.” Spencer was seated on Aaron’s lap in such a way that his back was definitely on display. They were in a VIP booth near the stage. A bottle of Remy Martin Eau-de-vie De Vin was waiting for them as well as an amuse bouche of butter poached scallops with a mild sriracha sauce. Aaron bent forward and picked up the spoon that the scallop was sitting on and fed it to Spencer. Moaning in pleasure at the decadence of the moment, he wasn’t sure if it could truly get any better. Smiling after finishing his bite, he kissed Aaron letting his mouth fall open as his exposed flesh was explored. His cock was already hardening, and he knew that Aaron was going to keep him on edge all night.

Silently their small plates were taken away, the alcohol poured into two high-ball glasses with ice and plates of a salad of arugula, poached red anjou pears with bites of brie, toasted walnuts, and drizzled with a lavender honey vinaigrette. Aaron let Spencer sit next to him while they ate. The alcohol with its hint of pear and citrus paired well with the small salad. As they ate the first of the night entertainments began. To the surprise and delight of Spencer, Chantal Claret was the singer for the evening. She was one of his favorite modern singers.

“Did you know she’s one of my favorites?” Spencer whispered as he leaned towards Aaron.

“It did not take a genius to figure out your music interests. I heard she was doing a private performance tonight and thought you’d enjoy it.” Aaron smiled.

“You just…I can see why your Spencer loves you so much. You indulge him every chance you get. I can’t help being a little jealous, that he got all these years with you.”

Aaron reached over and cupped his cheek then kissed him.

“You should always be indulged Spencer. Don’t ever settle for less than what you know you deserve. When you go home, make him listen and if he doesn’t, if he won’t make you the most important thing in his life next to Jack, you find someone who will.”

Spencer’s breath caught in his throat. He had no words at the moment, so he just kissed Aaron harder. When he pulled back, he shyly looked up at the stage and the smile and wink he got from Chantal had him blushing. Their waiter came back and took their plates after setting down two cups of what looked to be a wild mushroom soup. Ales complementing the soup were poured and set next to the cups. Spencer took one of the cups and took a tentative sip. He almost groaned in pleasure at the rich, decadent broth. He took a sip of the ale and the dark, earthy flavor really did add to the richness of the soup. When he was done he relaxed back in Aaron’s arms. after a moment he was pulled back into Aaron’s lap, the man was doing everything he could to arouse Spencer. Touching, kissing his mouth, sliding lips along his neck, a hand on his covered cock and the elegant and indulgent food all worked to make Spencer achingly hard.

“There’s my kitten. I’m going to keep you on edge all night, play with you till you beg me for relief, then take you home and make you fall apart in our bed. Do you want that Kitten?”

Spencer was panting as his eyes half closed against the onslaught of sensation. He knew the night wasn’t over and the torture was already exquisite.

“Yes,” Spencer moaned as he moved his hips to get more of Aaron’s hand on him.

“Uh uh, not yet Kitten. There is so much more to come.”

The next couple of small plates were just as decadent and indulgent as the first. Shrimp lightly poached in olive oil, split open and laid out on a bed of cheese grits, drizzled with a chili oil. This was paired with a glass of a white crisp dry wine. Next came short ribs that had been braised all day then pan seared with a deep red wine glaze over them, a side of baby colored carrots in a maple glaze accompanied the meat. The same red wine was paired with the small cubes of beef.

Spencer appreciated the fact that nothing was heavy and the plates were part of a special tasting menu. The alcohol didn’t get him drunk, thankfully, it just gave him a slight buzz. Aaron made sure he drank enough water to counter the effects.

Chantal had finished her set then moved off the stage. The lights dimmed just as a cheese and fruit plate was being set in front of Spencer and Aaron. Glasses of a late harvest riesling with hints of apples and strawberry was set next to the plate. They could take their time as they waited in anticipation for the next act.

The club was silent as a Saint Andrew’s cross was being moved to the center stage. A young man was already secured on it. His back to the audience. He only had on a pair of tight fitting bike shorts on, the rest of his body was exposed. His back was highlighted and Spencer could see the myriad of scars. He heard a hiss next to him and saw Aaron’s eyes glaze over a bit. He wondered what the older man was thinking, but he wouldn’t ask, not right then.

A man came out from the side of the stage and he was dressed only in a pair of tight leather pants. No shirt. He was thin, but you could tell he worked out. The wiry muscles on his frame looked good on him. He had a large dragon tattoo on his back that also ran down his arms in sleeves. He had piercings, and Spencer could already tell he was very much a dominant. Not just an Alpha, and moving in Aaron’s world he had learned quickly to discern the difference. Alpha and dominant did not always go hand in hand. He had met some of Aaron’s acquaintances that could be called beta’s, but with their partners, there was no question who the dominant was.

A bullwhip uncurled in the Dom’s hand and Spencer’s breath shallowed. He ground down into Aaron’s lap, his cock swelling even more in his tight pants as he anticipated the first strike.

“15 strikes, count every one of them my Boy, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” The sub was already shaking in his own anticipation.

Every strike against the sub had Spencer squirming. Aaron held him in an iron grip, but didn’t stop him moving around. Every so often he fed Spencer a piece of fruit, or a piece of cheese, a sip of the cool wine. The show, the continued touches and being fed was making Spencer’s brain short-circuit. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold on. He knew if he said it, they would leave and Aaron would do exactly as promised.

Spencer turned back to the stage, this time the crack of a riding crop and red welts were raised all over the sub’s legs and back. The Dom made sure to ask how he was, to ply him with water and made sure he didn’t go too far. It was all so like Aaron and how he took care with Spencer and pushed his boundaries on what he could take. He was practically vibrating in Aaron’s arms and knew he wasn’t going to be able to take much more.

He felt more than saw Aaron signal their waiter, who rushed over discreetly. A few words between them and the waiter was gone, only to come back quickly with a couple of bags in his hand. A wine bag for the bottle of the Remy, and a small bag with food containers in them. Spencer felt the leash being attached and his head fell back on Aaron’s shoulder, his lips caressed the pulse point on Aaron’s neck and a soft chuckle escaped his Dom.

“Come on kitten. Let’s get you home, naked and laid out on the bed where I will have my way with you.”

Spencer couldn’t actually form words, he just slid out of Aaron’s lap and let himself be led discreetly out the side door so they didn’t disturb the performance. He was already floating on a high and that small voice in the back of his head tried to tell him he should be worried about this, but he ignored it like he had for the past few months. He wanted to enjoy this as much as possible.

It wasn’t long before they were home and making their way into the house and up to the bedroom.

“Strip,” Aaron ordered as he leaned back, still clothed, against the dresser. Spencer didn’t hesitate. He was out of the outfit quickly, his cock was already hard and leaking. Aaron licked his lips as he took in the look of Spencer.

“Get on the bed on your back.” Spencer scrambled up on it not even hesitating. He was shaking with need and anticipation as Aaron lifted his arms and cuffed him. The chain was shortened so that his arms stayed above his head. Cuffs that were tucked in between the mattresses were pulled out and his thighs were cuffed, then his ankles. A chain was attached to the thigh cuffs and ran down to the ankles, keeping Spencer’s legs bent. Another set of chains then attached to the thigh cuffs and attached to the headboard, keeping his legs spread wide.

Aaron shed his clothes, then grabbed the bottle of lube and a clean towel and kneed up on the bed between Spencer’s spread legs.

“This will not be quick. Like I said, I want to play with you and you will only come when I tell you, not before. Understand?”

Spencer swallowed as his eyes were blown with a combination of lust, need and desire.


“Do I need to cage you?”

“No. I promise, I’ll maintain.”

“Hmm, that sounds like a challenge,” Aaron growled as he covered Spencer’s body with his own and took his mouth in a hard kiss. Spencer’s mouth fell open in a gasp and Aaron took the opportunity to thrust his tongue inside. He ground against Spencer, keeping him hard. Aaron trailed his tongue along Spencer’s jaw, then slid along his neck. Using his teeth he pulled on the collar eliciting a hiss from Spencer. Chuckling Aaron continued his assault with his mouth as he moved along, marking Spencer by sucking deep bruises along his chest. With his tongue he played with the nipple rings, pulling not so gently. Spencer cried out and tried to thrust up, but the way he was being held in the cuffs and chains he couldn’t move much.

“Completely at my mercy.” Aaron lightly bit at Spencer’s hip before finally taking the hard cock in his mouth. The metal of the piercing felt odd at first, but Aaron quickly found a rhythm that worked. Using his tongue he played with the curved bar making Spencer harden even more.

“Sir, oh god please,” Spencer begged as it all started to become too much. Aaron pulled off as he cupped Spencer’s ass and spread him open even more.

“Not yet Kitten. Not even close to finishing with you.” Aaron smiled at the whine that came from his sub as he licked a stripe across Spencer’s hole. He heard the jerk of the chains, but kept going. By the time he had Spencer worked open with just his tongue, the younger man was begging for release. The sheen of sweat that covered his body as he struggled to hold on was intoxicating to Aaron. He pulled away, then grabbed the bottle of lube. He slicked-up his cock and lined himself up with the now loose hole.

“Look at me Kitten.” Aaron pushed authority into his voice and waited till Spencer opened his eyes and was looking at him. “That’s it, keep your eyes on me, don’t look away beautiful.” When he had Spencer’s full attention Aaron pushed in and didn’t stop till he was fully seated inside Spencer.

“So tight, god you feel so good.” Aaron fucked into Spencer long and slow, keeping him on that knife edge. Spencer was watching him as Aaron looked down at his cock sliding in and out of that glorious heat that was Spencer. “Shall I let you come then fuck you through your release? Huh Kitten?” Aaron purred as the pace picked up just a bit.

“Yes, please yes, anything, anything you want just please let me come,” Spencer begged and when he was almost to the point of tears Aaron grabbed his cock and fisted him tight, jerking him hard till he was screaming and coming. His body jerked and Aaron’s eyes closed in ecstasy as Spencer pulsed hard around him. Using the cloth to wipe his hand, he gripped Spencer’s hips and fucked into him harder and faster. He cried out as he pushed in one last time and came. He didn’t collapse, he slowly laid on top of Spencer, taking his mouth in greedy kisses as he pumped a few more times making Spencer cry out into his mouth.

Aaron sat up and pulled out, then slowly unchained Spencer, picked him up and took him to the bath. Spencer was floating, his mind empty and his body limp. By the time he was back in bed with the cuffs around him he was already falling asleep. When Aaron settled at his back, the weight of his arm around him, he was smiling as he passed into that sweet oblivion, happy and content.

Our World

Spencer opened the door to his apartment and was shocked when the alarm didn’t beep at him. He pulled his gun and took a few steps inside, aiming at the area of the apartment that he couldn’t see from the door. Aaron was sitting on the couch with the printed journals scattered around him. There were also the letters that Diana had wrote to him after he had got back, and the other Spencer’s journals scattered around as well. Spencer moved to the gun safe on his desk and opened it, putting up his gun. He turned around and Aaron was still just sitting there on the couch, looking at something. Spencer was happy that he hadn’t put anything about the people he had killed in those.

Turning towards the kitchen, Spencer filled a glass with water and sipped at it as he watched Aaron. The man looked up at him, his face full of shock.

“Just remember that there will be no way to prove that I am not your Spencer and if you do anything to undermine me, your Spencer will pay for that when he makes it back.” Spencer watched his face as his words sunk in.

“I was just going to surprise you. That I got off work early, Jack’s having dinner at a friend’s. I got here and you weren’t here, so I was looking for something to read. Nothing here in the living room sounded good. So I went to your office. It was sitting out and I glanced at it.”

“Curiosity killed the cat and what not. So what has you more upset? That you never figured it out when it happened, or that it seriously took you this long?” Spencer set down the water and moved towards his lover. “Or that Diana Reid knew from seeing me on TV?”

“You had differences but I…” Aaron trailed off. He looked at the books again and then at Spencer. “Those scars…what happened to you? And don’t lie.”

“Like you would be able to tell if I was lying.” Spencer leaned into the island that separated the kitchen from the living room. He looked at Aaron and felt pity. It was a strange emotion for him to be feeling. He pitied those that were weak, yes but he’d never really felt pity for someone who wasn’t weak. “I’ve lied my ass off for months and no one has noticed but a schizophrenic who hadn’t even met me, knew that I wasn’t her son. She knew from the first fucking second that she saw me on a TV. Profilers my ass. You can see the minute differences in everyone else but not Spencer Reid.”

“You don’t-”

“I don’t what?” Spencer cut Aaron off. “I don’t understand? I don’t know how this team works? I’ve been living with this team for three months, hiding as a damned FBI Agent and no one has been the wiser. I’ve been fucking you for months and you never noticed. Which you are lucky I did. If that had been me from the beginning, I never would have gave you the time of day. Keeping a boundary between Jack and me, no matter the intention. You hurt him and he kept quiet because he wanted to show you that he wasn’t going to leave. He prayed and hoped that you would see that he wanted to know Jack, to come to love him and you just kept him away. Begging like a dog for scraps at the dinner table.”

Aaron was up and in front of Spencer before he even realized it. The slap came from nowhere. Spencer looked at Aaron, stared at him. He expected to feel something but he didn’t he didn’t feel fear, anger, he didn’t feel anything at all. There was a numbness inside of him.

“What? Are you afraid of what I am saying? How did you think that what you were doing was going to be stable enough for a relationship to last. He knew what he was getting into. He talked to his mother for fuck’s sake about what he could do to try and get you to see that he wanted to be around Jack more and in more meaningful ways. He asked his mother who barely had a hand in raising him for advice on children.” Spencer knew that what he was saying wasn’t going to be the best thing that he could say but he didn’t care. The look in Aaron’s eyes was dangerous. Spencer wondered exactly how far he could get the man to go.

“You know nothing!” Aaron spat at him but Spencer didn’t stop. He didn’t want to.

“I know a lot of things. I know a lot more than you.”

“I should have known that you weren’t Spencer. Jumping into bed with me the first moment that you got here. What are you in your world? A two bit whore? I can’t believe that I never noticed you were using sex to control me.”

Spencer laughed. There wasn’t anything else that he could do. He laughed until his sides hurt and ignored the pissed man in front of him. He fell to his ass on the floor and tried to breathe. Aaron was looking at him like he was insane.

“Even just going by what I’ve learned, I’d garner a lot more than even most escorts. Your Spencer is rather uneducated compared to me. In sex, well, there aren’t a lot more that know more than me.”

“Who the hell would want you with those scars?” Aaron asked. He moved away from Spencer, slumping down onto the chair that faced the area of the room where Spencer was.

Spencer looked at him and saw that he really didn’t get it. He hadn’t followed the train of thought into what his Spencer was doing, who he was with. Spencer stood up and moved over towards him. Aaron’s hands clenched as Spencer straddled his lap.

“Think about it Aaron,” Spencer said as he pulled his shirt off. He grabbed Aaron’s hand and laid it over the rune on his heart. Spencer took Aaron’s other hand and traced it over the thin scars on his chest. “Who would want to mark me like this?”

“You told Ford that it was your Sir, but told me that you lied.”

“Which one do you think was the lie?” Spencer whispered.

“Why?” Aaron asked, sounding wrecked. He wouldn’t look up into Spencer’s face, his eyes locked on the rune. Aaron’s thumb traced the edge of it.

“Because it marks me as his.” Spencer watched as Aaron traced his scars.

“What’s he going to think when you return to him. After letting me have you?”

“Why do you think he hasn’t had your Spencer every which way that he could?” Spencer asked.

Aaron grabbed him by his throat. Spencer didn’t even move. He just stared at the eyes that were finally looking at him.

“Your Spencer isn’t going to come back the sweet, little innocent thing that he was. I doubt he’s going to be soft at all. Not going to let you get away with anything.” Spencer pressed into the hand on his throat, letting his eyes drop in pleasure. He purred when the hand squeezed just a little more.

“But is he going to be treated well?” Aaron asked, his voice hoarse.

“Could you ever hurt me? In a meaningful way, Aaron? Everything single scar you see on me I consented to. If your Spencer doesn’t, nothing will be on him.”

“Who has him Spencer? Who has my Spencer?”

“Do you think that I would jump into bed with the first man who turned my head here? Yes, I used sex to try and manipulate you, but think about it…” Spencer stared into Aaron’s eyes, the man was looking at him a little lost. Like he was putting pieces of a puzzle together without all of them there.

“Me?” Aaron asked, his hand tracing the scars again, but his other was still wrapped around his throat. His eyes moved down his chest, tracing his scars as his fingers did. His fingers on his neck relaxed, but didn’t move away instead they traced the line that had to be really looked for to find the line where his collar used to lay. “Go get your collar.”

Spencer slid off his lap, not even trying to hide the erection that he was sporting. He moved to the bedroom and slid his hand under the pillow where he kept the collar. He slipped it on and opened the drawer to take out the cuffs, slipping them on as well. He wasn’t sure what Aaron was thinking, Aaron’s mind was too blown and it would be erratic. Spencer slipped all of his clothes off. He looked at the floor length mirror and tousled his hair to make it unruly. He stepped back into the living room and stayed right there at the door. Aaron wasn’t sitting down anymore. He was standing at the back of the couch. There was a bottle of bourbon out on the counter and a glass beside it. The glass was still dry though.

“What does he call you?” Aaron asked.


“What were your plans if you never went home? Turn me into him?”

“You’d never be him. Not that way. There are fundamental differences. I’d make you as close as I could though.”

“And my Spencer is…” Aaron finally turned towards him and looked. He inhaled, taking in Spencer’s naked skin. His eyes paused at his wrists with the cuffs and then stayed a long time on his neck. “Being turned into you?”

“As much as he can be.” Spencer wasn’t sure if this calm Aaron was good or bad.

“I know your mind. What point does your lives split?” Aaron asked.

“Technically there are two points. Riley Jenkins and his kidnapping and eventual death was the first. My Diana saw what was done to the man who killed him whereas your Spencer’s didn’t. That tipped her psychosis to the violent end. Then again when William Reid left. When he did leave me, it was violent as well. Your Spencer was just a note that was left that didn’t explain it anymore than the man had already done when he’d physically left the house. That gave my mother a deeper dive into her violent psychosis.”

“What happened?” Aaron asked.

“Diana took me to William’s office and I caught the eye of my Aaron. I was fourteen so he was just turned thirty. He became obsessed in that instant and knew that something was wrong. So he used his contacts to get the address of where she and I lived. Diana was in the grips of a very violent episode and she’d already cut me pretty badly across my chest. He heard my scream and bust down the door. Aaron killed her protecting me.”

“Fourteen?” Aaron looked at the glass that was sitting there but he didn’t step up to it and pour any. The lesson that Spencer had taught him in Vegas was still there in the front of his mind, keeping him from doing anything that would stop him from getting what he wanted, what he thought he needed. “He took you at the age of fourteen.”

“He made sure that he got custody of me. William tried to fight it but he’d left me with a mother who was at the whims of her violent psychosis. His parental rights were severed in hours and Aaron signed papers on me in those hours.”


“What Aaron wants he gets and he has the money and the contacts to get it. The single psychologist that I saw in the hours afterward pretty much made sure that I’d never be separated from Aaron. I was unresponsive unless he was in the room with me. I’d bonded to him as a protector. I didn’t feel safe without him. Time and distance helped to let me know that I was safe but by then I was in DC and away from Vegas and I didn’t think of William again.” Spencer left off that he’d spent those four years perfecting the perfect way that he wanted to kill him.

“He’s a…No, he would have got rid of you before now.” Aaron looked him up and down and it didn’t take much to figure out what he was talking about.

“Aaron never touched me sexualy until after I was eighteen. He was…” Spencer cocked his head to the side to look at Aaron. There wasn’t a single line of anger left on his body. He wasn’t relaxed but he wasn’t upset. Intrigued was more it. Spencer moved over towards him, Aaron’s eyes devouring him as he did it. Spencer flowed to his knees in front of Aaron, hands going behind his back but he looked up at him. “Aaron knew what I needed and gave it to me. He taught me to be able to process and understand my emotions. He taught me how to find the words when they were stuck in my throat. He built me up after my mother had taken me down.”

“So much make sense now…exactly how many degrees do you have?”

“Aaron has very hard kink for me and getting degrees. I have seven PhDs, five masters, and recently completed my third BA. He indulged me from a young age. Getting me into college as soon as we got settled in DC. I’d completed high school at twelve. I never lived on campus though and had a driver and a guard that went with me everywhere.”

“He marked you as his possession.”

“With my consent. I am his. I am his body, mind, and soul. The only thing that would make me want to live in a world without him is our son.”

“Your son?”

“Jack. Our Jack is ten.”

“You were using him to force my hand.”

“Yes. I am a master at manipulation. You were hurting your Spencer though and I wasn’t going to live like that.”

“This happened when the explosion happened.” Aaron reached out his hand and traced his thumb over the side of Spencer’s mouth. There was a small flare of pain. He hissed and tried to lean back but Aaron’s other hand shot out and grabbed his hair. “I split your lip. Just a little here. I’m sorry.”

“I was pushing you. Believe me if I feared you, you would know it and you would not be allowed around me.” Spencer licked at the thumb that was still there on his lips. He let his eyes drop briefly to Aaron’s pants, he was hard.

“Are you going to keep doing that? Manipulate me?”

“No. You have the truth and know that protecting me is paramount. Anyone who suspects that I am not your Spencer is going to question my sanity and given our mother’s sanity, he could lose his position. I have done everything that I can to make sure that I keep his life as stable as I can. I know that my Aaron is going to do everything that he can to get me back and he’s going to make sure that Spencer has all that he needs. I cannot approach Charlie here because I’m not going to be able to hide that I am not Spencer from him. I’ve been ducking his calls since I came here. I’ve used work to do that.”

“Did you find this apartment or did my Spencer?”

“Your Spencer. He had signed the paperwork just before we swapped. I figure that he would have told you at the date. Work would not be a place to discuss that and on the whole, this building is a lot better than his was. The fact that you are on the other side of that wall is just a bonus to me.”

Aaron didn’t say anything and Spencer didn’t move. His eyes were locked on Aaron’s as the man thought about things. His thumb was still pressed to his lips, subtly rubbing. Spencer parted his lips and let the thumb sink into his mouth. He licked at the small fleck of his own blood. Aaron pushed his thumb all the way inside before he pulled it just to the tip. Spencer sucked it back in.

“Tell me the main difference between him and I,” Aaron demanded as he pulled his thumb out the entire way. He moved over to the chair that he had been in before. Spencer turned his head to watch him and he settled down in the chair with his legs spread, it outlined his cock in his work pants and made Spencer’s mouth water. “Come here.”

Spencer smirked and instead of standing up and walking or even shuffling over on his knees, he stalked over to his lover on hands and knees. Aaron’s breathing turned shallow and even the tightness of his pants didn’t stop the fact that he twitched when Spencer just barely brushed up the side of his cock with his nose. Aaron’s hands twitched and Spencer nudged his head up into one, it buried itself in his hair and held him right there.

“You are a little temptress. Tell me.”

“Aaron loves Jack and I and that’s pretty much where it ends. Everyone else is a tool to him.”

“He’s a psychopath is what you are telling me.”

Spencer pouted and made his eyes just a little wider. “Don’t put words in my mouth.” Spencer fought the hold on his hair but it didn’t relent just followed him as he moved. He drug his bottom lip up the cloth covered cock.

“Do you want something else in your mouth?” Aaron’s grip on his hair turned steel strong and held him there as he worked his zipper open. The smell of his arousal and the scent of sweat hit Spencer’s nose. “Then quit playing words games.”

Spencer groaned at the hard tone. “The main difference is love. You are addicted to love. You loved Haley wholly and unconditionally and you needed that to be enough to keep her happy. You fall in love before you should because you love that feeling that it gives. Your Spencer just wants anything in the world that is special. Him loving you was perfect for you because you know that he wouldn’t leave. My Aaron loves Jack and he loves me and he gives his all to us. But if we weren’t around he’d be exactly as he is. That’s the main difference you need love and he doesn’t.”

“What does he do? What do you do?”

“For a living?” Spencer asked, he didn’t try and move closer to the cock that was so close to his mouth but he breathed harder, letting the hot air from his mouth caress it. Aaron worked his buckle open and then his button. He wiggled and freed his cock fully from it’s underwear, pushing it all down but keeping Spencer where he was. Spencer shivered and moaned.

“Yes. Doing what I want will get you a reward. So tell me what I want to know and you can have your mouth around my cock.”

Spencer whimpered a little at the image in his head before he started to talk. “Aaron is a lawyer one of the best in the country. He and a few other men run their own firm but Aaron holds the most power. He only loses a case when he wants to and to keep just under the radar as far as that goes. I’m his law assistant and I have been since I was twenty.”

“And you wear his collar all the time?”

“Yes. I used to get stares but now I don’t.”

“If he’s so big as a lawyer what does the media think of the collar?”

“Oh, when it comes to our relationship and the media, we are little darlings. The stars of the limelight. Nothing we do gets us bad press. Of course, our style of life is a little more…not quite mainstream but at least well enough known and psychologically documented that no one even thinks twice about it.”

“So you have very open relationship and given how many degrees you have, exactly how much money do you have?”

“I don’t really know. I have an account that is all mine and money that I get from patents and other things go into that but I don’t touch it often except for gifts for Aaron and Jack. Aaron handles that. Aaron on the other hand I’ve heard people saying that he has more money than God. I don’t really care to know so I don’t pay attention. I’ve not drained your Spencer’s money. I have spent a good bit of what he had in savings but I built it back up in Atlantic City and with a few other legal things.”

“Atlantic City, with that man Jackson, was when I started to really look and then it all just didn’t fit. I wasn’t looking when I came in here but I…I couldn’t pass up reading that. Then it all just spiraled.” Aaron’s hand relaxed and released Spencer’s hair. Spencer leaned down and took his cock in his mouth. He was promised cock for telling the truth and he was going to take what he wanted. Aaron gave him a little time of doing what he wanted and then there was a hand in his hair again. It held him in place. “I want-fuck. I want what we did before. Can I do that?”

Spencer didn’t pulled off to answer, he just settled in, relaxed back onto his legs, giving himself over. Aaron shifted to where he could better fuck into Spencer’s mouth. Sliding all the way into the back before coming back out. The hand in his hair tightened to the perfect point of pain that he wanted, that he craved.

“Your mouth. I can’t help but think about how jealous I was of your past lovers. Thinking of how many men had used you for you to be at good at sex as you are. And this entire time, I’ve been jealous of another me. You’ve been made to take my cock. Made to react to me.” Aaron panted as he thrust in and out. His breathing was labored and Spencer knew that it wouldn’t be long until he came in his mouth. Spencer sucked hard as Aaron thrust into him, taking away Spencer’s ability to breathe as the older man’s cock swelled and he came down his throat. Spencer remained calm, waiting and being perfect as Aaron found release in his throat. “You are perfect.”

Aaron pulled out of him and Spencer chased a small drop on the head of his cock as it popped from his mouth. Aaron pulled him into a kiss that was hard and just what he needed. When the older man pulled back, he also stood up, dragging Spencer with him. He was taken to the bedroom.


Spencer sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as Aaron moved around the room, looking at things. He was pretty sure that Aaron was looking for toys but Spencer didn’t use them. Orgasms were for Aaron and Aaron only and being in a different world wouldn’t change that part of him that much. He didn’t even move to touch himself at all. Instead he just watched Aaron as he looked at his clothes, the boxes with the letters from Diana. It wasn’t a lover looking at a room, it was a profiler trying to figure out every single little detail.

“You don’t masterbate?” Aaron asked.


“Why?” Aaron paused in looking at the suits in the closet to turn and look at him.

“I don’t orgasm until permission is given. Masterbation is only done when Aaron allows it and is watching.”

“You’ve-” Aaron stopped and narrowed his eyes, looking at him hard. “You are sneaky. Did you buy restraints for the cuffs?”

“Yes. But to sleep with. I sleep at night in our bed with cuffs. I have since I was fourteen. Aaron learned that it helped me to sleep. After we got here to DC Aaron gave me my own bedroom and it didn’t quite work out the way he thought. Before when we were in Vegas as custody was being taken care of, we shared a room. I could hear him breathing and knew that I was safe, but when we came here while we were in the same wing, I couldn’t hear him. He’d wake up with me in bed with him. Mostly clinging to him. I asked about the cuffs and the chain and he tried it on me. After that we both slept clothed in the same bed. I’m sure that whatever house staff was cleaning the rooms were silenced. I don’t remember much about them as I tried to stay away from everyone.”

“You are still hard…you have impressive skills.”

“I’m not allowed to do anything unless Aaron says. Getting hard is allowed when things are sexual or he’s already hard but I have to stay hard.”

“How long can you stay hard?” Aaron asked as he started to strip naked. His cock was still soft from the blowjob but the look in his eye had Spencer making sure he kept an eye on him at all times. The scars on Aaron’s chest and stomach from Foyet and his blade rape were immediately eye catching to Spencer.

“How ever long you need me to.” Spencer watched Aaron watching him and stayed still when the man stepped up to him. Aaron’s hands went right for his skin on his back, rubbing downwards. Spencer shivered.

“Get up on the bed on your stomach. Don’t come. Not until I am inside of you,” Aaron murmured. Spencer did as he asked but didn’t even try and guess how Aaron wanted him to lay. He laid his hands under the pillow so he could grab the bed and even push the pillow into his mouth. Aaron straddled his ass, his fingers going to the scars on his back. It was like he was learning them all. “He placed every single one of these on you on purpose didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Spencer buried his head in the pillow as his body was inspected. It shouldn’t have been as erotic as it was but by the time that the man reached his feet, Spencer was rutting into the sheets on the bed to try and relieve at least a little of the ache of his cock.

“Don’t come,” Aaron growled in his ear as his hand cracked him on the ass. Spencer clamped down with the muscles in his groin and stomach to stop himself from coming. Spencer felt hands on his knees, kind of pushing them under himself so he got to his hands and knees. Aaron had found the chain and hooked it to his cuffs, pulling it a little tight to where Spencer had to lay with his chest on the bed. “Safeword?”

“Vicaria” Spencer said as Aaron’s hand trailed down his back and his thumb just edged between his cheeks, pressing slightly on his hole. Just as it lifted away, a second crack came down on his ass. The strikes that followed were hesitant and unsure and nothing like he’d ever had before. His Aaron wasn’t ever hesitant, wasn’t ever unsure that what he was doing to Spencer was unwelcome. Even that first time of helping him get his words unstuck, Aaron had been sure and in his element. It wasn’t long before Spencer’s ass was on fire and was slowly working past what was pleasurable to him. Still he kept his new safeword locked in his throat. He bit into the pillow to stop himself from screaming out his safeword or even the word stop from his throat. He was so focused inward that he didn’t notice when the strikes stopped. He felt something brush his hole again and expected a strike there but instead, he felt the head of Aaron’s cock lineup and start to push inside of him.

Yet, Aaron stopped and pulled out. Spencer opened his mouth to ask what was wrong but stopped when he felt hands on him. He was turned gently on the bed and Aaron slipped between his legs, breaching him from a new angle and not stopping the slide inside of him until he was flush against Spencer’s ass.

“When did he first take you?” Aaron asked as he fucked him slowly.

“My eighteenth birthday. We went out to eat to celebrate and I seduced him. He allowed it and knew what I was doing but I wanted him to know that I wanted it.”

“What happened?” Aaron asked.

Spencer’s mind blanked a little at the thought of this Aaron having narratophilia. It would work well for the other Spencer when he got back, telling Aaron of his time with his Aaron.

“When we got home and were alone in our wing, I begged him to be allowed to suck his cock.” Spencer grabbed the chain that was keeping his arms above his head that way he had something to hold onto. “I’d only watched porn at that point in my life. I knew that he was shaping my sexual preferences into what he wanted. I’d wake up with an erection and he taught me how to get off. But it was also making it so that I associated him with pleasure and when I would try and jerk off any other time, I never quite got there. By the time I was fifteen, I couldn’t get hard unless he was around by sixteen I wasn’t even waking up with a morning erection unless he was around. He’d bought me toys. A plug, a masturbation sleeve, and anal beads. I only showered when Aaron was home for the first few years but as I got used to it, I would use my shower time for fantasies. I imagined our first time so many times.”

Spencer jerked on the cuffs holding him to the bed and tried to shift his position but Aaron grabbed his legs and held him there. He was looking down, watching his cock slide in and out of him as he pumped his hips. Spencer groaned as he was opened up even more, his legs pressed into his chest. He was totally at Aaron’s mercy.

“Did he let you suck his cock?”

“Yes. He taught me how to suck his cock.” Spencer groaned as Aaron sped up his thrusts. “But he didn’t come in my mouth. I was hard and leaking by the time that he was done with my mouth. He stretched me out on our bed and took his time getting me ready. I was used to fingering myself open, playing with the beads, and plugging myself. He used it as foreplay. I begging and pleading by the time he finally pulled his fingers out of me.”

Aaron sped up his thrusts even more and each one was as hard as he could make them.

“And when he slid inside of me for the first time, I felt whole. I felt loved. I felt cherished and protected. I’d already been in love with him for a while but that made me fall again. Afterward, I was ushered into the shower and just being in there with him, in the same shower as all of my fantasies, I got hard.”

“What did he do?” Aaron was close to orgasm, his breath was coming in harsh, sharp pants.

“He dropped to his knees and gave me a blowjob. It didn’t take long at all and I was a babbling mess by the end of it but Aaron just washed me off and escorted me to the bedroom. It was the first night that we slept naked together in the bed. In the time since then we have only slept with clothes on when one of us doesn’t feel well or Jack doesn’t feel well and he wants to sleep with us.”

“So he was gentle his first time?” Aaron asked.

Spencer gasped as Aaron shifted position to where he was draped all along his upper body, pressing him down into the bed, his legs still trapped to his chest. Aaron wasn’t going to stop it seemed. He didn’t stop at all. Fucking him hard and fast.


“When did he first mark you?” Aaron’s hand laid over the rune on his chest and Spencer tried to hold in the scream as he held in his orgasm, stopping it because he wasn’t allowed.

“The whip marks started as soon as he took the whip to me the first time but these,” Spencer’s eyes moved downward towards his chest. “All after I turned eighteen and the rune. Fuck, Aaron please. Please, can I come?”


Spencer came and let the scream out. His back bowed and he heard the creak of the headboard as he pulled on the chain secured to it. Aaron didn’t stop fucking him, fucking him right through his orgasm. Spencer slumped to the bed as Aaron pulled out of him. He whimpered a little as he knew that Aaron hadn’t come yet. Aaron shushed him and started to kiss down his chest, licking at the drops of release on his skin before bypassing his soft cock and balls and moved down his thigh.

“Every single mark shows that you are his correct?” Aaron asked.

“Yes.” Spencer was tired. Being allowed to relax with Aaron knowing who he was, not having to keep up all the pretenses all the time. He felt the scrape of teeth on his thigh and shivered. He didn’t know what Aaron had planned to get himself off but he was looking forward to it. The teeth moved from inner thigh to upper and just slightly on the inside. Just as he thought that it was a good spot to injure because there was no risk of bleeding out, he felt the teeth close around his flesh and bite down. It wasn’t a nip for play, it was a full on bite. Spencer tried to sit up but Aaron’s hands were holding him down by his chest. His body weight was along the leg that he was biting. Spencer was trapped with no hope of rolling away because of the restraints and the weight on his leg. He felt his flesh rip and still Aaron pressed down, harder. The pain, mental and physical was too much for Spencer and he passed out.

Spencer opened his eyes in a mostly dark bedroom. He looked around and tried to figure out where he was because this wasn’t his apartment. Then he saw the picture of Aaron and Jack on the dresser and knew that he was in Aaron’s bedroom. He rolled to his back, finding that he was cuffed to the bed. He followed the link from his cuffs up to the headboard. It wasn’t tied the best to there but it would be good enough for his own mentality. He’d fix it later. Looking around, Spencer tried again to figure out what was going on. On the nightstand on his side of the bed was a note and a small pile of pills. He recognized pain relievers as well as a starting dose of antibiotics.

The bite!

Spencer kicked the covers off of his body and looked down at the stark white gauze bandage on his thigh. There were a few drops of blood on the outer bit of the gauze. There was only a little bit of pain so whatever Aaron had done to bind it up was working.

“He robbed me of my first time with Spencer. It won’t be the same, no matter when I get him back. That is payback,” Aaron said from the side of the room. Spencer turned his head to look at him. Aaron was dressed in sleep pants and that was it. Spencer looked at the clock on Aaron’s side of the bed, it was late but it didn’t look like Aaron had been sleeping at all. “Given what I see of you and what you have told me of him, he’s going to mark Spencer in some way. He’s going to be changed so it’s only fair that you are changed, marked by your time with me. I wanted to wait until you woke up before going to sleep. I was afraid of a nightmare or something like that.”

“I rarely have nightmares when I’m cuffed.” Spencer kept his freak out internal. He wasn’t sure how his Aaron was going to react to the bite and the scar that Spencer knew would form from it. “Even less when Aaron is with me. So come to bed.”

“You aren’t…mad?” Aaron asked.

“I can’t change what happened and all I can do is tell Aaron the facts and wait to take whatever he feels I deserve from it. There is no sense in worrying about it. I can’t do anything right now and to worry is stupid. Aaron is fair, he won’t hurt me for it. He might be upset but he won’t take it out on me. I’m safe with him.” Spencer didn’t say that he was safer with his Aaron than he was with him and this Aaron had proved that. Spencer rolled to his side and as soon as Aaron got onto the bed and under the covers, he rolled right to Spencer’s back and wrapped himself around him. The man helped him take the pills and made him drink a glass of water. Spencer could almost make himself believe that it was his Aaron and that Jack would come running into the room in the morning and jump into bed with them. Almost.

Mirror World

“Should I even ask where we are going?” Spencer looked to the side at Aaron as he sat trying not to fidget. They had left the house and Aaron hadn’t told him where they were headed as of yet.

“We need to have a conversation with AD John Richmond. He has let the BAU run rampant under Foyet’s hand. I’m surprised that the Director hasn’t actually fired him. We will give him one chance to make this right.”

“You mean one chance to do it your way.”

“No, one chance to do it your way Spencer. They have been lax in what they should be doing. I don’t abide by the violence against children and women. From what you have told me, your BAU does what it can to try to make it a little safer for them in this world. We need to get the FBI to get back to that.”

“And if he refuses?”

“Do you need to ask that Kitten?”

Spencer looked out the window and knew that Aaron would kill John if he didn’t comply. He had looked up John in this world and it had made him sad. The man he looked up to, that had become his sponsor and confidant when he couldn’t talk to anyone else, wasn’t this John Richmond. He didn’t know what they were going to find when they got to his house and Spencer prepared himself.

Before long they pulled onto John’s street, but parked around the corner. When they got out, Aaron tucked Spencer next to him, they were just a couple out strolling for the evening. When they got to John’s house Aaron rang the doorbell and smiled charmingly at the valet that opened the door. They were shown into a sitting room off to the side of the entryway. They talked small talk till the man they came to see walked in.

“Mr. Hotchner, Dr. Reid, I’m not sure why you are both here.” John eyed them both warily as he stood and crossed his arms.

Spencer was shocked at how the man looked. Dark circles under his eyes, his face puffy with too much drinking. Little blown capillaries across his face told Spencer that this John had not sought out help for his addictions. His eyes swung to Aaron as he stood to his full 6’2” and crossed his arms glaring at the AD.

“We are here to talk about Foyet and the future of the BAU.”

“I’m not sure how that is any of your business Mr. Hotchner. What happens in the FBI is my business.”

Aaron didn’t rush at him, no he stalked the AD, fire shown in his eyes as he backed the man up against the wall. He put one hand at the side of John’s head and leaned in, intimidation rolled through his whole being.

“Foyet is my business. He became my business when he decided to make it his personal mission to try to ruin me. He’s been a thorn in my side for years and no one in your precious FBI had the goddamned balls to do anything about it.” Aaron lifted a hand and played with the knot on John’s tie, his eyes boring into the man. Spencer was standing next to them, a strange kind of rage was sitting in his stomach. He knew this wasn’t his John, but he was angry that the man let Foyet run rampant.

John tried to square his shoulders as he glared back at Aaron.

“What do you want?”

“For you to disband the current BAU and start fresh. Put Kate Callahan as Unit Chief and Alex Blake as her lead profiler.”

“And if I don’t agree to this? If I tell you to go fuck yourself?”

Aaron squeezed the tie he was still holding and his eyes went flat and cold.

“Then you will find certain documents about not only your drinking and drug use, but your penchant for using FBI funds to visit the local strip joints on FBI time will find their way into the hands of the Director. As well as evidence that you let Foyet run his little team unchecked. Something should have been done when Chief Strauss went missing. Your current Section Chief has no idea what he’s doing. You have house cleaning to do Richmond, I suggest you do it.”

Aaron stood away from the AD with his arms crossed waiting for the man’s answer.

Even though this wasn’t his John, Spencer felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment. John was his sponsor, someone he cared about that he could tell his secrets to and not be judged for them. This man was a shadow of the man that Spencer knew and it hurt. For the first time since coming to this world someone had truly let him down, even if they didn’t know it. Intellectually he knew he shouldn’t feel this pain, but he did. He couldn’t watch anymore. With a frown and his gut twisting inside him he spun on his heels and went back to the car. He didn’t care if Aaron punished him later, he’d take the punishment, it was better than seeing what John had become.

When Spencer got to the car he dug into the trunk and grabbed the stiff cuffs from the bag Aaron always kept them in. He put them on himself, then curled up in the front seat, laying his head on the car window. His heart was breaking, even if it was irrational. He knew his John was okay, that he had beat back his demons and was helping others. But seeing what he could have become, was heartbreaking. He just had to keep telling himself that John was okay, that he would be able to go see him first thing if he got back. Those thoughts kept him somewhat calm, but he still felt the tears trailing down his face. He closed his eyes and wished for it to all go away.

Spencer was being nudged awake. He hadn’t realized he fell asleep.

“You left.” He heard the hard tone in Aaron’s voice and knew he had upset his lover.

“I couldn’t stay there. I couldn’t look at him. I don’t care if you punish me, I just couldn’t watch anymore.”

Aaron was silent as he drove them home. When they got out of the car and into the house Spencer started to head towards the playroom in anticipation of whatever punishment Aaron was going to inflict on him. When all Aaron did was wrap his fingers around his upper arms and steer them towards the bedroom, he was confused. After they entered, Aaron undressed him, then went to his closet and grabbed some sleep pants and a t-shirt and told him to put those on. Then he was pulled to the bed where he was gathered on Aaron’s lap and held close.

“Tell me Kitten. Make me understand what happened.”

“In my world, John is my sponsor. He’s been clean for twenty years. He’s helped council many other law enforcement officers. He helped me through a difficult case then just continued helping. I respect and care about him. Seeing what he could have become? That hurt Aaron. He’s a good man, that wasn’t him I know, but…”

“He’s still John to you.” Aaron took a deep breath and held Spencer closer to him. He fisted his hand in Spencer’s hair, trying to soothe him.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“He will play ball. Kate gets the team, Blake as her second and you will help make recommendations on the rest. Files will be sent to the office. Once you sort through the candidates, Kate will come meet with you. I made Richmond call Kate while I was there. Also a new section chief will be chosen who will have better oversight of the BAU.”

“Good.” Spencer just burrowed against Aaron trying to figure out his emotions. He was exhausted and just wanted to go back to sleep. Aaron though, had a different idea.

“Why don’t you get Jack and we’ll go to the den and watch a movie.”

Spencer pulled away and frowned in confusion.

“You aren’t punishing me?”

“I think you’re putting yourself through enough punishment Spencer. Remember that your John is still there and still the person you care about. Besides I didn’t give you any orders, so no rules were broken. Come on, up. Popcorn, M&M’s and Jack are what you need.” Spencer stood and waited for Aaron to change into sleep pants and t-shirt. The walked arm-in-arm to Jack’s room where he was reading on his Galaxy Tablet, lying on the Snorlax bed. Spencer had been more than happy that the boy liked it and used it quite often.

“Dad, Pops, I’m almost finished with my book.”

“Hey buddy, wanted to see if you want to go in the den and watch a movie.” Jack put his tablet away and jumped off the bean bag.

“Sure,” he exclaimed excitedly.

“Change into your pajamas, we’ll pull the couch out and lounge on it.” Jack’s face lit up and it didn’t take him long to change. By the time they were all snuggled on the pull out with popcorn, drinks and candy between them, Spencer was feeling more settled. When Jack crawled into his lap, he smiled as he wrapped an arm around him and held him close. It was then as the movie was starting that he realized what Jack had called him and for a moment he felt an overwhelming rush of love for the boy. He had been accepted by Jack and loved. He looked over at Aaron, who was watching him. A kiss on his cheek, had him settling and together, as a family, they watched Mary Poppins and Spencer had to agree that it was practically perfect in its own way.

“Aaron, you have got to do something about Tony.” Abigail Sciuto stormed into Aaron’s office madder than he’s ever seen the young Domme and brilliant CSU tech before. She was one of the few people in his life that had unfettered access to his office when he was there. Frowning he stopped working on the file he was working on and looked-up at her.

“Abigail, what’s going on?”

“It’s Tony, something isn’t right. He hasn’t been himself for months now and he won’t talk to me. I can’t go to Gibbs because he just keeps saying that nothing is going on. But, there is definitely something going on. You need to talk to him, Aaron. I’m worried.” Abby huffed out as she sat hard on one of the chairs in front of Aaron’s desk.

Standing, Aaron moved out from behind his desk to sit next to her.

“Start at the beginning. Tell me why you think Anthony is in trouble.”

Abby took a deep breath and started to tell Aaron about what was going on. Spencer had been stunned to see Abby, Aaron had never mentioned he had any kind of ties to NCIS. Though the BAU’s path crossed a couple of times with NCIS, they didn’t know each other that well, just by reputation. He stood and grabbed a chair from the round conference table in the office and sat on the other side of Abby. He wanted to hear the whole story.

“It was when Gibbs retired and left for a few months. Tony was doing something for the Director, but he kept saying he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone what he was doing. He was also running the team. Timmy was the first to notice that Tony wasn’t himself. Then Kate. We are all worried about him. He also hates Ziva David, though she works with all the NCIS team’s, she isn’t on any one team. I don’t know why, but there is something he is not telling anyone.”

“And you think he’ll talk to me?”

“You have a way of getting people to spill their guts Aaron. Please? I think he’s in real trouble and doesn’t know who to turn to. Gibbs isn’t there anymore, and for some reason Tony won’t go see him.”

“And because I’m removed from the team you think I’ll be able to get him to talk.”

“Yes, exactly.” Abby furrowed her brow and twisted her hands in her lap, waiting for Aaron’s reply.

“Okay. I can’t promise you anything Abigail, but I will talk to him.”

The smile he got from the young woman was huge. He just shook his head and shooed her out of his office, telling her to go back to work and don’t worry about what he was going to do with Tony.

“How are you involved in NCIS?” Spencer looked at Aaron confused.

“Through Abigail. She was a recipient of the Young Women in Science award when she was in college. One of the charities Spencer and I run for girls and women who are encouraged to go into the sciences. She’s quite brilliant and it was Spencer that brought her to my attention. She had gone to several of his lectures and asked some very brilliant questions. He fast tracked her to receiving a grant that paid for most of her schooling. When she was hired at NCIS, we both saw it as an opportunity to keep an eye on them, but it seems something has gone terribly wrong. I wondered at the appointment of Jennifer Shepard. I think we have research to do.”

Spencer started to look into Jenny Shepard, they wanted to be prepared for anything when they spoke with Tony. Later that night when they got home he holed up with Penelope and combed the dark web for anything they could find on the NCIS Director. One thing that stood out was her father’s death and her belief that one Rene Benoit was involved in his apparent suicide. Spencer pulled up the old file from DC Police department. He printed everything out that he could find and proceeded to handle it like an equivocal death evaluation.

Getting a pinboard, he set it up in his office and put all the information he had for Jasper Shepard on it and his supposed suicide. He wanted to know why Director Shepard didn’t think her father’s death was as suicide. From other documents he pulled with Colonel Shepard’s signature and other examples of his writing he could say without a doubt that the note left was in his hand.
As Spencer was looking at everything that was collected, Aaron came into his office and stood next to him.

“What are you thinking Spencer?”

“This man was not killed by Rene Benoit. Director Shepard’s vendetta is based on a fallacy. She thinks just because her father was having Benoit investigated that his suicide was facilitated by Benoit. Her assumption is all because she does not want to face the fact that her father committed suicide because he was already dying. He wanted to spare her the pain of watching his body fall apart. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, here’s the medical reports.”

Aaron took the folder Spencer handed him and read through it.

“And you think this has something to do with Tony, how?”

“To understand what Shepard is doing with Tony we have to understand her psychology. She should never have been elevated to Director. She either blackmailed someone or greased palms to get the position. Her very vocal outcry against the DC Police’s ruling of suicide should have been a clue. She has a serious vendetta out for Benoit, I just don’t know how Tony is involved. Penelope is trying to get into her private files, but if she is as smart as I think she is, she will have anything to do with Benoit and Tony, either on a flash drive, or separate hidden server.”

“We’ll get Tony here, get him to talk to us, then we make plans.” Aaron looked at the board and tried to make sense of what Spencer had laid out. This was the first time he has seen the young man in his element. Profiling someone, combing through their life to see what makes them tick. Aaron had to admit, it made him admire Spencer even more. It couldn’t be easy to do this and come back from it time after time.

“I have more work, I don’t have a complete profile on the NCIS Director, but by the time we do talk to Tony, I’ll know more about Jenny Shepard.” Spencer tuned Aaron out as he went through all he gathered. On a separate board he was making notes and it was all so achingly familiar. He let himself get lost in learning all he could, wishing that his team was there with him, helping him. But they weren’t. Though…Spencer chuckled to himself then ran out of the office and went in search of Rossi.

He found the ex-profiler in the library working on his computer.

“Dave, I need your help with a profile.” Dave looked up from what he was doing and stood.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. Look, you are still one of the best, and I need help pinning this down.”

“Okay Kid, lead the way.”

Spencer led him back to his office and they both shooed Aaron out. The two men got down to it and Spencer was surprised at how easy it was to work with this Dave. His mind was as sharp as they fell into an easy, and familiar to Spencer, pattern. Before the night was over, they had a working profile and ammunition to use against the NCIS Director. Now all they needed was to know Tony’s part in all of this and how they could help get him out of whatever trouble he was in.

Aaron watched as their personal valet walked Tony back to the office Spencer was using. Aaron was there as well.

“Agent DiNozzo, thank you for coming in. I think we can help you, but, you need to be upfront and honest with us. And before you ask it was Abby that came to Aaron. She’s worried about you and whatever you are involved in.”

“Dr. Reid, Mr. Hotchner. I have to say that I never thought I’d be in the presence of the golden couple of DC.” The sarcasm wasn’t lost on either Spencer or Aaron.

“I admit that I never thought I’d have an agent of your caliber in my home. But, here we are.” Aaron gestured for Tony to sit and Aaron and Spencer followed suit, taking up the loveseat and giving Tony the chair in front of it.

“I believe that we can help you and, if you are interested, a new position as well. You probably have heard that the BAU is being restructured and someone of your talents could be an asset.”

“The new Unit Chief, Kate Callahan, she’s seen your file Agent and she’s impressed. She wants to present you with a formal offer, but Abby brought it to our attention that you are in some kind of trouble. Aaron is right, we can help, and here, whatever you say will not leave this office, I promise.” Spencer leaned forward, compassion and understanding, he hoped, were written all over his face.

“This is all very intriguing. But I want to know how you know Abby.” Tony was looking at them suspiciously. Spencer couldn’t blame him, whatever trouble he was in, he couldn’t trust anyone.

“Abby was a recipient of a series of grants that encourages women in the sciences. She was brought to my attention when she attended a series of lectures given by Dr. Reid. I’ll be frank with you Tony, she’s my spy. She has funneled information about your team and NCIS in general to me. For the most part I’ve been able to encourage the right people in the right places. When Morrow left and appointed Shepard, it was done without my consulting.”

Tony sat back and looked between the two men. “I know what you both are all about. I know I could never prove anything, even if I dug deep enough. You don’t help people unless it helps you. So, how do I have to sell myself to earn your help.” Tony’s expression was flat and cold. Aaron admired that, admired him. They weren’t playing around and he found it rather refreshing.

“Nothing. You being on the BAU is payment enough. Cleaning up a corrupt division of the FBI, that will be how you can pay us back. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Then start by telling me what that is all about.” Tony turned and pointed to Spencer’s boards.

“It’s called an equivocal death investigation. Director Shepard is under the fallacy that her father’s suicide was somehow caused by Rene Benoit. The truth that she doesn’t want to acknowledge is that her father did, in fact, kill himself. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer and he was nearing the final stages. He wanted to spare his daughter his own indignity of what was going to become of him. It is just a coincidence that Benoit was being investigated at the same time.” Spencer explained his investigation and how he came to the conclusions that he had.

Tony stood and took his time reviewing all of the evidence that Spencer had laid out. Aaron and Spencer waited patiently then Tony turned to them once more.

“I was sent in undercover to seduce Benoit’s daughter, Jeanne. In getting close to the daughter, Director Shepard thought it would get me close to Rene. And, it did.” Tony sat and rubbed his face before he clasped his hands together and leaned forward on them, gathering his thoughts.

“Things went horribly wrong. Rene found out that I was an NCIS agent. Someone in Benoit’s organization tried to kill me twice. Jeanne was…angry when the truth came out. The Director’s unauthorized investigation was falling apart. We had no choice but to end it. She blamed me for the things that went wrong.

“A few weeks later Jeanne came to me and we talked. She was still mad that her father was a target of Jenny Shepard’s but didn’t blame me. We worked things out and secretly continued our relationship. We had a son and I was going to ask her to marry me.” Tony stopped and surged out of his chair and started pacing.

“It was my time to be an Agent A-Float. I was going to be gone six months. Jeanne wasn’t happy about that, but considering it’s only something that rotate every few years, she couldn’t complain. Everything seemed fine, then about a month before my tour was supposed to end…” Tony closed his eyes and fisted his hands at his sides. “I got word that she was killed and my son went missing. The captain of the vessel I was assigned to helped to get me ashore as soon as possible. Jenny was there waiting. Somehow she found out about my relationship. I can’t prove it, but I think she had Jeanne killed. She’s using my son to keep me at NCIS.

“So, Mr. Hotchner, what the hell can you do to get me out of this situation? Because I’ve been wracking my brain and nothing I come up with has a good outcome.”

Aaron sat back after Tony finished his story. He had some more digging to do and intelligence to gather, but when he looked at Spencer he was confident he could help.

“Tony, I am very sure that I can help you. Though you have to understand that whatever is done…well it certainly won’t be through legal means.”

“I didn’t doubt that, but at this point, if you can get me my son back and get me away from that bitch, I don’t care how you do it.”

“Okay. Now, tell me about Ziva.”

It took time, money and hours of surveillance but Aaron and Spencer finally got a break on who, what and where when it came to Tony’s son. Spencer had a feeling he would have helped Tony no matter what. Aaron had absolute zero tolerance when it came to harm against children.

The group of ex-SEAL mercenaries that were hired were the perfect people to help extract the boy. Spencer gave them specific instructions that former CIA operative and Shepard’s lackey, Trent Kort, was to be kept alive. Aaron would be dealing with him personally.

After reuniting father and son Aaron and Spencer drove to the cabin where Kort was waiting for them.

“This is not going to be quick or pretty.” Aaron turned to look at Spencer who was staring straight ahead.

“I’ll be fine.”

“We’ll see.” Was all Aaron said as he pulled up and parked. He took a deep breath to center himself then walked up to the cabin where one of the mercenaries was there keeping watch. Before Spencer could even say a thing Aaron slit his throat, then pulled the body into the cabin. He then dumped the body in the tub, walked to the sink and washed his hands.

Spencer was worried, not about what was happening around him, but he was worried about himself that he didn’t even react to Aaron killing the man.

“No recriminations Spencer?” Aaron asked as he started to pass him to go back to the car.


“Hmm.” Aaron quirked up his lips in a cruel smile almost reminiscent of a few months back when he first found himself in this world. “I’ll be right back. I can trust you not to do anything foolish, right Kitten?”

“Yes, Sir. You can trust me.”

“Good.” Aaron left the cabin then came back only a few moments later. Spencer watched as he laid out his kit then slipped on two pairs of gloves. Only then did he turn to the CIA agent strapped to the stainless steel table. Aaron took out a vial and syringe from the kit then walked the few steps to the table.

“Time to wake-up Kort.” Aaron slapped him a couple of times on the face encouraging the captive to wake.

“You need to let me go. If anything happens to me…”

“Shh, no one is going to look for you Kort. You are already being disavowed as we speak. It’s amazing what one can accomplish with the right words in the right ears. Your little unsanctioned op with Director Shepard is going to cost you Kort. Though, you aren’t getting out of here alive.”

Kort started to struggle, but the reinforced straps held him securely on the table. It was only then that he noticed he was naked. His eyes widened as he looked up at Aaron.

“Now, we’ll start with this.” Aaron injected him in the thigh with the substance from the vial. “It’s a nasty little concoction my Pet made. He’s a brilliant chemist, and if he were ever truly alone in this world, the devastation he could cause, well let’s just say that it’s better he was in my control, shall we?” After a couple of moments Kort stopped struggling and tried to turn his head to look at Aaron.

Spencer had grabbed a chair and thought about his own psychology as he stared at the man on the table, almost anticipating what Aaron was going to do. He knew he needed to get home, he knew the longer he stayed in this world the more like the other Spencer he was becoming. It made him pause as his heart raced knowing that this darker side had been in him all along.

“What did you give me?” Kort ground out through gritted teeth.

“Something to paralyze your muscles, but it keeps you wide awake, and you will feel everything I do to you. You see I hate people that would even think of hurting a child. You did nothing to help Anthony DiNozzo, and chose instead to help a highly unstable bitch. You are going to pay for every single day you kept father and son away from each other, and you are going to feel it all.”

Aaron looked into Kort’s eyes as he thrust his favored stiletto into his victim. He was impressed that Kort didn’t scream, but before the night was over he knew the man would be begging him to stop.

Spencer didn’t look away, or hide in a corner the whole time Aaron was torturing Kort. He still wasn’t sure what that said about his state of mind, or if this being someone he didn’t know, he was able to remove himself from the situation. Ethan had been different. He was a friend, one of his best and oldest, so seeing the avatar of Ethan in this world being tortured hurt him. But this, there was no emotional connection whatsoever and frankly, being part of the BAU, Spencer had been privy to just what humans could do to other humans.

He closed his eyes for just a moment to try and gather his thoughts and assess his own mental state. He knew he would draw the line at the actual participation, but he dissociated and looked at it with his scientific mind. When he heard the screaming stop, he looked over at Aaron, who was beginning the clean-up, and knew he was being watched.

“You didn’t move the whole time.”

“I think I dissociated. Kort means nothing to me in my world, so I was able to distance myself from what you were doing. It doesn’t mean I like it.” Spencer stood and walked out. He knew Aaron would handle the rest, he ran all the scenarios of how to dispose of a body in his head, and didn’t have to ask which Aaron would use. He didn’t need to know. The body already in the tub, and the bottles of chemicals in the cabinet gave him enough clues as to what was going to happen, he didn’t need a play by play.

Spencer slipped into the car and leaned back. He was complicit in all of this and knew it. What that said about him, he was still trying to figure all of that out. Even when Aaron got into the car and drove them home he still didn’t have any answers, and if he was completely honest with himself, he didn’t want to delve too deeply to find them. If he did, he just might scare himself.

“Kitten, we’re home.”

Spencer sat-up and looked at the mansion he had been living in for the last five months and Aaron’s words struck him hard. Home, he had never truly felt it before. Even with his Mother it was hard to truly call it a home. Though he loved and protected her, it was still difficult to keep everything going. And, though there was love, there was also chaos. When he stepped out of the car and took Aaron’s hand, he stepped into the house and felt that word even more profoundly, home. He turned in Aaron’s arms and wrapped himself around the man and wondered if he was doing the right thing, trying to fix his mistake. There were so many questions, so many unknowns, did he really want to upset the balance yet again? And if he was successful, could he even start over once more? He didn’t know anymore what the right thing to do was.

Our World

Trapping an intelligent person took time. Trapping an intelligent and paranoid person took even more time. Spencer had spent a year once tracking a man that he had an interest in destroying. A full year of Spencer learning everything about the man and his life after he went home, and then in the end had Spencer kill the man in a simple hotel room while he had been staking out a drug lord in New Orleans. The aftermath had been the department he was a detective for blaming the murder on one of the lower thugs for the drug lord. The best murders were ones that he was able to pin on someone else. The four months that he’d spent tracking Jason Gideon wasn’t really that long but the man had settled into a routine after he’d left the BAU that wasn’t hard to figure out.

Spencer though had to know more than routine when it came to making a perfect suicide scene. He needed to have a full plan that had every single variable plotted out before he made a single move on the man. Gideon was smart and Spencer knew that. This Gideon was exactly the same as the one in his world though. There was no difference at all that Spencer had found. That was telling in more ways than one.

Gideon was on his way home from Sarasota, Florida and Spencer had been waiting for him for a while. Jack and Aaron were having a father/son weekend on Spencer’s insistence. He’d dropped the worm in Jack’s ear at dinner after getting back from a case on Wednesday. He wanted to have his weekend free because he was eighty five percent sure that Gideon would be coming back. When late Friday he had started home by making a purchase at a café in Georgia, Spencer knew he had been right.

The security system for the cabin was old and easy to hide from. The cameras had a small area that they didn’t cover but for someone to make it to his cabin from that way, they would have to hike a long ways to get to where the path let out at the cabin. Spencer took the time and hiked it. It hadn’t been hard to slip up into the area between the blank spot on the camera and the area the front camera couldn’t catch. Gloves were pulled from his pocket and slipped on before he even got near the front door.

When Gideon finally arrived, Spencer was totally set up for him. He had his hair pulled back and it had been since he’d started the hike but a quick pass with a wet hand had made sure that none were going to escape. The clothing that he wore was identical to the type that Gideon wore just in case of trace evidence. Nothing extra had been carried with him to the cabin. The rest of his things were hidden in the woods. All far enough away that it would be out of the scope of any investigation.

The death, even an apparent suicide, of a former FBI Agent would be looked into. Gideon didn’t talk to many people and so there was no one who would be able to refute whether he was suicidal or not. His life had been solitary and there was a history of suspicion of suicide from Aaron and the other Spencer.

Gideon entered the cabin and wasn’t even aware that it wasn’t how he left it. Spencer moved silently and reached around to land the tranq dart that he carried on him where he wanted on Gideon’s body. The man reacted slow. A testiment of how weak he’d allowed himself to become. The look on his face was rewarding. The look was full of shock, disbelief, and at the end as the drug took effect, wariness. Gideon slumped down and Spencer caught him.

The chair in Gideon’s room was set right where he wanted it. There was a tie from Gideon’s robe draped on the side of the bed where he could reach it when he needed it. But instead of tying him straight he used a pillow between the mark shift rope and Gideon’s body. It would stop a band from forming across his body that would throw suspicion on his apparent suicide.

After getting Gideon tied to the chair in a way that wouldn’t show marks, there was nothing left to do but wait. Spencer squatted in front of him. He pulled the case for the dart from his pocket and slipped it inside before putting it back in his pocket as deep as it could go. He didn’t want a chance of it slipping out.

Spencer waited with baited breath for the moment that Gideon was going to wake up. He had the scene perfectly set out. Gideon would be waking in the next five minutes and thirty three seconds based on the dosage of knockout that he gave him. It was a cocktail that he’d perfected over the years to subdue his victims when Aaron couldn’t be around. The Gideon of his world was facing his worst nightmare at Aaron’s hands. Spencer cared little for visiting him but this Gideon. He was still hurting the Spencer of this world and he couldn’t stand that. He had injected it after Gideon had been secure.

The entire plan was thought out. At the current his phone was pinging him to be in DC shopping at the suit store and his perfect little shop assistant was going to run his card at a pre-recorded time. The footage for it was already set up and he’d spliced it into the feed at the store and no one would be able to figure out it was a splice. He clocked the time when Gideon groaned for the first time, adding it to his mental log of the drug. It was a wonder drug. It wouldn’t show up on a tox screen at all. At least no one in his world had ever found it on the bodies that were allowed to be found. He doubted anyone in this world would find it.

Gideon took ten more minutes for him to wake up enough for him to realize that he wasn’t alone.

“Spencer? What are you…” Gideon trailed off as he realized that he was trapped. He was tied to a chair but the bindings weren’t normal. A body pillow was wrapped around his upper body and then the strap from his robe was wrapped around it and laced at the back. There would be no ligature marks on his body and he couldn’t move other than to stamp his feet. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, you have my name right but you unfortunately have the wrong person. See my name is Spencer Reid. I look like your Spencer but I am not. I’m from another world. Your Spencer did something so stupid and fucked with the fabric of reality. We swapped places. And before you try and profile exactly what kind of psychotic break I’ve had. I had it a long time ago. I’m Aaron Hotchner, Esquire’s law assistant. I’ve been that since I turned twenty.” Spencer pulled a syringe out of his pocket, the needle capped. He smiled as he showed the man it was empty. “This won’t show up on any tox screen and there is no evidence that I am here. Just in case someone goes into thinking you didn’t kill yourself.”

“What happened to you?” Gideon was looking at him and there was fear in his eyes. Pure fear. He either believed him or thought his break was so bad that he thought he was telling the truth. Either one worked for him.

“I was broken when Sir found me. He took me in and fixed me. He molded me into what I am and I love him for him. You have tried time and again to try and push us apart in my world but we finally stopped you. You are getting a easy and painless death in this world. But I can’t have you try and mess with Spencer ever again and when he comes back, you’ll try and help him. He’ll hurt when he finds out you are dead when he comes back but that will hurt less than you coming back. I won’t give you the chance.”

“Spencer, I can help you.”

“That’s the same thing you said in my world but the thing is, you don’t have a single clue what is best for me. You never did. I know what you did to him. Not giving him help and letting him get addicted to Dilaudid and making him come clean on his own. All because he didn’t beg you. You then left him at a time when he was still getting his feet under him. And left a damned note just like his father. If I was in my world, I’d make you suffer for weeks. Slice you open and stitch you back together again, time and again. Until you beg for death and then you would just disappear.”

“Spencer, please.”

“That’s not going to work. No amount of pleading is going to stop me. You were dead the moment I stepped into this world. I can’t let you live.” Spencer stood up and moved closer to him. His hand wasn’t gloved but he had a pair for when he moved the body. The other pair was in his back pocket, safe. “I injected you in the stomach with the drug. You’ve hit the high point but you’ll be going down in a few and you’ll be unable to fight me. Right where I injected you, you are going to have a knife stabbed in your stomach to imitate Seppuku. You even bought a perfect blade for it. That was a stroke of luck.”

Spencer gloved his hands up with the ones in his pocket before he slipped the syringe into the bag he’d brought with him. On the dresser was the long bladed dagger he’d found in Gideon’s bedroom.

“The act of stabbing you will remove the evidence that I stuck a needle in you. I’ve done this before and I know it works. So Gideon are you going to go easy or put up a fight?”

Gideon started to struggle in the bindings again and Spencer just waited. The more he fought the quicker that he was going to hit that downward spiral. He watched and delighted as the light in Gideon’s eyes faded. He knew then that it was time. He worked the binding around the pillow first and when it was released, Gideon slumped forwards but he used the binding to ease the man to the floor. He waited until the man started to stiffen more and then pulled the binding all the way from his body and then the pillow. He’d have five minutes of him being stuck in that position to kill him. Moving behind him, Spencer readied the blade, clasping Gideon’s hands around it. The man was going to see and feel every single second of it. Spencer pulled the blade to touch on the man’s stomach. The blade was just short enough that it would go through his body but wouldn’t come out the other side. A groan of pain emanated from Gideon as the blade slide into him inch by inch.

When the blade was fully in him, Spencer stood up and moved around to the front where he finished the ritual of moving the blade left and right, disemboweling him. Spencer stood up and moved away as the body died and slumped down. He inspected himself and found no blood on his clothes and none on his gloves. He packed his things up and moved back towards the front door. He locked it and shut it behind him and retraced his steps, leaving no evidence of his steps. The ground was hard and grass covered where he walked. The hike to where he’d changed into his clothes that he’d purchased with cash with his regular clothes was easy. He changed them and packed those into the bag. The bag went into his trunk and then the items would go into his go bag and left in a random city, wherever the next case for the BAU was. The syringe would be left with no prints in an alley where other crack fiends frequented. His plan was perfect and flawless. Aaron would expect no less.

The knock on Spencer’s door shocked him as Aaron wasn’t home from work and Jack was still at school and the older man was going to pick him up from Jessica’s on his way home. He moved to the door and looked out the peep hole. There was a man standing there that Spencer knew of from the research he’d done on this world when he got there. John Richmond. Spencer opened the door.

“Sir, please come in.” Spencer stepped back and allowed the man to enter.

“Just here as John, Spencer. Just as John.”

“Would you like something to drink?” Spencer asked because getting the drinks would give him time to get his head together and maybe figure out what the man wanted.

“Coffee would be fine. I’m sure you have a pot.”

Spencer moved to the kitchen and found the serving tray that he’d found when he’d packed up and moved to the new place. He grabbed the sugar bowl and the creamer pot from the fridge and slipped them onto it before transferring what was in the pot into the carafe. Just as he looked out towards the man he figured it out. The insistence of first name was the first clue but the second was the news that had trickled around the bullpen earlier that day. It was why Aaron had sent him home. The news of the heart attack death of William Reid had been found by Garcia and told to Aaron before anyone else, even Spencer. Spencer had acted shocked and played up a slightly grieving man. Aaron had sent him home so that he didn’t have to act but also because if it had been the real Spencer he would have wanted time alone, without the team to micromanage him. Morgan and Garcia had texted him near non stop since he’d got home. He’d put his phone on silent and checked it every little bit, dismissing their texts.

Setting down the tray, Spencer sat down in the chair while John took the couch. Spencer had been aware that the other Spencer was going to meetings and has a sponsor but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fake the story or be able to share at all so he’d chose not to go to meetings. He hadn’t realized that Spencer’s sponsor was someone from the FBI.

“You’ve not been to a meeting in a while and I know part of that is that you have been gone on cases but the rest of the time you are home. You’ve not contacted me to talk since Jason Gideon’s death and now I heard that your father died last month from a heart attack and you were just notified by your team analyst.”

“I’ve been talking to someone else.”


“I don’t have to share that with you but my partner. We’ve been together for over four months now and working off of a few years for friendship before that. He listens and we talk and with him around, I feel cravings but I don’t feel any want to actually go and get any Dilaudid.”

“That’s interesting.”

“What?” Spencer watched him and saw the moment that he knew that something was wrong.

“Gideon was your mentor and he killed himself. Is there really nothing that you feel about him?”

“I processed that emotion for him a long time ago. He was just someone else in my life that left. I don’t see where getting upset about it will help me.”

“And your father?”

“I’m upset that I had to find out the way that I did. I called Bennington when I got home and no one had notified mom either and none of the staff had seen it. Mom’s doctor is going to notify her in a little bit and call if he thinks I need to come out there.”

“I can make sure you get the time off. You can go.”

“Hotch has already told me if I need time off he’ll make sure I get it.” Spencer watched the man as he tried to figure him out. John was a smart man, to get as high as he did in the FBI he had to be. It was going to be hard to kill him but not impossible. Unlike Gideon though, he had to do it quick.

“You’ve had a good bit of time off, how is he going to swing that?”

“The team will donate time. Plus I’ve not had to take off for her in the years I’ve worked here. Barely took AL either. The team doesn’t mind and in Hotch’s mind, they are the only ones that matter.” Spencer doctored his coffee as he watched John do his. The man was meticulous and it was going to be his downfall.

John left an hour later after having talked to Spencer the entire time. That week’s meeting was the next night and Spencer couldn’t go because of a case so while on the case, he did research into John Richmond. Looking at his medical history after hacking his files revealed that his drug of choice was Vicodin. Spencer was ninety five percent sure on that. He had the same preference for non narcotics that Spencer’s file had. In his research, Spencer found that his wife was seeking divorce. After thirty five years of marriage. A hack of the woman’s Facebook profile found that she regularly messaged a man half her age and nude pictures were sent back and forth.

By the time the team made it back for the weekend, Spencer had a plan in place. He’d bought the liquid Vicodin in Nebraska, where the case had been. He went right with Aaron to his apartment and Jessica met them there with Jack. Spencer offered to make them all chamomile tea to help them wind down. Jack’s and his he left undoctored but Aaron’s he slipped a sleeping pill into. The spice of the cinnamon stick that Aaron liked in his would hide the flavor of pill. He hated doing it but he needed Aaron to sleep and sleep through him leaving.

Jack was in bed long before the pill started to take effect on Aaron. The boy slept deep and so Spencer wasn’t worried about waking him up. A shared shower for him and Aaron and then the older man was dead asleep. Spencer stayed as late as he dared, watching Aaron sleep. Even with finding out the truth and accepting that anything he did to push Spencer from his life would hurt the other Spencer, Aaron was wary. He had every single right to be.

Spencer slipped out of bed and dressed in a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. He found a very old hoodie of Aaron’s in the back of the closet and donned it as well. Tennis shoes finished the ensemble as well as his MP3 player. He’d mapped his route as John actually only lived five miles away so Spencer planned on taking a cab to a place a mile away and then taking a jog to the house.

John had a simple house security system and no cameras so Spencer hacked it and left no trace that it had been disarmed. The man was asleep in a chair in his den so Spencer prepared to kill him there.

Part of the reason that Spencer was so good at what he did was that he prepared his own drugs. It was easy and Spencer was damned good at tailoring the mix of knockout drugs needed. His Aaron owned several companies that dealt is chemicals and things so it was easy to visit and “steal” what he needed. He had knock out drugs that all trace would be destroyed by the drug that Spencer would kill them with. Like John. His Vicodin mixed drug was easy. It was a spray that John only needed to inhale. No chemical burns would be left in his nose or mouth and he’d be out long enough for Spencer to inject him. After donning gloves, the Vicodin vial was pulled from his pocket as well as a syringe and tie off. One inhalation of the drug and John was out. Spencer prepared the overdose and injected John. It was the perfect dose as it would take a little time for him to die, about half an hour.

Once it was all done and he had cleaned up, Spencer left. He set his MP3 player and weaved through a back alley to appear on the other block. He ran several miles over to a known drug area and disposed of the needle. He left the vial in plain sight so that the first junkie who came along would take it. The thrum of the high of another successful, hidden kill was singing through his blood. He hoped that by the time he got home in the early morning hours that Aaron would be waking up.

The near ten mile run that Spencer did helped to settle him. He catalogued differences on the smaller scale between his world and this one. It was cleaner and dirtier at the same time. On the surface it was all good but once one looked at the underside, the dirt under the rug and whatnot, it was so much more dirtier than his world. The sun was just peeking over the horizon when Spencer stopped to cool down exercises a block from the apartment building. He planned to grab coffee for him and Aaron because he had plans that involved them not getting out of bed until they had to.

When he was sure he wasn’t going to cramp or his muscles tense, Spencer walked to the coffee shop as it was opening. He got his normal and got Aaron his indulgence drink. As a way of silently telling him that he was sorry. He made his way up to the apartments, going into Aaron’s to set the coffee down for him on the nightstand before going back to his and sitting in front of the computer. He pulled up his kill file and debated for ten minutes on what he should put. In the end, he closed it. It was a kill purely to save himself. There was no reason to give Spencer that knowledge.

Aaron was still asleep when Spencer moved into the bedroom, he wasn’t in the heavy sleep of the drugged though. Spencer stripped naked and slid into bed with Aaron, putting the cuffs on but leaving them unattached. Aaron smiled in his sleep as Spencer’s scent permeated his sleeping mind. It wasn’t long before Aaron was rolling into him, nestling his hard cock in Spencer’s lower back.

“You smell…” Aaron trailed off, humming under his breath. He licked at Spencer’s neck. “Sweaty.”

“I ran this morning. Didn’t get to on the case and I needed it. I got you coffee.”

“Don’t want coffee. Want you. Lock the door, Spencer and come back to bed.”

Spencer slipped out of the bed and moved to lock the door. When he turned around, Aaron had thrown the covers off the bed and was fisting his cock. Spencer stared at him. Aaron raised an eyebrow and Spencer scrambled up into his lap. Aaron grabbed his hair, holding his gaze where he wanted it which was on his cock as he fisted it.

“Prep yourself. I’m going to fuck you.” Aaron tossed lube down onto the bed as he released his hair. Spencer turned around on him, so that Aaron could see him fingering himself.

By the time that Spencer had three fingers inside of himself, he was leaking. Aaron slipped out from underneath him and grabbed his hand, pulling it from himself. Aaron padded away and came back with a wet rag.

“Do you have a way of chaining yourself with your arms spread out?”

“Depends if you want me up or laying down.”

“Down is good. Face down. Tell me.”

Spencer shifted around to lay on his stomach. He spread his arms up and out, barely brushing the edges of the bed. “There is chain on either side, just under the mattress.”

Aaron moved and found what Spencer said was there and hooked him up. He moved off the bed next. Spencer listened as Aaron moved around. There was a metal clinking and Spencer knew that sound well. A belt.

“Safeword?” Aaron asked.


“You know I looked that up to confirm. Substitute.” Aaron said nothing else and Spencer waited, forcing his body to stay relaxed. The first strike hit the bed between his legs, he got worried for a few seconds and was about to safeword when the thump happened again. From the sound it landed in the exact same place. “Remember, be quiet.”

Before Spencer could even think of responding a strike landed on the back of his thighs. He buried his face in the pillow to muffle his cry because his Aaron never wanted silence. He wanted to hear every single plea, every single beg, and every single moan. Aaron had hit to make sure that nothing was damaged but it wasn’t that strong of a hit. Spencer curled his hands tight and hung on as blow after blow landed on him. As Aaron gain confidence and control, the blows moved up and got harder. Spencer kept himself out of the deep end of subspace to make sure that Aaron didn’t do damage on accident.

“Close,” Spencer gasped as a blow wrapped around his thigh and just barely kissed the edge of the still healing bite. He heard the clatter of the belt hitting the floor and then hands were freeing him. Spencer whined as he was moved to his knees. Aaron now knew what he was sounding like when he hit the point of he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

“Up,” Aaron said.

Spencer rose up and stayed like that. He was in the middle of the bed and he was facing the foot of the bed. Aaron slipped in behind him. He inhaled as he felt his collar turned and a snap of a chain being attached. He settled down more into his skin as he felt fingers slip inside of him. He clenched down on them. Aaron moved around again. Laying down and sliding under Spencer. He opened his eyes to see Aaron’s legs.

“Ride me.”

Spencer reached around to find Aaron’s cock, sliding down on it. He was so worked up that once he was all the way down, Spencer paused because the feel of Aaron inside of him was threatening to make him go off.

Aaron moved a little and Spencer wasn’t sure what to expect but to feel the chain linked to his collar become tighter wasn’t it. It went right to where if he leaned forward at all his air would be cut off. He moaned as hands traveled down his back, scraping slightly.

“Aaron,”‘ Spencer begged.

“What?” Aaron was breathing heavy and his word came out a gasp.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to make me see stars.” Aaron’s hands didn’t stop moving as Spencer found a good rhythm. He couldn’t raise up any without making it hard to breathe but he could rock. Aaron’s fingers scratched at his back and ass just enough to send just enough pain to him. Spencer lost himself in his head, leaning forward just enough to hinder his breathing a little. He fucked himself on Aaron’s cock as hard as he could. He strained against the chain and rode his lover harder and harder. Spencer was flying when he felt hands grab his hips and hold him down on Aaron’s cock. He didn’t even care that he could barely breathe.

Aaron came with a strangled cry, gripping Spencer’s hips even harder and leaving bruises. Spencer kept his eyes closed as he leaned more and more into the tightness. Aaron’s hands were running over his back. Spencer groaned as his shoulder’s were grabbed and he was pulled back enough that Aaron was able to get the chain off. Spencer followed the urging of Aaron’s hands as he turned on the older man and laid down on top of him. Spencer didn’t even rut into his hip, where his hard cock was nestled on Aaron’s body.

“Perfect. God, you are so perfect Spencer.”

Spencer closed his eyes and just drifted. The hands on his back, the words that Aaron was uttering was making him float more. One hand started to trace the scars and Spencer’s arousal ached with need. Aaron took his mouth in a kiss as he worked a hand between them.

“Come for me. Mark me.”

Spencer cried out as he came. He tried to raise up but his body was too tired. He tried to at least move off of Aaron was instead he was cradled in the man’s arms and carried to the bathroom. Aaron sat him down on the floor of the shower and started the water. When it was starting to steam, Aaron detached the head and started to wash him. He was gentle and loving as he did it.

Once Spencer was clean, Aaron didn’t pull him from the shower. He turned the hot water up a little and held him there. His fingers ghosted over where the collar had sat.

“Are you suicidal?” Aaron asked as he sat down, wrapping himself around Spencer. One of his hands went right back to Spencer’s throat.

“No. Just…” Spencer buried his head in Aaron’s wet neck. “I feel guilty because I can’t make it back to Aaron and Jack. I can’t help try and fix it on my end. I’m worthless in the endeavor to get home. You can call it self punishment. I wouldn’t be able to let myself die with even an off chance of me getting back to them.”

Aaron’s hand was gentle on his neck he had to see the bruises forming. “Spencer, why won’t you talk to me?”

“Not my Aaron. You don’t understand. You can’t.” Spencer didn’t want to talk. He had hoped that Aaron would just let it pass but he knew that the man wouldn’t. It wasn’t in him. This wasn’t his Aaron and he didn’t trust him that way. He couldn’t bear his soul to him.

“What can I do to help? I’ll do anything.”

“Don’t give me options right now. Tell me what I am doing, eating, just everything. When it’s us. You fear that part of yourself and it shows. You aren’t your father. You don’t hurt me out of malice but out of a want to give me what I want, what I need.”

“I can do that.” Aaron sounded unsure but Spencer was going to give him a chance. “We are getting out now. Jack is probably awake and hungry. I’ll start breakfast. You get dressed and spend time with Jack.”

“Yes, S-” Spencer stopped himself. He wasn’t going to call him that. This Aaron wasn’t his Aaron. He stood on shaky legs and moved out of the shower. He dried himself off and dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He wandered out of the bedroom and found Jack on the couch, watching cartoons. Spencer sat down on the couch and was about to open his mouth when Jack crawled across the couch and into his lap. Spencer turned his eyes to the TV that was playing softly. Jack didn’t say anything, just cuddled there in Spencer’s lap. This would at least center him.

Mirror World

The day was bright and cloudless and Spencer couldn’t quite keep the smile off his face as he held Jack’s hand while they explored the shops along Dupont Circle. They had already gone to the game store and Spencer had bought him a couple of video games on his and Aaron’s approval list. Their next stop was going to be one of the many bookstores in the area.

“Pops, can I get the next Ranger’s Apprentice?” Jack got out his phone that had his list of books on it, especially the different series that he was keeping up with. He was so much like his father in being very organized. He even had projected publishing dates for the future installments for his favorites. Spencer could relate, it was something he was prone to do in his own world. It made him wonder if the next Ice and Fire book had come out in the time he was here in this world.

“Sure, Jack. Let’s go see what they have.” Spencer smiled as he ruffled Jack’s hair before pulling open the door to the bookstore. This was one place he knew he could let Jack roam, the staff knew them well and would keep an unofficial eye on the boy. It gave Spencer a few minutes to check out the adult Sci-fi and fiction shelves. As he was looking at books by authors he had never heard of and probably weren’t in his world, Jack came running up to him with several books in his arms.

“Why don’t you stack those here, then go get a basket.” Spencer chuckled as Jack carefully put his books down then went to the front of the store to grab a hand basket. By the time he got back Spencer had a small stack himself. He first piled his books in, then one by one he looked over Jack’s selections and approved of all but one, Enclave by Ann Aguilar. It’s one Spencer recognized from the boys he played chess with at the park. He had been asked to read it by one of the parents to see if it really was okay for her son to read. Spencer had done a quick read through and agreed that he was old enough, Jack, however, wasn’t

“We’ll note this one on your to read later list, Jack. It’s a little on the older side for you. You know your Dad doesn’t want you reading anything too sexual.”

Jack looked disappointed and Spencer knew what he was doing, pushing boundaries of what he was allowed to read.

“Aww, Pops, a lot of the guys at school have already read Enclave. They all tell me I have to read it.”

“I know kiddo, but you know your Father’s rules. And, I can’t say that I don’t agree, because I do. Now, the rest are fine, but go put this one back.” Jack scowled as he walked back to the young adult science fiction section and put the book back. Spencer knew that keeping their rules was important. Clear boundaries and Jack knowing what he could and couldn’t do were important. Spencer was glad to know, though, that Aaron balanced out the rules. They were flexible as Jack grew older.


“Yeah Buddy?”

“Can we go to the coffee shop?” Jack’s eyes were huge and Spencer knew he was lost.

“Yeah, let’s just go pay for these, then we’ll head on over there. And, since you’ve been so good, you can have a small coffee.” Jack almost cheered, but Spencer saw that he remembered where he was and just did a quick happy dance. Laughing at the boy, he grabbed the basket and made his way to the register where he paid for their books.

When they made their way out the door, Jack looped a finger around Spencer’s belt loop, staying close. They were halfway towards the coffee shop when Spencer felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He looked around, his eyes going flat as all his training came into focus. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong.

Spencer scanned the area with his eyes, his fingers itched to grab the gun he wore at his back. It had take him a while to get used to it, as he liked to wear it in front, slightly to the side. With Jack there he didn’t want to alarm the boy so he continued walking towards to coffee shop. Their bodyguard Spencer could see out of the corner of his eye. He was keeping a discreet, but near enough distance that if anything happened, he’d be on them quickly.

“Pops, you okay?” Jack almost whispered as he moved even closer to Spencer.

“Yeah, buddy. I’m okay. You remember what to do if anything happens, right?”

Jack frowned and Spencer could feel his anxiety. Both Aaron and Spencer had trained Jack in several safety protocols if anyone tried to harm him or grab him. They both had hidden panic buttons sewn into all of their clothes. It was a device Jackson had created that could be stitched into the hems or collars of shirts. Or it could be added to a belt or other piece of jewelry. There was one in every one of Spencer’s collars. He wouldn’t activate unless they truly were in danger.

“Yeah. Pops, you’d tell me if something was wrong, right?”

Spencer smiled and relaxed his stance like Morgan had been trying to teach him.

“You know I would. Now, we’re here. It’s probably just a bit of paranoia. Come on, why don’t you get comfortable and I’ll get our drinks.” Spencer kept a sharp eye on Jack and also noted when Trevor moved into the coffee shop and moved to a small table near the boy. Spencer ordered, and waited for their coffees. He grabbed them when they were ready, then turned and quickly scanned the tables. He sat next to Jack and couldn’t quite shake that feeling of being watched.

With his eyes and subtle hand movements he told Trevor he thought they were being watched. The bodyguard silently stood and went to get his own drink. Spencer watched as he too scanned the room, but nothing so far seemed out of the ordinary. The bodyguard got his coffee and returned to his silent watch.

Pulling a couple of books out of the bag, he handed Jack one of his own books, then pulled out one he wanted to read as well. Settling back he started to read, but kept aware enough that he looked around every so often. He tried not to tense as he sat there surveilling. It felt no different than a typical FBI location stakeout, but different because this was personal, whatever it was.


“Yeah Jack?” The boy took a few moments to form the question that was on his mind.

“Is your Jack anything like me?” The boy looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Well, he’s a lot younger than you. He’s six, but he is a very smart little boy like you are.”

“Do you love him too?”

Spencer frowned as he set his book down and really looked at the boy.

“I want to Jack. But, there are things that have kept us apart. I want to be able to do all the things with him that I do with you.” Spencer took a breath and wrapped his arm around Jack.

“Does he like soccer too?”

Spencer softly chuckled and shook his head, “Yes, he does. But they are still in the peewee league. Not like you, but I’m sure with some good coaching and practice he’ll move up. Why all these questions buddy?”

“Well, you and Uncle Charlie are doing all those experiments to try to get you home and I just want to make sure you have someone to take care of you. Will your Jack take care of you Pops?”

Spencer couldn’t help the lump in his throat or the tears that pricked his eyes, but he wasn’t going to let them fall. The days of him easily crying had been waning. That strong inner core that he had been building before the accident had just gotten stronger with being in this world. Jack’s love and acceptance was one of the biggest things that had helped to build him up.

“I don’t know buddy, but if your Papa loves him like he does you, then I think when I get home, things will be very different for me. I’ll love him already because he isn’t any different from you.”

“Good, I love you Pops.” Jack leaned in close and opened his book back-up and started to read.

Spencer’s heart hitched in his chest as he sat there drinking his coffee and reading. He didn’t want to think about going back right now. Losing this Jack and even Aaron would hurt and he didn’t want to deal with what that would mean when he got home.

He patiently waited till Jack was done with his coffee, that uneasy feeling he had when entering the coffee shop had abated, but he still kept himself on alert. When they were done, Spencer stood and threw their cups away, grabbed their bags in one hand and then he took Jack’s hand in his free one. They went out first, Trevor, again following discreetly behind them.

“Where next Jackers?” Spencer asked as they strolled along.

“Can we go to Fantom Comics?”

“Sure.” As they walked, that feeling of being watched was back and Spencer looked around, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He tried to tamp down on his anxiety as they continued walking. He didn’t want to scare Jack.

The noise of a scuffle behind him had Spencer, all in one motion, turning, grabbing his gun, and shoving Jack behind him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Dr. Reid. We wouldn’t want anyone hurt, now would we?”

“Foyet. You’ve been following us, haven’t you?”

“Smart as ever. You and the little brat are going to fucking pay for what you’ve done to me.” Foyet yelled at Spencer as he held the gun he had steady in his hands. In that moment he knew exactly what Aaron had felt when his Foyet had invaded Aaron’s apartment. He felt fear, but underneath it was white hot rage that Foyet was threatening Jack.

“No, we aren’t. And if I shoot you, no one will sympathize with you Foyet. I could do it, out here in the open and no one would condemn me. Your crimes are very public knowledge and no one sympathizes with a child molester.”

“I’d watch how you talk to me Dr. Reid.” Foyet too a step closer to Spencer and Jack, who took a step back. Spencer noticed several people pulling out their phones, but he couldn’t be sure if they were filming, or if someone was calling the police.

“I’d put that gun down if I were you Dr. Reid. Like I said, you don’t want to hurt an innocent bystander. Now, we are going somewhere a little more private and hash this all out. No sudden moves, I can’t be responsible if others get hurt if either one of us was to open fire.” Foyet took several steps and Spencer wondered where Trevor was. He was looking around quickly trying to assess his situation. He would do anything to protect Jack, even if it cost him his own life.

Spencer’s heart was pounding, but he kept an outward appearance of calm. He knew that no amount of talking was going to stop Foyet. Spencer was going to back-up, but he had Jack to think about. Taking a deep breath he showed Foyet that he was putting his weapon away. He knew he could have taken the shot, but being out on the street, there was always the chance that someone could get hurt. He would bide his time and look for an opening. The one advantage, though, were the panic buttons that no one outside of Spencer, Aaron and Jack knew about them.

“Foyet, let us go. If you hurt either of us, you know Aaron will hunt you down like a dog. There will be nowhere you can run to. He has friends and spies everywhere.”

Foyet sneered, then quicker than Spencer could react, the man grabbed Jack by the upper arm and put the gun against the boy’s temple. Spencer was no longer afraid for himself, he was terrified for Jack, but there was also a burning hot rage inside him that the psychopath put his hands on his son. That thought almost made him falter. He didn’t realize till that moment that he thought of Jack as his son as well. Clamping down on his emotions he glared hard at Foyet.

“Now, walk. Only turn when I tell you. The police are bound to show up, and if they do before we are out of the street, you just play it cool and keep walking. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to the boy now, would we?”

“What did you do with Trevor?” Spencer wanted to keep him talking, he knew if he kept Foyet focused and talking, it gave him more time to work out some kind of plan, or gave Aaron enough time to find them.

“Don’t worry I didn’t kill him. Just put him out for a few hours,” Foyet sneered as he kept forcing them forward.

“You know they’ll find us. You’ve exposed yourself George, there are too many witnesses out here in the middle of the street for you to kill. You should let us go. I want to say that the police will go easy on you, but I don’t really think they will. You’ve done too much damage. Not only to the BAU, but to the reputation of the FBI in general. Your a stain, a taint that they should have gotten rid of a long time ago.” Spencer knew he was egging Foyet on, but it didn’t really matter. There was no good way to talk himself out of this situation. But, if he could get Foyet off the street and alone, he had a better chance. He was going through all the possible scenarios in his head when Foyet momentarily let go of Jack and shoved him down an alley. He was pushed back towards a door that led to an old empty storefront. Spencer felt Foyet take his gun from his back as he was shoved inside, then Jack after him.

“You got a smart mouth on you, anyone ever tell you that?”

Spencer’s grinned, but the look in his eyes was pure malice and he saw Foyet momentarily slip. He took a step forward and crossed his arms.

“All the time.” He thought of Morgan in that moment and the dressing down he knew he would get for taunting the UnSub. But, this was Foyet. The man that had stalked, stabbed Aaron and killed Haley. Spencer felt that white hot rage yet again.

“You should watch it. That mouth could get you into trouble.” The leer on his face had Spencer narrowing his eyes. This man was so much like the Foyet in his world, that it made him pause for a moment.

“What do you think you are going to do to me Foyet?” Spencer and Jack had both activated their panic buttons by now, and he just needed to keep the man talking. Aaron would have a plan and he hoped it would happen soon.

“If I had time?” Foyet shoved Jack away and the boy fell on the floor, Spencer was about to go check on him when he was grabbed by Foyet and held close. “Oh, if I had the time I’d use a knife and enjoy marring that oh so perfect skin of yours, then, well I might use that pretty mouth, I’d break you then I might let you live and give Hotchner back his doll, broken, scarred, then we’d see how much he’d want you then.”

Spencer wanted to close his eyes, he thought of his Aaron and wondered what else had happened in that apartment after Foyet had hurt him. He wondered if he’d get the chance to find out. But, he didn’t close his eyes, instead he almost laughed at Foyet.

“You think Aaron wouldn’t want me if you scarred me? Then you know nothing.”

“Pops, don’t.” Jack cried out, his eyes wide at watching what was happening.

“It’s okay buddy, everything will be fine. I promise.”

“You really shouldn’t make those kinds of promises, Dr. Reid. Don’t want to disappoint the boy, now would we?”

“Are you going to actually do something? Or are you going to keep talking me to death?” Spencer knew it was probably the wrong thing to do, but he was just tired of Foyet. Tired of his games and his taunting, if he was going to do something, he wanted it over with. He just hoped he could control the outcome.

The crack of the gun across his face wasn’t unexpected, but the force of it had him falling to his knees. He knew he was going to twist his bad knee, there wasn’t anything he could do about it, but, he held in the smile as he fell. This was one of those times that his nimble fingers came in handy as he controlled his descent. He grimaced as he felt his knee pop, but it was the only way, the only logical outcome out of this situation. He reached down, grabbed the gun out of his ankle holster, rolled onto his back and in an almost repeat of his encounter with Dowd, he shot. This time, though, he knew exactly where he was aiming as the bullet went right through Foyet’s skull.

Jack screamed and ran over to him, Spencer wrapped his arms around the boy as they both watched as Foyet’s now lifeless body fell to the ground. Mere moments later police were swarming the area. He heard one calling for an ambulance, Spencer knew he wasn’t going to be able to stand, he had felt the pop and knew he was in for some recovery time.

“Dr. Reid,” a detective was crouching down next to him, he looked up and recognized Detective Walker.

“Detective. My partner is going to be on his way, I will only give my statement after I’ve been taken to the hospital and my knee looked at. And, Mr, Hotchner will be with me when I do.” The Detective raised a brow and was going to protest when more people showed up. It was the EMT’s. One of them quickly ran over to him and started to take his vitals and ask questions.

“I was shot in the knee almost two years ago. I’ve had a couple of surgeries to repair the damage, but when facing off against the UnSub, I twisted wrong and popped something internally. It happened when I was trying to get the gun in my ankle holster.”

“Okay, I’m going to have to cut away your trousers to stabilize the injury, then we’ll get you on the gurney. Is there anyone you need the hospital to call?”

“I’d rather wait till my partner gets here.”

“Dr. Reid…”

“I’d rather wait to go to the hospital till my partner gets here. Now, do what you need to stabilize me, and get me on the gurney, but we aren’t leaving till Mr. Hotchner arrives.” Spencer turned to check on Jack, the boy’s eyes filled with fear. “Hey buddy, I’m going to be fine. You hear me?”

“Yes.” Jack sat next to Spencer, holding his hand. There was activity all around them, police and the Detectives working the scene assessing the situation. Spencer had already handed over the gun he had used to shoot Foyet with. The CSU team had arrived and they started their sweep of the scene. As Spencer was being lifted onto the Gurney, Aaron’s personal security ran in the building with Aaron right in the middle of them. He ignored everyone as he went right to where Spencer was. First thing that happened was he was being kissed.

“What happened Spencer? Did he put his hands on you or Jack?” Aaron growled low in his throat, and Spencer knew he had quickly assessed the scene.

“Aaron, you need to calm down, I’ll explain everything once we get to the hospital and after x-rays are taken to see what happened to my knee. I want you there when I talk to the detective. He already has the gun, and they took my fingerprints, but I refused a statement till later.”

“Alright.” Aaron looked at the EMT’s and nodded at them to load Spencer up in the ambulance. He then put Jack in there and he got in himself. It didn’t take long at all for them to arrive. Aaron and Jack were told to wait in a waiting room, that the doctor would be out to see them as soon as they have Spencer looked at.

After being settled into a bed in the ER, Spencer laid his head back and breathed deep. When one of the nurses came to him to give him pain medication he made sure it wasn’t a narcotic.

“And please not anything that would activate my beta-lactams. That family of antibiotics I’m very sensitive to.”

“I’ll note it on your chart Dr. Reid. It will be just a moment and the doctor will see you.” Spencer just nodded and tried not to move too much, his knee was aching and he didn’t want to do anymore damage to it. He assessed how it was feeling and had a feeling that all he did was sprain it really bad. He didn’t feel any tears, but they would have to X-Ray to make sure. His eyes were closed when he felt a hand in his hair and kiss to his lips.

“Hey, I’m fine.” Spencer opened his eyes to see Aaron staring at him intensely, assessing him.

“What’s the problem with your knee?”

“It was when I was shot two years ago. I haven’t had too many problems, but when Foyet hit me I twisted wrong and went down. But, it also gave me advantage of grabbing my gun. I think I just sprained it, but they’ll X-Ray it to be sure.”

“You did good. Foyet will never be a problem and I won’t have to…facilitate an accident in prison.”

Spencer wasn’t sure what to say to that, so he just kept his mouth shut. His day with Jack had started out so well, then turned to shit. He was exhausted and just wanted to go home. But, he wasn’t getting out of there till the Doctor looked at him. Aaron stayed with him and he hated to admit that it settled him down. The adrenaline rush was gone and though he had killed before he knew that he’d have nightmares. He was ready for it, and having Aaron there would help.

The Doctor confirmed his suspicions. He had a really bad sprain, he would need to stay off his leg for at least a week, then crutches and a soft cast for about two weeks. Light weight on it and increase activity slowly while it healed. He was given a non-narcotic pain medication prescription, then the Doctor signed him out.

He waited for the Detective to show-up and gave his full statement. The Detective wanted to speak with Jack as well. Aaron brought Jack into the curtained off area where Spencer was and told the Detective they could do it there and that was it. The man didn’t like it, but he knew he didn’t have a choice. Especially since Aaron could block any questioning of the boy.

Finally, they were done and Spencer was leaving the hospital. He couldn’t wait to get home to put the whole awful experience behind him. He knew Aaron was going to go into mother hen mode, but he didn’t have the strength to fight him on it. When he could finally crawl into bed, he sighed in relief. With leg elevated, pillows to prop him up and a mug of tea and several books, he didn’t want for anything. He could call the kitchen for food, and JJ would be there during the day to help. Spencer just went along with whatever Aaron wanted, there wouldn’t be any use in arguing. His last thought before he started to doze was how nice it was to have someone to take care of him. The last time, he had to do it all alone. And now, he wasn’t alone anymore.


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