New Roads April 2015

Spencer leaned against the counter, looking out one of the kitchen windows. The sun wasn’t up yet, but he was. Aaron was still asleep in bed. It was Spring Break for the school, and Spencer had made sure he had no work to even think about during it. In the aftermath of Peter Lewis, Aaron found himself worked into a panic the one night he’d gone home with Jack to sleep after a few days of staying at Spencer’s, even with him in the guest room. So after a two a.m. rush to DC to calm down Aaron, Spencer had just had them stay at his house for a while. But Aaron and Jack hadn’t gone back home other than to get clothes.

Instead, Spencer had just cleaned out his closet some and bought a second dresser. Aaron had come back from a case to find the house rearranged a little. When he’d gone up, and unpacked his go bag, he’d found more room for all of his things, as well as, what clothes he had been leaving there were not where he’d left them. Spencer had left it up to him to whether he was going to fully move in, but it was crazy to have him living out of his go bag. So at dinner that night, Aaron had brought it up to Jack. The boy had been all for it. Jack had been moved in that weekend while Aaron’s things had taken longer. It was Wednesday and they had both spent Monday and Tuesday cleaning out the apartment. There wasn’t any furniture that Aaron was attached to in his apartment, most of it had been bought in a rush when he’d leased the place. The only thing brought was Aaron’s desk, and that had been moved into the office at the back of the house.

It had been seamless and easy. Moving an adult and child into his house shouldn’t have been as easy to adapt to as it was, but he was used to Jack being there after school more and more. The boy adored coming to his house, even if it was just to go down and play. For the time being, Jack was taking over what had been Henry’s room. The bunkbed was staying, and a different dresser had been bought that had a side for Jack’s things, and a side for Henry’s. The boys were enjoying it so far. Since they had moved Aaron in, they moved the boys’ bedroom to the basement as well. Will and a few guys from his station had come and helped do that. Spencer wasn’t able to help move much at all, and Aaron didn’t let him help move anything more than what he could carry one handed. The basement had been full of odds and ends of his. Decorations and whatnot. A new storage building had been put up in the backyard. He’d come home from the school with Jack the week before and found it there. Aaron had done well at picking one out that Spencer liked. All of his things had been moved into it and then this week they’d moved the boys down.

Aaron had also overseen the alarm being installed just after the incident with Peter Lewis. Jessica had her own keys so that she could get in if needed. They had discussed buying a different place, but Spencer liked his house, and it had been hard to find a nice sized place that was all one floor. So Aaron had dropped the discussion quick.

“What are you doing awake?” Aaron asked as he wrapped an arm around Spencer’s waist, pulling him back into his chest.

“Couldn’t sleep anymore. I wasn’t allowed to wear myself out yesterday, like you, remember.” Spencer smiled though as Aaron settled in at his back. While they had been sleeping in the same bed, sex hadn’t entered into the equation yet. Spencer wasn’t sure what he thought about not having sex. It was all he’d had before. Never getting into a full relationship with anyone. He hadn’t wanted one until he’d met Aaron. The older man pulled him a little closer and Spencer could feel his erection. They weren’t shy about them, taking care of whatever erections they got on their own. They hadn’t discussed sex again, not since before moving in together. He just hadn’t wanted to change what they had, but the thought of it now was very arousing. “But maybe you can wear me out another way.”

The sharp intake of breath told Spencer that Aaron knew exactly what he was talking about. The arm wrapped around him moved up, sliding up his body until his hand was at the base of his throat. The other hand moved from where he hadn’t even realized it was on his hip to slide tantalizingly close to his crotch. He pressed his hips forward then pushed back, rubbing himself on Aaron.

“I want you,” Aaron whispered, voice rough with arousal. His hand didn’t move to Spencer’s cock though, at least not at first. It slipped underneath the thin t-shirt he always wore to bed. At the first touch of fingers on his stomach, he sucked in a breath. That touch had his skin tingling like an arc of electricity flared over his skin. He unwrapped his fingers from his cup of coffee, and set it down on the counter, flipping the switch on the pot to turn it off. He turned in Aaron’s hold and looked him in the eye. There was no question to how much Aaron wanted him. Aaron grabbed the hem of Spencer’s shirt and slowly pulled it up and then off of him.

Instead of moving to pull Aaron’s shirt off, Spencer slipped his hands underneath it and traced his sides and his back. He leaned in and kissed Aaron. Aaron though only let him have a few seconds of control with the kiss before he turned the tables. He was pushed back into the counter, trapped between Aaron and the unforgiving wood. His cane clattered to the floor, but he didn’t care. He could make it to the bedroom without it. He knew that Aaron would be upset if he did, but the man was frustrating on what he was allowed to do. It was a byproduct of what had happened that had him fleeing from the team, and he knew he just had to give him time.

“Up,” Aaron said as his hands trailed down to Spencer’s hips.

“What?” Spencer dove back in after speaking. He tried his hardest to count Aaron’s teeth with his tongue, and the man didn’t try and stop him. Instead he just tightened his hold on Spencer’s hips and lifted.

Spencer cried out, and wrapped his arms around Aaron’s neck as he was lifted slightly. He wrapped his legs around Aaron, and was rewarded with hands sliding back to cup his ass cheeks. Spencer’s strength was in his upper body, having been on crutches, and then a cane for so long, he’d worked his upper body to make sure that his leg wasn’t a hindrance. He couldn’t run, and walking without the cane was hard, but he could do it. Aaron, though, was pure strength. He stayed as fit as he could. Using the academy’s gym to stay in shape even when he wasn’t running in a marathon. It also hadn’t taken him long to get a route for running in Dumfries figured out. The small town hadn’t taken long to figure out that he was staying. Spencer held on as Aaron started walking backwards towards the bedroom.

Back against the wall outside of the bedroom, Spencer tried to pull out of the kiss. He wanted what was happening next. Foreplay was all well and good, but it had been a while for him. Aaron, though, had him pressed into the wall well enough to where he was able to use one of his hands to hold Spencer’s head exactly where he wanted it. Aaron wasn’t letting him go. He tried to fight it, but he was well and truly trapped.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Spencer gave in. He stopped fighting what Aaron was doing and enjoyed what was happening. He pulled the t-shirt from where it was trapped by his legs wrapped around his waist and then started to touch. His fingers found the scars on Aaron’s chest. He’d seen them from time to time over the past month, but he’d never touched. Aaron didn’t try and stop him or jerk away so he kept touching.

Aaron pulled them up and started to move towards the bed again. Instead of dropping him to the bed though, Aaron sat down on the foot of the bed, holding Spencer in his lap.

“What do I need to do to not hurt you?” Aaron asked, cupping Spencer’s face to keep their eyes locked. His other hand touched his knee where it was behind the older man.

“I can’t do hands and knees. Nothing that means putting weight and supporting myself on that leg. Other than that, I don’t know. I’ve not…done this since I was better. Hands jobs, yes, but penetrative sex, I’ve not had that since I was on the team.”

“We don’t have to do that, Spencer. We can do whatever you are comfortable with.”

“I want it. I want to feel you in me. I want to see you moving above me. I just, I don’t know what is going to hurt and what isn’t. We can take it slow.” Spencer pushed against Aaron’s hands and kissed him. Aaron wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him in tight. He braced for something, and was rewarded with Aaron moving them to where he was on his back. Aaron thrust their cocks together and Spencer moaned.

“Do you have what we need?” Aaron whispered in his ear before nipping at it.

“Yes. Drawer,” Spencer said as he waved his hand dismissively at the nightstand on his side of the bed. Aaron leaned up and pulled the drawer open. He pulled out lube and a condom. “I wasn’t sure what you wanted, and I figured it was better to have them than to not have them and not have sex.”

“Always prepared. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were a boy scout.” Aaron leaned up and pulled his shirt off before scooting back, and taking Spencer’s sleep pants with him. He threw them off the side of the bed before working his own pants off as well. Aaron was naked and when Spencer tried to sit up to pull him close, Aaron pushed him back down. “Stay.”

Spencer pouted at him as he reached out, grabbing the retreating arm and pulling him in. Aaron came willingly, but only so far. He grabbed Spencer’s hands and pressed them down into the bed as he licked at Spencer’s neck. Spencer pulled his legs up to bracket Aaron’s body. He put his weight onto his good leg and thrust up.

“I said stay.”

“You didn’t say that I had to stay still and I did stay. My back is in the same place that is was before.”

“Cheeky.” Aaron released his hands and sat up, he coaxed Spencer up with him. Aaron smiled at him and sat back on his knees, looking Spencer up and down. Spencer knew that he looked a lot different than he had the last time that Aaron had seen him shirtless. He watched the other man’s eyes as he looked at him. He was totally on display and dark eyes moved from the top of his head to his hard cock. He blushed and looked away, not able to take the look of lust on Aaron’s face. He focused on Aaron’s nightstand. The proof every single time that he entered the room that Aaron was there with him.

Aaron moved, but Spencer didn’t look. Instead, he closed his eyes. He felt the man spread his legs a little more before he felt something press at his hole. That made him jerk his eyes open, and he looked down in time to see Aaron take his cock in his mouth. The older man’s eyes were dancing with amusement as his tongue laved at the underside of his cock. He couldn’t look away. Spencer watched every single movement of Aaron’s head as he bobbed up and down, trying his hardest to make him come. He felt a finger slip inside of him, not even realizing that Aaron had lubed up his fingers. He never needed much stretching, but damn being played with always felt good.

“Please. Fuck. Aaron,” Spencer babbled as he felt his prostate being brushed. He forgot himself for a few seconds and tried to thrust down on the fingers inside of him, but the twinge of his knee reminded him why it was a bad idea. He tried to stop his knee from giving out on him, but he couldn’t. Pain shot through his leg and he couldn’t help but gasp out loud. Aaron pulled his fingers from him and was up with his clean hand on his face, making him look at him. Spencer breathed through the pain. He looked at Aaron and smiled. His soon to be lover smiled back at him. “Well, that’s something I can’t do. I’m fine, I just need to not do that again.”

“I didn’t hurt you?” Aaron looked worried.

“No, no. I put too much pressure on my knee. No, you were making me feel good. I promise.” Spencer pulled him down into a kiss. The sun was starting to peak on the horizon, Spencer could see through the window at Aaron’s back. “Please.”

“Relax.” Aaron smiled at him and moved closer, his knees starting to slid under his ass. Then Hotch was lifting him up by his waist. He tried to sit up, but Aaron pulled him forward and his back fell onto the bed. The other man’s legs under him spread apart on the bed and he felt a hand slide back and down to his ass. He was laying in Aaron’s lap and by the look of it was about to be fucked in that position. “Ready?”

“Aaron?” Spencer questioned, but then he felt the head of Aaron’s cock at his entrance. The only way for him to get leverage was to use his legs and push, but he couldn’t because of his bad one, he was at Aaron’s mercy. The thought of that had his breath hitching, and then he was being breached. He gripped the bedsheets under his hands as Aaron moved into him, seating Spencer fully on his cock. He’d never had sex in this position, with a man or a woman. The pure power that Aaron was showing with his legs and his arms had Spencer already so close to the edge. Aaron wasn’t thrusting in and out of him, he was rocking, his cock dragging across his prostate on nearly ever single thrust. His knee wasn’t feeling any pain at all. He was basically laying in Aaron’s lap and getting fucked.

“Feeling good for you?” Aaron asked.

Spencer could only nod, if he opened his mouth he was going to beg and he didn’t want to. He wanted this right here for however long he and Aaron could do it. No slower, no faster, just this. “Right like this.”

“I intend to. The little pant that you let out, every time I thrust just that little harder. I’m going to hear that every single time I think about you.” Aaron pulled him in harder for just a single thrust before going back to his rocking. “Seeing you like this, face full of pleasure is going to haunt me every single case.”

“Aaron,” Spencer begged. He moved his hand to take a hold of his cock, but Aaron lifted him up just a little more and he couldn’t. He splayed his arms more to support his head and neck. Aaron smiled down at him, wickedly. He only sped up his rocking slightly. Spencer felt himself moving ever closer to coming. He didn’t hold back, letting himself tip over that edge. His entire body stiffened, and his head tipped back to where he couldn’t see Aaron anymore. He felt his release landing on himself and Aaron still rocking in him, but it was faster now. The other man stilled after a few more rocks and the way that his hands curled and dragged on his back told Spencer that he was coming as well. He was silent though. Spencer forced his head down and saw that Aaron’s eyes were closed and his mouth open in shock. The only thing that Spencer can think of is that he hadn’t meant to orgasm.

Gently, Aaron pulled out of him before helping him to lay flat on the bed. But the older man didn’t move away, he just sat there between Spencer’s spread legs. His hands went right for Spencer’s bad knee and reverently touched the still visible scar. He leaned over and kissed it before slowly moving up Spencer’s body, finding every little scar that he had on his body and kissing them. Most were from childhood and were faded, but just visible. The brush of lips on skin settled Spencer farther down into contentment. His eyes closed as he enjoyed the sensations.

Kisses pressed to his closed eyelids had Spencer smiling. This felt good. It felt perfect.

“Stay here. I’m going to clean up and then bring in something to clean you up.” Aaron whispered in his ear before moving away.

“Hurry,” Spencer called out as he settled down even more. The only thing that he would need was a sheet over him and he’d be asleep. He rolled onto his side, keeping his bad knee on the bed and kind of sheltering with his good one. He heard the curtains being pulled in the room but didn’t open his eyes. The bed dipped and Spencer turned his head. When he opened his eyes, he found that Aaron had shut the curtains all the way. The only light was from the bathroom. He reached out for the rag but Aaron kept it away from him.

“Just relax. Today is about you. You take care of me and Jack and it’s time for me to repay that.”

Spencer let Aaron take care of him. He was gentle and when he was done he got up off the bed again. He came back a few minutes later and wrapped himself around Spencer. Spencer wasn’t sure what he thought about just letting Aaron take care of him. He wasn’t used to that. He took care of himself, but Aaron had shown trust in the aftermath of Peter Lewis.

“What are you thinking about?” Aaron asked, his voice soft and low. Spencer reached back and grabbed the hand that had settled on his hip, pulling it up and kissing the palm of it. He smiled. He thought that he should feel wrong about giving into Aaron, but he wasn’t. Aaron would catch him if he fell. Aaron had his love, but he hadn’t realized when he’d given him all of his trust. He hadn’t realized that.

“You wormed your way back in. I love you, but I wasn’t going to give in totally, not yet, but you,,. I want it. I want you to take care of me.” Spencer snuggled back into Aaron’s arms as the older man covered them with a blanket.

“And you want to take care of me. That’s what it feels like when it’s right. It’s a give and take, and you’ve never had that before in any relationship. It’s a good thing. I can see you are a little worried.”

“I don’t. I never felt like this before. I don’t rely on people. When you were on your last case, I wrenched my knee at the school, and my first thought was that I wished you were home so you could rub it like you do when we watch movies. It scared me.”

“But you didn’t run. You processed. Probably overanalyzed. You stayed. While I’m a little upset you didn’t talk to me about it as soon as it became an issue, you are talking now.” Aaron kissed at the back of Spencer’s neck.

“I did process, and I wasn’t going to bring it up until I knew my own mind. And I do now. It doesn’t scare me anymore. I know you want me. I know you need me, and I want and need you too.” Spencer rolled onto his back and nuzzled up into face. “You and Jack moved into my life, and it was like there were always Aaron and Jack shaped holes that I never knew were there. And I don’t want to change it.”

“One day, I’m going to ask you to marry me.” Aaron’s fingers traced his ring finger. “When we are both ready, but that’s what this is for me, Spencer. I know that this part has been slow in going, but I didn’t move in with my eyes closed. I knew that you’d adapt and change. You do better when confronted with things, and then allowed to process, but I’ve also learned that if you are left to your own, you’ll choose not to change. I wasn’t expecting you to just move us in when my nightmares bothered me.”

“It didn’t make sense to not have you here. I wanted you here. You wanted to be here. Why not just have you stay? Then you wouldn’t have to keep up a pretense of going back to the apartment. It’s been nice not being alone. Even when you are away on a case, I have Jack here.” Spencer was finding that Jack was wonderful to have around. Will was liking it as it also meant that Henry wanted to spend even more time with Spencer. Which was also probably why JJ was pregnant. Between her and Callahan that was four children born that Spencer was getting to spend time with. Callahan had taken a year after the birth of her first born child, and she’d been back from it for a little over a year. Now JJ was pregnant with a second child. She had already talked to him about being the new baby’s godfather as well. Callahan was going to be asked to be the godmother. Garcia had been discussed, but there was something that had been stopping JJ and Will from agreeing on her again. Will had become good friends with Callahan’s husband and they both hung out on occasion.

“I know you like talking to Lewis. Dave has stated to me that he’d like to start over with you. Morgan and Garcia pretend you don’t exist. Morgan asked Savannah to marry him. They have been living together for a few months. All I can say is one day that you have off, and I am working you can bring in lunch and we shall see how they do.” Aaron’s breathing started to even out and Spencer knew he was falling asleep. “Maybe we can all three wearing those matching ties that Jessica bought us.”

As much as walking away had hurt before, he wouldn’t be able to do it now. He wouldn’t be able to not have Aaron and Jack in his life now. Closing his eyes, Spencer allowed himself to drift off. Happy and content for the first time in a long while.
The End


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