00Q Dragons-EAD 2017

Title: Untitled
Series: 00Q Dragons
Fandom: James Bond
Year: Around Skyfall
Tags: AU: Magic Is Known,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Pre James Bond/Q
Characters: James Bond, Alec Trevelyan, M (Olivia Mansfield), Q, Tanner, Eve Moneypenny
Spoilers: Up Through Skyfall
Summary: The world at large knows of magic and has since it was reveals a thousand years before. But inside of MI6 secrets still abound. It’s said that to become a Double O one has to kill twice. Only that’s not the only thing. One has to have something a little more. A little special. One has to be a dragon. When M puts a new Q in place after the bombing of Vauxhall Cross, no one is more shocked than the Double 0’s when this new Q is a Fae.

James Bond entered the temporary MI6 headquarters like he owned it. Eyes were on him as he moved through the halls. There was a vibe to the place that James didn’t like.

“Well, there you are, finally,” M said. She looked him and down. James knew that his face was still haggard but he didn’t care, his suit was pressed and nothing was out of place. While MI6 might have put his things from his flat into storage, there were three safe houses that he maintained that they hadn’t touched. “Where did you steal the suit from?”

“I had it at Alec’s.”

“006 burned down his third flat three weeks ago. If it was there, it was destroyed. Try again.”

James just smirked at her. She wasn’t ever going to find out all of his secrets.

“Whatever was salvaged from Trevelyan’s flat is in the Double O tunnels, which is where 006 will be living for the time being. You are more than welcome to join him.”

“Oh, I’ll find someplace to live. Don’t worry about me.”

“I don’t. I only give a damn when you are messing up my life. Tanner will explain everything.”

“And where will I find Q?”

“Major Boothroyd was killed in the explosion. The new Q is working, leave him alone. You’ll meet him when you need to.”

James glared at M but he didn’t say anything at all.

“Bond, with me,” Tanner said.

James turned to look at Tanner. He looked harried but no more than the other members of MI6. He could smell the magic gone wrong inside of the tunnels. Worry created bad magic and bad magic meant that things went wrong. James couldn’t be happier to be going out on a mission.

“Where are we going?”

“Q hasn’t set up shop in the tunnels yet. He’s not found a spot he likes.”

“What kind of Quartermaster did she find for us this time? It’s going to be hard to top a Druid.”

“He’s a-” Tanner stopped when a Pseudodragon flew across the opening that Tanner was getting to in the tunnels.

“When did MI6 get a Pseudodragon?” James asked. James was shocked. Pseudodragons were very rare outside of dragons havens. James hadn’t seen one since he’d left Skyfall. There had been a nest of them living on the land the last time he’d visited, without Kinkade knowing. Even without James’s family being there, the land was dragon and so to a Pseudodragon it smelled of safety.

“That is the Quartermaster’s bonded familiar.”

“M said that she’d never instill a Dragon as Quartermaster in her lifetime. Something about the Double O’s being enough. ”

“Q is not a Dragon.”

“What is he then?”

The Pseudodragon flew back down the corridor and flew right at James. As he ducked to miss getting a face full of Pseudodragon, James took a deep breath. He smelled Fae. He felt the magic of Fae off of the dragon as well.

“A FAE!” James screamed before he turned to Tanner, watching the Pseudodragon out of the corner of his eye as he took in the look on Tanner’s face.

“I wondered if you were still that sensitive after three months away. Yes, Q is a Fae. Before we get that far though, you have tests to complete.”

Five hours later, James was showering after his tests, he was alone and the adrenalin from the activity was coursing through his blood. His cock was half hard and he stroked it a few times to get it fully hard. He felt magic swirling around him and he saw the Pseudodragon looking down at him.

“Shoo,” James said and flung water up at the little thing. It huffed and James thought for a few seconds that it might try and roast him, M would hate it if he shifted inside the Double O showers again. Instead though, the Pseudodragon huffed at him again and then it seemingly smirked. James glared and the dragon glared back.

“Q is waiting for you at at the National Gallery, whenever you feel like you can pull yourself away from your self love.” The Pseudodragon took to the air and then was gone in a swirl of magic. James wanted to hunt the little fucker down and show him who the bigger dragon was. Show him what a real dragon was like after being bonded to a Fae for his life. James washed off and just to spite the Pseudodragon, he finished jerking himself off.

James shut off the water and moved towards the lockers where James had spare clothes. No one had touched his clothes thankfully. A small bit of magic and the suit smelled new and fresh but as he reached for it, it went from stone grey to light pink and by the time that he pulled it out of the linen bag in the locker, it was hot pink in color. James could feel the magic all over it. The little fucking Pseudodragon had magicked it to react to any magic done to it. James tried to reverse it but that turned the suit neon orange. James kept hitting the suit with magic until it was a light shade of purple that he could at least stand to wear. James dressed himself and looked in the mirror as he tied his tie. It was at least a grey tie that looked well paired with the suit. He’d have to live with his white shirt. He wasn’t good as the clothes magic like some dragons were. James preferred others to make his clothes for him. He was good at death and had been for a long time.

As James left the Double O tunnels, he knew that several people were looking at him but he ignored them. He’d never worn a suit like he was wearing but he didn’t care. He’d make the little dragon pay in some way. He’d find a way to get him back. James hit the edge of the zone of the MI6 druids protection and he teleported to the edge of the National Gallery’s protection zone. The man at the door stared at him but James ignored him as he paid his fee to enter. James wandered through the halls until he found the one he was looking for.

The Fighting Temeraire wasn’t the high list of things that James wanted to see in his lifetime.

A lithe man sat down beside him and James looked at him, barely giving him a look before looking back at the painting.

“Always makes me feel a little melancholy. A grand old warship being ignominiously hauled away for scrap.” The young man inhaled and then exhaled like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. “The inevitability of time, don’t you think? What do you see?”

“A bloody big ship. Excuse me.” James moved to stand up and stopped when he felt the swirl of familiar magic. The Pseudodragon landed there on the bench to James’s left. He stared at James until the Dragon stared back at him.

“007.” The lithe man said, turning James’s attention back to him. “I’m your new Quartermaster.”

“You must be joking.” James sat down and looked back at the Pseudodragon. “This is your master?”

“Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat?” Q said before the Pseudodragon could answer him.

“Because you still have spots.” James knew that Fae tend to be young looking but this one didn’t look much past the age where he would be allowed around humans, much less stronger races.

“My complexion is hardly relevant.”

“Well, your competence is,” James spat at him. Boothroyd had been an old man by human standards before he even took over as Quartermaster of MI6. To have this young, upstart Fae taking his spot was insane.

“Age is no guarantee of efficiency.” The Fae smirked at him and James wanted to slap it off his face.

“And youth is no guarantee of innovation.” James watched the Fae’s face for anything but the young thing’s eyes kept going up to James’s hair.

“I’ll hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do in a year in the field.” The Fae exhaled over James’s face and James felt his scalp tingle.

“Oh, so why do you need me? Every now and then a trigger has to be pulled.”

“Or not pulled. It’s hard to know which in your pajamas.” James looked at the Fae again. “Q.”

“007. Be careful around Kaiden.”

“K,” the Pseudodragon called out behind James.

“His magic is all mischief and he loves to play. While you were worried about getting your suit a shade you could stand, you didn’t see that your hair was changing colors based on your mood. Right now it’s a lovely shade of red.”

“It turned pink when he jerked off,” K supplied. The Fae glared at it but there was no heat to it. James though felt that he wanted to shove the little Pseudodragon off the edge of the bench. James ignored him and tried to get his emotions under control.

“I got rid of it. Can’t have you in Shanghai broadcasting all your deep emotions.” The Fae handed over an envelope followed by a case. “Ticket to Shanghai. Documentation and passport.”

“Thank you. And this.” James opened the case and saw the gun.

“Walther PPK/S 9mm short. There’s a micro-dermal sensor in the grip. It’s been coded to your palm print so only you can fire it. Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement.”

“And this?”

“Standard issue radio transmitter. Activate it and it broadcasts your location. Distress signal. And that’s it.”

“A gun… and a radio. Not exactly Christmas, is it?” James said it to hopefully get a rise out of the new Quartermaster. The man was competent so far but James felt like he was on a weird standing with the Pseudodragon getting laugh in at his expense. He’d known mischief makers. K and Alec were going to get along good and James was hoping that they never met.

“Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore.007. Good luck out there in the field. And please return the equipment in one piece.” The Fae gave him a weird look before he left.

“Brave new world.” James said to his retreating back.


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