Daemons (James Bond)-EAD 2017

Title: Untitled
Fandom: James Bond
Year: Post SPECTRE,
Tags: Dæmons, Alternate Universe,
Ratings: R
Pairings: James Bond/Q
Characters: James Bond, Q
Spoilers: Up Through SPECTRE,
Summary: A Komodo Dragon wasn’t a typical Dæmon, but for James Bond it worked. It kept those around him at an arm’s length. Too bad someone actually slipped through James’s armor and made a residence in his heart before he knew it.
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence, Torture,

MI6 was a hotbed of overly emotional Dæmons. It had to do with stress. There was always something happening so James ignored every single Dæmon in the building and he did it so well. His own Dæmon was a Komodo Dragon, cemented while he’d been hiding in the priest hole on Skyfall so long before.

So when James slipped into MI6 and found that there was no excited Dæmons running around, he was a little shocked. He had slipped in through the tunnels that the Double O’s used to come home without fanfare, especially after horrible missions but still, there should have been something. He wasn’t sure exactly what was going on but he intended to figure out. R would know. R knew everything that went on at MI6.

Q Branch was a ghost town, even for two in the morning. The night shift didn’t seemed to have changed at all in the three months that James was gone. He looked around to try and find R. She was nowhere in sight. James frowned and saw that Q’s office door was open, which was only allowed when he was working. James moved towards the office and found him asleep on the couch. James stopped when he took in the whole of the man in front of him.

Q was covered in bruises from what James could tell as he could only see a single arm and his face and neck. James bristled because one of the bruises on Q’s neck was a hand print. Everything was fresh and James knew that if he went over and touched that neck, the skin would still feel hot from the swelling. James moved farther into the office and grabbed the laptop, settling himself down on the floor where he could see both the door and Q.

Two hours later, James was coming out of the mission reports that were logged on the internal MI6 server. He looked over at the still sleeping young man and pulled his phone from his pocket. He silenced the phone totally and started to text Alec. The Double O had known that James was on his way back to London and had made sure that one of the safe houses was ready for him to move into until he was able to secure a flat. James didn’t ask him why he never knew that the Quartermaster had been kidnapped and tortured. Alec had been on forced leave for two weeks and given that the Quartermaster was kidnapped and rescued all in the same day, two days before, James knew that it was possible that the other Double O’s hadn’t visited Alec yet.

“What are you doing here?” R asked, her voice soft.

“The report states that he won’t go home. That he locked himself in his office and only relented when you promised that you wouldn’t kick him out.”

“He was taken from his home, that’s not in the report because M is keeping it a secret. Bond, answer me or I will call security.”

“I came to see why MI6 was so sullen, even for the night shift but when I saw him, I knew why. Where is his Dæmon?” James realized in that instant that he hadn’t seen X at all. Xerxes was the Dæmon’s name but everyone called him X and had before Q had become the Quartermaster.

“X is in hiding. Q yelled at him when he wouldn’t stop whining. No one has found him but then he could be anywhere in the tunnels. He has gotten adaptat hiding in the tunnels.”

James looked at Neit and found that he was already moving away from him. R sighed and James figured she realized that Bond wasn’t leaving and wasn’t going to tell her why he was there.

“Why hasn’t he been forced home?”

“Because even M doesn’t have the heart to make him go someplace he is scared of. He is trying to find a Double O that Q will stand long enough to actually go to their place. I think that maybe a retired Double O is better than no one.”

“I’m not retired.”

“What?” R asked.

“I left with Doctor Swann because there were a few things that didn’t match up and M wanted more information.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because in a few hours, M will be sending you a hard drive with a lot of information that will be used to take down the rest of SPECTRE. H was afraid of a mole inside of MI6 still but I killed her two hours ago. Q was actually the one to find the trail leading to her but M wanted to keep her in place until i was able to get the root of the issue taken care of. The interim head of SPECTRE is dead and so are many of the underlings. MI6 will just have a few of the lowest level people to take out.”

“We thought that SPECTRE was imploding. We were finding dead bodies left and right but never who killed them. Q is going to be pissed.”

“Yes, well at this point in time I’ll be thankful for any emotion from Q. What do they have him on?”

“He’s unconscious at the moment. Eve drugged his tea and we didn’t know it. I’ve barred her from Q Branch for the foreseeable future.”

“Are there any other Double Os available?”


“I was going to crash at one of Alec and I’s safe houses. I was going to see if one of the other Double Os would help me get Q there before he wakes up. There is no one that is going to get into the safehouse. He’ll be safe and I’ll make sure that he is cared for. M has me on stand down until SPECTRE is mopped up and babysitting is at least better than nothing.” James wasn’t going to go into the revelation that he had while pretending with Doctor Swann. He wasn’t going to go into the fact that when he had killed her two months before in Prague, he’d felt nothing but he woke up every single night for a week with nightmares after of having to watch Q die. Hed only heard about the men who had tried to take Q after Blofeld had been in custody and James had started to sell the fact that he was leaving with Swann. “I also will need a vehicle of some kind that will do well on transporting Q to and from doctor’s visits as the Aston Martin is not equipped for him.”

“You still have it?”

“In one piece no less. I’m sure that Q will be thrilled. 009 is on premises for a mission that he’s leaving for in three hours. I can delay it if needed. He will help you get Q settled in. Stacy will go to medical and get everything that Q will need for a few days.”

“There was no medical report attached.”

R huffed and moved over to the couch. She pulled the blanket away from Qs body easily and James saw the extent of the damage done to him. His entire right arm was in a cast and the fingers of that hand were in splints. “They left a hand intact so that he could hack of them. He was taken because of his past as hacker for hire. He never hacked governments and after he was done having who he was paid to hack, a leak would happen and the people who hired him, if malicious was taken down. He was brought into MI6 at the age of twelve. An orphan and raised to be what he is. He didn’t break and was able to actually still hack who they wanted him to hack but it did it so that MI5 was tipped off and then a rescue was sent. The group that took him is dead. The three Double O’s that went after him made sure no one was left alive. His arm is broken in three places, his fingers have a break each as well as dislocation. His legs were left alone but he has a fracture of the arch of his left foot from being stomped on. His entire body is a mass of bruises and his kidney function is being watched.”

“He goaded them.”

“Yes and his reasoning was all logical and it allowed him to piss them off enough they didn’t watch him close when he finally gave in and started to hack. When the Double O’s started to kill, Q killed the man inside the room with him and took his gun. He shot at 002 when he entered the room. Well placed to were it missed him but damaged his gun.”


“He hasn’t talked to Psych yet. He refuses to. Eve has tried to get him to talk and even Tanner but he’s a clam. You though, you get under his skin and get him to talk when no one else can. Anything that helps him, I’ll gladly do.”

“Get 009 and we will get him out of hre before anyone sees. How long should he be out?”

“Eve gave him a good dose at least another four hours.”

The sound of a yip made James turn his head, he saw Neit carrying X in his mouth. The Fennec fox was trying his hardest to escape from the lizard’s hold but it wasn’t working. Neit dropped X down on the floor of the office and guarded the door. X looked at James Dæmon with a frown on his face. James had always marveled at Q’s peculiarity. Dæmons were almost always the opposite sex from their human but for both James and Q, the Dæmons were the same sex, male. Neit barely talked so many didn’t realize it at all but X was a talker where Q wasn’t as much of one so it was easy to tell with him. X turned away from Neit and jumped up onto his human.

“Come on Xerces, play nice,” R said but X just stared at her before curling upon Q’s stomach.

“Don’t worry, I’m used to him. The last mission that I lost a piece of tech on hat Q begged me to bring back, X met me at the door to MI6 and glared at me as I moved through all of the places I had to go. Medical actually let him up onto the gurney with me and he just sat and stared. You go and get 009 while I find M and secure a car. You said you’d send Stacy to get what he needs?”


“Good. Let’s meet back here in an hour. I want to be ready to leave by then.”

“You know that M isn’t going to let you go without knowing where you are taking the Quartermaster right?”

“I have more than one safehouse, R. I will sacrifice one. I might actually make it my residence for this stay in England.”


Q felt that he wasn’t on his couch in Q Branch anymore. He also knew that he wasn’t in medical. There was no sounds around him that helped him figure out where he was. The smell was a standard smell of a residence. He thought for second that he was at home. That someone had taken him home until he realized the smell of the sheets that he was on wasn’t his own. He knew the smell but he couldn’t place it with his drg addled brain. Instead he tried to roll over and then remembered why he was drug addled. He felt the throbbing of his arm and foot. Xerces whimpered at his side and Q reached out with his good hand but instead of soft fur, Q touched scales. His eyes shot open and he saw Neit laying there beside him.

“Good morning,” Bond said from the doorway.

Q looked over at him, realizing his glasses were still on his face. He took in the casual clothes on the former agent and wondered if he was dreaming, or dead. Q closed his eyes and tried to will himself awake. Instead of that, Q felt Neit shift on the bed and Xerxes shifted and Q could finally feel him between his legs.

“Q?” Bond questioned and Q knew that he wasn’t asleep and he was in too much pain to be dead. Q opened his eyes again and found that Bond was right there. Leaning at the bedside, his hand reached out like he was trying to figure out where to touch him to not make him hurt. The smell of the sheets came back to him. It was the same scent that all of Bond’s clothing had. It had to come from his dry cleaners. Q tried to sit up but he couldn’t on his own. Instead, Bond’s hand slipped to his neck, the only part of him that wasn’t aching and supported him as Q slid backwards to sit up. Pillows were stacked behind him until he was lying against what he felt was a cloud. Neit moved up the bed, pressed into his side still but not hurting him.

“What happened?”

“I am came back to London and found you knocked out on your couch in Q Branch. R and I talked. You are in one of Alec and I’s safe houses. Only M knows exactly where you are, other than Alec. 009 helped me get you in the car and then Alec helped get you out here. He’s in one a block over. You are safe here.”

“Where are my cats?”

“They are in my bathroom for now. Letting them calm down from the ride. R was wrong. You were supposed to be out for at least another two hours. R told me how to acclimate them. In a little bit I’ll let them out to wander around in here with you.”

Q’s brain was fuzzy from the drug that Moneypenny had used to knock him out. He knew how he got to where he was but he wasn’t sure why he was at Bond’s safe house. He wasn’t sure why Bond was even back. Bond gently picked up Q’s broken arm and laid it on a stack of pillows that Q hadn’t even realized were being piled beside him. Neit’s tongue slipped in and out of his mouth for a few minutes before he turned Bond and hissed.

“I want to get some food in you before I give you the pain pills.”

“Where’s a gun?”

“Under your pillow on your left pillow. It’s you gun from your safe in the office.”

“How did you get in there?”

“Q, I’ve known your passwords since a week after I came back after M’s funeral. I don’t use them unless I have to.” Bond leaned forward and cupped the side of Q’s face. Q just stared at him, thinking that he was in so much pain he was hallucinating. He turned his head away from Bond but the man’s hand went with him. Q could feel a tear leaking out of his eye bt he didn’t want to draw attention to it. He felt Bond’s thumb wipe the tear away, anyway and it just made more want to come out. “I have toast and tea ready for you.”

“Not hungry.”

“I know you aren’t but you need something on your tum before you stick the pain pills and the antibiotics on it.”

Q knew that Bond was stubborn enough to keep the pills from him so he nodded. Bond stood up and left the bedroom. Neit stayed where he was but Xerxes jumped off the bed and followed Bond. Q kept his hands to himself. Hed touched the lizard once without meaning to. It had to have been what had drawn Bond into the room.


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