Fallen-EAD 2017

Title: Fallen
Series: Fallen Angel’s Human #1 (Immortal Loves #2)
Fandom: James Bond,
Year: Casino Royale
Tags: Demons & Angels, Canon Typical Violence,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: James Bond/Q
Characters: James Bond, Q, M (Olivia Mansfield),
Spoilers: Up Through Skyfall
Summary: James Bond endured like he had for centuries, looking for that spark of life that came to him over and over. Fallen Angels aren’t any better than Demons in the scheme of things but James has never cared about that. All he cares about is killing Angels when they cross his path, in his goal to never let them kill his love again.
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Murder, Torture,

Hands covered in blood, James Bond stared at the Vessel in front of him. He looked at the blood runes all over the floor of his home in London. The runes would have to be redone soon. He knew that he could do it at any point but he didn’t like to. Killing a virgin and draining their blood left a distasteful feeling in his body.

“Please,” the Angel begged as she tried to escape again. Tried to call on her power to escape away from the bindings holding her. James wasn’t even sure how she could move. Q Branch had given him so many tools over the years, some he kept, other he destroyed but the one that he had lodged inside of the Angel’s Vessel’s vagina was never supposed to be used for helping to hold a body on the table. It was a metal baseball bat that had spikes that could be retracted inside. The spikes had been inside when he’d shoved it inside of her before he deployed them the first time that she broke her bonds. She had screamed so high when the spikes had ripped open the walls of her most intimate place.

“Please what? Stop? End this? I can end your suffering. Just tell me where they are keeping his soul.” James cupped the side of the Angel’s face, like he used to cupped the side of Q’s face. Back when they were happy, back when James wasn’t the monster that he was now. Well, not as much of a monster as he was. The Angel clenched her lips and James smack her face with the hand that had been cupping it. He watched as she jerked in her bonds and the bat inside of her stayed still, she moved. “The runes are going to make sure that you stay. Blood of a virgin and all of that.”

“Please kill me.”

“Oh, no. I am not going to kill you.” James hopped up on the table. He was wearing one of his best suits and the blood was never going to come out so he counted it a loss. The table was soaked in blood from the wounds made by the bat and the cuts all over the Angel’s body. She was naked but her form did nothing for him. He lost himself in the female form but he never craved their touch. “I’m going to make you beg for death and then watch as the light in your eyes goes out.”

“You are sick.”

“I am. I’m sick, twisted, demented but I wasn’t like this before. I was happy once. I had my human. He was mine, his love freely given. Your father cursed him. Or one of your brothers. I never got a straight answer. He’s forever lost to me. He comes back but in the end, he dies. He only remembers who I am when I am holding his dying body. I’ll never spill enough Angel blood. As long as Angels exist, I’ll kill them.” James grabbed the knife he’d let at the head of the angel. He drew it in a line down the Angel’s throat column. It drew blood easily. Not deep enough to kill her but enough for more blood to spill from her. “You take him from me time and again, and you all call me evil, twisted, and despicable.”

“I didn’t do anything!” the Angel screamed and she jerked again. James heard the ripping of flesh as she was able to actually pull off of the bat. James slid off of her and watched as the blood pour out of her sex.

“Every Angel knows and no one does anything. He’s human and he’s being tortured.”

“Go to Hell!” the Angel screamed and James watched as the light from her eyes died. James watched as the body died without the soul inside. The Angel had killed herself to stop from revealing what she knew and had killed a human at the same time. Of course, he wasn’t ever going to let the Angel or the human live so really it was a blessing for the human. He frowned as he watched the blood that had coated her body dry as time passed. It had been pure luck, finding the Angel walking around London as he’d been trying to figure out exactly what he was going to do. M had called him home, he figured that he was being put up to Double O status. He’d need two kills and he knew that she had a mission for him. Killing humans was never the issue. To him they were insects, interesting insects but insects all the same.

The ringing of his phone drew his gaze over to it. He had a standard MI6 issued cell phone but it was at home. It was on a relay to where no matter where he was in the world, the phone pinged him to be in a random location in London. He set it up that way for when he was gone.

“Bond,” James said when he answered the phone.

“Where the bloody hell are you?” M’s voice was a screech on the other end. James grimaced. M was at least entertaining, her blood thirstiness was second only to his own. She entertained him more than most.

“I had some business to wrap up before I left town, M. You know that Alec burned down our flat.” Alec had taken too much of a liking to hell fire since he’d fallen from Heaven just days after James. “I was securing a new flat, without him.”

“Trevelyan is still in medical with the burns, Bond. I’m well aware that he burned down the flat. Get in here as soon as possible.” M hung up before Bond could say anything.

Hours later, James looked at the second man he had killed. He had a job to do and a target. A general human who had done some stupid things and got on the radar of MI6. James couldn’t wait to start the hunt.


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