Here Kitty Kitty-EAD 2017

Title: Here Kitty Kitty
Fandom: James Bond
Year: Post Skyfall
Tags: AU, Shifter, Pre-Slash, Questionable Science,
Ratings: R
Pairings: James Bond/Q
Characters: James Bond, Q, Alec Trevelyan,
Spoilers: Skyfall
Summary: James and Alec never would have mocked if they had listened to their instincts. Q was a hunter after all.
Warnings: Description of Torture, Medical Experimentation,

It was a 00 Agent’s job to know everything. It’s what had kept James and Alec alive for longer than all of the other 00 Agents. So it was a shock when after almost two years of working with Q, they both went down to Q Branch and found that there was a new smell.

“New shifter on staff!” Alec said with a gleam in his eye. It was rare for a shifter to take a job that wasn’t a field agent of some kind. And for the new shifter to be on Q Branch staff meant that they felt the need to check them out. To see exactly what kind of shifter felt at home in the tech of the branch.
As the doors of the branch opened, James inhaled. The scent was strong. There was no new boffin in the room. There was the strong scents of every person they were used to.

“Delayed shift?” Alec asked, puzzlement on his face. There were some shifters who didn’t experience their first shift until late in life.

“No. This is an adult who has been a shifter for a long time.” James looked around until he found Q, standing in front of the computer bank where he was when running a mission for a 00 Agent. He thought and knew that 003 was on mission in Russia. Silence came over the room as the boffins took in the sight of the two agents.

“R, who won the bet?” Q asked without even turning around.

“You did. It’s 006 and 7.”

“Hmm. Lunch for the office. I’m in the mood for curry.”

“I’ll have it ordered.”

Q tapped on the keyboard in front of him for several minutes. Then screens flashed and James smiled as he watched a spectacular explosion on the screen. “003, mission objective obtained. R will have you a flight out as soon as you reach the city. Our satellites caught no one leaving.”

“Copy that, Q. Have fun.”

Q laughed and pulled out an ear piece. He turned and looked at James and Alec and they saw that his eyes were were ringed in pale green, like all shifters. He laughed at the look of shock on their faces. The younger man moved towards his rare used office, a flick of his head the only sign that he expected them to follow.

James stopped at the edge of the office as the smell hit him more fully. Q had been in his office for his smell to e so firmly all over the room.

“Do you remember five years ago when the scent and pheromone blocker came out of Q Branch for all shifters to use?”

“Yes,” James said because he did remember. He’d been injected just two hours before a mission. He’d been the first agent to use it. It wasn’t used on every mission, just stealth ones.

“That was backward engineered from a compound given to a man found by MI6 after being in the hands of terrorists. It took two years to obtain the version MI6 uses. There is a more potent version used that suppresses all shifter abilities, including eyes.”

“And what does that have to do with you all of a sudden becoming a shifter?” Alec asked. James had a feeling that he knew the answer.

“The captive was injected with the compound after he proved his worth as a hacker, so that they could keep him. A locked, airtight room with only a food slot was his home for two months after he supposedly broke under torture. Two months of laying bread crumbs that Boothroyd had the Branch tracing. Then it was just days before the then 009 infiltrated, found him and to him out. Did you know that it takes seven years for all cells in the body to die and regenerate. I’ve been taking suppressors that block the modification of new cells but I’ve been unable to be myself for seven years. I shifted sometime in the night. Scared R when she opened the door to my office with my first cuppa.”

“That’s how you were recruited?” Alec asked. James looked at him.

“Yes and with 009’s help I celebrated my independence from them with a spectacular explosion. After getting all the information about the rest of the organization onto a hard drive, 009 let me hit the button for the C9 that he’d scattered all around. It was the dead of night and we watched it burn for miles as we escaped on foot. I was relatively unharmed.”

“And what is your form?” James asked, getting the topic away from such talk. 009 had died for Britain on a mission while James had been dead after getting shot off the train.

“Inconsequential.” Q woke his computer with a tap of his enter key. He turned his front away from the two agents. Alec’s eyebrow raised and James smiled.

“Don’t tell us you are one of those guinea pigs with the long hair or an angora rabbit?” Alec’s grin was massive as he moved closer to the boffin. Alec’s interest in the young man was no more than a game, fake competition for James’s real interest. So far Q had rebuffed them both. His only dates were with Eve and usually that was a pint or five after one of them two drove Q to drinking after a mission.

“Or one of those Polish Buff Laced chickens.” James had gone after a mark that had one before. Feather duster was a nice nickname for it. “Or a Hairy Caterpillar. I could see you as that all sneak into getting into anywhere.”

“Or even one of those Komondor or Samoyed dogs.” Alec laughed and his eyes were sparkling. Q turned to stare at him. Showing his displeasure at being compared to one of those two dogs. “Or an Afghan Hound.”

“That outrageous, Alec,” James said. Affronted on Q behalf. “He’s no dog. But what about the Bantam Hen or a Duster Budgie?”

“Spotted Apatelodes Caterpillar?” Alec asked before he shifted into his own form. His Stellar Sea Eagle was majestic. He flew the short distance to land on Q’s desk, away from paperwork as he’d rip a batch to shreds once and if Eve was telling the truth all of MI6 heard the yelling they had got from that. James had got yelled at for not stopping his idiocy. James laughed before he shifted forms as well. His own form of a sleek black Bombay cat always made their Quartermaster smile. This time there was a narrowing of his eyes. James jumped up onto the desk, rubbing along Alec’s side before he moved to get a rub from Q. For the first time ever, he was rebuffed.

“I know exactly why you chose those creatures. If you two weren’t 00 Agents, your instincts would be telling you to flee and not mock.” Q turned to fully face the agents and before either one of them could do a thing, Alec was in the air as Q’s form shifted to a feline full of grace and by the looks of him around twelve stone. He pounced at James and he scrambled back and off the desk going for the couch in the corner. His mind didn’t even process what kind of feline he was, he just went for safety. His mind calculated that if he made it to the back of the couch, Q couldn’t reach him. From there he could plot and plan. The office door was shut but he’d made it out before. Alec let out a cry from somewhere above them. As James made it to safety his adrenaline let his mind process it all. A Puma. Of all the things that Q could be a Puma was no anywhere on his mind.


He is just playing, I think. James thought back at his best friend. There was a link between all of the 00 Agent that had gone on missions before but Alec and he had been connected even before that. Interspecies communication was rare but for MI6 battle bonds forged what was needed.

Here, kitty, kitty. A new voice whispered in James’s mind. He hadn’t expected that. He hadn’t expected that at all but it made sense. His bond with Q as agent and quartermaster was closer than James had with any of the other 00 Agents. He heard laughter as he watched a shadow stalk around the couch. Then it was lifted up. James turned to see Q sitting there, in human form.

“I’m the Quartermaster of MI6, James and I have this entire office modified so that every species of shifter can be trapped or kept inside. That includes going after shifters under furniture.” Q reached out and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. “But points for listening to instinct and running while trying to figure out a plan.”

James was settled in his lap and as soon as he was, Alec landed on the top of his computer monitor. It had been modified with a strip of metal so that Alec wouldn’t harm it. James gave into the pets that Q was giving him and settled down. A beep alerted them that someone was entering the office. James wasn’t shocked to see that it was M and Eve.

“R was worried that there would be fur and feathers flying.”

“Since MI6 has no lion, it seems that I am the King of the Jungle.”

“At least the king of MI6,” Eve said with a smile. M smiled at them but James didn’t care. Q’s fingers felt delightful on his fur.

“R has also informed me that 003’s mission is over and you have been inside of Q Branch for a week now. Take the weekend Q.”

“Sir.” Q unfortunately pick James up from his lap and set him on the desk. James clambered to his feet. Jumping off the desk and landing in human form. Alec didn’t change but swooped across the room to land on his shoulder.

“R is also going to lock your access from home. If something happens, she’ll rescind it.”

Q’s eyes narrowed to just past M’s shoulder and James’s knew that there was no heat behind it. Q had done it before to her. Q Branch looked after themselves. It’s why there was a room off to the left that was full of beds for rotating sleep schedules during high staff events.


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