Operation: Seduce Q-EAD 2017

Title: Untitled
Fandom: James Bond
Year: Skyfall Era
Tags: Alternate Universe, Q is a Holmes, Skyfall Never Happened,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: James Bond/Q
Characters: Q, James Bond, M {Female}, Tanner, Eve, Alec Trevelyan,
Spoilers: Skyfall,
Summary: Bond knew that his mission was going to be hard. He just didn’t expect that the hardest part would be not telling his mark that he wasn’t who he was pretending to be. He also didn’t expect to actually fall for his mark. Q should have been just another mark but he wasn’t.
Notes: Skyfall and Silva never happen in this. Instead James it coming back to England after a long term off the books undercover mission in the US.
Gift For: dragonmage27

James Bond watched his target as he moved around the tea shop. The young man was thin but it wasn’t a thinness of striving to be the perfect body size but more that he was lithe on his own added to what James knew was a habit of not eating enough every day. The young man wasn’t poor but he was busy and with busyness was the habit to forget to eat. James had the man’s entire file back in his new flat. Hidden in an alcove that had been built into the flat, hence why it was on the list of places for Double O agents to live in. Alec had the underground flat. Part because he wanted to stay there and the other was that it had a smaller chance of burning as it’s walls were stone from the foundation. ALec had got back to London six months before James and he had ended up needing Q Branch’s help, which was why James had his current mission.

Two hours after arriving back in London a month before, James had been apprehended by Alec and Tanner. M had wanted to meet, away from MI6 for a mission. James had been tasked to seduce the new Quartermaster and figure out exactly where his loyalties were. James hadn’t figured out why he was being tasked with it until he’d started to read the paper files given to him. If it existed inside of MI6, the Quartermaster knew of it. All of the Double O’s files when he had taken over had been open to his purview. There had been two Double O’s who hadn’t been listed anywhere digitally with MI6, just in case and they were in sensitive missions. James Bond and Alec Trevelyan. Alec had ended up needed help with the mission so the Quartermaster had been read in on the mission that Alec had been on so when James’s mission finally ended, M had wanted to make sure that Bond didn’t waltz into MI6.

A month later, James was firmly entrenched as his own name but an entire background had been created for him as a retired Navy man who now took odd jobs the world over to fix things. He had no clue how M had got a background created for him without tipping off the Quartermaster but James went with what he was told. His job would hopefully keep him from going insane. Tanner was the connection between him and M. A former MI5 agent was playing his go to between his jobs and him. Tanner would find jobs that were in MI6’s best interest of Bond being the one to take them and Bond would. He’d just got back from a short job in the Caymans. He’d already given Angel everything and she had just left him in the tea shop.

Q was moving around again to get another refill of water on his tea pot. The lady who ran the shop smiled at Q and flirted but Q’s head was elsewhere. Probably full of coding. James stood up from his seat, grabbed his cup of coffee from the table, and moved to Q’s table, taking a seat. Q turned around with his pot and stared at James. James though kept his eyes on his phone, using a mirror to keep an eye on Q as the young man stared at him. James smiled to himself when Q made up his mind on what he was going to go.

“Excuse me but this is my table, kindly go back to yours,” Q said as he sat down and opened up the lid on his laptop again. He started to type after he slipped a tea cozy over the pot.

“You are working entirely too hard for an early Saturday morning.” James watched as Q’s fingers hesitated over his keyboard for just a few seconds. No one else would have ever caught it but James was trained to.

“What do you care?”

“I saw you in here two weeks ago. You spent three hours working, ignoring everyone around you.”

“And that gives you the impression that I want you to bother me?” Q asked.

“No, I’m doing that because you intrigue me.”

“I intrigue you?” Q asked as he set his hands down on the table. He turned in his seat to face James, looking him up and down. James knew what he looked like in a suit but suits were nameless and faceless. There were a lot of people on the streets who wore suits. Rushing about to and from while working. James had chose not to wear suits while talking with Q. He was in jeans and a thick, plush sweater. He knew what he looked like in it. There was the bare hint of the widening of his eyes.

When Q had filled out his paperwork for MI6, he had wrote down gay for his sexuality in the questionnaire about weak points. When James had read over the questionnaire, he wanted to know exactly how someone as young as the Quartermaster had known every single one of his weak points and even told MI6 the best way to exploit himself. It was part of what made M suspicious of the fact that Q stated that he wasn’t prone to pillow talk. That was James’s goal. To seduce Q and get him to tell James everything. James didn’t like to lose. He wasn’t going to lose to a lithe wisp of a man who played with computers all day.

“You do. I like intelligence.”

“And you can tell by me sitting here at a computer for hours that I am intelligent?” Q asked. He looked at James like James was stupid.

“You aren’t writing a book. The combination of keys you are pressing doesn’t do well for writing story unless you are writing in code. I’d say you are a computer programmer.” James leaned forward in his chair and laid his hand on Q’s knee. His fingers were brushing up towards the interior of his thigh. The click of a pen signaled that Q was moving. James felt it bite into the skin of his wrist. He almost jerked it away.

“And you, James Bond are watching too close. Why are you here?”

James thought for a few seconds that he had been made. He didn’t move his eyes away from the young man though, he just stared. Q didn’t look away but after a moment he pulled the pen away from James’s wrist. He smiled at James before leaning forward. James wasn’t sure what h was doing so he stayed still. Q leaned all the way forward and into James’s personal space. James didn’t back away even as what Q was going to do became obvious. The kiss as quick but just on the edge of not chaste enough of public but it did what Q wanted. James pressed into the kiss, showing his want of it. James had seduced men before, all walks of sexuality held information that James needed.

“Hmm. Maybe you are truthful that you want to fuck me. Dinner tonight at Masala Zone.”

“Which one?”

“I’m sure between your and Angel, you’ll figure out where I live and at seven.” Q packed his laptop up and stood. He took the tea to the front counter and the lady there handed him a to go cup. Q transferred the tea to it and handed over the pot. He came back to the table and grabbed his computer case. He leaned down, bracing an arm on James’s thigh. “If you don’t, you aren’t worth my time.”

Q was gone before James could even come up with a retort to that. James pulled his phone from his pocket and texted Angel. He had to find where Q was actually living. The house that he had down as his address was empty. Q went to it twice a week but never stayed long before he left again. No tail that followed him ever got farther than that. There were two other houses that Q did it with. He’d listed all three as his addresses. Being the best hacker in the world meant that one had a lot of people who tried to find them. The first flat was in Bayswater, the second in Islington, and the third in Camden, all locations that had a Masala Zone. There was another on the fourth floor of Selfridges Kitchen Food Court, and ones in Soho, Earls Court, and Covent Garden. None of the other four locations had any link with Q at all.

James sat in the seat as he hadn’t heard from Angel and she was usually quicker. James settled in for the long term, drinking his cooling coffee and waiting. Q was off for the day, having worked for two weeks straight with mission after mission going wrong for three Double O’s in a row. If things went well inside of MI6, Q was going to have the next three days off after leaving that morning after a nap in his office before finishing off paperwork and leaving.

Angel texted James half an hour later that she had lost him in Bayswater. James sighed and drained his cup of coffee and laid down a tip before leaving. He had a lot of work to do and only a few hours to do it. He had to find Q before he lost him. M would have his bollocks for garters if he did.


Soho wasn’t the place that James would have ever pegged a Quartermaster for MI6 to live at. Especially not in the flat above a sex shop. James only saw him in the window of the flat on accident. He’d been looking around the districts that held a Masala Zone to try and find him while Angel had worked online to do the same. He’d looked up at a squeaking pidgeon and saw Q’s lithe form standing at a window, half naked.

James found Q with an hour to spare before needing to be at Masala. He’d already changed into what he was going to wear out to dinner and so instead of going back to his own Marylebone flat, James had hung out across the street from Masala Zone to hopefully catch Q entering. At five minutes until the reservation, James slipped out of the dark doorway he’d been hanging in, snubbed out his cigarette and crossed the street. The Maitre’d at the door smiled at James as he entered.

“Reservation under Q?” James asked.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have a reservation under that name. Maybe it’s at one of the other locations.”

James frowned. He tried to wrack his brain but Q never used anything but Q. As he was a quirky computer technician on paper for his fake job for MI6, it was easy to understand. Q was also stroppy and a wicked young man mentally.

“How about under Bond?” James asked.

“Ah, yes Mister Bond. Your partner is already here.”

The Maitre’d led James to a back corner seat. Q was already seated at the table with his back to the room. Leaving James the seat that could see everything in the restaurant. James took that seat and smiled at James. Q had a glass of wine in front of him and it was half gone.

“Do your routinely watch from a dark doorway?”

“I told you that you intrigue me. I like to take my time with things that intrigue me.”

“You did look all dark and handsome in that doorway. So James, how did you like my sneak peek?” Q was grinning at him unashamedly.


“I watched you moving around in Soho from my rooftop. I took pity on you. What you heard wasn’t a live pigeon. It was a recording that I’ve used in my job before. It drew your eyes up at the right time. You had spent an hour wandering around Soho to find me. I felt you had done enough work to deem you worthy.”

“Worthy? I feel like I should be talking to your father.”

“My father would be happy with anyone that I brought home. My older brothers on the other hand, they are the scary ones. So James, you are a modern day Simon Templar. Fixing things that go wrong world wide that do not fall under government purview. That intrigues me.”

“Then we must be destined.”

“You don’t believe in destiny, James so don’t even try that.”

“You know a lot about me.”

“You called me a computer programmer. I’m thorough in what I do and what I do is whatever is needed for me to by my employers. When things intrigue me I look into them. That’s what I did this afternoon. I looked up everything about you. A simple face search gave me your name before.”

“I’ve met someone who has done so much to learn about me before our first date.”

“On can’t be too careful.”


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