Shadow Team-EAD 2017

Title: Shadow Team
Series: Shadow Team
Fandom: Criminal Minds, Harry Potter
Year: 2015-2016
Tags: EWE, Not Canon Compliant, Haley Bashing, Weasley Bashing, Dumbledore Bashing, No One Is Safe From Bashing, Soulmates, William Reid Bashing, Canon Divergence,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: eventual Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, past Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood, Various Background Pairings,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Neville Longbottom, Jack Hotchner, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Irma Pince,
Spoilers: Entire Book Series & TV Show
Summary: When Neville Longbottom retired from Shadow Team, Harry Potter places his newest recruit onto it. Problem is that Aaron Hotchner doesn’t know where Spencer Reid’s loyalties lie and if he can trust him.
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Murder, Character Death, Love Potions, Rape, Discussion of Rape, Discussion of Child Molestation, Ritualistic Murder, Discussion of Ritualistic Murder, Child Abuse,

Chapter One-Fall 2015
Part 1
Aaron Hotchner sometimes hated his job and at that moment he really hated it. He’d been an Auror for two decades and the head Auror for the Shadow Team for eighteen of those years. He looked out the open door to where his team was sitting and working. They had no active case at the moment so they were working on trying to find a case or even just working on helping other Aurors on cases. JJ was a bee running around still trying to unruffle feathers from the last case which had taken them to the heart of the manor house of a big family in London. It had been hard to get past the laws in place but the team had been able to.

The Shadow Team answered to no one except the Minister and the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and they followed the International Laws for most of their investigations. It was the only concession in the wake of the fuck up that was the last war that England had made to the ICW. The fact that the team answered to the Minister was a saving grace that the ICW had given Britain. When Harry Potter had taken over as Head Auror, he had made sure that someone on the team was his placement. The ICW had agreed and so Aaron had got Neville Longbottom on the team.

Aaron looked at the files in front of him. It was a list of Aurors that Potter was close to in the rest of the Auror corps. None of them were a good choice for Aaron. He knew that he had no choice. Longbottom was close to retirement, a want to be sedentary and a want of children and being there for them. The writing had been on the wall for months and Aaron hated to be blindsided. He was used to Longbottom and the younger man was an outstanding human being. The team would be less for the loss of him but Aaron didn’t want to make him stay, no matter what.

The knock on his door startled Aaron and when he looked up to see Longbottom standing there. Aaron looked out past him and into the bullpen to see that his desk was packed up.

“I knew this was coming.”

“I figured that you and the rest of the team did as well. Luna is ready for kids and so am I. After what happened with mom and dad, I made myself a promise that I wasn’t going to be an Auror when we had children. Luna is pregnant. Two weeks. I told Harry and he has already started the search.”

“We are going to miss you, Neville. Do you know who we are going to get?”

“Harry has been tight lipped on that, even to me. I don’t know who.” Longbottom took a few steps inside and picked up the top file. He flipped it open. “None of them are going to be his choice.”

“Why not?”

“What does every single one of those Witches and Wizards have in common?”

Aaron looked down at the files and thought about them. There were a lot of things that they had mostly in common. But there was only a single thing they all had. “They are all light.”

“Your team is full of light witches and wizards. The Auror Corps is full of light wizards. You know there are whispers of a coming dark. Harry hears more and more.”

“From Malfoy.” Aaron tried to keep the disdain out of his voice but he knew it wasn’t all gone.

“The class that graduated yesterday was over half full of grey wizards.”

“I know. I’m well aware.” Aaron wasn’t sure where he was going with that. “Are you saying that Potter is going to put a grey wizard on my team.”

“I’m saying that the ICW is worried about Britain, you know this. I know this. Harry knows this and the Minister knows this. We need different look at what is coming and if it’s as dark as we think it’s going to be your team isn’t going to cut it.”

“How long have you been planning this?”

“Three years.”

“And when did Potter plan on replacing you?”

“In three months.” Longbottom looked at Aaron like he knew where he was going with that.

“Three months is the general time before a newly released from the academy Auror spends as an on call Auror before he or she is placed with a partner. So you are telling me that Potter is going to place a newly graduated Auror on my team to combat this coming darkness?” Aaron was going to raise a few issues with the ICW if he was. The Shadow Team was sent on the darkest cases that popped up. An Auror just out of the academy was going to be killed by the end of the first case. If not sooner.

“He’s not told me anything. You know that Harry keeps big things close to his chest.”

“I’ll make sure that your resignation goes through with no issue.”

“You mean that you’ll stop Garcia from blocking it.”

“She doesn’t like her family leaving but she’ll understand,” Aaron said.

Longbottom looked at Aaron like he didn’t believe him but after a few seconds he stepped out of the office and back into the bullpen. Aaron watched him as he said goodbye to the rest of the team. Longbottom had been on the team for eight years. Since Potter had become Head Auror in 2007. His rise through the ranks had been meteoric and a good thing. Despite the information that had come out about his personal life since he’d become Head Auror, there was no better leader. Aaron was one of the few who had no issue taking orders from someone younger than him. He was quite happy where he was. He was happy as the Head of Shadow Team and had no want of a higher up job.

Aaron buried himself in paperwork. He’d made a note to ask Garcia for the list of new Aurors before he left for the day. The scritch scratch of a quill on paper was the only sound in the room as he worked. A soft knock from his left just half an hour before it was time for him to leave for the day had Aaron smiling. He opened up the small box on his desk and found a letter there.


The school year is going well. So far I am liking fourth year better than third. My housemates are still distant but that’s okay. The pen pal that Headmistress McGonagall set me up with is really cool. Strangely enough his name is Pen and he works in research for the Ministry. I’m glad that she set me up with him. His family hated the fact that he was in Slytherin as well. As there are seven Jack’s in the fourth year class at school, four in Slytherin, the fact that he knows that about me isn’t going to make is easy for him to figure out that it’s me. I’m being safe. Serene sent along the package from you. I’m jealous that you got to track down that last Wizard all the way to Africa. I love the potions ingredients though. Aunt Emily sent along a note that you have more presents for me but that you’ll meet me on the first Hogsmeade weekend to give them to me. I look forward to it. I’ve got to get to studying but I’ll write again tomorrow.

Love, Jack

Aaron smiled and slipped the letter into another box that sent it home for Serene to take care of. Jack sent along letters nearly every single day from Hogwarts and had since he’d gone there four years before. Aaron kept every single one of them. Serene had made a book of them. The Hotchner House Elves had kept Aaron sane in the aftermath of what Haley had done. There he was wifeless with a newborn and no other family. Sean had deserted right after graduation from Hogwarts and their parents had been dead for years. Haley’s family hadn’t even stuck around after finding out what she had done. Roy had taken his wife and youngest daughter and moved to the United States to escape the stigma of what his eldest had done. Pureblood women had flocked to Aaron afterwards, wanting to help him get over what had been done by filling his bed and having a mother for his child. He’d never told anyone what he’d learned the day he went to the Book of Bound Souls. He’d never even told Jack that his father had a soulmate out there that wanted nothing to do with him.

Life had changed for Aaron in so many ways following the birth of Jack but every single time he even thought of leaving the Auror Corps and getting a steadier job where he was home more, something stopped him. Serene told him to trust his instincts. She’s been much more than just a Nanny Elf for Jack. She’d been the woman of the house. There was no one in that told her, none of the other House Elves and surely not Aaron or Jack. She ruled the Hotchner Manor with an iron first.

The day that Jack had gone to Hogwarts, Aaron had sat and waited and waited to get a letter from him on where he had been placed. By the time dinner passed, he’d feared that the reason he hadn’t heard from him was because he’d been placed in Slytherin. Aaron had floo called Serene and found her with a letter in her hand. She looked at Aaron and it was a look that she dared him to say a single thing. The first person that Aaron told was Prentiss. Prentiss was the only Slytherin on the team. Aaron had been Gryffindor along with Morgan and Longbottom. Dave was the lone Ravenclaw with JJ and Garcia rounding them out with Hufflepuff. After telling Prentiss and then having Dave cover anything that would come up as far as a case was concerned, Aaron had apparated to Hogsmeade and then requested to speak with McGonagall.

McGonagall hadn’t been shocked to see him nor had she stopped him from seeing his son. The entire Hotchner family had made a name in hating Slytherins. Aaron’s father had made business deals with everyone but Slytherin’s or companies that were run by Slytherins. Aaron had never got a good reason on it all but that hatred had been passed down to his little brother Sean in a big way. Sean had got into trouble at the school all the time for baiting Slytherins or just outright bullying them. Aaron had tried to talk sense into him before their parents had died but it hadn’t helped. Then a Death Eater had killed their parents and the Slytherin hatred had just got worse, even after it had been revealed the Death Eater had gone to Hogwarts and had been sorted into Hufflepuff. Jack had never even meet Sean but the history of the Hotchners vs the Slytherins was legendary. The only family with a hate on for Slytherins that was close was the Weasleys.

Jack had been hiding in a boys’ bathroom that Aaron remembered as being out of order for the majority of his time at Hogwarts. Something with Peeves but it wasn’t out of order when he’d gone inside. Jack had been up in the window looking out onto the grounds. The only thing visible through that window was the Forbidden Forest. Aaron had spent a lot of time in that window.

“So. I’m thinking that you’d look handsome in green,” Aaron said. Jack had nearly fallen out of the window he’d turned to look at his father so quick.


“No buts. Obviously you belong there. Look at what the hatred of Slytherin got your Uncle. He’s been in and out of prisons across the world. He barely passed school because of detentions. Prentiss is a Slytherin and I’ve never treated her as anything but a valued team member. You didn’t need to hide it from me.”

“I thought you’d be disappointed.”

“Why? You are my child, Jack. You have nothing but me inside of you and I could never hate you for something that you can’t change. So come down from there and let’s go see your robes. I know that you turned down and owl as a pet but do you want to change your mind?”

“No. I have that box and I’d rather write to you using it. I don’t need an owl. Maybe some weekend you can come up and Headmistress McGonagall can approve me to go into Hogsmeade with you and we can pick me out something.

“Sounds good.”

Aaron laughed at what Jack had come back to school with. Even though Drakes were not on the approved list of creatures allowed as pets, McGonagall hadn’t been able to stop Jack from his pet, because the pure white Drake had bonded with Jack as soon as they had entered the shop. The Drake had been one of the last that Japan had allowed shipped to London as many were killed in the first war with Voldemort. Jack’s had gone unbonded with a human for over thirty years. Baster was the Drake’s name and all of the students at Hogwarts had got a crash course in exactly how much a Drake would protect their wizard. Drake had probably been one of the fews things that stopped other students from picking on Jack. Slytherins were still not looked on with the best light in the school. McGonagall tried but there was too much history but hopefully in a generation or two, it would be better.

“Hotch,” Morgan’s voice called out and pulled Aaron from his thoughts. He looked to see that his team was all sitting at the large table in the corner that they used for working on cases. It was a magical table that worked much like one of those screens that Muggles used to interact with their computers. They were called a hologram screen or something like that. Jack knew better because he loved Muggle television and movies. Aaron even had a subscription to recording service for Muggle shows so that over the summer Jack could catch up on what he missed. All of the team were looking at the large entryway to the Shadow Teams area of the Auror offices. The wards on the door were strong not just anyone could get inside.

Potter was standing at the door and interacting with the base wards, tuning a new person into it and Aaron could feel that he was removing Longbottom. Temporary access could be granted to any number of people, when the team was in the office, when they were not, Garcia was the only member inside and no one else was allowed in besides Potter and the Minister. Beside Potter was a man that Aaron couldn’t see the face of because of the generic robe that all Aurors were assigned. Aaron’s team didn’t wear them except when going before the Wizengamot or the ICW. Garcia was the only who wore the robes every single day but her’s were not standard issue nor technically allowed but Aaron never said a thing and neither did Potter.

The looks on the team’s face told Aaron that the could see the man’s face and that they weren’t happy, most affected was Morgan. The man looked like he was ready to kill. Garcia bustled in behind Potter and the other man moved out of her way. In her hand was a file and it looked large. She stopped when she realized that it wasn’t just the team there. She looked at the man and stopped breathing.

Part 2
“Lord R-reid,” Garcia stuttered and Aaron was up and out of seat before Garcia started to move away from them. Potter finished with the wards at the same time that Aaron stepped out of his office. Lord Reid had pulled his hood off and Aaron recognized him in that instant. Lord Spencer Reid hadn’t been in the paper as much as he used to be when he was younger. He only gained a mention in the list of eligible bachelors with money in Witch Weekly, which Aaron knew too much about given the three women on his team read it religiously.

Aaron knew that Lord Reid was replacement for Longbottom on the team. He knew it even without Potter adding him to the wards, without looks of anger on the team’s faces. Longbottom had said a grey wizard was going to be who Potter was putting on the team but Aaron never figured that THE grey wizard was going to be who it was. Lord Reid had made a name for himself as the most neutral wizard post war. He had worked in the Ministry since he’d graduated early by a year in nineteen ninety nine. The black robes that he was wearing made him seem taller even know Aaron knew they were right around the same height. His slight build didn’t help on that either. Aaron had never crossed his paths inside the halls of the Ministry even though he’d been there for over six sixteen years.

Morgan had though. Morgan and Lord Reid had crossed paths several times when Morgan had been an Auror, but not since Morgan had joined the Shadow Team. From the stories heard, Morgan and Lord Reid had come to physical blows in the atrium when Morgan had demanded to know why Reid had questioned his judgement in an seizure that had been done inside of the Malfoy Manor. Morgan had thrown the first punch and Lord Reid had ended it with a spell that still no one had been able to tell what it was. Morgan had been unharmed and unable to do anything until Potter had arrived to separate them, the Auror sent to take care of it. Potter had released Morgan from the spell and sent him back to the Auror halls to wait for him. Aaron had arrived just moments after that. He’d been looking at Morgan for the Shadow Team for more than a year at that point and it would be a year before Morgan would be asked to join the team. Morgan had been sanctioned for physically attacking a co-worker and Lord Reid had been told to stay away from public locations until Mogan had calmed down. The items that Morgan had seized from the Malfoy’s had been returned to them. Family heirlooms that the ICW’s law superseded Britain’s when it came to the owning of. Morgan was spelled to silence on the items and whispers had started to spread about Lord Reid’s connection to the Malfoys.

“Potter, Lord Reid,” Aaron said as the pair started towards him finally. He didn’t smile but that didn’t mean anything. He didn’t smile at work. He hadn’t ever really smiled at work, even before his personal life had gone to hell. Aaron stepped away so that the two men could enter his office before he turned to look at the team as the two men passed him. Dave didn’t looked shocked at all.

“I didn’t even know that he’d gone through the academy,” Morgan said.

“I saw him on the list of graduates yesterday,” Prentiss supplied.

Aaron just glared at them and they all turned back to act like they were working, except for Dave. Aaron pulled his office shut as he stepped through and bolstered himself for what was to come because it wasn’t going to be good at all. In the years since the incident with Morgan, Lord Reid’s close relationship with Draco Malfoy had come out. There was talk that they were lovers at Hogwarts but given that Reid was two classes behind, Aaron didn’t believe that. Close friendship yes, lovers no. Lord Reid had no connection with anyone in that way. A Muggleborn woman had once made a comment that she thought he might be asexual. Aaron had spent hours researching that term afterward. He’d never heard it since but Lord Reid hadn’t denied it.

“Head Auror Potter, Lord Reid what can I do for you?” Aaron asked as he sat down at his desk. He closed the open file on top, the list of Aurors that Longbottom had told him wouldn’t be picked.

“Don’t act a fool, Hotch.” Potter frowned at him while Lord Reid was just looking around the room at each of the pictures on the wall and the accolades that Aaron had up there. He could see Lord Reid’s careful eye taking them all in and building an idea of him. Aaron wondered what he was actually thinking. There was no way to refute that Lord Reid was intelligent. He’d graduated Hogwarts with thirteen OWLs and NEWTs the highest ever and had done it year early with the horrible year that was the last year of the war there as well. “Auror Reid will be taking Neville’s place on your team.”

“Lord Reid is a researcher. He may have gone through Auror training but the Shadow Team doesn’t take new recruits.”

“Lord Reid was a field researcher,” Potter pointed out and Aaron knew that many for the Unspeakables were stuck in the research department and that many were called field researchers to explain why they were not in their office but Aaron also knew that there were actual field researchers in the Ministry. Knowledge wasn’t gained by looking at a report. Garcia had been a pure researcher in spells before Aaron had plucked her for researcher for the Shadow Team. “He specialized in Dark Artifacts and the finding of them in our world. That gains him a placement on any team.”

“Except mine,” Aaron said. He looked at Lord Reid and saw that the young man wasn’t really paying attention to them. His head was cocked to the side like he was listening to someone behind him.

“I already have ICW write off on this, Hotch. They sent someone to talk to him while he was at the academy.”

“You know that I hate politics, Potter. You know that ass kissing is not something that I want to do in my job.”

“Do you know how many reporters just having him on the team is going to keep away from you if you are called out again. He has orders of protection for several, including Skeeter. The others are scared of him.”

“Yes, because I need witnesses scared to talk to one of my people. We have enough issue of being called to order for trampling laws.”

“Did you know that in Britain it’s against the law to shake a carpet or rug on the street but that a doormat is allowed to beaten as long as it is before 8am,” Lord Reid said.

Aaron looked at Lord Reid before he looked at Potter. There was a smile on Potter’s face.

“Of course, that is Muggle Britain but you wouldn’t believe the amount of laws that are on British Magical law books that are just as stupid. One of your court cases was thrown out for that reason wasn’t it, Auror Hotchner?” Lord Reid was looking at Aaron finally and his face was impassive.

“Auror Reid knows every single law in place in Britain, Magical or Muggle. He has an eidetic memory along with near perfect recall of every single conversation that he’s ever heard. The Wizengamot hates it when he sits in on items because he nearly always corrects them. You’ve not sat the Hotchner seat yet, even with being undisowned when you took over legal rights of your younger brother. I think that even you would crack a smile when the antics happen.”

“I doubt it.”

The smile on Potter’s face was wiped away and Aaron knew that he wasn’t going to win. The ICW had already signed off on adding him. Potter’s rule on having someone on his team was absolute and the only thing that Aaron could do was take it up with the ICW but that would take months. Lord Reid had never shown an interest in being anything but what he was, why was he joining Aaron’s team unless it was wholly to make Potter happy. Longbottom’s friendship with Potter made that a perfect understanding of why he was chosen to be on the team but other than parties thrown at the new Potter Manor were the only time that Lord Reid and Potter crossed paths. At least that anyone knew.

“A six month trial period at which at the end if he hasn’t made a sizable contribution to the team, he goes and you place another person or I will take this up with the ICW.”

“Great. I was willing to agree to a year but you just cut the work in half. I’m glad. There are no Auror cases that are even showing a chance of being passed onto you guys.”

“I’m not done,” Aaron said.

Potter frowned and Lord Reid was still just staring at him.

“I want the full access to his work records and the court case into his father’s death unsealed for myself and my team.”

“I can’t do a damned thing about his work file and you know it. You can guess what he was but I can’t confirm or deny it. Take that up with Croaker. As to the file about his father’s death, that’s locked. I can’t even access it.”

“Then no. I will fight this with the ICW and keep him here in the office until I am satisfied. It’s might right to use my team as I see fit and he’s a researcher for all I know so that’s where I’ll stick him, helping Garcia.”

“I’ll gladly give you the recount,” Lord Reid said.

Aaron looked at him and he wondered if he thought Aaron was an idiot. Many in the Department of Mysteries looked down on the Aurors as idiots. Idiots with a badge Aaron had heard more than once.

“If I can’t get the court records I want to see it. I know that a memory of the event was taken from you. It would be the only testimony that would have saved you from prison for patricide.”

“You want to see the memory?” Lord Reid asked, he finally showed emotion but Aaron couldn’t place it. The younger man sat forward in his chair and eyed Aaron up and down. “You really want to see it? There is no going back once you do.”


“Auror Potter, I agree to Auror Hotchner’s agreement for my employment with him. Six months of review before I am given full status and the account of what happened the night I killed my father.”

“This is either going to go well or horribly. Spencer, I am sending Draco to check on you tonight when you get home if you don’t floo us when you do get home.”

“Yes, Harry,” Lord Reid said but his eyes never left Aaron and his tone was placating. Potter stood up and left the office without saying another word. He left the door open and Aaron kind of cursed him for it. Lord Reid though stood up and moved to the door.

“I have a Pensieve in here. We don’t need to go out there,” Aaron pointed out.

“Oh, no. You want to see the memory, the entire team is going to see it. I know that Auror Morgan has always questioned it and Auror Rossi was no on the case when it was brought up before the Wizengamot. It’s better to just get it all over with.” Lord Reid reached towards the leather strap on his wrist and Aaron saw that it was dimensional pocket. Those were newer and not something that many had.

“I don’t think that they need to see it.”

“I know Auror Morgan’s mindset, Auror Hotchner. Don’t tell me that he’ll accept even your summation of events. And Auror Rossi is just nosy. You are the only Lord on the team so the Wizengamot won’t release the information to the whole of the team. It’s my memory though and I can do whatever I want with it.”

The team was looking at them and Garcia looked like she rather be anywhere other than where she was. Morgan was sitting beside her and Prentiss was on her other side but her eyes were wide as she took in every single movement that Lord Reid made. That was going to take time to get out of the woman. She’d been jumpy ever since she’s joined the unit and she disliked violence of any kind but she was one of the best researchers that Aaron had ever come across.

“Hotch?” Morgan asked.

“Head Auror Potter has placed Lord Reid on our team.” Aaron waited for the blow up. For Morgan to explode in anger and for the others to get upset.

“Why?” Dave asked.

“The darkness we all know is coming,” Prentiss said in a tone that Aaron knew well. She was shocked. Whether it was the fact that Aaron agreed to place him on the team without consulting them or that he’d even agreed. Prentiss was the best to understand Reid’s reasonings more than anyone.

“The ghosts you are chasing through the whispers,” Lord Reid said. He turned to look at Garcia. “Miss Garcia, I remember you from a few cases where your research was called into question. There is no reason for you to see what Auror Hotchner has demanded to see. You don’t need that in your head.”

“I…Hotch?” Garcia looked at Aaron.

“Go head to your research room. I’ll come and get you when we are done.” Aaron motioned for her to go ahead. She looked at Morgan before she left the room. Her love of knowledge made Ravenclaw the house that he could have seen her sorted into but that softness inside of her that cried for victims showed that Hufflepuff was the correct house for her. Aaron watched and made sure that the door was shut before turning to look at Lord Reid. The man had a vial in his hand. That was strange to Aaron. Memories stored like that were easily lost.

“This is the memory that was duplicated in my mind. It’s been pared down to only show what is needed. Nothing is cut from in between just starting and stopping points.” Lord Reid handed the vial over to Dave.

“Aaron?” Dave asked.

“Lord Reid’s placement on the team was contingent on showing the memory of the night he killed his father. I was fine with him just showing it to me but he demands that everyone see it.” Aaron moved to the cabinet at the side of the room and grabbed the projection pensieve from it and set it down in the middle of the work table. Dave stepped up and dumped the memory into it. As soon as Aaron activated it, the memory started up.


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  1. Hi, I remember reading shadow team on rough trade. I’d love to read it again. Are you going to post it on any of your sites?

    1. I will be posting it up. There are a few things I want to work on tweaking on it before I put it out in published format. It’ll probably be a part a week or something like that, much like I posted on RT. Don’t worry, it won’t disappear.

    1. When I post up EAD stories, the links will be provided on this page as well so you can always check that. If there is just a link to the EAD snippet, the full hasn’t been posted yet

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