Temporary UC Reid-EAD 2017

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: 2009 (Season 5)
Tags: Alternate Universe, Non-Canon Compliant
Ratings: R
Pairings: None
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, David Rossi,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 5
Summary: In the wake of Haley and Jack going into WitSec, Hotch is pulled from the Unit Chief spot while he is still in the hospital. Rossi declines thinking that Morgan will be stepped up but no one expects who they get. Doctor Spencer Reid from the Domestic Terrorism Task Force.

There was a lot of noise coming from the bullpen. Doctor Spencer Reid didn’t look up though as the sound of not quiet feet came closer and closer to him. He was sitting in the case discussion room, what he’d found the BAU called the round table room. He was reading over case after case after case that showed him why he was being chosen to lead the BAU’s A Team while it’s Unit Chief was in the hospital after being stabbed nine times by George Foyet, AKA The Reaper. The noise stopped and Spencer was left to silence again. He was waiting to see exactly who was going to come into the room and see who he was. He looked forward into seeing who it was.

It was fifteen minutes and thirty three seconds later that David Rossi stepped into the round table room.

“Can I help you with something?” Rossi asked.

“Agent Rossi, is the rest of your team in?”

“Yes.” Rossi seemed out of sorts a little with the fact that Spencer hadn’t answered him the way that he thought he should have. Or actually introduced himself.

“Good. Good. Can you get them all in here. Including,” Spencer pulled the file that listed all the members but he didn’t need to read it again, his memory more than made up for it but it was a show. He”””d learned the value of not giving away all of his cards in his years on the Domestic Terrorism Task Force. “Analyst Penelope Garcia.”

“Who are you?” Rossi asked.

“I asked for your team, Agent Rossi, not questions. Please get them.” Spencer watched as the man left the room, only then dìd Spencer frown. He had been told that the team had been briefed on the fact that he was coming in as the temporary unit chief until Foyet was caught. Spencer put all of his files in a pile and relaxed back into the chair. He knew where his issues would be with the team and it was Agent Derek Morgan and Analyst Garcia. Agents Prentiss and Jareau would be hesitant but not outright disrespectful and Rossi would keep his own council and see what he could do to ether help or hinder Spencer, outside of a case.

The A Team of the BAU entered the round table room one after the other with Jareau taking point and Rossi coming in last. Morgan took the seat directly in front Spencer.

“Good morning, my name is Spencer Reid. Supervisory Special Agent and Doctor.” Spencer looked at the team individually. “You are agents David Rossi, Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, and Jennifer Jareau. And Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia. Correct?”

“What’s this about?” Jareau asked.

“I will be your temporary Unit Chief until George Foyet is caught.” There was silence for a few seconds as what he said sunk into their minds. Spencer watched incredulity came over their faces and then Morgan blew up.

“WHAT!” Morgan stood up and Spencer would have been scared except for the fact that he knew that he would be able to subdue Morgan long enough that the others would step in. If Morgan did touch him, he wasn’t going to be nice about the discenpinlary measures.

“Agent Morgan, sit down.” Spencer didn’t speak loudly but he spoke calmly. Morgan though did not sit down.

“No. Why are they replacing Hotch?”

“Temporarily. He’s going to be in recovery for a while and then when he comes back, the Director doesn’t want any issues to popup. He wants the capture of Foyet to be clean and that means that someone else lead this team. We will still be on stand down for a week while I familiarize myself with the team and with the cases that are open at the moment.”

“Rossi, do something,” Morgan demanded.

“What do you want me to do? The Director put him into this place. I was asked and I turned it down. I figured that they would make you the temporary chief until Hotch got back. I didn’t think they would pull someone else in. At this point if I tell them I’ll take over it would be very evident why and then we will deal with a whole other string of issues.”

“You are correct. I have been on the Domestic Terrorism Task Force for just over five years, straight from the academy. I was made Uni Chief of the New York field office’s terror unit after the bombing that kill SSA Kate Joyner. A promotion that you turned down, Agent Morgan. I will not tolerate discord in the unit. I know that you are upset and this wasn’t what you wanted to have happen but this is what has happened. Take the day to work out all of your feelings on the matter and tomorrow, one on one we can discuss it all.”

Morgan stormed out of the room with Garcia on his heels. Spencer watched them leave before he looked at the three that remained. Jareau was looking at him like she couldn’t understand him and Prentiss was trying to profile him. He smiled at Prentiss before he turned to Rossi.

“Anything else?”

“Why weren’t we notified about the change?”

“You will have to take that up with those above us, Agent Rossi.”

“Doctor Reid,” Prentiss started and waited for Spencer to look at her before she started to talk. “You have doctorate in what?”

“I’m sure that Analyst Garcia will be digging up all kinds of information on me, Agent Prentiss.”

“I’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth, Sir.”

“Reid is fine. I have degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, and History. I am also currently earning one on Philosophy.”

“Are you joking?” Prentiss asked.

“No, Agent Prentiss. I do not joke when it comes to education.”

Prentiss said nothing else but she stared at him. Spencer ignored her though and looked at Jareau.

“Before you leave today, Agent Jareau, we need to work on a press release about the attack on Agent Hotchner and what we are going to be doing moving forward. If you want to start drafting it, we can discuss it after I get back from another meeting.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jareau stood up and left the room with Prentiss on her heels. Rossi stared at Spencer for several minutes before he got up and left.

Spencer looked at his watch and sighed. He would just make it when visiting hours opened up. He packed his files into his messenger bag and left the round table room. He locked his office and shut the door as there were sensitive files to do with open DTTF cases that he was still working on and would when he had the chance.

The drive to the hospital that Agent Hotchner was in was short, given that it was rush hour and most everyone was at home after working all night or already into their jobs for the day. The Director had already give him the room number that Hotchner was in and Spencer went right to it. There were two guards on him at all times. An obvious one in uniform and a plain clothes who did rounds on the floor. Spencer flashed his badge at the guard at the door but the man held an arm out across the doorway, not letting him in.

Aaron looked up from the report that he was reading and frowned. He remembered reading the file on Doctor Spencer Reid in the aftermath of the case in New York. Dave had called to tell him about the shake up in the team and that it had blindsided all of them. Doctor Reid looked even younger in person than he did on his file. Aaron was shocked though that Doctor Reid was coming to see him.

“Doctor Reid, please come in. Officer, go take a break.”

“I’ll wait for you to come back before I leave,” Doctor REid said to the officer as he stepped away.

“Doctor Reid, Dave said that you had taken over for me.”

“Yes, Agent Hotchner, up until the team walked into the round table room, I wasn’t aware that the team had not been made aware of the fact that someone else would be taking over. I was told that the team was expecting me by Section Chief Strauss.”

Aaron wasn’t expecting the candidness. Dave had been worried that Doctor Reid had been brought in to undermine the team and Aaron himself but this…

“Who put forth your name for the team?”

“Strauss but the Director is the one who instilled me as temporary UC and gave me my secondary set of parameters for what I am to do while I am here.”

“Which is?”

“Honest reporting of everything within the BAU. Every single team. Every single person above me who I report to.”

“He’s eyeing someone.”

“He has been for two years but he’s found no opportunity to get someone inside the unit ad get an honest report.”

“Either you are hoping that I’m to egotistical to get think I would get caught or you aren’t looking at me.”

“I’m not looking at you at all, Agent Hotchner. Should I be?”

Aaron saw the intelligence behind those eyes. Aaron didn’t know much about Doctor Reid other than what he had heard about the New York office in the aftermath. He had come in and got the office in perfect working order in under a year. Aaron wondered why he had decided to leave there to take a temporary position as UC of the BAU. If he and the team weren’t the focus of why Reid was there, that meant someone above and Aaron wouldn’t be shocked if it was Strauss.

“No, Doctor Reid, you shouldn’t be.”

“Good, because your loyalty to your team is commendable, especially with what you have to face to do your job.”

Aaron knew then that while Strauss had wanted him there to try and oust Aaron, Strauss was going to find an issue with what he was actually there to do. Aaron was going to talk Dave into bringing him his laptop so that he could do some research. His work laptop. He wanted to know everything about the man in front of him. The man who was going to leading the team while he was in recovery.

“Here is my card, Agent Hotchner. I look forward to when you return from leave.” Reid stood up from he chair he had sat in but he didn’t leave. Instead he reached into his messenger bag and pulled out a very thick file. “This is my entire uncensored file for the things that you have clearance to see. I’ve included all of my academics as well. So that maybe you won’t try and stress yourself too much.”

“I want to warn you that Garca-”

“Will try and hack what she can hack? I’ve been made aware and so has those who protect the security of the terrorism unit. She’ll be warned once and her computers killed the second time. I’ve left it up to my old bosses what to do with her.”

“Dave said that Morgan didn’t take it well at all.”

“No. He didn’t. I gave them the day to calm down and then tomorrow I will meet with each of them. I am going to handle this with care even if SC Strauss doesn’t want to handle it with care.”

Aaron looked at Reid. His confidence in himself shone through even when he was unsure of where he stood. Aaron had heard wonderful things about him.

“She drinks. I haven’t confirmed if she drinks while at work but I know that he does more than just socially.”

Reid looked at him, shocked.

“You have loyalty to someone who doesn’t have loyalty to you.”

“I don’t want to make her made and she take it out on my team.”

“You are a commendable man, Agent Hotchner. I mean it when I say I look forward to working with you.”

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