The Guardians-EAD 2017

Title: The Newbie
Series Title: The Guardians
Fandom: Criminal Minds, Destiny
Year: The Far Future
Tags: Science Fantasy,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Cayde-6, Zavala, Ikora Rey,
Spoilers: Destiny: Through Rise of Iron, Criminal Minds: Up Through Season 12,
Summary: GARCIA hunted for years for the perfect Guardian to call her own. The thing was she had six total parts and needed to find six perfect Guardians. She had four and needed two more. The thing was that the one she was searching for. She had been searching for him from the start. A spark of Light inside that would scream to her. The other four sparks didn’t scream. This spark though, it was screaming.
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Death, War,

We called it the Traveler and it’s arrival changed us forever. Great cities were built on Mars and Venus. Mercury became a garden world. Human life span tripled. It was a time of miracles. We stared out at the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of other stars.

But the Traveler had an enemy. A Darkness. Which had hunted it for eons across the black gulfs of space. Centuries after our golden age began, this Darkness found us. And that was the end of everything.

But it was also the beginning.


Vast abandoned landscapes and evidence of massive cities dot the vision of GARCIA as she moved from body to body in the edge of Fallen territories, ceded to them in the seeming never ending fight against the Darkness. She was looking for someone that she had been searching for a very long time. Instead of him, she found others. Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, and JJ. But she needed HIM. She needed to find him. A bone sticking out of the front seat of a car had her getting close enough to scan.

“Ouch. You poor thing,” GARCIA said aloud to no one. There was a hole in the top of the human’s head and told her the method of death. She moved away from that pile of bones to try and find anything else that could lead her to where he was. She knew that he had to be there. She dreamed of him. Or someone made her dream of him, she wasn’t sure but the dreams hadn’t steered her wrong, she’d found the others.

She hated what the land had become in the aftermath of the Collapse and the invading of the Darkness. There was little left on Earth that wasn’t a mass of destruction. There were only paintings left of what Earth and her Colonies had looked like during the Golden Age of Humanity. She hadn’t been around during that time. The Traveler had created all Ghosts as a last ditch effort to help fight the Darkness.

“Is it possible? Did I finally find you?” The Ghost expanded to scanned even better. Her shell pieces rode on the waves of electromagnetic energy that her body created. “There you are.”

Pulling back into her body, GARCIA started the resurrection process. She watched as a man that hadn’t been alive since just after the Collapse was alive again. He was tall and lanky, different from the other four guardians. And an Awoken. That surprised her a great deal. What she had been able to figure out was that he’d died just after the Collapse. Awoken hadn’t made it back to Earth until long after he had died. Checking her database, GARCIA found that the Awoken had sent an emissary to Earth first but he’d never made it. He’d been marked as lost to the Darkness. She wondered if this was him.

“Guardian? Guardian? Eyes up Guardian!” GARCIA screamed as her sensors picked up movement around them. While she was hunting, someone had been hunting her. “It worked. You’re alive! You don’t know how long I have been looking for you. I’m a Ghost. Actually, now I am your Ghost. And you-You’ve been dead a long time. So you are going to see a lot of things that you don’t understand. But I’ll help you through it all.” A scream rent the air around them and GARCIA looked back the way that it came from. She needed to get him to safety. She needed to get to safety. She wasn’t supposed to be out looking for him without one of the others with her, for protection. “This is Fallen territory. We aren’t safe here. I HAVE to get you to the city. Hold still.”

GARCIA flared her energy and hid from sight. “Don’t worry, I’m still with you. We need to move. Fast. We won’t survive long in the open like this. Let’s get inside the wall.”

Chapter One-Not Dead Anymore
Spencer Reid opened his eyes and took in the floating thing above him. It had called him a Guardian. He narrowed his eyes and looked at it harder. It was floating above him and his memory contained something about what it was. Like it was something that he hadn’t seen in a long time. He frowned as he heard movement all around him. He was in a junkyard, something he’d only seen in stills from before the Golden Age.

There was a giant wall in front of him and he could barely understand why it looked like it did. How long had it been since the Darkness had arrived? If this was Earth, and he was pretty sure that it was, the wall shouldn’t look like that, old and rusted. There was an opening in the wall and it’s where his HUD was telling him to go. His body felt fine and his shield was active to the fullest.

A path between the junked cars showed Spencer the way to the opening and he took off at a dead run through it. He looked around as he ran, scaring off crows that were taking advantage of the hiding places that the junked cars gave for bugs. There was no flesh left on any of the bodies that he saw so that meant that the only food for the birds. When the door to the wall became visible, Spencer pushed himself just a little bit harder to get inside as the calls around him grew in noise.

Spencer slowed as he got into the safety of the wall. Turning to look back at where he had been Spencer heard a loud and gravelly voice echoing around the area. He moved farther into the tunnel that was inside of the the wall. He looked at his Bond and found that it was still there. The interior tunnels were just as old an worn as the outer wall had been. It was dark inside, no lighting beyond what came through broken areas that were open to the elements.

“Okay. I need to find you a weapon before the Fallen find us.”

Spencer came to an area that had windows all along one wall but the glass was covered up and only a faint bit of light was getting through.

“Quiet. They’re right above us,” the Ghost said.

Spencer slowed down in his movements, making sure of his footing before moving. The light on his helmet lit up as he moved towards the darkness again. He could hear the movements of the things, the Fallen, above him and his hand itched to have a weapon in it. There was debris everywhere, relics of a bygone era. Spencer wanted to learn about the area that he was in. He wanted to know everything about it all. As Spencer moved up the stairs his HUD gave him information that he was needing. He was in an area called The Breach, in Old Russia.

There was a large, black opening in the area above him and Spencer almost cried out as the Ghost moved away from him.

“Hang tight,” the Ghost said as she moved to the railing, his light from inside of him showing Spencer everything around him. “Fallen thrive in the dark, we won’t. We need more light. I’ll see what I can do.”

As the Ghost moved away from him and lit up the area, Spencer could see things crawling on the walls. That had to be Fallen, whatever they were.

“Another hardened military system and a few centuries of entropy working against me.” The Ghost disappeared and Spencer crouched down to make a small target. He hoped his little head lamp kept those things from him while the Ghost was gone. There was the sound of building static electricity and then lights started to come on, the first the farthest away from him that it could be. There were more of those things crawling all over the support rods that kept the wall up. The Ghost flew at him, seemingly as fast as it could move. “They’re coming for us!”

The Ghost moved towards a door and it slid open. “Here, I found a rifle, grab it!”

Spencer ran to the rifle and checked it over, readying it for firing. He grabbed several magazines of ammo, hopefully enough to get him out of there.

“I hope you know how to use that thing!”

Spencer didn’t answer the Ghost, he figured that most of what she was saying was just for want of speaking more than wanting an answer. He ran down the hall that was open to him now and found a dark patch. Around a corner though was a lot of light. He went around the corner carefully, looking for whatever the creatures were. He saw movement at the end of the hall. Bringing the rifle up into firing position, Spencer crept towards the next corner.

“Eyes forward, watch your tracker.”

Spencer looked at his tracker briefly to see that there were no enemies around him. Down the hall he moved looking every three seconds at the tracker. He could see movement ahead of him and when he turned the corner, two creatures appeared in his view. One from the ceiling and one from what looked like a hole in the wall. Spencer fired off several three round bursts at the creatures, dropping both. He stepped up to them and checked to make sure that his armor read them as dead. The two creatures were very different. One looked like a foot soldier while the other seemed like a higher caste of soldier. The foot soldier looked like it had arms docked off while the higher still had two sets of arms. They were creepy and Spencer felt like firing one more shot each into their heads to make sure they were dead. He wasn’t sure what kind of world he had appeared in but he wanted to be out of it.

The corner showed that he was in a U bend of a hallway, the next corner was just feet away from him. As Spencer rounded that corner, another of the lower caste creatures dropped down and Spencer didn’t even try and fire his gun. He grabbed his knife and slammed it into the neck of the creature. Spencer didn’t take any time to look at the creature instead he pushed on, following the light.

As Spencer came to a doorway, several of each kind of creature dropped from the ceiling or appeared behind crates. Spencer took aim and shot each one of them as they got close. He felt a few of their own weapon’s fire hit him, the impact buffeting his shield but not hurting him. A few of the lower creatures readied some kind of grenade and launched them at him. He stepped to the right and moved to the other doorway, seeing more coming from that direction. He shot one of the lower creatures and the grenade it had readied dropped and took out one of its fellow creatures. Spencer reloaded the weapon with new magazine. He threw the old down and took aim again. Pecking off the last few survivors before he stepped through the doorway.

“There’s more ahead. Keep it up!” The Ghost sounded so happy that he was fighting for his life. He hoped it was because he was living and not because she was a bloodthirsty thing.

There was a bridge a head and Spencer looked all around before he took his first step onto it. Afraid of an ambush, Spencer took off at a run across it. As he crossed onto solid metal again, he saw a chest of some kind ahead.

“Loot cache. Let’s see what’s inside.”

Spencer stepped up to the chest and opened it. Inside was a new gun. It was made for humans and looked nothing like the guns the creatures had been using. He frowned as he checked it over and smiled as he saw more ammo for it in the chest. There was a name etched into the side of the stock of the gun. Badger CCL. Spencer took the ammo out of his first rifle and loaded it into the second along with the other clips. He slipped all of the clips into pockets in his armor. Spencer followed the light towards a new hallway. There were red beams across it.

“Trip mines! Don’t touch them!” The Ghost was excitable.

Taking aim, Spencer used his new rifle to shoot each of the mines that he could see. The mines lined the hallway and were activated by movement in the periphery of them. There were creatures just past the first set and after the mines exploded, Spencer took them out with a few well placed shots. He liked his new rifle. He took three steps past the first set of mines and the floor exploded.

A grate flew upward and one of the lower creatures jumped out. Spencer buried his knife in it’s chest and watched as it fell down to the ground.

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