The Short and the Dirty

Title: The Short and the Dirty
Fandom: Criminal Minds, James Bond, X-Men,
Year: Any
Tags: Plot What Plot?, Porn Without Plot, Porn With Plot, Rimming, Edging, Cock Warming, MPreg, Pregnant Sex, A/B/O, Knotting, Bondage,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, James Bond/Q,
Spoilers: Up Through All Aired Seasons and Movies
Summary: It’s just what it sounds like. Short fics that really pack a bang to them.
Notes: None
Warnings: Does a fuckton of sex count?
Beta: None

This is a series of one-shots that were written and posted on AO3 in a writing war with Rivermoon1970.

Chapter 1-Just Casual A Night In

There weren’t a lot of nights that Spencer and Aaron could just relax. Even if they weren’t working, they had a very active ten year old in the house with them. It was rare that they were allowed to be just lovers enjoying each other. Aaron was dressed in the suit he had been wearing that day, minus the jacket. On his left wrist he was wearing a leather strip that if he wanted he could turn into a cock ring that fit right around Spencer. On his right was a longer strip of leather that he had made special, it fit around Spencer’s wrists and he could hold his hands and arms right where he wanted them. He wasn’t sure that he was going to use them but wearing them told Spencer that he wanted to play.

Aaron brushed his fingertips down the center of Spencer’s chest. When they just touched the dusting of hair on his lover’s skin below his bellybutton he started back up. Spencer’s eyes were closed and his hands were above his head, gripping Aaron’s cloth covered thigh. He was totally naked and hard as a rock. He had been since Aaron had told him to strip before dinner. He’d gone upstairs to strip off his jacket and gather his leather strips before going back into the kitchen. The blinds were all pulled from before they had gone to work. He’d pulled every single one on the first floor and the few in the hallway to the bedroom. Their bedroom ones stayed pulled most of the time so he hadn’t worried about them. Jack was at a friend’s for a sleepover.

Spencer laid his head down to where it was in between Aaron’s legs. On his next sweep down Aaron’s let his nail bit into Spencer’s skin. His entire body shuddered. It had been weeks since Aaron had fucked Spencer, mostly it was lazy hands jobs in the shower or a quick blowjob in the morning. He knew he wasn’t going to last long enough to tease Spencer too much. The sight of him fully naked and stretched on the couch was tempting. The genius had eaten dinner sitting in Aaron’s lap, he had been good and hadn’t squirmed around even though Aaron was sure he wanted to. The Chinese had been eaten quickly with Aaron using chopsticks and Spencer a fork.

After the food had been consumed, Aaron had pushed Spencer over the table and tongue fucked him until Spencer had just been on the edge of coming. A liberal washing of his mouth with mouthwash while Spencer relocated to the living room and then the fun had begun. For over half an hour, Aaron had been touching Spencer just enough to keep him hard but never enough for it to be enough at all.

Aaron kept his hand on Spencer’s chest and used his other to work his pants open. At the clink of his belt, Spencer turned his head and as soon as Aaron’s cock was out, he fed it to the younger man. Spencer kept his arm right where it was for fear of knocking Aaron’s cock from his mouth. Aaron closed his eyes as a hot wet mouth took him in as far as he could go with the angle they were at. It would be enough to get him off if he wanted it to but that wasn’t what he wanted. He was only going to use Spencer’s mouth to get him hard. It only took a few minutes before the wicked tongue and suction got him fully hard.


Spencer pulled his tongue back and stopped sucking on the cock in his mouth but he didn’t back away. That mouth was perfect for him. Spencer was perfect for him, in every way. He gripped the hair on the back of Spencer’s head and thrust his cock a little farther into the mouth he loved so much. The tongue stayed down and back.

“Get on my cock,” Aaron said as he couldn’t take it anymore. He shifted his legs as Spencer scrambled up with urgency. The younger man straddled his lap. Aaron’s hands went to his ass cheeks, holding him open as he lowered himself down onto Aaron’s cock. The only lubricant was what little Spencer had worked inside himself before getting on the couch, knowing how the night was going to go and what was on his cock from Spencer’s mouth. He let Spencer work himself up and down, up and down as worked his hole to take all of Aaron. Spencer had spent the entire day lecturing at the academy, his voice was wrecked and Aaron was going to make him tea before they went to bed.

When Spencer was all the way down on him, Aaron let go of his cheeks and gripped his hips instead. It was his favorite part, before Spencer had lost himself to the pleasure of a good fucking and before the feeling of the hole stretched around his cock started to fade into a rush for pleasure. He pulled the genius down onto him sinking those last few centimeters farther inside. Spencer’s head dropped forward, slack in the feeling of a cock inside of him and trusting that Aaron would keep him up.

The arch of his neck was tantalizing and Aaron pulled him back just a little so that he could lick up his spine. When Aaron squeezed his hips, Spencer started rock on him. It heaven, being buried in him. Spencer got into a good rhythm just in time for Aaron to want to touch. He trailed his hands up Spencer’s sides, missing the ticklish spots and instead pulled Spencer back to where he was braced fully on Aaron, his back rubbing on Aaron’s chest.

“I heard Morgan today. Talking about the person who has claimed your attention. His arm wrapped around you. I wanted to throw it off. Now that he is all happy and settled with wife and child at home, he’s turning his eye to you. He doesn’t know that you are mine.” Aaron knew that he was close. That he’d come before long. He’d get Spencer off with his hand after he came. “He doesn’t know that you have me inside of you on a regular basis. That you sleep in my bed. Fuck.”

Aaron grabbed his hips again and held him down on his cock as far as he would go as he came inside of him. Spencer’s head dropped back onto Aaron’s shoulder. His breath coming in pants as Aaron’s cock swelled in him. Aaron pushed his legs to move, spreading them more and doing the same to Spencer’s. He slipped his hands forward, finally touching Spencer’s cock. But he didn’t grip it, instead he held it between his palms.

“We are going to do it soon, too. Tell the team. Have a meal together and before hand I am going to fuck you can’t get it up anymore. You can sit in my lap as we eat to show them how serious we are.” Aaron wrapped one hand around his cock and drew it up and off before he did the same with the second, on and on he did that. Never chaffing, just soft enough for him to feet it but not enough to get anything remotely like what he needed to come. Spencer stayed like that though, near boneless in his lap. Panting. “Spit.”

Spencer leaned up enough to where when he did spit, he could just drop it down onto his cock. Aaron felt the liquid hit his hand, right where it was around his cock head. Aaron slicked up his cock with it and squeezed just a little more.

“Garcia and Lewis, can you see the looks on their faces, knowing that picturing us together is hot but being ashamed that they were doing it. Dave would be upset because he didn’t know and I kept it from him. JJ and Morgan will be all worried about you. Is that what you want, Spencer? For them to know that you are mine and that they need to back off?”

Spencer nodded, his head moving just enough for Aaron to feel it before his entire body went taut. Aaron watched his mouth fall open as he came wordlessly into Aaron’s hand. Mental stimulation worked just as well as physical with Spencer. Instead of moving to clean up, Aaron brought up his hand to Spencer and he cleaned it off. Suckling on each finger as it was offered to him. He didn’t move and Aaron’s cock stayed inside of him. They would stay like that until Aaron either got hard again or they went to bed. He was going to do everything he could though to get hard again. He wanted his lover one more time before bed.

Chapter 3-Mad With Lust

It was three a.m. and James was tired. He wanted to return his kit, all of it for once. He knew that Q was there because the guard had told him so when he’d came in through one of the tunnel entrances. He was bruised and dirty and didn’t want picked up by the locals. Right there in the middle of the main part of the branch was the drop point for all tech brought back from missions and all tech recovered on missions. It was part of the table that Q used when overseeing missions.

James dropped his kit there and pulled his Walther free from his holster. He popped the clip and ejected every single bullet left in it. Lining them up in a row beside where he set the gun. He smiled before turning around to figure out where the Boffin was. 006’s mission had gone tits up and James knew that it was why the man was still there. Too high on energy from saving the crazy Russian. For once, it wasn’t Alec’s fault that his mission had gone to hell.

The branch was silent as James moved through it. He’d heard M order all of the boffins home for a night of rest. There were a few non Q branch members monitoring other active missions up in the main section of MI6. James wondered how Q had slipped past M’s purge of the branch. Then again many of the security members feared Q more than M. A well placed threat to tech would have made them lie to M. It would also explain why the guard had told James.

Hidden at the back of the branch was little used workshop. It was full of Q’s babies as James called them. Tech that he wanted to have perfected before anyone could see them. James was the only one with a code to get into the room and only because he’d asked the Quartermaster when he’d still been high from a spectacular orgasm.

A mirror on the wall let James get a good look at himself. He was dirty that much was obvious. He knew that he stunk of sweat but he’d long ago become used to that smell of off his body post mission. When he raised his hand to at least straighten his tie he saw that his knuckles were a great deal more bloody than he thought they were. There was nothing to be done for it though because he needed to get Q out of MI6 before the early staff started to arrive for the day, lest M find out and put him on a week down time, like last time.

James laid his palm on the reader and the door beeped and opened. That meant that Q was in there because it wouldn’t open for him unless he was. Q though wasn’t busy working on anything. The desk was clear, all of the projects along the wall in their little cubbies. Q was sitting in his chair slumped down looking at something. He looked back at Bond but the agent could tell that Q wasn’t really seeing him. His boffin looked away again and as the door shut his entire body stiffened.

Q set down his phone and actually turned to look at him. James was used to being looked at like he was a conundrum. This was different. Q took his time moving from looking at his scuffed up shoes to his pants and up to his crotch. His eyes lingered there for just seconds before going up to his chest and finally settled on his face.

James didn’t even have a chance to react as Q was up and out of his seat. James was shoved into the wall with the force that shocked him. Q’s lips were on his and James grabbed his hips by instinct. His lips fell open on his own and Q’s tongue tangled with his. He didn’t even fight it, this was the coming home that he wanted, he just expected it at Q’s place or his. Having Q over his desk inside of MI6 wasn’t something that he’d thought he’d get.

His lover was a proper Englishman. He didn’t even allow James to touch him inside of Six without him having a very stroppy man on his hands. So this was James’ wildest dream.

The cool air on his rapidly hardening cock told James that Q wasn’t messing around. Instead of voicing a protest, James started to work on stripping Q, who on a good day had too many layers. As the days went on where he didn’t leave the branch his clothes got heavier and heavier. So not only was he wearing a cardigan, underneath of it was a long sleeved shirt, a t-shirt, and an a-shirt. The bottoms were thick corduroy and a garish color. James ripped them open with enough force that he was sure the zipper was broke. The belt was tossed to the side, it would be the only thing to hold the clothing up once James has his way with his lover.

“Need you, James,” Q begged as his hand wrapped around James’s cock. James thrust into his hand a few times before he lifted Q up and carried him to his desk. His pants were around his ankles. James stepped on them, pulling them down off his legs. His shoes were still attached so James leaned down to rip them off of his feet. As soon as he was up again, Q was grabbed him and pulled him close again. Lithe legs were splayed on either side of James as Q tried again to suck his lungs out through his throat.

James allowed Q’s ardor to ramp up his own.

“Top right drawer,” Q panted as he started to kiss down James’s neck. He ripped Q’s pants down off of him. Q shimmed to the edge of the desk and leaned back. James groaned at the sight he made, ass just off the edge, legs splayed so that James could just see his bollocks. The drawer in question held a bottle of lube. James smirked as he snapped open the cap on the bottle. He coated a single finger before slicking up his cock as he pushed the finger inside of him. Q laid back and as James’ finger found his prostate, his back arched. James pulled his finger free and lined up his cock, sinking inside Q before he could even say a thing.

Q was incoherent in his lust, babbling word after word of what James thought was encouragement to go faster. James fucked him hard and fast but still Q begged for more. So James pulled, despite the whining that Q was making. He jerked Q off the desk and spun him around. He pushed Q down onto the desk and slid back into him.

Leaning over Q, James grabbed the far side of the desk and started to fuck him hard and fast. Q was silent as James fucked him. He reached down and grabbed the boffin’s cock. Just a touch had him coming so hard that James had to grab his hips to stop him from falling. James thrust into him, once, twice, three times and came with a thrust so hard, Q slammed into the desk. James pinned him to the desk by slumping over on top of him.

It was ten minutes before James felt like he should move. He helped Q to sit down in his chair as he worked on setting him to rights. Q was floating just on the edge of sleep. James knew that what had been up with him. Q hadn’t been able to stop. He hadn’t been able to get his mind to quiet down so he’d gone for the quickest way. A hard ride. James set him to rights and then crouched in front of him. Q tipped forward and James helped him wrap his legs around him and then he stood up.

They met no one as they left MI6 and James was happy as he didn’t think that Q would live it down on exactly how much he was snoring.

Chapter 5-Wear You Out

Aaron adored coming home. There wasn’t anything different about the home, per se but it was the fact that he had someone to come home to now. Aaron had flown home commercial as the rest of the team wanted to stay in Las Vegas to spend the weekend. So Aaron had left the jet of them and went home. A short cab home because he was too tired to even think about driving and Aaron was greeted with the sight of the living room light on.

Barely making a sound, Aaron let himself into the house and looked into the living room. He only had his go bag in hand as he’d left his guns with Rossi to take care of since he was getting a commercial flight and didn’t want the hassle of getting clearance to take them on the flight. He slid the bag under the table just inside the door before shutting and locking the door. The alarm hadn’t been set but that didn’t worry Aaron at all.

The sight of Spencer curled up reading in the living room settled Aaron down. He was on his side in the new chair that had been bought for Spencer’s sleepless nights, his book resting on a pillow in front of him. It was obvious that he wasn’t asleep so Aaron turned and set the alarm. The chirp that it made had Spencer looking up, a smile on his face.

“I thought you were going to be in Vegas until morning?” Spencer said as he closed his book and tossed it up onto the nightstand. He stretched and his shirt though long, rucked up to show part of his belly.

“The other’s wanted to stay the weekend so I talked to Strauss and they are all flying back Sunday. I want to be home so I came home on a commercial flight.” Aaron toed off his shoes and emptied his pockets of everything. He moved towards Spencer and sat down on the chair before leaning over for a kiss. It was freely given and his lover rolled to his back so that Aaron could deepen the kiss.

“Jack’s not going to be home until Sunday. He’s enjoying the weekend camp.” Spencer moaned as Aaron ran his hand over Spencer’s sensitive belly.

“Then I have tonight, all of tomorrow, and Sunday morning to wear you out.” Aaron leaned back and ripped his shirt off before helping the younger man remove his. As soon as the offending article was gone, Aaron leaned down and took a hyper sensative nipple in his mouth. Spencer’s hand gripped the back of his hair and held him right there. The grip was so tight that Aaron was sure that Spencer would have hair between his fingers when he finally let go. Aaron trailed a hand from stomach to the other nipple, rubbing just slightly over the tip. Spencer gasped and his entire body shook. Aaron wanted to get his enjoyment as much as he could because in four months, Spencer wasn’t going to allow him the fun anymore.


“Doctor said that for now sex is still fine and even up until you deliver, as long as we don’t do anything too rough.” Aaron leaned back again, to look at Spencer’s rounded belly. Ever since it had started to be very evident that he was pregnant, Aaron was glad that he wasn’t ashamed of what he looked like. He proudly flaunted the belly to Aaron on a daily basis. Jack was even excited and they measured it weekly.

“What does that have to do with wearing me out?” Spencer asked as he started to shimmy his pants off. It was a pair of Aaron’s sleep pants. Seeing his lover pregnant and wearing his clothes didn’t help at all with Aaron’s libido. Aaron helped strip him and then stripped himself.

“You complain that the hormones are making you horny all the time.” Aaron carefully leaned over him, taking Spencer’s leaking cock in hand and started to jack him off. “So every time your cock even twitches, I’m going to get you off, with my hand, my mouth, and when my cock allows, it. By Sunday your cock isn’t even going to want to get hard.”

“Oh fuck,” Spencer said.

Aaron splayed the younger man’s legs on either side of his. The chair was big enough for this, Aaron knew that well as they were pretty sure that the child inside of Spencer had been conceived on the chair. They were going for a surprise as far as sex went. The nursery in the new house was done up in greens and yellows, very gender neutral. Spencer coming all over his hand startled Aaron out of his thoughts.

“That’s it, love.” Aaron milked Spencer dry and he slumped down onto the chair. His cock though was still hard. “Do you want me?”


Aaron reached between the cushions and grabbed the lube that he knew would be there. It was the only place outside the bedroom that they kept lube. He slicked up his cock before slipping two fingers inside of Spencer’s hole. He slid them in and out a few times before he pulled them fully free. Leaning down he grabbed his shirt and cleaned his hand off on it. As soon as he sat back up, Spencer rolled to his side.

With Spencer being unable to bend too much at the waist, the last few times they had sex, on their sides was the favored position, if Spencer wasn’t on top but it was hard to do in the chair. The chair was big enough for them and Jack to cuddle in but Aaron didn’t want to risk Spencer for sex.

Settling down behind Spencer, Aaron drew up the younger man’s top leg so that he could line himself up. He slide inside so easy, a testament to how much Spencer wanted it more than anything else. Aaron held him steady as he fucked him. The feel of his lithe body pressed against his own had Aaron pushing into him a little harder.

“Right there. God, Aaron please.”

“No. Just like this.” Aaron slid back into him just as slow and easy as he had before. After this round was going to be dinner. Then maybe Aaron could talk Spencer into riding him. But for now he wanted to enjoy feeling Spencer pressed into him. Slow and gentle, Aaron brought Spencer to climax before he gently pulled out of him. He rolled Spencer onto his back and straddle his upper legs. Spencer was looking at him lazily through half hooded eyes. Aaron fisted his cock and Spencer moaned. It only took a few strokes and then Aaron was coming all over Spencer’s stomach. Aaron kept himself on his knees so that he wouldn’t crush his lover, when he was sure of himself he laid down beside him, cuddling into him. Clean up would come in a little bit but right now, with hot bodies pressed together, it was heaven to him.

Aaron had never wanted sex with Haley like he did with Spencer. He sometimes felt like he was craving it. Especially now that Spencer was pregnant, he fully intended to wear his lover out that weekend and every other chance that he got.

Chapter 6-S/G 3-Bond

Spencer tried to roll over in bed but found himself trapped. His first instinct was to scream and try and escape but the smell surrounding him told him that it was Aaron. They had got back from a case really late and Spencer wasn’t sure exactly who was in who’s bed. The night was blurry from lack of sleep and just mental exhaustion. Spencer opened his eyes wider and found that he was in Aaron’s bed. It was a rare occurrence for him to be in it. Most of the time when Aaron needed him, he came to Spencer’s room to hold him and sleep.

“Mine,” Aaron muttered into his neck. Spencer felt the cock that was pressed into his ass cheeks press even harder. Spencer didn’t move, he didn’t even breathe as Aaron’s nose swept down his neck. He listened to Aaron’s breathing, unsure of exactly what was going on. His leg was lifted before he was pressed face first down into the bed. Aaron’s body surrounded him.

“Yours,” Spencer said as his heart ached. He buried his face down into the pillow and prepared for the breach that he knew was coming. Instead though, Aaron slid down his back, his tongue leaving a trail. Spencer groaned as his ass cheeks were spread apart. He tried to get to his knees but Aaron pressed a hand onto the small of his back to hold him there. The utter strength that Aaron had astounded Spencer. Yet he never used it to hurt Spencer. Other than the one sided bond, Aaron did nothing to hurt Spencer. He was perfect. To anyone looking at them and their home life, it was like they were the perfect married couple.

Fingers slipped inside of him, opening him up so slowly and lubing him up. Their sex life wasn’t exactly lacking. Aaron’s Sentinel side was strong and nearly every single case ended with them having sex. The care that Aaron took before fucking him should have been out of place but his Sentinel side was strong and he never wanted to hurt his Guide. There was no aspect of their working or personal relationship that was hurtful. When he needed his space, Aaron gave it to him. Aaron had learned when the one sided bond got to be too much for the Guide and backed off. Aaron had even had a section of the basement built into a Guide safe room for him because while Spencer was off suppressors, his abilities were not acting like he had a bonded Sentinel and sometimes he needed the off switch.

“Please, Spencer, say it.” Aaron sounded wrecked. He shifted and Spencer felt him start to slide inside of him. Spencer couldn’t think as the cock slid inside of him. He didn’t know what words Aaron wanted. He tried to get his knees under himself again but Aaron stopped him again. Aaron’s head dropped to his shoulder and an arm wrapped around his chest.

Spencer inhaled and exhaled hard. He was having trouble breathing. Aaron was all around him, like he always was. Anymore he was everywhere. Always there at Spencer’s side when on a case, always there in his line of sight in the house. Over a year since the bonding had happened. He’d not left. Aaron had stayed right there. Had been everything that Spencer needed.

“Say your mine.” Aaron pumped in and out of Spencer. This was different than any other time they had sex. Aaron called him his and Spencer agreed but this. This was totally different. There was something more to it all and Spencer wasn’t sure what it was.

“I’m yours.” Spencer pushed back as much as he could on the next thrust. “Fuck, Aaron. I’m yours. Always. Forever.”

Spencer’s mind emptied. He felt everything and it was so different than the nothing he usually felt. His mind expanded and he felt it. He felt what Aaron was feeling, his pleasure at being inside of Spencer. His happiness that he wasn’t being pushed to the side. His love, that was the strongest of all, the feeling of pure love that Aaron was radiating. Spencer felt the pure emotion pouring off of him in a way that he never had before.

Aaron shifted slightly and the angle of thrust changed to a more shallow one. The frenzied thrusts tapered off and his Sentinel was pressing him down into the bed as he was slowly fucked. Aaron’s arm wrapped around his chest, sliding between him and the bed. He tried to shift to allow it but Aaron wasn’t letting him move at all. His Sentinel’s hand settled over his heart.

In that moment, Spencer felt it. It wasn’t just the sex making him feel more. That empty hole inside of him was filled up. It was filled up with Aaron and it didn’t hurt anymore. Aaron pushed at him through that link that finally connected Spencer back to him and Spencer pushed back. The orgasm that ripped through Aaron’s body was unexpected and the pure lust that he was radiating had Spencer coming as well.

Spencer laid there, panting into the pillow he’d been using as Aaron stayed right where he was, not even moving off of him to make it easier to breathe and Spencer was okay with that.

“I love you,” Spencer said, his heart in his throat. They had a life together and Aaron had never even hesitated when it came to making sure that Jack and Spencer knew that Spencer’s word was just like Aaron’s when it came to the boy. His place in that aspect of their life was never in question but that still hadn’t meant that he had all of Aaron. He hadn’t realized until then that Aaron did love him. And when Aaron loved someone, he wasn’t going to leave. Ever. Unless the other person didn’t want him.

Spencer realized why he hadn’t bonded to Aaron when Aaron bonded to him, he was scared. Aaron had rejected him once, without a single thought to what it would do to him and so the Guide part of Spencer feared it happening again. It feared that Aaron would start to resent Spencer not bonding with him so it didn’t let him bond with him. Or it feared that Aaron didn’t want the bond and would throw him away.

“I love you too, Spencer. I love you soooo much. I can feel you. I feel you inside of me. I didn’t realize how muted even my end of the bond was. What changed?”

“I went to sleep in my bed, how did I wake up here?”

“You were calling out for me so I went into your room. I settled down with you but you weren’t settling. I took a chance and carried you in here. You settled down as soon as I wrapped myself around you.” Aaron shifted just slightly, the feel of his cock still inside of Spencer had him moaning. They shouldn’t be ready to go again but the rapidly filling cock inside of Spencer told him that he was wrong. Spencer wiggled because he didn’t want this round to be faceless. Aaron gently pulled out of him and when he was rolled over, Aaron slipped right back inside of him. “What changed, Pen.”

“You didn’t leave me and I realized that you loved me. I don’t know exactly when but I knew you wouldn’t leave me. This whole time it’s been that. That I was scared.” Spencer wrapped his legs around Aaron’s waist, waiting for him to start thrusting. “Aaron, please.”

Aaron thrust into him hard and Spencer gasped. Their bodies were still slick with sweat from the first time so when Spencer tried to grab onto Aaron’s shoulder to hold onto him as he was fucked hard and fast, they just kept sliding down his skin. Aaron growled as Spencer’s nails raked his skin. Spencer shifted his hands from shoulder to back and scratched his nails up Aaron’s back.

Spencer’s head nearly banged into the headboard so Aaron shifted back some and pulled the entirety of Spencer’s boy down, the slap of skin on skin was loud in the otherwise silent room.

“You are moving in here. No more separate beds, no more rooms with two beds on cases,” Aaron breathed in his ear. Spencer felt like he was just on the cusp of coming. “You are mine and everyone is going to know it. Come, Guide.”

Spencer’s entire body felt like it was electrified. Hid had on Aaron’s back curled even more and he felt his nails dig into skin. Aaron growled and his teeth clamped on Spencer’s neck, breaking his skin. His vision whited out as he tipped fully into coming. All he could feel was the teeth on his neck and the cock thrusting in and out of him. He wasn’t shocked when he felt the cock pull from him and instead of coming in hm, Aaron came on him.

“You get to call Jessica and have her come and get Jack. We are going to be nesting for days I think.”

“Hmm,” Aaron hummed into Spencer’s neck, nuzzling the broken skin. Spencer just chuckled and wrapped his heavy feeling arms around Aaron’s neck.

“Sleep, Sentinel. Your Guide is here and safe, sleep.”

“Mine,” Aaron said.

“Yours. Always yours.


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