The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 11

Our World

Spencer was sitting on his desk when Grace opened the door leading to her area. He recognized her by the sound of her heels moving towards the door and the smell of her light perfume when it opened. If she had any thoughts about where he was sitting, she said nothing. Instead, she came in, set a file on the desk at his right knee, and left again, shutting the door.

It took five minutes for Spencer to realize that when Grace had come in with the file, she had left a person in the room as well. He looked up to see Jackson standing there, smiling at him. Spencer looked to the other door and found it shut as well; he could hear the murmur of three sets of voices. Aaron was in a meeting. Spencer looked at the clock on the wall. It wasn’t even seven am and Aaron was in a meeting.

“So, I can see why Agent Hotchner wants you in an office. Sitting on your desk is quite cute.”

“You are here early,” Spencer said, ignoring what Jackson had said.

“I got in last night. Had dinner with a friend.” Jackson straightened himself up and moved towards Spencer. Spencer didn’t move as the man moved towards him. Jackson’s eyes were on his throat. Spencer was wearing a collar, but it was hidden under his shirt collar and tie, which he had gotten used to actually wearing like it was supposed to be. “I’m sure I can find things to do to keep myself entertained if you would allow me the use of a wall socket.”

“There are several along the wall.” Spencer wondered what game Jackson was playing as he reached out. “Over there.”

“You know that collars are fascinating. Seeing how one wears one is very telling of the person they are. You always used to have your collars loose with your tie not quite centered or tight. Except when in court. I’m sure Agent Hotchner allowed it because it was quirky and he didn’t want to stamp out that part of you. Yet here you are with your collar and tie perfect.”

“I wanted to look good today.”

“You look better the other way unless you are-” Jackson stopped, and his finger found the hook on the leather collar and pulled it up some. “My, my, my. Fascinating.”

“Jackson.” Aaron’s voice was sharp, but Jackson didn’t jerk away from Spencer. His finger stayed hooked in the ring, but he did look at Aaron.

“Hotch. That’s interesting. Side by side offices. Practically nauseatingly sweet.” Jackson let Spencer’s collar go and stepped back. He turned and picked up a laptop bag before moving to the seat farthest away from Spencer inside the office. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, and while I flirt, I don’t touch what isn’t mine.”

“Hotch,” Spencer said, glaring at Jackson. The two Jackson’s were different, yet it seemed very much the same. “How was the meeting?”

“It was good. Garrett wants your help on a case that the team has. He wondered if you would video connect with him as your leisure.”

“Sure. I’m just neck deep in a weird case for New York, but maybe a distraction will help.”

“If you want to use my office you can use so that Jackson doesn’t have to uproot himself.” Aaron smiled at Jackson, but it wasn’t exactly a nice one.


Spencer pushed himself off of his desk and moved into Aaron’s. The Bureau’s video software was already loaded, and it seemed that Garrett was already on hold. Spencer sat down and reconnected the call.

“Doctor Reid, thank you. Hotch printed out our case file as it stands. Our UnSub is leaving coded messages that we are unable to figure out. If you don’t mind looking it over and seeing if you can figure them out. I’ll buy you some of that coffee you like and have it shipped to you from India next time I am there.” Garrett was smiling despite what had to be a bad case. Aaron handed over papers fresh from the printer and Spencer started to read through them. Aaron stayed on the other side of the desk, working on paperwork.

It took three hours to crack the code and another hour to teach Garrett how to translate the code to an understandable language. Aaron stayed working the whole time, just on the other side of the desk. He never once made a complaint at having his office taken over, and Spencer felt bad about that. Aaron couldn’t have been happy about it unless Aaron liked having Spencer in his space. Aaron had texted him on Monday morning and asked if he was still at the office. Spencer hadn’t heard it as he had been dead asleep. Instead, he had been woken up by Aaron coming into the office when Spencer’s office had been empty. Nothing was said about it, and instead, Aaron had just handed him the outfit that he had brought and told him to get ready for the day.

Spencer felt bad for that night, but he’d woke feeling calmer than he had since he’d come home. Since then he’d slept in Aaron’s bed every night and drove into work with him every day.

“Do you mind if I go to lunch early? I’m going to talk to Charlie about destroying the device.”

“No that’s fine. Since your lunch is going to be working one with Jackson, don’t worry about taking time. Just make sure Morgan knows you are leaving.”

“It’s weird getting used to telling him everything instead of you.”

“I know.”

Spencer cleaned up his pile of work and took it to his office with him. Garrett would send him all the write ups because the intelligence of the UnSub was astounding. He’d make an excellent case study for those that took the profiling classes at the academy.

“Did you figure it all out?” Jackson Asked as he shut his laptop and stood up.



“We can go now. I’ll take us to Georgetown, you can meet with who you need to meet with, and I’ll do the same.”

“Of course.” Jackson smiled at him. Spencer wasn’t sure what that smile was. He wasn’t sure who this man was at all. He hoped he’d have a good read on him by the time that they made it to Georgetown. “But you aren’t driving. I have a luxury car rented, with a driver. We are going to talk some before we make it to Georgetown.”

Spencer didn’t answer just started to clean up his desk a little and shut down the computer. He made sure his Grimes Tech tablet was in his bag, and then he signaled he was ready.

Walking through the hall with Jackson right there, Spencer felt weird. Morgan was in the bullpen talking to Rossi and Prentiss.

“Morgan. I’m taking my lunch early and then I have the meeting about the database with Grimes. I can drop it all if a case comes up.”

“JJ doesn’t think there will be, nothing significant that a consult can’t help with. Have fun at Georgetown, if you need the afternoon with Grimes just text.”

“I won’t keep your Pretty Boy out past curfew, Agent Morgan,” Jackson said with a smile on his face. Morgan just looked at him. Morgan wasn’t used to people who flirted with every person, no matter what.

Prentiss and Rossi laughed while Alex was just smiling. Morgan finally cracked a smile as Jackson started to laugh.

“I’m not the one you have to fight for his attention from.”

Spencer bristled a little at that. He knew that he shouldn’t, but he felt uneven still. Not anywhere near a safe place to settle.

“Let’s go, Spencer. Don’t want to keep Georgetown waiting.” Jackson didn’t touch him, but it looked like he wanted to. Spencer knew that Jackson probably understood the claim of the collar better than the team, but he still didn’t want to be treated differently because of it.

The drive, despite Jackson’s predictions, to Georgetown was silent. Spencer was too much in his head, worried about the meeting with Charlie. He didn’t know what kind of fight he was going to have on his hands. He was afraid of what it would do to his reputation in the academic world if Charlie didn’t believe him. Jackson didn’t even try and engage him in conversation.

The car drop them both at the science building that Charlie was in, Spencer wasn’t shocked at the tech side of science was also in the same building. Spencer walked the halls to Charlie’s lab feeling nostalgic for the man he had been. Missing how sure Spencer felt of his place in the world. He was more certain himself now but less sure of his place overall.

The door to Charlie’s office was shut, so Spencer knocked. He heard the man call for him to enter. Spencer turned to look at Jackson.

“You don’t need to walk me to the door, Jackson. Charlie and I are old friends.”

“Of course, Spencer. Of course.”

Spencer turned back and opened the door. He stepped inside. Charlie was seated at his desk, grading papers it seemed. He didn’t look up. Spencer tried to pull the door shut, but Jackson worked inside and closed the door instead. Spencer was about to turn the man out, bodily if need be, when Jackson opened his mouth.

“Told you I’d get him here. Too bad he was already coming, Charlie.”

Charlie looked up, his eyes glancing past Spencer at first to land on Jackson and then settled on Spencer.

“You were right,” Jackson said.

“You are serious?” Charlie stood up from the desk and moved around it.

“Deadly serious. This one is yours, I believe, or he did excellent at acting differently to my flirtations with Hotch.”

“What?” Spencer asked, looking between the two men.

“When the joint venture with the DOJ was announced and your name attached, Charlie emailed me, asking for an audience. I was intrigued and more than willing to meet with him. I like smart people. He started at the beginning, telling me about the scale model and all of the research, then he told me about the explosion. I wasn’t shocked at all about it. I remember now why I make sure that those who oversee the weirder projects at Grimes Tech are cool heads and not prone to flights of fancy or getting lost in the fun of discovery. After a while, I figured out what he was talking around. You were ducking him at every turn. At work, on the phone, even not being home when he was sure that you were. He didn’t want to sound insane by suggesting that the you I had started this venture up with wasn’t you. I had no basis as we had never met before but he asked me to keep an eye. He wasn’t all that sure that you just were scared of going back after the explosion. Then Sunday, you sat down in front of that camera, and I knew that you weren’t you. Or you weren’t the Spencer Reid I had been working with the past few months. So when you said you were coming here, of your own volition, I just tagged along because this is mind blowing.”

“I…” Spencer didn’t know what to say. He was aware that Charlie had backed off trying to see him, and the other Spencer had wondered why but he hadn’t expected this. Spencer moved to the couch and sat down. “Here I was dreading this. Trying to make sure you understood. I even brought along things that he’d wrote to show you.”

“He was damned good at ducking me, and after the first two months, it was the only thing I could think of. I stayed back and waited for you to come to me, and when your name was announced on the project with Grimes Tech, I couldn’t keep quiet. Either you had swapped and who knows what kind of man he was or you had more happen than I thought in the explosion.” Charlie stepped around the desk and moved over to stand in front of Spencer. He cupped the side of Spencer’s face and pulled him close. Spencer wrapped his arms around Charlie and hugged him. After a few minutes, Charlie cupped the back of his neck. His whole body stiffened, and he pulled back to look at Spencer.

“Yeah, damn shock that was,” Jackson said.

“What the hell happened to you there?” Charlie asked. Spencer looked at Jackson, unsure if he wanted the man that he barely knew to know any of what had happened to him. The other Aaron had trusted his Jackson entirely. Jackson raised his hands and moved to the door, leaving. He shut the door behind him, and Charlie walked over and locked it.

Spencer laid everything out of what happened to him in the other world. He left out what the other Spencer did while being him but he did go into what happened to Charlie more than he had with the team.

“You have to destroy it, and you have to promise that you will never try it again. We can’t run the risk of it happening again. It took me six months, and I was lucky to land in a universe that had someone I was connected with who had the money to be able to bankroll the experiment.”

“I will. I already locked down the lab and the parts, but the first explosion damaged it beyond repair. I hadn’t started another one yet. I was waiting for you. And running all kinds of data. I don’t see why it didn’t work. It should have. However, I agree that no one should ever attempt this again.”

“Good. Thank you.”

“Whose collar are you wearing?” Charlie asked.

“Technically, the other Spencer’s. He bought it to help himself mentally.”

“What did the other Spencer do with that guy that had you so happy the last few months before you went away?”

Spencer raised his hand up and undid the first few buttons on his shirt and loosened his tie. He allowed Charlie to see it, fully. Charlie didn’t touch it, but he looked. He stared at it, and Spencer could tell he was thinking.

“Hotch, Hotch is the man that you were seeing wasn’t he? The one you told me you had a date with the night of the explosion?”


“And the other Spencer seduced him. So you are feeling bereft a little bit, you don’t know how to feel, you don’t know how to act. It’s only been a few days; you need time to get settled. I know why you came here, but you need to go and get the meeting with Jackson over and then just spend time with Hotch.”

“We are good?”

“Yes. When you are more settled back into this world, we can have a science night.” Charlie pulled Spencer into a hug before he could say anything in response and Spencer hugged him back before standing up from where he’d sat down to talk to him. Spencer opened the door and found Jackson sitting on the floor across from the door, his legs stretched out in front of him, and he was typing away on his phone. Jackson looked up at Spencer with a broad smile on his face.

Jackson was comfortable, settling in at a table in the most expensive restaurant in the city after the ride from Georgetown. They had a private room, and Spencer was glad because he was still a little shaky from talking to Charlie, seeing his Charlie and not the broken man that he had spent so much time with.

It took the entire lunch hour and three hours after that for Jackson to get Spencer up to speed on everything that Jackson thought that he needed to know. Spencer had texted Morgan after the lunch break ended and explained that something had come up. Morgan had only exclaimed that he’d have to find someone else to do his paperwork. Spencer texted back that he didn’t have the time to do any of Morgan’s paperwork, even if he was at the office. Morgan didn’t reply at all. Spencer knew that files were going to be a big point of contention between him and his team. JJ hadn’t given him many cases at all to work on before she had noticed how many Morgan and Prentiss slipped him. Thankfully, Grace handled all of his files now, and his office was mostly locked when he wasn’t there. There was too much in there that wasn’t FBI related. Grace was militant about it.

Spencer liked having a secretary, even if she was shared with Aaron. It was nice to have someone there to talk to if he needed. He’d got to know her well over the three days he’d been back. She made good coffee and tea when it was afternoon. She was motherly to Spencer and Aaron in a nonpatronizing way. She stayed until both Spencer and Aaron left so that she could help if they needed.

“How are you settling into work? I know it’s only been what three days?” Jackson asked as they were wrapping up the very extended lunch.

“Yes and I’m doing fine so far.”” Spencer knew what Jackson was asking, and it wasn’t him fearing Spencer and his commitment to the job he was doing for them. He cared, even though he hadn’t got close to Spencer but the other one.

“And your newfound dynamic?”

“It’s a learning curve for me, but I’m getting a handle on it.”

“I do not place the dynamic of Dominant on myself, but I have studied it, I have interacted with that world. Sex fascinates me. You go more for the clinical understanding of it all where I go for the feel of it. The taste, the sound. I had a friend, Victor who called me a sensualist.”

Spencer nodded but inside he was upset. Victor, who Foyet had gone after Jackson to hurt Aaron. The way this Jackson spoke of him said that he was dead. Spencer would have to look into that.

“I’ve been accused as of late, with the news of this project getting more attention, that I am trying to solve a problem by throwing money at it.”

“No one understands what it takes to run even the databases that we currently have. The Highway Serial Killer database is two months behind on data entry at best in some of the small highway towns and eight at the worst. Throwing money at the problem will make it go away. It’s not going to stop the killers, but it will make them get caught earlier. I saw that once we are up and running and have data entry to fifty percent, they want other databases put under your database. One central one.”

“Yes. They asked me how much it would cost them for me to take over the server space for all databases that the DOJ maintains, including terror lists and such.”

“Because you maintain perfect systems. You are public with what happens when someone tries to hack you. The back hack that you had one of your analysts do to that group who sought to take you out was good. The fact that you turn them over to the cops once you track them down, scares more than a few away from trying.”

“I have a good system because I seduce online hackers to my side. I give them benefits and perks that nowhere else would give them. I have put seventeen through college when they couldn’t afford it, and all I ask is for five years after they graduate. Five years and their debts are wiped clean. None of the ones who have graduated have left. I run my business like my family. I’ll do anything for those in my family. That being said I have a proposal that I’ll be sending to Jessica Brooks. It’s a hiring packet. She is free to discuss it with you, with Aaron. She’s too bright to be stuck at that dead end job she’s at that doesn’t pay her what she is worth.”

“And you are telling me this because?”

“She likes you. She likes what you have done for Aaron. How much Jack loves you. Or at least that is what she has posted about on Facebook, in not so many words.”

“You looked at her Facebook?”

“Just her public posts. I look at everything, Spencer before I hire someone, everything they have put out digitally.”

“What would she do for the company?”

“She would oversee the technology firm that I am going to be putting into DC. With the project with the DOJ bringing me to DC more, I need to work on some businesses here. She would have an office, a house, and in center daycare for Jack. I know she watches him when you are out of town, and Aaron works late or goes with the teams out of town. My firm would be open twenty-four hours a day and have a daycare that is open all the time. She is smart, and her degree is languishing where she is at. I’d have her go to California for two months to learn at another branch of Grimes Tech and then would come back here and build the firm from the ground up. While she is gone, I’ll pay for a nanny for Jack, vetted by all three of you. On weekends if you two are working, I’ll fly Jack and nanny to visit her.”

“If I was a untrusting man, I’d be very leery of you.”

“Family means everything to me. You didn’t profile Charlie’s office did you?”

“No. Charlie has never changed anything in it since he came to DC.”

“You didn’t see his car keys with the car fob on it?”

Spencer brought up his memory, tracking through it. He hadn’t paid much attention to the office at all. He found what Jackson was talking about, though. There was key fob on his desk, next to a picture frame that hadn’t been there six months prior. Charlie was in a relationship and hadn’t mentioned it.

“He was more worried about you when we talked, but one thing led to another. I don’t do relationships as mainstream society likes to dictate they should be. I am more devoted to my company, and I like what I like. I pay for escorts to go with me to galas and events and I have a few I use exclusively. Sometimes though, I do like connections. I also like intelligence. I doubt since you are looking at me shocked that Charlie mentioned it. It’s very loose. He knows that when I am in town, I’ll see him if I can, I don’t expect fidelity. The car was one I already owned, and he liked, so I gifted it to him. I like him a lot.”

“He’s not been interested in anything approaching a relationship since LA. I think that a no strings attached relationship would do good for him. You are very easy on the eyes and your impossible hair does make you cute.”

Jackson tossed his head back and laughed. It was a full belly laugh, and Spencer was happy to see it. He knew that Jackson had probably been a little nervous to tell him.

“And getting him out of the lab, even for sex is good for him.”

“Not always out of the lab for sex.”

“I don’t need those images, he’s like a brother to me, and I know what you look like during sex.”

“Oh, really? Do tell.” Jackson propped his chin on his hand and stared at Spencer.

“Do you want all the naughty details?”

“Of course, what is a story without all the nasty details?”

“I met the other you in Atlantic City. Had heard of you before Aaron wasn’t shy about talking about you. Especially because of the relationship you two had.”

“Me and tall, dark, and no smile?”

“Yes. Two Doms in love who never found a Sub to share and Aaron wasn’t ever going to share his Spencer. Aaron never even let you take a single implement to his Spencer. He, however, had no issue letting Jackson take a whip to me, with my consent. I wanted to feel what it was like for someone who wasn’t Aaron to give me pain like that and I am glad that I did. It was different. It was good but different. Jackson’s Sub, Adam, was more than willing to watch as Jackson worked me over then tied me to a chair and watched him fuck Aaron. I came without being touched.”

“You know that I’m going to be jacking off to this later right?” Jackson asked.

“Yes. I figured as much. It’s so weird to see people that I met in the other world and see them for the first time here. Like you. I don’t know how to react to you. The team is easy, I had years with them, and I only have to check my reactions to things that they do that I’m willing to admit that I don’t like. You, I don’t know what you will do in response to what I say so I’m testing the waters.”

“Well, feel free to check whatever you want on me. I can’t say how I’ll react, but I’ll be a good listener.”

“I figure that I’ll see you enough with work and you in town to visit Charlie.” Spencer wagged his eyebrows at Jackson at that, and it even shocked him. He stopped and thought about that. The other Aaron had brought that out in him, accompanied by how Dave and Derek had treated him. It was nice. Aaron had called it schmoozing, but Spencer had become good at it.

“You are nothing like Charlie had said you used to be. I was interested in your before, but I think that I’ll adore getting to know you.” Jackson picked his napkin up off of his lap and laid it on the place where his dessert plate had long been gone from. Spencer did the same and stood up. He smiled at the man as he moved over and laid a hand on his lower back to escort him out. It didn’t feel like it did when either Aaron did it, it was more friendly than a claim. “Where do you want me to drop you off?”

“Well-” Spencer stopped when Jackson cut him off.

“Never mind. You need your car from Quantico.”

“No, I don’t. I ride in with Aaron every day. So if you don’t mind stopping at Jessica’s, I can pick up Jack and then you can drop us off at home.”

“Jessica’s huh?” Jackson smiled at him.

“She’s working from home today.”

“So I can start wooing her into working for me?” Jackson asked as he opened the back door to the car, ushering Spencer in first.

“If you must,” Spencer said. He figured that Jessica would jump at the job. She stayed at her job because it was a good one but she was bored with it, Spencer and she had talked a lot about that before the explosion. Having the daycare open for Jack was a good thing. Jackson’s idea of a daycare was probably nothing like what ones in the area were. Aaron had thought about something for Jack for when Jessica couldn’t watch him, but he’d not liked the idea of Jack going to a place only once and awhile and having him be upset about “new” people all the time.

“Oh, I must. Don’t worry, I’ll keeping the wooing G-rated. Little ears tell big stories.” Jackson smirked at him as he tapped on the window for the driver to lower the partition. Spencer gave the address then they were off. Spencer couldn’t wait for Jessica to tell Aaron about it all because he doubted that she’d be able to keep her mouth shut. Maybe Jackson would take the three of them back to Aaron’s. One of them could always drive her home later in the night.

Spencer smiled as he felt Jack slip under the blanket that Spencer and Aaron had used in their makeshift bed. Aaron had got up and ran already that morning and was fixing breakfast while Spencer was sleeping in. The team had got back early the day before from a case, but Spencer had flown in Jackson’s private jet to New York from Maine, worked a few hours with setting up the new server farm there and getting it all set up before he had taken the same jet home. Thankfully, Jackson had made it so that it was allowed to land on the FBI’s strip in Quantico since it was official business. Spencer had been able to ride home with Aaron, a little later than normal but still. All day was running around between the case, and work left Spencer worn out even that next morning.

“Morning, Papa,” Jack whispered as his head pop up from under the blanket’s tucked into Spencer’s side.

“Good morning, Jackers.”

“So how was our first night in Fort Weich?”

Jack giggled at the name that Aaron had given their fort. It was the German word for soft or squishy. Spencer rolled to his side and wrapped his arms around Jack, bringing him that much closer to his body. Jack snuggled in just a little closer, and Spencer could feel the smile on his face.

“It was fun. Can we sleep in here tonight as well?”

“I don’t see why not. Maybe we can see about extending the one side as your father kept rolling out.”

Jack laughed and wiggled out of Spencer’s arms to sit up, looking down at him. “We need to get changed. Daddy should have breakfast done soon.”

“And here I thought that we were dressed.”

“We are going to eat in our pajamas?” Jack asked, astounded.

“Yes we are, and we are going to eat on the floor,” Spencer said.

Jack rolled in an awkward fashion that if Spencer tried, he was sure that he would hurt at least three body parts but that Jack seemed to move right out of and take off at a run, towards the kitchen. Spencer followed him but crawled. He stretched as he straightened up. Sleeping under the dining room table in a fort made of a rolled up think mattress and pillows weren’t the most comfortable thing, but it topped over half of the beds that Spencer had slept on during cases for years. Spencer caught a glimpse of Aaron at the oven checking whatever he had in there. It was a recipe that JJ had given Aaron that Will and Henry loved, so Aaron had wanted to try it. Aaron motioned for Jack to move out of the way of the oven and the boy did, his cup of juice in his hand.

Spencer entered the kitchen to find that Aaron had gone all out for them. There was fresh squeezed orange juice right on the counter in a pitcher and a carafe of coffee that Spencer could still smell a little bit of it, it was the good stuff. Spencer stepped up to get himself a cup of coffee as Aaron pulled a tray of muffins from the oven. Spencer frowned because he could smell bacon and could see the skillet it had been cooked in but didn’t see any around. Aaron set the tray down and used a knife to check one of the muffins, and it was then that Spencer realized it wasn’t muffins but egg cups of some kind. He could see bits of bacon, chives, potatoes, and cheese all in the cup, being held together by the egg. Spencer’s mouth started to water, and he moved over to wrap his arms around Aaron’s waist, making sure to not go near the hot pan, hooking his chin over his shoulder before he nuzzled at his neck.

“That smells wonderful, and they look great,” Spencer said.

“Good. I hope they taste just as good as they smell.”

“Worried about your cooking?”

“No. Worried about how it all tastes together.”

“It’s not much different than a breakfast burrito, just no wrapping.”

“True.” Aaron reached up and held Spencer’s face still for a kiss.

Breakfast was eaten on the floor with Spencer and Aaron leaning on a table leg each and Jack sitting between them. The whole carafe of coffee and the pitcher of juice was drunk between the three of them. Aaron’s phone went off with a text as Spencer was cleaning up the dishes and getting them into the dishwasher. Spencer grabbed it as it was beside him. He looked at Aaron, and the man hurried over to him.

“What’s up?”

“Bank robbery at Colonial Liberty Bank, shots fired, and confirmed officer down outside of the bank. MPD. Unit 426 responded.”

“Isn’t that Will?” Aaron asked.

“Yes. They want you on the scene leading the FBI unit.”

“Call the team and get them there. Do not tell JJ what unit until we know which officer is down.”

“Shouldn’t I call Morgan and have him get the team in?”

“No. This will be quicker. I’ll call Jessica, and she can meet us at the park and ride. We can have all of the team meet there. I’ll get SUVs there.”

Spencer nodded and moved towards the back of the apartment.

“Why you and us?”

“Crisis negotiation is overseas.”

Spencer dialed Morgan and set it down on the dresser with speaker activated. As he dressed, he gave Morgan the information that Spencer had read on Aaron’s phone. Morgan asked if he needed to call the team and Spencer said that he would as Aaron wanted them all there as soon as possible. Spencer relayed all information that he had, including that on where Aaron wanted them to meet before he rung off. He dialed the rest as he went, including Garcia. He wouldn’t be shocked if she had already heard about it.

Half an hour later, Spencer was vested up, and they were waiting on JJ. She had needed longer for a sitter, so Aaron had sent Anderson to pick her up from her house. The SUV was pulling up as Aaron was talking to the head of SWAT that was on site.

“It’s definitely them. I only saw the King and the Jack, but I figure the Queen’s inside too,” Will sounded like he always did, but his eyes were sad. Spencer was glad that it hadn’t been him that had been killed, he didn’t think that he could take that much less JJ and Henry.

Spencer listened as Aaron explained it all as he reviewed all the information that he knew about the group known as the Face Cards. He had agreed with Aaron’s assessment that they were killers first and robbers second. The statistics on robbers who killed when they didn’t need to was small. For them to have killed seven people, one at each location when it wasn’t needed, meant that they did that part for pleasure.

“Garcia en route?” Spencer asked.

“Yes, she was at a convention, and she didn’t hear her phone in her costume,” Aaron said.

Aaron sent them off to do their jobs they were best suited for. Spencer was glad to be able to get into the files of past robberies and try and figure out a weak point as well as maybe where the Face Cards had gone wrong this time. JJ and Prentiss were with him. This they could do, this the team was good at. Morgan was chafing a little bit as Aaron was there because the Director had ordered him to take charge of the situation. Morgan was still too untested in a situation like this and Spencer for one was glad that Morgan wasn’t in charge. It wasn’t the politics that Spencer was worried about like the people on the Hill but the fact that this was going to take care to minimize loss of life. Thankfully, the trailer had a room used for witnesses to destress and calm down in so Spencer made sure that instead of going back to Quantico, they printed out all needed files there.

Spencer had made sure to put in one of the comm units that Aaron was using to give directions. He listened as Aaron and Rossi discussed what the Director wanted which was giving into the demand for a medic. Spencer agreed that there was no way that any of the Face Cards inside the bank were acting rationally.

There was not a lot to go on, but it was easy to figure out that the Queen was the only one that killed. JJ saw that as Aaron got a name for the Jack and the King.

There was little time to move once Spencer figured out a plan that would be needed to save the Jack’s life and hopefully get the King and Queen turned on each other. He ran from the room and wasn’t shocked to hear twin outcries of confusion from JJ and Prentiss.

“Hotch!” Spencer near yelled as he cleared the door out of the mobile tactical unit and saw Morgan standing where Aaron was. “I need to talk to you.”

“Reid, we don’t have time.”

“You have to make time.”

Aaron narrowed his eyes, but he allowed Spencer to pull him off to the side.

“You don’t need just a trained medic in there, you need a profiler. If you want anything to actually stick to turn the King and the Queen on each other, we need a profiler in there, and there is only a single medic on this team.”

“I know you took the course required to become one when JJ was pregnant, and you recertified after Prentiss, but I am not going to send you in there.”

“Yes, you are because it’s the best tactical decision. I have proven calm under fire more than once. I am the best person for this role. We have visual now, and I can use it to talk back to you guys. I can slip a comm in the medic bag as well a gun to be safe. I’ve done well enough with a Glock now that I’ll be fine taking your backup at the least. You know that I can do this, Hotch.” Spencer used his nickname to make sure that the man could separate Reid and Spencer, the job and their relationship. This was going to be the actual test of their relationship, romantically and work.

“You are going to do as I say. That comm will be two way, and you don’t do anything that will turn you into a target. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Spencer said. He could tell that Aaron didn’t want to send him in, but at this moment in time, Spencer was right that it was the best tactical decision. Any other agent, Aaron wouldn’t trust as well.

“Go brief Morgan on the plan. I’ll get the medic bag from the ambulance.”

Spencer nodded and moved over to where Morgan was standing, his eye on the medic at the ambulance. As Spencer neared Morgan, he could tell the dark skinned agent knew something was up.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the mobile unit learning about the UnSubs?” Morgan asked.

“I am where Hotch wants me to be.”


“I’m going in Morgan, not Agent Stills. I have medical training as a medic, enough to stabilize Oliver and see if I can work on getting Chris and the Queen broke apart.”

“Hotch?” Morgan asked when the man came up to them. “Don’t tell me that you agree with this stupid decision.”

“Reid makes a good argument. He’d done well before in getting situations to work in the way that we need them to, and he is trained as a medic. Tell me another agent that will do better than him inside of there, and I will send them instead.”

“I-” Morgan looked at Spencer and then at Aaron. “Dammit. I can’t. Reid, this time you aren’t doing anything stupid.”

“I won’t.” And Spencer meant it. He had too much to live for. Aaron opened the bag and slipped in his backup gun as well as a Ka-Bar. Spencer was a little shocked at that, but he had told Aaron that Derek had trained him in the use of killing with it. Spencer was a little worried about what that meant that Aaron was giving it to him.

“Aaron?” Rossi called out.

“Tell them we are sending in a medic.” Aaron had a medic shirt in his hand and motioned for Spencer to strip. Spencer took off his vest, followed by the rest of his on his torso. He slipped the medic shirt on and started to button it and then worked it into his pants. Aaron handed the bag over, but he cupped the side of Spencer’s face, turning his head. Spencer felt a comm go into his ear. “You will be connected with all the team with this. Your hair should cover it up, but there is a spare already in the bag just to be safe. Oliver isn’t going to let her check the bag, but she will probably check you over.”

“Hotch, the collar.”

“Reid, take if off. We don’t know what kind of reaction she’ll have to it and given that it’ll make her think you submissive with a partner, she could kill just for the fun of it.”

“She’s sadistic enough for it.” Spencer worked the collar off and handed it to Aaron. Aaron handed him a stethoscope.

“I’ll keep it safe. Go.”

Spencer moved towards the door, feeling apprehensive as he did. He opened the door and stepped in. As soon as he crossed the metal detector, the Queen was right there, no mask. Spencer looked at the fresh lipstick on her face as he tried not to focus on the gun on him. He held still while she started to check him over.

“Get over here,” Chris shouted and Spencer glanced at the Queen before he moved over towards Oliver.

Spencer could tell that Oliver wasn’t doing well at all, but he applied pressure on the wound while he looked for pressure dressing for the shoulder shot. He found it one handed and removed his hand long enough for him to apply the dressing. He set that first wound and then moved to the second. The second pressure dressing was sitting on top of a bag of blood. He looked at the type and found that it was O Negative.

“I need to start this bag of blood, so I’m going to be pulling an IV from this bag.”

“Do whatever you have to do to save him,” Chris said.

“I will.” Spencer glanced at Chris and the gun he had in his hand. He didn’t even look back at the Queen at all. For now, she was a nonentity. Chris was a ball of anxiety, and it was the kind that Spencer could use against him. Oliver wasn’t going to be an issue at all. Even if he started to fully get use of his brain, he wasn’t going to be able to help at all. Chris had his gun, one in each hand and was watching as Spencer prepared the skin of his brother’s arm for an IV. He hadn’t done an IV on someone since the end of his recertification, but it slid into Oliver’s arm like it was nothing and the small bit of blood that went into the needle told him that he’d hit a vein. Spencer grabbed the blood bag and laid it on the table that Oliver was leaning against and hooked it up to the needle. As the blood started to flow, Spencer pulled another bag out. He was glad that someone had at least stocked the bag correctly and that he’d got to Oliver in time.

“Am I allowed to go check on the man that she shot?” Spencer asked Chris.

“What did you say?” the Queen asked.

“I asked if I could go check on the man that you shot,” Spencer repeated for her.

“He’s dead, and you need to keep Olly alive,” Chris said.

“I can’t just sit by and let him die.”

“He’s already dead,” the Queen said, and she stepped up behind Spencer, placing her gun at the back of his head.

“Reid, don’t force the issue,” Rossi said in the ear piece. Spencer didn’t react except to check Oliver’s pulse. It was stronger than it had been.

“Do you want me to give Oliver something for the pain?” Spencer asked. He’d seen some pain reliever vials in the bag. Anything that he was allowed to do to help Oliver would give him an in with Chris.


“No,” the Queen said.

Spencer looked at Chris, his eyes begging. Chris looked at the Queen for a minute before he motioned at Spencer to get on with giving him a pain reliever. Spencer dug around in the bag, getting the gun into a perfect spot and pulled the vial out. It was going to make Oliver sleep too which would work for him as it would knock him out, leaving him one less robber to worry about.

Oliver’s eyes slipped closed about a minute after Spencer injected him. He had under-guessed the amount just to be safe, but it would still knock the man out for a while.

“He’s just sleeping. It’ll let his heart work on pumping his blood around and helping to make sure he doesn’t mess up the bandages that I have on him. Look,” Spencer showed him the vial with the name. Morphine thankfully had done what Spencer thought it would and knocked him out. Chris calmed down, and Spencer went through the motions of checking on Oliver. Making sure his abdomen wasn’t filling with blood and a few other things before he relaxed down with his hand right next to the bag. He needed a diversion. Something outside that would draw the Queen away from him.

It wasn’t long before the sound of a heavy vehicle coming up drew the Queen’s attention away from the three of them. Spencer checked on Oliver’s pulse and then found the finger pulse oximeter and hooked it up to Oliver. Chris set down one of the guns so that he could pull the device towards him.

“Reid, SWAT is here, and snipers are in position. We do not have a good shot on either Chris or the Queen. Do you have a good chance to take them out?” Aaron asked over the comm. Spencer nodded his head slightly, but he wasn’t ready to take his shot. With the Queen over by the hostages, he realized that her posture changed slightly when she was close to the man in the long sleeved over shirt. She was familiar with him. She was intimate with him. He was part of this, and it didn’t seem that Chris and Oliver knew that. Spencer hoped that someone there on the other side of that camera knew sign language. He spelled out the description of the man that needed to be taken out as soon as he made his move. Spencer could take out Chris silently but he couldn’t that man.

There was silence the other end of the line. Spencer didn’t repeat it, Garcia was recording it all. The Queen was still keeping an eye on the outside, right by the man she was intimate with.

“We read you, Reid, and as soon as you start to make a move, we will take out the man. Do you want to kill or incapacitate?” Morgan asked.

Spencer held up a single finger.

“Affirmative. Reid, I am trusting you on this. I don’t know why you want us to shoot him, but we will go on your lead.” Morgan at least did sound like he trusted him.

“I want to check his eyes,” Spencer said as he dug around for a penlight in the bag and at the same time hid the Ka-Bar under his other arm so that Chris or the Queen couldn’t see it. He leaned over Oliver and slid his knife in between his knees before actually checking Oliver’s eyes. When he was done, he stayed in that position and grabbed the knife, checking on the Queen’s position and her gaze. He set the pen light down and counted down on his hand. Chris only had eyes for the pulse oximeter, so Spencer didn’t even have to try and hid drawing the knife and slicing his throat. The blood sprayed everywhere.

Spencer turned around and grabbed the gun he had worked to a corner of the bag where it was on top, but Chris wouldn’t have seen it. He drew it up, and the shattering of the glass told Spencer that SWAT had taken their shot. Spencer aimed and fired, getting the Queen right in the temple as she turned to take in the man with her getting shot. Spencer ran over and pointed his gun at the man who had been clipped in the shoulder as the hostages all around them scattered. The man was on the ground trying to sit up as SWAT entered the room. He looked at Spencer with a look of pure hatred in his eyes.

“You are under arrest,” Spencer said to him.

“I have a name for him,” Garcia said. There was the sound of clicking on the other end. “Matthew Downs. Former Marine dishonorably discharged.”

“Matthew Downs, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?” Spencer asked as he leaned down and cuffed the man with a pair of handcuffs that the SWAT agent who had stayed with him handed him. “Do you understand your rights?”

“Yes,” Downs said through gritted teeth.

“Good.” Spencer knew that talking to him would come later. Still, he had to ask. “Knowing your rights do you wish to speak with me?”


“The medics can take him from here.”

“Sir, we are starting a full sweep of the bank. We know that the woman went into the back to look for an exit, do you mind exiting?”

“Are all the hostages out?” Spencer asked.

“Yes, Sir. All are out of the building and accounted for, except for you, Oliver, and the suspect. But before medics can come in we need to clear the bank.”

“How did you know?” Downs asked.

“I’m sorry I can’t speak with you.” Spencer turned and left before he was tempted to tell the man how he and the Queen had messed up. The team was just on the other side of the barricade that SWAT had made to keep even the agents back as they swept the bank.

“We have a bomb that’s set to be triggered. Call bomb squad,” one of the SWAT members called over the radio. Spencer sighed as this could have gone so wrong. His eyes found Aaron’s and he saw pain there. Spencer looked down at his clothes and saw why. He was covered in blood. He hadn’t realized how much.

“I started to go through the feed recordings we had,” Rossi said as he stepped up with what looked like a baby wipe. He allowed the man to clean off his face. “You were right. She was closed off and cold every single second she was inside that place, except when she was around him. Having him gave us her. Izzy Rogers. Garcia found them. Her face isn’t in a criminal database here in America. Prentiss called Interpol.”

“It’s good we have them all.”

“She must have set the bomb while looking for an escape route,” Morgan said.

“She didn’t care about either of the brothers at all. They were a means to an end.” Spencer took the wipe from Rossi and used it on his face as a medic came over to him with a change of scrubs. Aaron laid a hand on his shoulder and directed him towards the mobile unit.

“You did wonderful, Reid,” Aaron said loud enough for the team to hear. Spencer didn’t respond at all. He just stepped into the unit. Garcia was still inside, doing who knows what. Spencer moved back to the bathroom. He efficiently changed out of the bloodied clothes before he looked at himself in the mirror. Rossi had got the blood from the nooks and crannies on his face, but it was till in his hair. Using the sink, Spencer washed his hair quickly before he dressed in the scrubs. His bloodied clothes would have to be entered as evidence. Spencer was sad for the loss of the pants, but he at least had been wearing the medic shirt. Spencer dressed in the scrubs, not looking in the mirror at all instead he opened the door and smiled at Aaron. Aaron had his collar in hand. Spencer looked at it and nodded. Aaron wrapped it around Spencer’s neck and buckled it.

“How well did you handle it?” Spencer asked, his voice barely loud enough to be heard.

“I did fine. I was a nervous wreck, but it wasn’t any worse than the time I sent you onto the train in Texas or the time you were in Cyrus’s hands. I think I’ll be fine. How about you?”

Spencer thought about it, how he thought about what he needed to do but hadn’t even had thought about Aaron. Hw hadn’t. “I thought about what I needed to get done.”

“Good. The Director wants to have a meeting about why I disobeyed his orders, but Rossi and I had agreed that we didn’t want to send a medic. Give in to one, and we have to give into all. I was going to pull the plug, but you had a much better idea.”

“Just think if you had sent in a medic, never would have seen the familiarity with Downs.” Spencer knew that Aaron knew that but he wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to be pushed down again. He was a capable agent, and he was good at what he did. He wasn’t ever going to knock down doors like Morgan but things like what had happened today, he could do good.

“We need to go out and give your clothes to the CSU unit. And then start the paperwork that will be this monster. The Director isn’t going to be happy, no matter what because I wasn’t going to follow his orders. He wants me to make this unit the best that it can be but he still wants other to makes the decision that we should be making. He wasn’t here, and he didn’t see that just sending in a medic wasn’t going to work.”

“This is going to be a nightmare, but it would have been worse otherwise. If I had been any later, I might not have been able to stabilize him enough to where I could just medicate him and wait.”

“Let’s not think how this could have gone worse.”

Spencer agreed and he kept his silence as they made their way out of the bathroom of the mobile unit. Rossi was standing there.

“You two don’t have plans for tomorrow do you?” Rossi asked with a big smile on his face.

“Nothing other than doing nothing,” Spencer answer when Aaron didn’t.

“Well, wedding at my house.”

“Who did you convince to marry you?” Aaron asked, a playful smile on his face.

“I’m not getting married. JJ finally accepted Will’s numerous proposals, and I’m feeling good after today, so wedding at my house for JJ and Will.” Rossi’s smile just got bigger, and he looked around before speaking again, even though they were alone. Garcia had left at some point. Probably just in case Aaron and Spencer did anything naughty. “It’s going to be a surprise, so it’s just going to be called a party.”

“Count us in,” Aaron said, and Spencer wanted to balk at him answering for the both of him, but he knew that even if it had just been a regular party, Spencer would have gone for getting to just relax with the team. But that it was JJ’s wedding meant that he was going to go.

“Nothing in the world could stop me from being there,” Spencer said.


Mirror World

Jackson was settling into the house. It had not been very hard to talk the man into partially moving in. Aaron and Spencer knew he still greatly valued his privacy. He was a man married to his work, his companies, but he wanted to have that place in their lives he had been invited into. The suite of rooms right across from theirs was perfect, and Jackson moved into it with ease. The house was filling up and Spencer found that he was liking it. He and Aaron had always liked having those close to them around, and everyone was cognizant of their privacy. Though Charlie and Derek were talking about getting their own place soon.

When Jackson and Charlie met it was fairly dynamic. Though Charlie would always be a little damaged by what happened to him with his friends and family, he was settling more and more in the stable relationship with Derek. Spencer was surprised that Derek was settling more into the relationship with Charlie. They really did seem like they were the perfect match for each other. With Charlie more stable, Jackson knew what kind of asset he would be and offered him a job in the research arm of Grimes Tech. It took a little while to iron everything out, but Charlie was ecstatic at getting back into work and research had always been a hobby for him, now it was his job. He wasn’t sure if he was ever going to be able to teach again, but Spencer had a feeling with more time, and more counseling that he would be back in front of a classroom. This meant the two men would be able to find something nice that they would be happy with.

Spencer had also been watching JJ for a while. After they had returned from Spain there was an uncharacteristic smile on her face, and often Spencer would see her staring off into space with that same smile. It was weird, and Spencer wasn’t sure how to approach her about it. As he was trying to figure it all out, one evening JJ had gotten dressed-up. This wasn’t unusual in that she was their personal assistant and often accompanied Aaron and Spencer on their many engagements. This, though, was different. There was nothing that Aaron and Spencer were committed for, so the getting dressed up was unusual.

When there was a ringing of the doorbell, Spencer decided to snoop. When Carson, their butler, opened the door and there stood Anthony DiNozzo, Spencer just raised a brow. When JJ came out of her rooms, looking amazing, Spencer watched as Tony wrapped JJ up in his arms and laid a gentle kiss on her lips. They talked in hushed tones, and the smiles on both of their faces told Spencer everything he needed to know. He quietly left them alone knowing JJ would tell him about Tony when she was ready. Which, he suspected she was close to doing. She would have met him wherever they were going if she did not want people to start finding out. Spencer was happy for her, and he suspected that Tony’s son was going to be good for her as well. He would keep an eye on them though, he did not want to see her hurt a second time. Tony would regret it.

Spencer moved through the house a little unsettled. Aaron was out on a business trip, something about one of their higher priced clients getting himself in trouble. That wasn’t anything unusual, and him being alone wasn’t anything unusual, just these feelings of unrest were. He checked on Jack, who was busy with homework so that he could have the weekend free for when Aaron got back home. There were plans to go up to New York for a couple of days, which Spencer was looking forward to.

Leaning on the doorjamb of Jack’s room Spencer watched the boy for a moment. He missed when he was little. When he asked a million questions, like the Jack in the other world. Spencer had shed the other Aaron quickly, but Jack and Henry still lingered in his heart. He had his Jack back, but it didn’t negate his feelings for the other boys. He knew he was going to have to talk to Aaron soon about what he was feeling. He did not want to have this sitting between them, and he knew the longer he kept it inside, the worse it would get.

Arms wrapped around his waist making Spencer lean back into the body behind him. He had taken to Jackson’s affection quicker than he thought he would have. It felt good to have him there.

“What’s wrong Spencer?” Jackson asked quietly in his ear.

“I don’t want to talk about it yet. Not till Aaron gets back.”

“Come on, let’s have a drink and you can sit on my lap while we watch a movie.”

Spencer smiled to himself and nodded. He turned in Jackson’s arms and let himself be held a moment before they moved to the small theatre. Jackson got them a drink, then picked out a movie from their extensive movie collection. Locking the door so no one would intrude on them, Spencer settled on his lap, leaning into the man he enjoyed the relaxing comfort. The hand stroking his cock through his trousers set that low burn in his belly. Jackson liked to play with him even more than Aaron did. That had been a revelation to Spencer, how much Jackson liked sensation play. Where Aaron liked to play hard, Jackson liked to draw out their sessions. Make his body hum with over-stimulation to the point where it hurt, but hurt in the way that Spencer liked.

As the movie played, Spencer barely paid attention to it. Jackson had been slowly undressing him, revealing his body one piece of clothing at a time. Teeth scraped against his neck while nails raked over his chest. Jackson played with his nipple rings, pulling sounds from Spencer while his cock hardened even more under Jackson’s hand. He sipped at the brandy, a particular favorite of Spencer’s. The combination of alcohol and the hands touching him was enough to pull him out of his swirling thoughts and helped to still his mind. He slowly sank into the floating space that he loved.

“On your knees Petite Chou,” Jackson cooed as Spencer slid off his lap and worked open his trousers. Slipping his hand inside he pulled out the hard and leaking cock of the man that had become his second Dom. When he took the cock in his mouth and pulled a moan from Jackson, Spencer shivered slightly in anticipation of what was to come.

A hand slipped into Spencer’s hair, gipping hard, pushing him down more onto his lover’s cock.

“Fuck, you are too good at this,” Jackson was panting from the pleasure of Spencer’s mouth stretched around his cock. “But, I want more.” Gripping the hair hard, Spencer was pulled off his cock and made to stand up. “Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Without saying a word, Spencer pulled off his socks, trousers and boxers. At Jackson’s prodding, Spencer stripped the man’s pants and underwear off of him. Pulling a bottle of lube that had been hidden under the seat, Spencer slicked up his fingers and waited for Jackson to tell him what to do.

“Let me see you finger yourself.” Spencer turned around and sat back on Jackson’s lap. Leaning forward, using the back of the chair in front of him to steady himself, he reached behind and started to finger himself open.

“Now two.” Nails scraped down his back hard enough that Spencer knew welts would show up. He moaned in the pleasure as he used two fingers. He was getting lost in his head when his wrist was gripped tight, stopping him. Jackson pulled his hand free, then grabbed his waist in a hard grip. He was pulled back till his ass was nestled against Jackson’s cock.

“Lift up, then sit on my cock.” Spencer obeyed loving the slow burn of the cock stretching him as he slid down. “Beautiful.” Jackson wrapped one arm around his waist holding him tight against his body, then he felt it as powerful legs were used to lift hips up pushing the cock into him over and over. Jackson’s other hand wrapped around his cock and stroked. “When I tell you, come, but hold your release.”

Spencer used the arms of the theatre chair to hold himself up just enough for Jackson to get more leverage. The dual sensations of cock and hand were driving Spencer crazy.

“Come,” Spencer cried out as he came, but didn’t release. “Now, turn around and sit on my legs.” Spencer wasn’t sure exactly what Jackson wanted, but he quickly figured out he wanted Spencer to place his bent legs on Jackson’s thighs. Hands gripped his ass then a mouth wrapped around his cock. He was encouraged to slowly fuck Jackson’s mouth. Fingers pushed inside his hole, fucking in and out hard. He gripped the back of the chair hard to keep himself upright.

“Fuck, Spencer, you’re beautiful. Come in my mouth then after you do, sit back on my cock.”

“Close, Dominae.” Spencer about screamed when he was pulled all the way into Jackson’s mouth, the head of his cock slipped down his Dom’s throat, but then he was pushed back till just his head was still in Jackson’s mouth. He was shaking as he came. Sinking down, he reached back and gripped Jackson’s cock then slid back down onto it. The movie played in the background, all but forgotten.

He was surprised when he was kissed and his cum was pushed into his mouth. It didn’t take a genius to know what the man wanted. Hands gripped his waist once again and he was fucked into hard as he kissed Jackson, passing the ball of cum back to him. This went on for a few minutes till Jackson stilled, tongue down his throat he felt the swell of the cock inside him as he kissed his Dom hard. Jackson swallowed the snowball as he came inside Spencer. A hand wrapped around his once again hard cock and pumped him till he came, striping Jackson’s chest with his release. He slumped down, his eyes drooping, he felt boneless as he was lifted up. Jackson helped him back into his clothes, turned off the movie, then helped Spencer up to his suite of rooms where he was prodded into a shower, then into bed where Jackson wrapped around him. The two fell asleep fairly quickly.

Waking up in Jackson’s bed had been odd for the few times that Spencer slept with him and not Aaron. What surprised Spencer was how well Aaron was taking the sharing. There had been long conversations with the three men about likes, dislikes, boundaries, and what each of them expected out of this new dynamic. With Aaron gone, Spencer liked having someone to wake-up to. When that man was turning him over and kissing him that was even better.

“Morning Petite Chou,” Jackson moaned against Spencer’s lips as he pressed him down on the bed. Spencer was still cuffed, the setup was almost exactly like Aaron’s.

“Morning Dominae.” Spencer closed his eyes and tried to lift his legs to wrap around Jackson. When he was pressed back on the bed, he just waited to see what Jackson wanted. The night before they had played, but it wasn’t hard, just enough to tease so Jackson had an excuse to pamper him.

“You look absolutely delicious this morning. I think we’ll take our time getting up.”

Spencer was more than happy with that idea.

Spencer was agitated. He knew what it was and he knew he needed to bring it up with Aaron. He wasn’t sure why he was so nervous to do it, though. They were in the office, Aaron having gotten back on the Thursday before, then they had spent the weekend in New York. Dinner, a play, an art opening, business breakfast, and other things occupied their time that Spencer had not had the chance to talk to his lover about what he wanted. Closing his eyes he steeled his courage, stood and dropped down next to Aaron’s chair, head down, hands behind his back.


Aaron turned so that he was positioned directly in front of Spencer. Fingers threaded through his hair grounding him.

“Something I’ve wanted to talk to you about, Sir.”

“Pet, you know you can tell me anything.” Aaron tilted his head down a bit towards Spencer.

“I haven’t known how to talk about this. Sir, what do you think of adopting?” Spencer’s heart was pounding in his chest as he sat there, strung tighter than a guitar. He felt like he was ready to snap at anytime.

“This had been on your mind since you returned, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Stand-up Pet. If we are going to talk about this, it will be as Aaron and Spencer, not Dom and Sub.” Aaron let Spencer stand-up then they moved over to one of couches. Spencer sat in one corner with his legs up against his chest and arms wrapped around them.

“You want another child, Spencer?”

“When I was there I met little Henry. I got to see what he would have been like and…” Spencer looked off to the side trying to settle the emotions that came up when it came to the other Jack and Henry.

“You fell in love, didn’t you?”

Spencer nodded finding it unable to talk. He refused to let any tears fall as he tried not to think of the boys that he had left behind. He felt Aaron watching him and waited.

“We should talk to Jack and Jackson. This should be a family decision, but I’m not opposed.” Then Aaron smiled that smile he gets when a plan forms in his head. Spencer kept watching him wondering what he was contemplating. “The publicity would also be to our advantage. We can start making plans after we talk tonight.”

There was no way that Spencer was going to be able to keep the excitement to himself. He would be wound up tight till plans were firmed up and they figured out how they wanted to approach this.

“Thank you, Sir.” He uncurled himself and flung into Aaron’s arms.

“Anything for you Spencer. Always anything for you.”

The rest of the day passed quickly, Spencer worked with renewed vigor as he thought over all of the possibilities. When they arrived home, before they had dinner served, that family talk happened. Spencer was more nervous about what Jackson was going to say. Jack had expressed his desire for a sibling over the years, even though at the time neither man had considered another child. The boy was as excited as his Papa which made Aaron happy by extension. Jackson was intrigued. He was realistic in that he never had thought about fathering a child himself, but Jack in his life had been a bonus. He loved the boy as an Uncle, happy to spend time with him, take him out, have him over on weekends and such, then was all too happy to then give him back to his father’s. Now that he was living in the mansion full-time, he got to spend even more time with Jack and found he enjoyed the boys company even more. Still, it would be nowhere near the same type of relationship that Aaron and Spencer had with the boy, it was their own special thing. Another child, he was sure, would not change his mind or his heart, but he didn’t mind the thought of more children around.

“So, that is settle then. I’ll have our lawyer start out on the search. Now, let’s have dinner.” Dinner was always an interesting affair, Aaron and Spencer were never sure on who was going to join them. Tonight, however, it appeared as if everyone decided to have a night in. There was lively conversation as everyone got caught up on each other’s lives. JJ at one point had made an announcement that she would like to have a special dinner the next Friday and would like everyone to attend. Spencer had a good idea what it was, but he would let her have her day. He was happy for her and knew things around the house were going to change drastically over the next few months. He was okay with that. Change was no longer as scary for Spencer as it had once been. He learned with Aaron to just go with it, not to let the constant flux of life make him upset or anxious. This philosophy was what had kept him going in the other world, but Spencer could say that he would be forever grateful to his counterpart for getting him back home.

The weeks went by, the lawyer found several possibilities for adoption, but when Spencer and Aaron went to talk to the mother’s something always held them back. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with any of them, each woman was a great candidate, but both men knew, somehow, that it wasn’t the right fit for them. There was nothing big, sometimes it was the smallest thing. Past drug use, not the highest IQ of either parent, questions of the Father giving up their own rights, or something. Spencer knew it wasn’t that Aaron was hesitating or backing out because he too had those same reservations. So, they continued as they were, patient and taking their time.

Spencer had Aaron agree that Jack should not be involved till they knew for sure what was going to happen. They didn’t want the boy to be continually disappointed. While the lawyer kept searching for them, they worked their cases, and spent time with their ever growing extended family.

Spencer was finishing up some reports when his thoughts wandered to the dinner that JJ had planned where she finally told everyone her news.

“Stop fidgeting, Pet.” Aaron’s sharp tone had Spencer calming down immediately.

“I’m just anxious to see what it is JJ wanted to tell us.”

“I know you are, but you need to be patient. She went to a lot of trouble for this dinner. You need to let her have her evening.”

“I know.” Spencer waited patiently for Aaron to finish getting dressed. He had asked Spencer to wait that he and Jackson had a surprise for him. A few minutes later, Aaron came back in the room with Jackson and the two men handed over a large square slim wrapped box over to Spencer.

“What’s this? Is there something I missed?” If Spencer did not have his PDA with him constantly he would forget the little things. He may have an eidetic memory, but sometimes everyday things slipped past him.

“No, just something we had made. Open it Petite Chou.” Jackson was smiling and rocking back on his feet in anticipation.

Spencer moved to the end of the bed and opened the box. In it laid a new collar. This one was done in platinum and white gold. Strands had been braided together in an intricate pattern, with the platinum on top and the white gold on the bottom, then the two were braided together in the middle. It wasn’t dainty by any means. The collar was sturdy, but stunning. There were small amethyst and purple tourmaline studs dotting the woven strands. Hanging down were two interconnected rings. Spencer’s heart raced at the beautiful, intricate collar.

“We would like you to wear it tonight.” Jackson stepped up and pulled the piece from the box and held it up. The lock on the back was a double lock and was just as intricate as the rest of the piece. Spencer stood and turned around. He looked up and the heat in Aaron’s eyes had Spencer swallowing hard. No one other than himself or Aaron had ever taken off or put on one of his collars. Letting Jackson do it was another step in the man weaving himself even more into their lives. Aaron stepped closer and held Spencer’s face in his hands. Whatever he was searching for, Spencer thought he must have found it because once the new collar was locked in place the kiss he got was hard and searing.

Jackson pressed along his back, and Spencer moaned as a mouth licked along the part of his neck that wasn’t covered by the collar. Hands wandered over him when he felt his trousers opening. They fell to the floor along with his boxer briefs. Two hands grabbed his now aching cock and stroked him.

“Ours, aren’t you, Pet.”

Spencer moaned at the touch, and the words whispered in his ear.


“Will you come for me, Petite Chou? Come in Aaron’s hand when I tell you?” Jackson whispered in his other ear. Spencer whined, barely holding on at the erotic interplay with his two Dom’s.

“Yes,” Spencer thrust into those hands that hadn’t stopped.

“Come, now.” Jackson demanded as Aaron held out his other hand to catch his release. If it wasn’t for the arm around his waist, Spencer knew he would have slumped to the floor. “So good for us, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Dominae.” Another searing kiss as both men pressed him between them. He knew what they were doing, it was a claiming for the two of them. He had a good idea that Jackson was going to mark him in someway soon to further cement his place in their lives, and Spencer was very much looking forward to it.

The two men slowly backed away, making sure that Spencer could stand on his own, then as Aaron went to clean up, Jackson helped Spencer redress.

“There is more in the box.” Spencer, still a little high from the orgasm, sat down and pulled he box closer. Inside were two leashes that were identical. As well as matching cuffs that could be attached to the collar by a set of sturdy, but delicate chains. Matching cufflinks and ear studs were in there also, which gave Spencer pause.

“Something we can talk about later, but Aaron told me you had been thinking about it.”

“I have.” Spencer looked at the pairs of studs. They were in various shades of purple with a platinum set and a white gold set. “Thank you, for everything.”

“How about after dinner, we go to the club.” Spencer shivered in anticipation knowing that they both would want to show him off.

“Yes.” He stood and put the lid back on the box, knowing Aaron would put everything away later. They had a dinner to attend.

When they stepped out to the dining room, JJ was there looking beautiful as ever. He went to her and gave her a hug.

“Spence, you look stunning.” Her eyes were on the collar as well as the look on his face.

“So do you. Now, you going to tell us what’s going on?”

“In a minute.” Aaron and Jackson also gave their complements to her while they waited for whatever it was that JJ wanted to tell them. After a few minutes of small talk, the doorbell rang, and JJ was the one to go answer it. When she came back in the dining room with Tony on her arm, Spencer’s suspicions were verified.

“Everyone, I know most of you know Anthony DiNozzo, Jr. We’ve been dating for a few months now and we just wanted you guys to finally know.”

“Congratulations. JJ, just tell me one thing, are you happy?” Aaron asked as he gave her a quick hug.

“Yes, Aaron. I am very happy.”

“Good, that’s all I need to know.”

Tony relaxed as they all sat around the table making small talk and really getting to know each other.

Spencer was brought out of the memories by a touch on his shoulder.

“Spencer, we have to go. I just got a call from the police. Mrs. Ogden was murdered. Her sister is asking for us.”

“What?! What happened?”

“Ogden violated the restraining order, and the police detail was pulled. They believed he was going to stay away.”

Spencer stood and grabbed his satchel and followed Aaron out of the office and to their car. It wasn’t long before they made it to the Ogden household where police and emergency vehicles were everywhere. Ogden had not even tried to run. As soon as Spencer and Aaron stepped out of their vehicle the police tried to bar their entrance.

“The sister asked for us personally. I’m Elizabeth Ogden’s lawyer, Aaron Hotchner. There was supposed to be a custody hearing tomorrow and I’m fairly positive that the husband was going to lose custody.”

“I know who you are Sir. Recognize you from television. Go right in. The detective will want to speak with you.”

“Thank you Officer.” The yellow crime tape was lifted for them to go through. They approached the house with no further issues and when they entered they found Shannon McPherson, the victim’s sister, in the kitchen with a Detective. She had a little girl on her lap who was trying not to cry and a baby in a playpen that was whimpering and fidgety. Spencer didn’t even think about it as he walked to the playpen and picked up the eight month old. Cradling the boy in his arms, the baby quieted immediately.

“Excuse me, but may I ask what brought you here Mr. Hotchner, Mr. Reid?”

“Elizabeth was my client. She was in a custody battle with her newly ex-husband. In fact the hearing was supposed to be tomorrow. Ms. McPherson asked us here on her and her sister’s behalf.”

“It’s fairly clear what happened. Mrs. Ogden was getting breakfast ready for her and her children when her ex-husband broke down the door. That set off an alarm and both security and police were called out. Mrs. Ogden was shot three times, then the ex-husband was going to turn the gun on his two children. We believe his end game was going to be murder suicide. It was lucky that security arrived just minutes later. Then police.”

“Shannon,” Aaron moved to sit on a chair in front of the woman. He looked up a moment and saw how Spencer was talking to the baby, quieting him down. He turned his attention back to the woman who was still trying to get the little girl to calm down. “What do you want to do about the children?”

“I…” Shannon McPherson was rattled in more ways than one. After having spent time with her over the last few months, Aaron knew she cared about her niece and nephew, but was ill equipped to take care of the full-time. She had been going back to college and only had a part-time job. Even if the house sold, there were stipulations that any money left was to be put in a trust for the children. Elizabeth had planned if her husband got violent with her.

“I know your situation, Shannon. But you are their Aunt and their last legal relative. If you can’t take care of them then they have to go to Social Services.”

“NO!” Spencer shocked everyone in the room by the vehemence in just that single word. “They cannot go to Social Services, Aaron.”

Aaron was fully aware of the little girl that was trying to reach out to him. He looked at her a moment, then pulled her onto his own lap. He and Spencer had spent time with the children during the divorce and helping Elizabeth with the custody issues. He looked again at Spencer who had put the baby, now asleep, back in the playpen.

“You know I don’t have the resources Mr. Hotchner. I love them, I do, but I don’t a full-time job and trying to finish college. If…if you need to take them…I understand.” Aaron watched the young woman as she appeared to collapse in on herself. The stress and emotions of the last few hours obviously getting to her. “But, I want to still be part of their lives. Please?”

“That is something that can be discussed.” Aaron stood and talked to the Detective for a few moments, answering questions about the divorce and the custody case. When he was done he went back over to Spencer who was playing with the little girl, showing her some magic tricks. The smile on his face, he would smile like that when showing Jack something when the boy was that age. Aaron started to think, to plan. He just might be able to turn this situation to their advantage.

“I’m Mrs. Angela Dempsey, Virginia State Child Welfare.” The woman held up her credentials to the officer. Aaron had turned around at her voice. The smile he felt forming was almost feral. He most definitely could turn this to his and Spencer’s advantage.

“Angela.” Aaron stood and took the two steps to get to the woman.

“Mr. Hotchner, I didn’t realize you would be here.”

“Elizabeth Ogden was my client. And, in turn so are her children. I’ve already spoken to the aunt and she has admitted that her situation is not ideal for taking the children. At this time she does not have the money or resources to take them. She would also never be able to keep the payments on the house to try to keep it. So, I have a proposal…” Aaron poured on his Southern charm as he gently led Angela to another room to talk.

Spencer watched out of the corner of his eyes as Aaron took the social worker aside. His heart raced and his excitement built just a bit. If he knew his partner like he did, they would walk out of the house with emergency custody of the children.

“Mr. Hotchner, just come by later this afternoon to sign the paperwork. Of course there will be an inspection in the next few days, which I know won’t be an issue. I’m confident that you will be able to care for these children to the best of your ability.”

Spencer swallowed hard. He knew that he should somehow feel guilty for taking advantage of the situation, but he didn’t. This was an opportunity, and Aaron was going to exploit it with the cunning and care that he was known for. There were a few things to iron out, but after another three hours, Aaron and Spencer were walking out of the Ogden house with Aria and Hayden Ogden in their custody. The first hurdle easily crossed. Spencer knew it was just a matter of time before full adoption took place. And, he knew Aaron would go to incredible lengths to get him what he wanted, and Aria and Hayden he very much wanted.

“You were going to kill your own children Mr. Ogden. I’m not here to play games. Sign these documents and you never have to see me again.” Aaron slid the documents that would sever Pierce Ogden’s parental rights completely.

“They are my kids.” The man yelled as he surged up, but the chains kept him in the chair.

“Not anymore. My partner will make a much better father than you ever were. Do you want to know what he did when he found the bruises on Aria’s arm?”

“She was being a brat. You have to put children in their place.” Ogden sneered as he tried to shove the documents away from him.

Aaron stood and circled the desk till he was standing behind Ogden. Grabbing the man’s long hair he pulled till his lips were practically against Ogden’s ear.

“He was so pissed off he found one of your lowlife scum buddies, took him to an undisclosed location and tortured him till he told Spencer everything you had ever done to Aria. Tim spilled his guts. Now, I had to stop him from coming here and doing this.” Aaron let the man go as he took out his phone and showed him pictures of what Spencer had done to Ogden’s buddy. The man went pale and started to shake.

Leaning down and grabbing the arms of the chair Ogden was chained to, Aaron was once again in his face.

“I could easily get you pulled from special circumstances and thrown into general. You really don’t want me to do that because everything will come out. And there are a lot of these guys who are loving father’s and would never think to raise their hand to their children. Much less the things you tried to do to that little girl. Now, if you want to survive, you will sign.”

Ogden was shaking as Aaron pulled back and sat in a chair directly in front of the man. He pulled to documents closer and put the pen in Ogden’s hand. The man glared at Aaron a moment, but he couldn’t hold his own against him. Holding the pen tight he signed the documents.

Aaron stood and took the papers, putting them in his briefcase he started to leave the jail. As he passed some of the guards he talked to the head of Ogden’s block, passed him a small rolled up wad of cash.

“You know exactly what to do.” Aaron quietly told him the kind of man Ogden was. The guard’s eyes went cold and flat. He nodded as he let Aaron out of the block.

“Don’t worry Mr. Hotchner, I’ll take care of it personally.”

“Good. Until next time Joseph. And take that pretty wife of yours out to a nice dinner.”

The guard smiled and tilted his head just a bit.

Aaron sped home, wanting to give Spencer the very good news that the next phase to legally adopting the children was complete.


Our World

Spencer was looking forward to an hour or two of silence. Aaron had been on the Hill all day in meetings, and Jack was having a sleepover at a friend’s, they had dropped him off that morning. Spencer liked summer better now that Jack was out of school. It meant later bedtimes for the boy, and that meant that he basically went to sleep when Aaron and Spencer did. Which meant that a lot of just cuddling had been going on. Spencer wasn’t opposed to sex he just wasn’t settled enough for it yet. The first few days of being back had been a rush of emotion and excitement, but now the guilt had fully settled in again. He hadn’t got settled in, and it was showing.

Aaron just wasn’t seeing it or thought that if he ignored it, it would go away. Spencer wasn’t sure exactly how he should go about telling Aaron his needs. He hadn’t been even remotely trained for that. Aaron had gone to two different sessions with Trevor, and while it settled Aaron more, it unsettled Spencer as Aaron wasn’t letting him go. If it weren’t for the fact that Aaron would never cheat, Sensor would be nervous. He had no clue what to feel about that.

Spencer let himself into his apartment and let his bag drop to the floor before he toed off his shoes and let himself flop on the couch. He set his phone on the coffee table and closed his eyes. He just wanted a nap before his night alone with Aaron.

The feel of a hand on his thigh woke Spencer up with a shout. He reached for his gun and found it gone. So he struck out at the figure above him. His fist was caught with one hand and his legs pinned with the other arm. He tried to wiggle away but the figure held him down on the couch, Spencer opened his mouth to scream, and a mouth crashed down onto it, muffling the scream. The figure shifted, and instead of pinning his legs with his arm, the figure was straddling Spencer’s legs.

Brain getting over the startle and settled into full thinking mode, Spencer finally recognized Aaron on top of him. His eyes were adjusted to the low light. He went utterly relaxed under the older man, and he finally let go of Spencer’s hand.

“You didn’t even wake up when I took off your gun. How asleep were you?” Aaron asked as he finally pulled back and allowed Spencer to breathe.

“I was dreaming if that tells you anything.”

“Sorry. I thought you’d just got home and was only dozing.” Aaron manipulated Spencer onto his side and pressed him into the back of the couch, laying face to face with Spencer. “You got off early today.”

“With Grace making sure that no one slips me files, I don’t have half of everyone else’s and my own, I even got a few days of next week’s work for Jackson done. I’m all set for a weekend of doing nothing work related.”

“Jack called and wanted to know if he could stay until Sunday morning. I’ve been waiting for you at home for two hours.”

“I’m sorry. I thought you would be on the Hill longer. You didn’t tell me you were getting done early.” Spencer leaned over Aaron and grabbed his phone, His alarm was set or five minutes from then. “I had an alarm set for right about now. I was going to shower and head over to yours.”

“Why didn’t you just nap at ours? The bed had to be more comfortable than this couch.”

“I have a paper I need to work on and the textbook is here. I was going to nap and then grab it before going to yours.”

Aaron frowned at him, and Spencer didn’t like where this was going either. He was trying to just keep his head down while they worked out their issues. He didn’t want a blow-up, and he didn’t want to upset Aaron. Everything was his fault that it was all so messed up and it would get better. It had to. Spencer wiggled around, and Aaron did sit up so that Spencer could get off the couch. He moved to the bedroom and found a pair of black jeans to wear as well as a dress shirt and a light vest. E laid the out on the bed and started to undress. He heard Aaron step up behind him but didn’t turn around.

“So you are just going to shower here?” Aaron asked.

Spencer rebutted his shirt and picked up tithes to lay the over his arm. “I can shower at your place.”

“Our place,” Aaron said sternly.

“Our place.” The words tasted wrong in his mouth. He followed Aaron to the apartment, grabbing the textbook and his bag before setting the alarm and locking the door. Aaron said nothing as Spencer set his things down on the coffee table and moved to the bedroom to take his shower. Spencer was so unsure of himself. At work, he was the creature he had become at the hands of the other Aaron, but at home, he caved back to his old self. The other Spencer left detailed notes on everything, except the sex life that Spencer had been leading with Aaron. He had no clue what Aaron liked, hated, what h had done, hadn’t done. It was all so different, and he still felt like he was on a shaky floor that could cave in at any moment.

Before Aaron’s emotions had been an open book to Spencer, at least when they were alone but the Aaron he came back to was different, and Spencer had no understanding of how or why. Spencer was lost, and he didn’t know how to save himself or even start to find the way home. Spencer knew he was using Jack as a buffer to keep himself safe from anything sexual. He and Aaron had had sex a few times, but it was rushed in the mornings or the shower. To Spencer it was a means to an end. He hoped that each encounter would lessen his guilt. It never did, though. He was afraid t was adding to it. He’d not been what the other had needed. He had been able to settle into his life and be as much as he could the Spencer he needed, but in the end, he had failed.

He and the other Aaron had discussed that there were plenty of firsts left for Spencer and his Aaron. That they were fundamentally different and Spencer should look with excitement for the firsts, but Spencer wasn’t sure he could do it. Spencer didn’t know what his own role in his own personal life was. Instead, he was just going with the flow.

Spencer knew he was taking a long time in the shower, but he was aware that the moment he left, Aaron would be there. Aaron would want sex. Spencer’s sex drive wasn’t exactly high at all since he’d come back. He was used to sex on a regular basis, but hi mind wasn’t anywhere near primed for it. Work was exhausting. It wasn’t even the added job of the Database Project, that part was simple for him. It was a way to stretch his mind and relax it. It was Morgan and his near fanatical ability to leak his worry everywhere. Morgan could do the job he had been given if he would just calm down and do it. He’d been a good Unit Chief during the Foyet debacle, but Aaron had been there to help when Morgan needed it.

Morgan was making himself an island, and he needed to not be. He was going to crash and burn, and it was going to happen on a case, and Spencer knew it. He just had to keep an eye and make sure that the fallout wasn’t too great. That lives weren’t lost in the process. It didn’t help that Prentiss was acting weird. It had taken Spencer a few days after the bank case for him to realize that she had one foot out the door already. She’d been distant and aloof at JJ and Will’s wedding and cold after it. Alex was a high point on the team after getting back.

When the water started to turn a little cold, Spencer shut it off and stepped out to dry off. He was shocked Aaron wasn’t in the bathroom, so he took his time. Making sure his hair was totally dry. A hold over from the other world. He looked at himself and the collar he was wearing. He still didn’t recognize himself. He wasn’t the man that had stared at him from the mirrors in the other world, but he wasn’t the man he had been before either. Spencer wasn’t even sure that it was a mix of the two. He wasn’t sure who he was anymore.

The door opened as Sensor was putting his towel in the hamper. Aaron wasn’t dressed at all. Spencer smiled at him, hoping it cover the feelings that he was having.

“Just wanted to check on you.”

“Just got lost in my head thinking about the paper I need to work on.”

“Ah,” Aaron said. He stepped up to Spencer and laid his hands on his shoulders before kissing him. Spencer kissed back, faking the fervor and lust that Aaron was giving him. He was entirely lost in the emotions he was trying to give that he didn’t realize that Aaron had even started to touch him other than his shoulders. A hand on his hip was gripping him tight, and the other was trying to push him down. His knee had been better, and so he dropped to his knees, licking at the head of the cock in front of him. This he could do, he hoped that maybe he’d be able to get Aaron off and make it seem that hi stressful day was causing his lack of reaction.

Aaron moaned loudly as Spencer licked from base to tip on the underside before taking Aaron all the way down. Spencer worked Aaron well, not making it fast in hopes that Aaron would lose himself in the pleasure of it all. Spencer knew from the sounds that he was making that Aaron was getting close even before the grip on his hair tightened and it was urging him faster and faster. When Aaron finally tipped over the precipice, Spencer licked him clean after swallowing. Spencer stayed on his knees as Aaron got himself under control. The older man looked down at him and impaled before urging him to stand. Aaron’s hand went right to Spencer’s cock, and he frowned when he found it soft.

“I’m just mentally exhausted, Aaron.”

“Why don’t we go watch some TV then.” Aaron cupped the left side of Spencer’s face turning it so that he could kiss the opposite cheek.

“Okay.” Spencer allowed himself to be led to the bedroom where he sat down on the bed, upset in a million different ways. Aaron dressed while Spencer half-heartedly rubbed at his hair with the hand towel he’d grabbed. Spencer watched Aaron as he moved around the room, grabbing a pair of jeans and a soft t-shirt. Spencer looked at his clothes that he had picked and saw them for what they were for the first time. Armor. The other Spencer wore them as a way to show the world what he was. What he wanted them to see of him that was, but Spencer was just wearing them to protect himself. He wasn’t yet the person that could wear the clothes because they were clothes, they were still armor for him, but Spencer would fake it until he could make it, as he’d heard Garcia say once.

Aaron finished dressing and stepped out of the room. Spencer watched him go, and his heart fell to the floor. He stood up and moved to the bathroom, grabbing his clothes as he did. Spencer dressed mechanically as he tried to decide what he was going to do because he couldn’t go to that living room. He just couldn’t stand sitting on the couch and watched TV with Aaron and let his brain swirl and swirl. He looked at himself in the mirror, and he knew part of the problem.

“That movie we started last weekend?” Aaron called out.

“Sure!” Spencer yelled back and then shut the bathroom door. He unbuttoned his shirt and looked at the collar. It was just nothing more than a necklace to him. There was no meaning, just like there had been when he’d first been in the other world. Meaning had come as Spencer had given into the submission. There was none of that here. There was no meaning at all to the leather on his neck.

Spencer started to work the collar open, but his hands and fingers weren’t working right. Spencer scrabbled and fought against the leather, and he felt his fingers digging into his skin, but he didn’t care. Spencer wanted it gone. He needed it gone. He finally got the collar open, and he flung it into the corner, not caring where it landed. He didn’t hear it make noise, but he didn’t look either. Without looking at his naked neck, Spencer buttoned up his shirt all the way, making sure that his bare neck couldn’t be seen by anyone else. He settled himself before he took a last look in the Mirror his shower could explain the flush on his face.

The sound of his cell phone alerting him to a text told Spencer that he had seconds before Aaron came into the room with the phone. He had his phone set to loud because he was expecting a text from Jackson and hadn’t wanted to sleep through it. Spencer was correct that Aaron knocked on the bathroom door before Spencer could get it open. He had Spencer’s phone in hand. Screen dark. Spencer smiled at him as he stepped past him towards the door leading out of the bedroom. Spencer unlocked his phone and opened his messaging application. He found that it wasn’t just the notification that Jackson was in town but that he wanted to do brunch to discuss the project. It said where Jackson was staying even though it was the same place he had been staying at last time as he owned the entire floor of the high rise. Spencer smiled and chuckled at him, but as the knowledge that Jackson was right there crept across his brain, Spencer knew what he needed to do.

“Anything wrong?”

“Jackson wants to move up the brunch from tomorrow to a dinner tonight, just in case a case comes up. Since we are both here now.”

“You need to relax, Spencer,” Aaron said, and he sounded sincere, but Spencer couldn’t stand the thought of staying there any longer.

“And I can do that once work is done. Now I can get it all done today and not have to think about it all weekend long.”

Aaron stared at him like he was trying to find the lie, but Spencer knew that he wouldn’t. Aaron didn’t know him that well.

“Okay,” Aaron agreed. He moved over to where Spencer had set his bag and picked it up, slipping his tablet inside it before handing it over. Spencer lifted the strap over his head and rested it on his shoulder. Aaron kissed him, hard and profound before letting him go. Spencer moved to the door, and when he stopped in the doorway before leaving, he looked back at Aaron. The man wasn’t looking at him but was instead sitting down on the couch. The TV was off, and there was silence in the apartment. The words of goodbye were locked in Spencer’s throat.

The elevator ride down was thankfully quick and alone. Spencer settled down in the corner as the floors ticked away, taking him to freedom. The doors opened, and Spencer sighed in relief that the security on duty was one that he knew and knew well.

“Doctor Reid,” Clarence said with a large smile on his face. “Get called out? If so you forgot your go bag.”

“No, Clarence. I am heading into work but not for a case.”

“Working with Mr. Grimes?” Clarence asked.

Spencer narrowed his eyes at the man.

“My degree is in technology, remember?” Clarence pointed out, and Spencer relaxed because he did remember that. Clarence was going to school during the day, a full class load and then worked evenings in the building as a security guard in exchange for a discount on his rent. “I graduate in the spring, and when I do, I’m applying to work here in DC at Grimes Tech.”

“Apply now and put your graduation date down. I know that Jackson is going to be opening a new firm here in town and if you put in that you’d be willing to do it and some security as well ad drop my name, I’m sure you’ll get hired. I’ll miss you here, but you deserve to get a good job.”

“I’ll go that in the morning before my first class. Do you want me to call a car?”

“Please. I don’t know when I am going to be done for the day so if I am too tired I don’t want to have to worry about driving.”

Clarence picked up the phone and dialed a number by heart. Spencer waited until the man hung up before he moved towards the outside doors.

“Ten minutes, Doctor Reid!” Clarence called out to him.

While he waited for the car, Spencer busied himself on his phone, checking with his assistant and minions in getting Texas’s main hub set up. His assistant was there in Texas, being the onsite advisor for the whole project. It was earlier for them, so he didn’t feel bad keeping them busy for a while. Keeping himself busy with anything but what he was actually doing was going to keep him from freaking out any more than he was. It wasn’t until the car was stopping at the drop off for the high rise l that Spencer’s hands started to shake again. He didn’t know exactly what was wrong with him, but he knew that it wasn’t good. His only thought was getting to Jackson.

The elevator wasn’t empty for Spencer’s trip up to Jackson’s suite. It stopped at nearly every single floor on the way up. He was let out on the top floor after almost seven minutes in the elevator. He found Jackson’s suite and knocked on the door. Spencer gripped the strap on his bag as he heard a voice at the door. It opened up, and there was a man there that wasn’t Jackson.

“I’m sorry I have the wrong place,” Spencer said, and he turned to look at the room numbers. Jackson had said it was where he had been staying, but maybe he had reversed the numbers.

“Spencer!” Jackson called out, and Spencer turned back around to see Jackson there at the doorway with his tie undone and swollen lips from kissing. Spencer looked at the man who had answered the door, it wasn’t hard to figure out that he was an escort. Spencer knew that Jackson used them, it was an open secret. “Spencer?”

Jackson’s voice changed as he took in Spencer. He pushed past the man and reached out for Spencer. When Spencer jerked away from his hand, Jackson’s hand moved to where the strap of his bag to pull him into the apartment. Jackson maneuvered him to where he was sitting in a chair. Spencer tried to pay attention to what was going on but just being there in Jackson’s domain had him falling apart. He felt safe to break down because Jackson would put him back together. Spencer looked up to see Jackson giving the man a few bills. Probably as a sorry that the night had been interrupted. Jackson kissed the man on the cheek before shutting the door. The man turned then and looked at Spencer.

“Can you talk?” Jackson asked as he approached Spencer like one would a hurt wild animal. He crouched in front of Spencer and testingly laid a hand on Spencer’s knee. Spencer didn’t jerk away from him.

“Did someone hurt you?”

Spencer shook his head no,

“Then why is your neck bleeding?” Jackson’s free had touched the collar of Spencer’s shirt, and it came away with a drop of blood on it. Spencer looked at Jackson shocked. “Okay, you didn’t know you were bleeding. I have a nice big tub in my bathroom. Why don’t we go in there? I think you could do with a warm up.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer whispered as Jackson stood up. He turned back to look at Spencer. Jackson said nothing but pulled Spencer into standing up. He was divested of his bag and his vest before they moved to the bedroom and the bathroom off of it. The bathroom door was locked, and then Jackson adjusted a thermostat, the sound of a heater kicking on startled Spencer a little.

“Can you strip yourself?” Jackson asked, and Spencer nodded in answer. He turned to give Jackson his back, knowing that Jackson would see him naked, but there was something about fully undressing in front of him. “I’m going to strip down to my boxers, Spencer.”

Spencer nodded, hoping that Jackson was looking at him. His hands were shaking as he unbuttoned his shirt and Spencer knew that he’d never get his pants off, so he stopped and turned around. Jackson was already down to his underwear and waiting on Spencer. When Spencer dropped his hands to his sides, Jackson stepped up.

“Too much difference from where you were to here right?”

Spencer nodded looking anywhere but at Jackson. Spencer felt each article of clothing leaving him, and it should have made him feel exposed, but it didn’t. Jackson only looked at him to check for damage. Spencer could see his eye darting to each piece of flesh as it was revealed. When Spencer was naked, Jackson wrapped him in a robe that was so thick and fluffy that Spencer thought he was on a cloud. Jackson moved away to set up the bathtub. Spence watched him turn the handles to a particular position, and he grabbed a small bottle of something and dumped it all in the swirling water. After a minute the bathroom smelled wonderful. Spencer could pick out the notes of lavender, chamomile, and what he thought was eucalyptus. It helped to relax Spencer more. He inhaled deeply before looking around the bathroom. It was hedonistic, and it fit Jackson well.

“I can’t help if you don’t talk and my head is swirling with trying to figure out why you would rip Hotch’s collar off like you did.”

“Not his. The other Spencer didn’t consent to wear a collar that Aaron bought. He bought ones on his own, and this was one of them. I just needed out of there.”

“You’re not adjusting well to the personal side of being back, are you? You need to talk to him.”

“I know I just don’t know where to start. I never had to say anything before with the other Aaron.”

“When I researched you for the job, your team came up. I will admit to less than legal means to get some but knowing the scope of you meant knowing your team. When it comes to his personal life, Aaron Hotchner is an ostrich. He didn’t want to see his wife cheating on him.”

“He talked about it, one night when he got drunk before he died. How he had been blind.”

“You are going to have to force him to see it, to see you.” Jackson stopped and was waiting for something from Spencer. When it didn’t come, he sighed and stepped over to Spencer. “Let’s table that for now. How do you feel right now?”



“I don’t know my place in my own life.”

Jackson pulled Spencer with him towards the bath and shut the water off. Spencer shed the robe as Jackson got in first. He slipped into the water and sighed as it was the perfect temperature. He leaned back into Jackson’s body and sighed.

“If I touch you and you don’t like it just say. And you are showing me that ink before you leave.”

“The other Aaron and I designed it.”

“He marked you.”

“He marked his Spencer more, with a whip and a blade. This was a compromise I think. A way to show that I was his for even a short while.”

“Knowing what I know of the other Spencer I can see that. He was possessive.”

“He was a Sociopath,” Spencer spat. He tried to reign it all in, but it just came out. Spencer had mourned the loss of the other Aaron and of the other Jack, the small family that Spencer had come to love, but Spencer had not mourned the life he had before. Instead, he settled down and tried to slot himself back into a hole that wasn’t shaped for him anymore. Spencer knew that he’d done it in his professional life, but in his personal, he was letting Aaron call the shots for the most part because it was what he was used to after the last six months, but there was a fundamental difference between the other Aaron and the Aaron here. The other Aaron saw him. Saw him for him and didn’t force him to be anyone else, unless they were in public and he had to be the other Spencer, but Aaron wasn’t seeing him. He was still seeing the other Aaron.

“The other Spencer never wrote down the sex. I have no clue what sex they had done and what sex they talked about. I feel self-conscious, and I allow him to do whatever he wants. While I was away, I learned how much I love sucking cock. Just even thinking about it had me half hard. The other Aaron pushed me once to come just from sucking his cock. Tonight I gave Aaron a blow job, and I didn’t even twitch in interest. I knew where I stood with the other Aaron and with mine, I don’t.”

“You need to talk.”

“I can’t make him. I can’t make him see what is wrong because he never saw it before.”

“Before what?” Jackson asked before he shifted around a little, his legs spreading and bracing on either side of Spencer’s. It tipped Spencer back to lay on Jackson. Jackson didn’t say anything else, but he started to touch. This bath wasn’t about getting clean at all, it was about relaxing and Jackson touching him had Spencer relaxing even more.

“Before I went over to the other world. I was shown exactly how lacking the pre-relationship had been. The other Aaron made sure that I saw that we hadn’t been building a good, stable relationship. I came back, and the other Spencer had already fixed all of that. Called Aaron on what he was doing but he…he changed Aaron too much, and I love Aaron, and I don’t want to be away from him. I need to figure out the best way to fix it all and do it, but I need time.”

Jackson’s hands didn’t stop the entire time that Spencer was talking. What they were doing should have been sexual, but it wasn’t. It was nice. To be touched and held and just listened to. Jackson didn’t say anything to him, and Spencer didn’t say anything back. He just laid there in Jackson’s warmth and let himself float.

Spencer was half awake when Jackson ushered him out of the much-cooled water. He was prodded into a chair, and Spencer felt his neck being cleaned and wrapped in light gauze before he was ushered onto the bed. He was dressed, and he didn’t even try and help. Jackson kissed his forehead as he was pushed under the covers. Jackson moved to the other side of the room and then was opening a drawer in the dressed before he came back over.

“I texted my assistant down the hall, and she went out and picked these up while we were in the bath.” Jackson had in hands a pair of royal blue leather cuffs and a collar. “The collar is nothing more than a show that I care for you. I want you to feel safe. How do you want the cuffs?”

“Tied to the headboard.”

Jackson moved away and came back with something dark that he laid on the bed while he affixed the cuffs to Spencer. The dark fabric was thread through the loops on the cuffs and then up to the headboard. When Jackson was done, Spencer could see it was a tie. Jackson sat down on the bed, and he had the collar in his hands.

“The one I last saw you in was just a buckle. This however locks. I asked her to get that kind.” Jackson wrapped it around Spencer’s neck and snapped the lock shut. He pulled the key from it and laid it on the nightstand. Spencer raised his hand touched it. He shivered at the feeling that came from the fact that it wasn’t going to come off until he asked for it to come off. Jackson threaded his hands into Spencer’s hair, massaging his head. It felt so good.

Spencer closed his eyes and settled down into a kind of doze. Jackson sat on the edge of the bed and Spencer kind of curled himself around him.

“I had my assistant call Hotch and tell him that you would be here for the night. That the issue that you lied to him about was going to take all night and that I wasn’t going to allow any disruptions so he wouldn’t be allowed in the building. He didn’t like it as he was looking forward to a nice weekend but she told him that it was important or I would never keep you like this.” Jackson didn’t stop petting his hair at all and Spencer didn’t feel the need to say anything else. He was almost asleep when Jackson pulled his hand away. Spencer looked at him blearily. “If this continues, I will step in, Spencer. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Jax.”

Jackson moved to a dresser Spencer could see him, and he realized that Jackson had been naked the whole time since the bathtub. He watched as Jackson changed into a pair of sleep pants before he crawled into bed with Spencer and held him. Jackson just held him, and Spencer felt safer than he had since he’d come home. He gave into sleep seconds later.


Mirror World

Aaron leaned on the doorway to the nursery and peeked in on Spencer rocking little Hayden in his arms. The smile on his face was worth the battle they had to get the children legally adopted. Jackson and JJ were named as godparents. Jackson was already a Godfather to Jack. The man loved the boy and Aaron knew that Jackson would eventually fall for Aria and Hayden.

Aaron knew they had trust to build with Aria, but she was already latching onto them. The last four months hadn’t been easy, but they were, eventually, worth it. Especially when it put that smile on Spencer’s face.

“He looks happy.” Jackson hooked his chin on Aaron’s shoulder, leaning against him from behind.

“I think he is. He had a hard time talking about Henry. I think if JJ hadn’t forced the issue he would have buried it pretty deep. I can’t say that I understand, but you know I’d do anything for him.”

“You do love, you just have a different way of showing it.”

“Functional Psychopath?” Aaron smirked as he turned in Jackson’s arms to kiss him.

“I didn’t say it. I also can’t help what I feel. You know we’re all a little fucked-up Aaron.”

“I know.”

“You don’t feel guilty for bringing in more kids?”

“I’d never hurt any child. I’m not that far gone. And no, I don’t feel guilty. Those kids will have a better life with us than they would have as wards of the state, and you know it.”

“And it looks good for your public image.” Jackson walked away making Aaron frown. He followed after the man and found him in his room sitting on his bed. “Jax?”

“I know you. I know you probably better than Spencer does sometimes. You don’t do anything without a reason, and this wasn’t just about giving Spence what he wanted. This was also to give you that extra bit of public worship. Oh, you say it doesn’t matter, but you carefully cultivate that image, don’t you?” Jackson abruptly stood and started to pace around the room.

“Jax, what the hell is going on?”

“You wanted me here. Wanted me as part of your private life. Oh, we go out, the three of us, but it’s like I’m not even fucking there, Aaron. Am I your dirty little secret? Will I be the third wheel? Why did you even ask me here?”

Aaron sighed as he moved to stop Jackson in his pacing. Lifting a hand he cupped the man’s cheek and leaned in for a kiss. He held the edge of the passion he felt for the man as he took and tasted. An arm pulled Jackson closer by the waist and Aaron pressed even harder against him.

“You are not a third wheel. For fuck’s sake Jax, you are the first person I truly fell in love with. I always want you, and yes I was a fool for being blinded by my own possessiveness with Spencer, but you are always on my mind. I’m sorry, I never want to hurt you.”

Jackson laid his head on Aaron’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around him.

“We haven’t had time just the two of us since you moved in. Is that what is bothering you?”

“That’s part of it. I know we talked all of this out, but…”

Aaron pulled back to look Jackson in the eye.

“But you want time for just us.”

“Yes, okay. Yes I do. We used to do that before I moved in and now I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. That because I’m here you don’t have to pay attention.” Jackson pulled out of the embrace and walked over to the window and crossed his arms over his chest.

“What do you want Jax?”

Jackson turned and Aaron was startled by the anger in his eyes.

“What do I want?” He practically yelled, “I want to be acknowledged as something more than just behind closed doors. I want you to say ‘fuck it’ to your goddamned public image and truly make me a partner in this relationship. If all you wanted me here for is as a fuck buddy, that is not going to happen Aaron Michael Hotchner.”

Aaron stood there flabbergasted. He and Jackson hardly ever fought. But then distance really does make the heart grow fonder and he wondered at his own stupidity.

“Jax, you are not just a fuck buddy. I can’t believe you think that. You’re here because I want you as part of our lives.”

“Well, you have not shown it. I trust you Aaron, but lately that trust is on very shaky ground. I love you, sometimes it hurts at how much I love you and dammit maybe that’s my own fucking fault, but I can’t help it. Maybe to save us, to save what we have I need to leave.”

“NO!” Aaron practically yelled. That wasn’t what he wanted at all. He closed his eyes a moment to get the storm of emotions inside him to settle. He knew he had hurt Jackson, and that was never his intention.

“Then what are you going to do to make me stay?”

Aaron stepped up to him again and took his hands in his.

“Let me take you out. Just the two of us. Spencer is with the children, and I’m sure I can ask JJ or one of the others to help him while we are gone. Maybe…”

“Maybe what?” Jackson asked with a dangerous edge to his voice.

“Maybe we stay at a hotel. Take the night away from everything. Dinner, the Whiskey Bar, and at night at the poshest hotel that neither of us owns. Breakfast in bed, maybe lunch out then we come back and have another talk with Spencer.”

“You mean this?”

“Yes I do. I don’t want to lose you or Spencer.”

“This is a start, but you have a long way to go Aaron for me to trust that you are willing to risk to be with me.”

Aaron smiled a slow feral smile. “Oh, the scandal will be well worth it.”

Jackson couldn’t help himself as he laughed so hard that he fell against the bed. Shaking his head he looked up at Aaron.

“Just can’t help it, can you?”

“Nope. But, are you ready for the spotlight and what this could mean for all of us?”

“Nothing that is worth it is ever easy Aaron. And you and Spencer, have had it easy for far too long.”

“Yes, I think you are right. Come on then, let’s go talk to Spencer then pack a bag. I am going to romance you, then let you have your way with me Mr. Grimes.”

“I can very much agree to that Mr. Hotchner.” Jackson stood and moved in to give Aaron a chaste kiss before throwing the man out of the room so he could get ready.

Aaron went back to the nursery and found that Spencer hand put Hayden back in his crib. He turned around when he heard the footsteps behind him.

“Want to tell me what that was about?” Spencer asked as he looked down at the baby who was fast asleep for his nap.

“Not here, come on.” Aaron took Spencer’s hand and pulled him towards their room. Once inside he closed the door and sat down on the bed rubbing a hand over his face.

“I’ve been informed that I’m an idiot. Jackson is upset because we haven’t spent time alone. Or that I’ve ignored him when we’ve been in public.”

Spencer sat on the bed next to Aaron and took his hand.

“I noticed, but I didn’t feel it was my place to tell you. I knew Jackson would say something when he was ready.”

“We had our first fight. I didn’t like it.”

“What are you going to do about it? Because I will be really angry at you Aaron if he leaves. I didn’t think that there would ever be anything to make me leave you, but if you make Jax go away…”

“Pet?” Aaron looked at Spencer and no small amount of fear settled in his heart.

“I’ve always felt affection for Jackson, but since he’s moved in and we’ve become closer, well I think I love him too Aaron. So, you need to fix whatever you broke and it needs to stay fixed. I learned something over in the other world, that I am strong enough to leave you if you ever hurt me. Making Jax leave, for whatever reason would hurt me. Now, you need to decide what you are going to do about it. Aria needs her reading lesson, you let me know when you pull your head out of your ass and fix this.”

Aaron tried not to be slightly amused, but he was. He also knew that Spencer never said anything he didn’t mean, and he really meant this. His lover, Sub, his everything really would leave him if he hurt Jackson or Spencer for any reason.

“I am going to fix this, Spencer. I came to tell you that Jax and I are going out and we won’t be back till tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good. Then we will talk as a family. I want this Aaron. I want it in every single way. I want to be as affectionate with Jackson in public as I am with you. I don’t want to hide this and if you need to adjust our public image, well, really I don’t give a fuck.” Spencer stood and kissed Aaron on the lips, then pulled back. “Now, you go and have a good time, I’m going to go read with Aria and maybe Jack. Don’t worry I can handle this.”

Aaron shook his head and wondered again what he ever did to deserve to have Spencer Reid in his life. Getting off the bed he started to prepare to take Jackson out to begin again and show him that he loves him in every way possible.

Spencer spent the next hour giving Aria a reading lesson. The little girl curled up in his lap as they sat on her bed with a book open on Spencer’s lap. His heart swelled as he held her and let her do most of the work on sounding out the words. Spencer knew she was smart and he was determined to bring out her best, like he had with Jack.

Though he still had thoughts of Henry on his mind some of the time, the memories were never going to go away, but they hurt less and less everyday. Some days he went to JJ’s room to look at the drawing and that little ache flared up, but he knew that his counterpart would do everything to help protect the boy. He knew how much Spencer loved Henry because of how he loved Henry. That would never go away, no matter how much he tried. But, he knew things change and though he would never be able to see the little boy again, he felt safe in the knowledge that there were people who cared for him.

Spencer was pulled from his thoughts when Jackson and Aaron came into the room to say their goodnight. Aaria had fallen asleep in Spencer’s arms. Standing, he put the little girl in bed, then closed up the book and left the room closing the door behind him. He left the little glow light that was imbedded in the baseboard on for now, but would slowly ween Aria off of it as the nights passed.

“Just wanted to say goodbye before we left Petite Chou.” Jackson kissed Spencer, then swept the hair in his eyes to the side.

“If you need help…”

“I have a house full of people that could help me. So go. I’m fine by myself.”

Aaron kissed Spencer, then they were both off for their evening.

Spencer planned a night with Jack. They were going to play some video games, maybe watch a movie and talk about all of the changes that were happening around them. They knew that Jack was excited to be a big brother, but with all of the chaos in getting Hayden and Aria adopted they had not taken the time to talk to Jack to see how he was feeling in all of this.

Moving through the house, Spencer went to the kitchen to get some snacks ready for the two of them when there was a knock at the front door. He waited a moment, then heard the door opening and soft voices coming through. Being curious he moved closer and say JJ and Tony greeting each other. He also saw that Tony had his son with him. Spencer moved a little closer.

“Jayje, I’m sorry. The babysitter cancelled at the last minute and I have no one to watch him. Either we need to cancel or change plans.”

Spencer saw this as an opportunity to get to know the boy that his counterpart had helped to rescue. Making some noise, Spencer walked towards them.

“I could watch him,” he said before he made it all the way to the door.

“I don’t want to impose, Spencer.”

“Tony, it isn’t an imposition. I just had a planned night with Jack. Video games, movies, maybe a card game. It’s not problem to include your son.”

“Alright, if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure, Tony. Now, you two go out and have fun.”

Tony put his son down and let him run to Spencer who picked him up and settled him on his hip.

“Hey kiddo, want to go have fun with Jack?”

“Yeth, Uncle ‘Pencer.” Spencer’s heart clenched at the little boy’s words. It was what Henry hand called him. Pushing the boy’s hair behind his ears he settled without letting the other knew what he was feeling.

“Alright. How about some Mario Kart.”

“Yay. I kick yer butt.”

“Hey little man, watch your language.”

“Sorry Daddy.” The boy blew him a kiss which made the three adults laugh as Spencer walked away to go find Jack.

“Well, seems we have a babysitter after all.”

“Seems so. Hi.” JJ walked up and gave Tony a more heated kiss.

“Hi.” Tony smiled as he took her hand and led her to his car. The evening was definitely looking up.

“That was amazing Tony.”

“Thank you. I like to cook when I can. The BAU was a good move for me. And, they want to create a second team that handles a broader spectrum of cases. Ones more local that the A team doesn’t have to worry about. There is talk that they may ask me to take the Unit Chief position.”

“Are you ready for something that quickly?”

“Yeah, I am. I ran my own team for a while before my life went to hell.”

“I’m glad we could help. That Aaron got Ben back for you. I know what it’s like to lose a child and I wouldn’t want that for you Tony.” JJ set her wine aside then straddled Tony’s lap. “You know, we’ve been dating for a few months now and as much as I like you being a gentlemen, I’d really like it if you stopped.”

Tony slipped his hands under the fitted shirt JJ was wearing and slid his hands over the silky flesh of her back. Pulling her closer he pressed his lips to hers, taking it slow. He pulled away just a bit and looked into her face. All he saw was trust and something else, something deeper.

“I know how you were hurt JJ. I didn’t want to hurt you more.”

“You won’t, Tony. I do want you, I’m ready for this. I’m not ready to say those words, but you are the first man that I feel like I could say them to in such a long time.”

“God you’re beautiful, and Ben adores you. I think we have something here and I want to treat you right.”

“You do, Tony. But right now, I want you to take me to bed.” Tony wrapped an arm around her waist, and slipped the other around her ass then stood up. JJ hooked her arms and legs around him as he carried her into the bedroom, kissing her all the way there. Setting her on the bed, he sank to the floor on one knee and took off her shoes, then her socks. Sliding his hands up her jean covered legs Tony gently pushed her down on her back. Kneeing up on the bed, he bent down and kissed her, slowly and gently at first, till she wrapped a hand around his neck and deepened the kiss further. Opening up Tony tasted her lips and moaned as he slid his hands down and cupped her breast.

“You really are beautiful Jayje. I’m going to take my time, make you fall apart till you are trembling in my arms.”

“God yes, please.” She begged as she rolled her hips to try to feel more of him.

Tony kissed and nuzzled her neck while his deft fingers unbuttoned her blouse. Letting it fall to the side he moaned at the sight of the dainty lace that barely covered her breasts. Kissing down her neck, he made his way down her chest till he took a hard nipple into his mouth and sucked her through the lace. His other hand wasn’t idle. He cupped her other breast in his hand and gently kneaded till she was a begging, needy mess underneath him.

“Tell me what you want Jayje. Do you want my mouth on you? My tongue inside you? Or do you want something else? My cock thrusting inside your wet pussy?” Tony mouthed at her stomach as he continued down her body making her tremble. She arched up trying to get more of Tony’s mouth on her. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of her jeans, Tony slid them off her hips, then stood and pulled them all the way off. Bending back down, Tony moaned at the small patch of cloth that barely covered her sex. It was lacy and matched the bra she was wearing. He slipped a finger past the small triangle and pushed one finger inside her dripping cunt.

“Tony, please.”

Slowly he thrust his finger in and out of her as he mouthed at the thin lace fabric that was wet with her juices.

“Mmm, please what?”

“Please, need you inside me.” JJ’s voice was shaky with need. Tony stood once more and quickly shed his jeans and polo shirt, throwing them off to the side. He pulled the condom he had in his back pocket out and threw it on the bed within reach. He wanted to taste more of her first. Grabbing the thin barely there waistband of the panties with his teeth, Tony pulled them down past her hips, then he pulled them all the way off of her before he went back to lay between her legs.

JJ opened wide for him and Tony moaned again at the sight. Dipping his head down he took the hard nub of her clit in his mouth and gently licked and sucked. A hand fisted in his short hair as JJ lifted her hips trying to get more friction. Releasing her, Tony thrust his tongue inside, tasing her, fucking her with his tongue. Using his hand he rubbed her clit with his thumb as he continued using his tongue.

“Fuck, Tony close.” Gently rubbing faster he felt her tense beneath him as she cried out and came all over his face. Quickly he got up on his knees and grabbed the condom. Ripping open the package he took it out and rolled it onto his hard, straining cock. He grabbed one leg and settled it on his shoulder, the other he held with hand at the back of her knee. With one hard thrust he pushed inside her pussy and started to thrust.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” JJ cried out as Tony drilled his cock inside her. He let her legs go which she then wrapped around his waist pulling him farther inside her. He hovered over her, fucking her hard and deep as he dipped his head down and kissed her. She moaned as she tasted herself on him, her hips keeping up the rhythm he had set. Before either of them were ready, Tony was cumming. He snapped his hips, continuing to fuck her through his own release. Just when he thought she wasn’t going to cum again, her body tightened underneath him and she pulsed hard against his now softening cock.

Tony sank down on top of her then rolled them over so JJ was sprawled over him.


“Oh, yeah, wow is right.”

“We so should have done this sooner,” JJ teased as she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Yeah, but you know I would never push you when you aren’t ready for something, Jayje.” Tony wrapped his arms around her and held her.

“I know. You are very patient Tony. I think I might fall in love with you,” JJ stated matter-of-factly as she reached up and kissed him. It was a sweet almost chaste kiss.

“Anyone that means anything is worth being patient for, and you mean everything JJ. I think I just might fall in love with you to.”

JJ blushed prettily as she buried her face against Tony’s chest, a little bit of shyness coming out.

“Why don’t we shower and rest her in each other’s arms for a while. Maybe talk a little about what it is we want. But, I’ll tell you right now Jayje, I want you. Ben wants you. I don’t you are getting away very easily.”

JJ smiled against the hard chest beneath her.

“I don’t want to get away, Tony. And I adore Ben. So I guess you are just stuck with me,” JJ laughed as she stood and started to dance away from him. Tony laughed as he surged off the bed and went after her.

A short while later after a good shower, the two of them were crawling in Tony’s bed, softly touching, kissing, and talking about what they wanted for the future. JJ fell asleep, content with a man for the fist time in a very long time.

Aaron lay in Jackson’s arms, legs tangled, sweaty, out of breath and thoroughly sated. Except for the few times he let Spencer fuck him, Jackson was the only man Aaron truly enjoyed bottoming for. He liked being taken out of his head, liked not having to make the decisions, and the man knew just how to exploit his own pain kink. How he had denied them both the opportunities for being alone, for enjoying each other like they have whenever they meet up on vacations, he would never know.

“You know that I do love you, Jax.”

“I know Aaron. And I love you.”

“We really haven’t been alone like this in a long time, have we?”

“No. And I’m not saying we have to be like this all the time…”

“But there are times when it should be just the two of us. Of just you and Spencer. I know Jax.” Aaron lifted his head and leaned up to kiss Jackson. “He told me that if I made you leave, he would leave me. He loves you and wants to protect you even against me if he has to.”

“I don’t think I can say that I would ever see the day when Dr. Spencer Reid would ever threaten to leave you. Maybe a part of him did change in that other world.”

“Maybe.” Aaron didn’t want to think about it. He was enjoying the moment. “You never told us what happened with Adam.”

“You never asked.”

Aaron shook his head knowing Jackson was right.

“He wanted to go back home to Texas. I know a Dom there who I know would treat Adam like he wants to be treated. He wants to be a full Pet, but I don’t have it in me to be that kind of Dom. Spencer likes the name, and he likes being pampered, but you could never say that he is a true pet. Adam, on the other hand, I think is part cat.” Jackson laughed and shook his head as he thought about the young man who was now happier than he ever was before.

“You are really okay with Hayden and Aria?”

“Aaron, if I wasn’t okay with it I would have left before now. Where is all this insecurity coming from?”

“We never fight.”

“We have not lived together full-time since college. There are bound to be some growing pains, Aaron.”

“Right. How about we soil my reputation just a bit tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?”

“Breakfast out, me draped all over you. We control the scandal and spin it to both of our advantages.”

Jackson laughed as he shook his head.

“Always thinking ahead. Alright, I’m game. Let’s really give them something to talk about.” The two men laughed as they settle more, talked out what it was this new dynamic really meant for them, then fell asleep knowing that whatever happens next, they have absolute control over. Aaron was thinking long-term and knew what he eventually wanted to do. A lot of groundwork needed to be laid first, but he had time and he would enjoy every single minute of it.


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