The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 12

Mirror World

“Why are we here, Tony?”

“Because this case has now escalated to the BAU. Do you recognize any of these people, Aaron?” The tone of Tony’s voice set off bells in Aaron’s head.

“Am I being interrogated for something?”

“All of these people are dead. Each one had a picture, or pictures of you, Spencer, Derek, Emily or JJ pinned or taped to them. I want to know where you were for each of them.”

“You think I did this? Why would I kill random innocent people who happen to look similar to those close to Spencer and me?”

Tony moved in close, his face right in Aaron’s.

“I know you are a killer. I just can’t actually prove that you have done anything wrong. One day you will slip up, and I will throw you in jail, I don’t give a fuck how far up the totem pole you are, one whiff and I will bring you down.”

Aaron lifted the corner of his mouth in a cruel, but almost proud smile. He had always wanted a worthy adversary. George wasn’t worth of his time, money or intelligence, but Tony, oh Tony could be so fun to play with. Unfortunately, he could say with all honesty that he had absolutely nothing to do with the men and women who had been killed and left with photos of him and his people.

Crossing his legs, Aaron flicked a piece of lint off of his knee, crossed his wrists and relaxed back in the chair.

“You know, a few months ago Spencer insisted we watch this movie, called Unbreakable. I quite liked the premise, one man the superhero, the other his nemesis. I could, on some level, sympathize with the bad guy. We all need our opposites, are you my adversary now, Tony?”

Tony narrowed his eyes at Aaron, and the two men stared at each other, neither one flinching.

“Your partner has good taste in movies.” Tony stood and slowly started to circle the room. “Do you foresee yourself at odds with me, Aaron? Am I going to suspect you of something one day? And are you going to put JJ in danger?” Tony growled as he hardened his expression.

“You’re asking questions that can’t truly be answered in the here and now. I don’t know what we are to each other, Tony. Don’t forget, I helped put you here.” Aaron stood and got in Tony’s personal space, leaning in he too growled low and dangerous. “I can take you out if I were so inclined, but I wouldn’t hurt JJ like that. Now, are you going to ask me about these crimes and not about some imagined future where we are at odds.”

Tony breathed deeply as he backed away from Aaron.

“Do you, or anyone on your staff know these people?”

“I personally have never seen any of them. As to my employees, I can make anyone available to you for questioning.”

“Where were you on these dates.” Tony pushed a piece of paper, a timeline of sorts, towards Aaron.

“Well, these three dates I was in Spain with Spencer and my lover.”

“Excuse me?”

“Tony, it’s no secret that Jackson Grimes and I have had an on again off again relationship since college. We own a hotel and several nightclubs together, and I hold a controlling interest in Grimes Tech, which Jackson holds my proxy. And you know full well that he is living at the mansion.”

“So, you were in Spain for these dates.”


“And the rest?”

“Tony, I’ve had two major trials that went back to back. If I were so inclined on killing anyone, even if the only reason were that they looked like a member of my most trusted circle, I wouldn’t have the time. These people were most likely stalked. The precision and care with the kills speak of someone who has time on their hands, which I am sorry to say, that I do not. And, especially after the adoption, my time has become even more limited.”

“I have to ask.”

“And you have my answers. Now, are we done?”

Tony stood and left the room, the door open signaling that Aaron could leave. He walked towards the other interrogation room, slipping into the observation room letting Spencer Reid wait a little longer. Tony watched him for a few moments as Spencer sat on the table, reading, looking like he didn’t have a care in the world. He knew something was different, this was a different Spencer Reid, and Tony couldn’t figure it out.

“You think Aaron and Spencer had something to do with these murders?” Alex asked as she moved up next to her colleague.

“I don’t know what to think, Alex. I know deep down that they are both killers. I see it in their eyes, but I can’t prove anything. Though I believe Aaron. I don’t think he knows what’s going on, but he didn’t even flinch when he saw the photos.”

“I’ve known them a long time. Spencer has an amazing capacity to compartmentalize. Oh, he’s a sociopath, but he’s a fully functional sociopath. Aaron keeps him controlled, on a short leash. If anything happened to Aaron, I don’t think Jackson would be able to hold the reins on that boy. He’d lose it, and I’d fear what he could do.”

“But you care about them.” Tony scrutinized Alex for a moment before he went back to observing Spencer.

“They helped when no one else would. When Jamie got sick, and the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong, they helped. The head of research at Johns Hopkins that was in charge of orphan diseases had been diverting funds for his own research. When Aaron found out, I can’t prove anything, but the doctor disappeared. About a year later, the research led to not a cure, but treatment, then years later a cure. I trust them with my life.”

“Okay, but don’t think that I will be so trusting. I see what they do Alex. Bring people that they want into their circle, offer them everything they could ever want, and I don’t mean money. Hell, they got my son back, and for that, I will always be grateful, but at what price? What will I owe them when the time comes?”

Alex took a deep breath then watched as Tony went into the room with Spencer.

“Hello, Dr. Reid.”

Spencer looked up and let a genuine smile grace his lips.

“Tony. Are you now going to tell me why I’m here?”

Tony threw the file down on the table on Spencer’s right side. Spencer picked it up and started to look through it, his mind processing what he saw quite quickly.

“Why has this been kept from us?”

“We weren’t sure what it was we had. Someone is targeting you and those in your inner circle. This killer is taunting you more than anyone in law enforcement. Can you think of anyone in Aaron Hotchner’s employ that is maybe disgruntled or angry? Someone that may have gotten fired or ousted from his firm?”

“Well, unless it’s one of the sluts who tried to seduce my Aaron over the years, then no. I can’t think of anyone who would be this extreme.”

“Could one of those women be capable of this?’

“Did I say just women?” Spencer glared dangerously at Tony.

“No. No, you didn’t.”

“Men are not above the same base manipulations as some women. Believe me, there have been a few boys,” Spencer spat as he turned his mouth into a snarl, “Over the years that have tried to get into Aaron’s pants. Aaron was always too polite to throw them out.”

“And you weren’t.”

Spencer smiled, and his eyes glittered with the memories of giving ‘lessons’ to those that thought they could take what was his.

“No. I’m not. I protect what’s mine.”

“You’ve killed before, haven’t you?”

“What do you think, Tony?”

“I believe that you are the more dangerous of the two. I think if you were ever alone, I’d be chasing your ass. Aaron holds more than your leash, doesn’t he?”

Spencer couldn’t help the little bit of pride that warmed him on the inside. Tony wasn’t stupid, and he also wasn’t crazy. If George had not been so unhinged, he might have been an actual danger to himself and Aaron, but in the end, Foyet really wasn’t. Now, Tony, he was smart and very in control of who he is. Tony could eventually be a danger to him and Aaron, but Tony was JJ’s, and so far Tony was very good to JJ.

“You seem to think you know what our relationship is like.”

“I’m observant.”

“Yes, you are. As to these people, I have no idea who they are. Aaron and I have been knee deep in cases, and with the new adoption neither of us has been inclined to go on some kind of killing spree.”

“And where were you on these dates?”

Spencer picked up the timeline Tony had placed on the table.

“Well, these first three dates we were in Spain. I could give you all the salacious details, but I’m not sure you could handle it.” Spencer smirked as he slid off the table and grabbed his book bag. “Now, if you don’t have any more questions for me, I do have a lot of work to get back to.”

“Don’t leave the city.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Spencer slipped his bag over his head and sauntered out. He had some digging to do. Someone was clearly targeting his family, and he was going to put a stop to it.

“Dad, I have projects that I need to finish. And a presentation in Mrs. Kline’s class.”

“I know Jack, but we don’t know what is going on. I would rather you here safe, with Spencer facilitating your schoolwork than to put you in danger.”

Jack flopped down on his bed and gave a little pout.

“I like my school, Dad.”

“I know buddy, and when we know what this is all about and can get to the bottom of it, you can go back. I promise you, Jack.”


“Besides, I think Aria and Hayden both would love for their big brother to be home with them.”

Jack almost didn’t contain the smile at that thought. Aaron had been more than impressed that Jack had taken his big brother status very seriously. He doted on the baby as much as Spencer did, and Aria could often be found curled on Jack’s lap with him reading to her.

“Okay, Dad. Just, can you take my project to Mrs. Kline? I don’t want to lose my marks from her class.”

Aaron smiled and ruffled Jack’s hair.

“Of course, you finish it, and your Papa and I will take it. Now, I think you have some range time with Emily.”

Jack slid off his bed and changed out of his school clothes and into some comfortable clothes. Leaving his son’s room, Aaron closed the door then went to Derek’s office to talk to him.

“I want you to shadow Anthony and learn all you can about this case. I want to know what the hell is going on. But, keep it on the down low. I don’t want Tony catching you.”

“Sure. What should I be looking for?”

“I have no idea.”

Spencer was locked in his secondary office. The one attached to his secret room and got working on his own resources and contacts. He knew it had to be someone from Aaron’s or his past, but that was a lot of people to sort through. Spending some time he wrote an algorithm to sort through all the names in his own personal database. He had started with thousands of names to go through after he implemented and launched his program, that list was cut down to a few hundred. It sorted out trusted staff, those in the law firm, those currently still serving time and a few other categories. Spencer let his searches run, then left his room to go find Aaron, he wanted family time, he knew something was going to break, Spencer just didn’t know what, or what he was going to do about it when it did.

Spencer walked through the house looking for either of his lover’s to see what they were up to. First, he found Aaron in his study pacing with an earbud in his ear, yelling at someone on the other line.

“I don’t give a fuck what you think you found on Discovery. It isn’t evidence that can be used in this case. There is no provenance on where it came from, and I’m not going to jeopardize this trial, and have a possibility of it being thrown out. Now, find me something that I can actually use.” Aaron disconnected the call, and Spencer had a distinct impression that he wished it had been a handset so he could slam it down.

“Something wrong with the Barlow case?” Spencer asked as he moved in further into the office.

“Fucking idiot investigator found a random receipt that doesn’t match up to anything other than the time Barlow said he was at the bar. It was cash, but it wasn’t found anywhere near Barlow, his car or house. It ‘mysteriously’ showed up in his office trash.”

“So, it makes you suspicious that Evans somehow found this cash receipt.”

“Yes, Spencer. If fucking makes me very suspicious.”

“Hey, don’t bite my head off. I’m going to go find Jackson. You need to calm down before you go anywhere near the kids. When you aren’t acting like an asshole, maybe we can do something as a family.” Spencer turned and stomped off leaving Aaron gaping after him. Spencer wasn’t sure what was making Aaron so upset, but he wasn’t going to accept that attitude, no matter what. He also was not going to let Aaron punish him for what he said. Sometimes, his lover needed a reality check, and this was one of those times.

Spencer took a deep breath and went to go find Jackson. When he did, he felt his heart melt a little. Jackson had Hayden in his arms, rocking the boy, with Aria curled up next to him with her head in his lap. He had an e-reader, which Spencer himself hated, setup on a stand, so Jackson didn’t have to hold it while holding the baby. Sitting on the floor was Jack with his head against his Godfather. Jackson was reading the first Anne of Green Gables, which surprised the hell out of Spencer, but since the books had such strong female characters, Spencer knew it was a good choice for all the children to read.

Jackson stopped after a moment and looked up to see Spencer standing there, a smile and blush crept up on his face.

“You know, this parenting thing isn’t all that bad.”

Spencer just shook his head and moved into the room, taking the baby from Jackson. He sat in the rocking chair while Aria crawled into Jackson’s lap.

“What happened after she drank the cordial, Daddy Jax?” Spencer and Jackson stopped and gaped at Aria. It took Jackson a moment as he swallowed hard. Clearing his throat, Jackson was not going to let the emotion get the better of him, but Spencer didn’t miss that little tear in his eye.

“Yes, Daddy Jax, what happens next?” Spencer lightly teased with a smile on his face as he rocked Hayden back to sleep.

Jackson just looked back down at the e-reader and picked-up where he had left off.

This went on for a while, till Aria fell asleep in Jackson’s lap. Spencer stood and put Hayden in his crib, then took Aria to her bed and laid her down for her nap. Jack and Jackson followed Spencer out of the room.

“I…” Jackson ran a hand through his hair, making it stick up in ridiculous spikes.

“I didn’t tell her to call you that. She did it on her own.” Spencer leaned forward and kissed Jackson, “She loves you already, and that’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, I just didn’t expect it. Wow, I have no idea what to do with this.” Jackson bit his lip, ruffled Jack’s hair then walked towards his rooms. Spencer knew the man needed a few moments to process. He would normally tell Aaron what was going on, but the way the man was acting, he thought better of it.

“Looks like just the two of us, Squirt. Want to watch a movie?”

“Is Uncle Jax okay, Papa?”

“Yeah, he is Buddy, he was just surprised. He is used to you, and you calling him Uncle, but this is a little different. It’s like when you call me Papa. It may take him some time.”

Jack looked pensive as they made their way to the theater and picked out a movie.

“Would it be okay if I called him Daddy Jax?”

Spencer sat down and pulled Jack onto his lap.

“I don’t know. You might want to ask Jax first, but give it a couple of days, okay Buddy?”

“Okay.” Turning around, Jack paid attention the screen, and Spencer relished in the father-son time. They had been so busy in the last few weeks that it felt like family time had gotten lost. Spencer’s thoughts turned inward to the other Jack and how attentive Aaron was to him. Family time was never taken for granted, and a part of Spencer missed that aspect. He knew he needed to talk to Aaron and Jackson, that they needed to remember they were family and should be doing things as a family.

The news of another murder, this time one that looked like Anderson, was found in a park that wasn’t far away from the office. Aaron was pacing, frustrated at the pace of the investigation and why it was taking so long. He knew that eventually, this killer was going to come after one or all of them. He wouldn’t be satisfied with the avatars.

Aaron was pacing and yelling into the phone. Spencer walked into the office to see him tearing into one of the new interns.

“Aaron!” Spencer yelled at him.

“Spencer,” Aaron growled and narrowed his eyes.

“Alisa, go back to your desk. I’ll be there in a few minutes. Take the files with you, and we’ll go over them together.”

“Thank you, Mr. Reid.” Alisa ducked her head as she took the files from Spencer and ran out of the office. Only when the door shut did Spencer turn to Aaron. “You do realize she’s only been here for a couple of weeks and I haven’t fully trained her on everything?”

“Still doesn’t excuse…” Spencer held up a hand cutting Aaron off. The man’s eyes flared with his temper, but all Spencer did was raise a brow.

“I don’t know what has gotten into you the last couple of weeks, but you are scaring everyone. The other partners are grumbling, and you even had Jack not wanting to come out of his room. Whatever this is you need to get a hold of yourself. And, you are not touching me till you get rid of this temper.”

Aaron made to move on Spencer, who just tilted his head and eyed Aaron dangerously.

“No. I’m serious Aaron. I give you my submission freely, that does not mean that you can use it against me. I’m submissive to you because I want to be, not because you make me.”

Aaron took a deep breath and started to pace.

“Fine.” Aaron stepped back towards his desk. Spencer left him and went to go work on the files with Alisa, giving some distance between him and Aaron. As soon as they got home, Spencer left Aaron to go in search of Jackson.

“You need to do something about Aaron. He is acting worse than normal, and I came close to wanting to haul off and punch him.”

Jackson stood from his desk and pulled Spencer in his arms.

“Are you prepared for what I might have to do? I’ve seen it too, and usually, he isn’t this out of control. Hasn’t been since you and he got together.”

Spencer tilted his head and furrowed his brow.

“I don’t understand.”

“He never told you?”

“He said that he got you out of a bad relationship. He figured out your dynamic and helped you through it.”

“Well, seems our Aaron has left out a few things. Come with me, Spencer, and you will understand just how Aaron helped me in college.”

Spencer was unsure of what Jackson meant. He assumed that he just found a trainer for Aaron, but now Spencer was more than curious. He thought he knew everything there was to know about Aaron, but obviously, that wasn’t true. Instead of being angry, Spencer was intrigued.

“You, on the bed and don’t say a word. Do not undress, do not touch yourself. Keep quiet and don’t ask questions.” Jackson walked Spencer towards the bed and made him sit down. “If you make one peep, I will tie you to the bed and punish you by edging you till you are begging for release, but you won’t get it. Understand?”

Spencer was breathing hard as he leaned up against the headboard.

“Good boy, now stay.” Jackson walked over to the cabinet and opened it with the key that Aaron had given him when he moved in. At the bottom was a drawer that Spencer had never seen opened. He couldn’t tell what Jackson was doing, but stayed still and would find out when he came back to the room.

Jackson left the room and went in search of Aaron. He found the man in the pool doing laps. Jackson waited a few minutes, then got Aaron’s attention.

“Out of the pool.” Jackson stood and stepped back, waiting.

“Jax?” Aaron frowned and wondered what was going on.

“You have been an ass. Out of the pool, Now!”

Aaron narrowed his eyes as he got out of the pool and grabbed his towel. He started to dry off, but Jackson took the towel out of his hand, folded it and put it on the ground. He gave Aaron a moment.


“Excuse me?” Aaron looked shocked.

Jackson moved to stand in front of Aaron, his eyes snapping with his dominance as he glared at Aaron.

“I said kneel. Or do you forget who your Dom was?”

The look on Aaron’s face and the shallow breathing had Jackson just raising a brow and waiting. After the short battle of wills, Aaron lowered himself, so he was kneeling on the towel.

“You saved my life when you helped me realize my Dynamic. You were also my sub, or do you forget that because you went through Dom training and found Spencer shortly after?” Jackson walked behind Aaron and laid a hand on the middle of his back, fingers trailing some of the faint scars that he had put there himself. He alone knew the depth of Aaron’s masochism, which was only rivaled by Spencer’s.

“Something is going on with you Petite, and you aren’t talking about it. Now, I’m taking matters into my own hands. Do you understand?” Jackson crouched down in front of Aaron and gripped his chin and forced him to look at him. “Do you submit?”

Aaron shuddered at the question. I had been a long time since he had been in this position. He knew he was on edge, and he knew his usual forms of release were not working. Spencer wasn’t going to allow him near until he got control of his anger and fear. Aaron made himself meet Jackson’s eyes and let out the breath he had been holding onto so hard.

“Yes, Sir.” Aaron swallowed hard as he grasped his hands behind his back. When he felt the weight of the old collar slip around his neck, he wasn’t sure how to feel, but this was Jackson, the only person who had ever been strong enough to Dom him. This was not about going backward, this was about coping with what was happening around him. He let his shoulders relax, and the pit that had settled in his gut slowly started to loosen.

“Up. Go to your room and do not make eye contact with Spencer. He is there to observe only. If you want him to join us in the playroom I will allow it, but you will not be able to touch him unless I say so, and he won’t get to touch you. I want you to take a shower, then wait for me.”

Aaron stood and didn’t think twice about obeying Jackson. When he entered the bedroom, he saw Spencer out of the corner of his eye, but Aaron didn’t acknowledge him, he went to take his shower. By the time he was finished, Jackson was there with a towel. He didn’t let Aaron do anything, as he was quickly wiped down. The light weight of one of his robes fell across his shoulders, and he knew what Jackson wanted. He slipped it on, then followed Jackson back to the room.

Silently Jackson opened the cabinet and bent down once again the locked drawer. He pulled out a set of deep green cuffs that he attached around Aaron’s wrists and ankles. Then standing behind he pushed Aaron forward just a little.

“Choose,” Jackson whispered in Aaron’s ear.

Aaron let his fingers linger over several items, but finally picked out the cat-o-nine-tails that had leather ends that were sharp. They didn’t cut, but the sting was more brutal than other similar instruments. A long thin riding crop was next, and last was the double tailed whip.

“Do you want Spencer down there with us?”

Aaron wanted to look on the bed, to see what their Sub was thinking, but he wouldn’t break Jackson’s rule. He took a moment to think about it, then nodded.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay. Stay, don’t move.”

Jackson walked to where Spencer was sitting up cross-legged on the bed.

“You are smart enough to have figured this out.”

“You were Aaron’s, Dom.”


“And you and he want me to observe.”

“Yes. Are you okay with that, Spencer?”


“You cannot say a word. You can sit on the bed, but don’t touch yourself. If you come, that’s fine, but it won’t be by anyone’s hand. Do you understand why?”

“It’s for Aaron. So he knows I will love him no matter what.”

“Yes. Get up, go change into a robe and come down when you feel ready.” Jackson turned away, then clipped a leash to Aaron’s collar and led him away.

By the time that Spencer arrived in the playroom, Jackson had Aaron attached to the A-frame in the middle of the room. Spencer shed his robe and as quietly as possible crawled up onto the bed. He let his eyes linger on the cuffs, deep green and well worn. Spencer knew they had some things to talk about. But now was about observing, and Spencer knew what Jackson was doing, forcing Aaron to face his own submission, his own helplessness in the situation they were in with this killer that seemed to be targeting them.

“Tell me, who do you belong to, right here and right now.” Jackson had the whip in his hand. He would start with that.

Aaron closed his eyes and relaxed in the restraints. He looked at Jackson as he came around the frame.

“You, Sir.”

“That’s right. I’m not going to cage you. If you need to come, tell me before you do.” Jackson didn’t give Aaron time to respond as he felt the first crack of the whip across his back. Aaron let himself feel it, feel everything. It had been so long since he felt the pain. He didn’t trust anyone else to give it to him like Jackson knew how. His eyes rolled back in his head as he sank inside himself. The sharp stings of the double tail made him shudder with pleasure. He felt his cock harden. When he looked towards the bed, and to Spencer, and he saw all that creamy flesh, his long thin cock laying half-hard against his thigh, Aaron moaned.

Jackson stopped and moved around to face Aaron. He checked his eyes, his pulse, and his breathing.

“Not there yet.” Jackson traded out the whip for the riding crop. The first strike across Aaron’s thighs had Spencer moaning. He wanted to touch himself so badly, his cock ached, but he knew if he did, Jackson would punish him. His breathing shallowed as he watched the show before him. The welts that raised on Aaron’s thighs, stomach and buttocks had him thrusting into the air almost involuntarily. He fisted his hands in the bedsheets and clamped down on those muscles that controlled his orgasm. He bit his lip as he held on, Spencer wanted to see how long he could hold out.

Aaron was shaking with need, he cried out as the crop struck him again and again. He was so close that almost anything was going to send him over the edge.

“Sir,” Aaron was breathless as he slumped in the restraints, his body singing from the pain, his very nerves felt on fire, but he wanted, no he needed more. “Please.” He begged, just like Spencer often begged him.

Jackson stopped and stood next to Aaron, lifting his head up.

“What do you need?”

“I need to come,” the need to ask, that minor humiliation made the ball in his stomach loosen even more.

Jackson ran his hands down the welts on Aaron’s body, pressing and making the man’s eyes roll back in his head and moan. His cock jumped and thickened even more. Jackson kissed Aaron, thrusting his tongue inside, making his sub even harder. The whine, and the thrusting hips, Jackson knew he was pushing Aaron towards his limit. Pulling back, he turned his head to look at Spencer.

“Come here.” Spencer scrambled off the bed and quickly made his way over. “On your knees and take Aaron’s cock in your mouth.” Spencer gladly did as requested. “Hands clasped behind your back.” Spencer quickly complied.

Jackson grabbed the cat-o-nine tails, and after running his hand down Aaron’s back, he mapped out where he was going to strike.

“Count for me, and when you get to five you can come, but don’t ejaculate.” Spencer bobbed his head, and when the first strike came, Aaron counted, the sound of leather on flesh just made Spencer even harder.

“Two,” Aaron called out as he thrust his hips and pushed into Spencer’s mouth. “Three,” the third strike was particularly hard, and it made Aaron scream. “Four,” he was so close, so damn close. “Five,” and on five he came hard, but didn’t release, Spencer’s mouth was still wrapped around his cock. He slumped and shook in the restraints. Then, Spencer was moving off his cock, which was still rock hard. Aaron was then being released from the restraints and led to the bed.

“Come here, Spencer.”

“Yes, Dominae.” Spencer scrambled to the bed and waited.

“On your hands and knees between Aaron’s legs, but no touching.”

Aaron watched through half closed eyes, he was floating, and all it would take was one simple touch, and he would be pushed completely over the edge. Jackson told him he couldn’t touch himself, and he really wanted to, especially as he watched Jackson prepare Spencer, then fill him with his cock. The sight made Aaron groan as he grabbed the bedsheets trying his best to obey Jackson. It was hard as the sight of Jackson fucking Spencer almost on top of him had him so close to the edge.

“Fuck, so tight.” Jackson kept his eyes on Aaron as he gripped Spencer’s hips and thrust into him over and over. “I know why you kept this away from me for so long. His sweet, tight hole is addicting. His cock is beautiful, slim and long, the way it feels down your throat, all silky flesh. You want this don’t you Petite?”

Aaron moaned as need and frustration filled his eyes. Spencer bent over, his head was just right there. He cried out in his frustration.

“Please, Jax.”

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous when you beg,” Jackson grunted, and he fucked in and out of Spencer harder and faster making the Sub plead and beg for release.

“Go ahead Petite Chou, you can come.” Spencer cried out as he spilled his release onto the bed, Aaron whined as he thrust up into the air.

“Go ahead, Aaron. You’ve been good. I want to see you come all over Spencer’s face.” Aaron grabbed his cock and knew he wasn’t going to last long. He didn’t even reach for the lube, it only took a few strokes, and he was coming, his vision graying at the edges as he painted Spencer’s face with his release. He heard a grunt and opened his eyes to see Jackson’s face scrunched in ecstasy as he came inside their lover.

“Look at the mess you made Petite. Now clean it up.” Aaron grabbed Spencer’s face and licked him clean, then kissed him letting Spencer taste himself. He collapsed back on the bed and almost immediately fell asleep.

When he woke a few minutes later, he felt warm water all around him.

“Tell me how you are Aaron?”

Aaron nodded as he pulled Jackson close.

“I’m alright. Thank you.” The collar was gone, but Spencer was there with him, his two loves were now always there, he knew he wasn’t alone in this. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, you just need to tell us what you need Aaron.”

“I know, I know. Now, how do we find and ruin this mother-fucker that is after our family.” And just like that, he was back, and Spencer couldn’t be happier.

Our World

Spencer flopped down onto the bed in his hotel room. Another case in the bag and Spencer was feeling burnt out. He closed his eyes and sighed. He had got little sleep over the case as the UnSub never slept, but then it had turned into two UnSubs who took shifts killing. The team had split into two groups, each handling a shift so that someone was always up, but Spencer kept getting woken for information during his time when he was supposed to be asleep. He was going on about five hours sleep in three nights. Spencer had told Morgan that when Rossi had called for the third time the night before but Morgan told him to buck up. Instead of being able to sleep though he was wide awake now. He had hit the point where his body was running off of adrenaline, and until he crashed, he was going to be awake.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Spencer saw that Aaron would be at the office already. If he called though, Aaron would know that he hadn’t been sleeping and it would cause him to worry. Pushing himself off the bed, Spencer moved towards his messenger bag. He grabbed the tablet and logged into the Grimes network and started to read over the applications for the Texas hub. He marked each with either an X, a checkmark, or a question mark. The Xs were not looked at anymore, and the checkmarks were hired. If after the first look there weren’t enough check marks to fill all of the slots needed, the question marks were considered again. Sometimes the question marks were slotted into other jobs that had not been announced yet.

The tablet beeped at him, and Spencer looked at the image that appeared in the upper corner. He smiled at Jackson.

“I thought you were on a case?”

“I am. It has just wrapped up. UnSubs in custody.”

“Where are you?”

“New Orleans.”

“All-nighter?” Jackson asked the frown on his face was deep.

“You could say that. I’ve been awake or three days now. I can’t sleep so I thought I would work.”

“Those bags under your eyes tell me that you’ve been awake for days. Are the rest of your team just as bad?”

Spencer debated lying for a few seconds. Jackson hadn’t figured out his tells yet, but Spencer didn’t like lying if he didn’t have to.

“No. The rest of the team got at least seven hours each night. I, on the other hand, kept getting woke up. It’s fine. I’ll spend the weekend relaxing.”

“Do you have to go back to Quantico?” Jackson asked.

“Why?” Spencer was unsure why Jackson would ask that. After the night where he broke down, he and Jackson had barely talked. Spencer had come out of that weekend better off than he had been since he had com home.

“Well, you’ve not been to visit your mother yet. I thought that I could send the jet to you and have it take you to Vegas. I’m in Baton Rouge at the moment, and the jet is just sitting there. It’ll save you a trip at your expense, and you can see about that building that I want to put the Nevada hub in. That way I can write off a business expense. We both win.”

“I’ll have to talk to Morgan.”

“Spencer, you need a break. And you need to speak to Hotch.”

“I will. I just haven’t figured out the best way.”

“You are unsure of your love for him.” Jackson was blunt with his words. Spencer felt like they were a slap in his face but he knew that they were truthful. Spencer had gone to the other world sure of his love, but Spencer had come back unsure. Spencer didn’t know if it had survived the changes that had been made to himself. The rush of coming home and being happy about coming back had ended, and now he had stark reality.

“Jackson, please,” Spencer begged. Jackson held up his hands. “I’ll text you on Morgan’s decision. It is just Friday, and technically I should be doing up the case report when we get back.”

“Like you need to do them there. You can take when you need with you and do it in the morning after you sleep. Hell, I’ll give you money to go play some cards.”

“You are an enabler.”

“I am. I just want to see you happy.”


A knock sounded on Spencer’s bedroom door. It was Morgan.

“I know, gotta go. Let me know.” Jackson’s picture disappeared from the screen, and Spencer put the tablet to sleep. The knock sounded again, more urgent and Spencer frowned. Morgan had been the one to tell the team to get some sleep before they headed out. Here he was an hour after they’d all gone to their rooms. Spencer checked his clothes before opening the door.

“The locals need your help. There is a car downstairs.”

“Now what?” Spencer asked, his tone slightly pissed off.

“Reid, I’m ordering you to go. The Sheriff will brief you.”

“An opportunity to see mom has opened up. Are you okay with me flying to see her instead of going home when the team does?” Spencer asked.

“Reid we will discuss that after. Go.”

Spencer moved back to the room to grab his keycard and his bag before going and shutting the door. Morgan was going back to his room. Spencer frowned at him. He felt like Morgan was punishing him for something. Until he figured out what was going on though he was going to play along. It would bite Morgan in the ass at some point.

When five o’clock in the evening hit, and Spencer was still at the station trying to work on the way to crack the UnSub, and none of the team had been seen, Spencer called Aaron. He’d given the locals everything that they would need to get the UnSub to break, but they were not allowing him in to see the UnSub.

“Hotchner,” Aaron answered, sounding stressed.

“Hotch, it’s Reid.”

“This is a New Orleans number. Morgan said you were going to see your mother.”

“You’ve talked with Morgan?” Spencer asked.

“The team has been back in the office for a few hours.”

Spencer picked up his cell phone and found it dead. He tried to turn it on, but it wasn’t turning on. Spencer dug into his messenger bag and found his charging cord. Plugging it into the power strip on the desk he was using he plugged it into his phone. No picture of a battery popped up. He tried to turn it on again only find that it was still dead.


“My phone is broke. It’s not even trying to charge, and I charged it this morning after we came back to the hotel.”

“You didn’t know that the team was leaving?”

“Morgan said that the locals needed me and sent me here. I asked him about going from here to see mom, but he said we’d talk about it later.” Spencer dug into his bag again and grabbed his tablet. He woke it up to find a few messages from Jackson on the Grimes system. Jackson was worried about him. “I’d say that my phone died on me early as Jackson has sent a few messages through the relay.”

“Morgan left you in New Orleans without telling you and without even talking to you?” Aaron sounded astonished. He sounded upset and just a little pissed off. “I’ll arrange transport for you.”

“Jackson said he was going to send the jet to take me to Vegas. There is a building he wants me to look at.” Spencer wasn’t going to refute that he had been left there without a word. Spencer was pissed, but he was in public, and he wasn’t going to do anything that would give the BAU a bad name.

“Jackson came himself when he hadn’t heard from you,” Jackson said from behind Spencer. Spencer turned to look at him. Jackson looked worried.

“I’ll deal with Morgan and the team. Enjoy your weekend. Whatever you are doing for the locals is done now. You never should have been left there, alone. Pack up and go with Jackson.”

“Hotch,” Spencer tried to plead, but the man hung up on him. Aaron was not in a good mood at all. Spencer was almost disappointed that he wasn’t going to be there for the verbal lashing that was about to rain down on Morgan. A little arousal settled in Spencer’s groin as he thought about it.

“They actually left you here?” Jackson asked as he came around the desk. He picked up the phone and played with it for a few seconds before popping the case and as soon as he did, Spencer could smell the burnt plastic and hot metal. “So, I have a few models of phones on the jet. We can pick one, and I can get your number and everything ported in a short time. You had everything backed up yes?”

“Yes. I liked my phone.” Spencer had liked it a lot. He knew that whatever one that Jackson gave him was going to have bells and whistles that he didn’t need. It was also going to make Garcia so damned happy, and Spencer hated that. He still hadn’t settled down his slight aversion to her now that he was home. He missed Penny so much.

“Quit being a baby. Pack up and let head out. What about your room?”

“I have no clue.” Spencer was upset that someone else was in the room or someone else had packed up his things.

Spencer watched Jackson text on his phone as he packed up. Spencer found the chief and gave him what he had. The ADA wanted a slam dunk on the second UnSub, but Spencer wasn’t going to be the one to get it. He should have had the team there to help him. Whatever game that Morgan wanted to play was going to backfire on him. Aaron was now pissed, and it wasn’t anything that Spencer had done. Spencer had learned to be patient, to play to an endgame that destroyed his opponents from the other Aaron.

“My driver, Steve, is going to your hotel, do not even ask me why I know where it is. I just know. Call them and have them let Steve pick up your things.”

“Fine.” Spencer picked up the phone and dialed the main line for the hotel. He spent several minutes on the phone with them, telling them what had happened before he was told that one of his team had packed up his room and checked him out. That the desk was holding his things. By the time that Spencer was done with the call, he was glad to be getting out of there. Since Morgan had told Aaron that he was going to see his mom, Spencer just allowed Jackson to push him into the town car that he had rented for the day and be dropped off at the airport with his things. Jackson was going take a business flight back to Baton Rouge while Spencer flew to Vegas. Spencer had tried to talk Jackson into taking his own damned jet, but the man had said that he had a shorter hop than Spencer.

When Spencer exited the airport hours later, there was a town car there and a driver with a sign. Doctor Spencer Reid was wrote on the sign. Spencer shouldered his laptop bag and changed his go bag to his other hand. He moved towards the car.

“You are exactly like Mr. Jackson described,” the man said as Spencer got close. The man’s accent had a hint of Italian in it.

“I am betting that Jackson booked me a suite in the best hotel?” Spencer asked.

“No, no. No rented suite for Doctor Reid. He owns the villa that you are going to be staying in.”

“Nobu?” Spencer asked. He knew that Jackson owned the villa that was on the roof of the Nobu hotel.

“Correct. You are smart. Good catch for Mr. Jackson.”

“Jackson doesn’t want to get caught. And I have my own catch at home.” The man stepped up to him and took his things.

“Name is Piero, Doctor Reid. I’ll be at your beck and call for the entire weekend. I was told by Mr. Jackson to make sure you got a good meal in you tonight. So I have set you up with a reservation at the Nobu restaurant. Private dining area.”

“Jackson told you to take care of me huh?”

“Anything you want. As if you were him, outside the night fun.”

After an evening of good food and quiet contemplation, Spencer found himself alone in the Nobu Villa, overlooking Vegas. He looked at the city he knew so well but hadn’t considered home in a long time. He only came back when he had to and to visit his mother. There was no love for the city outside of that. The DC area was his home. He’d known that for a while but hadn’t accepted it. Spencer looked towards the area where the residential homes were. He found the rough location of where his house was. The home that he had kept even after putting his mother in Bennington. The head of the Vegas office of the Database Project was coming from California in the next month. Spencer texted Jackson that he’d sell his house to Grimes Tech for the home for the head of the project for the state if he wanted it. Jackson texted back that he’d get a realtor on it and make it happen.

Sleep came easy for Spencer. He had a collar with him and cuffs and hooking himself up to sleep was easy. When he shared a room with a team member, Spencer didn’t link the cuffs to the bed, but he wore them. He also had a strong habit of putting them up when he woke up so that housekeeping never saw them.

Visiting hours didn’t start at Bennington until nine. Spencer woke at five, he could feel that he hadn’t got enough sleep to make up for it all, but he couldn’t go back to sleep. He left the cuffs on the bed, hooked up to the chain. Whoever Jackson allowed to clean the room would be in or not during the day, Spencer knew that Jackson had to have a trusted person who cleaned the room with the materials he used for work.

Spencer knew that he needed to deal with what was left of his father’s estate and make sure that it was all taken care of. He had a light breakfast in his room after getting ready and then headed towards the Summerlin police station. There were not a lot of officers in general inside of the station, but given that it was six by the time that Spencer got there, he wasn’t shocked.

“Can I help you?” the officer at the desk asked.

“Yes, Hello.” Spencer waved at the officer. He had his credentials on him but not his gun. That was in the safe inside of Nobu. “My name is Spencer Reid. I wanted to look at the files on my father, William Reid’s death.”

“Okay, Sir. I remember that case. It was ruled a natural death. I didn’t even have a next of kin for him.”

“My father left my mother and me when I was ten.”

“We found out about an ex-wife that’s in the crazy home.”

“Bennington. My mother.”

“Doctor Reid?” someone else asked. Spencer turned to look at them. He didn’t know the woman at all. “Doctor Spencer Reid of the BAU?”


“William Reid was your father?” the woman asked.

“Yes. And you are?”

“Detective Cardoza. I was the lead on the case until it was ruled natural death. Come into my office, and I’ll give you all that I have.”

“Odd, coming in after so long,” the officer said.

“Officer Stately, the BAU crisscrosses this country as much as you cross the street. I’m not shocked.”

Spencer said nothing as he followed the woman back to the back of the station to where there were several offices. Her office was a scene of organized chaos. There was only a few case files actually open, but there were a lot that was in piles all over.

“Who was the point you did keep notified?”

“One of his co-workers. A Stan Early. Stan took in your father’s cat.”

Spencer kept his laugh to himself. His father had lavished more attention on that damned cat than he had his own son.

“I tried to track down more information, but before I could, his death was ruled natural. I had to stop and go to other cases. The law firm he works for had no next of kin on file, but one of the other lawyers remembered a talk about his ex-wife finally being committed.”

“I was never brought up, I know. Your father’s computer had records of the searches he had done into my life after I graduated college.”

“Why did he leave?”

“It doesn’t matter, and it hasn’t in a long time. Do you have the file here?”

“I kept meaning to go back to the file and try and figure out more. There was something that didn’t sit with me. I understand now. I have the file right here.” Cardoza opened a drawer and handed over a file. Spencer read through it all quickly. When he looked back up at the detective, he saw the look of shock.

“I know. I read very fast. How did you know my name?”

“The Chief passed on the Database Project with Grimes Tech to me to oversee our inclusion of the files into it when it starts. I was going over the contacts for it all, and your name was on there. I thought it funny that it matched one of my cases.”

“Do you have a contact number for Early?”

“We always just called him at the law office.”

“Then that is where I am headed next.”

“Okay. Do you have a contact number I can take down?”

Spencer handed over a BAU card that only has his work office number. “That’ll go to my assistant. She’ll contact me if you need me.”

“Thank you, Doctor Reid.”

The drive to the law office took no time at all. It didn’t look any different than it had the last time that he was there. The secretary at the area where his father worked was different.

“Hello,” Spencer said as he showed her his credentials. “I’m looking for Stan Early.”

“He’s in his office, three doors down,” the secretary pointed down the hall. Spencer moved that way. He watched the man who was sitting at the desk inside the of the office with a stack of files at his elbow that was a foot high. The man wasn’t aware of Spencer’s being there until he knocked. Early looked up at him.

“May I help you?”

Spencer flashed his badge and took a seat. Before Spencer could give his name, Early’s eyes became wide.

“You look so much like your mother, Doctor Reid. I’ve been expecting your visit. I didn’t contact you as I figured when the time came you would come to me.”

“Excuse me?”

“I called the FBI and tried to contact you about your father’s death. I never heard from you, but I didn’t really expect to. Your boss said that you were a very busy man and had little time to come and oversee your father’s things being taken care of.”

“My boss…who did you speak to?”

“Um.” Early started to dig around in the desk and he opened up a file that had the name of Reid on it. “I got the runaround for a little bit, but I ended up speaking to a Section Chief, she really emphasized that, Erin Strauss.”

“She was fired from the FBI for dereliction of duty. She did not tell me about my father’s death, but instead, a co-worker found an article about it a month after it happened. This is my first chance to make it out here to Vegas. I just wanted to make sure that nothing else needed to be done.”

“There is a lot that is required to be done. He had no will and with his life insurance set to be given over to a few charities in the area, but Diana Reid has been refusing to see us. I’ve tried to get a run around her hoping that the courts would just allow me to take care of it. Since you are here, you can take care of it all. I have all the files here.” Early dug around in his drawer for another few seconds before he pulled another file out. He handed it over, and Spencer started to read it over. It was a copy of William Reid’s life insurance policy that was set to go to three different charities in the local area. There was no provision in the file for his ex-wife or his child at all. Spencer looked at the date it had been changed, and it was after the whole mess with the Riley Jenkins case. Spencer wondered what it had been set to before that. Spencer signed the paperwork needed and dated it before handing it back.

“What about his cat?”

“I have her. Did you…Never mind. Forget I asked that. After William’s death, we were all shocked. A wife and a kid that were never talked about. Going back to when he started here, you were ten when he left you. Your mother was put into Bennington when you turned eighteen. It couldn’t have been easy for you. We never knew. The secretary that he had before was fired, and it wasn’t until our boss asked her why that we knew. You had visited, and he’d covered it up. He was ashamed of what he had done, but instead of trying to fix it, he ignored it and acted like it didn’t exist. He lived a double life.”

Early stood up from his chair and moved around the desk to sit in the chair beside Spencer. “Your father’s things from his house are still there, I only took out his cat, Princess. What do you want to be done with the rest of it?”

“Sell it all. William Reid has nothing there that I want, or my mother wants. Sell it all and donate the money to Bennington.”

“The three founders of this firm were very upset over the life that they never knew that he was living. They made a donation to Bennington already in Diana’s name.”

“Do it with the rest of his things. If you don’t want Princess, feel free to find her a new home.”

“I’ll let know when it is all done.”

“Here is my card, that goes to my assistant. She’ll keep me up to date on it all.”

“Thank you. I am sorry for the loss of your father.”

“The only thing that I am sorry about is that he’ll never see me keep getting degrees just to spite him.”

Early looked like he didn’t know what to say to that and really there was nothing that could be said. Spencer stood up and moved towards the door. He left without a backward glance. When he stepped out of the lawyer’s office, Piero was standing at the side of the car.

“Jackson has me lo-jacked with the new phone doesn’t he?” Spencer asked. He’d used cabs to get around, and he was all right with that.

“He does, Doctor Reid. Told me to tell you to quit ducking me. Now, let’s go to Bennington.”

Piero was silent the entire way to Bennington. Spencer was glad about it. He’d said his goodbyes to his father years before, but he thought about how the other Spencer had made sure that he’d never get closure on the relationship.

“I’ll wait out here. I have a book to read. Take your time. I’m paid whether I am driving you or not.”

“Thanks. I don’t know how long I am going to be.”

Piero rolled down the windows, they were already parked under a tree. It was as much shade as he was going to get in the Vegas weather. The doors of Bennington looked no different than the last time that he had been there. The desk was right there, staffed by one of the long time help. Sierra looked up at him and smiled.

“Doctor Reid, Diana is all settled into her new wing. I’ll walk you up there.” Sierra talked to the lady beside her for a second before escorting Spencer to a different set of stairs. Spencer had known that his mother’s situation had changed a little after Jackson had added her to the Grimes Tech insurance plan but he hadn’t expected this. He was aware that was where the steps led. It was the private wing. The rooms were more private, and there was even a private sitting room for each patient. The door opened as she neared it and the lady at the desk right inside smiled at Spencer.

“I’ll take him from here, Sierra. Doctor Reid welcome to X-Wing.”


“It’s what this wing is called.”

Spencer wondered if the woman had never seen Star Wars.

“Once we get you fully set up, you’ll gain entry by a passcode that you set up yourself. The residents have their own dining hall and library. Diana has kept her books her in her room of course, but she’s adjusting well. Now let’s get the paperwork out of the way.”

It was an hour before Spencer was shown to his mother’s set of rooms. As if sensing that Spencer was nervous, the nurse left him at the doorway. His mother is sitting in a chair in her sitting room, the sun wrapped around her. Spencer just stared at her, taking in that his mother was alive and well and well cared for. There had been doubt in his mind that he would come home to find her dead at the other Spencer’s hands. He knew that he had to talk to her about her situation. What she wanted to be done with her pension because none of it was needed for her care anymore. Spencer knew that it was going to go to one of two things, either Bennington as donation or research into her disease. Spencer would be happy with either.

There were no words said as Spencer stepped farther into the room, making himself known. His mother looked up at him and smiled as Spencer dropped to his knees, laying his head on her knee. She picked up her hand and started to card it through his hair as she went from reading silently to reading aloud. She didn’t even pause at all, and for a little while, Spencer could believe that he was ten and that everything was fine.

The entire day was spent that way, Spencer stayed on his knees right there in front of his mother chair, and he let himself float on her words. He got lost in worlds that were not this one and situations that were nothing like what he was in at the moment. His mother didn’t ask questions, and she didn’t say a thing. She always said that a mother knows ad Spencer knew that what Spencer needed was silence.

Mirror World

It took time, research and Penelope’s help but Spencer finally had someone who could give him answers. The woman, her name was unimportant as he looked down at her strapped to his table in his hidden room. Spencer had his special knife set off to the side, ready for him in case she didn’t cooperate. He really hoped she didn’t cooperate.

“Let’s try this again. Who is targeting us and why.” Spencer was standing in the V of the open table, looking down at the naked woman who was spread out before him. If he were a different sort of man he might have found it erotic, but Spencer knew what he was and she did nothing for him. She was a tool, the means to an end and he would extract the information he needed, he had a lot of patience. His Yakuza master taught him patience and how to get the most out of his victims.

“I..I don’t know, please, please let me go. I promise I won’t say anything.”

“Now see, I know that isn’t true. The moment I let you go you will go to the police. It will take the authorities exactly 24.2 minutes with no traffic to show up here. 30.6 minutes with traffic. In that time, I can remove any and all evidence of you even being here. Plus, no one would believe you,” Spencer leaned over and gently touched her stomach. He felt no arousal, women never did it for him. He wondered, at times, if he ever had it in him to rape someone. But just the thought of it repulsed him. Grabbing one of the thin blades from his collection he gently pressed it just below the woman’s breastbone and with the barest bit of pressure, he cut into her flesh.

The woman cried, but she didn’t scream, not yet anyway. When he was done almost an hour later, the intricate pattern over her flesh had Spencer smiling. He so did like to get creative, especially when his victims bored him, and this person was very much boring him.

Grabbing his camera Spencer took a picture. It would only stay in this room, and though the memory would never leave his mind, a picture always let him relive the moment in excruciating detail.

“Again, tell me who is after us.”

“I don’t know,” the woman screamed.

Spencer sighed as he pondered what he was going to do next. He wanted to save the softer parts for last, so he moved down, and after completely dry shaving the woman’s legs, Spencer continued the pattern he had started on the stomach. This time, she screamed, long and loud.

After cleaning the woman up after she passed out from the pain, Spencer left her there to sleep. He would be back in a few hours. He really hoped she lasted. Spencer hadn’t had someone to play with for a long time, and in the other world, he had been relatively careful. Strauss had been the worst of what Spencer had done, but that didn’t give him the satisfaction he craved.

Getting out of the shower, he saw Aaron was in bed, naked and stroking his cock.

“Come here.” Spencer didn’t need to be asked twice as he quickly crawled up on the bed. Aaron took his mouth in hard, demanding kisses. He reached back and found the plug he knew would be there and played with it till Spencer was whining. Aaron pulled it out and wrapped an arm possessively around Spencer’s waist.

“Ride me and tell me everything.”

Spencer smiled as he straddled Aaron’s waist. He knew his Dom both hated and loved this part of himself. He liked to hear Spencer recount every detail of his tortures. At first, the man had been ashamed to admit he enjoyed it, but over time he accepted it. This was not for the playroom; this was a deep intimacy that was just between them. They both knew that Jackson would be horrified to know this about them, so they did their best to keep it away from him.

Spencer slid down slowly and groaned as hands wrapped around his hips in a painful grip.

“She screamed so perfectly for me. She was reluctant, barely cried when I cut into the flesh on her stomach,” Aaron moaned as he thrust up into Spencer hard. Spencer leaned forward and grasped Aaron’s shoulders as he rode his cock Spencer kept his mouth near Aaron’s ear and detailed every moment of torture.

“Fuck,” Aaron cried out as he thrust in hard and came. He grabbed Spencer’s cock and in an almost iron grip, he jerked him off till Spencer striped his stomach with his release.

“Have I ever mentioned what a kinky bastard you are,” Spencer said as he collapsed next to Aaron.

“I’m not the only one,” Aaron almost purred as he stroked Spencer’s sweat-slicked back. He knew as long as Spencer had his victim, they would end up like this every time he was done with them for the day.

“She passed out. I’ll go check on her in a little while. Don’t worry Aaron. I’ll get it out of her, one way or another.” Spencer stood and went to take a shower. He considered wearing a cock cage but decided not to. He wanted to feel it, every single feeling he got from when he played with his victims.

“Please, please stop.” The woman cried, her once pretty face was puffy from crying, and the pain. It was now four day, and Spencer was impressed with her stamina.

“It will only stop when you give me a name. Who is killing people that look like my family? I know you know. I did in-depth research on everyone Aaron and myself have had contact with over the last five years. Your name came up consistently. A court reporter in many of the cases that Aaron took. Someone who watched us, someone who was, almost invisible, for who looks at the person taking down everything said in court. No one. You are nobody. No close family, only one or two friends to speak of and a cat. No one will miss you. Even your so-called friends will believe the lie my hacker friend is weaving all over your online activity. She’s damn good, and when she is through, there will be no trace you were ever here. Now, what do you know?”

Spencer started in on her arms, keeping up with the intricate pattern he was still carving into her. This was different from his usual tortures, but Spencer was relishing what he was doing. As his Sensei had taught him, torture could be creative and very satisfying. He didn’t like many of the crude nature of some tortures, like pulling nails, water, and electricity, things of that nature. Spencer went more for the elegant torture. He documented everything in his journal, using the code he had come up with, a mixture of Kanji, shorthand, and runic symbols that not even the best hackers and code breakers in the world could solve. He kept it in a very safe place.

“I have to say. I’m completely outdoing myself, you’re skin is perfect for this. No freckles, no blemishes, its a rarity. It’s almost a shame for me to mar it, but I do have to say it is rather beautiful. Here, let me show you.” Spencer grabbed the medical grade surgical mirror that he had bought just for his room. He placed it right over the woman and made her look at herself. The scream she let out made him shiver, not in horror, but satisfaction. He decided to leave it there as he walked around her body and continued.

“You know, I’ve been trying to figure out why you didn’t have a special someone in your life. You’re rather beautiful. But as I dug into your life, learning everything about you, I found out you are a social recluse. Social anxiety, borderline agoraphobic. If we met in different circumstances, I might have helped you, introduced you to a few friends that would have found you pleasing. It’s just your fate that you are here, for me, now.” Spencer ran his fingers down her other arm then started at her shoulder. She arched her back in pain as she screamed when Spencer made the first of his cuts.

“I have to hand it to you, your stamina is impressive, but no matter how much you beg me,” Spencer bent low so he could speak directly into her ear. “I won’t stop till you give me what I want.”

The woman settled back on the stainless steel bed, her eyes red-rimmed and bruised looking. Spencer knew she was past the point of feeling cold. He had lowered the temperature of the room, knowing eventually she would become numb to it.

“I don’t know, you sick fuck,” The woman screamed at Spencer. “I see you and your partner in court, his smug attitude, and you fawning all over him. Perverted, fucks.”

“Ohh, now we are getting somewhere. Come on sweetheart, just give me a name.” Spencer gentled his fingers on her face, wiping away her tears. The dispassion on his face belied what he was feeling inside.

Spencer waited out the woman’s struggle as she tried to get free, but he knew she was tiring, her efforts were weak and ineffective. When she collapsed back, crying, Spencer cleaned up the areas he had finished, made her drink some water, then left her alone. As he started to exit the room, he turned down the temperature just a tad. He ignored his discomfort during the sessions and was able to push it down. He also turned the lights all the way up. He was alternating from complete darkness to total brightness, disorienting her. The last thing he did was turn on the low hum that would come in over the speakers. That to he changed up, from a low whine to a hum, or other disorienting noises.

Spencer knew she was close to breaking.

“Fucking bastard,” the woman’s voice was weak and fading. Spencer knew she was close to her limit. Six days, he was impressed. But, Spencer found out years ago just how long the average woman could last during his tortures. It appalled him that some of the men he had in his secret room often didn’t last more than a couple of days.

“I am very much a bastard. But I can end the torture and make this quick if you just give me the name of the man you were working with. I am an infinitely patient man. I can give you facts and statistics, but it would be wasted on you at this point. Just tell me who is after us,” Spencer cupped her cheek, rubbing his thumb across her lips, “and I will release you.”

The woman was crying, but no tears spilled. She was dehydrated, and Spencer knew no more tears would spill. He calculated in his head just how much long she had, and it was hours now. He grabbed the knife and was going to start on the last part of her body, the most personal of areas, and before he even touched the knife to her groin, she was screaming out a name.

“Curtis, John Curtis. Please, please just end this.” Spencer sighed as he put his knife in the tray to be cleaned. He walked over to his work table and grabbed a syringe he had prepared the day before. Walking back to the woman he inserted the needle in the vein at the crook of her elbow. It would make her heart stop, but no trace of the drug would show in any tox screening.

“You, go to hell,” were the woman’s last words as she took her last breath. Spencer cleaned her up quickly and took his final pictures of what he considered his greatest masterpiece. He then went about the task of disposing of the body. The incinerator had been a gift from Aaron a couple of years ago. It wasn’t so much to protect them. They were protecting Jackson. The man loved Aaron, and at that time had cared for Spencer. Neither one of them wanted their darker natures to touch Jackson in any way, so they were careful.

After Spencer had been done he sought Aaron out, taking a copy of the photos with him, which would be destroyed after he showed them to Aaron, he wanted his lover to see his masterpiece. Spencer found Aaron in his office. When he stepped in, Spencer shut and locked the door, walked over to his Dom and straddled his lap.

“John Curtis. I know that name, but I’ll have to do a deep dive and find out why he’s doing all of this. Somehow, I think he is connected to Foyet, just not sure how.”

“And what’s in your hand?” Aaron lifted the corner of his mouth in a dark, feral smile, anticipating what it was that Spencer had.

“A present. You get to see them once, then they will be destroyed. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it. And, before you ask, everything is cleaned up, not even a piece of hair.”

Aaron’s eyes darkened with lust as he pulled Spencer hard against his body and kissed him. Spencer vibrated in anticipation as his cock filled painfully in his pants. The next few hours were going to be exquisite.

Our World

Spencer was never sure what to expect when he came home. An Aaron that was touching him and loving or an Aaron that was only focused on Jack. Spencer let it be because he was still trying to get his head wrapped around everything. He wasn’t sure if the older man was starting to resent him for the loss of his job as Unit Chief or something else, but he wasn’t even sure what that was. Spencer chose to focus on Morgan because the man was driving Spencer insane with his demands. Grace had spent all day keeping Morgan From his office as he worked on all the paperwork for the FBI that he had been unable to do over the week with the work that Morgan had given him. Morgan wasn’t adding anything to his load that didn’t need to be done, it was the timeline for it needing to be done. Spencer had barely made it home all week before Jack’s bedtime, and tonight, he hadn’t made it back before time ticked over the ten o’clock hour, but Spencer had finished all of his work for the FBI and Jackson. He had nothing that he had to focus on for the weekend except for Jack and Aaron.

“Aaron?” Spencer called out as he hung up his coat and laid his bag on the table. He found Aaron sitting in the dark in the little dining room area. There was a bottle of bourbon sitting on the table, a glass beside it that was half full. It hadn’t been in the apartment before. Aaron had said he would go get rid of everything except the things that Spencer liked to drink and the good bottle of bourbon that Rossi had bought Aaron after he took the Section Chief job. The bottle was over half empty.

“Finally come home?” Aaron asked, his words careful and measured. Aaron was very upset. He may have been drunk, but he was so upset that he was calm, too calm. Spencer felt a knot forming in his stomach.

“I finished work, yes.” Spencer wasn’t sure what the problem was. He had made sure that Aaron knew where he was and what he was doing at all times. Hourly texts past the six o’clock hour giving a rough estimate of when Spencer would be home. He was actually home earlier than his plan had been because traffic hadn’t been bad at all. He had the entire weekend to do whatever Aaron wanted him to. Total devotion to him the whole two days. Jackson knew not to contact Spencer, and so did Grant.

“I’m shocked you didn’t spend another night in the office. You seem to want to be there more than here.” That tone of belligerence was one that Spencer was sure that he’d never heard from Aaron. It didn’t fit him at all. A man of his status shouldn’t use that tone, no matter who he was speaking to but never with someone that he said he loved.

Spencer looked at Aaron in shock. Was Aaron really going to drop that? Was he really going to put work as a reason for a fight? Spencer now understood how Aaron had felt when Haley brought it up, time and again.

“Because I want to be stuck at work doing paperwork for a week straight. Paperwork that you used to be the one to do, and now it falls to me on orders from my new Unit Chief. Grace has done more work for Grimes Tech this week than I have. Between her and Grant on the Grimes side, I was only barely able to have all of the staff given the green light for hiring for the Nevada branch of the server unit. Maybe instead of sitting here in the dark, feeling sorry for yourself, and drinking a bottle of expensive bourbon, you should be looking into why I am the only one in the unit to be pulling hours like this.”

Aaron didn’t say anything, but he did down what was in the glass before he filled it back up. His movements were oo fluid, he was overcompensating a lot.

Spencer spoke when he had the glass halfway up to his mouth. “If you drink that, Aaron. I will leave, and I won’t come back. So make your decision between alcohol and me.”

Aaron glared at him as he downed the amber liquid in the glass. He filled it again before standing up. “You’ll still be right there when I get back,” Aaron said matter of factly. The older man turned and moved towards the guest bathroom. As soon as the door shut, Spencer moved forward. His phone was in his pocket, and all he needed to do was grab Jack. Spencer wasn’t leaving the boy there with his drunk and pissed father. Jack was hard to wake up when he was dead asleep, so Spencer picked him up and grabbed the backpack that was in his closet for quick overnight stays at Jessica’s. It had everything he needed. Spencer grabbeď his bag and slung it over his shoulder before Spencer shut the door. He wasn’t even going to stop at his apartment. Spencer had clothes in a go bag in the trunk of his car. He would be okay. His gun was still on his hip, and he was thankful.

Spencer took his time in buckling in Jack in the backseat of his new car. He had chosen a Chevy Impala when he and Aaron had gone car shopping two weeks before. Jack’s booster seat was in the back already; Spencer had bought it for the boy when he had bought the new car. Jack still had a few inches to go before he was allowed to ride in the backseat without it. Aaron figured that he would be out of it before the end of the year. Spencer felt his phone vibrate with a call, but he ignored it. Spencer drove carefully, his hands shaking because what Spencer was doing was illegal. If Aaron wanted to, he could press charges. Spencer wasn’t moving him across state lines, thankfully, but it as kidnapping as his father was not aware that Spencer was taking him. Spencer wanted to believe that Aaron would never hurt Jack or him while he was drunk but Spencer had never seen him that drunk before.

The unknown scared Spencer more than anything else. He wouldn’t have been able to leave without Jack, he knew that. The thought that Aaron could even accidentally hurt Jack was too frightening for Spencer than even the idea of Aaron hurting him.

Spencer parked in the spot that he always did when he went to JJ’s. The porch light turned on, and Spencer saw Will there at the window. Will hadn’t seen Spencer’s new car, so he wasn’t shocked to see the man staring out at him. Spencer pushed himself up and out of the car. The curtain closed and the door opened.

“Spencer?” Will asked.

“I need help with Jack, please.” Spencer shouldn’t have carried him the first time but the boy was still dead asleep and waking him would have taken longer than he wanted to take. Will started down the stairs and took Jack from the seat as soon as Spencer opened the back seat door. Spencer grabbed Jack’s bag as well as his own. He realized he hadn’t grabbed his coat.

“Hotch called. He’s drunk, and JJ hung upon him. He was only asking about if you had come here. JJ told him that she wouldn’t tell him anything as long as he was drunk. Did you leave your phone on?”

“I’ve been ignoring the calls. Garcia won’t tell him anything while he’s drunk either.” Spencer knew that for sure.

“What happened?” JJ asked as Spencer, and Will got to the front porch.

“Will, can you put him on the guest bed? He and I will share.”

“Sure.” Will went right for the stairs, and Spencer sat down on the couch after dropping his and Jack’s bags down on the floor by the stairs. JJ tucked into his side and wrapped her arms around him. She didn’t press him for answers. Spencer wasn’t going to live as he was. He thought about the offer that Jackson had given him. The key to his condo was on Spencer’s personal key ring. Spencer has taken it to make Jackson happy, but it might be where he ended up anyway. His apartment didn’t feel like home and Aaron’s was feeling less and less like it was a safe place.

The soft padding of footsteps heralded the arrival of Will back in the living room, but he didn’t go to them. He went into the kitchen, and there was the sound of him puttering around in there. After few minutes, the steps came back, and the warm mug was pressed into Spencer’s hands. He opened his eyes and raised his head to see it was Will’s hot chocolate. Spencer took a sip and felt it warm him all the way down to his bones.

“Do you want to know the irony of all of this?” Spencer asked as he looked at Will, who had taken a seat on the coffee table right in front of Spencer.

“What?” JJ asked.

“He turned into Haley. He accused me of wanting to be at work and not at home. I think the only thing that could have shocked me more was if he accused me of cheating. The only night I have slept at the office is that first week that I was back. Since we got back from that last case, Morgan has been giving me more and more work. I log it all and file it, and I know that at some point it’s going to come to a head, but I can’t step out of line after what happened with Strauss. But no instead of doing his damned job and figuring out what is wrong, Aaron is pissed at me. I’m doing everything that he wants, everything. I’m being perfect for him, and he’s mad at me because of work.”

“Was he drinking when you got home?” Will asked.

“Over half of the bottle gone before I got home. Aaron drained his glass and filled it again while I watched. I told him that if he drank it, I was going to leave. He didn’t believe me and drank it. I couldn’t leave Jack there.”

“Has he told you about his childhood?” Will asked. It was an absolutely valid question because the man didn’t talk about anything. The team only knew about the divorce because Haley had had his papers served to him at work.

Spencer shook his head. “No. I know that our worlds were close enough that if even half of what happened to the other Aaron happened to this one, I wasn’t going to leave Jack. I want to believe that Aaron would never hurt Jack or even me but there is such a high chance of accidents whenever one is drunk. Not knowing how hard they are gripping an arm. Not realizing how close someone is. There were so many accidents that truly were not the drunk person’s fault.” Spencer had given a classmate a black eye the first time he had got drunk. Flinging his arms out too fast, too hard, and too close. Spencer had felt sorry about it and hadn’t ever got that drunk again.

“He sounded angry when he called both times that I answered the phone. I muted the ringer on my cell and the house phone. He’s upset about you working? That’s really it?” JJ sounded confused. Spencer knew that there had to be more to it, but the man wasn’t talking.

“I don’t know what else it can be. I’m doing everything thatAaron wants. Every single second that I am not working, I am with him and Jack. I don’t know what else to do, JJ. I really don’t.” Spencer drained the hot chocolate before it started to get cold. He set the mug down beside Wills and leaned back on the couch. Spencer had done a lot better at being perfect for Aaron. He was the perfect lover, the perfect father figure to Jack. Aaron had been happy. He had been acting totally perfect, and Spencer knew it. He had learned the art of real deception at the other Aaron.

Aaron was passionate when they fucked. Spencer’s body knew the touch of his lover and craved the closeness that sex gave them. Aaron still went for lessons with Trevor when his work allowed, and Spencer hadn’t been back to the club yet, his own work stopping him. Aaron never saw the weariness because Spencer was good at hiding it. There was nothing at fault in Spencer performance for the older man. Drinking wasn’t the answer, and Aaron knew that, yet he still had got drunk while he was home alone with Jack and Spencer couldn’t stand that.

“Go upstairs and get some sleep. Everything will look better in the morning. If Hotch shows up, we won’t let him in, but I am going to text Hotch and tell him that you’ve checked in with me and you are fine. If he asks about Jack, I will say that he is with you.”

“I don’t expect you to lie to him about Jack. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I had left him.”

“You really do love him, don’t you?” JJ asked.

“I do. I never thought that I could love someone as much as I do my mom but I do with Jack and Henry. I couldn’t leave him, JJ. I care more about his safety than I do my own. If Aaron presses charges, so be it.”

Spencer didn’t even wait for her or Will to say anything. He stood up and moved to the stairs, grabbing their things as he passed them. In the guest room, he changed quickly. Jack was sprawled on his back in the middle of the bed, so Spencer lifted his arm and laid down beside him. Jack smelled like he’d taken a bath and Spencer buried his nose in Jack’s hair.

Sleep don’t come to Spencer as he laid there and tried to map out a future without Aaron in it. He hoped that the man wouldn’t keep Jack from him, but he started to think about that as well. The door opened and shut a few times, Will or JJ checking on him before it opened and didn’t shut. Then there was a body crawling into the bed as well. Henry cuddled up into Spencer’s back, gripping his t-shirt. Henry said nothing and his breathing evened out, so Spencer didn’t say anything to wake him back up.

There was a lot of things that he had to consider. He liked the new apartment better than his old so he wasn’t going to leave it if push came to shove and Aaron wanted him out of his life in a personal manner. Spencer could work with him, probably even see him go on dates if it came down to it. Aaron would probably be less than happy when Spencer started to date, but that was his problem and not Spencer’s. If it were too bad in the apartment building, he’d move into Jackson’s condo. That would piss Aaron off, but it again wasn’t Spencer’s problem. He could hear the murmur of voices from the bedroom down the hall. Whatever conversation was happening, it wasn’t a good one. Spencer sighed and rolled over to grab his phone. He really should text Jessica that Aaron was drunk and he had Jack with him, just to be safe.

Jessica texted back quickly that she was happy that Jack was safe as Aaron had already texted her and asked if he was there, but it didn’t seem that Aaron had realized Jack wasn’t there. Spencer gave her JJ and Will’s address and set his phone aside. He shifted Jack around to where Spencer could lay on his back to try and at least get a little bit of sleep. It wasn’t going to be good sleep, but any sleep was better than none.


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