Rough Romance Chapter 1-Confessions

Title: Rough Romance
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 6 Forward
Tags: Established Relationship, Angst, Rough Sex, D/s Tones, BDSM, Roleplay, Collars,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 11
Summary: Now that they are together, Spencer finds that he was much more prepared for a sexual relationship than a romantic one but he loves Aaron and he wants to be with him.
Words: ~200,000
Notes: Goes Minorly AU in and around Prentiss’s Faked Death. Timeline in this is very loose.
Warnings: Canon Temporary Character Death, Punishment,
Beta: rivermoon1970

Chapter 1-Confessions

Spencer was lost in the world of Game of Thrones when the door opened. The alarm disengaged and Spencer didn’t even look up from his book. He was stretched out on the couch, on his side, his feet tucked, and Jack was laying in the sort of nest the crook of his legs made. Aaron was due home at that time, and there weren’t a lot of people that had the code. Even Jack didn’t react to his father coming home. Spencer smiled to himself.

“Spencer?” Aaron called out as the sound of him setting down his things echoed in the silent apartment. Aaron had been at a dinner meeting with the Assistant Director of the FBI. It had been a spur of the moment decision, so Aaron had been without a babysitter for Jack. Spencer had offered. It had been an adjustment period, Spencer getting Aaron to let him watch Jack. Spencer had thought that Aaron had been unwilling to leave Jack with anyone, but it hadn’t been that at all. It had been that Aaron hadn’t wanted Spencer to feel like he was only a built in babysitter.

“In here Dad!” Jack called out.

“There you two are,” Aaron said as he leaned over the back of the couch. He ruffled Jack’s hair and gave Spencer a kiss. “You two look comfortable.”

“Spencer made stir fry for dinner, and then we had flan for dessert, and then Spencer made me take a bath. Then we cuddled on the couch.” Jack didn’t move from his nest. Instead, he just stayed there with a book in hand. Tipping his head back to look at Aaron.

“Oh, an early bath?” Aaron looked shocked at that.

“That way I could read until I was sleepy and then just go to bed. He said he used to do it all the time on the weekends growing up. I like it.” Jack yawned big and nestled down a little farther into the nest before he went back to his book. Aaron smiled down at Spencer. There was a low burning heat in his eyes, and Spencer knew why. Spencer was also in his pajamas. Well, what passed for pajamas when he stayed at Aaron’s on the weekends and the occasional weekday. Spencer was wearing a pair of royal blue sleep pants and one of Aaron’s old shirts. It was the weekend, and no cases were on the docket. Even if there were, they were at the bottom of the totem pole for cases. So only if every other team was out there was the only reason they would be called out. So that meant that Spencer was wearing his collar. Aaron had put it on him before he’d left the office in the early afternoon before Spencer had left to get Jack.

“I see that you two are comfortable. I’ll go shower and change into my pajamas as well.” Aaron kissed the side of Spencer’s cheek before he started to move back into the bedroom. It was very near Jack’s bedtime, and he could already tell that Jack was close to falling asleep.

The sound of the shower shutting off sounded at around the same time that Jack’s head laid down on Spencer’s hip. Spencer didn’t move at all but kept reading, waiting for Aaron to pick up the boy and carry him back to his bed. The book tumbled to the floor, but the sound didn’t wake the kid. The soft padding of Aaron’s feet heralded his arrival.

Jack jerked awake as his father picked him up from the nest. He settled down easy as Aaron shifted him to lean on his front. Spencer turned onto his back, his body delighting in moving out of the position it had been in for two hours. He shuffled down the couch a little bit, his head resting on the arm pillow. Spencer stayed paying attention to the book as his feet were lifted minutes after and settled down into Aaron’s lap. Aaron plucked Spencer’s socks off, and his hands went right for the arch of Spencer’s foot. Spencer knew what Aaron wanted which was his attention, but Spencer felt like denying it to him, playfully. Aaron’s hands moved from arch to higher up, slipping under his pants leg. He grasped Spencer’s left calf and pulled on him. He slid further down the couch more but still; he didn’t look at Aaron. He made sure the book was covering his face as he smiled. Aaron drew his leg that was against the couch up, so that the knee was bent.

Spencer forced himself to read and turned the page as Aaron’s hand settled on his inner thigh, sliding up and teasing him. Spencer tried to push the thoughts from his mind of what Aaron was doing. He wanted to see how long he could ignore the man.

Aaron seemed to have given up as Spencer made it seven pages before Aaron’s hand moved again. He gripped tightly with the hand on Spencer’s thigh then his other hand came into play. Spencer felt Aaron shift on the couch, pushing Spencer’s other leg off. Spencer pulled the book up further as he felt a hand lift his shirt. Spencer couldn’t see the man at all for the hardback book he had in front of his face. Spencer liked it, not being able to see Aaron.

“Playful tonight are we?” Aaron asked.

Spencer just hummed in an answer. He just kept reading, at a much slower pace that he generally read for pleasure.

“I’m getting to you, Spence. I know your speed for reading. Keep reading, love and see how long it takes for me to thoroughly distract you.” Aaron’s lips brushed just at the edge of Spencer’s pants, tongue trailing at the downy hair just under Spencer’s navel. Spencer’s eyes jumped a paragraph ahead of where he actually was, and he had to go back and read it and the one before just to be safe. Aaron’s tongue dipped into his navel, and Spencer’s entire body shuddered. He knew that he wouldn’t last long before he couldn’t read at all.

Aaron sucked a mark right above his navel before he started to pull on Spencer’s sleep pants. Spencer raised his hips up so that Aaron could strip him.

“What were you planning, love? You’ve got no underwear on.”

Spencer hummed again. Aaron chuckled in response but didn’t move any further than throwing Spencer’s pants down on the floor. Spencer turned the page on the book, knowing that he’d have to read what he was reading again, but he didn’t care. This was fun. It was exhilarating. He could feel his cock hardening and knew that Aaron was watching it. Knowing that didn’t stop it from filling all the way without being touched.

“Just put the book down and put yourself out of your misery, Spencer.”

Spencer huffed before he felt Aaron move again and this time his cock was engulfed in wet heat. Spencer nearly dropped the book but his eyes crossed. He gripped the book hard as Aaron took him all the way down. There was not a time where Spencer thought that he could ever not just give in when Aaron was sucking his cock. Spencer closed the book and dropped it to the floor.

“Strip off your shirt,” Aaron said as he pulled off Spencer’s cock just long enough to speak before going back down on him. Spencer did as Aaron told him to do, he threw the shirt down onto the floor before he grabbed the hair on the back of Aaron’s head. Spencer pulled Aaron’s head down a little further on his cock and groaned. Aaron went willingly, swallowing the head of his cock before he finally let go of Spencer’s thigh, his fingers trailing behind and down. Spencer felt a finger trace up around his scrotum before slipping into Aaron’s mouth, the feeling of a finger sliding up his cock had Spencer shivering again. It slid back out of Aaron’s mouth just seconds after.

Spencer jerked in Aaron’s mouth and came as the finger breached him. He never lasted long in Aaron’s mouth, unless Aaron wanted him to. Spencer felt Aaron swallowing his release, and the pressure felt so good around his cock. The finger slid back out of inside him and helped to hold Spencer down as Aaron finished cleaning up his cock. Just at the point where Spencer was starting to get sensitive, Aaron let his cock slide from his mouth. Spencer looked down at Aaron for the first time.

“You look beautiful like this, spread on the couch with only my collar on, coming down from orgasm.” Aaron moved up to where they were face to face, and he was looking down at Spencer with such a loving look on his face that Spencer’s heart ached at the swell of his own love.

“Only for you.”

Aaron sat up between Spencer’s legs and pulled his shirt off before wiggling out of his pants, and he was also not wearing underwear. Spencer reached out to pull him back down, but Aaron fought the pull. Instead, he reached down and gripped his own cock. Aaron started to fist it while staring at Spencer. He drew Spencer’s leg that had been off the couch up and wrapped it around his waist. Spencer used it to pull him closer pressing Aaron’s legs against his ass. Spencer reached over into the drawer on the coffee table and grabbed the lube. Aaron took it with a smile, but he didn’t lube up his fingers. Spencer frowned as Aaron only lubed up his cock before tossing the lube onto the table. Using his clean hand, Aaron wrapped Spencer’s other leg around his waist before bracing himself up and over Spencer. Aaron kept the steady glide up and down on his cock.

“You don’t know what it was like to come home and see you curled up on the couch with Jack. You look like you belong here.”

“I’m yours.”

Aaron’s eyes closed and his hand moved faster and faster. Spencer looked down at it. He knew that Aaron was close just by the breathy tone his inhalations and exhalations had. Seconds later, Aaron came on Spencer’s chest. Spencer watched him as he milked his cock dry before he finally released it. Aaron’s eyes stayed closed but his mouth was open, and he was panting. Spencer didn’t move at all. He knew that Aaron had made a claim on him with the marking of him with his release. It had been a while since the man had felt that it was needed.

After a few minutes, Aaron opened his eyes and looked down at Spencer. He fished around on the ground for something and came up with his own t-shirt, using it to clean his hand and then clean up Spencer.

“You are staying,” Aaron said before he kissed Spencer hard, he forced his tongue in between Spencer’s lips and Spencer opened wide. There was more to the words that Aaron had said than Spencer understood. The intonation was different than just a statement. Aaron knew that he was going to stay the night. He always did on the weekends. He settled down more, utterly relaxed.

“Of course I am.”

“No, I mean.” Aaron sat up before pulling Spencer up as well, it took a few seconds of shifting until Aaron was on his back with Spencer propped above him. Aaron pulled him into a tender kiss. When he let go of Spencer’s lips but held Spencer’s face right there. “I can’t let you go home. I don’t want to sleep in bed without you.”

“I can’t just move in.”

“Your lease is up in a month. I remember you talking about it two years ago at this time. You won’t even have to pay to break it. I’ll pay your rent for this month and next, but I just can’t sleep in bed without you.”

“I know you were all in but I…Aaron, it’s a big step. I’ve never lived with someone before. I think we should take this slower.”

“You are here every weekend and a few nights a week. What more can we exactly do?” Aaron asked. Spencer tried to pull away, but Aaron held him there. Spencer started to breathe hard, Aaron was forcing him to stay. The man knew if he let go, Spencer would run. “If you honestly like sleeping alone when you do go home, I won’t bring it up again.”

Spencer closed his eyes. He hated Aaron a little bit for knowing him so well. Spencer couldn’t say it. He fought Aaron’s hold but not to get away but to curl into the man. He laid his head on Aaron’s collarbone. Aaron’s hands moved to his back, rubbing up and down. He had never lived with anyone else. Before eighteen he was in a dorm room by himself and after he had gained a grant that paid for an apartment just off campus. He hated the silence of his apartment. Jack’s laughter didn’t echo in the apartment even when he was asleep. Aaron had things there, but he hadn’t been over in a while. Could he do it? Could he just stay? He knew there wasn’t a take back with Jack in the picture. He couldn’t move in and if it went bad, move out again. Jack wouldn’t understand that. He was scared, and he knew it, but he didn’t like letting fear rule him.

“I’ll stay.”

“Good.” Aaron turned his head and laid a kiss on Spencer’s temple. “We can move you out this weekend. I can’t fit all of your books, but we can get a bookshelf and put it up in the office. There are some excellent climate controlled storage facilities in the area.”

“I already have one for the rest of my books,” Spencer admitted to Aaron’s naked shoulder, barely lifting his head so he could be heard.

“We can fit that chair from the living room into the bedroom, you know the bigger one. We can celebrate after we get you moved in with you riding me in that chair.” Aaron’s voice was a whisper in Spencer’s ear. The grip Aaron had on his body turned from gentle to rough. “Bound, gagged, and blind.”

“Please,” Spencer begged. His body still high from orgasm, Spencer’s brain supplied the image of what they could look like.

“My camera has a feature where I can set it up, and it’ll take pictures on its own every few seconds. We can set it up on a tripod sometime and have it take pictures of you as I fuck you. So you can finally see what I see. Yes?”

“Maybe,” Spencer said. He still wasn’t sure about the camera. Spencer didn’t like there being naked pictures of him just sitting on a digital card. He knew that it not being connected to the Internet meant that no one could hack it but he still was wary.

Aaron hummed in response, and Spencer settled down more. Aaron would bring it up again at a later point. Maybe by then, Spencer could give him a yes or no answer.

“How are we going to do this?”

“We’ll call Morgan, JJ, and Will in the morning. Jack, Henry, and JJ can stay here while we all go to your place and empty it. We can do runs to storage in Morgan’s truck while you sort through what you want and don’t want here. I figure if we work all day, you can be fully moved in here by nightfall.”

“I mean, I have to do a change of address, Aaron. Won’t they find it odd I live with you in an apartment?”

“See that’s where I’m the genius. When the super had the pipes redone a few years ago, one of the downstairs apartments was turned into a storage room/hot water heater room. I have talked to the super, and he’s going to put up the old mailbox, and it’ll be your actual address for here while he and the others that need to know will know you live here. Your mail will go to that box, and you’ll pick up that mail.”

“You’ve been thinking about this a while now.”

“I have. The meeting tonight was to discuss this.”

Spencer shot up from where he had been resting on Aaron. He looked down at the man in astonishment. “What the hell? You told someone about us without consulting me?” Spencer tried to get off of Aaron’s body, but the man put his knees up, stopping him from going backward while grabbing his thighs.

“Spencer, calm down.” Aaron tried to stop Spencer, but he was wriggling a lot. All of the flush and high of orgasm left Spencer in a second, he was mad. Spencer and Aaron had discussed that no one new would be told about their relationship for now. “Spencer, stop.”

Aaron’s voice was calm and collected. He wasn’t angry or upset, but the tone cut through Spencer, and he did as Aaron asked.

“Good, now who did I meet with?”

“The Assistant Director.”

“Who is?”

“John Richmond.”

“Who is?”

Spencer wrinkled his nose in confusion. He tried to think of it, and then the connection bloomed in his mind. He hadn’t let him think of John and the Assistant Director being the same person since he’d started going to Beltway Clean Cops. Aaron had been the one to give him the information on BCC.

“You knew he went there,” Spencer accused.

“I did. When I realized the depth of your issue, I started to look around for a good place, Spencer. I saw him, and he saw me. When he realized that I wasn’t there for me but someone else, didn’t take long to figure out who. We have never discussed you and your addiction, and he’s never told me he’s your sponsor, but I have heard you call him on hard cases and call him John. Today was the first time that I have discussed anything personal with him since that night. He admitted to knowing about our relationship status from just the roundabout way you’ve talked about me. He was shocked about the change from just sex to a full relationship but said that he supported us and if it ever became revealed, he will shelter us. I guess he’s been documenting everything. He has case after case where I haven’t crossed a line because we are involved, and he has cases where I’ve not shown you more favoritism compared to the rest of the team.”

Spencer wasn’t sure what to think. John had never told him that he knew who Spencer was in a relationship with. Spencer was always careful with his words. John knew it was an agent but Spencer sort of lied to him on occasion to throw suspicion on it being someone from outside the BAU.

“What does he know?”

“As much as the team does. He doesn’t know about this,” Aaron reached up and grabbed the metal loop on Spencer’s collar. He pulled Spencer down to him, pressing their lips together in a chaste kiss. “He knows that Jack adores you and that I would do anything to keep Jack happy and that includes you in my life and in my bed.”

“You threatened to leave?”

“The AD isn’t going to allow me to be pulled from the BAU. Not for this. He’s already agreed to me having Dave do your reviews and being your boss on paper. He said if there had been a conflict of interest, it would have happened before now. He supports us. He’s always supported relationships between co-workers, that are healthy. Especially with units like ours.”

“I need to sleep on this and think. I just…I need sleep.”

“Too much, too quick, I know.” Aaron still had a hold of the metal loop, so Spencer didn’t try and move. Whatever Aaron was looking for in his eyes, he must have found it because he kissed Spencer chastely again and let him go. Spencer slid off of Aaron, grabbing his sleep clothes as he did. Spencer dressed in his pants as he moved through the apartment. He could hear Aaron puttering around and the alarm being checked. Spencer checked on Jack before moving into the bedroom. The boy was dead asleep in bed, curled around a stuffed animal of some kind.

The bedroom was dark, but Spencer didn’t turn on the light. Instead, he just moved to the bathroom to clean off his belly more. He finished his nightly ritual before slipping back into the bedroom. Aaron was already in bed, on his side, waiting for Spencer to crawl into bed and snuggle into him. Spencer stayed in his sleep pants, but he forwent a shirt for the sake of skin to skin contact.

Spencer slid into bed and rolled onto his stomach, pressed his side into Aaron’s front and waited. Aaron nuzzled in at the back of his neck before he draped himself over Spencer, tangling their legs and pressing the younger man down into the bed. Spencer closed his eyes, and he could feel himself drifting off even before he was fully settled on the bed.

The smell of coffee woke Spencer from a deep sleep. He was warm, and he didn’t want to move at all. He could feel Aaron’s weight all along his back and his morning erection was pressed into the swell of Spencer’s ass. The ruffle of the pages of a book told Spencer that the man was awake and was reading, not wanting to wake Spencer or leave him to wake up alone in bed. Spencer rubbed his ass all along Aaron’s cock. The book shut with a soft thump but instead of Aaron rolling on top of him, Aaron turned away.

“Not until you are all moved in.”

Spencer turned his head to look at Aaron, the man was smiling at him. “I haven’t changed my mind.”

“I know, but I want tonight to be wonderful. We can hold off on sex for this morning.”

“I’m jerking off in the shower so unless you want to hear, you had better go away now.”

“And if I said no?”

“Then I would still do it. So unless you want grumpy Spencer, go away.”

“I’ll bring you a cup of coffee so you can drink it when you are done.”

“Better. I told you that an automatic pot was good. Fresh coffee without leaving the bed.” Spencer smiled at Aaron and laughed when the man left the bed at a fast pace. Aaron never cared about Jack seeing him shirtless. Spencer preferred to have a shirt on at all times when outside the bedroom.

The shower was quick without Aaron to distract him and Spencer found the cup of coffee on the counter. He drank it while he got ready for the day. Since they were going to be moving him, Spencer dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt of Aaron’s from his academy days.

Jack was already seated at the table, looking over a homework sheet of some kind. Aaron let Jack enjoy Friday nights as long as he promised to do half of his homework on Saturday morning and the other half on Sunday morning. Jack generally finished it all on Saturday morning. Especially after Spencer had talked him into doing the homework he hated first and what he loved last. The boy in a rush to do what he loved finished it all.

Spencer kissed the top of Jack’s head and looked at the sheet. Math, which meant he was mostly done with his homework as science was last.

“Good morning, Jack,” Spencer greeted.

“Good morning, Spencer.” Jack scribbled a few last things and then slipped the paper down into his bag. “Mr. Kribble left early, so gym became a free period. I finished all my homework but my math worksheet in there. ”

“No science homework?”

“We did it as a group in the gym. It was fun. So I saved math for today. Dad’s making waffles and bacon.”

“I can smell that.”

“So, Jack how do you feel about Spencer moving in?” Aaron as he set down a plate of bacon on the table. Jack reached out and snagged a piece.

“You are really going to?” Jack asked as he looked at Spencer. Spencer moved to sit down in his usual seat at the table. He looked at Aaron to see what the man wanted. Should he ask Jack if that was all right or should he just say that he was? Aaron was no help, he was flipping the waffle in the iron and not looking at them.

“If you want me to I will.”

“I do. I do.” Jack jumped out of his seat and ran to Spencer, hugging him tightly. Spencer wrapped his arms around him. Jack ran to his father next, hugging him from behind so that he wasn’t in danger of getting burned. “Are we going to move him in today?”

“You Hotchner men just love to do things right away don’t you?” Spencer asked with a smile.

“When it comes to people and things we love, yes,” Jack answered when he turned around to move back to his seat.

“Yes, Jack we are moving him in today. Aunt JJ is going to stay here and watch you and Henry and help us unload when it comes time. Uncle Will and Uncle Derek are going to give Spencer and me a hand at his place. By tonight, Spencer will have everything of his that he wants here.”

Jack sat down in his seat again and wiggled back and forth in excitement. Jack got the first waffle and Spencer the second. Aaron sat down with his own waffle and started to eat.

“Spencer, Aunt Jess told me about her first date in high school after Dad told me about his and mom’s first date. What was your first date in high school like?”

“I didn’t date in high school, Jack. I started high school at age ten and graduated when I was twelve. I was a lot younger than my classmates, and it wouldn’t have been seen in a good light for an eighteen-year-old to go on a date with a twelve-year-old. When I started college, I was still underage where my classmates were over, so no dates.”

“You’ve never been on a date?” Jack asked looking shocked.

“I’ve been on a date after I turned eighteen but none of them are really memorable.”

“But you don’t forget anything.”

“No, I don’t forget what I read. I have a better than average recall of everything else but memories without emotions attached, if I don’t think about them, they go away.”

“What was your best date then?” Jack asked.

“I haven’t had a real date, at least not one that I realized was a date at the time. Your father stealth dated me, and I didn’t know it. ”

Jack looked at Aaron, looking upset.

“I’ll correct that as soon as possible, Jack. He’s right that our dates have taken place generally at his apartment. I’ll do better in the future.”

Jack nodded solemnly. He finished off his meal and went to his bedroom. Spencer was eating his slowly, thinking about Jack’s question. He’d been on a few very disastrous dates after he’d turned eighteen and couldn’t even remember the names of his dates. Spencer could barely remember the name of the man he’d gone on a date with almost two years before and had ended up sexting with Aaron afterward. Jack hugged Spencer before he went to his room to pick out what he wanted to play with and bring to the living room.

“We discussed what you had done before starting anything with me. I knew you were inexperienced with anything kinky, but it didn’t exactly dawn on me until now that you have never discussed anything remotely like your firsts when Morgan or JJ bring it up. I knew that sex hadn’t exactly been high on your list, but you’ve never really been on a date?”

“No. Who wants to date a classmate six years younger than them? By the time I was eighteen, even those who were my age didn’t care to try.”

“So you’ve never done any of the teenage things?”

“Like what?”

“Making out in a car.” Spencer shook his head no. “Movie theater?” Another no, “Sex in a car?” Spencer gave Aaron a look that would have melted glass, but as Aaron stared back at him, he saw the look of pure lust that Aaron was getting on his face. He knew that the older man liked that he had all but shaped Spencer’s sexual past but he didn’t think Aaron would like being the primary focus of Spencer’s romantic education.

“We are not having sex in a car.”

“I know the perfect spot. We don’t even have to leave the parking levels of the apartment. I’ve seen many in the throws of passion in the place. It’s away from the elevators, so security doesn’t care as long as it’s quiet.”

Spencer looked at Aaron and knew he’d give in, in the future. So he might as well do it when he could think. “We get caught, and you are in trouble.”

“Knew you’d see it my way. But while Jack is in the other room, I do have something I want to discuss.” Aaron scooted his chair around to where he was facing Spencer, he patted his leg, and Spencer knew that Aaron wanted him to sit in his lap. Spencer did as he asked, sitting down so that his side was touching Aaron’s front. Aaron’s arm curled around him, hand settling down on his hip, holding him close. “I saw your research on my laptop last weekend.”

Spencer thought back to what he’d been researching. He’d been on a spiral, he’d been finding published articles on sexuality, and he’d lost himself in reading. He tried to remember what he had ended on. Roleplay in sexual relationships.

“I was just doing research for a new class that the academy wants to add. Another profiling class for standard agents.”

“Yet, you actually read the full article slowly. I watched you. I watched your eyes. Do you want to try to roleplay?”

“I don’t know.” Spencer turned his head away from Aaron, but it wasn’t allowed for long at all. Fingers gripped his chin and turned his head to look at Aaron.

“Talk it out with me, Spencer.”

“I don’t know. I just…”

“What do you feel when you think about it?” Aaron asked. Aaron allowed Spencer’s eyes to move away from him.

“Which one?”

“Any of them. You like talking, so tell me.”

“The thought of it is arousing. I have looked up the psychology, and I think it could be fun. My safeword would be the same and the only way out of the roleplay. I believe that it could be fun, but I’m worried to try.”

“Why?” Aaron asked.

“What if I can’t stay in the mindset?”

“Then we stop.”

“How would we do it?”

“Depends on what the scenario is. Something that we can do here, we would. We could make plans for the scenario or even spring it on each other. We can have something as simple as me leaving a specific book out or you a tie when you have one that you want to do.”

“We can try it.”

“Yeah? Then after we get you moved in today, we can pick the book and the tie and the place to leave it for when we want to play. I’ll do the first one, I’ve had a fantasy for years now.” Aaron nipped at Spencer’s ear, his teeth putting just a little more pressure on his skin than he was used to. Spencer could feel arousal in his blood, even after jerking off in the shower.

“Okay,” Spencer said, he turned his head to where Aaron could kiss him. Aaron did without any more prompting. He was kissed with passion and Spencer was looking forward to what Aaron had planned.


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