The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 13

Our World

Spencer could feel two bodies in bed with him. He didn’t move as his mind woke up, trying to process why there were two bodies in bed with him. The body behind him shifted, and he felt a small hand settle on his back. Spencer opened his eyes to see Jack’s face in front of him and surmised it was still Henry behind him. He settled down into the bed, enjoying the peaceful morning.

Eyes closed, Spencer was almost asleep again when the flash of what happened the night before came to him. Spencer groaned and buried his head in the pillow in front of him. It wasn’t a sleepover for the boys. Spencer remembered that he was at JJ’s, hiding from Aaron. The sounds of the world around him started to creep into his brain, and Spencer realized that he could hear talking.

Spencer slipped out of bed, carefully moving Jack and Henry more towards the middle of the bed. He didn’t want them rolling off, especially Henry. There was no bathroom attached, so Spencer quickly changed out of his clothes from the night before and into a clean outfit from the go bag. He had worked out in the afternoon on base, so he didn’t feel the need to shower again. His heart was aching. So much had gone so wrong since he had come home.

There was a chair in the bedroom, facing the bed, so Spencer sat down in it and looked at the boys. There wasn’t a thing in the world that he wouldn’t do for them. Spencer had learned that there wasn’t a limit at all in the other world. The other Aaron could have easily got him to do questionable things if he had realized that Spencer would do to protect Jack.

If Aaron fought him on drinking, Spencer would do his damnedest to make sure that Jack wasn’t left with him. Jessica would be the first choice for custody with the courts. Jessica wouldn’t stop Spencer from seeing Jack so it would be good. Jack didn’t need to be around a father who drank to solve his problems. If it ruined Spencer’s career at the FBI, he didn’t care. Jackson would shelter him.

Spencer thought about the other Jackson and Aaron. The jealousy that Spencer had felt toward Jackson had been something that he hadn’t been able to fight. He was an outside perspective, and he saw the truth of it. The other Spencer was the perfect sub for them to share. If only Aaron opened his eyes and got over his possessiveness. Everything that Aaron wanted was right there in front of him.

The Jackson of his world had proven to be a perfect friend. His relationship with Charlie was right for the man, and it was helping him come out of his shell. He didn’t know what he wanted, and Spencer knew that he needed to figure that out before he made a decision but first, had to talk to Aaron. Which wasn’t going to happen with him hiding ni JJ’s guest bedroom. He checked his phone and found a few messages from Aaron. He chose to wait to look at them.

Opening the bedroom door silently, Spencer slipped out and shut it just as silent. He crept down the hall and stopped wen he realized that there were two men’s voices talking and JJ. Spencer sat down on the top step of the hall and listened.

“His car is here, JJ.”

“I never said he wasn’t just that you aren’t going to see him. Right now he’s asleep in bed with Jack and Henry.”

“When did you even notice your son was gone, Hotch?” Will asked.

There was silence. Spencer looked down at his phone and unlocked it, bringing up the messenger app.

I’m sorry, Spencer.

I messed up.

Please come home.

Then at five am was the final message.

Please tell me Jack is with you.

Spencer locked his phone again and waited. He wanted to know the answer to Will’s question as well.

“When I spent an hour puking, and I wanted to see if I had woke him up. It was a little after five. Look I know that I messed up. I know that I have a lot of things to make up for. I can’t do that with him not here. I can wait until he wakes up.”

“I think it would be best Hotch, if he is allowed to go back to you when he wants,” Will’s voice was hard. The clink of a mug on the counter drew Spencer out of his reverie. He didn’t know what he wanted. He and Jack could stay all day at JJ’s but was it what was best for the relationship.

Spencer knew there was a flaw in the relationship. He wasn’t sure exactly where it was. Spencer didn’t know if Aaron just wasn’t seeing everything or if Aaron hadn’t realized that Spencer wasn’t the other Spencer. Spencer didn’t want to accuse and make a mistake, so he hoped that the truth of it came out son.

“I got rid of everything in the apartment again. I’d bought a few different ones but hadn’t drunk them and that bottle I bought last night was stupid. I only kept Spencer’s expensive brandy that I hate. If he wants to dump it, he can.”

“That’s smart,” JJ said.

“What happened Hotch?” Will asked.

“I messed up royally. I actually feel pretty disgusted with myself. I thought that Spencer had just gone back to his apartment but I was at least of sound enough mind I didn’t go and bang on Spencer’s door. I just kept calling his house phone. At two a.m., I stopped and was sitting on the couch, staring at the joined wall. Dave had been over early in the evening, ate dinner with Jack and I. I had hoped that Spencer would be there. The rest of the team left on time or before.”

“Morgan has been drowning him in paperwork. I told Spence to go to you, but he said that he could handle it. I think he was hoping you would notice because all of the reports go through you before they get filed and taken care of.”

“I wasn’t paying attention. You know Spencer, JJ. He asks for more work all the time. I am not adjusting well to the change in the relationship of him coming home.”

“You need to see him. See him!” JJ said.

“I do see him.”

“No, you don’t.” JJ sounded upset.

“Y’ don’t, Hotch,” Will said, the seeming calm voice in the room. “You see the person that the other Spencer wanted you to see in him. You treat him like the other Spencer. Who by his own statements to you was an individual who lied to you all the time? So why are you treating him like that Spencer?”

There was silence. Spencer was too far away to hear breathing.

“He is like-”

“No!” Will said, impassioned.

“How would you know?”

“Because the other Spencer was trained for years as that Aaron’s submissive. Our Spencer had what six months? The other Spencer didn’t teach you in seeing what you needed to see because he only let you see what he wanted you to see. Spencer saw a no-win situation last night. He half expected the cops to come and take him away and give Jack back to you. You didn’t believe him when he said that he would leave if you took that drink. You thought that ordering him to stay would make him stay. He’s not a blind slave. He’s supposedly the man you love. He’s supposed to be the man that you told the brass to either take the relationship and accept it or they could fuck off.”

Spencer was surprised by Will’s words. The man was talking a lot more than Spencer remembered him every doing.

“I do love him.”

“Then why is he here? Hiding from you. Why were you drinking? He compared you to Haley last night. Said you sounded like her. I have to wonder how close that description is. What do you want him to do? Do you want him to tell Morgan to shove it? Then it would go right above your head. Or do you want to go over the initials on all the files and see who is doing them?”

“I want to talk to Spencer.”

“No. You can leave and think about why the hell he’s here and not at home in your bed.” There was silence for several minutes. Spencer didn’t dare breathe too loud, afraid that he would attract attention to him. “It’s Saturday and JJ, and I had planned to take a small trip to take Henry to the zoo in Norfolk. Why don’t you and Spencer have some time apart, and we take him and Jack there as well?”


Spencer heard the sound of chair legs scraping on the hardwood, and he jumped up, quickly but silently and moved to where he couldn’t be seen. He wasn’t ready to face Aaron. He needed to shore himself up mentally before he did that. Spencer heard footsteps echoing towards the door. He heard them stop. He held his breath until he heard the door open and shut. So footsteps started up the stairs. JJ gasped when she saw him standing there. JJ pulled him into a hug. He settled into her arms.

“What did you hear?”

“From when he pointed out that my car was here. I think that the zoo sounds lovely.”

“Good. Why don’t you go shower in my bathroom? I’ll get more coffee started, and breakfast started.”

Spencer kissed the crown of her head. “I don’t know what I would do without you right now.”

“Go shower, Spence, and I’ll wake the little monsters.”

Spencer let go of her and moved into the master bedroom, finding things already laid out for him for a shower, as well as a change of clothes. One Of the outfits he had left a year ago for the nights he babysat Henry there instead of taking him back to his place. It was jeans and a light sweater. A pair of mismatched socks were on top, and Spencer smiled because they weren’t his. But they looked like something that Henry would have talked his parents into buying.

The shower was quick, but he felt better about everything when he was done, as he was sure was JJ’s intent. Sensor stepped out of the bathroom, fully dressed, to find Henry and Jack sitting on the bed. They had on socks on their feet that matched Spencer’s. Both boys were laughing.

“Mama found us matching socks, Uncle Spencer. I let Jack borrow the other pair.”

“I see that. It’s cool. Is breakfast ready?”

“Yes. Aunt JJ even let me bring coffee up to you, Papa.” Jack pointed at the dresser right beside where Spencer was. Spencer picked up the cup and took a drink. “Did I make it right?”

“Perfect Jack. Why don’t we go down and fill our bellies?”

Jack jumped off the bed and tucked himself into Spencer’s right side, Henry did the same except on his left. When they entered the kitchen, Jack stayed right at Spencer’s side, but Henry moved over to sit in a seat. Spencer took a seat, but Jack didn’t sit in the one beside him, instead he planted himself on Spencer’s right leg. JJ gave him a plate stacked with pancakes and a small plate of bacon.

“Can I share yours?” Jack asked, his voice low to where Spencer could barely hear it.

“‘Of course.”

“Chocolate milk or apple juice?” Will asked.

“Juice, please, Unce Will.”



Spencer started to cut up the pancakes as Will got drinks for the boys. When he was done, Jack picked up the syrup and coated the pieces.

“Why do you do it that way?” Henry asked.

“It’s the way that my mom did it. She said that the cut pieces soaked up more syrup,” Spencer explained. Jack picked up his fork and started to eat. Spencer ate slower making sure that Jack was getting his fill. The boy ate a healthy portion of the large stack of pancakes and a few pieces of bacon. When Jack was done eating, he didn’t leave Spencer’s lap, so he continued to eat what was left and smiled when JJ dropped another pancake worth of pieces onto the plate. Jack covered them in syrup again.

“Thanks, Jayje.”

“Of course, Spence.” JJ turned to look at Henry. “Henry are you okay with Jack and Uncle Spencer going with us to the zoo today?”

“Yes. That’s going to be so cool.”

“Yes, it is,” Spencer said. Breakfast was sedated after Henry finished eating his pancakes and convinced Jack to go with him to pack up things to keep them entertained.

“I don’t know what to do to make him see me. I think that a weekend apart would be good. When we get back tonight, can you drop off Jack, JJ?”

“Sure. Where are you going to go?”

“I don’t know. I was thinking maybe the condo that Jackson has here.”

“You’ve been spending more time with him,” Will said as he set down a cup filled with coffee for Spencer. Spencer picked it up, liking the warmth on his fingers.

“I’m not attracted to him. He’s just a friend.”

“You trust him more than you trust Hotch at the moment.”

Spencer slumped his shoulders and settled into his chair more. “Yes. And I am going to talk to him soon I just…I need to know my own mind before I try and talk to him and I’m not adjusting well to being back.”

“And Hotch isn’t helping with his hot and cold is he?”


Spencer settled into his apartment with a sigh. He had the door cracked to where he could hear JJ and Hotch talking, whenever JJ brought Jack up. He didn’t want to stay the night with JJ again, but he didn’t want to go to Aaron’s. He would go over and talk to him in the morning. JJ and Jack were going to arriving outside in a few minutes, he had driven himself there after grabbing his things. Jack didn’t know that though so that he wouldn’t have to lie to his father.

The sound of the ding of the elevator had Spencer holding his breath. He heard the footsteps down the hall, and he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to stay to listen or not. When the knock on the door echoed down the corridor, Spencer cringed.

“JJ,” Aaron said as the door opened.

“Dad, we had so much fun at the zoo. Papa knew everything about all the animals and me and Henry didn’t stump him once!”

“That’s really awesome, buddy. Why don’t you go get changed into PJs and then we can talk more.”

“Sure.” Jack’s soft steps sounded for a few seconds and then was gone.

“He’s not with us, Hotch.”

“Is he okay?”

“No, he’s not. He’s lost and trying to find his footing and whatever war you have going on inside of yourself is not helping him.”

“I thought he loved me,” Aaron said.

Spencer felt a stab of pain in his heart. He barely held back the sob.

“He does love you.”

“No, not MY Spencer, the other one. I thought that he loved me. I believed that how he treated me was how my Spencer should when he got back. I had this picture in my head of what was going to happen, and none of it did.”

“He was good as manipulation, you knew that. But you thought he did it to everyone but you.”

“At least when it came to the relationship, yes.”

“I don’t think he had the capabilities of loving anyone, actually,” JJ pointed out.

“I believe that you are right. His love for Jack was a carryover from his own Jack. He loved him, yes, but it wasn’t a new love. He adored Henry, but I don’t know if he loved him or not.”

Spencer knew the truth that his doppelganger did fall in love with Henry. His fascination with the boy had been large, and while he had tried to stay away, he hadn’t been able to.

“What do I need to do?”

“Only you know that Hotch. You are the only one that knows what you want and what you need to do.”

Spencer waited until the chime of the elevator door sounded again, and Aaron shut his door before he coaxed his own door shut. He didn’t know what he was feeling. He didn’t know if it would be better to just cut and run from Aaron and rebuild his life without him. Try and eek out and existence within the FBI, under Aaron’s thumb or cut from that all the way. He didn’t think that Aaron would keep Jack away from him, but he couldn’t count it out at the start. Aaron was wholly wrapped up in Spencer. Spencer though wasn’t wrapped up in Aaron. They needed to find a balance, but Spencer had to be balanced himself before he did.

Sitting down in reading his reading chair, Spencer knew what he had to do. He had to balance himself to be true to himself. And he knew exactly where to start.

Spencer settled into his desk at six a.m. Monday morning. He had his paperwork all laid out in front of him. JJ had dropped it onto Grace’s desk on Friday before she had left for the day. He also had a new pile of employee files for the DC firm. Jackson had left them with one of the night guards over the weekend. At the top was Jessica’s file. The employment offer had been made last week it seemed, and she had agreed to a lunch interview. The written transcript of the call had been attached to the file. Jackson had not told her who she was going to be seeing for the interview. Spencer was a little upset about that, but he knew that it was Jackson’s way of having fun. The interview was also just a formality. Her hiring packet was under her file. The rest of their files were all for her to go over to staff her office. Jackson had handed picked all the files for the staff, and Spencer remembered a lot of the names from other locations. People willing to relocate if needed. Jackson had wanted her for the tech firm he had wanted to put into DC, but once he had got more into her background and what she did at her job, he wanted to offer her the DC branch of the database and the job of overseeing all server farms.

“Pen?” Grace called as she entered the outer office. Her head popped into the door frame.

“I’ve not been here all night. I just got in.”

“I was in on Saturday to handle a few things for Jackson, and there was a stack of files on my desk. They are gone.”

“Yes. The files are back on Morgan’s desk where they belong. I decided that I wasn’t going to wait until those above me decided to actually do something and instead I put them back in his hands. Morgan can handle his own files.”

“Good on you. Should I make the good coffee today?”

“Yes. For you and for me. No one else.”

“Not even-” Grace nodded towards Aaron’s office as she stepped fully inside. Her eyes widened at the shut door. “I see. Good coffee for you and me. I have those new mugs that you and that guard were raving about. I found a nice purple one for you and a pink one for me.”


Grace stepped back out of the doorway, and Spencer started to work on his FBI work. He had already penciled in his lunch meeting and wrote it down for an hour and a half. Once the DC firm was up and running, Spencer would have a lot less to do as Jessica would be the one to coordinate with all of the other branches. Jessica would only answer to Spencer and Jackson once she accepted the job. If Jessica liked the job and took it, Spencer would breathe better because whoever took that job would be the person that Spencer spent the most time with. He was afraid that Aaron would get jealous.

Sunday had been tense. Spencer had gone over to Aaron’s before him, and Jack had woke up. He’d made breakfast, and it had been in the oven keeping warm when the two Hotchner men had stumbled out of their bedrooms. Aaron had looked shocked to see him while Jack was just hungry. Spencer had pushed Aaron into his seat, served him his breakfast and his coffee and sat down to eat.

“Jackers, do you think you can play in your room for a while?” Spencer had asked after Jack had finished eating.


“Thank you.”

Jack had put his plate and glass by the sink before he had left the room.

“You were treating me like him, and I was treating you like the other Aaron,” Spencer had started out. For two hours they had talked back and forth. Words had been spoken, and while things had been resolved, for the time being, it had all been words. Only time would tell what actions were shown to prove intent. Spencer had slept in Aaron’s bed the night before, but there had still been something off between them, and Spencer didn’t know what it was.

“Reid,” Morgan said, startling Spencer out of his thoughts of the day and night before.

“Yes, Sir?” Spencer asked, just to watch Morgan glare at the word. Spencer looked at the clock and saw that it had just ticked past seven. He leaned back in his chair.

“I’d like to see you in my office.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be there in a moment.” Spencer stacked the few files he had worked on for the morning into their own pile while Morgan watched. When it looked like Spencer was done, Morgan left the office. Spencer stood up and grabbed the files, going to drop them off to JJ on his way to Morgan’s office. Grace had his mug ready for him, sitting at the edge of her desk. Aaron’s office door was closed. Spencer hadn’t even realized that he had got into work. Spencer had woke him briefly to let him know that he was heading into work early to get some things out of the way so that he could leave on time with Aaron that night. Spencer had texted JJ and asked her to pick up Aaron so that they wouldn’t be driving two cars back.

The walk from Spencer office to Morgan’s new on was quick. Spencer dropped off JJ’s work to her. She smiled and then looked at Morgan’s office and frowned.

“Good luck.”

“Might want to have security on the floor and maybe a member of the brass.”

“Dear God, Spence.”

Spencer only smiled and moved to Morgan’s office. Morgan was sitting at his desk with the pile of paperwork that Spencer had returned sitting in front of him.

“I gave this to you to do, Reid. Why isn’t it done?”

“It’s not my work to complete, Sir. I do not have to do it if I don’t wish.”

“I ordered you to.”

“And I don’t have to do what you order me to. I know front and back and left and right the work that I have to do. If you wish to take this higher we can.”

“Hotch isn’t going to make you do a damned thing, and we all know it. So just cut that act. You need to do this paperwork, and you need to do it now.”


“Then go home, and I’ll make sure that you are not paid for today. Think about that.”

“Do you think that threat scares me, Morgan? I will go home, and I will work on the Database Project. I won’t even miss the money from here. So think about that, Morgan. If you don’t want me in the Unit, say so. I’ll go away if you want. I’ll turn in my resignation from this unit and move elsewhere within the FBI. Or I leave it all together and stay liaison for the database project.”

“Go home, Reid.”

“Fine. I’ll do that. Think about what you are starting though.” Spencer stood up from his seat, and he moved out of the room without a backward glance at Morgan. He went to his office.

“I’ll be on my cell phone today, and I’ll take my Grimes files and the FBI ones with me.”

“Wow. What shall I tell Hotch?”

“Tell him he can ask Morgan.”

“Where will you be?”

“Out and about until my lunch interview.”

“Okay. Have a good day, Doctor Reid.”

“You too Grace.”

Spencer gathered up his things. Slipping all of his files into the new briefcase that Rossi had given him. The mad had said it was to save the life of his messenger bag. Spencer gladly took his mug of coffee with him. He kissed Grace’s cheek and left the office. Spencer went right to the elevators that would take him down from the far side, not going through the BAU bullpen at all. He texted Aaron that he was going to go home and get his car and use it for the day to run his errands. He got a message back that it was fine and that he was being pulled into a meeting.

Errands filled the rest of Spencer’s morning as he bided his time until the agreed upon time for the interview. Spencer arrived early and was seated where he could watch the door. He watched Jessica as she entered the restaurant. The reservation was under Jackson so when the hostess pointed to where Spencer was seated, he got to watch Jessica’s eyes widen in shock. She made her way to him.

“Aaron has talked about your database project, but he’s not talked about it much. Your database project the one that Jackson Grimes is doing is the same isn’t it?”

“One and the same. This is a formality. Jackson Grimes wanted you for the job long before he even told me about it. The job is yours as soon as you want it.”

“What would my job be?”

“Coordinating all of the server farms across the country. Each state is going to have one but the on in DC is going to be the one to make sure that everything is done correctly. You will also oversee the Federal inputting of data. You will report to two people only. You will talk the most though probably with Grace or Grant.”

“Grace is Aaron’s new assistant isn’t she?”

“Yes. She is also the one who coordinates with Grant on keeping tabs on me.”

“When I talked to Jackson, he said that he knew I would take the job.”

“The facility here in DC will have around the clock babysitting for all employees. When I am out on a case, and Aaron is working late, Jack will be picked up from school by a driver and taken back to you. There is, of course, the underlings you will be in charge of and a substantial pay raise.”


“Jackson’s exact reasons are only known to him but he believes in family, and for some reason, he considers me family. That means taking care of me and those I consider family. If Jackson were a corrupt man, he would be able to control anyone he wanted by doing this, but he’s not. His motives are pure. I also think that if my job with the FBI pans out or the relationship with Aaron, he wants me to know what he’ll protect me. He’s never offered me a job with Grimes Tech other than a consultant, but I figure that it’s only because he knows that right now, I won’t leave.”

“I’ve noticed that many of the best and brightest from the world over take jobs with Grimes Tech. He’s pulled families and got them green cards just to make sure a child has the education needed to become the best they would be.”

“Jackson likes intelligence. He wants to breed it, to make it the strongest force in the world.”

“What does this database do?”

“Every single crime in the country will be put into it. One-off or not. The criminals of the world get smarter. We have some databases, but one has to plug the crime data into each one to find a serial aspect. This would take all of that and put it into one. So those criminals can’t cross state lines to avoid being caught. There will also be ways that smaller offices can check into serial crimes to predict what it going to happen next or know how worried they would be if something turns serial.”

“It’s a lot of data entry?”

“For the server farms, yes. Even the DC office will have its share. There is going to be a lot of schmoozing and ass kissing, but Jackson’s own reputation will cancel out most of that. He doesn’t tolerate liars at all.”

“And if I accept?”

“Then Jackson will be happy. He likes ambitious people, but he understands the difference between doing what one needs and doing what one must.” Spencer handed over the packet and let Jessica look it over. Their waiter filled their glasses with water and Spencer ordered an appetizer. Jessica wasn’t done looking at the packet when the appetizer was delivered to the table. Jessica set the papers aside.

“He makes it hard to turn away, and the benefits that continue if I decide to leave the job, up until I take another makes it feel safe.”

“He hates the idea of people quitting his employ, but he doesn’t want someone staying if they fear what could happen while they are jobless. No everyone is happy with the job they take. Life situations change.”

“I accept.”

“Good. Someone from Grimes Tech will be in contact probably within the hour of us finishing lunch. So let us set aside talk of jobs and duty and just talk.”

Jessica laughed and put the papers on the floor with her purse and smiled at Spencer. She was a beautiful woman. Spencer vowed to find her someone to love her, or at least give her a sexual distraction. Aaron never talked about her having boyfriends or even girlfriends.

“I’m going to be blunt, Jessica. Why have you never married?”

“I’ve never found someone that I care about enough to even attempt a relationship. For Haley, it was easy to fall in love with Aaron, and I know why. He’s easy to love. He loves with his whole being, even if he is an idiot at a time. I’ve had lovers, but nothing that I feel will go anywhere. The ability to give me a good orgasm doesn’t mean I want to live with him. Why do you ask?”

“I know of a man who loves sex but doesn’t exactly want a relationship, and I know of a gentleman who is finding himself interested in sex for the first time in a long time. If you are looking for something casual and full of sex, and something that won’t affect Jack.”

“What exactly are you, the hookup man?”

“Sex is fun and for those who don’t want a relationship, finding it can be hard.”

“And how exactly are you going to give these two men to me?”

“On is here in DC the other isn’t here all the time. Given what I know of him though, he’s an excellent lover. Charlie adores sex with Jackson.”

“You want me to have sex with Jackson?”

“It’s not like I am going to tie you to the bed and leave you there. Jackson and Charlie aren’t exclusive and Charlie, I know, misses breasts.” Spencer kind of leaned over and looked at her from the side. “And you do have beautiful breasts.”

“Spencer!” Jessica threw her napkin at him. Spencer caught it and smiled. “You are different, even from when you came back.”

“I’m finding my footing. Become who I am supposed to be.”

“It looks good on you. Introduce me to this Charlie, and we shall go from there.”

Spencer smiled at her, happy that at least something good was coming from this all.

Mirror World

Spencer wanted to know everything there was to know about on John Curtis. He wanted to plan and prepare carefully for the complete and utter ruination of the man. His basic search had found out that he had been an FBI agent, in the same unit that Alex had been assigned to before she was used as a scapegoat for a failed terror attack. Spencer wondered why Curtis was after Aaron, though. So far, nothing in what he found linked him to Aaron and Spencer.

Sitting in the restaurant, he had chosen Spencer was waiting for Alex. He hadn’t been able to see her much since the switch back, the fallout from Foyet and how badly he had mishandled the BAU was still being cleaned up all these months later. He was sipping his coffee when he looked up to see her making her way back towards the table.

“Spencer,” she warmly said as he stood and kissed her cheek.


“I’m sorry we haven’t been able to get together much in the last few months.”

Spencer waved his hand as he sat.

“Alex, you’ve had much bigger things to deal with.”

“I have not had a chance to say how glad I am that you are back. I did like him, though. But, the two of you are so very different. Just tell me you did not screw up his life too badly.”

Spencer smiled softly as he sat back in his chair, his mind quickly going over his time in the other world.

“No. I did leave him a lot of information. I detailed as much as possible. I’m just hoping the two idiots continue the groundwork laid before them. I’d hate it if that Aaron and Spencer failed. But, unfortunately, I’ll never know.”

Alex narrowed her eyes at him and studied him for a few minutes. When the waiter came by, she ordered tea, Spencer ordered an appetizer of oysters, Ahi poke, and Shrimp a la plancha. He had chosen this particular restaurant for their seafood offerings. It was the one thing the East Coast had over Las Vegas regarding fresh food.

“What did you do?” Alex asked as she sipped at the tea that she had poured from the pot that was set before her.

“What makes you think I did anything in particular?”

“Spencer, outside of Aaron you know that I am the one that knows you almost inside and out. I can also hear what you aren’t saying. Come on, what did you do?”

Spencer chuckled as he took another sip of his coffee, giving him time to gather his thoughts. Spencer often thought that Alex was the kind of mother that he would have loved to have. As much as he loved JJ, Alex was very different.

He told her the truth, all of it knowing she couldn’t really do anything about it. Those people no longer existed or didn’t exist in his own reality. Some yes, but others not. Alex, to Spencer’s amazement, did not look shocked.

“Well, you were busy then.”

Spencer snorted as he laughed with his friend.

“I did miss you Alex. But, that isn’t why I wanted to meet for lunch. I need to know anything and everything you know about John Curtis.”

“Curtis? Wow, I have not heard that name in a long time. Not since we both got raked over for something that wasn’t our fault.”

“Yeah, it’s odd that almost the same thing happened in the other reality.”

“Erin shouldn’t have pushed you like that. She sounds almost the same. I know that she’s not in a great place. I tried, after everything went down and I stepped back, I tried to talk to her, but her guilt over how she treated John and me, she never got over it.”

“I think Curtis is the one killing people that look like Aaron and others in my family. I need everything on him, anything that you know.”

“Spencer, what are you going to do?” Alex scrutinized him as she sipped the tea and took a bite of the appetizer.

“If I tell you, Alex, you’d be obligated to tell Tony. I’m not going to put you in that position. Just, trust me.”

Alex shook her head knowing that whatever Spencer was going to do, he was going to play a long game. Alex wasn’t even sure she wanted to stop him and knew she couldn’t even if she tried.

They sat talking about other things, how the children were settling. James’ upcoming wedding, Jackson settling into the house and the media storm about the relationship and speculation. The three of them were scheduled to do an interview with Hard Core, a news program that did heavy hitting stories on network television, later in the month.

When the waiter came to take their order for their main course, Spencer was perusing the menu.

“Want to share the Linguini with clams?”

“That sounds good to me. And add a second salad.” Alex handed the menu to their waiter, then leaned forward. “I just want you to be careful, Spencer. If you are right, Curtis has gone off the rails. I knew it was bad when the FBI fired him. Finding out he was gay, it devastated him. The Bureau humiliated him. I know he and Foyet went through the academy together, and there were rumors that they were close. I just don’t know how close.”

“You think Foyet might have been using Haley as a cover for him being in a relationship with Curtis?”

“I don’t know. It’s possible.”

Spencer had some more digging to do. If this was true, it might make sense why Curtis was trying to ruin them. Even if they no longer had a relationship, Curtis might still have had feelings for Foyet. Spencer was going to get Penelope involved to try to get to the bottom of what had been going on in the Bureau when Curtis and Foyet were there.

Spencer moved away from topics involving Curtis or the Bureau. The two friends talked about their outside projects, and whatever came to mind. By the time they were done, Spencer hugged Alex and promised to keep her away from whatever he was going to do. He didn’t want her hurt in any of this.

“Penny, I have a new project for you.” Spencer grinned as he walked into Penelope’s workspace.

“Oh? And what is that my faithful genius?” The smile she gave him made Spencer smile. She was wearing a 50’s style poodle skirt, black and white Mary Janes, and a pink sweater. Her hair was in a complicated bun at the back, and the cat’s eye glasses complimented her face. This was the Penny that Spencer loved. Odd and quirky, but more subdued. She still had a bright personality, but she didn’t pry.

“John Curtis, former FBI agent. He went through the academy with Foyet. I want every single scrap of information you can find on him.”

“Well, if he was FBI, just give me a couple of hours sweet cheeks, and I’ll have whatever you want on him. Down to when he had his last prostate exam if you want.”

“Yeah, I think that part I don’t need. But everything you can find.”

“Okay, I’ll text when I got something.”

Spencer spent the rest of the afternoon with the children, playing with the baby, working on cognitive and visual games with him. Reading to Aria and helping Jack with his homework. Spencer knew he was going to need to train someone at the office to be Aaron’s part-time assistant. He wanted more time with the children, wanted to be there as they grew up. He and Aaron had already talked about it, and though the man wasn’t happy he would have to work with a new assistant, he would give in to Spencer no matter what.

When Hayden started to fall asleep, Spencer also noticed that Aria was having a hard time keeping her eyes open as well. He put both children down for a nap, then prodded Jack out of the room to let them sleep for a short while.

“Papa,” Jack bit his lip as he looked back at the nursery.

“Yes, Jack?”

“I like having a brother and sister.”

Spencer smiled as he pulled Jack to him and kissed the top of his head.

“I’m glad. Hayden and Aria are going to need a good big brother like you. When Aria gets a little older, we’ll show her the game room.”

“Oh, I kept all my old games. She can have them when you say it’s okay.”

Spencer always knew that Jack’s heart was big, but for him to take Hayden and Aria already into that big heart made Spencer proud.

“Okay, kiddo. You go finish that in your room. I have some work with Aunt Penny to do.”

“Okay.” Jack moved off to his own bedroom, and Spencer made his way to the office that Aaron had set-up for Garcia.

“Sorry I didn’t get here earlier. Was spending time with the kids.”

“OH! I forgot.” Garcia jumped out of her chair and pulled the large bag she had brought with her and pulled out a few wrapped packages. Spencer just shook his head knowing that she was going to spoil the two new additions to the Hotchner household as much as she spoiled Jack.

“I’ll open them later. I want to know what you found on Curtis.”

“Right, here is a printout of everything, but I found some seriously juicy tidbits. See, Curtis and Foyet started out together in the Bureau, along with Blake. Now you know the whole Amerithrax case and how Blake got thrown under the bus on that one. Well, what you don’t know is that Curtis also go thrown under the bus, but it wasn’t just for the Amerithrax case, oh no someone leaked it to TPTB that he was gay and that he and Foyet may have been having a little dalliance.”


“Yuuup. This came on the heels of Rossi’s scandal and Gideon taking over the BAU, making Foyet his little protege.”

Spencer paced, thinking. He was beginning to see why Curtis was holding a grudge, but it didn’t give him the right to terrorize his family. He needed to talk to Rossi to see what he could remember about Curtis, then he wanted to do some surveillance.

“Do you have a current address on Curtis?”

“Yes, I do my love, here you go.”

“Thank you, Garcia.” Spencer took the address and the presents. He would open them later, now he had other things to take care of.

Stalking prey and learning their routines was always oddly exciting to Spencer. Getting to know everything there was about that person, learning about them inside and out. Curtis, unlike some of his previous prey, was a more complicated creature. He didn’t have a solid routine except for his morning coffee, and his favorite sandwich shop for his dinner. Other than that, since he worked freelance, Curtis didn’t spend a lot of time at his home. Which made Spencer’s plans all that much easier.

It took about three weeks to really understand the man. Curtis’ likes, places he hung out, places he only went to once, the things he likes to buy, the limited groceries he purchased. Everything was written down. The biggest surprise and the only other constant was his once-a-week trip to the cemetery where he would visit Foyet’s grave.

Spencer didn’t find it difficult to talk Aaron into another assistant. One that had been trained by him and threatened to an inch of his life to keep his hands off. Other than a couple of rocky starts, the man turned out to be very good. They set him up in the unused office, leaving Spencer’s area alone.

Since Curtis’s house was only about a half an hour from the mansion, Spencer could do most of his due diligence when the kids were napping. JJ would watch Tony’s son on occasion, and the children grew to like each other a lot, so it was easy to leave and go do his ‘errands.’

He first found ways to get in and out of the house without Curtis even knowing he was there. Spencer’s plan was evolving, changing as he got to know the man more.

The first thing he came to understand about Curtis was how OCD he was with his possessions. Spencer learned that Curtis liked to cook and was an accomplished gourmet. Wine and good whiskey were his occasional alcohol indulgences. Rare first editions, true crime novels, and working in his chemistry lab were the man’s pastimes.

Once, Spencer had found a stack of journals hidden away. They had been started in college and went through just before Foyet was killed by the other Spencer. Sitting in the comfortable reading chair, Spencer read through every journal, twice. By the time he was done, he knew the man inside and out.

His plan was taking shape, and he couldn’t wait to execute it.

Under cover of darkness and with the backdoor Spencer had programmed into Curtis’s security measures after hacking into the company, Spencer could get in and out undetected. He knew Curtis was going to be home. He started by keeping to the shadows.

“Hello?” Curtis turned around when Spencer had deliberately moved quickly from one shadowy corner to another. “Is someone there?” Controlling his breathing was second nature to Spencer as Curtis looked around the room, frowning. “Get a hold of yourself, John.” The man chuckled and shook his head, then headed downstairs to his lab. Spencer followed, there was one place he had not been able to crack, and that was a door at the other end of Curtis’s lab. Spencer kept to the wall and followed as silently as he could. Spencer watched as Curtis opened the door and stepped through. Spencer was curious, but he didn’t want to push his luck just yet.

As quietly as he could, he made his way back up the stairs and went to Curtis’ bedroom. There he hid in the closet waiting for the man to come back up. Curtis got ready for bed, and Spencer slipped out of the closet when he heard the even, measured breathing. Smiling to himself he looked around the room a moment then set about rearranging some of the smaller things. Then, before leaving he bent down near Curtis’ ear.

“I miss you,” Spencer whispered in a near imitation of Foyet. He was backing out the door as Curtis bolted awake and looked around the room, a hand on his heart.

“What the fuck?” Curtis exclaimed, and that was the last Spencer heard that night.

The next day, Spencer came back with small cameras and listening devices and installed them all around the house. When Aaron and Jackson had gone to bed, Spencer went to his secret room and watched the footage of Curtis freaking out about the things in his bedroom being moved around again. Spencer smiled to himself as he watched.

“Let the games begin.”

Our World

Spencer placed the last of his files on the top of the stack. The pile in his outbox was close to becoming a disaster, but he didn’t care. The amount of work that had piled up on his desk during a three-day absence had been astounding. Morgan had tried to sanction Spencer for what had happened the week before, but it hadn’t gone the way that he had wanted. It had been taken directly to Rossi and Aaron’s boss who had looked over exactly what had happened and told Morgan to stop pushing his paperwork onto someone else. Then a custodial had popped up in Washington state, and Morgan had delighted in sending Spencer on it. It had lasted until late Friday night, and now it was Saturday, and Spencer had been ordered to go into the office to work on his paperwork that had piled up as Morgan needed it Monday.

The clock read just after two when Spencer looked at it.

“You look worn out,” Aaron said as he leaned in the doorway of Spencer’s part of their office suite.

“I am.”

“Well, I’m here to take you home.”

“But my car.”

“Dave dropped me off. He and the Commandant of the base have a meeting today to discuss bourbon and cigars. You came in way too early after getting home way too late.”

“I didn’t want to be here all day, and Grace texted me the picture of work that Morgan had left for me.”

“Did you do it all?”

“No. Just what he said he needed. Five files are not mine, but Prentiss’s and I won’t do them, even if Morgan assigned them because its cases I’ve stayed here for and done consults. I can’t finish her reports for her. I don’t know if he is trying to trap me or just get me in trouble. I don’t understand any of what he is doing.”

“The brass is keeping an eye on him. Dave’s been watching him a lot closer as well.” Aaron pushed off of the door jamb and moved into the office. He leaned over Spencer and shut down his computer before hauling him out of his seat. “I have plans. Jack is spending the night at Jake’s place.”

“He’s the one two floors down right?”


Spencer allowed himself to be dressed in the light coat he had worn and his messenger bag before being escorted from his office. The B Team was in the bullpen, just getting back from a case in Texas if Spencer remembered correctly. None of them even paid any attention to them. When the elevator doors opened Spencer pushed himself into the corner. He was more mentally tired tan physically, but it was affecting his want to do anything. Aaron Pressed the button that took them to the ground floor and moved to the other back corner to watch Spencer.

“So what are these plans?”

“A simple dinner at home. I’ve made finger foods. I found a good recipe for a fresh berry sangria. White wine, champagne, and peach juice, with strawberries, grapes, and blackberries. We can eat those when we are done with the meal, after dessert.”

“You cooked?” Spencer asked. Aaron had pulled up the car to the waiting area, one of the security guards was waiting beside it. Aaron thanked him with a nod and moved around to open the passenger side door. Spencer slipped up to the door. He pressed a kiss to Aaron’s cheek as he sat down in the seat. He settled down into the seat, feeling worn out. As soon as Aaron got into the driver’s seat, Spencer reached over and linked their hands. Aaron chuckled and started the car with their joined hands. He closed his eyes as Aaron put the car in drive and started out of the parking garage.

“I like to cook when I have the time. I’ve actually found more time for it since taking over as Section Chief. Dave gave me a few recipe books that he likes. I found an excellent variety for dinner tonight.”

“What prompted this?”

“We’ve both been working a lot, but I realized that I haven’t actually taken you out on a date. Now out is a relative term but with your hectic rush around life right now, getting used to doing what you are doing, out isn’t the kind of date you want.”

“Sounds good.” Spencer laid his head back on the headrest of the seat.

The feel of Aaron’s hands in his, the warmth of it, the security of it. It had Spencer feeling good. He didn’t come out of it until the car was put in park. Spencer looked at Aaron through half-lidded eyes. The older man was watching him with a smile on his face.

“You weren’t asleep.”

“No. I was kind of floating. Calming down and de-stressing.”

“Let’s head up.” Aaron raised their joined hands and bussed a kiss on the back of spencer’s hand.

Spencer felt happy as they moved towards the elevator. Aaron settled in behind him in the car. Aaron’s heat along his body was nice. Spencer figured that if they settled in bed, he’d be asleep in no time.

Just as the elevator stopped on their floor, the lit up number telling Spencer it was the right one. Aaron reached around him and pressed the stop button. Before Spencer could turn around, he saw a strip of fabric.

“I want you to put yourself in my hands. Do you think that you can do that?”


“Good.” Aaron raised up the fabric and laid it over Spencer’s eyes. It was tied tightly over his eyes. His bag was taken from his shoulder, and he was escorted out of the elevator car. He didn’t stumble, but he took careful steps, not trusting that he wouldn’t fall. When a hand stopped him, Spencer listened as the sound of a key in the lock echoed around. Aaron opened the door, and when Spencer heard the soft thump of the door on the door stop, he signaled for Spencer to start forward. When he knew he was clear of the door, he stopped. Spencer clenched and unclenched his hand, trying to calm down. When he was sitting down and knew where he was, he would be happier.

The apartment smelled wonderful. Spencer could smell the complex aromas of spices. His mouth was watering. Spencer could hear the door being shut and the alarm sounding off. Spencer felt hands on his shoulder, pulling the jacket off of him. He helped by shaking his arms a little bit to free his arms. Next, Aaron moved around to in front of him and kissed him. Spencer hesitated on touching back. When the kiss was finished, Aaron work on the buttons of his vest before divesting him of it and his suit jacket. His dress shirt was untucked but otherwise left alone.

Spencer followed the hands that directed him to the chair in the living room. He could smell something sweet but alcoholic at the same time as he was pushed into the seat. Aaron worked on his shoes and socks next. Spencer felt cherished at that moment. There wasn’t any rush to anything. As Aaron leaned up for a kiss, he grabbed Spencer’s hands and placed them on his hips. Spencer curled his fingers around cloth, skin, and bone, holding tight. Aaron kissed him like it was the only thing that he wanted to be doing.

As Aaron kept kissing him, Spencer expected arousal to flood his body, but it didn’t. Aaron’s only points of contact were on Spencer’s face, his hands holding his cheeks and their lips pressed together.

“Are you hungry?” Aaron asked after he pulled back from the kiss.


“Good. Shrimp fritters are first. I just need to go and get them. Stay.” Aaron pressed on Spencer’s thighs.

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer stayed where Aaron wanted him to, but he hoped that he wasn’t going to be stuck in the chair the whole time. With him blindfolded, it was a perfect time for Aaron to hold him in his lap. Spencer wanted to ask, but he was afraid that it would spoil what Aaron had planned. Instead, he just sat there and listened to the man move around in the kitchen.

“If you are thirsty, the glass is to your left,” Aaron called out.

Spencer carefully probed with his left hand. He found the table that was to his left, but it was a lot lower than the stand that was normally by the chair. Instead, it seemed like it was the coffee table. Spencer found the stem of the glass and lifted it up. He sniffed at the contents and found it the fruity thing he had been smelling. Spencer took a careful sip and frowned when something bumped the top of his lip.

“Frozen grapes instead of ice cubes,” Aaron said, his voice a lot closer than Spencer expected. The sound of a tray being set down was loud in the silence that followed Aaron’s voice. Spencer heard the older man sitting down on the floor in front of the chair, and he waited. “Slide down into my lap, spencer.”

Spencer did as he asked, setting the glass down on the table and then moving to the edge of his seat. He found Aaron was scooted back from the chair some and he had to use Aaron’s shoulders to balance him while he sat down. Once Spencer was settled, Aaron wrapped Spencer’s legs around his waist and let Spencer relax back into the chair.

“Ready? If so open your mouth.”

Spencer opened his mouth and waited. Something popped into his mouth, and when he felt a hand brush his cheek, he closed his mouth. It had a crunch on the outside, and it was soft and delicious on the inside. He could taste shrimp.

“Sip,” Aaron said when Spencer was done chewing. He took a drink of the sangria when the glass was pressed to his lips. Settling into Aaron’s lap more, Spencer opened his mouth for another bite. Aaron fed him another bite of fritter. “Hands behind your back.”

Spencer moved his hands behind his back, clasping them together. Aaron tipped him back just a little, pressing him into the chair cushion a bit more.

“One more,” Aaron said. He just touched the edge of the fritter to Spencer’s mouth before he opened it. Spencer took his time chewing it. Savoring it. “Do you like them?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. I didn’t make a lot of each thing just in case you didn’t like it. Next up is ground pork stuffed Piquillo peppers with a garlic pepper sauce.”

“You know that if you keep this up, I’ll start expecting home cooked meals more often,” Spencer said. He felt the glass at his lips again and took another sip. The sangria was good. Spencer felt something else at his lips and opened his mouth. It wasn’t a stuffed pepper. Aaron chased the taste of sangria in Spencer’s mouth. It was more erotic than the last kiss.

Spencer lost track of time as the meal progressed. After the stuffed peppers were muscles in a sauce of white wine, garlic, and butter. Next was a ceviche made from halibut, sea bass, and salmon with tortilla chips that Aaron made. As well as avocado slices. Each little course was followed by a make out session that left Spencer breathless and half hard by the end. He would calm down as Aaron fed him and gave him sips of sangria.

“Do you want a break or another course?” Aaron asked when he was done stealing Spencer’s breath.


“Hungry for food or what comes after?”

“What does come after?” Spencer didn’t mind much what came after. He was up for anything.

“Sex. I’ve not decided exactly what yet. Depends on how worked up you have me.”

“You are the one that wanted me in your lap.”

“That’s not what I am talking about. Your face. You are enjoying the food, and it shows on your face. It’s what I’m talking about.” Aaron leaned away a little and then was back. “Gulf shrimp marinated in garlic olive oil.”

Spencer opened his mouth, and the shrimp was popped into his mouth. He could feel that there was something wrapped around the shrimp.

“Parma ham,” Aaron said before Spencer could ask. Spencer hummed happily with the taste combination was wonderful. There were four of those before Aaron kissed him again. Aaron settled his hands on Spencer’s hips, grinding Spencer down onto him. Spencer grasped his hands tighter on themselves. He wanted to touch.

“Aaron, please,” Spencer begged when his lover pulled back. Spencer was more than half hard. He was aching when Aaron nipped at his lips. Spencer tried to thrust against Aaron, but the man had a hold of his hips and stopped him.

“We aren’t done eating yet, Spencer. One more course before dessert.”

“I’m not hungry anymore.”

“You’ve not been eating well enough lately, Spencer. A clean plate or no reward.” Aaron’s hand lifted off of Spencer’s hip and brushed over his confined cock. Spencer moaned loudly, not able to keep it in.

“Please,” Spencer begged again.


Spencer did as Aaron asked and felt something that had a little weight to it slipping into his mouth. He started to chew quickly.

“Slow down, Spencer. If you choke, we can’t do what you want.”

Spencer slowed down on the chewing, taking the time to actually taste the food. He couldn’t place it all. There was egg inside of it and potatoes.

“What is it?”

“Spanish style potato omelets. Individual ones. Do you like them?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You are so good for me.” Aaron’s hand rubbed at Spencer’s cock again. Spencer gasped and tried to thrust up into that hand. Aaron’s other hand grabbed his hip hard enough to stop him. Holding Spencer down on his lap to where he couldn’t press up into Aaron’s hand.

Spencer took the next two omelets with no issues, chewing just enough to not choke. He moved his face in closer to Aaron, moaning when Aaron claimed his mouth in a fierce kiss. Spencer submitted to the kiss, letting Aaron set the pace and he just held on for the ride.

Aaron shifted Spencer around a little and lifted him. Spencer couldn’t see what Aaron was doing, but he was set down on the floor with Aaron between his spread legs. Aaron pulled him downward a little farther, and Spencer laid his head back on the couch cushion supporting his upper body. Spencer grabbed the carpet with his fingers as Aaron ran his hands up Spencer’s thighs and gripped the back of knees, pressing his legs up and pinning them to his chest.

“Open,” Aaron said. One of his hands disappeared, and then Spencer opened his mouth. The coldness of the spoon shocked Spencer a little, but when he felt the transition of the spoon on his lips, he closed them. As soon as Aaron started to pull the spoon out, Spencer could taste the pannacotta on it. It was one of his favorite desserts. Spencer let it rest on his tongue for a few seconds before he smashed it and swallowed.

“More, please, sir.”

“I thought you might say that.” Aaron chuckled and Spencer opened his mouth. Spencer could tell that Aaron was letting him have more of the dessert than he was eating himself. Spencer wasn’t going to complain. The clink of the spoon on the table told Spencer that dessert was over. The glass was pressed to his lips, and he drank. Aaron held it there for longer, letting Spencer drain all of the sangria in the glass. Aaron pulled the glass away, and Spencer could feel the low thrum of the alcohol in his veins. It wasn’t enough to make him do anything stupid or to not be able to give consent, but it was sufficient to give him a slight buzz.

“What now?” Spencer asked when he heard the glass get set back down again.

“You are going to strip the rest of the way but leave the blindfold on.”

Aaron helped Spencer stand up and let go of him. Spencer couldn’t hear where Aaron went, but he worked on stripping himself. First was his shirt followed by his pants and underwear. When he was done he linked his hands behind his back and waited.

Spencer didn’t react when he felt nails on the small of his back. Aaron raked them up his back before grabbing his hair. Spencer felt his entire body start to relax as Aaron pulled down on his hair. Spencer dropped to his knees, feeling no twinge at all in his injured one. He opened his mouth as soon as he was settled on his knees. Aaron’s cock slipped between his lips, and he moaned at the taste of Aaron on his tongue. Aaron was already leaking, heavily. Spencer felt himself leaking, he could feel his release leaving a trail down his cock. He had missed being on his knees and sucking Aaron’s cock.

Long before Spencer was ready, Aaron pulled him off of his cock. A pit started to form in Spencer’s stomach, he didn’t know what from. He just wanted to suck Aaron’s cock. Spencer could hear Aaron moving around, and then hands were pulling him up but the hands weren’t in front, and the hands weren’t pulling him to stand up. He moved backward and up, to sit in Aaron’s lap in the chair. He could feel the man’s hard cock pressing into his ass cheeks. He had his hands behind his back because he hadn’t been told what he was to do with them.

“Grab the arms of the chair,” Aaron whispered hotly in Spencer’s ear. Spencer did as he asked, gripping the arms tight. He half expected to be told to lift up and be settled on Aaron’s cock, but instead, Aaron just pulled him back a little, making Spencer’s ass rub along his cock. Aaron set up a rhythm that was easy to figure out and follow. Once Spencer had his feet planted enough to be able to move on his own, Aaron’s hands started to wander. There wasn’t an inch of skin anywhere on his body that Aaron could reach that the older man didn’t touch, except Spencer’s cock.

Aaron raked his fingers across Spencer’s belly, nails digging in just enough to be felt but not enough to even make the skin red.

“Harder, please, Sir,” Spencer begged. Aaron grunted in his ear then he was holding Spencer tight, keeping him still as he pressed his cock harder into Spencer’s ass. Spencer shook his head. “No, please-”

“Shh,” Aaron whispered in his ear. Spencer opened his mouth again to get Aaron to understand him, but he felt a hard thrust and then warmth along his backside. Aaron’s hand moved to his cock and started to pump him. “Come.”

Spencer’s body and mind couldn’t deny the demand so he tipped over that edge, slumping down into Aaron, hoping the man would hold him up. Aaron held him close, pressing their bodies together while they both calmed down from orgasm. Aaron sat up a little more in the chair after a few minutes.

“I love you,” Aaron said before he placed a kiss on the side of Spencer’s neck.

“I love you, too.” The blindfold was removed from his eyes, and Spencer blinked into the lowly lit room. The coffee table was moved over to beside the chair. There were trays scattered on it as well as a pitcher which had the fruit from the sangria in it. Spencer was looking forward to eating it.

When Aaron started to stand, Spencer pushed with his legs, making sure he was sound to walk by himself. Their clothes were scattered, but Aaron just pushed Spencer towards the bedroom.

“Do you want to shower?”

“Sure.” Spencer turned into the bathroom and stepped right into the shower, pulling the curtain. He turned the water on and stepped back to where he wasn’t under the spray. When it was warm, Spencer Started to wash himself off. It was way too early for bed, but Spencer felt like he could take a nap. The hot water did nothing to help with the ache inside of him. He didn’t know what it as was or how to help it. It had been growing inside of him for a while. It wasn’t actually physical ache but an emotional one.

Spencer watched the soap foam circle the drain before going down it. He and Aaron were doing a lot better. They weren’t treating each other like their counterparts anymore, but there was still something missing, something off. Spencer wanted to find out what it was.

“I thought we could watch a movie or two and relax on the couch,” Aaron said, startling Spencer out of his thoughts.

“Sounds good to me,” Spencer called out.

“I’ll go and get everything cleaned up and the movie’s setup.”

“Okay.” Spencer finished washing the soap off of his body and turned off the water. When he stepped out of the shower, Spencer saw that Aaron had set out sleep clothes for him to change into. Spencer made sure that he was totally dry before he slipped into them. He still had the routine of making sure that his hair was dry from the other world. Looking at himself in the mirror, Spencer looked at his hair. He had got used to wearing it longer, but he hadn’t even thought about changing it when he got back.

The hairstylist that the other Spencer had started to use was open on Sundays. Spencer thought about going and getting the style that the other him had used at first in this world. There had been pictures of it in the folders, and Spencer had saved them before he destroyed the only links to the fact that he had been in another world.

Rebellion, Spencer’s mind whispered at him. He had never even thought about doing that after he had seen the full breadth of what the other Aaron was. Spencer had done his small ones, the ones he knew that he could get away with. But with this Aaron, he didn’t know how he was going to react, and there was a part of him that didn’t care.

Mirror World

Spencer was having too much fun. Every day he would find some time to enter Curtis’s house and do something subtle, or obvious. It depended on his mood. He looked around the kitchen and smiled. Starting with one cupboard, Spencer moved everything around. He knew from observing him for the last couple of weeks that Curtis liked things a certain way.

“Your OCD is going to be your downfall,” Spencer spoke to no one because no one was there. After an hour of rearranging things, Spencer left knowing Curtis was due back at any moment. He slipped out of the house and made his way back home. Spencer wanted to be there when the man stepped into his kitchen to cook something.

The payoff so far had been that the murders had stopped. Curtis was trying to figure out what was happening in his house, obsessing over it and it made Spencer feel more in control of the situation.

Sitting down at his computer in his secret room, Spencer waited. He had a book in his hand that he had wanted to read, waiting for Curtis was the perfect time to do it. Spencer didn’t have to wait long before the man in question came home.

Curtis put his things down then made his way into the kitchen. When he opened a cupboard, Spencer was almost laughing at the confused look on the man’s face.

“What the hell?” Curtis searched his house but found no one there. Spencer knew what was going to happen next. Curtis called 911. Spencer was going to have Garcia get the transcript of what happened on the call because he knew they were already pegging him as a crazy idiot.

“Look, I’m not fucking crazy. Someone has been in my house,” Curtis yelled into the phone. Spencer couldn’t hear the operator on the other end of the line and as he watched he made a plan to bug Curtis’s phone so he could hear the whole conversation.

“I’m not crazy. You get someone out here now.” There was a pause, and Spencer could almost make out a vein popping out on the man’s forehead. “FINE, you can all go to hell.” Curtis slammed the phone down and stormed off.

Spencer sat back in the chair enjoying the show. He only stopped when the alarm went off on his phone. He was only allowing himself so much time watching Curtis. Everything was recording and automatically backing up on a new hard drive that was set-up just for this purpose. He could go back at any time and savor the slow breakdown of the man. He was determined that by the time he was done, Curtis would either kill himself or end up locked up in an institution.

Standing up, Spencer left his room and went to get ready for the evening ahead.

Strolling through the club, Spencer knew exactly what he looked like. It didn’t hurt that two of the most powerful and sexy men in the world was in front of him holding his leashes. It also didn’t hurt that he was still riding on a high of the mini freak out that Curtis had that day over having some of his prized first editions moved and were scattered around his living room. Spencer had opened a few and left them on his coffee table, exposing them to the elements. He had been conflicted about that one, he had not wanted the books to suffer, but seeing Curtis lose it was worth it.

Spencer slipped his thumbs into the tight pants he was wearing and had a relaxed gait that just oozed sex. Tonight he wore the leather harness and a pair of tight purple leather lace-up pants. The straps of the harness barely covered anything on his chest, his scars on full display. He wore new boots that Jackson had recently bought him. Thigh high that zipped up the back. As a reward to himself, he had finally gotten his ears pierced, something he had wanted for a long time. His hair had grown almost all the way back, and using just a little styling product made his curls a little wilder. He used some mascara and a little eyeliner. Something he only rarely did, but he and Aaron had found quite by accident Jackson’s kink for it.

When Spencer had come out of the bathroom, both his Dom’s were standing there in new tailored suits, looking so very fuckable. The only thing keeping him from getting hard was the silicone cock cage Aaron had put on him earlier as they had started to get ready.

“Do we really want to take him out looking like this, Aaron?” Jackson asked as he moved closer to Spencer, pulling a box out of his inside pocket and handing it to Spencer.

“You and I both know he loves the attention. Don’t you, Pet.” Aaron walked around Spencer, lightly touching the exposed skin, his scars fully on display.

“Oh, I know. Open it, Spencer.”

Spencer hadn’t said a word, he just smiled. He liked knowing the reaction he got from his lovers. Spencer opened the box to find a new set of jewelry. He took the ones for his nipples out first. They had a bit of weight to them, and Spencer almost moaned at the anticipation of having them put on him. They dangled with three spheres, each a little bigger than the one above it. The spheres were made of a purple stone that Spencer didn’t know.

“What are these stones?” Spencer was fascinated by the way stars appeared in the stones when the light hit them.

“They are called Star Spinels. These are rare in that they are a matching set. Very difficult to achieve. It took my jeweler several months to find ones that matched perfectly,” Jackson said as he took them and replaced the nipple rings he was wearing. “All five pieces are a matched set.”

The ring for his belly button was a half hoop with a ball bearing at the end, and five perfect Star Spinels were threaded on it. Last was the earrings. They were studs with a chain and an ear cuff in a polished platinum. The whole set was gorgeous, and Spencer loved them.

‘They’re beautiful. Thank you Dominae.” Spencer smiled as he put the earrings in while Jackson replaced his belly ring. Aaron then pulled out two thick chains of steel and clipped them one on each ring of his collar.

“You deserve to always be draped in leather and jewels, Petite Chou.” Jackson pulled him close and kissed him hard. When they broke apart, Spencer was practically vibrating with anticipation.

“Your belt is new, Aaron.”

“Yes.We had several made. Jackson saw them in a catalog, but wanted them in better quality leather.”

“I don’t understand.” Spencer furrowed his brow as he looked at the belt. Jackson smiled as he took his off and demonstrated how the belt could be made into cuffs very quickly.

“They’re called Hobble belts. Just know we could use them at any time we want.” Aaron was still standing behind Spencer when he wrapped an arm around his waist. Lips close to Spencer’s ear made him shiver a little as Aaron whispered. “I think you just knowing we had them will get you hard. I think all I have to do is make you aware I’m wearing one and it’ll get you excited. Just imagine Pet. In the office, I can slip it off, cuff you to your chair and suck you till you want to scream. There you are all tied down and can’t get away.”

Spencer felt himself try to get hard, but the cage prevented that. Closing his eyes, he had laid his head back against Aaron’s to try to calm himself down.

“Oh, Love, do stop teasing him.” Jackson leered as he took the few steps to sandwich Spencer between him and Aaron. “I bet he is so aroused that if I touch him right now, he would almost cum without permission. And we can’t have that, now can we Petite Chou.”

Jackson’s hands slid up the exposed flesh of Spencer’s stomach. The hands just barely touching, setting every nerve in Spencer on fire. Spencer let out an unmanly whine as his knees almost buckled, but Aaron was still holding him up. He knew what the two men were doing, playing with him, creating new sensations of a different kind of pain. The kind that came from being so aroused and sensitive, that any little touch was a kind of pain. Spencer reveled. Lips touched his in a kiss so gentle it made him seek out more, but Jackson wasn’t having it.

Spencer cried out against Jackson’s lips as Aaron’s teeth scraped against his neck. The twin sensations short-circuiting his brain, then they were pulling away, leaving him needy and wanting.

“I think it’s time to go.” Aaron made sure Spencer could stand before he moved away. “Look at you. Lips swollen, body trembling and on display. You are sex walking, you know that?”

“Y..yes, Sir.” Spencer could barely speak, and as much as he wanted his lovers to fuck him at that moment, he also wanted to go out.

“Good. Now come along like a good boy.” Aaron took up the handle of one leash, while Jackson took the other. The three of them were looking forward to the evening.

Spencer shook out of the memories as they continued on their stroll through the club.

Spencer learned his prey’s routine. Now he wanted to know where the man actually went. He scheduled the stalking around the times that Curtis actually left his house. Spencer made sure the kids had something to do, and JJ helped by watching Hayden. Spencer thought about an Au Pair, or a nanny for the days that he couldn’t be at the house. Spencer would have to discuss it with Aaron. Jack had an Au Pair till he was able to go to school. It worked out well, and she had been discreet. The agency that they had hired her from was still around, and after his excursion out, he was going to call and make an appointment.

Curtis stopped first at a coffee shop, one that Spencer frequented himself. He stayed hidden, his Sensei would be proud that Spencer had kept up with his training. Staying in the shadows, blending in when following a mark. He would let Curtis get small glimpses of him. Just enough that it would make Curtis second guess himself. Spencer stepped into the shop and ordered a cup of coffee, then sat just on the outside of Curtis’ line of sight. He pulled out a book and split his attention between book and Curtis.

After about an hour, Curtis stood and left the coffee shop. Next, he went window shopping, not actually stopping in anywhere, just looking. The comic shop was a surprise, what wasn’t a surprise was the types of comics that he gravitated to. Independent comic companies that leaned towards violence, murder, and violation of women. Spencer already knew that Curtis hated women. When he had Garcia dig, the man had a very thick file of complaints and reprimands about his behavior towards the female agents.

Spencer walked in, he knew there were a few titles that Jack was reading, it gave Spencer an excuse to pick up some of the newest issues. He was in and out quickly. When Curtis left, he continued on and made his way to the small library. Spencer followed him in a few minutes later. Spencer just watched the man. He wasn’t all that interested in what he was looking up, at least not at the moment. Spencer did what he needed to do. Satisfied, he went back home and input all of the data he had collected on his computer. As he was finishing up, his cell rang.


“Oh, my wonderful and brilliant friend I have something you need to see.”

“I’ll meet you in a moment.” Spencer stopped watching the footage from the day and closed up his computer. He quickly made his way to where Penelope was working then sat next to her.

“What is it, Penny?”

“Oh, this is good!! Just watch, and don’t say a thing till it’s done.” The footage was older. Looked like it had once been transferred from an old Beta tape. Penny pressed play on her laptop, and what Spencer saw shocked even him. It was an amateur porn. He figured it was something that wasn’t supposed to have been out there, but it was. It starred Curtis with Foyet. Spencer had a hard time watching it, even he was uncomfortable with the scene being played out in front of him. When they were done, that was when it changed. Spencer saw them leave the bedroom, then a few minutes later a young girl was with them, and that was when Spencer could no longer look.

“Where the hell did you find this?”

“Oh, I went deep into a TOR browser. Like really dark and deep my love. I don’t know how it got out on there, but it’s authentic.”

“I take it you did an image search on the girl’s face?”

“I did. I had to use some software that extrapolates what the person would look like as they age. Here, her name is Annie Watson, and here is her current address.”

Spencer took note of the address and saw that she was living in New York. Spencer’s Sensei was going to be in New York in just a few weeks. He had received an invitation to come up and meet him for however long he wanted to. There was something he had wanted to discuss with Spencer. He would make plans to go and to go meet the woman who had been hurt by Curtis and Foyet at such a young age. This could work very much in his favor.

“Thank you, Penny. This is perfect. Can you copy it to a thumb drive for me?”

“Sure, butter crumb. I’ll get it copied and leave it in that little box outside your office.”

Spencer stood and kissed the top of Penelope’s head. He was never more glad to be home than he was now. His Penelope he had missed so very much.

Later that night, after dinner and time spent with Aaron and Jackson, then making sure the kids got to bed, Spencer said that he wanted to go for a run. It wasn’t an unusual request, he had been running at night a lot more since his return. Spencer found that he liked the quiet cool of the evening. Aaron never tried to stop him, which made things very easy for what he had planned.

Packing a bag, Spencer took his car and parked several blocks away from Curtis’ house. Taking the bag, he strapped it to his back, then he used the run towards the park that was situated about a mile from Curtis as his excuse to be in the neighborhood. Spencer did the mile, ran through a path in the park, then came back around and disappeared behind Curtis’ house. Spencer went to his hiding spot, took out the laptop he had with him and looked at the current footage of Curtis. The man was in his living room reading. Spencer got into the house the same way he had before and silently moved made his way around the house. Spencer had the layout in his head as well as what was in each room. Deciding on a bold action, Spencer took a few things and stuffed them into his pack. When he heard Curtis getting up, Spencer shadowed him, making the man look around to see if someone was there. They played this game of cat and mouse as Spencer followed him around, keeping to the shadows. Finally, he got tired of the game and left. Spencer looked forward to the morning when he could watch what happened when Curtis figured out some of his things were missing.

The slow and deliberate campaign to drive Curtis insane fuelled Spencer’s for weeks. One day he papered the man’s bedroom with pictures of the young girl that he had helped Foyet to violate. The footage of that had been priceless, and Spencer laughed at the man’s reaction.

Spencer moved more things around in the house, making Curtis doubt himself that he had put them up in the first place. There were nights, Spencer would steal into Curtis’ bedroom and whisper things in the man’s ear, doing a close imitation of Foyet. Those nights, the man would curl up on his bed and give into the grief that still plagued him.

Spencer ramped up his campaign against Curtis, and as long as he kept them man off kilter, he wasn’t out there killing anyone. He knew that Curtis would confront Aaron soon, and he would bask in the knowledge that Aaron was completely in the dark over what he was doing. It needed to be this way, Aaron needed to stay ignorant for a little while longer. It would make his reactions to Curtis very real and help push the man even that much closer to Spencer’s end goal. This long con he was playing with Curtis was what Spencer wished he could have done with Strauss, but he had let his emotions get to him in that other world. And while it was satisfying to him to make her suffer, he did have some guilt over her children. Spencer had made a vow to his Sensei to never harm a child. Spencer worried what he was going to say to Master Gao if he was going to admit what he had done or not.

Work went on like normal. They had some high profile cases that Aaron was very much on the top of his game with. They made splashes in the media, especially when they were seen with Jackson. Invitations to gala events, private parties, and important media events were all normal in their world. Spencer just kept on like nothing was happening. He knew, though, that Aaron was getting suspicious about what Spencer’s pet project was. But, for now, he was letting Spencer go on a very long leash. If Aaron told him to stop, he would be disappointed, but he would. Always anything for Aaron.


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