Rough Romance Chapter 2-Like the Movies

Chapter 2-Like The Movies

The flight back from the case was a happy one. Spencer was curled in the corner with his legs tucked under him reading. Morgan and Prentiss were playing a card game, but Spencer wasn’t paying close enough attention to figure out what the game was. Aaron and Rossi had been ensconced on the couch together, heads tucked over a file for the entire flight. They never moved off the first page, and whenever anyone walked to the kitchenette or the bathroom, Aaron would tuck the paper close to himself so that no one could read it.

It was all odd, and it was bothering Spencer. He wasn’t worried about it having to do with him and Aaron. The case had been good. The last three kidnapping victims had been found before the UnSub killed them and the evidence was airtight.

Aaron looked up and looked around the jet. His eyes stopping on every member of the team. When they landed on Spencer, his face softened, and he smiled at Spencer. Spencer smiled back at him as the older man closed the file and handed it off to Rossi. Rossi slipped it into his other stack of case files and smiled at Aaron. Spencer knew then that something was up. He looked back down at his book, hoping that whatever it was, it wasn’t to do with him, but given the look, the Aaron had given him, it had all to do with him.

Spencer had read seventeen pages before someone sat down beside him. He looked up and saw that it was Rossi. Spencer didn’t close his book, but he did look up at Rossi. Rossi had a folded piece of notebook paper in his hand. He slipped it across the table towards Spencer and smiled.

“I need to take an answer back.”

“You need to take…what?” Spencer asked. It drew the attention of the rest of the team. Prentiss looked at the paper and smiled. “What are you smiling about?”

“Open it up, Reid,” Prentiss said. She seemed a little giddy as Spencer started to open it.

Spencer frowned at how small it was folded. He remembered seeing things like it back in high school being passed between older kids. Spencer unfolded the paper the rest of the way. It took just a second for his eyes to take in the words on the paper and a lot longer to even understand the words in the order that they were on the paper.

“Reid?” Prentiss asked.

“I don’t understand…” Spencer looked down at the first name scrawled under the question. He didn’t stop Prentiss from taking the note away from him and reading it. Prentiss smiled as she read it, she turned in her seat and looked back at Aaron, who was reading a file and decidedly not looking up at anyone.

“Just answer the question, Reid. Check yes or no. Fold it back up and give it to Rossi to give back to Hotch.” Prentiss handed the paper back over.

Spencer read the words again. Will you go out on a date with me? He didn’t understand why Aaron was doing this. He dug around in his bag and found a pen and checked the Yes box. He folded it back up and handed it over to Rossi. The man grinned at him and moved back to where Aaron was sitting. He set the paper on the file and Spencer could see the lines of worry on him. He was worried about asking Spencer on paper if he would go out with him. Spencer was confused. He didn’t like being confused. He looked at Prentiss and saw that she was making that face that she would make when she saw babies. It was what Garcia called her Too Adorable To Live face.

“Reid, what’s going on?” Morgan asked. Looking across the table and looked towards where Rossi and Aaron were.

“I don’t think I am qualified to answer that,” Spencer said.

“I thought you were qualified to answer anything.”

Prentiss was laughing, and Spencer wanted to demand to know what was going on. He opened his mouth, but Aaron looked up at him and blushed. He blushed, and Spencer didn’t know what to do with that, so he shut his mouth.

“So, Reid,” Prentiss said leaning close. Morgan did as well. Aaron and Rossi were whispering, and the blush on Aaron’s face was getting deeper. “When do you think he’s going to call?”

“When do I think who is going to call?” Spencer asked.

“Hotch. That note didn’t have a date and time. You just agreed to go on a random, unspecified date with him.”

“That’s what was on that note?” Morgan asked, turning to look away from Spencer and he looked at Aaron.

“Yes. It’s all quite cute. So Reid? When?”

“Why would he call, we live together!” Spencer pointed out, and the silence from Morgan and Prentiss was telling.

“And when did that happen?” Morgan asked.

Spencer glared at Morgan. Morgan glared back, quirking an eyebrow to further cement the question.

“Two weeks ago. It was more a formality than anything else,” Aaron said, never looking up from what he was working on. Spencer was tempted to go over and look, but he was afraid of what he’d ask with the other around if he did. “He spent most of his time in my apartment. We were going to call and ask for help but when we went over, Mrs. Tingle from the fifth floor was looking for something for her boys to do that wasn’t bothering her so between the five of us, we got him moved into my place, and his desk and things put into storage. It’s was easy and straightforward and low stress.”

“And you’ve kept it a secret because?”

“It’s not a secret. You all know that I don’t share every single happening in my personal life with the team. I’m allowed to not share everything,” Spencer pointed out.

“But you and Hotch shacked up. You know that Garcia is going to be upset and will want to hold a housewarming.”

“No,” Spencer said. He looked at Morgan and made sure that the man understood. “I will not, and she will find that I can be very adamant on that.”

“You can deal with that on your own.”

“Morgan, stop. Spence, so tell me.”

“I don’t understand what you want to know. We live together. Why would he call me to ask me out on a date?”

“You don’t…” Prentiss turned in her seat and looked at Aaron who was not looking at any of them. She frowned and looked back. “You were…that’s too adorable.”

“What’s adorable?” Spencer asked.

“Hotch is adorable, and yes I know those two words should never be in the same sentence. I thought it was something else, but this is too much. Morgan up!” Prentiss leaned too far into Spencer’s personal space, but there was nowhere for him to go. “So in high school, for those who are too shy to ask in person, they will ask out people or tell people that they like them in notes that their friends deliver.”

“Oh my god,” Morgan said, and Spencer swore that he started to blush as well.

“What?” Spencer asked.

“I don’t need to know that my boss and my best friend acting like high school kids.”

“Prentiss.” Spencer didn’t want to sound whiney, but he did a little. Everyone else it seemed understood something that he didn’t. It was like that song all over again. “You obviously know what is going on. Please explain it to me.”

“Have you recently told Hotch that your first date was bad?”

“What first date? My first date with Hotch was good. Well, the one that I knew was one but considering that we had known each other a long time, I would not consider it to be a first date.”

“Most people go on their first dates in high school, which is usually asked around friends, I meant first date ever.”

“I had a terrible date with a guy a few years back. I ended up spending the evening talking to Hotch.”

“Reid, was that your first date?”

“Yes?” Spencer said.

“That sounded like a question,” Morgan said.

“It was the first date that I ever remember being on that I knew was a date.”

“So Hotch is recreating what should have been your first date. That’s cute.”

“Hotch and cute and Hotch and adorable should never be in the same sentence,” Morgan said. He was smiling, though. “But it’s nice that he’s doing it.”

“So,” Prentiss started again. “If it’s a total redo, then he’s going to call you. He’s doing to do it all. Hotch doesn’t do things by half. This is going to be so good.” Prentiss looked to be on cloud nine.

Spencer dug out the book he was reading from his bag and tried to push it all out of his head. He needed to calm down and process it all. To seek to understand himself what Aaron was doing. Aaron wasn’t romantic, not to him. Spencer wasn’t romantic towards him either. The most romantic that Aaron had ever been towards him was the night that the man had told Spencer that he loved him. The dancing and the meal but it hadn’t been too outside of their normal. Spencer didn’t expect roses and romance. He didn’t know what to do with romance or how to act with it. He had fallen in love with Aaron through the actions the man had done over the years. The care and attention during sex and after, depending on what they did.

Research. Spencer vowed to research exactly what Prentiss was talking about. He knew that Morgan and Prentiss weren’t making fun of him, but he hadn’t done high school like normal people. He didn’t have that wealth of knowledge to dig into.

The jet landed, and since they had left from the office for the case, only two Bureau SUVs were waiting on them. They had enough time to head into the office and finish up paperwork before heading home at a reasonable hour. It was Thursday, and Spencer was looking forward to the weekend. He was looking forward to having fun with Jack and just being with Aaron.

Morgan got into the driver’s seat and Spencer moved to get into the front passenger, but Prentiss pulled him into the back with her. She called JJ and had her listening in on speaker phone. Spencer was not looking forward to the car ride.

“So, clothes,” JJ said, her voice tinny from the phone.

“What about my clothes?”

“Generally, when it’s a big date, you know the jock getting together with the head cheerleader or something like that, the friends help to dress them. Or the person goes through twenty different outfits that are all good choices.”

Morgan laughed.

“Are you calling me the jock or the cheerleader?”

“Neither. Just that you need help with your clothes.”

“I think that I know what I want to dress in for the date. I’ve never had an issue picking out something that Hotch would like.”

“You keep calling him Hotch,” Morgan pointed out.

“We are technically working. I don’t need help dressing.”

“You are strangely calm.”

“Prentiss my last real date sucked. He put me off and just was horrible. So I went home, and I texted Hotch. We ended up talking for a while over texts. The first date I had with Hotch was exactly the same as every other meal that we shared together sitting in my living room or his. Just because he is going through all of this pomp and circumstance doesn’t mean that he or I are inherently different.”

Spencer took a deep breath, and he was thinking on the best way to explain it more, but his phone rang. He pulled it free of his pocket but didn’t look at the phone but pressed the answer button and held it up to his ear.

“Doctor Reid,” Spencer said.

“Spencer,” Aaron said.

Spencer pulled his phone away from his head and looked at the caller ID. Spencer looked at Prentiss, and he saw that she was smiling. Spencer laid the phone back to his ear.

“What do you need, Hotch?”

“This is not a Hotch and Reid conversation.”

“Oh. Um, what do you need, Aaron?”

“Are you free tomorrow night? For our date?” Aaron asked, his voice sounding weird. Spencer didn’t answer at first. Instead, he leaned around the front seat to look at the SUV that was in front of the one that Spencer was. Prentiss was smirking, and JJ could be heard giggling over the phone. Morgan turned his head to look back at Spencer with a smile.


“Good. Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

“Okay.” Spencer was so far out of his depth that he was nervous. This wasn’t normal for them. This wasn’t anywhere near normal. He like normalcy. He didn’t like things to be out of the ordinary. “Um…”

“Dress casual, no suit.”

“Sure. Okay. I can do that.”

“Good. Good. I’ll see you tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to this.”

Spencer frowned at the phone in his hand. He looked up at Prentiss. “I think we need to check Hotch over for him being a pod person.”

“It’s cute, Reid. Hotch wanting to give you something that you never had before. You didn’t get that nervous first date with him. Your relationship was sexual before it was intimate or romantic. You need this.”

“I don’t need it,” Spencer protested. He looked at Aaron and knew that no matter what he felt he needed, he would go through with whatever Aaron wanted. He trusted Aaron, and with that trust, he would indulge Aaron in this.

“Yes, you do. You’ve moved in with a man that you love but we can all see that romance is not a part of the relationship, maybe he wants to add that.”

“We are good as we are,” Spencer said.

“Are you really?” JJ asked.


“We are going to talk about you moving in with him, Spencer Reid,” JJ said, and then the call ended. Spencer looked at Prentiss and saw the look on her face. He wasn’t going to get out of having her and JJ help with his clothes.

“Please tell me you are not going to come and dress me as well,” Spencer asked Morgan.

“Nope. I might try and talk Rossi into letting me help Hotch dress himself, though.”


“But it’s a guy thing.”

“You can guy thing it up with me. Maybe we can send Prentiss to help Rossi dress Hotch.”

“That’s no fair.”

“What about Garcia?” Morgan asked.

“No,” Spencer said.

“She’s going to be upset at being left out.”

“I don’t care. I have told her time and again that she is not going to dress me. She wanted to do a makeover on me after she found out about Hotch and I. I told her it would never happen. I like the way that I dress, and I’m the only person that matters.”

“Well, you aren’t the one that has to deal with her but then again, it’s your body.”

Spencer didn’t pay any attention to what Morgan and Prentiss discussed. He was more worried about Aaron’s comment about seeing him tomorrow. If Aaron wasn’t coming home that night, Spencer would have to be the one to watch Jack. And while he was totally fine with that, he knew the boy would be inquisitive about why his father wasn’t coming home, and Spencer would not be able to accurately tell him why. There was also the issue of they had driven in together, just like they did every single day. He wasn’t sure how the others hadn’t noticed it, but they hadn’t.

Spencer inhaled and exhaled, watching the fog appear on the window of the car. Jack was in the backseat, chattering away about what he had done at school all day. Spencer listened with only a small part of his brain, but he knew that it would all be available for him if Jack asked a question of him. Aaron was paying attention to the driving, and so Jack was talking more to Spencer. Aaron had been acting the same all afternoon, typical. Prentiss had kept a watch on Spencer all afternoon while she had worked on her paperwork. Morgan had kept coming out to peek at Spencer. He didn’t know exactly why everyone was acting weird but Aaron being the only normal one was bothering Spencer.

“And Dougie has a new kitten. His stepfather bought it for him, and his mom is all upset because she didn’t want another cat in the house, but Dougie was missing Molly and wanted a new pet. When can I have a pet?”

Aaron was so focused on the road that he hadn’t heard Jack. Spencer though was not going to be the one to answer that question.

“Yes, Aaron, when can Jack have a pet?” Spencer asked.

“What?” Aaron looked over at him briefly before he looked back at the road. A few seconds passed and then Aaron looked into the rearview mirror and at Jack. “What did you ask, buddy?”

“I asked when can I get a pet?”

“What kind of pet?”

“I don’t know. Dougie has a kitten, but it’s really noisy he said. Sara has a dog, and it sleeps a lot. Tyler has a hamster named Tiny, and one time when Tyler was playing with him, Tiny pooped in his mouth. After that, he nicknamed him Sir Poops. Tyler said he was so shocked that he accidentally swallowed it. His mom made him puke it up.”

“So what kind of pet do you want?”

“I don’t want one that makes noise.”

“That’s pretty much fish then, Jack,” Aaron said.

“Can we go to the fish store?” Jack asked.

“A pet is a big responsibility. You would have to take care of them all the time. Aunt Jessica would have to bring you by every day when Spencer and I are on cases.”

“I know. Mrs. Faith made a journal about what she does for her fish each day, what she does for her cat and her dog. We all got to look at them. I like fish. They don’t talk. They don’t bark, and they don’t poop in shoes or mouths.”

Spencer smiled at the tone of Jack’s voice. He was somber about it all, even if the topic was a little hilarious.

“Well, why don’t we wait until the weekend to see about getting you a fish. First, we have to figure out where we are going to put the fish tank so that we know exactly how big of one we can get. Depending on the size of the tank, that will determine how many fish we can get.”

“I just want one of those ones that have all the fins and lives in a tank that can go on a desk. Mrs. Johnson’s class down the hall has one, and he’s beautiful.”

“Betta fish, I would think. There would be plenty of room for one on your little stand in your room, Jack,” Spencer said as Aaron took the turn onto their street.

“Yes. I want a purple one.”

Aaron looked at Spencer as he pulled into the garage for the building. Aaron parked in their spot beside Spencer’s Amazon.

The evening passed quickly with Spencer making pizza for dinner with Jack picking his toppings out for his third of the pizza and Spencer picking for him and Aaron. Aaron helped Jack with his homework and copped a feel at one point when Spencer had his hands in the dough. The date hadn’t been brought up at all. After dinner, it was a movie, and Jack fell asleep part of the way through it.

Spencer carried Jack back into his bedroom and laid him down, tucking the boy in with a smile. In the light from the hallway, Spencer stared at the face of the kid that he had come to love just as much as he loved his father. Both Hotchner men had slipped under his skin. His world revolved around them. His mother had even started to send books to Jack. Jack enjoyed the first set a great deal. She was the happiest about the change in the relationship, and at some point soon, she wanted to be reintroduced to Aaron as Spencer’s paramour as she called him. She understood Aaron not wanting Jack to go to the first meeting but hoped she would meet the boy soon.

“I’ve been told that watching people while they sleep is creepy,” Aaron said from the doorway. Spencer turned to look at him as he tucked the blanket just a little farther around Jack’s body.

“I love him,” Spencer said.

“I know you do. What’s going on in your genius brain?”

“I never saw myself as having a kid. There is the roulette with my genes and then my job. I…just never thought about it. I don’t understand how my father could ever leave me.” Spencer stood up from Jack’s bed and moved into the shelter of Aaron’s arms.

“Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. We knew that before we took this job.” Aaron kissed him, lightly. Pressing their bodies together. “Naked?”

“Both of us?”

“Yes.” Aaron let go of Spencer, and they moved into the bedroom. Spencer started to strip himself, not looking at Aaron as he did. There was no hiding the second person living in the apartment. He hadn’t regretted living with Aaron yet, and he doubted that he ever would. Warm hands settled on Spencer’s naked hips.

“How do you want me?”

“Fucking is going to be too much work. Too tired. How about you assume the position that you did that one time. When I was drunk. Masturbate for me, Spencer.”

Spencer shivered, but he stepped forward to do as he was asked. He sat down on the edge of the foot of the bed and watched Aaron as he moved to the drawer that held their toys. Aaron pulled out the blue plug before he turned to move back to Spencer. He grabbed the chair that he used to lay his dry clean suits over and drug it over to in front of the bed. The chair was a lot closer than it had been that night. Aaron would be able to touch.

When Aaron sat down, Spencer leaned back on the bed to grab the lube that was laying on the nightstand. He popped the lid and poured a generous amount out into his left hand. Spencer coated the fingers of his right before sitting up. He used what was left to paint the plug in Aaron’s hand. Aaron didn’t give it over, though.

“I want you to do everything that I say.”


“Lay back with your feet braced on the end of the bed. Fuck yourself with a single finger. Don’t add a second until I tell you.”

Spencer laid back and braced his legs like Aaron wanted, he closed his eyes and reached down. He could hear Aaron move, but he didn’t look. Instead, he pushed the first finger inside of himself. He didn’t need stretching, even for the plug. They had sex too often for that. Aaron loved to finger him. It was used as foreplay more often than anything else. Spencer loved the feel of Aaron’s fingers inside of him. He loved Aaron inside of him anyway that he could have him.

A finger ran across the seam of Spencer’s lips, and he realized that he was muffling himself. Spencer opened his lips and let out a pant. He opened his eyes to see that Aaron was entirely focused on his hole.

“Two,” Aaron whispered, his eyes darting up to Spencer’s eyes for a second before going back down. Spencer pulled out his finger and pushed back in with two. Spencer was lost in the fact that Aaron was just watching him.

“Pull out.”

As soon as Spencer’s fingers cleared his body, the plug was pressing into him. Aaron pressed the plug into him slowly. Spencer grabbed the bed sheets, gripping them hard as he was filled. Even after years, a plug was still one of the best things to him. He could get off with it inside of him with little stimulation. The groan that Aaron let out as the plug was fully seated inside of Spencer told him that the man wasn’t unaffected by the visual. Spencer smiled as he let go of the bed to reach for the lube again. Spencer wiped his hands on the bed after dropping the lube on his chest. While he was cleaning up when it was all done, Spencer would make Aaron clean up the bed and change the top sheet.

“Slick up your hand, Spencer.”

Spencer closed his eyes again and did as Aaron asked. He waited though to be told to do anything else. Spencer was just the puppet in this. A marionette on a string. The sound of the chair scooting closer had Spencer dropping his legs open just a little bit more. The shift in his body had the plug moving. Spencer hissed at the sensation.

“Stroke your cock. Gentle. Slow.”

Spencer did as he was told. He stroked it gently, slowly. Not nearly enough pressure to do anything. He wanted more.

“Look at me.”

Spencer tilted his head down and opened his eyes. Aaron’s eyes were black were lust. His cock was hard and leaking. He wasn’t stroking it, though. He had his eyes locked on Spencer’s body.

“Talk to me, Aaron.”

“You are beautiful like this. Aroused for me, because of me. Only for me. The way that your breath hitches when you caress the head of your cock. You were made for me.”

“You molded me into what you wanted,” Spencer said. He felt the bed dip a little, and then the plug was pressing into him. He looked down to see that Aaron was kneeling on the bed, his knee pressed between Spencer’s legs. Aaron loomed over him, his hands pressed onto the bed on either side of Spencer’s head.

“I knew you would be perfect. I think that was why I kissed you that day. I didn’t see just the shy genius but your capacity to learn. It’s not even that you submit to me or even how good you are when you do but that brain of yours. How I can get it to shut off. How you only allow me to be with you so intimately. Harder.”

Spencer whined as he was allowed to grip his cock harder. Aaron above him and all around him and that damned knee of his, pressing the plug in just a little more, giving Spencer something he could hump down onto and fuck himself with the plug.

“I think you were mine the first time I ever got you close to subspace. The place where your brain stops. You trusted me more than you ever should have there in the beginning and I never betrayed it.”

Spencer worked his cock, harder and faster, even though Aaron hadn’t said anything about faster. He looked up into Aaron’s eyes, seeing the man he loved, enraptured by watching him jerk his own cock. Spencer didn’t know how long he could hold in his orgasm.

“Now, love,” Aaron whispered.

Spencer came his release striping his chest and stomach. He gentled his hand on his cock as he worked himself to the point of too much. Aaron’s knee shifted just to rake the plug over Spencer’s prostate to milk him. It was too much and not enough at the same time. When his cock couldn’t take anymore, Spencer let go, dropping his arm the bed. Aaron kept working the plug, sitting up so that he could use his hand to manipulate it. Spencer watched with half-lidded eyes as Aaron tried to milk his prostate for just a little release as he worked his own cock with his free hand.

A whimper escaped Spencer’s throat as he felt that last drop escape his cock. Aaron groaned and came all over Spencer’s already marked chest. Spencer closed his eyes, waiting for Aaron to move because Spencer knew if he stayed there long, he was going to go to sleep.

“Sometime, soon, I’m going to tie you up and milk you. Fuck you until you pass out.”

“Mmmm,” Spencer said, just on the edge of sleep. He felt Aaron’s hand on his leg, it ran up to his thigh and pinched. Spencer shot up in bed, almost colliding with Aaron.

“Don’t sleep,” Aaron said.

“Then let me up.” Spencer waited for Aaron to move enough to where he could get up. The older man shifted, and Spencer slid off the bed. Clean up was easy in the shower. By the time that he was dried off and ready for bed, Aaron had changed the sheets and was already tucked into bed. Spencer climbed over him to get into his spot on the bed, earning him a chuckle.

“Love you,” Aaron said, sleepily into Spencer’s ear.

“Love you too,” Spencer said back before sleep claimed him.

Spencer was sitting on the couch waiting for Aaron. Prentiss and JJ had been right. Aaron had left in the early afternoon. The team had been given the day to start a long weekend. Going nonstop on a case for nearly five days had earned them an extra day off, Aaron had said. The morning had been spent just relaxing around the house. Then Aaron had set out to do a few errands alone before texting that he was going to be going to Rossi’s to get ready for the date. It had been silence from the man since then.

JJ and Prentiss had arrived to help him dress. That had been a lesson into the mind of women that he never felt that he had needed. Prentiss had balked at the choices Spencer had made for what he was wearing, but JJ hadn’t fought him on anything but colors. Aaron had asked him to dress warm, so he had dressed in the shirt that Aaron had bought him a while back and a fitted sweater that had made Aaron never take his eyes off of him. A pair of jeans that Jack called a size too small finished off the clothes that could be seen. His socks were solid royal blue and solid dark purple. He had on a pair of black Chucks.

Jack was sitting across from him on the loveseat, reading. Jessica was working on the special dinner she had planned for the two of them. It was so secret that not even Spencer was allowed to know what it was.

The clock on the wall chimed, telling Spencer that it was fifteen until six. Spencer didn’t know what to do. He wanted to go down and wait for Aaron outside, but Prentiss had told him that he needed to wait until Aaron came to get him.

“You know, this is you and Aaron, not you and Aaron and Prentiss,” Jessica said. Spencer turned to look at her. She was leaning on the wall that separated the kitchen to the rest of the apartment.

“I don’t want to mess this up.”

“Spencer, there is nothing to mess up. You are nervous because they made a big fuss out of it. Aaron just wants to take you on a date. Nothing more, nothing less. You never would have put this much into this if JJ and Prentiss hadn’t pointed out what it was. Yes, Aaron wants to make it unique and kind of recreate a first high school date but you both know that this is nothing that elaborate. Do what you feel is right.”

Spencer nodded and stood up from the couch. He walked over to give Jessica a kiss on the cheek before he hugged Jack goodbye. He had already chosen to forgo the messenger bag and just take his wallet. Grabbing his keys and pocketing them, Spencer opened the door.

Aaron was standing there, hands in his pocket and looking at the door like he didn’t know what to do. When he realized that Spencer had opened the door his look of insecurity turned to shock.

“Hi,” Aaron said.

“Hi,” Spencer said back.


Spencer didn’t think that he had ever heard that word out of Aaron’s mouth. He stepped forward and kissed Aaron’s cheek. “Are you ready?”

“Yes. Yes. Let’s go.”

Spencer tucked himself into Aaron’s side with his arm linked with the elbow of Aaron’s. The smile on Aaron’s face was worth it.

“Dave told me not to get myself psyched up, but I think did anyway.”


“I want this to be perfect.”

“What’s perfect? The only way that it wouldn’t be a good date is if you mess it up by worrying. I’m sure you have a nice meal planned somewhere, but Aaron as long as it’s you and it’s me, and we have fun, it’ll be a special date.” Spencer leaned in for a kiss, but Aaron moved his head back.

“First dates don’t have kisses this early, especially not teenaged ones.” Aaron stepped into the elevator, and Spencer frowned but settled into the corner. Aaron pressed the buttons needed. “You don’t want a coat?”

“You said dress warmly. You know I don’t wear a jacket unless I am going to be in the cold for a long time. Am I going to be in the cold for a long time?”

“Did you ever see your classmates on dates?”

“No. I was either at home or at one of the libraries in Las Vegas. Why?”

“Here in the DC area, first dates are usually walked to if the teens don’t drive. Or there is the use of public transportation.”

“We are walking?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. Don’t worry I planned for you not wearing a coat.” The doors opened, and Aaron stepped out of the elevator first. He held out his hand, and Spencer slipped his hand into Aaron’s slightly thicker one. Spencer tried to catalog the feeling of holding Aaron’s hand. He had held hands with his mother a lot when he was growing up. Even long past the age where he should have because her grip on his hand told him how she was. The more frantic she became, the tighter the grip became. The only other person that he held the hand of was Jack. His little hand felt wonderful wrapped in Spencer’s larger one. This grip didn’t feel motherly, fatherly, or anything like that.

Spencer must have been going slow or something because Aaron stopped walking and turned back to face him. Spencer blushed a little and ducked his head. He gave Aaron’s hand a squeeze before pulling on it. Aaron stepped closer to him and allowed his hand to be brought up to Spencer’s face. Spencer brushed Aaron’s knuckles on his own cheek, nuzzling the fingers when he was done.

“So where are we going?”

“First, we are stopping at my car. I did have plans to drive if the weather turned rainy but it didn’t.” Aaron pulled Spencer down the block by their joined hands to one of the public parking lots. Aaron didn’t park there a lot of the time, but sometimes he did if he didn’t want to use the parking garage for the apartments in the area. Spencer let go of his hand as he reached for the car, the headlights blinking to show the alarm going off. Aaron opened the back seat door, not the front and Spencer was intrigued. He leaned a little forward to look inside, but all he could see was darkness. When Aaron stood up with a large black blob of some kind, Spencer frowned. Aaron shook it out, and Spencer realized it was a leather jacket. A timeworn leather jacket that looked like it was well loved and well cared for.

“What is this?”

“I used this for a long time. I think it was the only coat I used until Haley convinced me that it wasn’t professional enough for a law student. I still wore it some after that but it hung in the back of our closet after that. Then one day it was gone. I thought that she had got rid of it after I accepted the BAU job when it was offered. When I was cleaning out the house after Haley’s death, I found it in the attic. She had it stored to protect it.”

“And why are you getting it out now?”

“Well it’s not a letterman jacket, but for us, it’ll work.”

“What?” Spencer asked.

“I…Dave and Morgan said you were kind of clueless on this, but I didn’t think it was this bad.” Aaron motioned for Spencer to turn around and he did. He felt the jacket being laid on his shoulders. Spencer slipped his arms down the sleeves on rote. He felt Aaron’s hands settle on his shoulders. “One of the first things that a couple does is the female starts to wear the boyfriend’s letterman jacket. I know that you are not a girl, but I’ve seen where in some more progressive schools boys do it with their boyfriends and some girls with their girlfriends these days.”

“So…this is mine now?” Spencer asked as he turned in Aaron’s arms.

“It was a sign of going steady so yes. Until such a time that you leave me or I leave you which is never, so yes. It’s yours.”

Spencer grabbed the top edges of the zipper area and lifted it up. He inhaled, smelling leather and a spice that he had come to associate with Aaron. Even after so long in storage, it smelled like him.

“I’ve used the same cologne since I was a teenager. It still smelled like me when I pulled it out of storage. I’ve worn it a few times since I had it cleaned and repaired.”

“I’ve never had a leather jacket. Would I get away with wearing it to work?”

“Morgan has worn leather jackets. Even in the field. I bet it’s warmer than most of the jackets you currently wear in colder weather.”

“I like it. And it’s not too big. I don’t swim in it.”

“That’s because I was smaller back then and had a lot less muscle. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes.” Spencer started to move in the direction that Aaron began to move. He didn’t want to let go of the coat, so he just tucked into Aaron’s side. The man didn’t seem to mind at all and laid his left arm across Spencer’s shoulders, holding him just a tiny bit closer. The silence that stretched between them as they walked the DC streets should have felt awkward, and if it had truly been the first date, Spencer knew that he would have been trying to fill the silence with a nervous ramble. He even closed his eyes and felt good and safe in Aaron’s arms. Knowing that he wouldn’t let anything happen to Spencer.

The sounds around Spencer changed from busy cars to slower streets and even the sounds of kids playing, so Spencer opened his eyes. He saw that they were in one of the areas of the town that Spencer had never actually gone to before. He knew that he had driven through it. His new favorite bookstore was almost directly four blocks west from where they were at the moment.

“Where are we going?” Spencer asked. The rumble he felt in Aaron’s body told him that he was holding in a chuckle.

“That’s a surprise, Spencer.”

Spencer huffed, but he looked ahead and saw a storefront. Spencer had seen places like it in some of the towns they had gone to. Prentiss had asked Aaron and Rossi if it reminded them of their childhood.

“Well?” Aaron asked as he stopped in front of the old time restaurant.

“Looks fun.”

Aaron smiled at him as he reached out and opened the door. Spencer stepped inside. The smell of fresh grease was in the air as well as cream and sugar. Spencer smiled as he inhaled. Aaron started over towards one of the corner seats in the back. Spencer slid into the booth seat first, and Aaron settled in at his side instead of across from him. Spencer looked at the menu that was on the wall, in a little pocket so that the table wasn’t cluttered. He pulled out one for him and one for Aaron, but Aaron just smiled at him and didn’t look at it.

“Aren’t you going to look?”

“Oh, I know what I am getting. Jack and I stop here a lot. He likes the milkshakes, and they have a lot of flavors. That’s the menu in the back of the pocket.” Aaron pointed, and Spencer turned to look in the spot. He pulled that menu out and saw that there were indeed a lot of milkshake flavors. His eyes scanned them quickly. He saw a mocha one.

“Are we doing them as our drink or as dessert?”

“With dinner. Did you see anything for dinner that you really want?”

“Burger and fries.”

“Just a plain burger and fries.”

“Yes. Isn’t that what one is supposed to get here?” Spencer asked.

“But they have all kinds of different types of burgers, and you want a plain one.”

“Sometimes it’s good to appreciate the simple things. It’s been awhile since I’ve had just a cheeseburger with a few simple toppings and fries with ketchup. We eat out so much on cases, but it’s always interesting things or pre-made cold sandwiches. When was the last time you had a burger when you were out? Just meat, cheese, lettuce, onion, and ketchup?”

“A long time.”

“I know you like jalapenos on yours. Anything spicy really so I bet you get the atomic burger here.”

“I do.” Aaron scooted closer as the waitress stepped up to their table.

“Sorry for the wait. Our POS system was messing up, but I got it fixed. So what can I get for you today?”

“I am going to have a pineapple milkshake along with the atomic burger, everything on it and an order of onion rings and cheese sticks.”

“And you sweetie?” The waitress asked she was smiling at Spencer. Spencer blushed a little at the way that she was smiling at him. She was looking at him like he was adorable.

“The double, onion and cheese only. Double french fries for me and a mocha shake.”

“You gotcha. I’ll bring over a glass of water for you two while you are waiting on your shakes.”

Spencer felt the hand brush against his and then Aaron was covering his hand that was on the table between them with his own. Spencer felt that emotion again and still couldn’t figure it out.

“What’s wrong?”

“What?” Spencer asked, coming out of his thoughts.

“You have your thinking face on.”

Spencer raised his hand, curling his fingers some. Aaron bent his as well, keeping the hands connected. “I am trying to figure out how this makes me feel.”

“What do you mean?”

“I spent the walk from our apartment to the car trying to understand how I felt about us holding hands. I have only ever held hands with mom and with Jack. But you holding my hand feels different. I like it, and I want it more. I’d never even thought about it before, and now I want it. It doesn’t make me feel safe like being in your arms does, but it does make me a feel a lot of things.”

“Tell me what you feel.”

“Warm. I feel the heat of your hand, and it warms more than just my hand and arm but my whole body. I feel a flutter in my belly, nothing like arousal but just something that gets my blood pumping. I feel happy.”

“Cherished,” Aaron whispered.


“See this is why we need this. Just us out without anything else between us. You know how I feel about you, but we’ve never done the romantic things and while cold Chinese tucked together on the couch is awesome, sex isn’t all that we are. If it was, our relationship never would have changed.”


“I know you don’t like it, but our relationship can’t stay the same forever. It’s going to change and evolve as we change, from outside and inside sources.”

“I know. As long as you have no more spontaneous outbursts or confession during sex, I think we’ll be fine.”

Aaron leaned in and kissed the side of Spencer’s face. He kept their hands linked together all the way until the food was served a while later. Spencer lost track of time while they ate. They talked about anything and everything, quiet moments at home were the same. Talking about nothing important, only the things that crossed their minds. Movies were discussed, and Aaron brought up a few that he wanted to watch with Spencer. Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Can’t Buy Me Love were some of the first ones that Aaron felt were needed for Spencer’s romantic education.

When there was no food left for them to eat and no milkshake left in their cups, Aaron paid for dinner. Spencer slipped out of the seat after Aaron, and when his lover held up the leather jacket, Spencer turned so that he could slip it over Spencer’s shoulders. Outside, Spencer tucked himself under Aaron’s shoulder. As they walked closer and closer to home, Spencer could feel his skin heating up, but it wasn’t with the promise of sex. It was a contentment that he’d not felt that often. Happiness, pure joy.

“Here’s where I leave you,” Aaron whispered as they exited the elevator.

“You are not going to spend the night at Rossi’s.”

“Inviting me after only a single date, Spencer is considered very fast,” Aaron said with a smile on his face.

“What then did teenagers do in your time after the date was done?” Spencer asked.

“Well, it depended on what the girl and guy wanted. Whether it was a simple kiss goodnight.” Aaron leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to Spencer’s lips. The sound of a key in the lock told Spencer that Aaron was serious on at last walking away from him at the door, whether he stayed away was something else. Aaron pulled back a wicked smile on his face. The doorknob rattled a little as it was turned. Spencer looped his arms around Aaron’s neck and pulled him back in for a deeper kiss. He felt Aaron pressing him into the door jamb and hummed into the kiss.

The sound of someone clearing their throat had Aaron pulling away from Spencer like he had been burned. Spencer looked down the hall the way he was facing but found no one. Spencer turned his head to look the other way and saw no one there as well. Spencer turned back to look at Aaron, seeing that he was looking inside the apartment. Spencer followed his gaze and found not only Jessica standing there but Jack as well. Jack who should be in bed but was instead standing there and glaring at them, looking at the clock on the wall. Spencer looked at the time and saw that it really wasn’t that late but what he had heard of teens well past what would be considered their curfew.

“You are late,” Jack said. He sounded like Aaron, but he couldn’t hold it long as a smile appeared on his face and he laughed before running over to them. Aaron picked him up and hugged him before ushering Spencer inside and shutting the door.

“I think the only thing that could have possibly made it better was if we had come back to you sitting with a shotgun in your hands, cleaning it.”

“Aunt Jessica wouldn’t buy me a toy one. She said the Hotchner glare would be enough.”

Spencer made a mental note to ask what that was about but first, they needed to get Jack down to bed and Jessica home.


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