Rough Romance Interlude X-Silent

Interlude X-Silent

The room was entirely dark when Spencer entered it. He knew what he had to do. He knew what he wanted to do and this was it, but he was out of his depth and seriously debating not going through with it. In his hand was the blindfold that he was supposed to use to remove his eyesight and then strip naked. Only when he was blinded and naked would the lights come on and the man who was going to use him for the night was going to start what they were going to do. Spencer knew that he could safeword out or even leave at any point, and nothing would happen to him.

Spencer had paid heavily for the night in a club in the heart of the more upscale clubs in DC. Spencer had heard about the place by word of mouth from one of Will’s friends and had started to search the place out. The facade that they put on for the public made it a little hard to actually find but that made it worth it. Spencer was safe here. He wasn’t going to be hurt. Spencer had filled out a lot of paperwork and had spent just as long going over profiles of the various men and women who were available for the night. Spencer had handed back the female files, while he was bisexual, in theory as he hadn’t been with a woman in years and could barely remember how it felt to be with a woman, Spencer really wanted to be used for the night and he only ever felt that way with a man.

There was nothing to do but do what Spencer had come to do so he started to strip down. He found a chair in the room to set his things on. Spencer hadn’t dressed up for the night because it didn’t matter what clothes Spencer wore, he was going to spend the night naked. Grabbing the blindfold from where he had set it, Spencer slipped it on and tied it tight. The room was silent, but Spencer knew that the man who was going to use him was in the room. Spencer had been told that he would be. That he would be in the room from the moment that Spencer entered it and it was why the room was dark.

“I’m ready.”

“Good,” a voice said from the far side of the room from where Spencer was. Spencer turned that way even though he knew it wouldn’t give him a glimpse of the man. The blindfold was a good one and molded to his face but was softly lined so that it didn’t hurt him. No light was going to reach his eyes if the lights were on. There was the sound of the rustle of clothes approaching Spencer. “Those are the last words that you are going to speak, Spencer. You agreed to the taking of your eyesight before entering this room but after reading your profile and getting a better understanding of what you need, I’m going to take your voice as well, but I’m not going to gag you. You will submit of your own free will. I hear a single word, a moan, a whimper, and I will stop.”

Spencer nodded his head, hoping that the lights were on so that the man could see him. Spencer was standing near the chair, and he hadn’t felt over the room to see what else was there, so he had no clue what they were going to do. A hand brushed the back of his neck, and Spencer jumped. He wanted to spin around to face the man, but the hand settled more on his neck and held him in place. There was the chink of metal on metal before the hand moved away. Spencer felt something cool but not cold wrap around his wrist before it was tightened. It was repeated on the other and then there was nothing but the cuffs touching him.

The room was silent, and the man must have been breathing low enough to where he couldn’t hear him. The sound of a drawer opening across the room told Spencer that the man was there. He hadn’t told Spencer to stay still, but Spencer was a little afraid of moving.

“Over here, Spencer,” the man called out. Spencer turned towards the sound and started in that direction. He trusted that the man hadn’t set something in his path to hurt him. He would end this if he did. “Stop.”

Spencer jerked to a stop and waited. He heard something land on the floor in front of him.

“Kneel and put your hands on your knees. Do not let go of your knees unless you need to stop. Not stop the whole thing just stop what you are doing. You are not allowed to come.”

Spencer nodded. He carefully knelt down. Finding that what had been dropped was a soft pad of some kind. Spencer let his fingertips touch it as he moved his hands to his knees. A hand settled into his hair, just touching, dipping down his neck, down to his cheeks, and once across his lips. Spencer parted his lips as the finger brushed across and he wanted. He didn’t know what he wanted, but he wanted. The pad shifted, and Spencer realized that the man had knelt as well, behind Spencer.

“My name is Aaron, Spencer. I’m going to start off slow and gentle, but it’s going to be no less intense. Nod if you understand and are ready to begin.”

Spencer nodded, feeling a hand on his back before he was even done dipping his head down. A second hand joined, and Spencer realized that the man was touching him everywhere, almost mapping his skin like Spencer mapped words on a page with the tips of his fingers. The hands dipped down to caress his crack, and one finger slipped down his crack, not stopping until it had pressed into the skin behind Spencer’s balls. Spencer opened his mouth and panted, snapping it shut and hoping that he hadn’t messed up already. The finger started back up and just as it passed his hole, another finger pressed into his hole, only this one had something slick that allowed it to enter Spencer with no issue. He could not hold in the gasp.

“There you go, Spencer. Don’t worry gasps, and pants are perfectly fine. They tell me that I am doing good. Just no moans, no groans, and no words. No sounds.” Aaron pressed inside of Spencer with two slick fingers before he brushed across Spencer’s prostate. Spencer’s entire body shuddered at that feeling. “You submitted the proper paperwork that stated that you were free of disease. You saw mine but if you want I will still use a condom when I fuck you in a little while. Do you expect me to use one?”

Spencer shook his head back and forth, violently. That was the whole reason that he wanted this. Why he had come here. Spencer felt the fingers leave him. The other hand wrapped around to his front, fingers brushed up his stomach, up to his chest, throat, before settling on his lips.

“What about here? I’ll fuck this as well if you want, without a condom.”

Spencer nodded his head, feeling the fingers rub up and down his lips.

“So you meant it unless it was listed, you don’t care what I do to you?”

Spencer shook his head back and forth again, this time not as violently. The hands left him, and Spencer felt Aaron stand up, moving away from him. Spencer heard a sink running and figured that Aaron was cleaning the lube off of his hands. After the water was shut off, Spencer couldn’t hear him moving around anymore. There was no rustle of clothes and no sound of feet or shoes on the floor. Something soft slithered down his back, and Spencer tried not to jump too much. Stopping himself was hard. He settled down and waited. The feel of whatever it was landed on his back. There was no pain associated but there so much touch all over his back that he jerked. He could feel that it was like strands of frayed cloth. It was a sensation that he had never felt before.

Again and again, Aaron brought the cloth down on his back, it was making Spencer feel over sensitized, but he kept his lips shut. He was only half hard, but he could feel himself getting closer to orgasm. He didn’t know if he wanted to leave his hands on his knees or let them drop to the floor. He was lost, so lost in the feelings. Spencer slumped down, relaxing into what he was doing, what he was giving up to the man that he didn’t know. The cloth didn’t come back down on his back again. He let his bottom lip go so that he could breathe easier, inhaling and exhaling through his mouth instead of his nose. Aaron’s hand dropped onto his back, right at the top of his spine before trailing down.

“You are doing so well, Spencer. Now it’s time for my reward, up a little and open your mouth.”

Spencer straightened his spine and opened his mouth. He heard the sound of a zipper that said that Aaron was at least wearing pants. It wasn’t but a few seconds before he felt the head of Aaron’s cock brush his lips. The cock only slipped inside a little bit before Spencer closed his mouth around it. He swirled his tongue around the head as Aaron pushed in a little bit more. Even behind his blindfold, Spencer closed his eyes at the feel of the cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue along the underside as Aaron pushed more into his mouth.

Aaron reached down and threaded his fingers through Spencer’s hair, pulling Spencer down on his cock just a little bit more. When all of Aaron’s cock was wet with Spencer’s saliva, Aaron tightened his hand in Spencer’s hair, making it impossible for Spencer to move without ripping hair out. Spencer knew what was coming and he relaxed his throat so that when Aaron pulled nearly all the way out and pushed all the way back in, cock head bumping the back of Spencer’s throat it, he was ready for it. Aaron fucked his mouth, allowing Spencer just enough to breathe in through his nose before his pubic hair was there at Spencer’s nose again. Spencer gripped his knees tight, resisting the urge to reach up and grab Aaron’s ass, pushing him into Spencer’s mouth even more.

“You want more, don’t you? I can see your arms trembling, Spencer. Do you want to deep throat me?”

Spencer hollowed his cheeks, sucking on Aaron’s cock to try and get him in just a little more but instead, Aaron pulled out. All the way out. Spencer held back the whimper that wanted to come out, but he didn’t close his mouth.

“Next time, Spencer. Next time I’ll let you deepthroat me.”

Spencer didn’t do anything other than close his mouth to show that he understood. A drawer opened again, and Spencer tried to listen hard to know when Aaron came back. He heard a weird rasping noise that was almost so silent that he missed it.

“You did so well for me. Keeping silent with over stimulation. However, I want more from you. I want you to ache with the need to scream. If you rise up a little and lean forward, you’ll find a bench there for you to hold yourself up on. I want access to your back and your ass. I want to see it all.”

Spencer lifted up to where his ass wasn’t on his heels anymore. He let go of his knees and reached out, finding the bench. It didn’t give or move at all, even as he put his full upper body weight onto his arms. He spread his knees apart just a little more to give himself a better balance and waited.

“If you let go of the bench at all, it’ll be just like letting go of your knees.”

Spencer nodded his understanding, and before he could even get fully back up with his head, he felt the first crack of something on his ass. It was hard, and the sound of the crack was as arousing as the feel of the sting on his ass cheeks.

“Cane,” Aaron said just a second before a second blow landed just an inch above the other. Spencer bit at his lip to hold in the moan that he wanted to let loose. He shivered as his body got used to the pain, and his cock finished hardening up. The next crack landed on his back, hitting his sides but not pressing into his spine at all. Spencer tasted blood from where he was biting his lip so hard. He knew why Aaron hadn’t gagged him. It was harder to not make a sound when nothing was blocking you. Spencer didn’t want to fail. He didn’t want to go home without Aaron fucking him, taking him and for a small while making Spencer his.

The next crack was back on his ass, and it was harder than any of the others like Aaron knew that Spencer was wandering away from the thought of what was being done to his body. Spencer’s arms started to shake from holding him up. He wasn’t going to let go. He wasn’t going to fail.

Spencer lost count of how many times Aaron brought the cane down onto his lower back and his ass, and a few times his thighs. He was gone on the pain, the letting go. The perfectness of it all. He didn’t realize that the hits of the cane had stopped until he felt a hand under his chin and a hand tangled in his short hair, tipping his head up. Spencer released the bench as he was pulled all the way up. Spencer opened his mouth, and Aaron slid his cock inside, all the way to the back, Spencer tried to get him in a little farther, but Aaron pulled back, thrusting in and out a few times before he pushed his cock to the back of Spencer’s throat and even further back.

“Shit, you.” Aaron’s hand disappeared from his throat and tangled beside its brother in his hair, allowing Aaron to totally control Spencer’s head, thrusting in and out, fucking Spencer’s mouth and throat. He was gone. Spencer’s back, ass, and thighs were aching so deliciously, and he wasn’t sure what he wanted, to have his throat fucked, his ass fucked, or have more of the cane. He would settle for whatever Aaron wanted because there wasn’t anything else that he could do. He’d given himself over to the man totally, not to make a decision until he stepped back out of the room.

Aaron moaned, it sounded broken, and Spencer readied himself to swallow, but instead, Aaron pulled his cock from Spencer’s mouth. Aaron stepped away, and as soon as he let go of Spencer’s hair, he slumped back down to where his arms were holding him up off the bench. He hadn’t been told to move from the position, but Aaron had pulled him up.

“Up, Spencer.”

Spencer slowly pushed up with his legs until he was bent over at the waist. He held that position until he was sure that his legs would hold him and then Spencer pushed up with his arms until he was standing upright. The release of his skin from being pulled tight felt wonderful. Aaron clasped Spencer’s shoulder and directed him over towards the other side of the room where Spencer had laid his clothes. It wasn’t but a few steps before he was stepping up on something that was soft.

“Down. Elbows on the bed.”

Spencer dropped slowly to his knees again. He reached out carefully for the bed and found it. It was at the right height that he was able to put his elbows on it and present his back and ass again. Aaron hadn’t said he wanted him up again to where his ass was really accessible. Spencer listened for Aaron, hearing him on the far side of the room before he came back towards where Spencer was.

“Your shorter hair is a good thing right now. Ass up in the air again. Like you want to be fucked.”

Spencer did as Aaron asked. He was sure that he looked like a wanton thing, back and ass on display, hole shining with the lube from where Aaron had played with him earlier, his cock hard and heavy between his legs, leaking. Spencer didn’t care. He needed this. He wanted this.

Aaron was behind him, and there was no warning before two fingers pushed inside of Spencer. Spencer dropped his face into the bed to stop himself from moaning. He bit at his lip and felt it crack again. He hadn’t even felt the pain of it when Aaron had been fucking his mouth. Now it flared because there was no other pain on his skin. The fingers pulled out and were shoved back in just a few seconds later, cooler from fresh lube. Spencer wondered if that was what was next. Fucking. He shifted his legs a little farther apart.

“You’ll get my cock, just not right now, Spencer. Now whatever you do, don’t move. I don’t want to accidentally hurt you.”

Spencer wanted to ask what was coming because there wasn’t a lot that Spencer had checked off as a hard limit on the list of things that were allowed inside of the club.

Something hot and liquid landed at the top of Spencer’s spine, and Spencer bit the bed to stop himself from screaming. Wax play. Now he understood the raspy noise that he had heard, the lighter. A match would have given it away when put out or even lit. Spencer felt a long strip being dribble down his spine from top to bottom. Spencer laid down near fully on the bed because much more, and he wasn’t going to be able to keep himself up on his legs.

A metal snickt sounded, and Spencer tensed before the flat edge of the blade laid on his skin, just above the cooling wax and started to scrape downward. Spencer inhaled and held it as the blade swept down his back. When the blade pressed into the skin of his cleft, Spencer shivered.

“You are trembling, Spencer. Do you want more?”

Spencer nodded his head, wiping the sweat on his face all over the blanket on the end of the bed. The heat from the wax dripped on his back left shoulder before it was scraped away. Next was his right shoulder. Spencer stilled as the blade pressed a little harder on his skin this time before it pulled back just a little and scraped the wax away. The same thing was repeated for the lower left and right of his back, the knife digging in just a bit more on the right and Spencer knew it drew a thin trail of blood. The knifed cleaned the last of the wax off of him before hands grabbed his hip and manhandled him all the way onto the bed. A hand pressed him down into the bed as Aaron’s tongue lapped at the cut. Spencer rutted into the bed, trying to seek his release.

“Naughty, Spencer. Naughty. How about I do this?” Aaron lowered his hand to where his thumb pressed into the edge of the wound before Spencer was pressed down so hard that he couldn’t move. Next Aaron straddled Spencer’s legs. Spencer barely had time to even try and move before his cheeks were spread and the tip of Aaron’s cock was breaching him. Aaron reached up and tilted Spencer’s head to the side so that he couldn’t muffle anything in the bedding before he laid all the way down on top of Spencer. Aaron’s hands grabbed Spencer’s and pressed them down into the bed, making sure that Spencer couldn’t move away.

The sweat from Aaron’s body seeped into Spencer’s wound, almost making him hiss but he held it in because he didn’t want Aaron to stop. Spencer was almost overwhelmed by the feeling of being owned that Aaron was giving him. While the cock in him was keeping him right at the edge, it was the feelings everything else had given him that tipped Spencer over into orgasm long before he wanted it.

“You are perfect, Spencer,” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear before his lips trailed down Spencer’s neck, his teeth found a home right over Spencer’s scar, biting hard enough to break skin and came inside of Spencer. “I love you.”

Spencer didn’t say a word, even though Aaron was the one to break the scene first, he didn’t want the silence to end. Aaron pulled his cock free of Spencer’s ass and laid back down on top of him again.

“We still need to go back upstairs to bed. Jack will freak out if he comes to crawl into bed with us and we aren’t there. There is no rush though.” Aaron pressed a kiss into the back of Spencer’s neck before starting down his spine. Spencer felt a tongue trace the areas where Aaron had dripped wax onto him. “I marked you as mine.”

Spencer laughed a little at the words because Aaron had done that a long time before and it really wasn’t needed again.

“M.” Aaron’s tongue traced the spot on Spencer’s left shoulder. “I.” The spot on his right. “N.” Aaron scooted down to cover the one that was on his lower left back. “E.” And finally his lower right. He scooted down a little bit more and bit at Spencer’s ass cheek before he dipped back up and licked the cut.

“You dripped the wax to spell mine?” Spencer asked as he finally pushed himself to roll over. Aaron undid the blindfold letting it fall. Spencer looked down at Aaron who was braced on his elbows and looking up at him.

“I did. I’ve also made you bleed twice tonight. I want to get you cleaned up and bandaged sooner rather than later.”

“Especially since you keep licking the one?”

Aaron only grinned at him before launching himself up to take a deep kiss from Spencer. Spencer knew that it would be a little before they actually got out of the bed and into the bathroom attached to the basement guest room. Aaron hadn’t kissed him at all during their play, and he knew that he would want to make up for that. Spencer was all right with that.

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