All the Broken Plans Part 1

Title: All the Broken Plans
Series: Untitled
Fandom: Harry Potter
Year: 1991
Tags: Sentinel & Guides are Known, Alternate Universe, Character Bashing, Brief Suicidal Thoughts,
Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy,
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy,
Spoilers: Up Through Whole Book Series
Summary: Draco Malfoy’s life changed when he came online as a Guide when he was seven. The first Malfoy to ever come online in history. His life changed again when it was storming the worst it had ever stormed. He was alone in his room when a wet and ragged wolf came running into his room. His Sentinel needed him.

Harry Potter came online as a Sentinel the summer that he was to turn eleven. It was the worst storm in Harry’s memory, and his aunt made him stay outside in it. Harry was cowering in the corner of the yard as protected as he could get as he sobbed from the loud noises and the pain from the rain on his skin. He looked at the wolf that appeared in front of him and Harry begged him for help.
Words: 18,740
Notes: Characters are underage, and no intimate contact besides sleeping in the same bed is going to happen.
Warnings: Child Abuse,
Beta: None

Part 1-July 1, 1991

Harry Potter heard the first crack of lightning, and he whimpered. He looked at the door that led into the house and debated actually going inside. His aunt might yell and scream at him, but there was every bit of a chance that she would get very upset and throw him back into the cupboard where Harry would be safer from the sounds of the storm. For weeks everything had been bothering him. His aunt had been making him shower, a cold one but still a shower, every single day. Harry wasn’t sure that it was helping the rash that was on his body.

The rash was the second thing that had started to bother him, first was the taste of food. It all tasted wrong and horrible. Thankfully he knew what the food he made for his aunt, uncle, and Dudley should be cooked without having to taste it. He had been doing it for so long. There was a whine, and Harry looked around for the animal that had been doing it. Harry curled tighter into a ball, and he tried to cover his ears as another crack sounded and it was much closer. The wind was picking up, and Harry knew that it was only a matter of time until the storm was properly on the area.

Several minutes later, Harry heard the first drop hit the ground in front of him. It sounded like a car backfiring, and he whimpered again. Harry pressed his hands over his head and tried to go inside of himself. He sometimes could do that, go inside and not come out until the bad sounds or smells were gone. He tried to go there, but it was impossible.

The rain started up, and the drops that landed on him were like needles poking him. It was horrible, and he hated it, and yet he knew, somehow, that it could be worse. His shirt protected him from the pain hitting his back hard, but he could still feel each drop as it landed on him. Harry silently begged for someone to come and save him. He didn’t care who it was, he wanted to be saved from whatever was happening because of his aunt or uncle found out that he was more of a freak than he usually was, they might just beat him to death to try and beat it out of him.

Harry heard a whine and knew that it wasn’t from him. He forced his head up and looked at the beautiful white wolf in front of him. He hadn’t ever seen a wolf as England had no natives ones left, but he had learned about them in school. Harry cocked his head to the side, and he knew that the wolf wasn’t going to hurt him. The wolf crouched down and laid his head on his paws before he wiggled forward. Harry reached his hand out and touched the wolf’s snout. It was soft and warm, and it made Harry feel better. Harry crawled out of the corner where he was, and he wrapped himself around the body of the wolf and started to cry.

“Save me, please. Save me,” Harry begged into the fur of the animal as he also realised that despite the pouring rain, the wolf was not wet and didn’t smell like wet dog.

The wolf pushed up, getting to its feet and it turned to lick the side of Harry’s face before it disappeared from sight. Harry fell over his support no longer there. Harry rolled over and covered his head with his hands and laid there. Maybe if he laid like that long enough he could just go away forever, it would be better than the constant pain that he was in.

Draco Malfoy was sitting in his small reading room that was off his bedroom. When he had been younger, it had been full of toys, but as he approached the age of going to Hogwarts, he had asked his mother to have the toys condensed and moved to the room across the hall and a few bookshelves put into the room. His book collection was small as the stories he had read as a child were few and far between, or at least the ones that he wanted to read more than once. Draco knew that he was picky when it came to stories and many that he had read even just a year ago no longer interested him.

There was a knock on the door, it was quiet in a way that only a House Elf could do while making sure that the Witch or Wizard that they were trying to get the attention of could hear them.

“Enter,” Draco called out as he looked up from his book. He was seated in what Muggles called a beanbag chair. It was Slytherin green in colour with silver stitching. He had seen it in a window of a shop when his mother had taken him around for shelves for his reading room and had fallen in love. Draco knew that he was spoiled, but as he was an only child, it was to be expected. Draco knew that he had more than others and there was an orphanage that his mother donated to on a regular basis, it was money an not time like many other things that she did, but she still did it. Draco gave his books to the kids there that he had outgrown or if he knew that he wasn’t going to reread the story.

“Master Draco, your mother wanted to let you know that dinner is delayed by about twenty minutes. There was an issue with the new wards around the Manor, and it interfered with the spell on the oven,” Dobby said after he had stuck his head into the room. Not even Draco’s parents entered the reading room unless they were explicitly invited. It was Draco’s room, his sanctuary and it had the most potent spells to help protect him.

Draco had come online four summers before, just after he had turned seven years old, as a Guide. He was the first to come online in the Malfoy family ever, as a Guide or a Sentinel. Draco remembered his life before and how his father was. Draco coming online had shifted the Malfoy family in ways that Draco had never expected. All talk of his father’s Dark Lord had stopped overnight. Draco knew that the Dark Lord had not suffered a Sentinel or Guide that he came across to live. The fact that the Malfoy family had never had one before had meant that it was safe for them to serve the Dark Lord, until Draco.

“Tell mother that I’ll be down as soon as I finish this chapter.”

“I tells her, Master Draco.” Dobby bowed his head and disappeared out the door, shutting it behind him with barely a sound. Draco looked down at the book in his hand and started to read again. The chapter only took ten minutes to read, but Draco needed to get changed for dinner. While clothing was relaxed at dinner when there was no one but the three of them around, Draco still liked to actually dress out of his play clothes as it were.

Draco could feel the storm that was coming down on them, and he hoped that ti waited until dinner was over before hitting the Manor grounds. The east garden was enclosed to where rain did not fall on it as it was a very peculiar garden that needed exacting standards on the care of the plants. The Elves that were in charge of it didn’t mind Draco standing in it as long he was careful. Draco loved to be outside in storms. He was born during one of the worst thunderstorms that the area had ever seen. His father said it was why he loved to be out in them.

It was still ten minutes to dinner when Draco came down the steps from his wing of the Manor. His father could be seen in his office, looking over papers. Draco’s magical signature had been given over to the Magical Sentinel and Guide Bureau to help him find a Sentinel. Draco was online and powerful, and he did not handle going out in public well at all. Thankfully Hogwarts was very protected, much more than even Draco’s father had been able to protect the manor. A thousand years of Sentinels and Guides going to Hogwarts meant that it was a safe place for the unbonded. Draco didn’t know how he felt about going to Hogwarts with a Sentinel already or getting to know one and then bonding several years in the future when that Sentinel came online.

There was no book that wasn’t published that Draco’s father had bought on Sentinels and Guides, Muggle or Magical. Draco had read all of the ones that he was allowed as some had to do with aspects of bonding that Draco was no ready for.

An arc of lightning danced behind the window in his father’s study, and Draco turned to go to the kitchen. There was a set of sliding glass doors in the kitchen that gave the Elves access to the herb and vegetable garden that they tended so Draco walked there. He stood and watched the lighting. He felt a nudge on his leg and looked down. Paracelsus was there at Draco’s feet and rubbing against him. Paracelsus was always with Draco but he rarely ever was there enough to actually push into Draco. He wondered if it was the storm that was causing that.

Something was moving out in the garden, and Draco focused hard on it to make it out. He opened up the doors thinking that it might be a House Elf getting something for dinner or even breakfast if it was one of those casseroles that his mother was fond of. There was a flash of white and then Draco was looking at a very wet wolf. Draco slammed the door shut, and he turned around to scream for his father when he felt Paracelsus push at his knee. Draco looked down to see that his fox was focused wholly on the wolf. Dobby came over and looked outside.

“What’s wrong?”

“Dobby get dad!” Draco yelled before he jerked opened the doors and ran out to where the wolf was. Draco’s hands went through the wolf when he dropped to his knees in front of him. The rain started to fall as Draco looked at the Spirit Animal in front of him. Paracelsus rubbed against the legs of the poor thing, and it seemed to get stronger just from that touch alone. Draco held out his hand, and the wolf butted against it. Draco felt nothing but pain. Who ever’s Spirit Animal this was, they were in a great deal of pain.

Draco heard two sets of adult footsteps, and then he felt the swirl of magic as one of his parents cast a spell to stop the rain from hitting him. Draco turned and looked at them.

“My Sentinel is in pain,” Draco said.

“Bloody hell,” his father said, but he looked determined. He turned to look at Draco’s mother. “Get a room in Draco’s wing ready and get the healer here. Draco and I will be returning with a Sentinel in distress, Narcissa.”

“You can’t just take the poor child.”

“No, no Witch or Wizard worth anything in this world would have a child in so much pain that their Spirit Animal would search out there Guide in such a way, Narcissa so that means that the Sentinel is either hurt out where no one else can get to them or this is being done to them. Whoever is in charge of the child does not deserve them.”

Draco buried his fingers into the soft fur of the wolf and pulled him close. He could feel desperation from the person who was his Sentinel.

“My Sentinel sent him for help,” Draco said.

“Then help he shall get.” Draco’s father reached down and helped Draco up. Draco knew that they could see the wolf because Draco was touching him but when his hand slipped from the fur, they could no longer see him. “Do you know where he is?”

“No. I can’t…feel him.”

“We will figure that out. Draco this storm is horrid in the areas that is has been so, please dress warmly and bring a good blanket with your scent on it as well as that travelling cloak of yours that you outgrew. It will help settle your Sentinel when we find him.”

“I’ll have the Elves hold dinner for us and make something from that book that I bought for cooking for Sentinels who are unbonded,” Draco’s mother said as she started back inside the manor.

Draco scrambled to do what his father wanted with Paracelsus and the wolf on his feet. Before going back down, Draco stuffed the items that his father wanted him to bring into his bag that had an expansion charm on it. He also grabbed the bear that he had bought for his Sentinel. Draco had slept with it a few times, and it smelled like him as well.

It was another ten minutes before Draco walked down the stairs to meet his father at the point where they could leave the house from. His father was waiting there with a parchment in his hand. Draco recognised it as a scroll that his father had been given to him by the Bureau on how to deal with a Sentinel in distress.

“Ready?” his father asked, and he looked scared. Draco felt frightened as well. His father held out his hand, and Draco nearly ran to his side to tuck himself in there. Draco’s father’s arm wrapped around him, and then they were going. Draco opened his eyes because if he kept them open during side-along apparition, he always got a very upset stomach. He saw that they were outside of the entrance to Diagon from the Muggle world. Draco felt his Sentinel and looked down to see that the wolf was there. It had followed them in apparition.

“He’s still here, and I feel my Sentinel, father.” Draco knew that his father didn’t like it when he fell back on the formal name he had used before his father had changed in the aftermath of Draco coming online but it made him feel safe.

“Which way?” his father asked.

Draco looked around and then down at the wolf. It was looking very intently in a specific direction Draco pointed that way.

It took ten hops of apparition for Draco to know that they were close.

“Little Whinging,” his father said.

“Dad!” Draco yelled as he saw the wolf running.

“Go,” his father said, and Draco took off running after the wolf. Paracelsus was running faster than Draco. There was a house that looked perfect, and Draco was worried before he watched the wolf run through a fence that blocked the backyard from the eyes of everyone else on the street. Draco stopped just outside it and waited for his father who was on his heels. A quick spell from his father unlocked the gate and then into the back they went.

The wolf was nudging at a body of a boy who looked like he was younger than Draco, or at least he was smaller than Draco. Draco was scared about touching him, so he looked at his father. Draco had never seen his father so upset as he looked when he looked at the boy on the ground.



7 thoughts on “All the Broken Plans Part 1

  1. *cries* Why you gotta break my heart? I am super happy, though, to see the changes in the Malfoys due to Draco coming on-line as a Guide. Great start!


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