Rough Romance Interlude XII-Incentive

Interlude XII-Incentive

Spencer grabbed the stack of documents that needed the new boss’s signature. Spencer wasn’t sure what he felt about the new boss at all. The new boss was kind, Spencer thought, but he’d seen a few of the workers on the floor come out of his office on the verge of tears. He’d treated Spencer with respect and made sure that no one walked over him in the day that he had been working in the office. Their former boss had been found to be stealing money, so he had been let go and taken to jail to wait for prosecution. Spencer wasn’t sure what he wanted the new boss to be. Spencer had got used to how he was treated by the old boss.

Aaron Hotchner had transferred from the Seattle office within a day of it going public about the stealing, and it wasn’t sure whether he was a temporary boss or the new permanent one. The only thing that Spencer had been told was that he had been chosen because he was a hardass who would get the department in order. Spencer really hoped that Hotchner didn’t stick around after he had the department in order.

“Doctor Reid,” Hotchner said as Spencer entered his office. Spencer stopped and looked at him. No one outside of the CEO of the company and the lady who had handled his intake paperwork for the company knew that he had PhDs attached to his name. Spencer had taken the job when his friend had offered because it allowed him to do what he wanted for his spare time, which was sometimes going into the R&D labs and playing with the robotics. It paid well enough that he had already set himself up for the rest of his life, even if he never worked another day.

“Here are your files that need to be signed off on before you can leave for the day. Our former boss had a mandate that if they were not in my hands before four, then the person who was late would have to be in at six to get him to sign them personally.” Spencer stepped up to the desk, ignoring what the man had called him. He had not got a full scope of who the man was yet and so Spencer wasn’t going to engage him in anything personal.

“Five is fine for all files that need to be signed same day, don’t worry Doctor Reid, I’m not going to bite,” Hotchner said as Spencer dropped the files down gently and darted away from the man in the same instance.

“Was there anything else, Mr. Hotchner?” Spencer didn’t look at the man, he just stood at the front edge of the desk and looked in his general direction.

“Yes, there is. Please have a seat. Would you like a drink?” Hotchner stood up and walked to the drink cart that was in the corner. Spencer took the seat at the front of the desk and kept an eye on Hotchner from the corner of his eye.

“No, thank you. I don’t drink at work.”

“Not even if your boss asks it of you?”


“Sticking to your guns. You aren’t afraid of upsetting me. That’s rare for someone who generally is the first fired when a new boss comes in. So, Doctor Reid, why are you not afraid of me firing you?”

“I do my job perfectly, and I have never had a single complaint about me. If you did not want me as your secretary anymore, I am sure that any one of the other department heads would snatch me up. They have been trying for years to get me to move to their departments.”

“See, I did a thorough check on all of the new employees that I have acquired and all of the reviews that were done made it seem like you kept this department running more than the former head did. Also, you were the one that caught the fact that he was skimming.” Hotchner’s tone was the same and the carry of the voice the same. He was still at the drink cart. There was the clink of ice in a glass and then a glug of liquid pouring.

Spencer finally turned to lock eyes with Hotchner but he said nothing. He just stared at him. Hotchner looked smug about the fact that he finally got some kind of reaction out of the man. Spencer watched as Hotchner shut the door. The shut door and no Spencer at the front desk meant that no one would bother them. Spencer watched as Hotchner walked back toward the desk, but he didn’t go around it to sit down in his chair. No, Hotchner leaned against the front of the desk, directly in front of Spencer. There were two glasses in his hand one was brandy.

“You have been here since you graduated college, for your final degree that wasn’t done in between working that is. You started in a small position but was snatched up by the department head before the one that was fired. You have never filed for a switch internally and on paper seem content to stay where you are. I want to know why.”

“I like what I do and don’t care for the politics that would come with another job inside the company.”

“You don’t badge out until almost everyone else has left the building and I know that there is not enough work to keep you busy for that long after your former boss left. Especially not at the speeds that you read and work. So, Doctor Reid, tell me why you stay as late as you do?”

Spencer stood up from the chair and turned on his heel, starting for the door. His hiring perks were not to be fodder for the new boss to parade in front of him as a punishment if Spencer didn’t do what he wanted. Spencer had his hand on the door knob when Hotchner’s hand appeared right in front of his face, keeping the door shut. Spencer froze in place. No one had been that close to him when he wasn’t seated in a very long time.

“I ran the whole of the office in Seattle, Doctor Reid and I took a job here in a slightly lower position because Jackson asked it of me. I didn’t mind coming home, and I didn’t mind the second and third tasks I had been given. You have made Jackson want to pull all of the hairs out of his head by not wanting to do anything else. He wanted you in the labs after a year, but you’ve held out for nearly ten. You play in the labs when you should be running one of them.”

Spencer tugged on the door, but Hotchner’s weight on it stopped him from being able to pull it open. Hotchner leaned in close, Spencer could feel the heat from his body. Spencer shivered as he felt breath ghosting over the shell of his ear.

“I am supposed to get this department in order and find a replacement for you.”

“Because I am supposed to be in the labs.”

“I’m good at getting what I want.” Hotchner sounded smug but unlike the other people, it didn’t sound like he was banking on it to get him what he wanted.

“And you don’t want me as your secretary?” Spencer didn’t move because he felt that Hotchner was closer to him than he had been before.

“You are very efficient, and you take care of a lot of things that I would hate to have to deal with. Jackson will agree to allow you to take over for me just to use it as a stepping stone to get you out of the office.”

“That’s two tasks. Getting the office in order and getting me out of it. That’s two. What’s the third task?”

Hotchner stepped even closer to Spencer, and a hand was placed on Spencer’s hip. “I saw you checking me out this morning, so that made my third task a lot easier. What would you do if I asked you to turn around and drop to your knees?”

“Are you demanding me to do it?”

“No. I am asking. It’s all hypothetical. I do want to see you on your knees with your lips wrapped around my cock.”

“Isn’t the boss and secretary fantasy something about the secretary hiding behind/under the desk?”

“That and bending the secretary over the desk. Do you want that?” Hotchner’s hand slid from Spencer’s hip to cup his slowly awakening cock. Hotchner closed the distance between them, pressing his own hardening cock into Spencer’s ass. “I would be more than willing to do that. See you bent over my desk. You have an ass to die for and all that suit you wear does is accentuate that.”

“And what is Jackson giving you for getting me into your bed as it is?” Spencer asked.

“Nothing. I was just supposed to get you laid. Jackson never told me to fuck you but that he didn’t care as long as you had an orgasm that was not by your own hand with porn in the background.”

“I don’t watch porn. I can’t get past the stupidness of it.” Spencer shivered when Hotchner chuckled at his statement. “Do you have lube and condoms here?”

“I do in my personal bag. Do you want a condom on me for you to suck my cock?”

“No. But I will not clean up the desk, so there had better be enough condoms for both of us.” Spencer closed his eyes. He had never given into sex at work. He had been propositioned by many workers, from casual flings to one time romps in closets, to actual dates but Spencer had always turned them down. This was different though. Spencer had done his research into Aaron Hotchner before the man had started. There was never an air of impropriety about the man at all. “I want to be in charge of the engineering section of the labs. I will consent to co-head. We get along, and he’s wanted me to help him for a long time.”

“On what conditions?”

“You fuck my face and then my ass until I can’t think straight, much less talk. You don’t deliver, I go back to being your secretary until you can deliver. However, you only have a single shot a week, and since today is Friday, that means you can try again every Monday, which is when the week starts.” Spencer pushed back into Hotchner’s body. Hotchner groaned and moved his hand down from the door and put pressure on Spencer’s shoulder, pushing him down at the same time that he started to work his belt open with the other hand. Spencer dropped to his knees before he turned around to help Hotchner get his cock out of his pants. Before the whole of the cock was out, Spencer was licking at the head. There was already a drop of fluid at the head.

Hotchner settled his hand into Spencer’s hair before he used his other hand to manipulate Spencer’s jaw to where he could fuck his mouth. Spencer couldn’t move his head, and he freaked for a second until he felt the cock slid between his lips. He pressed his tongue up, caressing the cock as it slid into his mouth. Hotchner was the perfect size for Spencer’s mouth. Just the right length and the girth was just enough to strain his jaw slightly but not enough to where it hurt. It felt wonderful as the cock slid out. Spencer could suck Hotchner’s for the rest of his life.

When Hotchner’s cock was fully covered in Spencer’s spit, Hotchner did as Spencer asked and fucked his mouth. His hands kept Spencer’s head right where Hotchner wanted it and from hitting off the door behind him. It was heady, Spencer being on his knees with Hotchner’s cock in his mouth. If Hotchner was able to deliver, Spencer might visit him in his office more often once he was in the labs.

Jackson had chosen the perfect lure to get him into the labs. Hotchner was the quintessential man that Spencer went for. He was the perfect combination of arrogance because Hotchner knew that he was good, soft and caring because he didn’t like to hurt people, and beautiful. Spencer would get on his knees for him anytime that the man asked.

“The next time that I have a conference call with the idiots in Mexico I want you on your knees under my desk just to keep my interest going. Last time I redecorated my home office while talking to them. Do you think you can suck my cock for three hours?” Hotchner apparently wasn’t expecting an answer because his cock stayed inside of Spencer’s mouth, sliding in and out, every few thrusts it would push back a little further into Spencer’s mouth. Spencer swallowed around the head of the cock every single time that he did that. Spencer would certainly try and suck his cock for three hours, he would put his entire mind to that thought. A cock ring around his own cock would stop him from coming before Aaron could fuck him. “Might even fuck you while talking to them. Do you think you could keep quiet enough with my cock in your ass?”

“Mmmm,” Spencer hummed, hoping that the other man took it as assent. Hotchner had to have because his pace picked up and Spencer could only focus on what the cock was doing, and he didn’t pay attention to what the man was saying. Spencer sucked Hotchner’s cock into his mouth as far as he could, swallowing around the head to give him as much pleasure as he could.

Spencer wasn’t prepared for Hotchner nearly ripping his cock out of his mouth. The hand in his hair pulled him up, and Spencer expected to be manhandled over toward the desk. Instead, Hotchner just stared into his eyes, Spencer wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he had to have found it because it was after Hotchner starred in his eyes for at least a minute that he pushed Spencer toward the desk.

“You have until I get the lube and condoms from my bag to get important shit off the desk before I throw you over it and mess it all up,” Hotchner said his voice a growl.

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer grabbed the new stack of files and the other things that he knew were important and laid them in the chair that he had been sitting in. There wasn’t much time as he heard the zipper on a bag being ripped open. Spencer turned to look at the desk and used his hands to get the rest of the papers and files into a haphazard pile before picking them up and setting them in the other chair. He shoved the box of tissues off the desk and made a space for himself to lean over before he felt a hand on his back, pushing him down onto that area he had just cleaned.

“I think you are right, you do your job well.” Hotchner set the lube and the condoms down just right at Spencer’s eye level on the desk before his hands started to work on Spencer’s pants. Hotchner just let the pants and his underwear fall down before he pressed his thumbs into the skin of Spencer’s crack of his ass. “Even better than I thought. Hold yourself open.”

Spencer shifted around to where he could get his hands on himself and grab hold of his ass cheeks. He inhaled as he felt an already lubed finger slide inside of him. It moved and went right for his prostate. Spencer gasped before he bit his lip to try and keep himself quiet.

“I already cleared the office. That memo went out about two minutes before you came in to give me my files. I told everyone they would be paid until the close of business to get out in five minutes and that all work not completed would be done on Monday. I was afraid that you would slap me and stalk off, going right to Jackson so I made sure that no one would see it. Or if it went this way, no one would hear it.”

“Shit,” Spencer said as he felt two fingers push back inside of him, both coated in lube. In and out the fingers moved before they too were pulled out.

“I’m going to put the condom on me first. I’m going to fuck you for a minute before I put the other on you. If you let go of your asscheeks, I’m going to stop fucking you.”

“Yes, Sir.”


Spencer closed his eyes, trying to control himself because he was close, so close to orgasm and he was afraid that if Hotchner pushed his cock into him, that Spencer was going to come before he got truly fucked. The rip of the condom package was loud in the room that only had the sounds of their breathing in it. Spencer tried to block the sound out of Hotchner lubing up his cock before he felt the head press on his hole. Hotchner stepped even closer before he pushed in, stopping when the head was all the way inside of him. A hand settled onto Spencer’s hip for a second, squeezing before it moved around to grip the base of SPencer’s cock and squeezed. Spencer whimpered slightly as the rush cut before his brain caught up to the fact that Hotchner was shoving his cock all the way inside of him. From nearly empty to full and Spencer neared screamed as the hand on his cock kept him from orgasming.

“That’s it.” Hotchner didn’t pull out or thrust at all, he stayed right there, pressed to the hilt inside of Spencer, his hand keeping Spencer from coming. Nothing was happening, and Spencer didn’t know why until he felt a hand grab one of his and pull it off his flesh. It was pressed up into the desk just at Spencer’s head before the hand on his cock left and repeated the action with the other hand. Hotchner almost rolled his hips, his cock shoving inside of Spencer just a little more before he pulled out and thrust back inside. He was moving too slow though.

“Please, Sir.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing that word from your mouth, Doctor Reid. Sir. Begging for me to fuck you by saying it so brokenly.” Hotchner pulled nearly all the way out, the rim of the head of his cock catching on Spencer’s hole before he thrust back inside of him. Spencer flexed his hands, feeling Hotchner press down a little more as the muscles flexed in Spencer’s wrists. Spencer was held in place, not able to move as he was fucked over the side of the desk that he had stared at every day. He had spent more hours on this side of the desk than he did his own damned desk and now when Spencer sat there, this was the only thing that he was going to be able to think about.

“Condom,” Spencer said, gasping the word out. Hotchner’s hips didn’t stop though, and his hands didn’t move at all. His cock fucked in and out of Spencer hard and fast. Spencer’s cock bobbed with every single thrust of the cock inside of him. Spencer tried his hardest not to come. He was honest that he wasn’t going to clean up the office from this.

With each thrust inside of Spencer, he felt himself slipping further down into where he wouldn’t be able to stop. He groaned as Hotchner’s thrusts changed to shallow and barely pulling out, his body settling down on top of Spencer more.

“Paint the desk, Spencer.”

“No,” Spencer said shaking his head. He felt the hands holding him shift and both were drawn to where a single hand held him, thumb holding his wrist tight to where Spencer wasn’t sure that he had the mental capacity to actually break the hold. It took all of him to be able to speak. The free hand traveled down Spencer’s arm, followed by his side, before settling on his hip. Nails bit into his skin, holding him just a little tighter to Hotchner’s thrusts.

There was no stopping Spencer’s orgasm when he felt Hotchner’s hand move that last little bit to cup the head of his cock. Just that little rough drag of skin over his cock and he was done. There was little more that Spencer could do but lay there and take it. Spencer didn’t even try and keep track of how many more times that Hotchner thrust inside of him before he groaned his completion.

“I’m going to have you every single chance that I can over this desk. Or your desk when you get into your office.”

Spencer could only moan a little as he tried to picture what Hotchner was talking about. Hotchner was still pinning him down to the desk with hands and body. Spencer felt the hand move away from his body as Hotchner slowly pulled his softening cock from him as well. The hands holding Spencer’s hands to the desk didn’t let go of him, but it moved, allowing Spencer to slowly sink down to his knees, leaning against the desk. He watched as Hotchner finally let go of his hand to remove the condom from his cock. The man dropped it into the trashcan without tying it off. Spencer looked up to see that Hotchner was licking his hand. Spencer shivered as he realized why.

Hotchner dropped to his knees in front of Spencer after making sure that his pants were buttoned. “I think that I fulfilled my end of the bargain.” Hotchner tipped Spencer’s chin up and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. Spencer pulled back and licked his lips, tasting his own semen on them. Spencer dove back in for another kiss, wanting more of that. Hotchner opened his mouth willingly. The ringing of a phone made Hotchner curse and pull out of the kiss. He reached up and grabbed the phone on the desk.

“Hotchner.” Voice gruff, Hotchner looked down at Spencer as he stood up. The look on his face softened, and he nodded, even though the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t see him. “Of course, Mrs. Johnson. Spencer will be there soon to pick him up. Thank you for calling us.”

“Aaron?” Spencer asked after Aaron had hung up the phone. Spencer stood up and started to straighten his clothes. Aaron handed over a package of wipes. Spencer cleaned himself up a little bit before he pulled up his pants. He tucked his shirt into his pants before buttoning them. Aaron didn’t look too worried.

“Jack had a nightmare and wants to come home. I guess they wore themselves out helping Mr. Johnson in the backyard, cleaning up branches after he had done some yard work and they fell asleep early. Jack just woke up and doesn’t want to stay.”

“Why am I going and getting him?” Spencer asked.

“Because he asked for you. I’ll clean up and get ready for bed. He’s probably going to want to sleep with us tonight.”

Spencer nodded. Every time that Jack had a nightmare about his mom dying, he wanted to sleep with them. He would sleep on his side and wanted Spencer pressed into his back while he cuddled into Aaron’s side. The boy wanted to feel boxed in, and neither Spencer or Aaron could deny it to him. Spencer pressed a kiss into Aaron’s jaw before looking at the time as he walked out of the office.

The Johnson house wasn’t far away, but Spencer felt more keyed up than he normally did after a role play session. Spencer had been boneless as long as he had been in character, but as soon as reality came back to him, Spencer had been forced to remember everything that was wrong, including how estranged Aaron had become. In fact, their dalliance in the role play was the first time they had sex since Prentiss’s death.

Jack and Mrs. Johnson were waiting outside of the house, Jack took off toward the car as Spencer put it in park and opened his door. He shut the door and locked the car as he moved to meet Jack. Jack wrapped his arms around Spencer and cuddled as close as he could.

“Thank you for calling us. I’m sorry this disrupted the sleepover. Maybe in a weekend or two, we can host one at our house, might do better for Jack that way at least for now.”

“It’s okay. The other boys are just worried about him. You take care of him. He told me a little, that one of his aunts died, a member of your team.”

“Yes. I’ll have Jack call in the morning so he can talk to them.”

“Thank you,” Jack muttered with his face buried in Spencer’s neck. Mrs. Johnson made her goodbyes as Spencer started toward the car. He unlocked it and slipped Jack into the booster seat in the back. Jack was just under the height needed to not use it. Spencer made sure that Jack was secure before he shut the back door and moved to sit in the driver’s seat. “Can we not go home right away?”

“Sure. I’ll text your father to tell him not to wait up for us. He is preparing the bed for all three of us.”

“I just want to watch the things pass the windows.”

Spencer remembered Aaron telling him that it was something Jack had wanted after Haley’s death. Aaron would drive around, and when the team was working, Jessica would do it. Spencer even remembered the areas where Aaron talked about taking him. They drove around for two hours before Jack finally started to fall asleep. Jack was limp in Spencer’s arms as he moved up to the bedroom. Aaron was asleep in bed, so Spencer laid Jack down on the bed. Jack rolled over into his father as soon as Spencer lifted the blanket for him to do so. Spencer walked to the bathroom after grabbing the sleep clothes left in a pile after Spencer had pulled them out that morning.

The two Hotchner men were cuddled in bed when Spencer came out of the bathroom. Aaron was wrapped around Jack, and the sight was too much for Spencer. He saw the tear tracks on Aaron’s face and realized that once again, Aaron had mourned Prentiss when Spencer wasn’t around. It broke Spencer’s heart and reopened the wound that had started to heal from Prentiss’s death.

Spencer looked at the bed but sighed because he wasn’t going to impinge on the little bit of grieving that Aaron was doing. Spencer slowly walked out of the bedroom and moved down the hall toward the library. Spencer saw all of his books on the shelves, out in a way that he had never seen before. This had been his happiness before, and it seemed that it was going to be his only solace.


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