The Dusk and the Dawn Chapter 12

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

Gods and Human ideals of morals do not always mix. Just like what a child will do to make someone happy, an adult would not do. Morals. Humans teach their children fables and little lessons to teach them morals. The Old Gods, we long ago forgot our Human morals if we ever were Humans to start. I was not. I wasn’t a Human, to begin with. I was born from man’s search for knowledge. I learned no morals to forget. Humans don’t understand Gods, even those Humans who were sent to understand use because they have trouble remembering that our morals are different.

I’ve read every word that Humans have put on paper, and still, I can’t make myself care like them. Most Humans see in black and white while Gods think about all the lovely shades of gray that there are. Me? I see more gray than I see black and white.

October 2007

It was rare that case affected Aaron much at all. There were the ones that hit home, but those Aaron could handle. Aaron felt a hand settle on his the back of his neck. He wasn’t sure who it was until the warmth of it settled on his skin. Reid. Aaron opened his mouth to tell Reid that he was fine but the urge hit again and Aaron dry heaved into the toilet.

Aaron could never understand how a woman could have done that. Could have thought that a child was a competitor for her husband’s affections. As soon as she found out, she should have gone to police instead of trying to kill the child.

“Sheila doesn’t have any classes tomorrow, and I asked her if she was okay staying at your apartment and watching Jack. She said that she had everything she needed to get some research done. She said something about invading my place if she needed books.”

“Cause you have too many,” Aaron said.

“No, I have enough books to feed my reading habit. Having too many books is hoarding them just of the sake of having them and not reading them. I’ve read every single book in my apartment, save the thirty that came just before we went on the case.”

“What do you do with the ones that are newer and you won’t read again?”

“I have many libraries in poorer areas that I mail them too. If the books are older, I sell them online but don’t think that this is going to get out of what I have planned. So there is a new club that opened in the area. I’ve already talked to the team, and they have agreed to go. You need to…what is the saying let your hair down. Sheila has Jack until you are functional enough to take care of him. There is also the chance that Will might be there.”

“Who?” Aaron asked because while the name was familiar, with Aaron’s mind rushing around, he couldn’t place it.

“Will LaMontagne.”

“JJ’s boyfriend.”

“JJ’s friend. She isn’t ready to call him a boyfriend or lover or anything other than friend at the moment. So the club is close to our apartments so we can all park at the apartment and with my two guest beds, most of the team can stay over.”

“That’s two of seven, three if you count you. Where are the other four sleeping?”

“Morgan and Garcia can share. JJ and Will in one bed. Prentiss on my big couch, I don’t need sleep remember so I figure that you can take my bed. That only leaves Rossi.”

“You think that sticking Morgan and Garcia in a bed is an option?”

“Morgan would never have sex with her. They are firmly in the realm of best friends with no sexual urges at all.”

“Really?” Aaron asked as he finally leaned back and looked up at Reid. Reid was leaning against the wall, his hand still on Aaron’s neck. “You really don’t think that they would ever have sex?”

“No, I don’t. Morgan respects her too much to ever degrade her that way. He’s too set in his ways of short affairs. He’s not dealt enough with what happened to him as a teenager to actually start a relationship that will last. So if we want to make it to the club before the time that it’ll be too long of a line, we need to leave soon. Rossi is handling the LEOs and paperwork can be done late tomorrow. This case was fucked up, and we all need to unwind.”

“Even you?”

“Humans and their capacity to hurt each other astound me nearly every day.”

“Says a God who has other members of his race who ate their children.”

“You do know that most of those things are false. Mimir was supposed to have had his head cut off, and Odin carries it around. He’s alive and walking around the Earth. Humans create stories for reasons and telephone is a horrible way to transmit stories.”

“What?”Aaron asked.

“Haven’t you ever played telephone? One person makes up a story and tells it to the person next to them, and so on and so on until it gets back to the original storyteller. Usually, it’s so changed that there is not a lot of the original left. Human God myths are the same way.”

“Huh,” Aaron said because that was too much thought for him right now.

“So if you are going to be the DD, how are we going to get the whole team to and from the club?”

“I never said I was going to be the DD. The club has a shuttle service using an SUV. The driver will drop us all off at the apartment.”

“Why can’t you be the DD? It’s not like you can get drunk.”

“Just because alcohol doesn’t get me drunk doesn’t mean there aren’t things that do. Don’t worry about me. Let’s get out there and then we can all have some fun.”

Aaron nodded and pushed himself up. Reid handed him a bottle of warm water, and Aaron used it to rinse out his mouth to at least feel a little like he hadn’t spent half an hour puking his guts out. A soft rag was handed over next, already wet. Aaron wiped at his mouth before looking at himself in the mirror. He did look gaunt. It would be a good thing to get out with the team. Reid had never joined them on their nights out, and Aaron wondered what made this night different. He wasn’t going to ask though.

“Pretty Boy!” Morgan said as Aaron and Reid left the bathroom. Reid turned to look around and behind them to find the person that Morgan was calling Pretty Boy. Aaron had heard it a single time just after Morgan had tried to start a physical fight with Reid. Aaron was sure though that Morgan had used it to talk about Reid to others, but it was the first time that he had called the young God that in person. Reid looked back at Morgan with a questioning look on his face. “Yes, you. So I hear from Rossi that you want to take us all to a club.”

“Yes. Why are you calling me Pretty Boy? Is Reid not enough?”

Aaron couldn’t hold back the laugh at the look of pure incredulousness on Reid’s face.

“Everyone has a nickname.”

“What’s Hotch’s?” Reid asked.

Morgan opened his mouth and shut it looking at Aaron. Morgan gulped.

“Hardass,” Aaron said because he had heard it before from Morgan when the agent didn’t know that Aaron was right there. Aaron hadn’t said a thing because as much as Morgan sometimes used it as an explicative, it wasn’t meant with any amount of lingering anger. “JJ is Jayje which isn’t that much of a change. Prentiss is Princess which she hates but tolerates. I don’t know Dave’s yet. And Garcia is whatever pretty thing falls from his lips.”

“And they say you don’t care,” Morgan said. He grinned at Aaron before looking back at Reid. “So how are we getting to the club?”

“We are going to drive to work, get out cars and then go to my apartment. Everyone will be staying the night there.”

“All right, all right. So I’ll saddle up the ladies and make sure that Garcia will be ready.”

“Parking is a minor issue so if a few would double up.”

“I can fit Garcia, JJ, and Prentiss into my car. After breakfast, we are all headed into work, so it’s not like leaving the cars at the Academy will be an issue.”

“I’ll have Dave ride with me.”

“I rode with you today, remember,” Reid pointed out.

“And there is room for three in the car. That way Morgan is just taking up a single Guest spot.”

The finishing of the case took less than an hour, and the LEOs were more than happy to let the FBI go now that they knew that it wasn’t a serial killer after kids. Aaron debated what he wanted to do as far as clothes. He knew that he had a black silk shirt that would look good and a pair of jeans that had shrunk a little and looked painted on when he wore them.

Aaron didn’t even realize that when he got into an SUV that it was just Morgan and Reid in it, with Reid driving. Aaron looked behind to see Prentiss driving the other with Dave in the passenger seat and JJ in the back, on her phone.

Just over an hour and a half later, Aaron was stumbling into his apartment. Jack was already asleep, but he went into to kiss him goodnight. Aaron looked at his son and how peaceful he was sleeping. Sheila was asleep in the guest room so Aaron turned off the monitor so that he could talk to Jack.

“Be sure to turn that back on, Mister Hotch,” Ri said as she appeared. “I can’t.”

“I will. He give you any trouble tonight?”

“No. Peaches and Potluck wore him out playing in the garden. Sheila was making dinner for herself. Jack ate plenty like a growing boy should.”

“I’m glad. I don’t know what we will be doing as far as sleeping goes but everyone on the team will be staying at Reid’s for the night, whenever we get in.”

“Okay. I’ll make sure to tell Peaches and Potluck, so they don’t scare the Humans.”

Aaron gave Jack another kiss before turning the monitor back on and exiting Jack’s room. Aaron found the clothes that he wanted easy in his bedroom and dressed with the same efficiency that he always did. He exited his apartment to see Morgan and Garcia on the landing. Morgan’s eyebrow was raised.

“You said you were going to change; I assumed you were going to use the restaurant downstairs. Who lives there?”

Aaron forgot that he hadn’t told the team about where his new place was. Garcia gasped and pointed, Morgan, leaned around to look and saw what Aaron knew was visible in the living room. A portrait of Aaron asleep on the couch with baby Jack on his chest. Aaron was sure that Reid had sketched it from memory.

“At least with a God near, you won’t have issues with petty theft.” Garcia was smiling as she said the words.

“Reid leaves his door unlocked half of the time.”

“Cause he can’t find his keys? Yeah, I heard him talking to JJ about it.” Morgan smiled and wave Aaron out. Aaron turned and pulled the door shut and locked it. “So I heard Reid talking to Anderson about the club he took you to in New York. Is this a place like that?”

“I have no clue. He’s taken me to a lot of weird places, so I wouldn’t be shocked.” Aaron heard talking below, and when they all three exited the stairs that led to the parking lot, Aaron was shocked to see that JJ and Prentiss had changed as well.

“I do have a good eye. You are welcome to keep the dresses ladies.”

“Reid do you know how much these cost?”

“No. I barely pay attention to how much my own clothes cost. Those were left by friends of mine, and since they are ‘last season’ as they call it, they told me to give them away.”

“Those are…” Garcia trailed off and disengaged from Morgan. Dave was looking at Prentiss with a look of not a little lust. Aaron stared at Dave until the man stopped looking at her and looked up at Aaron. Dave raised his hands and looked elsewhere. Prentiss was just woman enough to spark Dave’s interest, and Aaron knew it.

“Now, I doubt anyone is going to be carded. However, you will have to wear a bracelet. The bracelet is for your protection more than anything. Take it off, and someone will throw you out,” Reid said. He looked at Morgan and Dave. “You won’t see many without the bracelet but if you do, don’t accept anything from them.”


“It cause they are Gods, Old or New, it doesn’t matter, but anything that a God gives you besides me might make your head spin a lot more. There are not a lot of things that will affect a Human that a God drinks and vice versa, but there are a few. I don’t want to have to take you home to puke up whatever you drank. The God wouldn’t do it out of maliciousness but more a blase attitude about what a Human can handle. As far as clubs go, this is one of the safer ones, everything is filmed, and the bouncers are lesser Gods.”

“Lesser Gods?” Aaron asked. He had not heard that term from Reid.

“Gods of Protection. Unlike Gods like me, the more people that worship or think of a God, the more real they become. When it comes to Gods of Protection, they multiply. An Urban area like this can have…fifteen to twenty. I know of one that guards a hospital twenty-four seven. Some of the younger ones like to work in clubs. Think of them like guard dogs instead of police.”

“Damn,” Morgan said.

“We are going to walk to the club but be driven back. I will not corral seven drunk Humans.” Reid said it with a smile, but still, the sting was felt by Aaron. Prentiss stepped up to Reid and linked her arm with his and started to pull him forward. Reid smiled and let himself be led until they hit the end of the alley parking lot. They stopped until the rest of the team caught up.

“Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right?” Prentiss staged whispered into Reid’s ear.

“Left,” Reid said, and he laughed. Aaron looked at Garcia because that one he didn’t get.

“Lord of the Rings,” Garcia whispered to Aaron.

The walk to the club was filled with banter and just a slow wind down from the case. By the time that they hit a different entrance for the club than the rest of the people were lined up at, Aaron could think without the worry that he was going to puke.

Everyone on the team except for Aaron was given a blue band to wear, but Aaron was given purple. Aaron looked down at it, and Reid was talking to the bouncer that was letting them in. Aaron watched as the bouncer leaned forward and whispered something in Reid’s ear. Reid nodded.

“The coat room open?”

“Yes,” the bouncer said.

“I wasn’t aware that this was tonight. I’ll talk to them.”

Aaron frowned but followed Reid into the club. There was a room that had The Coat Room wrote in bright green letters on it just a few steps inside. Aaron opened the door and ushered the team in.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s Bacchanal night. I know of another club that we can go to.”

“Bacchanal as in the ancient term and revelry that followed?” Rossi asked.

“Yes. Unless something bad happens, no cop is going to show up here unless a bouncer calls them. Even if there is outright sex on the floor. No one under twenty-five is going to be allowed in tonight either.”

“What did you give the bouncer?”

“Oh, that. The number of a lady who wants sex with a God. I told him I’d look for him. So we can stay, or we can go.”

“Stay,” everyone but Aaron said. Reid looked up at Aaron.

“Compared to the club in New York, how is this going to be?”

“About the same but with more open sex and a lot more people wanting to be watched.”

“We can stay. How much is the entrance fee tonight?” Aaron figured that it was going to be a lot higher and while Reid had the money, Aaron didn’t want him to foot it alone for a night he was trying to do something good for the team.

“Don’t worry about that. I took care of that before we came. Everyone just brought their ID right? Like I said?”

“Yes,” seven voices chorused.

“Good. Now, remember unless I give you the drink only take things from the bartender or waitress. Even if someone buys you a drink, a bartender will make sure to give it over to you or send a waitress around to give it to you. They will not allow a Human to drink a God’s drink. And please don’t worry. Everyone in here knows better than to press after a no is given.” Reid grinned at them and opened a door that Aaron hadn’t seen behind him. The music washed over them, and Aaron thought that t was too loud for a second and the volume dropped.

“Reid, I think that from now you, when I want to hook up, I’m going with you,” Morgan said as he passed by Reid and stepped into the club. Aaron waited and entered last with Reid. The door shut and Aaron watched as it kind of disappeared.


“Godness,” Reid whispered in Aaron’s ear.

Aaron watched the team scatter around, but Reid went right for a table. Aaron watched as he sat down and a waitress came over to him. Aaron looked at the bar as Reid talked to the waitress. Morgan was at the bar with a lady already eying him up. Aaron laughed and made his way to where Reid was. Aaron saw that the table was seemingly pulsing with energy as the waitress laid her hand on it. Reid stuck his tongue out at her, and she walked away.

“What’s this?” Aaron asked as he sat down.

“Preventative measures. No one can pick up a drink if they don’t set it down and no one can add anything to the drinks.”

“How is that possible?”

“You call it magic.”

Morgan came over and sat down with his drink and Garcia’s. Morgan went to set it down, but Reid stuck his hand under it. Morgan frowned.

“Whoever sets it down is the only one that can pick it up.”

“Really? Yeah, I’m going with you to find ladies.”

The waitress came back with a nice sized mug of beer and handed it to Aaron before she handed a purple drink to Reid. Reid nodded his head.

“So how much is the cover fee for tonight?” Morgan looked around, and Aaron did as well, seeing a lot more bracelets than not.

“A hundred a head for Humans.”

“And Gods?” Aaron asked. He was still looking around, there were no other people with a purple band like him. Aaron almost opened his mouth to ask but stopped when he saw the waitress coming back to the table with Dave on her heels. She had a tray of drinks that she set down. Aaron saw that the aura from the table didn’t extend to the tray.

“Here you go,” the waitress said.

“You are a doll. The bartender told me about the loveliness that is this places magic to protect drinks. If they patented that and sold the rights to do it, I know of a lot of bars that would do it.”

“Most Humans are still leery about trusting Gods though, Rossi. They would still be afraid of something else more than the drugged drink.”

A shadow fell over the table, and Aaron looked up to see a young man standing there. He did not have a bracelet on his hand, but he did have a tattoo in purple in the place where the bracelet would sit. Aaron watched as the young man smiled at Reid and held out a hand.

“Excuse me,” Reid said, and Morgan slid out so that Reid could get out. Reid grabbed his drink and chugged half of it with an eye on the young man. “He said you were here tonight. I’ll be back soon, guys.”

Aaron watched with a raised eyebrow as Reid walked over to a mass of people with the young man.

“No bracelet, was he a God?” Morgan asked.

Aaron didn’t comment because he was pretty sure that the tattoo replaced the band and it meant that he was a young man who lived at the clubs. Aaron vowed to ask him what their bracelet color meant.

Garcia and Prentiss were dancing together in a very bright area of the club while JJ and Will were slow dancing in a corner.

“Don’t see anyone you like?” Aaron asked Morgan.

“No, I see several, but I want to watch and observe for a while. Pick the best honey.”

Dave slid into the circular booth beside Aaron, making Aaron scoot in a little bit.

“Seeing Reid so buttoned up on cases, it’s nice to see him let his hair down. Hell, it’s nice to see all of us do it.” Dave was smiling and looking around, but Aaron knew the comment was directed at him.

Aaron lost track of Reid in the crowd, but he knew that Reid could take care of himself. Morgan wandered away from the table and into a throng of women after a little while. Aaron liked watching what was happening in the center of the club and not the areas around the edge.

Time lost all meaning as Aaron drank. The tray stayed on the table, and when the waitress brought refills, she set them down there for the others to grab when they made it back. Aaron didn’t pay attention to who came and went from the table but kept the conversation up with whoever was there.

After his third beer, Aaron excused himself to go to the bathroom. The signs of a Roswell Grey in the well known holding it pose had Aaron laughing to where he almost pissed his pants. There were pictures of the same alien along the wall in more and more dire faces until a door held a picture of one with relief on his face was on one door, and the one across from it was one in a wig and a dress. Aaron looked back to see the same all along the opposite wall. Aaron laughed to himself as he entered the bathroom. There was strangely no one in the bathroom, but still, Aaron went to a stall and locked the door to take care of business.

Exiting the bathroom, Aaron looked down the hall further and realized there were doors open all along. Aaron wondered what was in there. He looked back down the other way and carefully looked at the walls, there was nothing about No Entry or Authorized Personnel anywhere. Aaron felt a charge of an energy of some kind as he neared the first door. It was empty of people. There was, however, a bed and a sink inside. Aaron frowned and turned to the doorway on the other side of the hall, and it was the same. The third down on the left though had three people inside. Two males and a female. Aaron looked and saw that one of the males was the one that Reid had left with. The woman was still fully dressed while the young man from before was down to just underwear and socks while the other man was fully naked. Aaron watched the man whose back was facing him. His hair was pulled up into a pony tail, and there was a large tattoo on his back. It was a bird of some kind and was vibrant, almost like it was alive. The woman turned around to start kissing the other man and the man who was naked grabbed the hands of the other man, tipping all three of them onto the bed.

“Fuck,” the man that Aaron recognized said. Aaron looked down to see that the woman was going down on him. The woman had a bracelet on, telling Aaron that she was Human. Aaron looked at the tattooed man and saw that there was no tattoo on his wrist. Aaron stopped and gulped when the tattooed man turned around, and Aaron realized that it was Reid.

“The door is dark, someone’s watching,” Reid said.

Aaron realized then that he should have moved away when he saw that it was Reid.

“The nymph who made up that bit of magic is awesome,” the other man said. Reid chuckled in response and reached down to grab the woman by the hair and pulled her head off of the other man’s cock.

Aaron realized that no one could see him. Aaron had never been a fan of watching others have sex, but he was glued to this. He didn’t want to turn away.

“Scoot up the bed, Dev,” Reid said as he finally let go of the woman’s hair and the other man did as Reid said. “Scarlett, you are the one that flew all the way in for this, so tell me. What do you want?”

The woman, Scarlett, was still on her knees at the end of the bed from where she had been blowing Dev.


“Hmm, so who do you want where?” Reid pulled Scarlett up and turned her around to where he could kiss her. Aaron watched as Reid grabbed her hands and gathered them behind her back. Her wrists were so small that it only took one of Reid’s hands to hold them in a loose hold. Dev tossed Reid’s handcuffs at him. Reid snatched them out of the air and quickly put them on her. Scarlett shuddered, and Reid groaned. “I can smell you, Scarlett. Are you ready?”

“I lubed up my hole before you two got in here.”

“I’m going to cut that dress off of you,” Reid said as Scarlett got onto the bed. She straddled Dev’s waist but was still facing Reid. Dev’s hands helped to lift up her dress, and for a moment Aaron thought that she had slid down Dev’s cock with her pussy, but when she spread her legs, Aaron could see that her pussy was empty. Aaron reached down and squeezed his cock. It had been too long for him since he had sex. Haley hadn’t wanted to do it while she was pregnant, too scared of losing Jack even though the doctor wasn’t worried.

Reid stepped away from the bed and came back seconds later with a pair of scissors in his hand. Aaron watched Dev rocking his cock in and out of Scarlett’s ass only to stop the second that the scissors got close to Scarlett. She whimpered, and Aaron saw her clench her pussy before Reid started to cut the dress. With her hands cuffed, Dev had full control of what her body did in the position that she had tipped back into. Aaron saw that Scarlett had on a lace bra that was bright pink in color. Reid didn’t cut it off, but he did make sure that no strip of the dress was left. The scissors were tossed onto a chair when she was mostly naked, and Reid slipped between Scarlett and Dev’s spread legs. Aaron watched Reid move, and the movement was one that Aaron knew well, rolling on a condom.

However, Reid didn’t thrust inside of her. Instead, he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her up to where he could lick at her nipple without bending down all the way. Dev started to rock inside of her again, slow and sure movements while Reid went to town on her lace clad nipples. He pulled down the bra just enough to get a nipple out, and Aaron heard the gasp from Scarlett as Reid’s fingers slipped down to play with her clit.

“Come on,” Reid said as his fingers slipped inside of her. Aaron watched his long fingers thrusting in and out of her before she shuddered and nearly screamed as she came apart. Scarlett slumped down, Dev’s hands keeping her cuffed hands from digging into him but Reid let her head down to where it was dangling back. Reid shifted closer, and Aaron watched as his cock slid inside of her. Scarlett whimpered in pleasure as Reid pushed his entire cock into her in one go. Aaron could hear Dev’s voice uttering things in Scarlett’s ear, but he couldn’t hear the actual words that were used. Still, whatever it was, Scarlett came again not long after the first one.

Reid grinned down at Dev before he pulled out of Scarlett. Reid dropped down on the bed, and Aaron watched him start to go down on Scarlett. Aaron watched him and realized that the only thing that Reid cared about was Scarlett and Dev’s pleasure. Reid’s head dropped lower, and Aaron realized that he was doing something to Dev. It wasn’t until after a few seconds after and Dev’s face as he came for Aaron to see that Reid had been doing something to Dev’s balls.

Aaron felt his arousal, but he was afraid of doing anything to make a sound. He didn’t want to take his cock out and jerk it there in the hall, and the bathroom was out of the question. He wasn’t doing that there either. Aaron looked back up to see that Reid was standing up. The two Humans on the bed looked fucked out, but Dev raised his hand and rolled Scarlett onto her front with Reid’s help. Reid mounted her from that position. She was straddling Dev and Aaron could tell that they were kissing. Aaron heard heels on the floor, and he looked to see a waitress headed toward him. Aaron backed up until he slipped into the other room. He hoped that the waitress wouldn’t enter there. Aaron turned to look around but didn’t see anyone. There was thankfully no one in the room. Aaron could see out and saw the waitress enter the room that Reid and his two lovers were in and he watched her slip in and out after setting down three bottles of something. She left again, and Aaron moved. Aaron realized that he could see out, either Reid had been lying or it only turned to where one couldn’t see out of there was more than one person inside.

“Actually, naked,” A voice said.

Aaron spun and in the corner he saw a grin. Like the Cheshire Cat, just a grin floating in mid-air.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t worry, sweets. I could feel you thinking about my rooms. It only becomes to where the people inside can’t see out if there is nakedness involved. That’s why the God stripped naked. I can’t even see inside when someone is in my rooms. You can call me B.”

“Just B?”

“I think that your God is all that you can handle. If you want to watch another round, you’ll have to wait a while.”

Aaron looked back out and saw that Reid was sitting down in a chair near the bed. Scarlett was on her side with the cuffs undone, and Dev wasn’t visible. Reid had a bottle of whatever it was in his hand and a smile on his face. The smile didn’t reach his eyes, but Aaron wasn’t sure that the other two would know that.

“If you want privacy, I’ll leave, and you can take care of your cock.”

“No, thank you.” Aaron straightened his tie and stepped out of the room. He walked down the hall as quick as he could get away with and found that Morgan and Prentiss were dancing with a small crowd of people. Will and JJ were sitting at the table with Garcia and Dave. Garcia already looked like she had drunk too much. Aaron calmly slipped back into his seat and picked up his beer. He didn’t care if it was warm. Aaron took a sip and nearly choked because it was still perfectly cold.

“Yeah, I freaked when my scotch, neat mind you, was still cool,” Dave said.

“No one has seen Reid,” JJ said.

“I saw him back in the bathroom. Long line.” Aaron covered and took a drink, but by the look on Dave’s face, it wasn’t working. Aaron hoped that Dave didn’t drink a lot and had the driver take him back to his place. He didn’t want to deal with smug Dave. Aaron looked around for the waitress as he drained his drink. She wasn’t anywhere around them. So he decided to brave the bar.

Getting to the bar was easy, ordering was easy, however watching Reid step out of the hallway, fully dressed again and watch him look around without blushing when Reid’s eyes caught his was near impossible. Reid slipped up to the bar beside him.

“Getting away from beer?” Reid asked.

“Yes. I plan to take full advantage of the fact that I don’t have to watch Jack tonight.” Aaron had asked for a double shot of the strongest drink they had and a sweet but good cocktail, and he asked the bartender to keep them coming. Aaron downed the shot as soon as it was set down in front of him. The cocktail was next, and it was a bright blue, like unnaturally bright blue. “That’s a Human drink right?”

“Yes, Hotch it is. Why don’t you go over and I’ll bring yours over when I come over.” Reid set down his glass and Aaron hadn’t even noticed it in his hand. With the way that Reid was acting, the way that he looked, just as perfect clothes wise had he had before, Aaron almost made himself believe that he hadn’t seen Reid in a threesome, but his cock and his libido that was upset at not getting off yet was telling him that he had.

“Thanks,” Aaron said as he pushed off the bar. He sat down and realized that Dave wasn’t sitting down. Aaron looked around and saw that a lady was walking with him toward an area of the floor where slow dancers had congregated.

Aaron drank more than he ever had and for the first time, he wondered about the people who claimed that they didn’t realize how drunk they were because he didn’t feel drunk at all. He laughed more, he knew that, and he couldn’t stop peeking at Reid when the young God talked. The rest of the team fluttered in and out, and the only constant was that Reid sat beside him the entire night. Reid drank drink after drink and Aaron was starting to think that Reid made sure the bartender didn’t put alcohol in Aaron’s drink. He wanted to call the young God out on it, but he didn’t. Instead, he sat there and talked about whatever everyone else was talking about.

When Aaron couldn’t keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds, Reid called it all a night and drug Morgan and Prentiss off the dance floor. Morgan pouted, but Aaron saw that he had several slips of paper in his dress shirt pocket. Aaron barely remembered being ushered out into a large SUV and slipping into the farthest back seat with Reid and Prentiss. Dave was in the front seat, and Will, JJ, and Garcia were in the middle. Aaron leaned into Reid, soaking up his warmth as the driver went to where Reid told him to go. He barely remembered the walk up five flights of stairs and being all but dumped onto Reid’s bed. Aaron saw that the bedroom door was shut.

“Hotch, I’m going to take your shoes off.”

“Okay.” Hotch laid there in bed and looked up at the ceiling. Reid didn’t have any stars on his bedroom ceiling. In fact, the room was pretty plain, besides the books.

“Hotch,” Reid said was felt like seconds later. Aaron looked down at him and saw that his shoes and socks were off. “Do you want to go down to your underwear?”

“I can’t sleep in these jeans.”

“Okay. Then I’ll get you a pair of my loose sleep pants.”

“You own sleep pants?” Aaron tried to think about the times that he had seen Reid on cases. Usually, Reid stripped down to an undershirt to run around the hotel.

“I do wear them when I am home alone. I just don’t like to run around in them when there are other people around.

“Show me.”

“This isn’t a contest.”

Aaron pouted and laid his head back down on the pillow at his head. He almost fell asleep when he felt Reid’s warm hand on his stomach. Aaron wrenched open his eyes to see Reid sitting beside him on the bed. The God was working the buttons on his shirt free.

“You don’t want to sleep in this. I promise that you don’t want to. Just sit up, and I’ll get a shirt on you.”

Aaron did as Reid asked and when he was laid down again, Aaron closed his eyes and felt a blanket being pulled over him. He rolled onto his side and heard the click of the light. Aaron laid there and thought about the night. What he had seen. What it made him feel and he was almost asleep when he started to feel cold. Aaron pulled the blanket over his head, and he tried to warm up but he couldn’t.

“Hotch?” Reid questioned, and he sounded far away. The bed dipped, and Aaron felt the blanket come up and he got colder until he felt the warmth. There was something very warm there beside him. Aaron wrapped his arm around Reid’s legs and pressed his face into his hip. Aaron didn’t care because Reid was warm and wherever their bodies touched, even through clothes, Aaron felt the warmth. It felt great. Aaron closed his eyes and let sleep claim him.



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