Rough Romance Chapter 22-Naughty

Chapter 22-Naughty (7.06 Epilogue)

Spencer heard the door to his room open. He knew that Aaron would join him for at least some cuddling after the revelations of the day. Spencer needed to get out of his head, and so for the entire drive from the lake, Spencer had made plans. The locking mechanism for the bathroom door was simple and yet really easy to make sure that Aaron couldn’t pick it from the other side. Spencer just had to hope that he didn’t break down the door.

“Spencer?” Aaron called out.

“In here!” Spencer yelled back. He sighed and grabbed the first item that he needed which was the lube. Rolled up in one of Spencer’s sweaters, he had stuffed a dildo in a plastic bag just for times that on a case they both needed something more.

The door handle jiggled and then there was a knock.

“Spencer, the door is locked.”

“I know.” Spencer was kneeling at the base of the door. His shadow could be seen if Aaron turned off the lights in the room. Spencer lubed up three of his fingers because the dildo he had brought was longer and thicker than Aaron.

“What are you doing?” Aaron’s voice was low and just a tinge of intrigue. Spencer was looking forward to what was coming. During and after what he had planned.

“I’m getting ready to shove two fingers in my ass while you listen, Aaron.” Spencer spread his knees just a little more and reached back to find his hole. He traced around it, moaning softly before he slowly breached his hole. He couldn’t stop the louder moan that came out.

The doorknob jiggled again before Aaron pushed on the door.

“Spencer,” Aaron said, and that tone told Spencer that Aaron wasn’t in as playful mood as Spencer was. “Let me in, and I’ll use my fingers.”

“Don’t want your fingers. Want you to listen as I finger myself and then fuck myself with this dildo.”

“Spencer, unlock this door.” That tone was hard but all it did was make Spencer shiver in delight.

“No,” Spencer gasped as his fingers found his prostate.

“Spencer unlock this door, or you will pay for it when you do.”

Spencer couldn’t hold back the moan at that. His body spasmed and he had to brace his free arm on the edge of the sink counter to make sure that he didn’t fall down. Spencer could feel his hole twitching at the want of it.

“Oh, is that what you want? You want me to punish you? You want me to bend you over and smack your ass until it’s red?”

“Please.” Spencer pulled his two fingers free and pushed three inside. The angle was a little awkward, but he could do it. “Turn off the light.”

Spencer kept his breathing low and slow so that he could hear Aaron move to the outer door and turn off the light. His steps on the way back were heavier than normal, either he was too worked up to walk quietly, or he wanted Spencer to hear him.

“Naughty thing. I can see your shadow. How many fingers do you have inside of you?”

“Three,” Spencer gasped again as his finger found his prostate again. He pushed the fingers in as far as he could get them, moaning more. He didn’t hold back a single sound as he fucked himself with his fingers. Spencer glanced at the dildo laying on the plastic bag, lubed up and ready to go.

“Are you aching yet Spencer?” Aaron asked.


“If you won’t let me touch or watch you, Spencer you are going to do what I say.”


“Spencer.” Aaron’s voice was hard, and normally Spencer wouldn’t fight him. Normally Spencer would give in but it was not what he wanted. Spencer pulled his fingers from inside of him and reached out to grab the dildo. “Put your fingers back inside of yourself.”

“No.” Spencer pressed the head of the dildo against his hole. There was enough lube that it slid a little before catching on his hole and pressing inside.

“I am going to beat your ass so red that you never think of using the word no with me ever again,” Aaron threatened. Spencer knew that he joking. The word no was allowed, but this was fun and in the spirit of Spencer’s mood. They both had a role to play to get them through this. Spencer needed to let go and trust that Aaron would catch him. This was needed to shore up that last shaky wall of trust that surrounded them.

“And still, fuck Aaron.” Spencer gasped as the head of the dildo popped inside of him. He felt full even from that and groaned as he kept pressing the shaft of it inside of him. “So full.”

“Open the door, Spencer,” Aaron growled.

Spencer shook his head, knowing that Aaron couldn’t see it.

“Aaron,” Spencer moaned before he shuddered and the rest of the dildo slid inside of him. He tried to calm down, to make this last but with Aaron’s ragged breathing on the other side, Spencer knew he wasn’t going to.

“How far up inside of you have do you have your little fake cock, Spencer?”

“So far. So full.” Spencer pulled the dildo out until the head was barely inside and he shoved it back in. There was so much lube that the squelching noise could be heard even over both of their breathing. “Aaron, please.”

“Does your cock ache now?”

Spencer whined and nodded his head. He wasn’t even sure that Aaron could see it moving in the shadows, but he didn’t care. He was so close, already. His brain filling his head with so many images. Of what he remembered himself looking like on that film when the other dildo had been inside of him. Of Aaron’s face when he opened the door. Of what was going to come when they got home.

“Open the door, Spencer and I can give you what you want, a nice warm cock inside of you.”

Spencer felt himself almost there. He pulled the dildo free of himself and turned. He gently pulled on the mechanism that he had set up to keep the door locked, and it unlocked the door. Spencer hurriedly laid down on the floor with his back on it. Spencer spread his legs and pushed the dildo back inside of himself.

As soon as the doorknob started to turn, Spencer came. His back arched and he felt the first spurt of his release hit on his chest. He felt Aaron’s pant legs brush his own naked on but he didn’t look down, he kept thrusting the dildo inside of himself to get off the rest of the way. Spencer closed his eyes and pushed the dildo in further. The whole of the fake cock pressed into him, and Spencer slumped down, his hand dropping off the fake cock.

“You were very naughty, Spencer.”

Spencer gasped as he felt Aaron take control of the dildo. Spencer looked down to see that Aaron was pressing the dildo in with his foot. Spencer saw that he had a bag in his hand. It was a silk bag. Spencer tried to move but Aaron’s barefoot lifted up and pressed him back down. The foot was cool on Spencer’ stomach, spreading the release there.

“I’m in charge now, Spencer. You stay right there.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer laid his hands down on the floor, palms down. He watched Aaron as he moved to the sink and started to run the water.

“Close your eyes,” Aaron demanded as he grabbed a rag from the stack at the side of the sink. Spencer closed his eyes and relaxed his body. He wanted this. He wanted to forget the looks in the eyes of everyone on the team when he had admitted what head seen when he died at the hands of Hankle. Spencer had never told anyone before about seeing the white light.. Spencer hoped that Aaron understood.

The rustle of clothes told Spencer that Aaron was kneeling there in front of him. Spencer felt the rag wipe at his chest, cleaning him up. Carefully, wrapping around his cock to clean the lube off. Spencer gasped as Aaron pulled the dildo from his body, not being as gentle as he normally would. Aaron cleaned him up there before Spencer heard the dildo land in the sink. Spencer heard something rustle and imagined that Aaron was getting into the bag.

“I’ve had this in my go bag since you wore that blue shirt. This is my punish Spencer kit. So, Spencer, we are leaving in a few hours after we get dinner. Anderson is getting us checked out and getting the jet prepped. So, we have time for this.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Spencer felt something settle on his stomach but he didn’t look, even though he really wanted to look. It didn’t feel like a plug or another dildo. It was very light in weight. Spencer heard the lube snap open and then after a few seconds a pressure at his hole. Spencer whined as the plug seated itself inside of him.

“That’s the larger of the plugs that we own. You are going to wear it through dinner and all the way home, Spencer.” Aaron’s hand was warm where it rubbed at Spencer’s inner thighs. The hand moved up and picked up the thing that was on Spencer’s chest. “I used that plastic cock cage on you after that Florida case. This is different. The other was hard and plastic. This one is silicone. I’m going to lock it in place, and it is going to stay on.”

“Aaron,” Spencer whined as he felt the cage being slipped on his cock before he felt his balls being forced through the ring.

“If you had let me in before you came, I would have only caged you, but you didn’t. So this is your punishment. Until we get home, and I am in our front door, and to whatever room I decide I am going to fuck you in, this cage is going to stay on.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Spencer heard the click of the lock, but it sounded different.

“Plastic lock, just in case.” Aaron straddled Spencer’s waist and lifted up Spencer’s head to kiss him. “Is this what you need?”

Spencer nodded his head, but he didn’t open his eyes. He hadn’t been told that he could.

“Words, Love. I need your words, please.”

“Yes, Aaron. This is what I need.”

“Good. When we get to the restaurant, I am going to order everything for you. I already told the team that you need a little help getting out of your head. They aren’t going to question anything. You are allowed to talk to whoever you want. Make small talk, make yourself smile. Anything else is a decision I will make for you. Do you agree to that?”


“Good. I want you to take a quick rag bath. That way you don’t get chaffed from the water on the cage. I will pick out from your bag what I want you to wear. Then we are going to meet the team for dinner. If it gets too much, tell me and we will discuss what to do.”

Aaron helped Spencer stand up, and Spencer almost opened his eyes, but he stopped himself and reached out for a new rag as he stepped up to the counter. He heard the water turn on as Aaron settled in at his back. Spencer was too post orgasm for the plug to do too much to him but he knew that it would, given enough time.

“You can open your eyes whenever you want Spencer. You are so good for me.”

Spencer opened his eyes and looked at Aaron in the mirror. Aaron was looking at Spencer with a look of love on his face.

“Come out whenever you are ready, Spencer. There is no rush. The team is waiting on us. I’ll pack up your things my room is already packed. I was doing that while you were setting up this room.” Aaron dropped a kiss on Spencer’s shoulder, right beside the scar there and licked at the scar.

Spencer focused on his body as he cleaned himself up, focusing on his hands and where Aaron hadn’t cleaned up his ass. He looked out at Aaron cleaning up in the main part of the hotel. It was mainly just Spencer’s clothes that he had been wearing and had stripped out of. Spencer didn’t leave many things scattered around the room; everything went back in his bag after he had used it. His clothes had been laid out so that he could put them back on. The only other thing that had been left out was the book that Spencer had been reading to fall asleep. When Aaron got into Spencer’s bag to set out the clothes that he wanted him to wear, Spencer looked back at the bathroom to clean up. His kit had been opened to get the lube out, and so Spencer put it all up before heading into the main room.

Aaron had laid out a pair of jeans as well as the dress shirt that Aaron had bought Spencer what felt like years ago but really wasn’t more than a year before. It had been the first gift that Aaron had ever got him. Many had followed, not all sexual but some were. Spencer bought things that he knew Aaron would enjoy that was not sexual, books, new ties. Including one that gave Rossi a headache. Aaron loved to delight in wearing it when he knew that Rossi was going to be talking to his publicist.

“Ready to get dressed?” Aaron asked as he held out the jeans. Spencer nodded and took the jeans. Spencer put on everything that Aaron laid out which was only a shirt, pants, and socks. Spencer’s spare pair of Converse were set out as well. It was his pair that matched the dress shirt.

Aaron shouldered Spencer’s go bag and laid his hand on Spencer’s lower back and guided him out of the room, to the elevator. They met the rest of the team, and Spencer smiled at Anderson when the man was caught staring at him. As Aaron and Spencer got closer, Spencer realized that Anderson was staring at Spencer’s collar.

“Anderson, you will ride with Spencer and me to the restaurant. Everyone else will follow in the other SUV.”

Anderson just nodded. Spencer allowed Aaron to escort him out into the spots that had been made for them in the parking lot of the hotel. It was employee parking, but there was a paper over it that said FBI PARKING. Spencer had been happy about it because not all small towns did that kind of stuff.

Spencer got into the front passenger seat when Aaron opened the door and looked out the window at the local area as Aaron walked around the SUV to get in the other side. The first few minutes of the drive were silent except for Anderson giving directions to the restaurant that they had called ahead to get a table at.

“Anderson, you have until we get the restaurant to ask questions.”

“There are none needed, Sir. I had a friend in college who was part of the lifestyle. I was just a little shocked to see a collar on Doctor Reid.” Anderson leaned forward a little and smiled at Spencer who looked at him. “Though it does explain a lot of things. Namely why when I started to suspect that you two were in a relationship, the rest of the team kind of swarmed around the two of you and tried to hide it from those not on the team. You guys just normally forget that I am there and I have never figured out if it’s because you don’t see me as a threat or just forget about me altogether.”

“Not a threat,” Aaron said.

Spencer laughed a little, but he did not want to get into a discussion with Anderson. The rest of the evening passed in much the same way. He talked to others when they talked to him, but he spent most of the evening just floating a little bit. Aaron touched him almost the whole time, the only times he didn’t was if he needed two hands to eat. Most of the touches were on Spencer’s thigh. A few times, Aaron went a little bit higher and would tease Spencer until he started to get hard, the pressure of his cock trapped in the cage would negate the hardness, but the feeling of arousal stayed.

The meal wasn’t bad, it was actually kind of nice to let Aaron take over and make decisions, even if they were around the team. A few looks from Morgan and Prentiss were the only indications that they thought something was up but at least they didn’t bring it up in front of everyone. The ride home in the jet was torture for Spencer. He was so mentally aroused that every time he moved, the plug would get him hard and then the cage would cut that hardness. There was no way for Spencer to sit that didn’t have the plug pushing into his prostate. Aaron had plied him with water during the meal so three times on the jet Spencer had to go pee.

On the third time, Aaron was waiting right outside the door when Spencer was done. He stepped partially into the bathroom to where his back half was visible to the rest of the team.

“They are all asleep, Spencer.”

It took only a single twitch of Aaron’s eyes for Spencer to drop to his knees and take Aaron out of his pants. Spencer licked his lips and leaned forward to press a kiss into Aaron’s cock. There was only about half an hour of flight time left for them. Spencer took Aaron’s half hard cock into his mouth and sucked and bobbed until Aaron was hard. He tried not to move himself that much but Aaron was standing stock still. Spencer glared up at him to see the man smirking down at Spencer. This was Aaron’s game. Spencer could get off on sucking Aaron’s cock, without touching his own if he had a plug in. This was bound to be torture.

Spencer was shaking by the time that Aaron finally came in his mouth. Mentally, all Spencer could think about was the release that he was going to get when they got home. How it was going to feel to finally get the cage off. Mentally, this entire process was different than when Aaron had punished him in the office. Spencer had not even wanted to try and get hard. The spanking had been more mentally shameful than anything else that he did. It was meant to be. This was a teasing, fun kind of torture that Spencer submitted to willingly.

Aaron tugged Spencer up once Spencer had cleaned up Aaron’s cock and tucked him back into his pants. Aaron nuzzled at Spencer’s neck for a few seconds before wrapping him in a hug. Spencer’s arms were trapped between their two chests.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-yes, Sir.” Spencer stuttered because he hadn’t talked in a little while and he was still shaking a little bit as well just giving Aaron a blowjob. Being wrapped in Aaron’s arms though was nice. It was helping Spencer calm down.

“This isn’t a serious punishment, Spencer. You should not feel like you are being punished.” Aaron sounded worried.

Spencer lifted his head from where it had come to rest on Aaron’s shoulder and looked up at his lover. Spencer fought a hand free of their chests and cupped the side of Aaron’s face before he kissed the opposite cheek. “I don’t. It’s not painful like the last time, yes there is pressure, but you chose a good cage that isn’t punitive like the other was when I started to get hard, this one doesn’t even really allow me to get fully hard. If I were truly hurting, I would tell you.”

“Good. When the jet lands, we are going to go to the car. The case paperwork can be finished up tomorrow. Since we are getting in so late, we can all come in after lunch tomorrow to finish it up. Jessica has Jack at her place. He wanted to do a sleepover there since it has been a while since she took him there.”


“I want you to go and sit and unless someone talks to you, don’t talk back. If you don’t want to talk to them, tell them so but don’t ignore them. I’ll get our bags and put them in the trunk after we land. Your messenger bag will go inside with us but I’ll get it. You only worry about getting up to the office and getting naked. Check the windows before you do, no putting on shows for the neighborhood.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Spencer moved back to the seat that he had been in and saw that everyone was still asleep. Spencer would not have been able to sleep at all with the plug and the cage, and he wondered if it was something that Aaron wanted. To wear Spencer out until he couldn’t keep himself awake.

The rest of the short flight and the drive home was quick to Spencer. He was out of the car with keys in hand before Aaron had even got the car shut off. Spencer left the door open after turning off the alarm and near ran to the stairs that would take him right to the office. The blinds were all shut, and Spencer was thankful because he was half naked before he even got to the room. Aaron would probably give him a few smacks for leaving his clothes in the hall.

Spencer was draped over the desk, his ass on display and his cock still caged when Aaron entered the room. Spencer could see Aaron out of the corner of his eye, he had stripped down to his pants, but that was it. He was already hard again, Spencer could see that even from across the room. He carried nothing into the room with him.

“You are pretty like that, all flushed and wanting. Right now we are one and one on orgasms Spencer. If you come again before I do, I’m going to fuck you until I come and then spank you until I am hard again. Then I am going to fuck you again.”

“Please,” Spencer begged. He gripped the far edge of the desk until his knuckles were white. He turned his head and dropped his forehead on the desk as he felt Aaron get close to him. Aaron reached up between his legs to cup his balls. That touch had Spencer’s cock filling, and he whined as the rush was cut again by the cage. The plug in him wiggled and Spencer realized that it wasn’t from Spencer moving but from Aaron moving it. Aaron pulled Spencer back from the desk just enough to where he could unlock the cage. Spence felt relief, but it was short-lived as Aaron pushed the plug into him as his fingers worked the ring around his balls loose. As soon as his balls were free, Spencer came his cock not even half hard. Spencer sobbed in relief as his balls emptied and he slumped down onto the desk.

The snap of a lube cap barely registered before he felt the plug being pulled out of him and Aaron’s cock slid inside of him. Aaron fucked him hard and fast, his cock trying hard not to brush over Spencer’s prostate until Spencer was past the point of too sensitive.

“Are you with me, Spencer?” Aaron asked as he leaned over Spencer’s back, his breath ghosting over Spencer’s ear.

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

“Please what, Spencer?” Aaron asked, his voice amused. Aaron laughed a little as he pressed inside of Spencer and groaned. Spencer knew that he was coming and knew that the torment was just getting started. “Do you want to stop now?”

Spencer shook his head, unable to get his mouth to work.

“Stay.” Aaron pressed a hand to Spencer’s back and pulled out of him. Spencer whined as he did, not wanting to be empty. He hadn’t been empty for hours, and he didn’t want to be now. “You’ve not been good, Spencer. Teasing me in that hotel, and coming just now. If I fill you back up will you be good?”

Spencer nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

The sound of a drawer opening made Spencer want to move to look but Aaron told him to stay. He was going to be good. He heard the sound of plastic opening and then something was pressing into him. It was another plug, a different one. It had a large base that pressed into him, and a curious weight was on the end. Spencer’s entire body spasmed out of his control as he felt the plug start to vibrate. He grabbed the edge of the desk to keep himself from moving away. He keened as the plug shifted inside of him and pressed on his prostate more.

“When we moved in, Spencer. I chose this desk very carefully. For the weight that it could bear and the large expanse of the desktop. When I tell you to, give me one hand and then the other.”

Spencer nodded again, his body unable to stop shuddering at the feeling of the plug vibrating inside of him. He whined when it stopped for a few seconds before starting back up again. The vibrations varied from high to low and everywhere in between with only a few seconds rest between each mode.

Aaron was in front of Spencer before he knew it and from the sounds of chinking metal and a click from a clip, Spencer knew that he was crouched.

“Left,” Aaron said. Spencer raised up his left hand and held it out, gripping the desk harder with his right. He felt leather on his wrist before it tightened. His hand was laid down gently, and then the cuff pulled, and he realized that Aaron had chained him to the desk somehow. “Right.”

The process was repeated on the other hand, and Spencer grabbed the chains that were leading off the cuffs. Aaron moved away, and Spencer felt him kneel behind Spencer. There was leather wrapped around each of his ankles before his legs were spread and it was only the cuffs and chains holding him up now. He couldn’t move, but then he didn’t really want to move. He was trapped on display for Aaron. Aaron could do anything to him, and he wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Aaron didn’t give him any warning before the first open-handed smack landed on Spencer’s ass.

“I want to hear you, Spencer.”

The next smack landed but all Spencer could do was whine. Between the smacks and the plug, Spencer could feel himself start to get hard again. He didn’t try to fight it, but he knew that this was going to be his last orgasm of the night.

Spencer felt himself reaching that place that he wanted, where everything was pleasure, and it was all that he had to focus on. He felt Aaron pull the plug out of him and push his cock inside. Spencer couldn’t even tell if Aaron had used lube, between the lube from the plug and Aaron’s semen still inside of him, he was slick enough. Aaron fucked him hard and fast, the only thing keeping Spencer in place was how he was cuffed to the desk.

Aaron grabbed his hair at one point, tipping his head back. Spencer tried to hold on, tried to not come. He didn’t want to disappoint Aaron. Aaron’s hand snaked around to brush his cock, and Spencer jerked, trying to get away.

“That close already, Spencer? Don’t hold back. It’s okay. Come.”

Spencer did on Aaron’s command and he heard his lover let out a moan of his own as his hole clenched around Aaron’s cock as it pushed in and out of him. Spencer was gone. He didn’t even know when Aaron came or if he did. He didn’t know when Aaron uncuffed him or carried him to the bathroom to clean him up. Spencer only became aware that he was warm and wrapped in Aaron’s arms before he fell asleep.

Spencer’s entire body ached in a really good way the next day. Nothing hurt too much but he could feel it in every move that he made. Aaron woke up hard, so Spencer sucked him off while Spencer’s cock remained flaccid. Aaron hadn’t fought him for long after he got his mouth on Aaron’s cock. After that, it was a joint shower where Aaron didn’t even let Spencer wash his own face.

Loved and cared for was how Spencer felt when they got dressed for the day. Aaron touched him all the time, and even though Jack wasn’t there, Spencer wasn’t missing him desperately.

“I wanted to talk to you about a few things. I know that you have probably not been thinking about the wedding.” Aaron’s eyes darted down to Spencer’s hand as he lifted up the spoon to eat the oatmeal that Aaron had made for them for breakfast.

“No, I haven’t.”

“If I promise to keep it small, do you mind if I get everything planned and get going with it? I wanted a claim on you that most people can understand and I thought that an engagement ring on your hand would be enough but after we talked everything out and after all of this, I want a total claim on you.” Aaron didn’t look up from his food as he talked.

“Of course, I don’t really care as long as at the end of it, I can call you husband.” Spencer reached over and tipped his face up to his own. Spencer smiled at him, and Aaron smiled back.

“You have that lecture thing with Prentiss and Patricia Cornwell. I’ve looked at the time and given other leaves and various things, we can get married just before that and then after that lecture take a week honeymoon. If that is fine with you.”

“Again, Aaron, as long as I am married to you at the end, I don’t care.” Spencer really didn’t care. He just wanted to be with Aaron.

“Thank you. I love you, so much Spencer.”

“I love you, too.”

Aaron opened his mouth to say something, but the ringing of the doorbell stopped that. He frowned. Spencer knew that they were not expecting anyone. Spencer started to stand up, but Aaron waved him down.

“Stay. I’ll get it.”

Spencer waited until Aaron was up and moving before he started to eat faster. He had a feeling that something was up. Nothing good ever showed up this early in the morning. Spencer heard running feet, and before he could fully get out of his seat, Spencer had a lapful of Henry. He pulled Henry all the way up into his lap before he looked up to see Aaron coming into the kitchen and Will behind him. Will had a duffel bag in one hand and an Iron Man backpack in the other.

“Will,” Spencer said in greeting.

“Spencer.” Will tipped his head in greeting before sitting down at the table in Aaron’s spot. Aaron pulled his food over to Spencer’s side and Spencer scooted in at the table. Henry didn’t let go of him. The three-year-old wasn’t crying, but it was a near thing. Spencer looked at Will.

“Jennifer is not taking being ousted from the BAU well. She is not willing to transfer to another BAU unit, and Strauss is trying to find her a place but the State Department is unwilling to take her back. I never asked what she did for them, but given how long she was gone on her little trips, she was not inside of the US. I just need a place to hang my hat for a few days with Henry while Jennifer calms down.”

“You are welcome here at any time. Jack’s bed is big enough for the both of them, and we have two guest rooms on the second floor.”

“Thank you. I don’t have-” Will stopped and laughed a little as Aaron set down a bowl of oatmeal down in front of Will. “Well, I can’t say that I don’t have family because you guys are but I don’t have any of my blood family up here.”

“Jack sometimes likes to eat the oatmeal when he gets home from school. He’ll add fruit and eat it cold as a snack, so when Aaron makes it in the morning he’ll make enough for Jack to have some in the afternoon,” Spencer said as the reason why there was more food.

“I got Hen fed, but I left my sandwich on the table. I told Jennifer that Henry and I were not coming back home until she went to counseling.”

Henry let out a sob, and Spencer felt wetness start to seep into his shirt.

“Spencer, why don’t you take Henry, so that Will and I can talk. If you want, I will send someone over with your paperwork to work on. You can stay here today with Henry if he want to.”

Henry nodded his head, but the silent tears didn’t stop. Spencer scooted back out of the bench seat and was thankful for Aaron’s hands to steady him as his body protested the movement with the added weight of Henry in his arms. Aaron slung Henry’s backpack over Spencer’s shoulder as he started to move away from them.

“I drove by and realized that you two hadn’t left for work yet. I was going to head into Quantico to see you two. Henry really wanted Spencer.”

“You are welcome at any time. I have a spare set of keys that you can use until I get a set made for you. The alarm code is easy.”

Spencer listened to Aaron’s voice as it disappeared the further away that Spencer and Henry got from Aaron. Spencer knew that Aaron or even Will would tell him everything that he needed to know.

“Did you get any sleep last night?” Spencer asked.

Henry shook his head no, never lifting his face up.

“Then why don’t we sit down in the rocking chair in Jack’s room and I’ll read to you.”

“Please Uncle Pen.”

“‘Claudia knew that she could never pull off the old-fashioned kind of running away…'”



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