The Dusk and the Dawn Chapter 15

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

Sex is messy.

Messy is the best word ever to describe sex. Because if the act of sex doesn’t make a mess of you, you aren’t doing it right. There is the literal mess that orgasm makes but also the mess of the emotions of the parties involved.

Any human who tells you that they don’t want a relationship isn’t lying. The just don’t understand that ache inside of themselves. They have equated it to a need for sex instead of the need for just connection. Gods feel that too, but we are primarily solitary creatures. To trust another God that much to allow them in, it hurts when that God leaves so it’s better to connect to humans and even other Gods through sex and nothing more.

Still to find oneself in bed with anyone feels lovely. The rush of the seduction. The surge of the orgasm. It’s the morning that dawns stark and cold and someone alone in bed. For me, it’s usually the other person waking up alone. I’ve not slept in bed with anyone for longer than it takes to get over the orgasm in two thousand years. It takes New Gods a while to learn it and watching them near break themselves is a guilty pleasure.

November 2008

“So everyone is in sinfully awesome Vegas for the night. Who is going to party?”

“Me and Prentiss have plans to go hit a club and maybe a table or two. We are trying to talk JJ into cutting loose without her man and before she pops her kid out.”

Aaron laughed a little at that because JJ was close to popping as Morgan put it. Aaron hadn’t been shocked when she had ended up pregnant, he was happy for her and for Will. The shining wedding band on JJ’s finger showcased just how much she had jumped into the relationship with Will. JJ had kept her name after the short and private wedding in one of the local parks over the summer after the disastrous case in New York. Kate was never going to be an active field agent again, Aaron had found out just before taking the case in Vegas.

Looking at Reid curled into a chair in the police department and reading over a few case files from a cold case that one of the officers wanted help with, Aaron thought again about how happy he was that he had taken Reid with him that night. Between the two of them and the knowledge in Reid’s head from books he had read once in college when a friend had left in Reid’s room after a study night, Reid had been able to stabilize Kate Joyner enough to move her and in the process, figure out what the game plan was.

Aaron had been thankfully more worried about Kate to realize what was happening when Reid attacked and knocked out the driver of the lone ambulance that had come to help them before driving them to the next to the closest hospital. The mop up after had taken little time, and Morgan and Dave had taken care of it while Aaron had stayed with Kate.

“What about you Reid?” Garcia asked, her voice loud enough to penetrate Aaron’s musings on his friend and watched Reid. Reid was lost in the case file and didn’t hear Garcia. Aaron picked up a piece of paper and wadded it up. He tossed it so that it rolled down the case file. Reid laid the file down and looked up. He looked around at the team before landing on Aaron.


“Are you going to see your dad since you are here? I don’t think you’ve talked about going home since I’ve been on the team.” Garcia looked at Reid with anticipation on her face.

“I’ve not seen William Reid since three days after I buried his wife in the ground.”

“You didn’t…go home on holidays or over the summer?” JJ asked. Aaron could tell that she was upset and that she couldn’t understand.

“I went back to Caltech as soon as possible. Given the situation, my father’s secretary found an apartment just off of campus, and I lived there until I moved here.”


“I send her flowers every mother’s day because she is a wonderful mother of four children and she tried hard to be what I needed given my absent father.”

“It couldn’t have been that bad,” Morgan said.

“William Reid walked away from his wife and son when that son was ten. Do you want to know why?”

Aaron had heard Reid talk like that before. It was like he was trying to distance himself from it all. Like he was trying to make himself believe that it hadn’t happened to him. Aaron’s heart ached because he could see the little boy in him now. That scared boy whose mother had died and he was left alone with a father who didn’t care.

“Why?” Aaron asked. It drew Reid’s gaze to him. There was such anger in his eyes right then.

“Because Diana Reid had schizophrenia and went off of her meds to have a child that they both wanted and after that, she was never the same. She got worse and worse until he couldn’t take it anymore, but instead of taking his kid, he left both of them behind. William talked to me for the first time a day after she was killed. He put me up in a hotel because he didn’t want the neighbors seeing me for even a day. The secretary helped me get my things that I wanted out of the house that I had been living in. After the funeral, I was put onto a bus. My things were kept at the secretary’s office until I found an apartment that I liked. William did pay for it until I moved here. I don’t think that he realized that he was.” Reid pulled the file up and stood up, letting the paper ball fall to the floor. He tossed the file down in front of Aaron. “Their killer is a black man in his thirties with a severe limp and a hatred for all men who look close enough to him that don’t.”

Reid walked out of the room.

“Shit,” Dave said.

Aaron looked at Dave and saw that the rest of the team was looking at him.

“I didn’t know that. He’s never shared that with me. I never thought much about him not going home to Vegas. I assumed that when he talked about going to California, he met up with his father there.” Aaron thought about how Reid went out of his way to never talk about either of his parents.

“I didn’t mean to-” Garcia stopped herself. She looked near ready to cry.

“No, no Baby Girl this is not your fault. We didn’t know.”

“If it were anyone else, I would say that I was worried about him walking around in the dark in Vegas, but this kid grew up here.” Dave stood up and looked at Morgan. “Let’s go and win some money to keep these two ladies in real alcohol and fake.”

Aaron watched as the team filed out and he looked at his watch. He wasn’t tired, and he didn’t want to sleep. He thought about what he wanted to do. First, he wanted to go to the hotel and change out of the suit that he was in and get into more comfortable clothes. He would pocket enough money for what he wanted and not take any cards with him, just in case.

The area around the hotel they were in was dead even for being early in the evening. Aaron hadn’t looked at many of the buildings in the area before then, but none of them looked like a place that he wanted to go to. He kept walking, but nothing was good. Finally, Aaron hailed a cab and had himself dropped off at the Strip.

The Strip was alive even though the sun had only been down for an hour. Aaron realized why Reid liked people watching at night. During the day people tended to watch what they were doing, but at night they used the cover of the darkness to get wild. Aaron watched so many people barely hiding when they were making out in the corners of doorways. It was interesting to watch. Some of them freaked out a little bit when they saw Aaron watching them, other got even more turned on.

Aaron wandered and wandered, and he didn’t realize that he had a goal in mind until he was standing outside of what looked like a subway entrance but it wasn’t. Aaron saw the name and the word Lupanar sounded familiar, but Aaron for the life of him couldn’t remember why.

“What are you looking for?” A woman asked as Aaron got to the bottom of the steps.

“I don’t know.” Aaron looked around, and it was then that he realized what the place was and where he knew the name from the famous brothel in Pompeii. Aaron laughed. He felt a tug toward the back of the place. “I’m going to join a friend.”

“Head on back, love.”

Aaron walked back the way that she pointed but as soon as he could be turned a different direction. There was an area that was more curtained off than in a room. Aaron watched as a man who looked to be in his mid-forties entered a room. Aaron followed him and when he saw that it was Reid in that room. There were several glasses of what smelled like cheap as hell whiskey sitting around him.

“Heard you were waiting for me,” the man said.

“No. He wasn’t. Find someone else.” Aaron used his Unit Chief voice. The man turned and looked at Aaron. Aaron glared at him for a few seconds before the man finally ran out of the room.

“You know that I paid for a blowjob and I expect one,” Reid said looking up at him. Aaron grabbed the tumbler of whiskey from his hand and downed it. “So unless you are going to get down on your knees and suck my cock, you had better get out.” Reid looked away from Aaron, so Aaron waited. Reid’s eyes came back to him after thirty-seven seconds. “You are still here, and you are not on your knees.”

“If you weren’t pissed and upset at William Reid, you would have a little bit of shame at telling your boss to get on his knees and to suck your cock. You can’t blame the alcohol because it’s not something that would knock you on your ass. And while it looks like you have drunk about two bottles, I know that this cheap shit won’t affect you. So I’m going to give you two options Reid. Option one is that I turn around and I let that man come back in here.”

“I think that I’ll take that option, Hotch. So leave.”

“I didn’t give you option two.”

“If option two doesn’t involve you getting on your knees right now and sucking me until I blow, I’ll take option one.”

“No, option two does not involve me dropping to my knees here.” Aaron paused and raised his hand up to stop Reid when he opened his mouth. “This floor looks clean, but I don’t really trust it, and it’s not carpeted, but given what happens here, I can understand why. We aren’t at home where you can just walk down the street to the club and find someone to fuck so you are going to someplace that you either knew about when you were younger, or you asked about.”

Reid was staring at Aaron, and his eyes were near dead. Aaron didn’t like it.

“And I don’t like to have sex in public. And my knees are too old for kneeling on hard floors. So I will give you sex if we go back to our hotel room.”

Reid moved so fast that Aaron almost didn’t see him move at all. Aaron didn’t realize that Reid had moved him as well until he felt the wall against his back, he could barely see the room they had been in focusing on Reid instead. Reid had his hand on Aaron’s throat, and unlike what Aaron had seen when Reid had Dev in mostly the same position, Aaron wasn’t worried that Reid would hurt him. In fact, it was arousing to Aaron which told him that his thoughts about what was arousing anymore were a little skewed.

“It’s not pity, Reid. I’ve not had sex in a long time and considering that my wife was regularly cheating on me and breaking my trust in other ways, I learned that I want trust in sex. I miss sex with anything but my left hand, and you want sex. I trust you.”

“This is really stupid, Hotch.” Reid let go of Aaron’s neck and leaned back enough to where they could see the whole of each other’s faces. “Who says that I want to have sex with you?”

“I think right now you want sex with anything that has a pulse and can give consent.” Aaron leaned in and ghosted his breath over Reid’s lips. Reid reached up and held Aaron still by his neck again, pressing him back into the wall enough to where Aaron would only be able to move if he cut off his air supply. Aaron tried to lean in enough to kiss Reid, but the God just grinned and pressed him back into the wall.

“So you have figured out what you want, have you?” Reid asked.

“I don’t know if it’s so much what I want.”

“No, you have. You took a while to figure out that it was jealousy that you were feeling and not jealousy that Dev could be free but jealousy because he was the focus of my attention. I know my psychology, remember. I also know you. After four years, I know you rather well.” Reid leaned in close again to where their lips were almost touching. “The only reason that I am saying yes is so because I know that you don’t want sex with a God.”

Aaron gasped as Reid leaned in and claimed his mouth, finally. Aaron tried to kiss him back, but it felt like electricity was dancing over his skin from the two points where Reid was touching him beside their lips. Reid didn’t let up on the kiss and Aaron could only close his eyes in pleasure as he felt the weight of Reid’s Godness rush over him.

Reid pulled out of the kiss a lot quicker than Aaron wanted and he made his displeasure known. He opened his eyes and parted his lips to tell Reid this, but when he did, he lost his thoughts as he took in the fact that they were in their hotel room. Reid was grinning.

“It’s better than taking a cab back at this time of night. While climbing into your lap and kissing you senseless for the entire trip sounded good, I want this too bad to delay it. I’m going to the bathroom. You have two options while I am in there. If you keep your clothes on, we don’t go any further than you giving me a blowjob, and I might reciprocate or just have you straddle me on the bed, and I jerk you off. Or you strip naked, and we go a lot further than blowjobs and handjobs.” Reid didn’t even look back as he turned to go into the bathroom.

Aaron sat down on the end of the bed that hadn’t been used at all since they had arrived in Vegas. Reid had stayed at the house of the family that had their kid abducted. Aaron had used his but hadn’t slept well at all. Aaron thought about what he wanted as he sat there. His first time for the sex act that Reid was suggesting was daunting, but with it being Reid doing it, it was less so. There wasn’t a single other person, God or human that Aaron trusted to do it. Getting it out of the way early would be better for Aaron. If he hated it, Reid would understand if they ever did this again. Aaron wondered if Reid liked it and would allow Aaron to do it to him.

“Well, I see your mind has been made up.” Reid was leaning in the doorway of the bathroom, the light was out in there, and only the two lamps by the beds were on. It was putting a lot of darkness on Reid and Aaron couldn’t see his face.

“Not really. I’m not opposed to option two I’m just…unsure.”

“Hmm. Okay. Then we can do option three, go with what feels good. Why don’t we both strip down to our boxers and we can go from there.”

Aaron blushed and looked away from Reid. He didn’t know how to admit to the God that he hadn’t put any on. Aaron’s jeans were sinfully soft, and he loved the feel of them on his skin. Hands on his knees startled Aaron out of his decision. He looked to see Reid on his knees, and he was spreading Aaron’s legs the way that he wanted. Reid grinned before his hands slipped up Aaron’s legs to start to fiddle with his zipper pull. Aaron nodded and leaned back so that Reid had access as he started to tug down on the zipper. Like there was no rush to what they were doing, Reid tugged the zipper down tooth by tooth, watching as Aaron’s skin was revealed little by little. Reid’s free hand slid up and pushed Aaron back some to where he had to balance on his elbows to not fall all the way back, and for a few seconds, Aaron thought that it was what Reid wanted, but when the hand pulled away, Aaron knew it wasn’t.

Reid looked at Aaron’s form like he was memorizing it. Like it was one of his favorite books. Aaron shuddered as Reid finally made a move. He leaned down and inhaled. Aaron spread his legs as far as he could given his pants and leaned back a little more. Reid’s hands settled on Aaron’s knees for a few seconds before sliding up, pressing firm as he did. His thumbs swept up the sides of Aaron’s cock, hard in his pants and barely confined anymore. Around to Aaron’s back, the God’s hands moved until he felt them curl in the hem of his pants and started to tug. Aaron closed his legs as much as he could with Reid between them and raised up on his arms so that Reid could drag the jeans down Aaron’s ass and down to his thighs. Aaron’s cock bobbed in freedom, and he nearly screamed when he felt a tongue slide of the head.

“Condoms?” Aaron asked.

Reid looked up at him, amusement in his eyes. “I don’t have any STDs nor can I get you pregnant, despite me being a God my sperm won’t give you a womb. If you would rather have one on, that’s fine.”

“I got a full battery of every single thing that can be transmitted after Haley, and it’s just been my hands since then.”

“That’s not an answer, Hotch. I can head to one of thirteen places and get condoms for us if you want.”

“You don’t have any on you?”

“No. I don’t carry condoms around on cases.” Reid looked at Aaron like he was a little insane to think that. “How often do you think I have sex with someone?”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I just…Morgan carries them, I’ve been him carry them. I don’t know if he uses them or thinks he will, or they are a thing that he carries because he always has a go bag with him and it’s better than being in a wallet. Fuck this. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to call you a player or whatever the current term for a man who likes sex is.” Aaron shifted his balance to one hand and ran the other through his hair. He looked down at Reid and grabbed him by the back of his neck, pulling him up to kiss him.

Aaron lost himself in that kiss as he parted his lips and allowed Reid to turn the kiss deeper. Aaron lost his balance and fell backward taking Reid with him. Aaron tangled his hands in Reid’s hair, loving the softness of it. It was wonderful, feeling Reid’s weight on him. Knowing that they were probably equally matched. Aaron didn’t have to be gentle. That thought sent a spark of arousal through Aaron, and he tightened one of his hands in Reid’s hair. Reid’s hips jerked and pressed Aaron down into the bed more.

“Do you have lube?” Aaron asked when jerked out of Aaron’s hold and sat up to stare down at him.

“Yes, I have lube. It’s in my kit in the bathroom. I didn’t want to bring it out and make you upset by telling me it wasn’t needed. Naked. You need to be naked before I get back.”

“You get naked as well.” Aaron pushed at Reid’s shoulder making the God finally move. Aaron watched Reid near run to the bathroom to grab the lube. Aaron worked his pants off as well as his socks and shoes, tossing them well away from the bed before he worked on his shirt. Reid was shirtless when he left the bathroom. The lube was between his lips, and his hands were working on the buttons of his slacks, the belt already hanging open. Aaron watched Reid let gravity take his pants down as he started to push at his underwear. The color was a very bright purple. The socks on his feet were mismatched just like every other time that Aaron had seen him in his socks. Aaron wondered if it was on purpose or if he didn’t care that he grabbed two different pairs of socks.

When Reid was naked, he finally climbed up onto the bed, straddling Aaron’s waist and looked down at him. Reid splayed a hand on Aaron’s stomach before he leaned down to kiss him again. Their cocks brushed, and Aaron hissed in pleasure at that simple touch. Reid grinned at him before he shifted around on the bed a little. Aaron wasn’t sure what he was doing until he felt a hand wrap around his cock. Reid kissed him again before he started to place kisses down Aaron’s cheek. The hand on Aaron’s stomach left, and it dug under his head to where Aaron felt surrounded by Reid.

“I bet you are going to look so pretty, on the bed, your legs spread and my cock in your ass. I bet you will take it like you were made for it,” Reid whispered into Aaron’s ear. A nip followed, and Aaron couldn’t help the thrust of his hips. “I’ve imagined this, Hotch. You wanting this. You wanting this from me. And my mind, it conjured up lifelike images in it. I could almost feel your hole clenching my cock so hard as you came that I swore I’d be chaffed when I opened my eyes.”

Aaron heard the snap of the lube being opened right by his ear. Reid’s hand left Aaron cock and snaked its way out from between them. There was the squelch of lube being pushed out of the tube before the hand snaked back down and a cool feeling hand wrapped around Aaron’s cock.

“Please,” Aaron begged because he had never been as aroused as he was at that moment in time. He felt like he was going to die if he didn’t come.

“I’m not stopping you, Hotch.” Reid bit at Aaron’s ear again and the nip of pain had Aaron coming. He jerked in Reid’s loose hold on his body, and he felt Reid’s shudder. Aaron hoped though as he laid there that Reid hadn’t orgasmed as well. “I’m going to get between your legs now.”

Aaron nodded, unable to talk as he watched Reid do precisely as he said he was. The young God’s hand was covered in lube and what Aaron knew was his release. He was shocked that Reid didn’t clean it off his hand. Reid used his clean hand to lift Aaron’s left leg up, and before Aaron could even ask what Reid was going to do, he felt fingers brushing over his hole. Aaron was relaxed from orgasm, and the first finger slipped inside of him easy, aided by the lube and release. Aaron had been fingering himself in the shower aided by his conditioner. He’d liked what he did to himself, but this felt so much better.

“More,” Aaron demanded.

“Do you like this?” Reid asked.

“Yes.” Aaron raised his other leg some to give Reid more access. “More than I thought that I would when I realized that I found men arousing.”

“And that was that night you watched me?”


“How did you never notice it before?” Reid asked.

“I don’t cheat. I looked, and I never thought anything of recognizing that a male was beautiful or I liked the way clothes looked on their body. I never felt arousal from it.”

“So was it just me?”

“No. I bought a video. Cash. DVD, I guess.” Aaron shuddered as Reid pushed in again with two fingers. It felt strange, but Aaron liked it. Aaron felt Reid’s hot breathe on his ear. He turned his head to try and take his lips in a kiss, but Reid just laughed and pulled his fingers free of Aaron’s ass. He sat up and looked down at Aaron.

“How do you want to do this?”

“What do you mean?”

“There are a variety of positions we can do. All are good as long as I’m careful and we go slow.” Reid grabbed a shirt that was on the floor. Aaron remembered seeing Reid drop it there when they had got a call before he could get fully changed. He cleaned his hand off before grabbing the lube and setting it down on Aaron’s chest. “Lube me up.”

Aaron let go of the bed when he realized that he had a death grip on it. He picked up the lube and poured some into his hand. He looked down at Reid’s cock, really looking for the first time. It was longer than Aaron’s but around the same girth. Aaron poured a little more into his hand before dropping it off the side of the bed.

“You can never have too much lube. Anyone who tells you otherwise likes getting off hurting someone. I don’t. Not like that. Biting I do like, sometimes. Do you like biting?”

“I don’t know.” Aaron hadn’t thought about anything like that before.

“Well if you like this part, we can see about if you like more things.”

“What is your favorite position?”

“Depends on what I am feeling like. I think right now, I want you right like this. How do you feel about that?”


Aaron reached out and touched Reid’s cock with his hand that didn’t have lube on it. There was a drop of fluid there. Aaron caught it on the tip of his finger and drew it up to his lips. He kept his eyes locked with Reid’s as he slipped his finger in his mouth. Reid tasted a lot different than Aaron did. He wondered if it was the fact that Reid was a God.

“Please, hurry,” Reid begged a little as he licked his lips. Aaron moaned as he wrapped his other hand around Reid’s cock. It felt so hot in his hand. He thought about how that it would feel inside of him. Aaron pulled his hand away and wiped it on the bed. He didn’t care about keeping the bed clean. There was another bed that Aaron could sleep in.

Reid scooted a little closer as he leaned back again, looking down. Aaron watched him and didn’t look down, so he jumped a little when he felt the head of Reid’s cock breach his hole. Aaron could feel the warmth of it as Reid slowly slid inside of him.

Aaron felt Reid’s hips press into his. “Fuck,” Aaron said because he felt full. He grabbed at that sheets on the bed again and tried not to move. He didn’t know if he would hurt himself or Reid.

“Breathe, Hotch, breathe.” Reid’s voice was right there in Aaron’s ear. Reid was on top of him again, they were chest to chest. Aaron felt surrounded again, and he loved it. “I’m going to start moving.”

“Okay.” Aaron nodded as hard as he felt he could get away with as he felt Red start to pull out. “No.”

“No?” Reid asked as he stopped. Reid pulled back to where he could look down into Aaron’s face. “No what?”

“Cold,” Aaron said.

“Okay. Okay. We can do something different. Let me lean up.” Reid pushed up some and Aaron nodded. Reid’s hands moved toward Aaron’s legs and bent them up more, pressing them into his sides. Aaron moaned as it shifted the cock inside of him and that felt good. Reid leaned back down again and settled there, pressing Aaron’s legs into his chest, but it let them get closer. Let Aaron feel like he was being pushed down into the bed and owned. “This good?”


“Good. Now, are you ready for me to move?”


Aaron felt Reid gently rock outward some but not enough to where Aaron felt empty. Reid pushed back in, and it rocked Aaron’s body. Aaron let go of the bed and grabbed Reid’s shoulders. Aaron wiggled his hips a little, and his cock moved to where every time that Reid moved, it was rubbed between their bodies.

“Do you like my warm cock inside of you?” Reid asked.


“Good because it loves being inside of you. You are tight and perfect. Fuck.” Reid buried his face in Aaron’s neck, their bodies rocking. Aaron shifted his legs after a while. He wanted to see how it would feel with his legs wrapped around Reid’s back. He was flexible from running and swimming. Reid’s pace picked up after that. His teeth found a hollow in Aaron’s neck and clenched. Aaron’s body went taut, and he was almost there, almost on the edge of orgasm. Aaron let go of Reid’s shoulder and reached up to grab his hair. Aaron almost jerked him back, but instead, he pushed Reid’s face into him more. Reid’s teeth clenched harder on Aaron’s neck, and Aaron felt warmth start to fill him up. Aaron almost felt like his insides were going to burn, but they didn’t, and it started to feel so good. Reid’s cock was still pumping inside of him and sliding in and out. The warmth was too much, Aaron couldn’t hold on. He came with a cry that he didn’t muffle in any way.

Aaron kept his legs wrapped around Reid for as long as he could. Reid was still so damned warm, almost too much but Aaron didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want Reid to leave either. One of them had to get up and get things to clean up. Aaron had no clue what to do on that because he was usually the one to clean up Haley but he was on the receiving end in this.

“You look like you have become part of the bed.” Reid chuckled before leaning in to kiss Aaron.

Aaron submitted to the kiss and lost himself in it. There was no passage of time during it. For all Aaron knew hours could have passed. If it wasn’t for the fluid still wet between them, it could have been morning for all Aaron knew.

“Let’s both get up and take a shower before you go to sleep.”


Reid was the first to get up, and Aaron was pulled up with him. Aaron felt like an octopus, wrapped around Reid as they made their way to the bathroom. The water was turned on in the actually nice sized shower stall, and Reid pressed Aaron into the cold assed tile.

“Hey!” Aaron called out, but Reid didn’t let him up. Instead, he pushed Aaron even harder into the wall and took his mouth in another kiss. Aaron growled and shoved, not stopping until Reid was the one pressed into the wall on the opposite side. Aaron felt hardness pressed into him as he kissed Reid. Aaron knew his own refractory period, but he didn’t know Reid’s. He hadn’t seen what had happened after the waitress had gone into the room at the club. Reid thrust up into Aaron, rocking his cock onto Aaron’s body.

Aaron reached out and felt the water, finding it up to temperature to where he would at least stand it, Aaron pulled out of the kiss and drew Reid with him under the spray. Aaron grabbed the rag he had been using and started to wash himself off. Reid grabbed his rag and did the same. Reid’s eyes were closed, his cock still hard. Aaron couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He saw bits of the bird on his back and saw that it was old looking. The tattoo looked like it had been on his back many years instead of just the under ten it would have been. Aaron wondered if it was a sign of him being a God.

Finishing off first, Aaron poked Reid until the young God turned to where Aaron could see his back. Reid was under the spray and braced his arms on the wall in front of him. Aaron grabbed the bottle of conditioner from the walk but stopped when he saw something that he had never noticed before. A bottle of lube tucked just behind Reid’s shampoo. Aaron grabbed it.

“I’m not going to be getting hard again, but I can take care of you. Do you want that?”

“Do what you want.”

“Dangerous words. I could want to do a lot of things to you.”

“I know you aren’t into anything that I wouldn’t want. You don’t seem like someone who would get off on pissing on someone.”

“No,” Aaron chuckled. He coated both his palm of one hand as well as his fingers on the other. He barely remembered Reid fingering him. It wasn’t because he hadn’t done a lot of it, but Aaron was focused on his feelings than the actual act. Aaron used his hand to spread Reid’s cheeks a little to see his hole. He kept his eyes on the back of Reid’s head as he rubbed the tip of his pointer finger over the pucker there. Reid shudder, and his head dropped down. Total submission. Aaron grinned as he pushed that finger inside of Reid. Reid scooted his feet apart to where he could spread his legs and allow Aaron access to his hole more.



“I like being fucked with three fingers. So please work up to that.”

“You like being stretched apart?”

“Yes. Your cock is the perfect size that I like to be fucked with. I want to feel that soon. When you are okay with it.” Reid hissed as Aaron wrapped his other hand around his cock. “Fuck. Harder. Don’t care which, just harder.”

Aaron tightened his hold on Reid’s cock and pulled out his fingers long enough to press two back inside. Reid stayed still even though Aaron could feel that he wanted to fuck Aaron’s hand. Aaron pushed in and out a few times before he pushed in all the way and sought out Reid’s prostate.

“For a novice at this, you are doing, fuck, a lot better than I thought.”

“I’ve played with my own prostate while jerking off in the shower. I did say that I was sick of my hands. Plural.”

“I just figured that your right hand got jealous of the left.”

“Imp.” Aaron loosened his hold on Reid’s cock in payback for that. Reid laughed and squeezed his ass muscles around Aaron’s fingers. “Are you always going to be like this?”


“Do you always get hard again so quick?”

“Depends. You got hard quick again too, but I know it’s an occasional thing.”

“Are you calling me old?”

“No. Distinguished.” Reid pushed back on Aaron’s hand, taking his fingers inside of himself deeper. He rocked forward into Aaron’s hand next. It was nice feeling Reid taking his pleasure but teaching Aaron at the same time what he liked, how hard, how fast and so many other things. Aaron’s only experience with sex had been taught at Haley’s hands. She didn’t like rough, she barely liked it when Aaron went too fast for her enjoyment after she had got hers. Reid though showed his pleasure in every single arch of his body, every noise that he made. He loved sex, and he wanted it badly.

“Close?” Aaron whispered into the wet skin of Reid’s shoulder as he looked over it to watch his hand on Reid’s cock. Aaron wanted to do this again but with his cock inside of Reid. This was dangerous, exciting, and if it had been anyone else caught in a sexual relationship with a man near half his age, Aaron would have been upset. This though. Aaron pressed three fingers inside of Reid as he started to jerk Reid’s cock harder. Reid let out a shaky moan, and Aaron felt his entire body tense as he came all over the shower wall.

Aaron watched it all wash away as the water hit, pulling his fingers from Reid’s body. When it was gone, Reid grabbed Aaron’s hand and washed it as well as the other very carefully. Aaron didn’t stop him when he turned off the water and wrapped Aaron’s arm around his chest before starting out of the shower.

Now that he was clean, Aaron started to feel tired. Too many emotions and doing too much with not enough sleep had Aaron wanting sleep. He looked at the clock and saw that it was three a.m. and it was way too late for him to get enough sleep but he would get as much as he could.

“Are you going to stay?” Aaron asked as he looked at the bed after finishing drying off standing in the bedroom area of the hotel room.

“If you want.”

“I do.”

“Then get dressed. I don’t sleep in bed with someone else while naked.”



Aaron grabbed pants to sleep in and wasn’t shocked when Reid dressed in a pair of pants and a T-Shirt. Aaron laid down and pulled the blankets up and over him. He watched as Reid grabbed a book with a book light from his bag and wandered over to him. Reid slipped into the bed and patted his thigh. Aaron used it as a pillow and felt his body relax as Reid laid a hand in his hair before turning off the lamp at the bedside. The small light from the booklight didn’t bother Aaron at all. Instead, it helped him go to sleep even faster.



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