Rough Romance Chapter 23-Hitched

Chapter 23-Hitched

(7.10 The Bittersweet Science)

Spencer smiled as he watched Aaron run around the park. Spencer wasn’t running with him on this morning, and Aaron thought that he was alone. Spencer hadn’t wanted to stay inside, it was such a lovely morning, and Jack was sleeping tight. Will didn’t mind staying in for a little bit to watch both of the kids until he started his shift at the station. Spencer was dressed for work already, but the urge to just watch Aaron run was high, so that was what Spencer did. He knew the best place as sometimes he and Jack went with Aaron and watched him run while they relaxed. Jack would play on the equipment at the park but Spencer usually just read or watched his lover.

The woman that moved up to talk to Aaron as he stopped made Spencer frown. He watched as his fiancé barely paid attention to her as they spoke, but something she said raised his hackles. After a few minutes, they went their separate ways. Aaron was getting ready to end his run for the day. Spencer followed the woman as she started up her run again. He knew that he had time before Aaron got home and they headed into the office. Anderson had already texted them that they had a case lined up. Spencer had seen where she had parked and waited for her at the car.

“I saw you watching him. You drove through and parked but didn’t get out of the car until you saw him come around the corner,” Spencer said as the woman stopped at her car to get ready to leave, he assumed.

“Who are you?” The woman demanded.

“My name is Spencer. You know that you wore a really tight swimming suit the last time you were there at the same time as Aaron at the Y.”

“Are you stalking him? He’s an agent you know.” She looked really proud of herself in that instant but Spencer just gave her a wicked smile. It made her falter a little bit.

“I know that he is.” Spencer eyed her up and down before he spoke again. “You wore a bright pink two-piece and Aaron never even looked at you. What do think that means?”

“That’s he’s focused on his training.” The woman was starting to look very uncomfortable. Which Spencer kind of reveled in.

“Yet, in all that time you never noticed when he was doing laps, his eyes came to rest in a single direction whenever he would stop to catch his breath.”

“Yes, he looked up at where the stands were and up to the clock.” She looked a little like she deserved a cookie for that, coming to the wrong conclusion. She thought that she was the most important person in the room and second was the object of her desire and everyone was wasn’t worth thinking about were ignored.

“No, his eyes came to rest on me. He tried for an hour at home to talk me into getting into the pool with him. I only agreed to do that after he did his laps. I didn’t want to distract him at all from what he was doing.”


“Aaron would never look in your direction. His eyes look a single direction, and that’s at me. The man he goes to bed with every single night. You have no chance of catching his eye so I wanted to save you the trouble because if he goes on that training bit with you, it will only be that.”

“You must be pretty insecure to threaten me.”

“It’s not a threat ma’am. I’m warning you to hopefully save you from being hurt in this. Aaron isn’t going to look at you as more than a training partner.”

“I…” The woman stopped when a car horn honked. Spencer turned around to see Aaron still in his running outfit. He leaned over and opened the door, smiling at Spencer. Spencer saw that Aaron wasn’t even looking at the woman.

“Anderson texted that we need to get into the air. Sorry to cut your morning walk short.” Aaron smiled even wider as Spencer turned toward the car. Aaron’s eyes cut to the woman briefly. There was no recognition in his eyes. “Did you make a friend?”

“Not really.” Spencer noticed that the business card that the woman had given him was in the cup where straw wrappers went until they were thrown away. The card was crumpled, and Spencer wondered what Aaron thought about the woman. He hadn’t even recognized her.

“She looked a little disappointed about you leaving.”

Spencer snorted. Aaron glanced at him and gave him a little bit of a weird look.

“Aaron, I wanted to make sure that if you did call her to set up training like it seemed she wanted she would know that it would only be that.”

Aaron looked in the rearview mirror like he would be able to see the woman.

“That was her?”

“I knew that you were barely paying attention to her, but when I realized that you didn’t recognize her at all when you stopped, I understood how little you were paying attention. Her card is in the trash there.”

“You know that you have nothing to be jealous over, right?” Aaron actually looked a little worried about that. Spencer couldn’t hold in his laugh.

“I know that Aaron, and I was not and will not ever be jealous, but she wasn’t realizing that you were uninterested. I didn’t want her to make a scene when you two made plans to train. I know what women who are scorned can do, we hunt enough of them.” Spencer looked out the window at the streets they were passing. “She could cause issues all on her own.”

“Although the thought of you scaring women off is a little hot. If you weren’t dressed for work, I might do something horrible to you.”

“Horrible? You don’t do anything horrible to me.” Spencer grinned at Aaron and waited for the eyebrow from his lover.

“Dirty then. Dirty, and something that would make even Prentiss blush.”

“The carpet in the bedroom doesn’t leave marks on my knees,” Spencer offered as he trailed his fingers up the inseam of Aaron’s very tight running pants.

“Before or after my shower?” Aaron asked.

“You showered last night, and all you did was run, so before.”

Aaron sped up a little, giving them a few extra seconds of time to be together before the case.

Spencer giggled as he was twirled on the dance floor. Aaron laughed in his ear. The music was a slow classical piece played by the string band that had been paid for by Rossi for their wedding. It had been an intimate affair with only the team and family there. A videographer had recorded every single second of it, and it was going to be put on a DVD to send to Spencer’s Mom.

The wedding had been planned by Aaron with help from Rossi, and it had been perfect in Spencer’s eyes. Even with it only being weeks between Aaron asking and today. Jack and Henry had been the ring bearers, Henry carrying Spencer’s ring for Aaron and Jack Aaron’s ring for Spencer. Aaron’s gift for Spencer had come before the wedding and had been delivered by Will. Spencer had a best man, Morgan, and a single groomsman, Will. Aaron had Rossi as his best man and Prentiss as his groomsperson. JJ had been invited but did not come. Her fight with Will had turned worse, and she had been refusing to see Henry at all. JJ’s mother, on the other hand, had come to visit and had come to see Henry and Will at Aaron and Spencer’s. That had happened all while they were on the case.

“I think it’s time to share dancing, Aaron,” Will said as he smiled at Aaron. Spencer turned and looked at him with a weird look on his face. However, Aaron stepped back and bowed a little to Will before Will took up Spencer’s hands and started to rock them back and forth on the floor.


“I don’t want to ruin your night, but with you two not going on a honeymoon until a week from now, I wanted to give you two a heads up. JJ is suing for sole custody of Henry. She had the papers delivered here to me tonight just before the wedding started.”

Spencer opened his mouth to say something but stopped when he heard giggling. Spencer and Will both turned to see Aaron standing beside Rossi and both of them staring at where Prentiss and Jessica were dancing. Jessica looked a bit tipsy, but since Aaron had put a no sex clause until the honeymoon, Jack was going home with Aaron and Spencer. Spencer wasn’t exactly sure that Aaron would make it, their sex life had picked up a lot since working through all of the issues over Prentiss’s death and resurrection. Spencer was willing to try though.

“I think that Jessica is having fun.”

“So is Emily.” Will smiled at the two of them before looking back at Spencer. “I am going to fight for shared custody. I would never take Henry away from his mother, but things could turn really bad over the next little while. As early as tomorrow.”

“Aaron’s got a lovely lawyer who loves to make people’s lives difficult. He also loves to take custody cases where mothers try and take custody from fathers. I’ll text you his number later.”

“Thank you. Now Prentiss wanted a turn around this floor with you and so did Jessica.”

Spencer pressed a kiss to Will’s cheek before stepping back. Spencer looked to see that Jessica and Prentiss were still rocking back and forth on the edge of the floor. He felt a tug on his pants and saw Jack there at his feet. Spencer held his hands out, and Jack slipped his hands into Spencer’s, and they started to move around. After a few seconds, Spencer lifted Jack up by his arms and tipped their heads together as they set up dancing on the floor together. Spencer felt arms wrap around him and the scent of Aaron filled his nose.

The sound of the shutter of the camera filled Spencer’s ears, but he didn’t care. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment with his husband and his son. The adoption papers had been signed and taken care of before the wedding. It had been emotional for Jack. For Spencer and Aaron, it didn’t really change much except for the fact that no matter what Spencer would not be denied the right to Jack.

“I’m glad you liked the suit that I picked out,” Aaron murmured in Spencer’s ear.

“Morgan and I had a bet going. He won by the way. I have to give him a hundred dollars. I did not think that my suit would be royal blue. I do admit that I look good in it, your dark red suit complements it.”

“Jack’s happy that we are in superhero colors.”

“His favorite superhero costume is a suit, Aaron and you know it.” Spencer looked at Jack to see that he was asleep in Spencer’s arms.

“A nice charcoal grey suit with a purple tie.”

“Purple tie?” Spencer asked.

“You are his hero too, Spencer. Long before today. That’s why he wore a purple tie with his suit at Halloween.”

“I didn’t…” Spencer pressed a kiss into Jack’s skin, and the boy wiggled around in Spencer’s arms but didn’t wake up. “I know that I love him, and I know that he loves me but this is…”

“Children love their parents when the parents deserve it, and we know that sometimes when they don’t but seeing their parents as their heroes is rare. We are just lucky.” Aaron unwrapped Spencer’s hand from around Jack and raised it up to press a kiss over his the place where his engagement and wedding ring sat. Aaron was wearing a matching set as well now. Even though it had only been a week before, Aaron had put on a matching engagement ring so that everyone would know that he was claimed. The next kiss was placed on the back of Spencer’s neck. Just above the new collar.

“How long have you been hiding this from me?”

“Dave has been keeping it for me. I had it ordered just after you said yes. I wanted you in it for our wedding.”

Spencer unlinked their hands to touch his new collar. Spencer did love it. It was hand tooled leather that was a deep blue in color like he expected anything else. The buckle at the back was platinum as was the plate at the front that had three initials on it. AMH. A simple and easy way of claiming him as Aaron’s without his name actually plastered on it. None of the metal touched Spencer’s body. There was an inner ring of leather that connected the two open ends of the joint section of the collar. It was a very elaborate collar that Spencer loved.

“I know that on cases you are going to have to wear the other one because it’s easier to take off but it won’t be hard to swap it out on the jet. So your other will go into your go bag.”

“Hmm,” Spencer said. With Jack’s weight on him and Aaron rocking them back and forth, Spencer was relaxing. The wedding ceremony itself hadn’t been taxing mentally but before and after had been.

“Aaron,” Rossi said from beside them. Spencer turned his head and opened his eyes to look at him. “The limo is here to take you home. I’ve already put the presents in the trunk, and the driver will unload them while one of you settles Jack in bed.”

“Thank, Dave. Brunch is still on tomorrow here right?”

“Of course.”

“Good. And thank you for letting us use your house.”

“You’ve always been private, Aaron. I can understand not wanting the team to invade your house for a wedding. My grounds are much better looking anyway.”

“Spencer,” Aaron said before nipping at the back of Spencer’s neck. “Let’s go home.”

“If you want me to not cuff you to the bed Aaron and have my way, I would not do that.”

Aaron laughed, and Spencer wondered what Aaron thought the next week was going to be like. It was a week until he was giving a speech along with Prentiss in Chicago. It was going to be a long week of cold showers taken separately because when they were naked in the shower, sex was impossible to stay away from.

“Let’s go home and change before sacking out with a movie in the bedroom.”

“I’m glad you like my present to you. It’s discreet enough in the custom frame that no one will notice, and it doesn’t mess with the aesthetics.”

“I trust you. I like having it in the bedroom, after the honeymoon we can see about hooking the camera up to the new TV and watching you riding me in life-size.”

“It’s not that big,” Spencer said, and he pulled away from Aaron before the man could talk more about what that camera had taken pictures of.

“No, but it will seem that big.” Aaron grinned as he spoke. “We can open up presents before lunch, and you can make that list and do up the thank you cards before we go back to work. Then it’s to Chicago for you.”

And then a week in wherever Aaron had booked the honeymoon. That was being kept from Spencer as it was a surprise from Aaron as well, paid for by the rest of the team. Spencer wanted to know where they were going but Aaron wanted to keep the surprise. Not even the team knew, well Prentiss, Morgan, and Garcia were the ones that didn’t know, Anderson as well as but sometimes Spencer still had trouble putting him in JJ’s place in his mind. Rossi was the one that booked it all and given the looks that Spencer got when it was brought up. Rossi was good at making Spencer feel like a little kid trying to ruin Christmas.

An entirely new set of clothes had been bought and were packed in a large suitcase. It and Aaron’s matching suitcase were sitting in the corner of the bedroom as a taunt to Spencer. He could look inside and find out at least the weather of the place that they were going, but he also knew that he wouldn’t. He’d let Aaron have his surprise, and if he didn’t like it, the plans would change. There was a slim chance that he wouldn’t like it though.

Aaron knew him better than anyone in the world, and really, if Aaron wanted to go there, Spencer would adapt and like it. They were both still a little hesitant about upsetting each other post-Prentiss, but they were getting better at it.

“Ready to get some sleep?” Aaron asked, shaking Spencer just a little bit.


“Good. I’ll direct the driver with the presents, you get Jack down and get your suit hung up. We will be wearing these on the flight to our honeymoon. I aim to peel you out of it and fuck you as soon as we get to our resort.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer shivered and knew that an erection was just going to have to be taken care of when he showered because, with that image in his head, he didn’t think the arousal was going to go away anytime soon, even with Jack asleep on him. “Let’s go home, Husband.”


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