The Dusk and the Dawn Chapter 16

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

The creation of a New God isn’t just a random thing. There are signs for a long time before, and if one looks, one can find who they point to. I can find a New God years before they become a New God. Some I like to go and watch over. I can see the makings of a God of Psychology in a young man in Nevada. His want to cure his mother will have him go far in the world. I can see the makings of a God in a man in Virginia but what kind of God, I can’t tell that yet. He’s so far away from becoming a God, the impact event hasn’t happened yet.

Still, I can see the waves long before there is even the thinking of a tidal wave and I make sure that I am there for that event because watching a God become a God is a great event. I like being the one that is there to trip that human into becoming a God.

April 2009

“It’s okay to be sad and miss him right?” Stan asked.

“Of course it is,” Aaron said, and he looked up to see Reid standing at the doorway to Stan’s room. “He was a friend. He was good to you when you were together.”

“Why does he feel different?” Stan asked, and Aaron looked back at him to see the boy pointing at Reid. “I’ve never felt someone like him.”

Reid grinned at Stan before he came in and crouched in front of the boy. Stan reached out his hands and felt Reid’s face.

“Your senses are on overdrive because they know that there is something different about me, but they don’t know what. Next time you’ll know. I’m a New God, Stan.”

“That’s cool. A New God saved me.”

“Do you think that you can sleep? You need to.” Reid looked at Stan with a fond look on his face, and Aaron knew that the boy had wormed his way into everyone on the team’s hearts.


“Good. I’ll send your mother in and have her tuck you in.” Aaron started toward the door to find his mother. Aaron wasn’t that worried about her not raising him right. She had done well after the death of Stan’s biological mother.

“Good night. Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” Aaron and Reid said at the same time. Stan smiled, and Aaron laid a hand on Reid’s lower back to escort him from the room. Reid looked at him briefly but didn’t move out of the touch.

“Will he be all right?” Aaron asked Reid as they stepped out of the hallway and into the living room area where Morgan and Dave were. JJ and Prentiss were back at the station finishing up things there.

“Yeah, he will.” Reid was looking at Morgan who was talking to the mom.

“We ready?”

“Thank you again,” the mom said.

“Really it’s no problem.” Reid smiled at her and waved before leaving. Stan had connected with Morgan and Reid both on the case, and Aaron could see that the boy connecting with him had freaked Reid out a little bit. Aaron wondered what Reid would want when they got back to the hotel. They had a little time before they had to leave to catch the Jet to leave.

Sex was still on the table but only on cases. Aaron wanted to be upset about that, but he didn’t know how to broach it with the God. There wasn’t a primer on having sex with the New God on the team.

“We normally wouldn’t rush out like this,” Morgan said with a smile as he shook the mother’s hand. “But we have a member of the team that is a new mom, and this was her first case back, and with Stan being a focal point it’s kind of shook her up.”

“No, I understand. You guys have a safe trip home.”

Aaron let everyone exit before he did. He pulled the house door shut behind him and looked up. He saw the motorcycle as it turned the corner and something felt wrong. Something felt very wrong. Aaron settled his hand on his gun and watched as the cycle approached.

“DUCK!” Aaron yelled before he even knew what was wrong. He aimed and just after the man on the motorcycle drew his gun and fired, Aaron was firing a shot. The person on the motorcycle fell. Aaron kept an eye on the body that was on the road as he approached. Aaron heard Morgan and Dave moving around him, but he wasn’t paying attention. The gun that had been drawn was flung halfway across the road. Morgan ran to clear it as Aaron stepped up to the body. He nudged it and waited. No noise. Aaron crouched and checked for a pulse. None. The glass of the helmet was shattered, and Aaron could see when he rolled the body that he had put it through the man’s eye.

“Reid?” Dave called out.

“I’m fine. It was a through and through. Inside of my left arm.”

“You look grey,” Dave said.

Aaron nodded at Morgan as he raised his phone to his ear to call this in. Aaron turned to check on Reid himself. Reid had his hand wrapped around the flesh of his arm while Dave hovered near him, unsure if the God would let him get close. Reid though was staring at Aaron like Aaron had been shot. Aaron wasn’t sure what that look on Reid’s face was, and he didn’t know if he wanted to know what it meant.

“Reid, you are going to the hospital.”

“Yeah, so are you and we won’t be going home tonight.”

“What?” Aaron asked. He looked down at himself.

“Rossi, how do you feel?” Reid didn’t look away from Aaron though as he asked the question.

“A little drunk actually.”

“Morgan?” Reid asked.

“The same. Reid this man has a marking on him.”

“Yup. He is a disciple of a small group of Old Gods who see it as their right to kill all New Gods before they become New Gods. The thing is that whatever power creates us doesn’t like it when it fails in making a New God that God become a God a little earlier after a failed assassination mission.”

“But you are already a God.”

“Yes. I am.”

“Why do Rossi and I feel drunk?” Morgan asked.

“Rossi, do you want to field that?”

“It only makes sense if whoever he was trying to kill became the God they were supposed to be. You are already a God.”

“And now so is Hotch.”

“WHAT?” Three thunderous voices asked as sirens picked up from the arriving officers to cover the scene.

“The last time I saw the group of assassins was the day of the wreck. If you know what to look for you, you can see the God being born years before. Small things that happen. I was shocked when I started to see them after joining the team. I saw many things happen that I was sure would turn him into a God.”

“What the hell am I the God of?” Aaron asked, his voice frantic. He didn’t need this. He couldn’t be a God. He backed away from Reid staring at him as he did. This could not be real, he felt like himself. He felt no different. “What the hell can I be the God of?”

“I have a few guesses,” Reid said. Reid stood up, even though Dave tried to keep him down. “I’m fine. A few band-aids and I’ll be fine.”

“Bandaids?” Morgan asked, but Aaron could feel Morgan’s eyes on him. “You were shot.”

“Yes, and it was a through and through, and I know it didn’t hit a nerve or nick an artery. The doctor might put in a stitch or two, but I don’t need them.”

“Given how you can’t sit still, I can see them putting them into you.”

“Can we please get back to how you think I am a God?” Aaron demanded.

“What do you think that purple bracelet on you meant?” Reid asked, looking at Aaron again.

“What?” Aaron stopped breathing for nearly a minute at that. “It was a mark to claim me to keep people away.”

“No, Hotch. There is a reason why you never could ask. You’d think about it, and then something would happen, or something would distract you. Every single person with a purple band will become a New God.”

“But Dev’s was a tattoo. Why would het get a tattoo of it?”

“That’s how it looks to other potentials. Humans see them all as bands, but other potentials see the bracelets on other potentials as tattoos. It’s something to do with the powers of the Gods who run the place.”

“Who runs it?”

“Yeah, no.”

“What happened?” Prentiss asked as she stepped up to them. JJ went right for Reid, helping him by taking off the light overshirt she was wearing and using it to help with the blood from his wound. Aaron listened to Morgan and Dave tell them everything. Reid was still staring at Aaron. They left out why the man had shot at them.

“So he opened fire and shot Reid?” JJ asked as she finally looked at Aaron.

“He got off a single shot of what I assume was going to be more before Hotch shot him in the eye.”

“In the eye?” Prentiss asked.

Aaron’s phone rang, and he looked at it. It was Strauss. “Hotchner.”

“We are getting calls from several Gods inside of the FBI that put it that one has emerged, but no one can figure out where except that it’s close to where you and your team are.”

“Yes, Ma’am. What else do they know?”

“Nothing much.”

“You told me that the Director wanted to talk about that squad inside of the BAU to handle all God related things? When I get back, I think that it’s time that Reid and I picked some people for it.”

“Why?” Strauss asked she sounded upset.

“Because the God who emerged was almost assassinated.”


“Gunshot. I killed the assassin. I’ll debrief you when I get back.”

“Is the God fine?” There was such happiness in her voice. “Does he know who saved him? Would he be willing to come in and talk to us.”

“Yes, yes, and maybe, Chief Strauss. I need to go and deal with this scene.”

“Don’t worry. Your name will be withheld until you want it known, even from the higher-ups. Your role as a God now supersedes any contract agreements that you made with the FBI.” Reid grimaced as he spoke.

“Seriously?” Morgan asked.

“Yes. Nothing can be concealed that will harm him or another member of the FBI, but his status as a God is now secret. I didn’t even have to let anyone on this team know,” Reid said.

Aaron though didn’t care about hiding that. He didn’t care if Strauss knew. It would only be another thing that she hated about him and saw as something that he would use to take her job when he didn’t want it. He was quite happy where he was. Strauss would never understand why he didn’t want her job. He didn’t care about more money or a better job. In his eyes, he had the best job.

“Look, no matter what Hotch and I aren’t leaving tonight. You guys can leave so that JJ can get home and we can follow when we can.”


“Because of politics. The FBI doesn’t like Gods getting assassinated when they are trying their level best to make the FBI the place to go when one becomes a God. If this area isn’t flooded with agents before the morning, I would be shocked.”

“The Director has wanted a BAU team that looks into Gods and anything that deals with Gods. A God involved in a murder, they go. Strauss has been hesitant about it because they wanted Reid for it.”

“Yeah, no. I can’t stand most of my kind on a good day much less being there at their worst.”

“Why does Hotch need to go to the hospital?” Dave looked like he wanted to go with them but also stay to make sure the scene was taken care of.

“Testing to confirm what he is.”


“Temperature and a look at his blood cells under a microscope. Our blood is different. There is a reason I can’t donate blood. My blood would hurt anyone that it was given to, even if it was another God.”

“There is so much that even we don’t know,” Prentiss said.

“There is a lot that I don’t feel you need to know. Getting blood on your skin won’t hurt you but ingesting it or sticking it inside of yourself will hurt you. It’s not like all of a sudden someone on the team was going to jam a needle in me and take out blood before putting it into yourself. I don’t know a lot about each of you, and I never demanded to know anything about any of you. Even when Morgan was being an ass and Garcia was scared of me. I never pushed. So please give me the same courtesy.”

“Sure. Do you want us to stay or go?” Dave asked.

“I don’t care. I’m going to talk to the paramedic and see if I can get out of riding the back of that damned thing.” Reid started toward the ambulance as it pulled up. Aaron nodded after him, and Morgan nodded back following him.


“I don’t know. Fuck, Dave, I don’t…I can’t be a God.”

“Reid’s not the lying kind and something like this, I don’t see him lying at all.”

“What the hell am I the God of? Broken marriages?”

“I think that I would be the most likely candidate for that.”


“I know of people who are more of an asshole.”

Aaron growled at Dave before following Reid over to the ambulance. The paramedic had Reid’s shirt off of one side and was cleaning up the blood. Aaron looked at the wound and felt his stomach twinge. Dave did not follow him over, and Aaron was thankful for that.

“You can ride in the front,” Reid said without looking up at Aaron. His eyes were focused on the wound on his arm. Aaron didn’t say anything as he walked around the ambulance to get in the front with the driver. A few minutes later there was a thump on the wall that separated the front from the back. The ambulance was put into gear, and they started off. Aaron could just barely hear the EMT talking to Reid. If Reid had been the only thing that going to the hospital was needed for, Aaron knew that Reid would have just asked to be treated on site, but Aaron knew that Strauss would have had a fit. Strauss loved Reid. She probably wanted to groom him to take Aaron’s place after she got him fired. Strauss had tried several times over the years. The college case almost three years before. She had failed each time, mainly because of the team’s staunch support.

“I’ve never had a call to pick up a New God for any injury.”

“I think he’s going in just to have me go in as well.”

“You look fine.”

“Mentally, I’m a wreck.” Aaron pursed his lips as he thought about his confession. He hadn’t started to process anything yet. He understood why a God had to go to a local hospital. It wasn’t like a switch was flipped. He didn’t feel different, but he knew that Reid was right, he was different. The thing was that the difference wasn’t from today. No, the difference had been changing slowly. He was just now seeing the changes for himself.

Aaron was the first out of the truck when they stopped in the ambulance bay. He was at the back doors when the EMT in the back opened it. Reid had been sitting beside the EMT on the bench and was just starting to stand up.

“You and I are going to talk as soon as we are alone.”

“Of course, Hotch.” Reid didn’t look away from Aaron’s face even though Aaron could tell that he wanted to. He nodded toward where a nurse was coming out to meet them.

“Gunshot to the upper arm, through and through. No nerves or arteries hit,” Reid said when the nurse got close. She looked at the EMT who had been with Reid in the back and Aaron saw the man nod.

“Alrighty then, well. Sir, come with me.”

“Also New God intake,” Aaron said pointing at himself.

“The doctor that we have for that is on call. It’ll take him about half an hour to get in here. He is also the only person allowed to work on Gods.”

“Really? I guess then that we had better call him because I am a New God, just not a new New God.”

“Okay. We have a single room set up. Do you mind sharing?”

“No, that’s fine,” Aaron said before Reid could say anything else. Being stuck in the room and unable to leave was perfect for what Aaron had in mind. The nurse showed them to the first room. Reid’s shirt was still off of his arm but draped over him with the arm on the inside.

“I’ll call the doctor, and he will be here as soon as possible. We’ve had one other God treated here. She was injured on vacation. So please forgive us if we are a little rusty.”

“The only thing I don’t forgive is assholes,” Reid said with a smile. The nurse laughed and left them alone.


“No, thanks. I’d rather stand,” Reid said, and he moved toward the window. Aaron reached out and grabbed his good arm.

“No. You are going to sit down, and you are going to answer my questions.”

“As what? My boss? My co-worker? My friend? Or as my lover?”

“All of the above. You still look grey, Reid and it’s worrying me a little. You state that it’s not bad, but you have been grey since the first time I saw you after you had been shot.”

“It’s nothing to do with me being shot.”

“Then what does it have to do with?”

“Something impossible that happened, and right now my brain is too fried to even start to explain it. After I rest and get my head around it, I will tell you.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Aaron directed Reid to sit down on the gurney that was in the room. Aaron stepped up to him, and Reid’s legs split on their own allowing Aaron to slip in between them. Aaron touched Reid’s shoulder on his injured side, and Reid nodded. Aaron stripped his shirt off of him, taking care to not jostle the wound. The light dressing around it was just now getting soaked through in blood. “How long have you know that I could become a God?”

“It’s hard to explain. There is a feel to Gods, and that is how we know each other. For potentials, it’s a whisper in our minds. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint where the whisper is coming from and other it is not. With you, I felt it while I was at the Academy and I only knew it was you the first day that I met you. I know that your next question is why I didn’t tell you and well that was pressed upon me just after I became a God. Potential is just that potential. There is no guarantee. Sometimes telling someone about it before they become a God means that they change and that change makes them unable to actually be a God anymore.”

“That’s a damned good reason but why did you start anything with me?”

“Because I wanted to is the only answer I can give you.”

“There has to be more. You are a God of Psychology.” Aaron stopped because Reid flinched. It was barely there, but he did. Aaron wondered about that. “So tell me why you started this with me.”

Reid looked away from Aaron. Aaron reached out and grabbed his chin to force Reid to look at him.


“Don’t, Hotch please. Just accept that there was no ulterior motive other than I wanted you for who you are and nothing less and nothing more. There is no more motive than that.”

“You’ve told m that Gods don’t spend long times in relationships with humans. I took that at face value but what is this between us?”

“Do we have to discuss this now?”

“Hello?” A voice called out before the door was opened. Aaron dropped his hand from Reid’s chin quickly and turned to see the doctor standing there. “Well, Doctor Reid. I heard the BAU was in town, but I didn’t think to see you in here with a gunshot wound.”

“Malcolm, right?” Reid asked as he slipped off the gurney, forcing Aaron to take a few steps back.

“For the time being yes. Doctor Malcolm Sheets.”

Reid snorted and tried to cover up a laugh, but he tried to use his bad arm for it and grimaced.

“Bad sheets? Of all the names. Aaron Hotchner, New God, of what we are unsure, I’d like you to meet Apollo, slumming it seems with a horrible name that is going to make Artemis cringe but give him a fond smile.”

“Wonderful to meet you Hotch.” Apollo looked at Aaron with a weird look on his face before he looked at Reid. Reid shrugged one of his shoulders. “I’ll fix up our little rogue here and then deal with you.”

“Sure,” Aaron said as he stepped back away from Reid and took a seat in the chair.

“Do they even know they have a God working for them?”

“No. I spent many years going through medical school and hiding what I am. I work for a larger hospital about an hour away but am on call for many smaller hospitals. I just happened to be in town. When my aide called and said I had a new intake, which I felt by the way, and another God injured with a gunshot wound, I expected it to be you.”

Aaron listened with half an ear as they talked about school while Apollo worked on Reid’s arm. Aaron laughed when Apollo pressed a sling onto Reid and glared until he slipped it on.

“So, let’s look at you, tall dark and handsome. I can see why Spencer jumped into bed with you.”

Aaron looked at Reid with a glare, but Reid was adjusting his arm in the sling. Aaron looked at Apollo and saw that he was looking at Aaron like he was seeing inside of him.

“I’ll draw your blood and let you leave before I process it and send it to the FBI if that is what you want?”

“Can it go directly to the Director?”

“I can totally mark it that way, and it will happen that way. The FBI knows exactly who I am and they have chosen to stay out of it. I can use my real name to send it out. No one will fight that. I can tell that Spencer is right. You are a brand spanking new New God. I look forward to finding out what you are.”

“It’s not going to pop out on your screen when you run the blood?”

“No. Only you and those around you will figure it out. Skills like mine are easy. I get medical things. Along with other things. Spencer understood psychology and everything to do with mental diseases. He’s a regular prodigy and has always been. You’ll find out what you are. Is there anyone that you don’t want to get this?”

“Anyone but the Director until I arrive in DC to talk to him.”

“Good. I’d take Spencer with you. He’s good at making people do what he wants with little words. Anything else either one of you need?”

Apollo came back over to where Aaron was with a needle and a vial in his hand. He waved for Aaron to take a seat beside Reid and Aaron did. He settled in on the gurney and took off his jacket before just stripping out of his shirt. It was easier than rolling up his sleeve. He had a T-shirt on underneath.

The blood draw was quick and efficient, and Aaron had never had a better blood draw.

“Can I have you do all of my FBI check up draws? I’ve never had one be that easy,” Aaron said as he gave Apollo a gentle smile. He knew that he should have been freaked out, but he wasn’t. Reid had got him used to being around Gods. Apollo didn’t answer him right away but instead just smiled at him and wrote on the vial.

“So you two are good to go. Spencer, I will be following up on your wound. See your doctor in Virginia or else.”

“Or else what?”

Apollo grinned at Reid, and the smile on his face was very scary to Aaron.

“Do you remember that party-”

“Okay,” Reid said cutting off Apollo with a motion of his hand.

“Good now. Go.”

Apollo picked up a blank chart. Aaron realized that they had never signed in or done anything really that they usually would have.

“What about paperwork?”

“It’ll be taken care of. So I’m hungry.”

“You are always hungry,” Aaron said with a smile. This he could handle. This he could do.

“I saw a dive bar down the street from the hotel. If JJ didn’t check us out we can go back and change and hit that place up.”

Aaron nodded, thinking about how he could drink and it not affect him anymore. Aaron stopped, reaching out and grabbing Reid’s shoulder, not paying attention and it jerked him around.

“Doctor Reid, I have your prescriptions here,” the nurse from before said, and she was holding out a piece of paper. Reid stepped over to her, jerking out of Aaron’s hold with a glare before turning to face the nurse.

“Thank you. I’ll drop these off before I go and get something to eat.” Reid looked over the paperwork, and he signed something before handing it back to the nurse.

“What was that?”

“I had to sign for the narcotics I was given. I tend to forget about what I am doing, and Doctor Sheets understood that so he gave me something that will work long-term on my pain with not a lot of doses. I also tend to forget to take the pills that I am prescribed.”

Aaron nodded his understanding, reading over Reid’s shoulder as he signed another paper. Apollo had given Reid an antibiotic as well as a painkiller. It was standard on both, but there was something else a third prescription that Aaron didn’t know. It was for a full year’s supply given in month breakdowns. Aaron wondered what it was and he tried to remember the name. He didn’t want to pull out his phone and write it down. There was little to do except to wait for Reid to sign papers. Aaron had never gone with Reid during a case when he was injured. Usually, it was a small thing, sprained body part that didn’t take long to heal. Aaron hadn’t actually read up on the process for Reid being seen at a hospital outside of he knew that only an approved Doctor could look at him unless there were no God approved doctor around.

“You ready? If I drop these two off, I’ll be good to pick them up after we eat. You should start to be feeling hungry. Actually, you should feel hungry for a few days. Not like starving but more like you feel like you should eat but don’t have an urge to. Depending on what kind of God you settle to be, the want of food might not go away. Hermes it’s said he ate a lot. The opulence of Gods in olden times was not always of their being Gods, but that much food and drink was necessary to feel whole.”

“You’ve studied the Gods haven’t you?” Aaron asked, and he felt stupid for never realizing that it was the only way that Reid would know what he knew about all of the Gods given his short status as a God himself. Aaron felt like he had a lot to learn, but at least he had someone with him that would help him learn it all. That it was someone that he trusted, that helped a lot.

Aaron was not shocked that the Director of the FBI showed up in Quantico inside of Aaron’s office one of the times that Aaron slipped out for coffee. Aaron stopped in his tracks with his mug raised up to his mouth as he looked at the Director sitting and looking at the case file that Reid had dropped on Aaron’s desk with notes to send off to the cops working the case. It was a consult that didn’t need the team to go and help but just needed a new eye.

“Sir,” Aaron said as he started to shut the door.

“I called down, and you didn’t answer, but Doctor Reid answered his desk phone. He said you were getting coffee and would be in your office in a few moments. He’ll be joining us as well.”

“Of course, Sir.” Aaron wasn’t sure where he was supposed to sit. The Director was in a chair across from where Aaron sat, but it felt weird to sit there. Reid stepped into the room as Aaron was making a decision and he just moved things around on Aaron’s desk and sat there. Giving the Director a line of sight of both of them and just showing Aaron Reid’s back if he sat in his chair. Aaron bit the bullet and sat down in the chair, making sure that Reid shut the door. JJ had got the team the first flight out, and Aaron and Reid had gone right to the office and Aaron hadn’t left it yet. Sheila was with Jack and would be as she didn’t have any classes until the afternoon and Jessica was going to take Jack until Aaron was done with work.

“Three things were sent to me today by the God Apollo. One, your New God paperwork. Section Chief Strauss has been all over my ass to get the name of the New God that emerged because of your last case. Good work by the way Doctor Reid in talking the team through not telling anything in the report that would give it away on who became the God. Two was the paperwork for your gunshot wound, Doctor Reid. I’m glad it wasn’t more serious, and I do agree with the medication that he put you on for the next year. I didn’t even realize that it was something that a God working in a place like this would want.”

“It’s not much of a mood stabilizer, but with the fact that I don’t sleep, my mind doesn’t get to rest like it normally would so this helps. If I miss a day, it’s fine. What it does is makes my mind rest for about two hours after I take it. I was put onto it in college when I was getting my first and fourth doctorates. I can still talk, but my brain goes at thirty-five miles per hour instead of ninety.”

“And third?” Aaron asked. He crossed off his mental note to look up that pill that Reid had been given.

“Paperwork that is to be filled out when a God starts a relationship with a human, with the note attached that it’s only needed if you decide to hide that you are a God.” The Director was looking at Aaron as he spoke, but Aaron knew that it was only because the paperwork should have been filled out months before. Aaron knew that, but he hadn’t wanted to broach it with Reid and him stop whatever the hell they were doing.

“Bah,” Reid said and waved his hand in a dismissive manner. “I filled that out months ago and filed it with HR. It’s under a lock to only be accessed by our direct supervisors if and when it’s called into question. It’s not like this team doesn’t do shit that we shouldn’t. We are a family, a little dysfunctional but still a family. We should technically all file something like it for each member of the team, or the BAU can be given a little leeway. We hunt horrible people and only have each other to trust, and it’s made bonds that most don’t understand. If we are in the hands of a psychopath, we trust that the team will know us well enough to understand what we are going to do to get out of the hands of the psychopath.”

“That’s what happened when you were caught by the New God Tobias Hankel after he snuck up on you and Agent Jareau on his property.”

“Yes. Hankel focused on me because he didn’t know what he was and I felt different to him. His mind was fractured by the abuse at the hands of his father, and when he became a God, it broke his mind instead of fixing it. He is the only God I have ever known that has gone insane from becoming a God.”

“Hankel broke your ankle to stop you from escaping didn’t he?”

“Yes. He didn’t get what he wanted out of me, so he devolved even more. I know that it was traumatizing to see it and I know that the videos were saved and studied by others but at no point in that two-day stretch did Hankel ever get the upper hand on me.”

“No that was very evident. So how is this going to work?”

“What do you mean?” Aaron asked, looking at the Director.

“Doctor Reid is very dominant when it comes to his Godness, and you are very dominant in everything that you do, Hotch. How the hell is it going to work with you being his boss?”

“No different than it does now,” Reid said and he turned to actually look at Aaron before turning back to the Director. “This doesn’t change team dynamics at all. Agent Hotchner already defers to me when it comes to dealing with Gods, Old, and New, so I don’t see that changing as he is a newbie. I’ll defer to him when I feel that it’s needed in everything else, just as I always do.”

“What’s to stop you from thinking that you need to be the Unit Chief?”

“I don’t want to be Unit Chief. I wouldn’t get to do the fun things that I do if I did. I also don’t want to have to deal with Section Chief Strauss anymore than I already have to and if I become Unit Chief, I would have to see and talk to her at least daily. I have no want of moving up in the chain of the BAU more than lead profiler one day. No one on the team is looking to displace Hotch as Unit Chief. Rossi is happy without having to deal with paperwork. Morgan has been stepping up a lot more and helping Hotch with paperwork when I don’t. Garcia maintains herself and so doesn’t JJ. Prentiss is happy to help when she’s asked, but she is also stepping up more and more to help when it’s not truly needed but appreciated. Any change in the dynamics will mess up the team, and we don’t need that. George Foyet is still out there, and while the rest of the FBI isn’t that worried about him, he has a target painted onto Hotch’s back, and I will not let that psychopath beat us.”

“You couldn’t have known that he was going to escape.”

“I told the jail he had been processed into, and the locals that he was going to try and escape and that extra care was needed, but they didn’t listen and look what it got us. We have an ephebophile out there with an eye on our Unit Chief, and the fugitive retrieval squad is dragging its heels.”

“Yes, I was made aware of your help.” Aaron knew that tone of voice wasn’t a good one. The Director was a little upset at the help that Reid had been giving the retrieval squad.

“You say that like I haven’t been an actual help. I have kept it on the up and up and given them the bits of help that I could.”

“I was forwarded the complaint from their Section Chief that was given to Strauss. Strauss asked me what to do.”

“And did the complaint tell you that if they had followed what I had said, Foyet wouldn’t have been in the wind? Foyet uses computers to hide. He’s very good at what he does, and that’s hiding. His medication is the way to track him, and I told them to make sure they tripped no alarms. He was where I said he was going to be and they fucked it up.”

“Are you serious?” The Director sat forward in his chair and looked a little upset.

“Yes. By the time that they raided the place, he was gone because their analyst didn’t listen to me.”

“Why not?”

“You’ll have to ask them. I was told to stay out of their business after they didn’t catch Foyet so instead I have been sending updates to the Section Chief’s boss. He is more than happy to field any help. For what I have got back from them, I think the FRS wants to one-up the BAU, instead of working together.”

“You are still working the Foyet case?” Aaron asked because that was news to him. He thought about the nights that he heard Reid moving above him. It made sense. Even before they had landed in Boston, Reid had said that something was weird with the Boston Reaper case. Reid had never read it over before, probably because it wasn’t that big, at least the BAU’s part in it. Aaron had most of the files in her office.

“I always work cases until they are done, just because the team has to focus elsewhere doesn’t mean that I do. What better things do I have to do at night?”

If it hadn’t been for the Director sitting there, Aaron would have said that there were a lot of things that he could be doing at night that wasn’t work-related and that one of them was Aaron.

“Just type up everything and send me what the FRS has sent you. I’ll have this looked into. I promise. So the team is going to stay the same?”

“Yes. I will gladly come out as a New God when I feel ready.”

“Doctor Sheets gave me a short list of things that he thought you could be the God of. I think that the final two of the three were just jokes. Time will tell.”

The Director stood up, looking at the of them with a kind eye.

“The BAU is doing wonderfully. There are no complaints from above on anything that has been done that we know about. Just keep the relationship out of the office, please.”

“Sure,” Aaron said, and Reid just nodded. The director left the office and pulled the door shut behind him.

“Morgan wants to do a team dinner tonight at my place,” Reid said as he showed Aaron his phone. The screen was lit up.

“Was the no sleep thing…Did it just start up?”

“You’ve been doing it for months, Hotch. You sleep less, wake up earlier you just haven’t been tired, so you haven’t noticed it. Your temperature has already settled at the higher normal. You just have to decide what you want to be told to everyone.”

“I think, for now, I’d rather keep it under wraps to everyone but the team.”

“Okay.” Reid gave Aaron a smile that said that he wasn’t upset at all but instead just seemed distracted. Aaron wondered what about, but he knew that Reid wouldn’t tell him unless it was work related. Work was for work, sex was for during cases, and at home there was nothing. Aaron wasn’t sure about at the moment, and why Reid was rigid, but he hoped to get through the walls Reid built up soon.


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