The Dusk and the Dawn Chapter 17

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

The past always comes back to bite humans in the ass, but it is their singular ability to never see it coming that intrigues me. It’s also been passed onto the Gods that live around them. Humans minds created us, they can destroy us and yet many Gods never see the end coming. I’m one of the lucky ones, the worship of me hasn’t gone down. Humans covet knowledge, even if it’s the knowledge of what their neighbor is doing to be able to afford that new car. It’s easy to hide when one is good at it. I’m good at lying, even to the other Gods. I guess it’s a good thing that I never cared to spend a lot of time with the Gods of my time. I was too interested in what I could learn. No one recognizes me that is alive anymore, at least my physical form.

There are sometimes though that hiding has its own detractors.

I’ve had many names over the millennia. Mimir was my favorite. I was known as Lugh in Celtic mythology. Seshat in Egyptian. The knowledge to know how to look like and be a woman is handy to know. Hermes in the Greek Pantheon. Enki to the Mesopotamian people. When knowledge was craved, I popped my head to be worship because knowledge is eternal and no other God is needed. Knowledge doesn’t sleep. Knowledge is power the humans say, and power corrupts. When knowledge is craved to make one more than others it corrupts, but I’m proof that knowledge itself doesn’t corrupt on its own.

I’ve had many names in my long life as a God, but none have made me happier than the name I currently use. Mimir was my favorite before but hearing my lover utter the name I took when he’s asleep, and I return to bed to breathe with him, I wonder if I could subsist on his worship of my body alone.

May 2009

Aaron hated coming home in the middle of the night after a case, but no one wanted to stay in Detroit or Canada after the case. Aaron was worn out, and he really wanted to crawl into a bottle and never come out, but he had nothing on hand that would allow him to get drunk. Jessica had Jack for a bonding weekend, and Aaron was so thankful for that. The Brooks’ family was hesitant about Jack, but Jessica had started to pull away from them when it was found out that many supported Haley after everything. Aaron didn’t know what it was like to be the favored child that could do no wrong, but he had seen it in Sean.

The door shut harder than Aaron meant to shut it, showing him how worn out he was even though he was already not sleeping at all. Aaron was tempted to turn around and head down to Reid’s to tell him that he didn’t give a fuck about whatever hang-ups Reid had about sex happening at home, but Aaron wanted something, even if it was just laying in a bed with Reid. Or to tell Reid to give him one of those pills to help his brain just settle down.

Aaron walked to the cabinet where his alcohol was kept, and he stared at the bottle of bourbon that Reid had bought him months before after his drunken night out. Aaron wanted some of whatever it was that he had drunk there at the club. Aaron grabbed the bottle, and there was a flash of something behind him. Aaron turned around reaching for his gun. He sighed because he had taken it off and it was closer to the door as he took in George Foyet in front of him with the .44 magnum raised at him. Foyet’s face was blocked by the mask that was synonymous with the Boston Reaper.

“You should have made the deal,” Foyet said with the gun raised.

“And you should have thought about what the hell you were thinking coming in here,” Reid said as he near appeared right at Aaron’s shoulder, his own gun raised on Foyet. Aaron felt his gut clenching a little at the thought of Reid getting shot. Aaron swallowed, but he didn’t move. He was too scared to.

“You should have seen my shock when I realized that uptight Aaron Hotchner is fucking the team God,” Foyet said as he raised up his mask and stared at Aaron. “Is that the worship that is keeping you alive?” Foyet’s eyes turned toward Reid. Aaron saw something in them that he didn’t like.

Reid started to laugh. His gun never wavered even as he laughed so hard his body shook. Aaron knew precisely why he was laughing. It wasn’t like Foyet to make a mistake like that.

“Look it up, George,” Aaron said as he set the bottle of bourbon down and crouched down to get his backup gun from his holster on his ankle. Foyet’s gun followed him for a second before going to Reid. “New Gods don’t need worship to live.”

“You are the only one to figure it out, Georgie,” Reid said and his voice it was a different. It was strong and different and even with the situation that they were in, Aaron felt arousal in his body.

Aaron looked at Reid and saw a very wicked grin on his face. Aaron tried to process that. He tried to process the person standing in front of him as compared to what he had seen of Reid at work and during personal times. None of it meshed.

“So what are you the God of? I know it’s not Psychology like you’ve touted. Are you the God of Taking Human Cock Up the Ass?”

“Very witty, Georgie. See the problem is that you’ve looked at this from the wrong angle. What kind of God could really hide as a New God of Psychology? I could have passed myself off as anything really, but a God of Psychology was very easy. I’m the God of Knowledge by the way. I’m known by a lot of names, but the main name is Mimir. The thing is Georgie you really should have thought this out more.”

Aaron thought about the fact that Reid had to be lying about the fact that he was Mimir. Aaron knew of Mimir because his journals had been published not long after the fact that there were a lot of Old God still around. Aaron had read a few passages of one at a store and bought them. The entire collection of the journals were in Aaron’s office, and he bought the new ones when they came out but never read them. There had been something about it though that had made Aaron stop reading them every single time he had picked them up after buying them. He would make it a paragraph further but then would stop and put it up.

“I planned to kill you, still looking like it’s going to happen. You are too good to kill me without having made a move.” Foyet was grinning at them.

“That’s where you are wrong. See I killed Frank Breitkopf in cold blood because no matter what he was going to not just disappear. I didn’t see Jane throwing herself off the cliff because of his death, her death did weigh on me.”

Aaron looked at Reid like he had never seen the God before. He wondered if Reid was lying, but the look on his face and the way that he spoke told Aaron that he wasn’t. Aaron looked at him and tried to see the God that Aaron had fallen in love with. He saw something darker but yet better at the same time. He saw chaos.

“Mimir, wasn’t he the one that lost his great love to an upstart God who wanted his affection?” Foyet asked.

“I slaughtered that God and did my level best to remove his name from history. There are a few traces of the name, but mostly it’s just what he did that remains. So, Georgie, you have two options. You can submit and go to jail for your crimes and never get out.”


“Or I’m going to kill you right here.”

“No, you aren’t.” Foyet didn’t look convinced, but Aaron knew that Reid was right. He was going to kill Foyet. “You might be able to lie to get into the FBI, and no one realizes it, but I can tell you are lying right now.”

“I never told the FBI what I was the God of. I’ve never told anyone what I am the God of unless someone else was saying it first. Jason Gideon approached me after he had already gotten everything from Caltech. The FBI forms just have a box for God not what one is the God of. Assumptions on the part of people are not my problem, nor is correcting them. So Georgie, what do you choose? Life in prison or death?”

Foyet raised the gun he had, and Aaron watched as his finger on the trigger started to pull, but the sound of a gunshot shocked Aaron. The blood though that came out of the spot on Foyet’s head where the bullet from Reid’s gun had lodged itself in Foyet’s head.

Aaron didn’t even lower his gun as Foyet’s body fell to the floor. He just stared at where the man had been, alive just seconds before.

“Hotch, look at me Hotch.”

Aaron pulled back and looked at Reid. Reid’s eyes were the same, but now Aaron could see what he hadn’t noticed before. There was so much in those eyes, Aaron had thought it was him being a God but it wasn’t. He was one of the oldest Gods that was known to be alive. Mimir. Aaron thought about Apollo and every other thing that had happened over the years that had made him question what he thought about Reid. He’d pushed it off, and now it was all coming back to him.

“What am I?” Aaron asked.

“What?” Reid looked shocked at the question.

Aaron set his gun down before he took Reid’s from his unresisting hands. Reid was looking at him confused.

“You’ve played stupid for the last time with me, Reid, or whatever you call yourself. Given how smart you are you have to know what I am.”

“You are a God.”

“Reid,” Aaron said. Reid tried to turn away, so Aaron grabbed him by his throat and shoved him into the wall that was behind them. Reid didn’t fight him at all. Reid didn’t even look scared. Aaron wondered if he had ever been scared of anything. If everything that he had done over the years that Aaron had known him were a lie. If the sexual relationship that had started that made Aaron fall in love with him had been a lie as well. Was Reid just bored?

“We need to call in the team, Hotch. We can handle everything else after. I promise you that I won’t dodge you, but we need to call now.”

“Fine.” Aaron released Reid’s throat and picked up his phone. Since Foyet’s case had been handed over to the fugitive retrieval squad, Aaron called Strauss so that she could deal with that part of it.

It didn’t take long for the apartment to be full with the CSU team and Strauss. Reid was sitting down in the chair that was his favorite where Morgan was taking his statement. Aaron had already given his to Dave. There was no question of what had happened. Foyet had been Aaron’s apartment with a gun. Foyet had been about to pull the trigger on Reid, but Reid fired first. There was no denying that. It was the part where Reid had been saying that Foyet wasn’t going to leave there alive unless he was in chains. Foyet hadn’t believed him.

Aaron watched Reid with his new eyes. Reid had shot Frank Breitkopf in cold blood. Aaron hadn’t even had a second about what Reid had told him that had happened. No one had questioned it. Even Morgan hadn’t questioned it, and Morgan would have been the first to question it. Aaron couldn’t stop going over everything that had happened over the years.

JJ arrived last with Henry in her arms, the baby was still asleep, and as soon as she entered, Reid was right there taking the baby from her. JJ gladly handed him over. Will had been working nothing but nights for a few weeks after another detective had been injured after a chase across the DC streets after a gang member. Reid took a seat in his chair again with Henry on his chest.

“Did he really show up here?” JJ asked. Foyet’s body was covered up in the living room area. “With Reid in the apartment above?”

“Food?” a voice called out. Jin was standing in the doorway, making sure to not come across the police tape. “When anyone gets hungry, come down. Fresh hot food all night long.”

“Who is that?” Strauss asked.

“The proprietor that owns the building. He runs the restaurant, and he means that. Anyone get hungry or even thirsty head on down,” Reid said, not looking up from where he was looking at Henry.

“Oh. Agent Hotchner, we have a case that’s come across our radar. It’s in McLean.”

“I’m sorry, Chief Strauss but the team is coming off of a horrid case. With this none of us have got any sleep. Another team is going to have to take it.”

“There is no other team,” Strauss said. She looked around at the team. “Your team looks fine, and your team will take the case.”

“No, they will not. We will not take the case because I will not endanger my team by having them chase after another UnSub after we went after one of the worst and then myself and another team member were part of a shootout in my own apartment. If you want to write me up, you can, but I will not let you hurt my team over this.”

Strauss glared at Aaron, but she didn’t say anything before she turned and left. Aaron knew that he would be expecting a phone call in the morning from probably Strauss herself telling him how much trouble he was in. Aaron didn’t care though. The team wouldn’t work at their best and being worn out before a case meant mistakes, and when mistakes were made, the team looked bad, and that made the FBI look bad. It would also make LEOs not reach out to the team.

“I’ll handle that if something comes up,” Dave offered.

“I can handle her just fine. I will not compromise the investigation or the team. We need sleep.”

“We?” Morgan asked with a nod towards Reid.

“You can leave Henry with me,” Reid said as he laid a blanket over Henry’s head. He looked at JJ with a smile on his face. “That way you can get some sleep. Will can pick him up on his way home. Or later you both can once you both get some sleep.”

“You need to rest too.”

“I will, but I rest by reading. I can read with Henry on my chest.” Reid looked very happy to have the baby in his arms.

“He did that with Jack when he had the croup,” Aaron said. Reid grinned at Aaron, but the grin didn’t go to his eyes. He looked scared. Finally and truly scared. Aaron knew that he wouldn’t be allowed to sleep in his apartment that night. It was an open crime scene.

“You can stay at mine,” Dave offered.

“Jessica will be bringing Jack home early. I’ll stay at Reid’s, so Jessica doesn’t have to go out of her way.” Aaron knew that Jessica said she would bring Jack back in the morning depending on his case.

“Agent Hotchner, we’ve obtained prints from your bedroom. As long as I see what you take, you can grab clothes that are in your dresser. No prints on it.”

“I have a go bag in my car. I’ll live out of it for now.”

“You’ve not picked up the clothes from the dryer cleaners either, so you’ll have plenty of suits.”

“That’s true.”

“We are good to go,” Dave said. He looked around at the team. “Let’s get some sleep.”

“Are you sure Reid?” JJ asked.

“Yes. Love to actually. Just need his diaper bag.”

JJ looked at Aaron, and he nodded. Aaron knew that the team didn’t realize that Reid had been the main one to handle most of the late nights with Jack after Aaron had thrown Haley out. He could understand why JJ was hesitant.

The team wandered out slowly. Morgan hung back even after Dave left.

“Are you sure you are okay Reid?” Morgan asked.

“Yes. I’m fine. Really. I’m still more upset about Canada. That many and no one noticed. It was a civilian. That’s two cases of homeless being targets without anyone has noticed. I know homeless are transient but someone had to notice, and they didn’t care. I wonder how many killers that we chase started with homeless and moved on, but the bodies were never found.”

“Let’s not think about that tonight, huh Reid? You enjoy having Henry and thanks for letting Hotch crash at your place.”

“I have the pack and play that I bought for Jack when he was a baby still. I can set it up in my bedroom for Henry and Hotch is welcome to crash whenever he wants. The second bed is made up for him all the time. Especially since Jack is at sleepover age. He likes sleeping over with his father in my apartment because it’s not home and he likes my pancakes better.”

“He likes all of your cooking better,” Aaron said, a familiar tease between them. Morgan looked at Reid before he turned to look at Aaron again. Aaron wondered what he was seeing until Morgan’s eyes widened like he was seeing what no one else had except for Foyet.

“Don’t have to worry about you being alone do I?” Morgan asked as he stepped over to Aaron. His voice was low enough to where the CSU wouldn’t hear him.

“Don’t,” Aaron started, but he stopped.

“Hey, you and him have been connected. You made him human, and he made you a better Unit Chief. I don’t have any hangups on it, even before you became a God which I know the team hasn’t talked a lot about. We had that meal, but I think that maybe we should do a meal here. Just the team and do some talking when this has calmed down, and whatever is going to happen from Strauss happens.”

“Sure. Here or Reid’s. Or Reid’s roof garden.”

“Sure, Man. Sure. Whatever. Just let it all out in a safe place.” Morgan turned around to Reid. “Stay sharp. Bossman needs someone protecting his six.”

Reid said nothing as Morgan turned to leave.

“Let’s go down to your room. I’ll leave my key with the CSU team and tell them where to find me.”

Reid nodded and stood up, grabbing the diaper bag that JJ had left. Aaron watched him leave before he moved to find the head of the CSU team. Aaron knew that for the sake of profiling, Strauss had told them to bag everything. Aaron was kind of glad that nothing had happened at his place that could be found through DNA evidence. Aaron wanted to fight, or he wanted to fuck, he wasn’t sure. Aaron wondered if that was why Reid offered to take Henry so that Aaron couldn’t do either.

Aaron took his time leaving and walking up to Reid’s apartment. The door was open, but Aaron shut, locked, and set the alarm after he entered. He found Reid standing in the doorway to his bedroom, looking at a sleeping Henry. Aaron walked up until he was several feet behind him.

“You can ask me anything, and I won’t lie to you. I might tell you to go fuck yourself, but I won’t lie to you.”

“Who was it that Foyet was talking about?”

“My great lost love? He’s been dead a long time. I grieved for him a long time ago.”

“Who was he?”

“What do you mean?”

“What was his name?”

“You have no reason to be jealous, Hotch.”

“You can’t even call me Aaron.”

“You’ve never called me Spencer.”

“Kind of good ain’t it, given that it’s not your name. What happened to Spencer Reid?” The name debate could happen later. Reid was still looking at Henry.

“I was in Vegas, checking on Reid. He was a bright boy who loved to learn. I checked in on him every year. I was there in Vegas when the assassins hit, but Reid wasn’t close enough to Godness for him to survive the wreck. I took advantage though of the confusion of a seven-car pileup to get Reid’s body out, and I used reserves to make myself look younger for a while. I would age up some every little bit until I hit what I looked like.”

“What should I call you?” Aaron asked.

“I’ve grown partial to the name Spencer Reid, and it’s not like you can’t prove that I’m not him. DNA doesn’t lie but DNA changes when one becomes a God and Spencer Reid’s DNA never had a chance to change. You’d never prove it. I never lied on my intake paperwork for the FBI. I made sure of that. I’ve done this before, long before anything was tracked. Never had to not fake a death though. If you want though, I’ll leave. I can find a million reasons to leave.”

“You’ve offered that before. Back when Morgan was still giving you problems. Why?”

“That’s a long and convoluted answer.”

“Right now I have nothing but time. Let’s go and sit down.”

Aaron reached out and grabbed Reid’s shoulder, turning him around to face him. Reid’s face was unreadable, but Aaron still reached out and touched his face. Reid closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. Aaron took another step closer, bringing their mouths together in a simple kiss. Reid didn’t stop him; instead, Reid gave everything to that kiss. Aaron could feel tears coming down Reid’s face.

“Don’t cry, Ir, don’t cry,” Aaron said as he brushed his lips over Reid’s cheek. Aaron didn’t realize what he had said until he heard Reid gasp. Aaron looked at Reid and saw him looking at Aaron like Aaron had grown another head. Aaron felt Reid’s heart racing at his pulse point where Aaron was cupping his cheeks. Reid tried to pull away, but Aaron tightened his hands so that he couldn’t. “What is this?”

“You asked about the God-lover that I had before.”

“Yes. You didn’t say anything about him.” Aaron didn’t know what to think about Reid being upset over a nickname.

“He was killed, and it took a long time to recover.”

“I’ve read some of the journals that you published. Bits and pieces here and there.”

“I cut him out of the journals, and the oldest are long after his death.”


“Because it hurts to talk about him, even now.” Reid looked at Aaron pleadingly. “Can we go so that we don’t wake up Henry?”

“Yes.” Aaron let go of Reid’s cheeks, but he didn’t let Reid leave him. He wrapped his arm around Reid’s shoulder. Aaron was afraid that if he let him, Reid was going to pull away. There was a lot more going on than Aaron thought there was. Aaron directed them towards Reid’s reading chair. Aaron snagged a hold of Reid’s hand, and as Aaron sat down, he pulled Reid onto his lap. “Why did you join the BAU?”

“I was bored at Caltech, and then there was Gideon. It had been two decades since I had even thought about the BAU, or BSU at the time. I had met Max Ryan right after he and Gideon, and Rossi started the unit. I was intrigued by the unit as it was seeming to be and posing as the God of Psychology, it fit for me to join. I didn’t expect Gideon to just throw me into the unit like he did after I got out of the Academy. I didn’t like it, but I was already there. Everyone on the team, even you, hated me.” Reid sighed and looked up at Aaron. He reached out and touched Aaron’s forehead before trailing his fingers down Aaron’s temple and then his cheek. He gripped Aaron’s chin and tilted his face up.

“I love you,” Aaron said because he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I know. I’ve known for a while. I tried to stay apart, but you were lost after Gideon was gone and I felt bad for you. Then Haley and I couldn’t stay away. I didn’t want to care as much as I did. You made me care for you, for Jack, and then the rest of the team followed.” Reid leaned in and kissed Aaron. Aaron could feel all of the emotion in Reid’s kiss that he had been holding back. Aaron’s heart almost broke at the feeling of loneliness that was coming off of him. Aaron wrapped his arms around Reid’s waist, pulling him close. Aaron pulled out of the kiss and stared at Reid. “I fell in love with you the first time that you fell asleep on me in bed trying to take all of my warmth.”

“I don’t remember the time I fell in love with you. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t right now. Even before Vegas.”

Reid sighed and near slumped in Aaron’s lap. “I do know what you are the God of, Aaron.”


“Old Gods are usually the Gods of several things. I was pretty simple, but since knowledge is pretty big, I was glad I didn’t have a lot of things to be a God of.”

“And?” Aaron asked.

“My God, he was a God of three things. He wasn’t a God of War or Battles, or anything big but he was there when humans needed them. He didn’t have ballads and songs wrote about him but he was mine, and I was his. Another God wanted my attention and set up his death. It didn’t take long for me to find that God and gut him. He was the only God that I have ever killed for personal reasons.”

“What was he the God of? Your God?” Aaron asked because he was pretty sure that it was leading to what he was the God of.

“Gods feel different. To an Old God like me, I know the feeling of every God I’ve come across. No one can hide. I would never be able to fool another Old God or a New God I have met before but we all love our little games, and that’s why Apollo and the others never gave up my secrets. I’ve never felt two Gods feel the same. The night that you became a God when I was shot, I was grey not because of what happened but because of what I felt. My God, My Ar, was the God of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity. I fell in love you before that night but dammit if I wasn’t gutted that night. There you were. Ar had finally come back to me, and it was you. Apollo had to know who you were and he thankfully kept his mouth shut about it.”

“You are serious?” Aaron asked.

“You feel exactly the same, and I hate it because it makes me want things from you that you aren’t ready for. Things I am not ready for.”

“Like what?” Aaron asked, leaning in to nip at Reid’s neck.

“Like living together and never being apart. Like he and I used to be.”

“We were like that before I became a God. We live close enough to be living together. Jack likes to be with you. We just have to get the sex thing outside of cases,” Aaron said into Reid’s ear. “What do you want me to call you?”

“I like Spencer. You’ve whispered it into my skin when you think I’m lost in pleasure. I like it when you say it.”

“You said his name was Ar?”


“I called you Ir earlier. I don’t know why or where it came from.” Aaron exhaled hotly over Spencer’s ear. “Did he call you that?”

“Yes.” Spencer settled his hands on Aaron’s shoulders using his thumbs to lift up his head to look at him. “I want you, Aaron.”

“Your bedroom is off limits because I am not having sex with a baby in the room.”

“I have a guest room, and there is lube in there.” Spencer leaned in, almost kissing Aaron and just breathing over Aaron’s lips. Aaron didn’t know if he wanted to lean in and close the distance or wait for Spencer to give in and kiss him first. “I want you to do filthy things to me, and if you won’t do it in my bedroom, we can do it in the guest room.”

“Or we can move Henry out. I know you still have those baby monitors. I’ve seen you pull them out when Jack naps and you are cleaning.”

“I saw you lock up. So I’ll take care of Henry, and you can get naked.”

“I’m not getting naked until you have Henry out of the bedroom.”

“Prude,” Spencer said with a laugh. He pushed himself off of Aaron’s lap and sauntered toward the bedroom. Aaron watched him until he saw Spencer leaving with the pack and play. Aaron stood up when Spencer disappeared from the living room and into the guest room. Aaron worked out of his clothes as he crossed the room, leaving them wherever he dropped them. Aaron knew that it would rile Spencer up. He didn’t know what he wanted, but Spencer had said filthy things.

Spencer’s eyes were full of emotion when he entered the room with the baby monitor in hand. He huffed at Aaron as he crossed the room to set the monitor down on the nightstand.

“You left a mess in my living room and my bedroom,” Spencer huffed.

“I did.” Aaron grinned at him.

“I should make you go without,” Spencer said as he climbed up onto the bed and straddled Aaron’s waist. Aaron’s hands went right for Spencer’s covered hips. Aaron wanted to rip the clothes off of him, but he refrained. Spencer liked his clothes and the pout that he would wear if Aaron damaged them would kill his erection. Aaron instead moved his hand to cup Spencer’s cock through his pants.

“This right here tells me that you won’t. Why did you climb up here with your clothes on if you want me to do dirty things to you?” Aaron asked.

“I thought you liked undressing me but if you don’t…” Spencer trailed off and started to scoot down the bad, away from Aaron. Aaron reached out and grabbed the back of Spencer’s head, but he didn’t pull him back. He pulled down. Spencer didn’t even wait for Aaron to say a single thing, he licked at the head of Aaron’s cock before taking him all the way down. Aaron hissed, and his fingers tightened in Spencer’s hair, holding him in place. Spencer did fight out of the hold but adjusted his mouth some before swallowing around Aaron’s cock.

“Fuck, I always forget how much you like this,” Aaron said. Sometimes that’s all sex was between them, Spencer getting on his knees in the shower and sucking Aaron off before jerking himself off. Aaron realized that it was the cuddling in bed part that Spencer wanted more. Spencer would read all night long. “Up, up,”

Spencer pulled off of Aaron’s cock and looked up at him, but he didn’t move up until Aaron tugged on his head. Spencer moved up willingly and straddled Aaron’s waist again. Aaron started to work on Spencer’s vest before he got tired of buttons. A shirt Aaron could replace easy, he grabbed the bottom edges of the shirt after untucking it and ripped it open.

“You are buying me a new one, Aaron.”

“I’ll buy you ten new shirts,” Aaron said as he leaned up to take a nipple in his mouth. Aaron heard the squeak of the bed that said that Spencer had grabbed it to brace himself. Aaron wrapped one arm around Spencer to hold him close to the God before he worked the other between them. Spencer moaned as Aaron opened Spencer’s pants and pulled out his cock, finding that his lover had not put on underwear that morning. Aaron rubbed his thumb over the head of Spencer’s cock, feeling how hard he was, Aaron knew that it wouldn’t be long before he came, which was what Aaron wanted. Aaron switched to Spencer’s other nipple, lavishing it with attention as he felt Spencer’s cock start to swell in his hand. He bit down on the nipple, just hard enough to make Spencer almost scream. The sound was muffled, but Aaron didn’t care, he got what he wanted which was Spencer coming first for once.

“Aaron,” Spencer whined as he tried to shove up to get away from Aaron’s hold, but Aaron held onto him tightly.

“Now that you are all pliant lay down on your belly.” Aaron let go of Spencer then, and he watched as Spencer did what he wanted just facing the other end of the bed, a pillow under his hips. Aaron grabbed the bottle of lube from the drawer and laid it on the small of Spencer’s back. Aaron cupped his fingers and collected the release that was splattered all over his chest. Spencer utterly relaxed on the bed. He wasn’t moving other than to breathe. Aaron had never used ejaculate as a lube before, but the idea was intriguing, and Spencer would tell him no if he didn’t want it.

Aaron spread Spencer’s cheeks one-handed and smeared the fluid over Spencer’s hole as much as he could. In the months since the friendship had turned sexual, Aaron had learned what Spencer liked and what Aaron himself liked and tried on Spencer from playing with his hole in the shower. Aaron used two fingers right off the bat, getting them wet and then pushing them into Spencer. Spencer was relaxed, and his hole didn’t fight Aaron at all. Aaron stayed straddling his waist, debating not even letting Spencer spread his legs.

“Fuck me,” Spencer begged after a few minutes of Aaron playing with his hole. Aaron knew that Spencer wasn’t above turning and manhandling Aaron into doing what he wanted. Aaron used what release was left to coat his cock. He set the lube aside for the moment. He would feel if they needed it or Spencer would tell him. Aaron used his fingers again to spread Spencer’s cheeks so that he could use his other hand to hold his cock steady as he breached his lover. Aaron groaned at how tight Spencer felt with his legs pressed together.

Aaron fucked into Spencer hard and fast a few times, enjoying the feel before he settled into a deeper, slower pace. When he was sure that he liked what he was doing, Aaron stopped bracing himself on the bed and instead draped himself over Spencer body. He braced himself on his elbows with his lips right at Spencer’s ear. He reached out, and Spencer willingly tangled their fingers together.

“Do you like this?” Aaron asked.

Spencer nodded his head, rubbing his face on the bed sheets.

“You are mine now right?” Aaron asked.

“Yes,” Spencer gasped.

“No one else can have you anymore. Not Dev. Not Scarlett. Or any other Gods who have had you before.” Aaron started to thrust a little harder into Spencer. Aaron groaned as he felt his orgasm approaching. “You. Are. Mine.”

“Yours, Ar, yours,” Spencer promised. He buried his face into the bed and made a sound that Aaron couldn’t understand before he lifted his head again. “Always. Forever.”

Aaron buried his face into Spencer’s sweaty neck as he came from Spencer’s words. He felt the flutter of the muscles around his cock that told him that Spencer was coming as well. He slumped down to where he was sure that he was causing Spencer to have problems breathing, but he didn’t care. He was too worn out to move. Spencer pushed up after a few minutes, tipping them both onto their sides.

“You’ll have to teach me about us, Spencer. I know that I am not him, not really but I want to know what caused you such pain and why you hated that God so much. Also, you’ll be buying your own damned shirt because you can’t tell me that you can’t afford it. Being alive as long as you have, you have to have a huge nest egg.”

“I own a lot of stock and play the markets well, but yes, I have money. I actually feel like I could go to sleep.”

“I always feel like that after a case but it never comes I just relax in bed. So tell me, am I a reincarnation of your Ar?” Aaron wrapped his arm around Spencer and slipped the other under Spencer’s head, wrapping him up of sorts.

“No, you look nothing like him. He was blonde haired and short, couldn’t put on muscles to save his life, but your attitudes are very close. I think it’s why I couldn’t keep the distance that I wanted. You wormed your way into me, and I couldn’t escape.”

“I’m not upset about that. So I’m a New God of many things?” Aaron tried to think if there were any other New Gods that he had heard of that were like that, but nothing was popping.

“No, Aaron. You are the New God of the FBI. Fidelity, bravery, integrity. You scream G-Man, and I can see you sitting on the Director’s chair one day when we finally tire of being inside of the BAU. Or you can go up, and I can stay in the BAU. I love what we do, and maybe at some point, I’ll come out as Mimir to everyone but you. Right now, I want to stay as Spencer Reid, God of Psychology. I might come out to the team after a while. I’m sure that Morgan will have an issue with that, but I don’t care.”

“We will make sure that he’s not so upset that he goes crying to the bosses. We can manage it easily. I don’t want you to not be in the BAU.”

“They can’t fire me, Aaron. I never lied on my intake paperwork, and it’s their own damned fault they never actually asked what I was the God of.”

Aaron hummed and smiled into Spencer’s neck. He could see that fight happening, and he really hoped that he was a part of it. Watching Spencer take them all apart with his words was arousing mentally, and he was sure that it would be physically as well. They just had to get through whatever Strauss had coming to Aaron after his display over the case in front of others. Aaron wasn’t that worried if Spencer was right and Aaron was pretty sure that he was. No one was going to make him leave the FBI.



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