Rough Romance Chapter 24-Nude

Chapter 24-Nude (7.11 True Genius)

Spencer knew that there had been no expense spared for the honeymoon, with Aaron chartering a small private jet to take them and bring them back. Still, walking through an airport blindfolded was a strange experience. Spencer could hear people talking and some people shutting up as he passed them. Aaron had told him to not worry about anything and just allow Aaron to guide him through the busy airport. Their bags had been taken care of when they arrived, and there was only a single carry on that they were taking, Aaron had packed that bag as well.

Aaron had dressed himself in a pair of jeans that were very tight and a loose red linen shirt. Spencer was in a pair of pale grey linen pants and a loose royal blue linen shirt. That told Spencer they were going somewhere warm. Although, warm for Aaron and warm for Spencer were two different things. Spencer still froze in the cold Virginia winters. The idea of them wearing their wedding suits had been changed, Aaron said because of the expected high temperatures where they were going.

His silence was another thing that Aaron wanted from Spencer, unless he needed something, silence until they were in the air. Spencer wasn’t sure what kind of mood Aaron was trying to settle on Spencer but a low hum of arousal coursed through Spencer’s veins.

“Mister Hotchner, Doctor Reid, welcome, welcome. My name is Nigel, and I’ll be flying you to your destination. With our current departure time, you will arrive at the other airport in-” The pilot stopped.

“My husband has an eidetic memory and a love of maps. Just raise your fingers on the time, please.” Aaron’s voice was full of amusement, and Spencer felt a kiss pressed to his forehead.

“There will be a car waiting for you at the airport to drive you to the resort. The estimated time on that is-” The pilot stopped again.

Spencer frowned because he wasn’t happy with this. He knew that if he really wanted to raise a stink about not knowing and let Aaron know how upset he was, Aaron would relent. However, it would ruin the surprise. Spencer didn’t know what he wanted to do. He didn’t like the thought of getting on a plane and not knowing where they were going. He didn’t like the thought of staying in the blindfold for the entire trip. If they were going south, which Spencer was pretty sure that they were, he wanted to see the trip down. The blue oceans, the beautiful land.

Aaron’s sure hands directed Spencer up the steps and into the cabin. The jet smelled exactly like the BAU jet, which was not a comfort. He was directed to a couch along the wall.

“I will not tell you individual travel times, but I will tell you total trip time if you want to know.”

Spencer’s mind raced at Aaron’s words. He didn’t know if this was a test. Spencer didn’t know what would happen if he said yes so Spencer shook his head no. He found the seat buckle and started to fasten himself in. He had done it enough on the BAU jet that he no issues with doing it blindfolded. Once the straps were across his body, Spencer drew his legs up to his chest and laid his useless eyes on his knees, listening to Aaron moving around the cabin of the jet. He didn’t know what the man was doing.

Time lost all meaning to Spencer as he tried to block everything out except for the sound of Aaron. His husband only settled down when the pilot called for them to fasten their seatbelts and as soon as they were at cruising altitude, Aaron was moving again. After a few minutes of silence, Spencer pushed even the silence away. He found that place in his mind that used to keep him entertained on the bus ride from Caltech home to Vegas. The silence and the calm that was his happy place. Where he could immerse himself in the books that he had read before. Going over them page by page to pass the time. To the outside world, it was like he was sleeping.

The feeling of someone touching him pulled Spencer out of his zone out. He didn’t move because that would show that he was awake. Instead, he just waited until all of his senses were back on before he tried to figure out where he was.

“Are you back with me Spencer?” Aaron asked.

Spencer almost hummed in an answer but Aaron had wanted silence out of him, and he hadn’t actually told Spencer he was allowed to speak so Spencer nodded his head enough to where Aaron would be able to see it but didn’t move more than that.

“I have some champagne and strawberries for us. Do you want them now?”

Spencer shook his head back and forth enough for him to realize that he was crying. It wasn’t hard, but his eyes were wet. He didn’t know why he was crying. He was happy. He and Aaron were getting away for their honeymoon. It was a week of being together in paradise, Aaron’s words, and then two days with Jack before they were back to the reality of serial killers and kidnappers.

Aaron wiggled his hands between Spencer’s chest and legs to undo the belts holding him in. Aaron’s fingers lingered at the edge of his collar as he pulled away, letting the straps fall to the side. Spencer figured that Aaron was sitting beside him but facing him, a leg tucked up on the couch between them.

“If I didn’t want our first time as husbands to be on a bed, I’d strip your pants off and fuck you here in that shirt. I picked it out but didn’t think that it would take me back to when we were on the flight home from Chicago.” Aaron laid a hand on Spencer’s back. It just sat there, and Spencer could feel the warmth of it. After a few seconds, it moved up to Spencer’s hair, carding through it. Spencer resisted when Aaron gently pulled up on his hair, trying to get him to unbury his face. When Spencer didn’t lift his head after a few seconds, Aaron stopped.

Spencer shook his head and silently begged for Aaron to leave him alone. He didn’t understand his feelings at the moment and would be unable to actually voice them to Aaron if he asked. He didn’t know what was wrong. Aaron’s hand didn’t leave his hair though, it picked up carding through again. Aaron was thankfully silent, and Spencer tried to understand what was wrong.

“When you are ready to talk, Spencer you can. I think that I didn’t notice when you slipped into your head, and you didn’t hear me tell you that you could talk. I should have made sure to get a response. I’m sorry. Sitting I’ve been thinking, and I think that I’m keeping you too much off your feet with this. Our total travel time is going to be five hours unless there is something that delays us on the road to the resort. I was not trying to trick you with that question. I know that you don’t do well with surprises in instances like this and that was why I offered to tell you the total travel time. I’ve been watching you curl in tighter and tighter on yourself, and it didn’t hit me until now why. I was trying to make it so that you didn’t have to worry about anything but in doing that I gave you too much to worry about. We have a little while longer on the flight so why don’t we stretch out on this couch and just cuddle together?”

Aaron stood up, and Spencer waited for him to step away before he uncurled, laying down with his face pressed into the back of the couch. Spencer forced his body to relax and waited for Aaron to come back. Spencer shoved his shoes off of his feet as they were loafers. It wasn’t long before Aaron was back. He didn’t lay down though. Instead, he sat down, and Spencer felt the blindfold being removed from his head.

Gentle fingers cradled Spencer’s skull and pulled to get him to roll over. Spencer fought it until he heard Aaron murmuring words at him. A cool cloth wiped over his face as he turned it up to face Aaron. Aaron knew he had been crying a little bit. When all evidence was wiped from his face of the tears, Aaron pressed kisses over his still closed eyes.

“Open, Spencer,” Aaron whispered over Spencer’s skin.

Spencer opened his mouth and waited. When nothing brushed against his lips or was dropped in, Spencer felt that feeling creep up again.

“Eyes, Spencer.”

Spencer opened his eyes to see Aaron staring down at him with such a look of love on his face. He blinked a few times as the light in the cabin was just enough that he was a little blinded.

“We’ve not got to the best start on this. So we are headed to Jamaica.”

“Jamaica?” Spencer asked as Aaron shifted and started to slide down Spencer’s body to cuddle into his back. “That’s a place I’ve never even thought about going.”

“I know. You’ve talked about a few places, but Jamaica has a place that I’ve wanted to go for a long time. I heard a few friends of Jake’s talk about it but right after he had to go home to his parents to help them. I never wanted to go alone, and even after we started, there was never a time after I got a divorce from Haley until you and I started in full.”

“It’s not a place you would ever want to take Haley?” Spencer rolled onto his back and Aaron made room for him. Aaron brushed at the hair on Spencer’s forehead. Spencer closed his eyes and hummed in pleasure. His body wanted this, them being close. While they had slept in bed together over the past week since they had got married, his urges had got used to him and Aaron doing something almost every night even if it was just mutual masturbation. The week of no touching of intimate parts and jerking off in the shower every morning and almost every night was not helping with his feeling of needing more.

“You do know what these areas of the world are known for, don’t you?”

“Good beaches?” Spencer asked.

“Clothing optional beaches and resorts, Spencer. Haley would never go to a place like that.”

“And you expect me to go around naked?”

“I have for you a perfectly serviceable pair of swim trunks to wear if you don’t want to be naked but there is a specific beach, pool, and a hot tub that you have to be naked at but there are plenty of places that allow clothing. Of course, for anything food or drink related, there are clothing requirements. I have plenty of shirts for us for that. However, I did this because I want to be able to show you off, Spencer. We have seven days here, and I would like us to spend at least part of the vacation not in our rooms.”

“What about…” Spencer picked at the buttons on Aaron’s shirt as his husband settled with his head on his hand. Aaron’s hand laid over Spencer’s stomach, spreading his fingers out to where he could feel the pressure there.

“The resort has a strict policy on PDAs. Obviously, in our rooms, anything goes but out and about I won’t be doing more than touching you. No one else will touch though as it’s strictly by invite only. No one will touch you without your expressed permission, and since I know you won’t invite anyone to touch you, we have nothing to worry about. Jamaica does not do daylight savings so they are an hour behind central time so thankfully we won’t have an issue with it being several hours different.”

“What about my collar?” Spencer asked because he didn’t want to take it off. He hadn’t had to yet since he had put it back on.

“I called and talked to the manager, and since it’s technically not clothing and many women wear chokers and necklaces and do not take them off, there is no issue, however, if someone does raise a stink, the manager will deal with it personally. Drinks and food are already included in the package that I bought. There is no room service. This is a place to be on display and to look.”

“Are you sure that you have thought this through. Your-” Spencer stopped himself. He didn’t need to question Aaron he was sure that Aaron had thought about the scars on his chest from Foyet.

“You cured me of ever being ashamed of them before I had even started to get worried about them. Anyone who is smart enough for me to consider their point of view can tell that they are knife marks and that I had to have been stabbed, so I doubt that anyone is going to question. The pilot is going to give us an hour warning before we land so we can take a nap if you want. I don’t plan on letting you sleep much tonight. It’s why we have such a later flight. I didn’t want a lot of time between when we arrive and bedtime.”

“As if it not being night would stop you from starting bedtime,” Spencer said with a smirk on his face. He walked his fingers up Aaron’s chest and gripped his chin before pulling him down for a kiss. Aaron tried to keep it chaste, but Spencer didn’t let him. Spencer kept up the kiss until it was almost too much. Until his arousal would be too much to handle without going and jerking off. Aaron pulled out of the kiss just a second before Spencer was going to and settled down, wrapping Spencer in his arms. It was nice, being close to Aaron, knowing that soon they would be naked and fucking.

Spencer wasn’t blindfolded for the trip from the airport to the resort, but given that the town car that had picked them up had the words Hedonism II written across the side, Spencer wasn’t left with much to his imagination on what this place was that they were going for their honeymoon. Just from the name of it, he knew that Haley would have never gone there, even if she had stayed dressed for the whole thing.

“I can see you thinking.”

“Hedonism. Derived from the Greek word for delight. Gained a more popular scope with the BDSM community.”

“Yes, and it’s the name of the resort that we are going to.”

“I remember something.” Spencer flipped through a few images in his head. Brochures that he had seen on Prentiss’s desk at various points. “Prentiss had a brochure for the resort as well as a few others in Jamaica on her desk four years ago. She and Morgan were debating about nude beaches or clothing optional beaches. I stayed out of it but I saw the brochure, and it’s stuck in my head.”

Spencer looked away from Aaron instead focused on where they were going. Outside of his single trip to Canada for a case, Spencer had never been outside of the United States. Aaron had been to Europe before.

“I don’t have any sightseeing tours planned, but there are a few that leave from close to the resort if you really wanted to go.

“No, thank you. I’d rather just stay at the resort. This is a honeymoon, not a sightseeing vacation, let’s save that for when we go places with Jack.”

“Jack knows that he won’t hear from us today, but tomorrow night he expects a call over Skype. There are computers here that we can do that from. I told him that the calls wouldn’t be long and he agreed to keep them short. He’s looking forward to our two days together. He’s already told Jessica that he is not going to see her after they come to pick us up at the airport.”

Spencer laughed because he knew that Jack had been excited for them to get gone so that they could come back quicker. Spencer already missed him. They had bonded tighter than before while Aaron had been in Pakistan.

“Did you like the champagne and strawberries?” Aaron asked as he wrapped an arm around Spencer’s waist and pulled him across the car seat to be pressed into Aaron’s side.

“Yes.” Spencer tried to keep up the sight of what was out the window, but he stopped when he felt teeth on his ear. “Aaron.”

“Yes, husband?” Aaron asked, but he didn’t stop what he was doing. In fact, the hand around Spencer’s waist pulled, and Spencer followed it until he was plastered into Aaron’s lap, his back against Aaron’s front.

“I thought that PDA’s weren’t allowed.”

“In the resort but I asked the driver, and he said that as long as we didn’t actually get into sex in the car, he would drive us. I don’t want our first time to be sloppy in the back of a car, Spencer but I do want you to have a reason not to want to delay getting into the room. I could tell you were trying to get lost in sightseeing from the car window.”

“And we have an hour and fifteen more minutes of this.”

“Some very extended foreplay then. Now, be a good husband and turn around so I can kiss you.”

Spencer did as Aaron asked, huffing as he did, making it seem like he was doing this only for Aaron.

“Keep making that noise, and I’ll get your silicone friend from the bag and cage you.”

“You brought that?” Spencer’s eyebrows shot to his forehead.

“I brought a lot of things. They do have a huge playroom, Spencer. Cross included. Do you want that?” Aaron licked up the side of Spencer’s neck before retaking his earlobe between his teeth. “Do you want others to see you like that and know that they can’t have you because you are mine?”

“Aaron,” Spencer breathed and gave himself over to the picture that Aaron was painting.

The entire drive to the resort was Aaron whispering dirty things in Spencer’s ears about everything that he wanted to do to Spencer during their honeymoon either in the bedroom or in the playroom and even after they got home. Where Aaron wanted to take him for the first time after their flight home from a week of sex whenever they wanted.

Spencer was so on edge that he was sure that if Aaron touched his cock even once with his mouth or even his hand, he was going to come. Aaron allowed Spencer to get out of the car first and direct the bellhop to their room while Aaron actually set them up in their room for their stay. Spencer ignored the eyes that followed him, many with hunger and a few with curiosity at the collar that he wore. He only paid attention to the bellhop that was helping him get their things to their room.

Their room was on the second floor, and Spencer was thankful for that. The bellhop already had a key, and he jumped ahead to open the door before Spencer got to it. It was actually a suite with what looked like a humongous bathroom and an equally large bedroom that both branched off the main room. The room had a small fridge in the corner and a coffee maker with what looked like really good coffee in it but nothing else for a kitchen. The bellhop took the bags right to the bedroom and settled them off to the side of the room, obstructing none of their paths to the bed.

“Here,” Spencer pulled a twenty out of his pocket.

“We are tipless here, Sir. Given the nature of the resort, all tips for all service people are already included in the rates so that pockets are not needed.”

“Oh, that’s really good. Well, thank you so much for getting our bags here.”

“Of course, Sir. I hope that your stay at Hedonism II is a wonderful and pleasant stay.” The bellhop backed out of the room with a bow and pulled the twin doors to the suite closed. Spencer looked and heard the lock click, but he checked it and found that the lock was good. There was a safe in the room, Aaron had told him that, but neither had brought their guns. Customs were horrible with that kind of thing, and Aaron hadn’t wanted the extra work of getting cleared to take a gun to Jamaica.

Spencer turned to look at the bed and saw that not only was the bedroom portion large there was a large window that had shades that could be pulled, but those were open. He could see the sprawling grounds and wanted to walk all over every single inch of them and see all that could be seen. Spencer stepped into the bedroom and thought for a few seconds about what he wanted.

Foreplay was all well and good, but he’d had over an hour of foreplay on the way to the resort, and he wanted sex with his husband, so Spencer moved to the bedside and opened the drawer. Inside were sealed condoms and a new bottle of lube with an outward seal on it as well. Spencer ripped the seal off before removing the cap and taking that seal off as well. He knew that they were not going to be fucking without facing, but Spencer still knelt on the bed with his back to the door. He shut the drawer, no condoms for them tonight, at any point. He saw the cabinet with extra linens in it. Spencer would hate to work the laundry service in the resort.

Spencer took time fucking himself with his fingers. He heard Aaron enter the suite and the door shut. He also heard Aaron’s steps toward the room but didn’t stop. When he was sure that he was lubed enough, Spencer set the bottle down on the stand and turned around to face Aaron before laying on his back. Aaron was naked, his shirt dropping from his fingers. Spencer reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube and tossed it at his husband. He wiped his own fingers on the edge of the bed to clean them off. Aaron lubed his cock up as he stepped toward the bed. Spencer felt the lube land somewhere to his right, but he didn’t look for it.

“Come on, Aaron. I want sex. You’ve denied me for almost eight days so you either come up here and do it now, or there is no sex until we get home.”

Aaron laughed, a smile on his face as he kneeled on the end of the bed. Aaron grabbed Spencer’s ankle and pulled him down the bed to where Spencer’s spread legs were pressed to Aaron’s legs on the bed.

“Who said you are in charge?”

“You as soon as you made me wait a week before I got this inside of me, husband.” Spencer reached down and ran his finger from root to tip on Aaron’s cock.

“I’ve had a dream of you all week, and I want to see that dream come true. So why don’t you come up here yourself.” Aaron pulled out from between Spencer’s legs and moved up to the top of the bed, he sat down and crossed his legs before smiling at Spencer and patting his lap. Spencer turned on the bed and crawled up to him. Spencer grabbed the headboard and straddled Aaron’s lap. He felt Aaron reach around his hip to grip Spencer’s lower back and help guide him down. As soon as Spencer felt the tip of Aaron’s cock at his hole, he allowed Aaron to take total control of guiding his cock inside of Spencer and started to just slide down it.

“Aaron,” Spencer gasped as his body welcome Aaron’s cock for the first time since they married. Aaron’s arm wrapped tighter around Spencer’s body, holding his opposite hip and keeping him firmly settled on his cock. “Please.” Spencer wanted to move to really feel it, but Aaron was keeping him still.

“No, not yet. If you move, Spencer I’m going to come, and this will be over.” Aaron leaned up and took Spencer’s mouth in a kiss as his hands moved to grab Spencer by his waist, holding him in place as Aaron started to move. Spencer groaned as the cock inside of him shifted, and he slid down a few more centimeters on the cock. Aaron was cradling Spencer between his chest and his legs, now with knees and legs stretching up Spencer’s back. “This was worth it. I love you so much, Spencer. I can’t breathe for it sometimes. I love that you you do this for me, and love it. You submit for me. Sometimes when you are stretched on our bed, worn out after I’ve fucked you silent and I think that you were made for me.”

“You made me what I am, perfect for you. I can’t ever be upset about it because I can’t see myself loving anyone as much as I love you. You give me the freedom to be who I am, and you have never tried to make me think that I was less for anything that you do to me. When I crave to feel anything at all but numbness from cases. You know what I need. Just like I said a week ago, you are all I want for the rest of my life.” Spencer leaned down to kiss Aaron again because the rest of what they needed to say couldn’t be said with words. It could only be said with the slide of their bodies. WIth the arch of Spencer’s back as he slid back down on Aaron’s cock. With Spencer’s hands that gripped the back of Aaron’s head to hold him where he wanted him as the cock inside of him touched him what felt like everywhere. From his hole to his insides to his heart, to his soul. To Aaron’s hands that couldn’t stop Spencer in the rhythm he wanted of the cock driving in and out of him. To the shudder of their bodies when they found their peak together. To the tears that they both cried but didn’t point out. To the salt that flavored their kisses as they cooled down. They spoke those words with their bodies, and sighed in contentment as they silently wrapped around each other.

Aaron watched Spencer as he swam in the pool, Spencer had known the moment that Aaron had entered the secluded area. Spencer had come to the nude pool before Aaron as Jack had wanted to talk to Aaron a little longer about the soccer game he had played at the park with a group of kids that he had never met before. Spencer had teased Aaron with stripping down to his trunks before he left the room. He knew that Aaron would find him even without telling his husband where he was going.

Spencer swam up to the edge where Aaron was staring at him, smiling as he did. Most everyone was still at dinner, so they had the nude pool to themselves. There were the attendants and the bartender scattered around, and Spencer had felt their eyes on him. Spencer was wearing his older collar, unwilling to risk his new one in the pool waters. Aaron had swapped it out for him that morning when they had gone swimming at the beach.

“It took me a few minutes, but when you weren’t where I thought you would be, I thought that I should check here.”

Spencer reached out his hand, and Aaron leaned over and grabbed it pulling him up. The water cascaded down his back and across his ass cheeks, which was a feeling that Spencer was only used to in a shower. Spencer trailed his wet fingers down Aaron’s chest, watching the goosebumps appear on his skin.

“They have a ten minute grace period before you have to get naked and after watching me for eight minutes and fifty seconds, you don’t have much time left, husband. Do you want me to help you?” Spencer leaned in to lick at Aaron’s Adam’s Apple as he toyed with the tie on Aaron’s swim trunks. Aaron’s were not skin tight like Spencer’s. They were the same trunks that he wore when swimming with Jack at the pool.

“That would be wonderful. Now, what do you want to do?” Aaron looked down to watch Spencer untie the pants.

“I want to keep on swimming and have you watch me. Then I was thinking that we could slip up to the room and shower to get the pool water off of us and then go to the Romping Shop.”

“You do realize that it’s not a store right?” Aaron asked as his swimming trunks slipped to the ground.

“I am not that naive. I know it’s the playroom. It’s our last night here, and I want to show off for you. I had one of the attendants take me through when it was closed. I know that you brought the cuffs, Aaron. There is a lovely cross in there.”

“Spencer, unless you want to go back to the room now, I suggest you get in that pool.” Aaron reached down and tipped Spencer’s head down with his thumb on Spencer’s chin. Spencer’s eyes widened to see that Aaron was hard. Spencer stepped back from him and pointed to the chair that he wanted Aaron to sit in. Aaron sat down in it, displaying himself so that he could watch Spencer swim. Another couple entered the area, and Spencer watched as the woman looked at Aaron like he was a meal and she was starving. She could look all she wanted but Aaron’s eyes and never strayed away from Spencer the entire time that they were there. Even when on the nude beach and women were all on display.

There had been a single trip into town for them to pick up souvenirs for the team. Prentiss’s was bought at Hedonism II with a smirk from Aaron. Aaron had already told everyone that where they were going did not allow pictures so there would be no pictures of the honeymoon. Garcia had been upset, but she had got over it quick.

Spencer swam for nearly an hour, glancing at Aaron whenever he took a quick breather at the side of the pool, looking up at Aaron the whole time. When he started to pull himself out of the pool, Spencer was a little shocked to see Aaron standing there with a towel, his swimming trunks over his arm as well as Spencer’s. Aaron toweled him off quickly but softly. The woman was lounging at the poolside, her pussy on display while the man with her was on his front, near asleep it seemed. Spencer barely glanced at them, but the woman called out to Aaron, calling him handsome. Aaron ignored her.

Aaron wrapped his hand over Spencer’s shoulder, right over the claiming scar. Spencer waited for Aaron to open the door that led out of the nude pool when he tightened his hand on Spencer’s shoulder. He could already feel the change in Aaron’s demeanor as they made their way to the suite.

Spencer had spent two hours the night before debating if this was something that he wanted to do. He knew of places, even in DC, where he and Aaron could go and do displays of themselves. It wasn’t something he wanted to do at home where someone they knew could see them. But here, where they knew no one, it was perfect.

There was a policy in place within the resort that sex acts were not permitted outside of the guest rooms, inside of the playroom, no one really enforced it. Spencer enjoyed Aaron washing the pool water off him before he started to wash Aaron as well. There were no words exchanged.

Aaron picked up the pants that he wanted Spencer to wear until they got to the playroom. Underneath there was nothing. Aaron wore pants and a shirt with a tight pair of briefs underneath. Spencer knew that he had done his research on the room, but he wondered what Aaron had done. Aaron had been in the know on where they were going for longer.

Spencer reached forward to open the bedroom door. He felt Aaron step up behind him. Spencer wasn’t prepared to be spun around and pressed into the door. Aaron stared at him, their eyes locked.

“Once you are out of this room, I don’t care if God himself walks up to you. You don’t look at anyone, you don’t talk to anyone. I’m going to clip your leash to your collar. As long as you don’t run into me, you’ll be fine. Just focus on me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer could feel himself start to harden in his pants.

“Do you want to have sex in the playroom, yes or no?”

“Whatever you want, Sir.”

“That’s not what I asked. Yes or no?”

“I don’t care either way, Sir. If you want to fuck me in there, please do. If you would rather come back here and do it, please do.”

Aaron leaned in a kissed him, clipping the leash to his collar. He shivered as he felt the pull on his collar. He closed his eyes and prepared himself to be taken around the whole of the resort nearly naked with a leash leading him around. He had never worn the leash outside of the apartment and then the house.

Spencer didn’t look up as he and Aaron made their way to the Romping Shop. He could feel the eyes of every single person they passed on him and by extension Aaron as well. Aaron’s hand holding the leash never faltered, and it was only when it went slack that Spencer knew Aaron was stopping for one reason or another.

The atmosphere of the room was charged as they entered it. Spencer glanced out of the sides of his eyes at the people already in the playroom. It was massive and sprawling. A tug on his leash had Spencer moving up to stand in front of Aaron. Aaron wrapped his arms around Spencer’s neck from behind, holding him tight.

“Go ahead and look around,” Aaron said as he nipped at Spencer’s ear.

Spencer looked around, his eyes no lingering on the people but pausing at the shower that was close to the cross as well as a modified sawhorse. There were beds all around, some with sheer drapes around them, some blatantly open.

“I’m going to take off your leash, and you are going to go up to the cross. Remember that you can scream as much as you want here. You won’t wake up Jack, and you won’t send someone running for the cops.”

An attendant passed in front of them and eyed Spencer’s collar for a second before he grinned devilishly.

“I want-” Spencer closed his mouth before he said what he was going to.

“What do you want?”

“That bed over there, in the middle. I want you to fuck me there.”

“Your wish is my command, if you please me.”

Spencer nodded as he felt the leash unclipped. He moved right to the cross. They had never used one before, but Spencer knew the mechanics of it. He preferred the bed for their games. This was something he wanted to try. Spencer heard the unzipping of the bag Aaron had brought with them and relaxed as he was cuffed to the cross, his arms up above his head and his legs spread wide after Aaron stripped him naked. Spencer tried to pull on the cuffs, just to test and he heard Aaron chuckle at him. Aaron plastered himself to Spencer’s back.

“Everyone in here is looking at us, Spencer. Do you think you can orgasm without release for me three times?” Aaron’s voice was a whisper.

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer already felt on the edge of orgasm.

“Do you want to know what I am going to use on you?”

“No, Sir. Surprise me.”

“Perfect.” Aaron stepped back, and Spencer let his head hang slack. He settled in with his feet braced and his hands wrapped around the handhold that was built into the cross. He could tell it was for beginners, but Spencer didn’t care. He could hear the movement of people behind him, probably getting into a good spot to watch it all. “Do not worry about counting out loud. When I reach ten of each instrument, come.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The first crack of the paddle on his ass had Spencer arching up to tiptoes. It was harder than Spencer expected but just what he needed to cut the rush of being too close or orgasm. Spencer kept count in his head, his ability to even talk robbed from him.

On strike ten with the paddle, Spencer started to shake. He was so close, almost to where he wanted to be. He wanted the rush of orgasm if even he couldn’t come. As soon as he felt the first part of the paddle connect with him on strike ten, Spencer came with a shout. He slumped down to where the only thing holding him up was his hands on the bar. Spencer felt Aaron behind him, his hands on Spencer’s pulse point on his neck.

“I think that a few of the women came when you did. If not a few men as well. Do you want a drink of water?”

“Yes, Sir, please,” Spencer whispered. He felt a straw poke at his lips and opened them The water was cool and refreshing with a slight taste of cucumber. Spencer drank until Aaron pulled it away.

“Another set of ten.” Aaron stepped back, and Spencer let his head go slack again for a few seconds, breathing in and out to center himself. Spencer saw movement at the corner of his eye when he opened them, he turned to see the attendant standing there. His eyes were lust blown but his face serious. Spencer grinned at him, and the attendant nodded, stepping away.

Spencer felt the first hit on his back and frowned because he wasn’t sure what it was. It took the second strike to figure out that it was a flogger but it wasn’t leather. Spencer was more aware for the second strike and grinned as he realized it was silicone. Probably royal blue to match everything else. There were bulges in the strands of the flogger, meant to be knots. Spencer loved the impact of the flogger on his skin, especially when it spread out and did it over his whole back. Aaron’s strikes on him got heavier and closer together the closer he got to ten, and for Spencer, it was easy to orgasm but not release on the tenth.

“Water?” Aaron asked as his fingers tracked his pulse. Spencer could only nod, and he hoped it was enough. The straw was placed at Spencer’s lips. “You are so perfect for me, Spencer. Everyone watching either wants to be under my hand or be me, depending on who they are. As soon as you orgasm, I am going to unhook you, and we are going to go to that bed. I’m going to stretch out on it, and you are going to ride my cock until I come. Then and only then can you come.”

“Please,” Spencer begged, just low enough for Aaron to hear after he spit the straw out.

“Ten more and then we can fuck.” Aaron stepped back taking the water with him. Spencer readied himself for what was coming, not knowing what was coming at all made Spencer shiver with anticipation.

As soon as he heard the crack that was made on his skin, Spencer knew it was a riding crop. Simple and easy to carry around and it felt wonderful. It was going to leave welts on his skin that Aaron wouldn’t stop playing with until they were gone. Which was fine with Spencer, each time Aaron would touch them, he would remember this and what this led to.

Spencer almost lost track of the cracks of the crop on his skin, and it was only when the ninth hit that he realized he needed to. He forced himself to think just in time for the tenth to land, Spencer came with a ragged cry and slumped down to where only the cuffs were holding him. Aaron was right there, undoing his feet first but leaving the cuffs on. Hands were next, and Spencer gratefully slumped into Aaron’s body.

Aaron’s hands held him sure as they made their way to the bed. The watchers made a hole for them, and a few started to wander away until Aaron knelt Spencer on the bed. Spencer watched as it dawned on them what they were going to see. Aaron’s eyes found the attendant, and when the man nodded and turned away to do something else, Aaron laid down. Aaron didn’t beckon for Spencer to get close until after he had rolled a condom down his cock and lubed it a little.

As soon as Aaron even started to crook his finger, Spencer scrambled up to straddle his waist. Aaron grabbed Spencer’s cheeks and spread them, leering as Spencer held his cock still so he could slide down on it. No one was in front of them, watching from behind as Spencer seated himself on his husband’s cock.

“Don’t hold back. Let them know how much you love my cock inside of you.”

“Aaron,” Spencer moaned as he lifted up and slid back down on Aaron’s cock. Aaron’s hands gripped Spencer’s hips hard enough to where it was going to bruise. Aaron lifted his knees up to where Spencer could balance himself on them and fuck himself as hard and fast on Aaron’s cock as he wanted. It was pure heaven and hell for Spencer because he wanted to come, to give it all up but Aaron was holding on.

“Beg,” Aaron said.

“Please Aaron, let me come. I need to. Please.” Spencer stopped trying to make sense. He let himself babble as Aaron fucked into him. The world narrowed down to just the two of them, Aaron’s cock inside of him, and the dark eyes that watched his every up and down movement.

Spencer felt the swell of the cock inside of him before he was pulled down to rest on Aaron’s cock as far as he could get. Spencer threw his head back and came all over Aaron’s chest before Aaron was even done orgasming. Spencer tried to stay upright, but his body was wanting to slump down. Aaron reached up and cradled his chest with a hand splayed on Spencer’s breastbone and the other on his neck. Aaron gently lowered his hands allowing Spencer to get his arms and legs under him again.

Aaron’s eyes flicked down his body, and he smirked. Spencer grinned and pulled himself off of Aaron’s cock before he braced himself on his elbows above Aaron. He licked at Aaron’s nipples before going farther down to lick at the drops of his own release on Aaron’s chest. There were sounds of pleasure behind Spencer, but he didn’t turn to look; instead, he locked his eyes with Aaron’s. Aaron watched him clean up the mess on his chest before he slipped up to kiss Aaron. Aaron grabbed Spencer’s hips, but Spencer grabbed his hands, pulling them up. Spencer settled the hands on his head before he slipped a little farther down. He kept going down before he slipped the condom off of Aaron’s cock.

“Spencer, you-” Aaron dropped his head back down onto the bed and groaned as Spencer licked at the head of his cock.

“You wanted me to clean you up. The taste of latex doesn’t bother me that much.”

“You might just regret this,” Aaron said, but he didn’t stop Spencer. He threaded his fingers into Spencer’s hair and directed him as he took Aaron’s cock in his mouth. Spencer bobbed up and down on the cock as he felt it start to harden. Spencer moaned around the cock, and it finished hardening up. Spencer shifted his legs up to where he was on display, his well-fucked hole visible to everyone who was behind him. Spencer let saliva slip out of his mouth so that he could lube up his finger to press it inside of Aaron’s hole, going right for his prostate.

Spencer didn’t know if it was being on display or having Spencer’s mouth around his cock, but Aaron came in record time, spilling down Spencer’s throat. Aaron’s hand in Spencer’s hair tightened, and he was pulled up to kiss Aaron.

“I will never tire of your mouth,” Aaron said before he kissed Spencer even harder. Spencer let him have what he wanted. He was too wore out to care as long as he didn’t have to do much. He was going to sleep well before they went swimming for the last time at the beach in the morning before leaving.

“I’ll never tire of your cock,” Spencer said with a grin as Aaron prodded him up for them to leave. Aaron gathered their clothes but didn’t hand any of it over for Spencer to wear. There was a trashcan near, and Spencer grabbed the condom from where he had dropped it and threw it away. He saw that there was a stack of the condoms on the table beside the trash can. The click of the leash was loud in the other side silent area, and Spencer dropped his head, not looking at anyone as they left the playroom.

Author’s Notes

The Every Fandom Reverse Bang sign-ups open TODAY! Please check it out here.

The resort does exist but I took some poetic license on some things as I have never been there. Check it out HERE.

And for those that want visuals. Spencer’s Trunks


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