The Dusk and the Dawn Chapter 18

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

There was a time when Gods were feared and respected. What we said went. No one questioned us, but as times have changed and humans have learned that they created us, they feel like they are superior to us. If they were superior like they thought, they wouldn’t have needed to make us. Humans who feel the need to elevate themselves over the ones that they are supposed to be in charge of make me sick.

No human is better than any other. Especially not to the Gods that they have created. They are all ants compared to us.

It’s always nice to remind those kinds of Humans that they are ants. It was always nice to smell the fear on them as they are reminded that it would take little for one of us to kill them.

May 2009

Aaron heard the sound of laughing, and he reached out his hand and found that Spencer was not in bed with him. Aaron felt like he had not slept at all which he knew was because he didn’t need sleep, but sometimes his body still gave into it. Spencer had told him that it would take a long while for him to get like Spencer and not need any sleep at all and just kind of laying and resting would recharge him. Aaron felt like he needed to get up and move, but the sound of Jack and Henry both laughing in the other room was kind of nice.

“So the great brave Ar rushed forward and battled with the creatures who came up out of the earth to try and steal Mimir away from him,” Spencer said. There was the sound of the oven door opening and then shutting again. Water running as next.

“What happened to Ar?” Jack asked.

“Ar freed Mimir from the bindings that were holding him, and they continued on into the castle that was holding what Mimir wanted. Mimir wasn’t that hurt, so Ar gave him a weapon, a sword, and he used it to help defeat the creatures that kept on coming to stop them. Finally, they were inside of the castle, and Mimir used his knowledge to get them through the traps and dead ends that tried to stop them. Finally, on the other side of the castle, they exited into a huge forest, and there was the fearsome dragon.”

Henry and Jack gasped, though Henry’s was more in reaction to Spencer’s words than anything else. Henry started to giggle, and there was the sound of something hitting the floor.

“Well, I guess you are still thirsty, huh?” Spencer asked.

“Ya,” Henry said, and he giggled again. Spencer moved around the room making noises that Aaron was unable to figure out. Then there was the sound of pouring. Spencer was moving back over toward the monitor.

“Oh, when did this get turned on,” Spencer said, and Aaron was worried that Spencer was going to shut it off. There was a click, but it was not the monitor. “Do you have wandering fingers Jack?”

Aaron closed his eyes at the tone that Spencer was using. It was the same damned tone that Spencer always had with Jack but not, there was something that Aaron was able to name it with. Parental, loving, and a whole bunch of other words that Aaron just never put with Spencer’s interactions with Jack. Aaron knew that Spencer liked Jack, but he had never known if it was more than just Spencer tolerating him because he wanted his friendship with Aaron. Now Aaron knew different. He wasn’t sure that he had ever heard of God with children. He knew that the whole becoming a God made one sterile. Aaron had never needed to know that information before. He knew it though because of his job in the BAU. It had been a blessing when the news was spread far and wide.

“Who won?” Jack asked.

“Ar and Mimir did of course. The Dragon was hoarding that which Mimir wanted, and while Ar wasn’t the best fighter, he would do anything that Mimir wanted. Which Mimir knew when he went to the castle alone. He knew that Ar would follow and he knew that he would be saved.”

“Did they kill the Dragon?”

“No.” Spencer moved closer to the monitor and then there was the sound of Jack being picked up. Henry made a noise and Aaron could just see the pout that was on his face right then.

“Hap?” Henry asked.

“Well, Mister Henry,” Spencer said, and Aaron heard the slight scrape of the high chair that hadn’t been used since Jack moved on the floor. “The Dragon was a pet of sorts.”

“Really?” Jack asked.

“Oh yes. A little girl had been taken from her home and put there. The creatures were meant to make sure that no one could get to her, but she made the Dragon to protect her from them. The little girl was hiding in the forest trying to figure out how to escape when Mimir found her while Ar distracted the dragon. He had a secret weapon with him. Mimir walked to the little girl and held up her favorite wooden toy. Her parents had given it to him so that when he rescued her, he could make sure that she knew that he was a good person. As soon as the Dragon realized that she was safe with them, he shrunk down to where he could ride on her neck. That was how they rode home on horses, with Ar holding the little girl in his lap and the dragon perched on Mimir’s neck. The little girl grew up into a beautiful woman who never forgot who rescued her. Ar and Mimir visited her often over the years until she died and then they kept on visiting her family.”

Aaron heard a yawn and looked at the time. It was late in the morning, and he really hoped that was Henry who was yawning and not Jack because if Jack had a nap then, he was going to be a bear that night when it was time for bed because he was going to be overly tired, but the boy always refused to go to be early. Jack liked to sleep on Spencer still, primarily when he was sick, and just the act of him laying on Spencer’s chest would make the boy sleepy, so he refused to lay on Spencer if it was anywhere near bedtime. It had been comical at the beginning when Aaron had realized it, but sometimes Aaron wished the boy wasn’t as stubborn as Aaron. Aaron knew that it was his own fault, whatever genes he had that controlled that as the one that gave it to Jack but why couldn’t he just have got his hair color?

“Daddy?” Jack called out, and it took Aaron a few seconds to realize that he did not hear it on the monitor and instead it was in person. He opened his eyes and looked over the side of the bed. Jack was standing in the doorway, Aaron had not even heard it open. Spencer wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Aaron reached out and patted the bed where Spencer had been the night before. Jack rushed forward and scrambled up onto the bed. Only Aaron keeping a hold of the blankets stopped Jack from pulling them off of him and tumbling both the boy and the blankets down to the bed.

“Pen told story about a dragon!”

“I heard that, Jack. Is Pen a good storyteller?” Aaron asked as Jack wiggled under the blankets and cuddled into Aaron’s chest. Aaron was glad that he was not fully naked under the blankets. He had slipped on a pair of sleep pants before going to bed. Jack closed his eyes, but he was grinning so Aaron knew that he wasn’t trying to fall asleep.

“He is. He’s putting Henry down for a nap. Miss JJ called and told him that he usually takes two naps during the day and one is right around now.” Jack got close to Aaron even though they were already pressed together.

Aaron frowned and checked his forehead, he felt a little warm, and it was not from being under the blanket. Jack had been around a few new people over the past week from down in the restaurant, so Aaron wasn’t shocked that he seemed to have caught something. Aaron laid his hand on Jack’s back and rubbed at it a little. Jack sighed in happiness. Aaron was going to miss it when Jack didn’t like the touching that Aaron gave him anymore.

“Hey,” Spencer said as he stopped in the doorway to lean against it. Aaron looked up at him and smiled. There was a very apprehensive look on Spencer’s face as he stared at Aaron and it took a few seconds for Aaron to realize that he was unsure of what Aaron’s mind was on everything that happened the day before.

Aaron thought back to the sex, had not during a case and his body started to warm at the thought of it. Aaron smiled at Spencer. “I love you.”

Spencer swallowed and nodded his head. Aaron knew that things had got emotional the night before and that Spencer might need time to process it all, but the fact that Spencer was still here was all that Aaron needed to know to know that Spencer was going to stay.

“CSU left notes with Petal last night about how he went through everything, but there were no prints that led up here. After allowing us to come here, they thought that he might have been watching enough to see that you spent a lot of time here, but there were no prints on my outside door nor the roof to the building. None of my friends on the roof said that he ventured up there either.”

Aaron nodded and looked down at Jack.

“Jessica dropped him off about an hour and a half ago. He’s running a slight temperature, and while she was more than willing to keep him, she didn’t want to force him to stay with her when he wanted to be with us, so she brought him and Ri home. Ri has not shown herself to Jessica yet.”

“Jessica is still a little leery on the fact that you are a God. I’ve not disclosed that I am one as well to her.” It wasn’t that Aaron didn’t want her to know he was just afraid that too much at once would upset her and jack would pay the price for that.

“Hungry,” Jack said, and he pulled away from Aaron. Jack rolled onto his back and looked at Spencer holding his hands out. Spencer walked over to the bed and picked him up and bounced him a little. Jack wrapped his arms around Spencer’s neck and clung to him. Aaron frowned, but Spencer shook his head. Aaron relaxed back onto the bed.

“Well, as soon as your father gets up and gets dressed we can eat breakfast. It should be about done, I put the cheese on top to get it melted.”

“What did you make?”

“Muffin cup egg casseroles. There is cheese in them, but they are better with just a little on top as well. Jack helped me mix up yours.”

“Mine? They aren’t all the same?”

“No. Henry’s is just eggs with cheese as JJ, and Will have not added in the other things into his diet yet, meaning veg in his eggs. Will keeps a list of food in the diaper bag that Henry has tried and his feelings on all of them. He loves eating eggs with everyone in the morning it seems. Especially scrambled ones that are allowed to cool and him to pick up and eat. So I’ll break his egg up into bite-size chunks and put them on the high chair while we eat. I also have a fruit salad that’s in the fridge.”

“You went to the market didn’t you?”

“Yes. Jessica stayed with Jack and Henry while I did. I trust Ri with Jack for runs like that, but Henry didn’t have anyone to watch him, and Jessica gladly did when she realized that I needed to get a few things for breakfast.”

“What about meat?” Aaron asked, and his stomach turned a little at the thought of pork products. Aaron really loved bacon, and he would one day eat it again, but he wasn’t that keen on it at the moment. Aaron sat up on the bed while he waited for Spencer’s answer, but Spencer didn’t answer him, so Aaron looked up. Spencer was frowning at something. He looked at his watch and then turned to walk out of the room with Jack in his arms. Aaron frowned until he heard the knock on the door. That was something that Aaron knew. It was a police knock, hard to miss and that was on purpose. Aaron got up and shut the bedroom door so that he could get dressed. He chose a pair of dark jeans that were in Spencer’s closet and a dressier polo that he hadn’t remembered leaving at Spencer’s.

There was actually little of Aaron’s clothes and things at Spencer’s mainly because they were so close, Aaron just usually went up to his apartment to do his morning ritual if he stayed the night. It wasn’t like they had sex at Spencer’s before. Aaron was walking out of the bedroom when Spencer opened the door. It was Strauss along with three other men that Aaron knew well. John Richmond was the highest ranking person in there. Steven Calder and Anthony Delacroix were right below him but still much higher than Aaron or even Strauss.

“Sirs, Ma’am,” Spencer said, and he nodded his head at them in greeting instead of offering a hand as his arms were still full of Jack.

“Hotch, how are you?” Richmond asked.

“I’m doing as well as I can be after a killer made it into my apartment and had plans to kill me.”

“We read over the reports that Agents Rossi and Morgan took from you and from God Reid,” Delacroix said. He waved toward the couch in the living room, and Aaron knew that they were there to talk.

Aaron looked at Strauss to see that she was smirking. Aaron looked at Spencer next who was looking at Strauss with what could only be called a pout on his face. Spencer walked into the kitchen and made a few noises that told Aaron he was taking breakfast out of the oven. Aaron hoped that they held well at re-heating.

“Is there somewhere else your nanny can go and where is God Reid?” Calder asked as he sat down in one of the three chairs. Strauss took the one that Spencer usually sat in, and Delacroix took the last. Aaron was okay with that. He walked over to Spencer and took Jack who started to sniffle a little. He was staring at the four new people.

“I’ll put Jack down in Henry’s pack and play with a few toys,” Aaron said to Spencer.

“You can put him on my bed, Hotch. There are a few toys in there already.” Spencer turned to look at Calder, and he laughed. “I would have assumed that someone in your position would know exactly who they were coming to talk. You do realize that this is my apartment, Sir?”

Aaron had never heard someone talk like that to Calder. He turned to try and settle the situation, but Richmond pushed Spencer down onto the love seat. Richmond was the ADD for the particular unit that dealt with the Gods that were in the FBI. So he oversaw all of them.

“Calder, before you put your foot into it again. I would like to introduce you to Doctor Spencer Reid. He’s very adept at child wrangling, and Hotch’s son has become attached to him. There is a reason that when Hotch divorced, he moved here. This building had three Gods in it.”

“Had?” Strauss asked.

“Yes, it has four now. Now, for pure transparency-” Richmond stopped as Aaron fully entered the bedroom and settled Jack down onto the bed and grabbed the basket of toys in the corner. He just shrugged and dumped them on to the bed.

“Jack, I’m going to shut the door, but you can come out if you need.” Aaron kissed his son’s forehead before whispering in his ear. “Or send Ri to get one of us.”

“‘Kay, Daddy. Pen left the monitor in the kitchen.”

Aaron laughed and ruffled his son’s hair before he walked out of the room to grab the monitor from the kitchen. He made sure that the one in the bedroom was off before leaving. He looked in on Henry before going back to the living room. Aaron handed the monitor to Spencer before he sat down on the love seat with him.

“So I can assume that since it’s not the normal crew that looks into home shootings for officers, that this either has to do with the fact that someone thinks that the shooting of Foyet was not valid or that Unit Chief Strauss is still upset with the fact that I refused a case after my team has gone to hell and back over the past few days.”

“You would be correct,” Richmond said. He looked at Strauss and frowned. Calder and Delacroix looked smug.

Calder and Delacroix were two men who disliked Aaron because of the kind of hard things that he did to make sure that his team and really all of the BAU had what they needed.

“The International Response team has ended up taking it as a favor. Garrett was only too pleased to do it,” Richmond said.

“You cannot refuse a case based on a case going bad,” Calder said.

“Bad?” Spencer asked. He looked at Calder and if looks could kill the man would be dead. He shot up of the love seat, and Aaron and Richmond both moved to intercept him, but instead of going toward Calder he walked over to where his computer was in the living room. He grabbed a folder. “Since the official reports have not been submitted by the team because we got in at such a late time we were supposed to go in and file them this afternoon. I have already worked up mine since I didn’t sleep last night. I was going to watch Jack and Henry while the rest of the team went in.”

Spencer handed the folder over to Calder before he sat down again. “That is my case summary as well as full report. If you would at least read the summary, you can understand why this team does not have the mental capacity to work another case. There is a reason that downtime is forced on teams after certain cases. There was no winner in this case, not even the BAU. Two men lost their lives that should not have. While one did kill a man, I cannot fault him for it. The other did not have the mental capacity to have the morals that most humans have or the true understanding of what he did. He was protecting the only person that he had in the world. Because his brother painted him a violent man when he was really a teddy bear, and the other officers on this case followed what he said because he was misunderstood and what do humans do to things they don’t understand? They kill them.”

Aaron pressed Spencer to sit back on the love seat, and they waited for Calder to read through the report before he handed it to Delacroix as well. Richmond waved it off when Delacroix was done, so Strauss was given it last.

“Why did you refuse to read it?” Calder asked Richmond.

“Because I have seen this team and other BAU teams turn around after a week-long case and work another before going home. I have seen them process the last case and before the proverbial ink was dry on the reports, they packed up and flew across the country again. Some have missed their children’s births, have had to find out their kid was sick from across the country where they could do nothing about it. The only time that I have ever seen a team not take a case was when the Unit Chief thought that they were emotionally or physically compromised. If the team went on this, they could have missed something that could have seen more victims die and then we would have pulled them in and told them that they should have refused the case or to even just sanction them for not being good enough. Then there is the fact that two of their team members were nearly killed last night by a fugitive from the law that we have not been able to track down. I did not like the thought that was put forth by someone who is not here that Agent Hotchner invited Foyet into his apartment just to kill him. There was a dead or alive order on Foyet. We have the report that he was all over that damned apartment and that he spent a lot of time in there. Laid in wait. Would you have rather that Agent Reid didn’t fire to kill and Agent Hotchner was dead before Foyet?”

“Now see here,” Calder starred, but Delacroix held up his hand.

“He’s right. We have evidence that he was in that apartment for hours at least and before I left there was a video being cleaned up of him entering the building on his own while Agents Hotchner and Reid were still in the air. There is no one would can try and put this was anything other than a clean kill. There is also this.” Delacroix leaned over and pulled a folder out of his briefcase. Aaron hadn’t even noticed that the man had it. Aaron took the folder when it was offered to him. Inside was a picture that Aaron knew well. It had been on the fridge of Aaron’s apartment. It was of Jack and Sheila at the park. Over Jack’s face was the Eye of Providence.

“That’s a threat,” Spencer said as he picked up the picture in the evidence bag that it was in.

“That’s what we took it as when it was collected by the evidence team,” Richmond said. He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face. “He had to be staying somewhere, and that means that someone has seen him, so we are doing a canvas. We will find where he was staying. Someone has seen him.” Richmond looked very convinced that they were going to find whatever bolthole that Foyet had been staying in. Aaron wasn’t so sure, but he was willing to let them look.

“I think that we are done here,” Delacroix said.

“We are here to talk about Agent Hotchner and his refusal to do his job.” Strauss stood up, but no one else did. “He makes reckless decisions.”

“No, he actually makes the least amount of them,” Calder said. He looked at Strauss with a frown on his face. “His teams’ reaction times would be compromised and could make disastrous decisions if confronted with an UnSub. He knows his team better than anyone, and he has never put his team at risk when he has any other choice. He has also acted with decorum when it comes to working with hostile LEOs that don’t want him and his team there. We have not forgotten the report about the one case that you have gone into the field and humiliated a cop that had worked for longer than you have. I think that this would have been better handled internally before coming here.”

Richmond looked at Calder like he was smart which wasn’t a look that Aaron was expecting at all from the man.

“Section Chief Strauss, we have a few things to discuss with God Reid, and you are not needed for that,” Richmond said.

“He’s my subordinate, and I will not be removed,” Strauss demanded.

“What does this pertain to?” Spencer asked.

“The new little new God you have been training,” Richmond said, and his eyes didn’t leave Spencer to even dart at Aaron at all.

“It’s fine,” Aaron said. He leaned back on the love seat and crossed his right leg over his left, resting the ankle on the knee. He laid one of his arms across the back of the cushion. “It’s been pressed upon me recently that hiding is not going to do me any good.”

“What is going on?” Strauss asked.

“During the case last month that Hotch’s team worked a New God emerged, the New God requested that his status be kept from those that it did not need to be known by. As his team already had another New God on it, it wasn’t that hard to make sure that the new one was taken care of and really Reid is one of the best Gods that we have on the payroll. I have less issue with him than any other though I think that is somewhat because of Agent Hotchner handling him well so that everything stayed internal on the team as much as possible. The BAU had never had a God in their ranks before and the adjustment period was a little slow but better than other units.”

Richmond stood up from where he had taken a seat on the couch and walked over to where Aaron had set up a small drink area that was well out of the reach of jack. He carefully poured drinks for everyone. Aaron watched as he poured a finger of a drink into three glasses. That drink wasn’t going to do a damned thing to the third person in the room unless there was another God in the room. It was a harmless drink Gods but didn’t do anything to Humans either, but it was favored by Gods when they were drinking with Humans as it at least looked like scotch. Aaron was developing a taste for it, though the fact that he could belt back scotch was nice. Dave was still very upset at that.

The drinks were passed out, and Richmond sat down with the same drink that Aaron and Spencer were given. He raised that glass to Aaron. “I have issues with substance abuse, and I got help for it, but I was afraid of becoming addicted to alcohol. This has no long term effects on Humans or Gods. One of the first Gods I ever worked with had me try it. I get the same feel, the burn that I like when I drink scotch but there is no risk of becoming dependent on it in any form. Your brand is much better than anything that I’ve got a hold of.”

“The older the God who makes it, the better it is. They’ve refined it. The base recipe is standard, but I know people who do this for a living, Human spirits as well.”

Aaron wondered if there was a still somewhere in the damned building as well as barrels. He would have to ask Spencer to give him a thorough tour of the place.

“So who is the New God that Reid has been teaching? I thought that all New Gods were young? So that leaves pretty much Agent Jareau.”

“Actually, Chief Strauss it was me,” Aaron said. He set his glass down on his knee that was balanced in the air and looked at her. He saw the play of emotions over her face and wasn’t as good as Spencer at reading them. Aaron glanced at his lover and found that he was staring at Strauss with an extraordinary look on his face.

“Oh, wow. You really are insecure aren’t you?” Spencer tossed back his drink before getting up and getting more. “You really don’t see what’s right in front of your damned face, do you? Hotch has never wanted your job. I think that him taking a desk job just might actually kill him. The only reason that I can think of that he would take the section Chief position is if you were not here and whoever else was being looked at for it might do more harm than good. Even then he would probably tag along on too many cases with various teams, and someone would find a Section Chief that he would allow.”

“You are a New God?” Strauss asked.

“I am.”

“Of what?” Strauss asked.

“STRAUSS!” Richmond said.

“What? It’s relevant!”

“Actually it’s not relevant at all. You are dismissed!”

Strauss paled, but she stood up and left without another word.

“She’s not going to keep that quiet,” Spencer said as he finally sat down again, but he did not sit down on the seat that he had been sitting down in. No, he sat on the arm of the couch. Aaron’s arm of the couch. Aaron debated moving away but as he took in the way that the three men looked at him and Spencer. They all knew exactly what was going on.

“No, but I planned on that,” Aaron said. He placed his hand on Spencer’s knee to stop it from bouncing, a human trait that was very strange to see in Spencer, even after all of this time. Also

“She’ll kill her career with accusations.”

“You know Hotch,” Calder said as he raised up on the couch a little and reached behind himself to do something. He came back out with his wallet in hand. Aaron got to watch him and Delacroix hand over a few bills to Richmond. “If you could have not started to fuck him, my wallet would have liked you better.”

“What?” Aaron asked.

“I and a few other of the higher-ups have had a bet starting not long after you seemed to circle around Reid after everything that happened with your wife. A few of us thought that it would take long for you two to fall into bed. I could see it and hoped that it didn’t happen, just to be contrary.”

“And the fallout?”

“None, not on your end. The moment that you became a New God, we lost the control on being able to tell you who you could and couldn’t have sex with. If you were having sex before that, we can’t do a damned thing about it either. We cannot pinpoint the moment that you became an almost God. When you did, you became a different person, different thoughts, different goals. You and he might face a few words, a few weird looks, but no one is gonna try and bring you up on the regulations that don’t really exist and are really in name only because of David Rossi.” Calder looked a little upset to be saying it but not really. Like he was playing a role, and Aaron wasn’t sure that he liked that. He looked at Spencer to see that he was watching Calder intently. Aaron looked at Delacroix and then at Richmond.

“So exactly how long?”

“For a relationship?” Spencer asked. The three men nodded. “Last night. Before that it was just fucking after cases but before we got home. I’m not the greatest at wanting a relationship at all. Last night I realized that no matter what if Foyet had killed him, I would have been severely hurt and so why not get everything that I want out of that relationship. We already mostly live together. Between his apartment and mine, neither of us are alone that long.”

“This building has been a thorn in the side of the FBI for a long time. People in the area were very…hesitant about a God and his wife moving in back when they did it in the sixties. Things calmed down it was mostly forgotten.”

“Then Petal flayed a man alive for attempting to kill them,” Spencer said.

Aaron looked at Spencer and the three agents in the room. He wasn’t sure that Spencer was joking. Aaron frowned when he saw that the three agents were very uncomfortable.

“Yes. When they moved in, he was open about himself being a God but never said a word about her. Oh, the paperwork was done correctly, but nothing was ever thought about her. Then she didn’t age, and people wondered. Then she came home and found a man beating the shit out of her husband after dosing him with something that stopped him from being able to function. Before the man could hit her with the tranquilizer dart, she had him flayed. She called the cops, and they arrived just as he was dying, painfully. She didn’t let anyone touch Jin. He was fine once he woke up, but the guy had enough of the stuff on him to kill Jin and Petal really.” Richmond looked at his hand. “That’s when my department was formed, and I worked my way up through it to get where I am. I’ve seen Gods and Goddesses who have loved humans to have them die. I’ve held the hand of a New God as they said goodbye to the first person they ever loved.”

“What he’s saying is that we have your back, no matter what,” Delacroix said.

“I didn’t even think that you two liked me,” Aaron said.

“Oh, we didn’t, but then we were looking at everything through the eyes of Erin Strauss, that changed tonight. Not looking at you as you are. You could have had her job a long time ago, but you didn’t want it, but she was convinced you were trying to make her look bad. Going back through reports with fresh eyes is an eye-opener. We didn’t want to do anything though until she made her first move. That’s what today was about. We wanted her to do something that we could fire her for. We were coming to talk to you about exposing your role as a New God.” Delacroix looked a little shameful as he spoke and it was the only thing that was settling down Aaron about it all.

Aaron looked at Spencer and Spencer nodded his head without even looking at Aaron. Aaron turned back to look at Richmond.

“What’s the policy on revealing what a God is? I mean the God themselves.”

“There is a reason that the application and hiring packet and everything that a person fills out to work here doesn’t ask it. It was part of what was negotiated with the first God to actually come to work here. There was a form hidden away from when the FBI was founded that was only changed a little. We are actually unsure if a God had ever worked in the FBI openly before our first big hire of them. But to answer your question directly, no you don’t ever have to disclose what you are the God of. Rumors will start of course, but really no one needs to know.”

Spencer hummed a little and looked right at Richmond as he finished speaking. “So my question is this, and really I should have asked it before now, we know that London has a God who had proclaimed himself the God of MI6. Though if anyone needs a God to control them it’s those fuckers. How would an American institution take having someone proclaim themselves their God?”

“Like if someone walked into the FBI today and said that they were the God of the FBI? I am unsure, I guess it depends on what the God actually wants to do.”

Aaron inhaled slowly and held it for a few seconds before he exhaled. “Not be a figurehead. I would want it all to stay internal, but I know that it would be nearly impossible.”

The three Humans looked at Aaron with shock on their face. He didn’t smile as any smile that he did would be feral.

“I am the God of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity. The God who did my intake told me so.” Aaron knew that it was a lie, but he hoped that Apollo would hold up to that. “I’ve tried to prove him wrong, but he holds true to it. I can’t exactly counter it as-” Aaron cut himself off abruptly before he said something.

“Because you’ve embodied that from when you joined,” Richmond said with a smile.

Spencer stood up and walked to a wall. He grabbed a painting on the wall and opened it up to show a safe behind it. He pressed in a thirty-three digit code, and it opened. Inside were a lot of things and Aaron could only see a few, but Spencer pulled out a file. He walked over to Richmond and gave it to him. Richmond opened it up as Spencer walked over and sat on the arm of the couch again. He stared at Richmond as he read the paper.

“Apollo? Like the real Apollo?” Richmond asked as he handed the paper to Delacroix next.

“Well, I can’t answer that can I?” Spencer asked.

“Well no I guess not, but he gave this to you?”

“To me for when I was finally ready to tell everyone who I was.”

“We will have HR draft a statement for the entire class of agents that need to know. They will let you read it and change it. We have a lot to do and have little time to do it.” Richmond was the first to stand up after he finished speaking and then he was shaking Aaron’s hand and clasped Spencer on the shoulder. Delacroix and Calder followed behind, and neither of them even offered to shake Spencer’s hand.

“Why are they scared of you?” Aaron asked.

“While I am not the God of Psychology, I can do enough shit to scare people into submission. As a God of Knowledge, it’s easy to pass myself off as anyone really. I could have been the God of Shit and people would still be scared of me.”

“Is there a God of Shit?” Aaron asked.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to. Now, you go in and do what you need to do as far as work goes. I’m going to go into the kitchen and plan on things to eat for the team for dinner tonight because we had better get ahead of this now and see about saving breakfast, I’ll bring yours to you when I have it done. Tell the team not to come in until tomorrow or the rumors are going to hit them as soon as they go into work.” Spencer started to get up, but Aaron wrapped his hand around Spencer’s wrist and pulled him down into Aaron’s lap. Spencer glared at him, but there was no heat to it.

“Give me a kiss,” Aaron said. He leaned, and Spencer hesitated for a second before he also leaned in. Aaron wondered how long Spencer would be skittish about the relationship turning into a relationship. Aaron smiled in the kiss before wrapping his arm around Spencer’s waist as he pulled out of the kiss. He pressed his forehead to Spencer’s. Spencer’s eyes were close, and he seemed relaxed. Aaron squeezed on the waist in his arm, and Spencer opened his eyes. “Are you okay?”

“I just wasn’t expecting Strauss to make this move this quick. It’s not…I didn’t have this planned. I didn’t have any of this planned, and you just ruined it all. I wasn’t going to tell you for a long time who you were, hell even what you were but it just-” Spencer sighed and closed his eyes. “I just need a little distance to sort out my head. I can usually guess what’s going to happen with an outstanding degree and this blindsided me.”

“I can understand that. I’ve seen you freaking out when things don’t go the way you have planned, and that was when you were a New God in my eyes and not a very Old God who really should know better.” Aaron held in the smile on his face until Spencer was pulling back and glaring at him. “Go to the kitchen, pout about your plans and get dinner planned. I’ll tell the team to meet here sooner rather than later. That way we can minimize the chance of them hearing any of this from anyone else. I’m going to go in and deal with HR and be back as soon as possible.”

“I do love you,” Spencer said with a content smile on his face.

“I’m glad. Very glad otherwise what would be the sense in your one true love being reborn?” Aaron asked. He waited for Spencer to get up before he got up himself and started for the door of the bedroom to shoo Jack out and then get dressed in clothes that were more suited for his job. Jack was content on the bed with his toys of which Aaron was happy. The boy was very isolated, and Aaron knew that he needed to be socialized in some way, but he had no clue what to do. He would have to get Spencer in on that. That would be a battle for another day.



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