The Dusk and the Dawn Chapter 19

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

Everyone person, Human or God on this planet keeps souvenirs. They don’t know it, but something of everything is inside of them. Rarely are the souvenirs something that they can see. I see Humans who try and prove that they are fine when they are not. They are changed by what they have seen. They are changed by what was done to them, to someone that they love. Almost no Human really thinks about what is kept inside after everything. Trauma that can’t be seen is the hardest to treat but yet also the thing that’s rarely actually treated. It’s that trauma that creates some of the things in the world that are hunted. For being deviant, for being killers, for being anything except for what Humans think they should be.

Because anyone who can smile after witnessing a murder is fine right?

November 2009

Aaron was sitting in the chair in the suite that had been their standard on cases since it had all come out about Aaron being a New God. There was only a single bed, but there was an area that could be used as a workspace and either a couch or a chair in the room. Since neither of them slept, well Aaron was sleeping less and less, it wasn’t prudent to have two beds anymore, and Aaron couldn’t do work on a bed like Spencer. After two cases of Aaron acting weird, Spencer had gone to Richmond and then after that when JJ booked the rooms, they were in a suite with a single bed and working space. Aaron had not asked how Spencer had convinced the FBI about that. Aaron wasn’t sure that he wanted to know if Spencer was paying for it or not.

That was another bit of startling information. Spencer actually wasn’t technically being paid to work for the FBI. Every single cent of the money that he made was being funneled into education programs in the DC and in the Vegas and Pasadena areas. Spencer’s money was old as hell and Aaron had learned a lot about the shadow world that the Old Gods had created to stay hidden in the new era of a time New Gods, and some new ones had not taken to finding out that the old ones were not fully dead. Spencer generally made more money in interest on his invested money and other diverse dividends as Spencer put it than he did in a day at the FBI, even with the money to match his degrees and the fact that he was a New God. Aaron had seen that increase in pay as well, ostensibly it was to pay for the fact that Gods did not sleep and therefore was technically working for longer than the Humans on the team, but Aaron knew that it was a perk for the fact that it was something used to draw Gods into the FBI.

Aaron was still being stared at by those who were around them on the job. Aaron was the first God to step forward in the US to claim to be a God of any agency. That was interesting. There was no way to test it other than the fact that a few Gods who Aaron had come across since he had become a God, Old Gods who the FBI knew of and ignored had stepped up after the press had got wind of him. Aaron hadn’t realized exactly how many Old Gods Spencer had been in contact with and had been around in his time with Aaron.

A good bit of the higher-ups that were above wanted to remove Aaron from the BAU for his own good, which Spencer had defended twice so far that it wouldn’t be good for Aaron at all. The Section Chief position was still empty as they were looking for someone who filled it that wouldn’t have the same reservations about working above Aaron. There were few would not turn into Strauss over time. Aaron had defended himself twice at the same time as Spencer that he wanted nothing to do with leaving the BAU as his team’s Unit Chief. He would rather quit than be forced out of there and when he had threatened that, everyone had backed down. Aaron knew exactly how bad it would be for the New God of the FBI to quit the FBI. The press nightmare would be horrible.

The jet didn’t have clearance to leave until the morning. There was a dense fog all over Oklahoma City, and it had crept in not long after the team had finished the case. Aaron shuddered as he looked down at the paperwork that he was working on. It was the case write up that was needed to finally put the case behind them, but Aaron still wasn’t sure what he felt about the case. The eye thing creeped him out, and it was the first case that Aaron had worked fully since the higher-ups had backed off of pressuring him to take the Section Chief posting. Though that meant in that time that no one was actually being looked at for that position. Aaron had a stack of folders on agents who wanted to step into it. The BAU while one of the worst positions in the FBI as far as taking work home mentally, there were a lot of people who wanted in there for the prestige of working there. Aaron could weed through the majority on his own while he would ask for Spencer’s opinion on a few others. There were a few that Aaron had already looked at that he had dismissed right off because there were issues with New Gods that worked elsewhere in the FBI. Hell, one had waged a campaign to get one thrown out of the FBI. Aaron had no clue why that man thought that he was would be added to the BAU because the BAU worked the most with New Gods than most other units in the FBI, whether it was helping one or finding one that had been taken. Or even looking into the death of one.

Aaron looked up at Spencer as he got up off the bed again and went to the desk area to settle there with the laptop. The laptop was new to what Spencer carried around with him, and it was personal in use, which Garcia was very upset about because it was one of the best on the market and even she hadn’t been able to hack it. Aaron felt that frisson of something inside of him when he looked at the logo on it. Aaron had never felt that before he had become a New God. He felt like he wanted to work through it on his own so he had not asked Spencer about it. Aaron had learned from Spencer to just go with his gut. He had trusted his gut in his job for years but hadn’t yet followed through on that too much in his personal life when it came to his newfound way of life.

Spencer got up from the desk chair to the window. Aaron got up to follow him over there. It was dark outside, a weird dark from the fog that had settled in. Aaron wasn’t sure if Spencer could see any further than him, but still, the city looked weird.

“Can’t settle?” Aaron asked.

“Not really. I just can’t decide on what I want to do, and that’s upsetting me.”

“What do you need?”

“I don’t know. I feel like I’m expecting something else to happen and it’s not, so I’m antsy with energy that just isn’t going anywhere.”

“What do you want to do about that?” Aaron asked. He wrapped his arms around Spencer’s, banding one around his chest and then dropping the other slowly down to cover Spencer’s soft cock in his pants. Spencer didn’t react at all, so Aaron removed his hand from there and splayed it across Spencer’s stomach. Aaron was a little shocked that sex wasn’t something that Spencer wanted. Spencer almost never turned down sex. The only other time that he had since the relationship had turned into something more than just sex was when Jack was sick a month and a half ago and he was very clingy and two minutes after Aaron had tried to get Spencer to go to the bedroom, Jack had come out of his room, blanket in his arms, teddy bear hugged to his chest, and a pout on his lips.

“I don’t know,” Spencer said, and he sounded exactly like a petulant child who wasn’t getting what he wanted.

“Is there anything fun here?”

“I can find something fun to do anywhere we go. Did you want to go and do something?” Spencer asked as he turned around in Aaron’s arms and slung his arms over Aaron’s shoulders. He rubbed his cheek to Aaron’s in a show of new affection. It had cropped up over the last few weeks, and Aaron wondered if it was something that they had used to do. Aaron liked it. He really did, and he didn’t want to question it and have Spencer stop doing it.

“I think that I do. I like it when you show me cities from your point of view. Especially now that you have been telling me about things you know that Spencer Reid, New God of Psychology wouldn’t know.”

Even though Aaron wasn’t looking at Spencer’s face, he knew he was blushing, and it wasn’t all the heat he was feeling on his cheek. Aaron turned his face a little and kissed Spencer’s cheek.

“So what kind of clothes should I wear?”

“Hmm,” Spencer said. He pressed a kiss to Aaron’s cheek as well before he pulled back to look Aaron in the eye. The look he was getting said that Spencer was debating what he could get away with showing Aaron. If it was going to be just a little too much and make Aaron pull back some. Aaron had tried not to do anything like that, but he knew that Spencer had a lot of messed up things in his long life. “I think bar clothes.”

“Okay, then I’ll go and get dressed while you do whatever you need to do.” Aaron knew that sometimes Spencer had to call someone or email them. It was part of why he had the computer with him. It was severely protected, and no one was getting onto it or hacking anything that the computer sent.

“What were you reading earlier today?” Spencer asked.

“Oh,” Aaron said as he felt the blush creep up on his face. He had been reading on his Kindle which he only read on cases lately, but he had been reading on his Kindle more at home as well. Aaron was reading the memoirs that Spencer had put out. Spencer had never asked about them since Aaron had found out that he was Mimir. Aaron didn’t want to read over the memoirs with Spencer in the room with him. Not the physical ones but the books had come out on the Kindle and Aaron had purchased them.

Aaron wasn’t sure though that books here helping him learn about Mimir or the person that Mimir had been before he became Spencer Reid. Instead, Mimir was this big unknown that didn’t quite fit into the person that Spencer Reid was, or the Spencer that Aaron had come to know. Aaron was enjoying reading Mimir’s thoughts about history, including his life in the Tudor Dynasty. That was a big thing that Aaron was engrossed in at the moment, hence why he was reading a lot more than he normally did. Aaron was enthralled with learning what Spencer had done over the years while the Tudors had ruled England. Aaron had always been fascinated with Tudor England.

Histories and even a few fiction books had been Aaron’s solace throughout the years from his job. He would buy them and read them before giving them away. Aaron read too many books to keep all of them, and so the upgrade to a Kindle for some was nice. Aaron had gone back through and bought most of the books he had read before again as they came out on the digital platform.

“Just a book about Tudor England,” Aaron said.

Spencer was looking at him with a strange look on his face like Spencer was trying to read him. Aaron just gave him a smile.

“You bought them on the Kindle?” Spencer asked as he walked over to where Aaron had stashed his Kindle. He was reaching for it when Aaron dashed across and grabbed it from under his hand. Aaron knew that it wasn’t like Spencer would find out at some point, but still, he felt like maybe he shouldn’t read them in front of him.

“I didn’t want to read the hardcover versions in front you. Before when I tried to read the books, I never got far at all, it felt wrong somehow, but yet I had the constant urge to read them. Since I’ve become a New God, I haven’t tried them until just a month ago. I don’t know if it was the fact that I knew who you were or I knew who I used to be.” Aaron felt the blush coming back on his cheeks. He hugged the Kindle to his chest, but all Spencer did was smile at him. Spencer leaned in and kissed Aaron’s cheeks, once on each one.

“I don’t care that you read them just your reaction was one of shame, and I don’t ever want you to feel shame for trying to learn about me. There is a lot of history for me, and I can’t remember it all in a linear fashion. I don’t try and keep things from you. There is just too much for me to ever sit down and tell you my whole life. There is a lot missing in those memoirs, the things that I would never tell anyone but maybe you.”

“I know, and I’m not reading them because of anything other than I understand how trying to share would be hard given how long you have been alive, which still boggles my mind.” Aaron looked down at the Kindle in his arms, and he looked up again. “Is there a God that’s older than you?”

“I have a friend that he and I both pester each other over who is older. I’m the creation of Man’s thirst for knowledge, he’s the creation of Man’s thirst for change. We are really unsure who came first so about two hundred years ago we decided that it was a tie and we are twins.”

“Have I met him?” Aaron asked.

“No, he keeps a very low profile as a God. Last I knew he was like me and hiding as a New God. He’s a good guy, and he just wants to live his life the way that he wants without anyone telling him what he should be doing. If we run across him, I’ll introduce you.” Spencer smiled at Aaron again before going over to get changed for going out. Spencer’s casual nudity was astounding to Aaron, but then Spencer had lived through the times where the body was not something to be hid and covered up. He had lived through the times were clothes were thin and left little to the imagination. Spencer had walked the entire world over the ages.

Aaron watched as Spencer changed into jeans and a thick sweater. It wasn’t Spencer’s normal bar clothes. In fact, Aaron hadn’t seen him wear clothes like that to the bar at all. Aaron liked watching Spencer move. He was less careful about not acting like Mimir when it was just the two of them even on cases. Aaron had learned that the way that he acted at home was very close to Mimir and it was easy to see why he acted like he did when they were at work, even though a lot of that had been fading as well. He was sort of growing up in front of the team. It was a good way to make sure that he was not called out on the changes. Aaron though wasn’t sure if he liked the fact that the team was seeing the side of him that only Aaron had seen before. Aaron knew that a lot of was going to change over the fact that they were both well aware of most of the secrets that each other had now.

When Spencer was ready, he turned and looked at Aaron looking at his clothes. Aaron settled is Kindle back down into the pocket in his go bag where it lived before he grabbed some clothes to change into. He went with Spencer’s dress model of comfort as it seemed that they were not going to a bar where he would need to look his best. Aaron understood dressing to impress and dressing to relax, even if he wore suits more than anything else when he was out and about.

Aaron looked up from stuffing his suit into the garment bag to see that Spencer had tied his hair up into a messy ponytail. He looked different like that, something about him was endearing but kind of hot at the same time. Aaron frowned because he felt his cock hardening in his pants but knew that Spencer didn’t want sex. Aaron wondered what Spencer would do if he went into the bathroom to jerk off. Spencer looked Aaron up and down, and he grinned before looking at his cock and leering.

“I’ll take care of that at the bar.” Spencer held out his hand, and Aaron stepped up to take it before he was being pulled from the room. Aaron watched as Spencer slipped the key card for the room into his pants pocket. Aaron had his on him as well, just in case. They were alone in the elevator because it was too late for most people to be out and about and yet too early for anyone who was out to have a good time to come back. Aaron put himself on the far side of the elevator to look Spencer up and down. He wasn’t quite Spencer at this moment, but Aaron wasn’t sure if he was Mimir. There was a way that he held his body that said he was dangerous and Aaron knew that part of that was to make Humans not want to mess with him.

The elevator stopped on the ground floor, and Spencer waved Aaron out first. Aaron walked out and angled himself toward the door. He was halfway across the lobby when he realized that he did not hear Spencer’s footsteps behind him. He turned to look and saw that Spencer was walking to the concierge desk. There was a very pretty woman there, and Spencer was flirting with her. It wasn’t anything more than innocent flirting. Aaron walked up behind him and listened as Spencer said a very specific few things that Aaron had never heard him say before when he flirted with anyone back home at the club. When Spencer stopped, Aaron watched as the lady turned to the safe that was behind her and opened it up. She pulled a business card out and handed that over to Spencer. Spencer nodded his head and tapped the counter with the card before turning to Aaron.

“I have what we need,” Spencer said, and he handed the card over to Aaron.

Aaron looked at the card and saw that it was nearly blank. There were three symbols on it and nothing else. Aaron flipped it over and saw there was nothing there either. Aaron handed it back, and Spencer slipped it into the pocket where he had slipped the key card for the room.

The streets were not as dead as Aaron thought they would be, but still, there were not a lot of people walking like they were. It was November, and while the weather was mild, Aaron knew that humans weren’t used to cold, so they didn’t walk anywhere during this time of year. It was colder at the moment than it normally got.

“So where are we going?”

“I have no clue. It’s been a very long time since I’ve gone to this bar and it’s changed locations at least a few times since then. I’ll know it when I see it. This is mainly to get us in. Even if we find it, without that card or those symbols tattooed on the skin, we won’t be getting in.” Spencer held his hand out, and Aaron slipped his into it. The public displays of affection were something that Aaron was slowly getting used to. Spencer didn’t usually do more open shows in strange places, but the hand holding was something that Spencer liked. Aaron tried not to think about that it just might be because he was afraid of losing Aaron again.

Aaron had already set himself up to live with whatever quirks Spencer had because he had seen Aaron die once before. It was sometimes hard to think about that. Aaron knew that he had some kind of memories about it all. He had too many strange feelings about everything to not have memories buried somewhere. Aaron figured that his powers as a God carried those memories. If Aaron made sure that he was a little safer as to not cause Spencer harm, he could live that. He

Spencer kept up a narrative about how the city had changed since the last time that he had been there which in all of the cities that they had been to Spencer had been to this one the most recent. Spencer preferred bigger cities to live in before he had become Spencer and Aaron could understand that because it meant that it was easier for him to hide.

“So when was the last time that you were here? And why were you here?”

“I was living as a human at the time. The Gods never betrayed that. I was working as a Federal Officer. I had been there for a little while. Domestic assignment even though I was usually abroad and it was the spring of ninety-five.”

Aaron swallowed thickly at that date.

“Were you one of the first responders?”

“No, I was in the building. I was a little injured, but I got people out who could be saved and then I faked my death. They are still kind of looking for me, but I looked different enough that no one is ever going to connect Jessy James with Spencer Reid.”

Aaron stopped walking and looked at the back of Spencer’s head until their connected hands told Spencer that Aaron wasn’t moving.

“What?” Spencer asked.

“That’s a case that Gideon and Ryan were working that they brought Dave and me in on. Hell, I’ve given it to Morgan for him to try and help us track him down. If it weren’t for the fact that every single person who escaped the building was because of him, we would look at him as someone who was part of the bombing. CIA Agent Jessy James who had been there to help with a case that became domestic after a few years of chasing it abroad.”

“I didn’t realize that someone had brought the BAU into that. I’ve never seen the case in the cold case files.”

“No, you wouldn’t have. I keep it in my office. It’s a strictly need to know. Technically, I shouldn’t have told you any of this, but it isn’t like you are going to tell anyone about it. Shit. That makes me wonder about a few other cases we’ve worked over the years.” Aaron snorted and shook his head before another thought hit him. “You solved a cold case that was a missing persons case that happened in the eighties. It was strange, and the officers came to us for help with is as the town never let it go.”

“That was a New God that wishes to never be found again. I helped him hide, but yes, I contacted him to let him know that the town was still looking for him or at least his body. So we did a quiet file swap. I added a faked DNA sample to an unclaimed dead body a few towns over. When there was a look for the DNA, it was flagged in the BAU database, and then I could close it. I was the one that started the DNA search as the hair from the God was on file. I make sure that the case is what I think it is before closing it, but I knew his face from the image.”

“How many missing cases and even death cases where the body is never found is Gods, of both kinds, hiding?”

“Just stupid ones and not a lot really. The Oklahoma case was the only life I’ve moved on from that I hadn’t closed it out in some way. Moving out of town and just never responding to people is an easy way of doing it. Not running away in the middle of the night. The younger New Gods who don’t want to be public don’t learn that until one of us older Gods, whether a New God or an Old one steps in and teaches them.”

“Makes me wonder if we should just let you and some of the other Old Gods into our files to find the cases that we can close and literally have a case reason called Act of Gods.”

Spencer laughed at Aaron, he tried to keep his laughter contained but it bust out of his lips, and he doubled over in laughter. Aaron stepped close again, waiting for Spencer to come back up before he linked their hands and leaned in to kiss Spencer. Spencer gave him two quick pecks before pulling away from him. “I can’t wait until you tell Richmond. He’s hunted a few New Gods that the FBI had got wind of and were wanting to talk to, but when the FBI got there, the Gods were like ghosts.”

“There’s a God or two placed up high in the FBI that no one knows about isn’t there?” Aaron asked.

“There is. They make sure that everything is kept above the board. It’s not like the FBI would do anything to them, but some Gods want no attention on them. For me, it depends on how I feel. Sometimes I’ve played as New Gods before and sometimes I just want to be human.”

“So where is this bar?” Aaron asked as he turned them to head in the direction that they had been heading before. They were right at an intersection and Aaron wasn’t sure which direction that Spencer wanted them to go. Aaron was looking left and right before he looked forward and there was something just so right about that direction that he pointed that way as he looked at Spencer’s face.

Spencer grinned at him and nodded. Aaron gave a mirthful laugh as he thought about that feeling of rightness that was in the direction that they were walking. They waited for the light to change and the white walk symbol to light up before he started into the intersection. The walk to the bar was just a few minutes longer. Aaron actually walked past it before he stopped and turned as that rightness felt like it was behind him.

Aaron looked at the door that was in front of him and the longer he looked at it, the symbols on the card started to appear in a black ink on the dark grey of the wood that made up the door. “That’s a neat trick.”

“It is. Gods magic. That’s what we call it. It’s the ability for us to hide from Humans if we so wish. The magic that created us allows us to be apart from humans if need be. It’s nice but there are many like me who don’t want to be cut off from Humans all the time, and there are those that would rather never talk to a Human as long as they live.” Spencer waved at the door and Aaron reached out to grab the knob but as he did a man became visible. Aaron pulled his hand back, and the man disappeared from view. Aaron snorted and touched the knob the man held out his hand, and Spencer laid the card in it. The man’s eyebrow cocked, and he gave Spencer a little glare. “I’m never denied, wherever I go.”

“Old One,” the man said, and he bowed his head and the door opened without Aaron even turning the knob. The door just creaked back, and it still felt like Aaron was holding the doorknob. Aaron let go, and the feeling was gone. Aaron stepped into the bar and found that it was like the club, there was a hallway and then the bar itself on the other side of a door. Aaron wondered what kind of God magics were in place along that hallway.

Aaron entered the room to find half of the eyes on him. Aaron started to feel like he was being glared at to leave when he realized that the ones looking at him were Gods and they were looking at him in shock. Spencer bumped into the back of Aaron and Aaron stepped forward enough to allow Spencer to enter.

“Mimir,” one of the women said as she stood up.

“Artie, how are you?” Spencer asked.

“I’m good. I was going to ask how you are, but I can tell that you are over the moon.” Artie looked Aaron up and down, and Aaron felt like he had met her before but not a long time ago. There was something very recently familiar. “I did not believe my brother when he called as he was drunk as Bacchus. Yet this…”

“Apollo was not telling a tall, drunk tale,” Spencer said, and he wrapped his arm around Aaron’s waist to pull him over to the bar. There were two seats open. Their backs were to the wall. It wasn’t until Artie looked at the two of them with a very questioning look that Aaron figure it out. She felt like half of a whole. And that other half Aaron had met the night he became a New God. This was Artemis the twin to Apollo.

Artemis came around the bar and kissed Spencer on each cheek before she turned to face Aaron. “You made Mimir wait too long for your return, Ar.”

“I know that I did. It’s nice to see you again, Artemis.” Aaron looked at the other Gods and realized that every single one of them was an Old God. He wondered why there were so many in the bar, and it was answered when Aaron saw that the bartender was an Old God and there was a flyer on the wall behind him. Tonight was an Old God meet up. Aaron looked at Spencer with a smile on his face and two drinks were set down before they could order. Spencer picked his up and took a sip before he grinned. He picked up Aaron’s and near shoved it into his face. Aaron took it and took a sip. It tasted like a summer breeze on a tropical island. Aaron closed his eyes as he took another drink, this time a deeper pull of the liquid into his mouth. He didn’t realize that he had drunk it all in one go until his mouth was empty.

The bartender was right there with another one.

“Please tell me that you have bar to home service tonight?” Spencer asked.

“We do. I also have Sober Up Potions,” the bartender said.

“Sober up Potions?”

“It’s a joke on Harry Potter. It’ll help us get the alcohol out of our systems and leave us with just a raging hunger for a day. No headache, nothing. You couldn’t take it until you were a God or I would have given you one before.”

“So we are getting drunk?”

“This is a party. For old friends who are seeing each other for the first time in a long while. Yes, we are all going to get smashed, there might even be sex in the bathrooms or in a booth.”

Spencer laid his hand on Aaron’s thigh, and Aaron felt his erection was back. Aaron swallowed again and nodded his head in agreement. Spencer leaned in close, his lips pressed to Aaron’s ear. “No one will touch you but me. They might watch, but they won’t touch.”

“There isn’t a God, New or Old that has not heard the tale of what Mimir did because of the death of Ar. No one will touch you for fear of what he would do. Mimir has not taken a lover that he would parade around us Gods, human or God, since your first death.” The bartender gave Aaron a smile before he handed over another drink after finishing talking.

“Who are you?”

“You’ll find out one day or you won’t.” The man winked, and Aaron laughed.

“Let’s have some fun,” Spencer said, his lips still at Aaron’s ear. Aaron looked at the men and women who were in the bar, and Aaron saw that all of them were paired with one of the Gods. Temporary lovers, it seemed.

Aaron felt a flare of jealousy at the others lovers that Spencer had taken over the long time that they had been apart. He knew it was stupid and that Spencer would just give him that look that said he was only a little upset, but it helped Aaron to calm down. He allowed Spencer to pull him to the middle of the bar and everyone pitched in to make a dance floor of sorts. The tables and chairs were lifted and attached to chains that were hanging from the ceiling. That was a danger in areas where there were earthquakes, but Aaron also figured that the chains were God made and not able to break. Music started to play, and it wasn’t anything that Aaron knew from this life, but it wove into his soul and made his body move as he wrapped himself around Spencer. This was a good way to shake the case they had been on. Aaron wasn’t sure that he would be able to look at a taxidermy shop the same ever again.



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