“Drag Queen Spencer”-EAD 2019

Title: Untitled
Ratings: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Criminal Minds
Category: M/M
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid
Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Drag, Cross-Dressing,
Summary: During a case, the whole team gets to see another side of Spencer Reid. It’s after the case though that Aaron Hotchner decides that Spencer
Year: Season 4 (Spring 2009)
Spoilers: Up Through Season 4

Aaron Hotchner looked at his team. Hell, he looked at the officers that were in the station house. There wasn’t a single one of them that could pull off what needed done. The case wasn’t big enough that he could pull in someone from another division who did undercover work. Really it was just one night that they needed but it was the nature of what they needed that made Aaron very hesitant to reach out. Asking an officer of the law from any level and any branch to get up on a stage and dress in Drag was not something that anyone ever really wanted to ask.

Three men had been killed before the BAU was called the fourth was found not long after the team had arrived. It had not taken long for Garcia to figure out the link between them, they were all part of a show at a local gay bar. A Drag Queen show.

“So realistically, what would it take to get these men training on how to spot the person that we are looking for?” the Chief of Police, Alan Studebaker asked.

“More time than we have. The next show starts in three hours.” Aaron looked at his watch. He looked again at the team and this time he noticed that Reid wasn’t where he had last been. Aaron made a wider sweep with his eyes to see that Reid was in one of the side offices. That was where a computer had been set up for work that needed silence and it had been offered to the BAU to use. Reid looked like he was deep in research. Aaron wondered what he had found, and he hoped that it meant that they could crack the case.

“Hotch, none of the men in the house have any kind of training. We already know that all of them haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary,” Morgan said as he stepped up to Aaron.

“And none of the officers are willing to go undercover,” JJ said as she turned to Aaron. She had been on the phone just a few feet away.

“So we have four men on this team.” Aaron looked at Morgan and Dave.

“Reid’s out because the kid would freak out,” Morgan said.

“I will do nearly anything but there is no way I can get up on that stage and still be able to profile,” Dave said.

“That’s what I am afraid of. We will all be too focused on whatever we have to do.”

“Chief,” Reid said as he stepped out of the room he had been in.

“Yes,” the Chief said.

“Do you have a DVD player?”

“In your conference room.”

“Good. Hotch, assemble the team?” Reid looked at Aaron as he said it and Aaron nodded his head in agreement.

Aaron called out for Prentiss to join them. She had been across the room talking to a few of the Drag Queens. Reid had the TV and DVD player on when the team entered and it was a movie of some kind or a show. All Aaron could see on the screen was the curtain. Reid was pulling the blinds shut and he pulled the last as Prentiss came inside. He shut the door.

“I think that this guy can do what we need,” Reid said and he hit play.

Aaron heard music starting up. It was a country song. It took a few seconds for Aaron to place that it was called Man, I Feel Like A Woman. Aaron was looking at the crowd and noticed that it was a bar in DC that he had gone to a few times. It was one of the more discrete gay bars that was close to his house. He wondered how Reid thought that one of the Drag Queens from DC would help. They were three hours from curtain drop and DC, even by a direct flight was five hours away.

“Oh my,” Prentiss said so Aaron actually looked at the man who was singing along with the words. He was dressed very nicely, there was not a lot about his body that spoke about the fact that he wasn’t a she, at least in the costume that he was in. Aaron was watching the body and only watched the face when the music faded out and a new song came on. The guy unbuttoned his black overcoat and underneath was a sheer but short dress. It was dark at the base and at the top, where it would be hard to mask fake breasts and a cock but nearly not there at all in the middle. That showed off a pair of abs that were near washboard. It showed that he took care of his body.

“Wait, I know her,” Prentiss said.

“Really?” Reid asked. He looked really, really shocked at that. He was about the only one on the team though. Aaron wasn’t sure that he would ever be shocked on anything that Prentiss did.

“Yes, Lady Lovelace. I’ve seen her once or twice at that club.”

“I don’t understand how that helps us, Reid. DC is too far unless you have created a teleportation device while holed up in the room,” Aaron said.

“What if I said that Lady Lovelace was here?”

“How do you know that?” Morgan asked.

Aaron’s eyes were caught on the TV screen. The video had kept playing and because there was no song on, Aaron had assumed it had ended but it had not. He saw that the camera was following Lady Lovelace backstage. The dark wig was pulled off followed by eyelashes. Aaron got to watch as Lady Lovelace turned into Reid. Aaron reached out and tapped Morgan’s shoulder and when the agent looked at him, Aaron pointed toward the screen. Reid had muted the TV it seemed but the mannerisms were all there.

“When I was sixteen, I made friends with a twenty year old boy. He took me under his wing on teaching me self defense and then invited me to a Drag show one night. I watched and was fascinated. It was a clothes on show so minors were allowed in as the bar served minors. I was fascinated when he took me back stage. I charmed a few of the other Queens back there and they all took me under their wing. The confidence I gained doing this until I left Pasadena is part of why I passed things that others thought I never would in the academy. I keep my body looking good dancing.” Reid didn’t look ashamed at all. Hell Aaron was pretty sure that he wasn’t worried either. He looked confidant in a way that he had just started to be on the team. Secure in his place after Gideon.

This explained a lot about himself in the wake of being taken by Hankel and drugged. Reid had admitted it all to the intake nurse at the hospital where Aaron had taken him for having his foot looked at. The FBI had paid for Reid to go through drug rehab even though he had only been drugged for a few days. He had no slips or any back tracking at all and seeing what he did for his emotional release, Aaron could understand why.

“You can dance in heels?” JJ asked.

“I can dance better than Prentiss in heels.” Reid actually looked a little cocky in that instance.

“Hey!” Prentiss said but she was laughing as she said it. She reached out and pushed at Reid’s shoulder.

“You a have to admit you suck being in heels,” JJ pointed out.

Aaron looked at Morgan because he was silent. Dave at least just looked shocked. Morgan was looking a little outraged. Aaron reached out to touch him, to pull him back.

“You-” Morgan stopped himself. He shook his head and walked to a window. Aaron looked at Reid. Reid followed Morgan over. There was a low conversation happening and Aaron stayed back far enough to where he couldn’t hear but close enough that he could intervene. Morgan wasn’t good with things like this and Aaron understood being shocked. Morgan was very protective of Reid and finding out that he was keeping this a secret was not good. After the case, Aaron would make sure that they all had a chance to sit down and work everything out.

“We good?” Reid asked with a smile on his face. He had a hand on Morgan’s shoulder and was smiling at him. “At least enough to do our jobs?”

“Yeah, Man. Yeah we are. Look. I am going to be right there in the front of the room. He goes after males who have a boyfriend, you are going to have to sell that someone is your boyfriend. Have you thought that far ahead?”

“Well, we can’t have you being that person. So far the only people killed have been white. Jason was Italian but was very pale so the UnSub assumed he was like the others. The show that is going on tonight is Drag and strip. I’ll be down to something pretty damned skimpy and sitting on a lap. There is no way that a single person that isn’t on this team would allow that. I’ll take Prentiss and JJ with me to the store to get my outfits that I’ll need for tonight. I’ve already called the bar and I’ve been added under my stage name. I’ve used the same one since I was eighteen and this is close enough to LA that someone could know me or at least heard from me.”

“Garcia is going to be pissed that she doesn’t get to go shopping.”

“I have my costumes at home. I had her search for places that have what I need. I’ll be doing two sets of one song and then my finale. I have my song already sent to the tech running the show. I’m as set up as I can be. I just need money for outfits.” Reid looked at Aaron when he saw the last line. Aaron nodded his head and then nodded at JJ.

“Put it on the expense account. I’ll make sure that it’s cleared. Go and get what you need. Dave, Morgan, and I will figure out everything else. I’ll play the part of your boyfriend. JJ knows my size. Pick up what you think is best for me to wear. Dave is pushing the age of what you would be paired with. That might overshadow your side of what we want the UnSub to be drawn to. Age will make people look. People looking means the UnSub will get nervous. If you can’t pick him out of the crowd, then we need to make sure that he’ll go after you. You fit the profile body type wise so we have that. I am going to ask once. Can you do this?”

“Hotch, I can get on that stage and do an two hour show without blinking. I can figure out someone who wants to kill me while killing it in heels.”

Aaron watched Reid’s face for a few seconds. He had that same look on his face that he had in the ER while taking down Dowd. Aaron nodded his head that he believed him. “Go.”

JJ and Prentiss followed behind Reid as he left the room. Aaron was left with Morgan and Dave.

“So…” Dave started.

“Don’t,” Aaron said looking at Dave and darting his eyes at Morgan.

“Oh, don’t worry. I already know about the epic crush that you have for Pretty Boy,” Morgan said with a smile on his face. He waggled his eyebrows next. Aaron suppressed his groan. He knew that Dave knew about the affection that Aaron had for Reid, Aaron refused to call it a crush. He was not a child or a teenager anymore.

“It will not affect the case at all.”

“Well, see I think that maybe it should. Our UnSub goes after couples. Kills the partner who dresses in drag. So to make it believable, the UnSub is going to have to think that you and Reid are a couple. You need to sell that.” Dave’s tone was that he didn’t believe that Aaron could do it. Aaron didn’t like his team doing undercover for that reason, even if it was just a single instance thing. Aaron was pretty sure that part of that was the whole Greenaway thing and how her downfall had happened. Even short things were hard to get ones head wrapped around.

“Look man, this show that’s going on tonight, it’s not a normal they get up there and sing,” Morgan said.

“I heard Reid talk about stripping to what could be considered a bikini. I know what to expect.”

“You are going to see other people looking at him. He’s going to make jokes, put on a show. He’s going to say things that are nothing like the Reid that we know. You are either going to have to show that you are okay with that while making sure that everyone knows that he is yours or you are going to have to stay back and we put one the LEOs on it.” Morgan looked dead serious.

Aaron knew though that he wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t already going through Aaron’s head. Morgan, Rossi, and Prentiss had been the main ones going out ad talking to people. Reid and Aaron had been at the morgue and staying at the station house. It was a slim chance that the UnSub had seen either of them. Aaron hoped that he hadn’t or this whole thing would be blown.


Aaron sat through three singers before he heard the song start that he knew was Reid’s first. Aaron was in the front row, just on the left side of the end of the catwalk. He only had his backup gun on his person which he did not like but agreed that the room was too packed to have his main weapon on his hip. Reid came out of the back area of the bar and he was dressed pretty close to the outfit from the video Reid had shown them. The moves were te same as well changed a little for the size of the area that he was in. Aaron was mesmerized because Reid wasn’t still by any stretch of the imagination. He stepped down the stairs at the front of the catwalk and cupped the side of Aaron’s face as he mouthed words about feeling like a woman.


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