The Dusk & the Dawn Chapter 46

From the Expansive Journals of Mimir, God of Knowledge

Worship of Gods is still something that many hold as something to kill for, even though the Gods walk among them. I blame that on the Gods themselves. There are a few who walk around and act high and mighty, and they need to just roll the fuck over and show the Humans what they are like. Do I have worshipers? Yes, I do, but they actually hold that I am one of many Gods and they pray to me above others because of their thirst for knowledge. The BAU has come across a good bit of devout followers of a few Gods and every single time I’ve beat their fucking ass.

I am knowledge. I am the tie that binds the world together. Those who fear me are the ones who brought about the Dark Ages and are trying to shove us back into one. I kind of want to kill every single one of them, but I don’t because above all things, I believe in free will. I also don’t listen too much to gossip among Gods. That’s probably how I get myself into situations like this.

May 2018

Aaron had an AR-15 in hand. He didn’t feel like he needed a handgun. There were too many people around as well, so that meant that he could use more bullets than the gun could hold if he kept his standard gun on. So he and Prentiss had the heavy weapons. Aaron didn’t want to kill anyone, but the fucking cult people were holding Spencer hostage, wanting to sacrifice him. Aaron was still pissed that Spencer had let the cult people take him. He probably could have got him and Garcia free, but then Aaron hadn’t been there at the time to know that for sure. Spencer would never do anything that would harm Garcia, and it was probably why they had been allowed to be taken.

Spencer had made sure that Garcia had got free. He had made sure that the BAU had everything that was needed to track where they were holding Spencer. Aaron just hadn’t expected there to be this many people.

“Cyrus liked you,” Merva said as he looked at Spencer with a fond look on his face. “Even though you are a New God, he liked you. He wrote letters and mailed them to those who were out of the area. You changed our minds on who we worship. You made us see that we needed to worship knowledge and not someone who feeds us information when they want. Knowledge is neither evil nor good. It’s all in how it’s used. So you will be our final sacrifice to the God Mimir.”

Spencer snorted, and Aaron wanted to as well, but at the moment, no one knew that he and the team were there to save Spencer. The rest of the team stayed quiet as well. Which was all good because Aaron did not want to have to explain more than what those already knew.

“Did you know that New Gods can worship Old Gods?” Spencer asked. His eyes darted across the people assembled before settling down right on Aaron. He gave Aaron a wicked little smile before he turned to look at Merva again. “There are classes to the New Gods, and many of us happily work together with Old Gods. I’m a God who knows a lot about Psychology. I strive to learn every single little thing that has been put out about it. Mimir and I are close.”

“Then he’ll be happy with your sacrifice. He can take in your knowledge.”

“Are you really that fucking stupid?” Spencer asked.

Aaron felt something very, very weird happening, and he wasn’t sure what it was. He looked around before pulling his phone and texting the team. He wanted them to keep an eye out. Callahan was the agent closest to him. She looked at her phone when it vibrated and then looked at Aaron and nodded.

“Mimir learns by knowledge being shared, you fucking idiot. By it being written down, in the old days, it was having the stories transmitted through stories. He’s the origin of the storyteller. He would walk about and tell tales, teach people anything that they wanted. He’s going to be fucking pissed that all of you did this and he’s going to kill you. Let me go, and I’ll make sure he doesn’t get revenge.”

“No,” Merva said.

“Then you are a fucking idiot.”

There was the sound of thunder rolling across the area they were in. There was nothing about a storm being anywhere close.

“Say hello to the rest of the sinners in hell.” Spencer looked at Merva, and then a bolt of lightning hit his body. It was gone. Disintegrated right before their eyes. Spencer stepped off the small platform they were holding him on, and then behind him was a shadowy figure. Spencer’s eyes started to glow, and his body shuddered as the shadowy figure laid a hand on his head.

Aaron wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but the worshipers who had been more than willing to kill Spencer were dropping to their knees and looking at the shadowy figure with near-fanatical love in their eyes, the few that Aaron could see.

“You!” Spencer said. There was a second voice inside of it, and Aaron wondered if that was his Mimir voice. The one that he used to do interviews that always sounded like there was more there than everyone thought. “You who tried to kill a valued child of mine!”

“We are sorry!” the worshipers cried out nearly all at once.

“To show that you are truly sorry, you will surrender and not fight with anyone who comes to take you. You will give yourself up and tell them everything. Every single death you have caused. You will surrender to their judgment.” Spencer’s body was still, but the shadow behind him was not. It grew bigger and loomed over those who were around them. “I will follow this, and I will cast my revenge on the whole of you from child to adult if a single one of you refused to give up all the crimes you have committed.”

Thunder cracked across the area again, and lightning lit up the sky to make it seem almost like daytime before the whole area was plunged into darkness. The lights and fires that had been giving off light were gone, gutted by Spencer’s power. Aaron grabbed the night vision goggles that they had grabbed just to be safe. The worshipers were all on their knees, praying to Mimir. Aaron kept his thoughts to himself on that. He looked for Spencer and saw him still standing there with glowing eyes, and something was moving behind him.

“I AM MIMIR, AND I NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL ALLOW SACRIFICES IN MY NAME!” Spencer collapsed after that, and the lightning shot down again, and then thunder rumbled. Aaron got his goggles off just seconds before the lights and fires flared back to life.

The worshipers were all knocked out it seemed. There were bodies dropped everywhere. Aaron walked slowly forward to check the pulse of the first, it was slow like they were drugged but strong.

“All clear,” Aaron said.

“Fucking hell,” one of the local officers with them said.

Aaron ignored him and the others that were all talking around him, and he walked right to Spencer, who was not asleep like he was acting but playing his part in all of this. Aaron checked his pulse, pressing harder than needed.

“I’ve read Mimir’s books,” one of the locals said she stepped up behind Aaron. She had a bag in her hand, and Aaron recognized it as Spencer’s go-bag that had been in the back of the SUV Aaron had driven to where they were. “Your Agent Jareau handed this to me and said that she would be coming back with food.”

“He’s going to be hungry, hosting an Old God like that kind of makes it feel like he’s human and ran two seventeen mile running marathons back to back with no rest.” Aaron listened to the officers and other agents around him confirm that all of the worshipers were asleep. Aaron wondered how much Spencer was going to eat after this display of power.

“I’ve never heard of that before.”

“I have seen it once, and it was a potential New God who had taken in the power of an Old God. It was horrific and kind of scary. It was the first time that I had seen an Old God smite someone.”

“That’s what that was?”

“Yes,” Aaron said. He stood up and looked around to find a place where Spencer could change when he decided to stop faking like he was asleep.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so still,” Callahan said as she stepped up.

“He usually isn’t ever this still. His fingers or his eyes are usually moving.” Aaron saw where he wanted them to go, and if it was like Spencer was reading his mind, he heard him groan. Aaron looked down to see Spencer’s eyes moving behind his eyelids like his brain was waking up before his body. Aaron crouched down and brushed at the loose hair on his forehead. He was covered in sweat, so the hair stuck.

“Hey, beautiful,” Aaron said.

Callahan laughed, and she nearly fell over with it when Spencer raised up a shaky hand and flipped Aaron off.

“Only you would attempt to get sacrificed by worshipers to your favorite God. How did that feel?”

“Like I had stuck my cock in where a light bulb needed to go.”

“Well, his filter is broke ain’t it?” Dave asked as he stepped up. He dropped a bar of Spencer’s favorite chocolate on his chest. “Eat that and stop being crass.”

“Love you too, Rossi.”

The tension in the area broke. Spencer pushed himself up to a sitting position and looked around at the bodies that were all around him. He didn’t look scared.

“Mimir didn’t kill them.”

“No, I know. He wouldn’t. There would be no one to spread what he did if he killed them all.” Spencer ripped the wrapper off the bar and ate it in three bites, chewing as fast as he could. There was a cup held out in front of him, and that was JJ with that cup. Aaron saw that it was from that place where they had stopped after landing to get com caffeine in them. JJ had said she needed a lot, but it seemed that she had been planning all along to give it to Spencer. Spencer took it and chugged the coffee. Aaron settled down on the ground, setting his gun down and pulling Spencer into him.

“You are cold,” Aaron said as he touched Spencer’s skin.

“It’ll take me a bit to get back to temperature with the power that Mimir sapped from me for that shadow and light show.” Spencer turned his face and pressed it to Aaron’s skin.

Aaron didn’t like how cold he was. Aaron looked down at the gun and then at Prentiss, who was walking up to them with Dave right behind. Callahan and JJ were right there already.

“I’m going to get Spencer to get him changed. You guys make sure that the worshipers are all accounted for once someone starts to wake up.”

“They won’t for hours. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was at least four hours. I’m cold, Aaron.” Spencer sounded like a child at that moment.

“Let’s get you changed. Dried off and into new clothes. JJ bring that bag with food into the little area over there.” Aaron pointed with his head before he started to stand up, pulling Spencer with him. He was like a lump, he didn’t seem to have control of his limbs. Aaron chose to pick him up into a bridal carry to go to the tent area. It had a roll-away bed in the middle and Aaron laid Spencer down on it, he tried to pull Aaron down with him, but Aaron resisted. JJ was right there on his heels with the food and the go-bag. She dropped them down and looked at Spencer.

“I’ll make sure no one comes in.”

“Won’t be needed, no one is going to come in anyway.”

Aaron looked down at Spencer to see that he looked less wiped out than he had, but still, his eyes were almost dull. Aaron escorted JJ out of the tent area and then turned around. Spencer was naked on the bed. Aaron just stared at him. After a few minutes, Spencer crooked a finger at Aaron to beckon him closer. Aaron felt like someone was pulling him along to stand above Spencer.

“Get naked.”

“Spencer this is really not the time. We have worshipers who are asleep out there, LEOs and other agents crawling all over the scene.”

“And no one is going to enter here or hear a single thing that is going to go on. I need this, Aaron.”

“I’m not Human.” Aaron still started to take off his clothing, though. He laid it so that it wouldn’t get dirty or wrinkly, any more than it already was. When he was naked, he got on the bed between Spencer’s legs, waiting for Spencer to wrap those legs around him before he moved up just that bit more to kiss him. He touched with one hand, the other going under Spencer’s head to tip his face more to where Aaron didn’t have to strain to get to it. It was like every place that he touched, it got warmer just for a few seconds then was cold again when he came back to it. Aaron started to rock his hips into Spencer’s, and he heard the moan that Spencer let out. Aaron really hoped that Spencer was right that no one was going to hear them.

Spencer started to touch after a few minutes of kissing, his hands brushed at Aaron’s ribs when were more firm as they swept down his sides. Everywhere that Spencer touched on, Aaron got colder for as long as he was touching it. Like he was leeching Aaron’s heat.

“Worship my body, Aaron. Please.”

Sex worship, Aaron thought as he started to kiss down Spencer’s neck. Spencer let his hand stay still and just brush up Aaron’s body as Aaron went down, kissing ad licking, tasting dirt and sweat and what felt like pure power under that. Spencer wasn’t subtle as a bottle of lube was on the bed between Spencer’s legs. Aaron grabbed it as he sat up and slicked up his fingers. He pushed two into Spencer. Aaron was used to Spencer’s expressive face as they had sex, but now it was like Spencer was muted. His face didn’t move at all until Aaron was finding his prostate. His mouth dropped open, but the big movement was his cock which jumped like it was finally getting into this.

Aaron wiped his fingers on Spencer’s stomach to clean them off a little before he moved to push inside of him. Aaron made sure to slick his cock up just as he pushing into Spencer. It was a move of acrobatic nature, but Aaron didn’t care. The bed didn’t even squeak as Aaron thrust into Spencer hard. Spencer arched his back though, and the hands that had settled on Aaron’s shoulders dug in, and Aaron felt blood seeping down his back. He didn’t care, though. Aaron moved his arm to where it was braced on the bed to allow him to kiss Spencer before he wiggled his other under Spencer’s body to forcibly tilt his hips up to where he could get the depth and angle that he wanted. That they liked.

Spencer murmured words into Aaron’s neck as he breathed there. Aaron didn’t understand a single one of them, but inside of him, he felt like something was happening. He felt strangely connected to Spencer.

“My Mimir,” Aaron said, the words sliding from his lips unbidden. He lost his ability to speak after that. He didn’t even fight it as his eyes closed and his head dropped to Spencer’s neck. They were like twinned bodies, the reverse of each other. Aaron felt like he was high in the clouds, there was no rough blanket under him, rubbing at his legs. He felt like they were high up in the clouds, fucking on clouds. There was no sound around them except for their own breathing.

The orgasm hit Aaron hard, making him gasp and bite. Spencer’s hands were like claws in his back, pulling him in as Spencer spilled between them. Aaron didn’t pull away, staying as wrapped around Spencer as Spencer was around him. Time lost meaning to Aaron as he laid there on top of Spencer but didn’t even try and roll to the side. He settled in there, waiting for Spencer to push at him.

“Hotch?” a voice called out after a good bit of time.

“We gotta get going,” Spencer said.

“Don’t want to.”

“We gotta though. You might not like it, but you need to make sure the scene is taken care of. I’ll come out when I feel like I can.”

Aaron pushed up to where he was balanced on his hands, looking down at Spencer. He saw that the glow in Spencer’s eyes was pulsing like a slow pulse on a machine that was powering up. He pressed a kiss to Spencer’s forehead before getting up. He looked around for something that he could use to clean up before getting dressed but found that he was clean. There was no release on his chest, hell there wasn’t even the lube that he had smeared on Spencer on him. It was interesting to see that even his cock was clean. Aaron looked at Spencer.

“God plane sex.” Spencer stretched, and the pulsing in his eyes grew just a little bit brighter. “Communion between Gods. Can’t keep me alive but will help me after a big expenditure of power. If I had done one or the other, I would have been fine, but the shadow version of me, the knocking their asses out, and the killing of Merva was too much in a short period of time. I’ll be fine in a few the worship of your body to mine is still kind of filing me up.”

“Only you could make that sound like a full-on sex act with words.”

“It was a sex act,” Spencer said. He stretched again, and Aaron felt the surge of power in his body. It made Aaron’s hair stand on end all over his body. “Get dressed and go be Hotch. I’ll come out and be meek.”

Aaron nodded and started to get dressed again. He gave Spencer another kiss before he left the tent. It wasn’t that much chaos, but Callahan was standing there. She had a smile on her face.

“The captain is looking for you. I said that you were caring for the God who had been taken, and he agreed that you were doing what you needed. He said he wanted to talk to you.”

Aaron nodded.

“Also, you may want to mention that you cleaned up a little.”

“Why?” Aaron asked. He looked down, his clothes looked the same.

“You had a smudge of dirt down your cheek and part of your neck, and now it’s gone.”

“Like Reid would let me keep the mud on myself when I’m around him.” Aaron grinned at her as he walked away from her. He found the Captain and walked toward him. The man turned to face him. “Captain Rogers.”

“Hotch, thanks for coming to me. Your God, he’s taken care of right?”

“Yes. He’s fine. He’s finishing eating some food and getting a little bit of energy back. Human food helps him rebuild quickly.”

“Good. I’m going to pull my people back and have them watch. These people took a Federal Agent, and I understand that, but this is a lot of bodies, and we need containment. There is no one awake but us so I’m going to have teams on the edges watching to make sure no one wakes up and slips away. I have already called for our mass containment vehicles to come and start to cart these people off. I also had the local drunks who sleep in our cells moved to the medical ward of our local jail to sleep off their drinking. Between those cells and a few others, we should have enough room.”

“Thank you. We can sort everything much better from there. A local set of agents will be taking over as my main focus was getting my team member back with little loss of life. That’s happened, though the loss of life was smaller than I thought it would be. Merva being the only death, was quite shocking.”

“Yes. Though when those Old Gods get involved, I’ve found that work gets harder and easier. Though this is the cleanest, we’ve had. We’ve had a God come through and kill a group of pedophiles that we had no clue were trafficking kids around town. I was quite happy about that, but it caused a lot of paperwork.”

“I didn’t hear about that,” Aaron said.

“No, we kept it quiet and covered it up as a mass suicide in the face of getting caught and going to jail. Their computers gave us enough to get rid of those who were not dead, and we forwarded it all to the FBI and the team that handles that kind of stuff. The FBI sanctioned the cover-up just for the fact of keeping it quiet.”

“How are you sure it was a God?” Aaron asked.

“He left a calling card. The same one here, Mimir. I had his sigil researched, and it was one that was used for the God of Judgement in Egypt. It was merged with Mimir’s symbol from his first role as a God. The research was sound, and the FBI agreed that it was Mimir that had done it. Gods of Judgement doing what our courts refuse to do is okay with me as long as they keep it to that.”

“When was this?”

“Seven years ago.”

“Damn.” Aaron knew that Spencer went places for weekends, especially back then. To visit friends and such but he wondered if that was what Spencer did, acting as Judge and Jury in one fell swoop. It would have been around the time that Jack had been growing even closer to him. “Well, seems you have a patron God in the area.”

“No, Mimir goes around the world. I’ve seen reports from international groups where he’s been all over. Even once in Antarctica at a dig site that had a murder happen. He showed up and brought the person to justice before leaving. The only thing that anyone remembered was a shadowy face and a lithe body.”

“I’ll have to look into that.” Aaron turned to look at the tent to see that Spencer was leaving it. He was dressed in a suit that Aaron knew as not in that bag. Probably a way to test his ability to call on the Pixies. He looked around, nodded at Aaron, and then made his way to where JJ and Dave were. He wrapped an arm around JJ’s shoulders, and she wrapped one around his waist, making it seem like he was a little worn out.

“He’ll be fine, yes?”

“Yes, he will be. We’ve dealt with something like it before in another person who was used, and Reid checks on him and nothing terrible happened. He’ll probably sleep and eat a lot, but he’ll be fine in a few days.

“So he’s a shock, still,” Prentiss said.

Aaron looked around to see that Rogers had left and it was just him and her there. “Yes, yes, he is.”

“That was a pretty spectacular show.”

“It was a warning. This case is going to make the papers here and then all over. That weird storm he made isn’t going to go away and be forgotten about. He did this to make sure that this kind of shit stops happening.”

“I’ve read reports that sacrifices like this have been happening more and more.”

“I wouldn’t be shocked if those Old Gods that are around come out and make a statement because of this. Or Mimir will make a statement. He’s already threatened some of the Gods with their own death if they don’t stop the deaths.”

“Fuck, and they all know who he is?”

“Oh, I’m sure that they know who Mimir is hiding as but they don’t want to piss him off.” Aaron wondered if this was going to be the event that heralded in the era of the world, knowing precisely who Mimir was and what he looked like. Aaron wasn’t sure that he was ready for it, but like everything else, he would do it and support Spencer while he was going through it all. There really wasn’t anything else that Aaron could do about it. He was twined Spencer, and there was no separating them.


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