“Werewolf & Spark on Atlantis”-EAD

Title: The Wolf and Spark of Atlantis
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Fandom(s): Stargate Atlantis, Teen Wolf
Category: M/M
Relationships: Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale
Tags: Canon, What Canon?, Alternate Universe, Crossover
Summary: Atlantis gets some new crew but John isn’t quite sure that even they are ready for the trouble they get into.
Words: 3,246
Year: Post SGA Canon, Post TW Canon
Spoilers: Whole series for both SGA and TW
Notes: Based off of a prompt in the Just Write Discord Server.
Beta: None

*None of these have even been run through Grammarly and these are rough drafts so please do not comment on anything that is messed up. I know it’s there. Commenting like that will get your comment deleted.

John looked out over the gate room at the new grouping of scientist and military personnel. Atlantis had been quite pleased with the new staff and he could feel the thrum of her as she scanned them and listened to them. John was letting Lorne take care of the new guys as he tried to look and see who was the Alpha werewolf in the group. With the finding of the a planet that was full of werewolves and magic users, John had finally been able to get himself a werewolf on the roster. No one had been sure what would happen to a wolf on the city so there had been no military person or scientist that had been slotted to there. John had the files on everyone and he would look and see who it was before he met them all the next day but today he wanted to see if he could find him in the group.

There was also a magic user in the group and that one John knew would be interesting as they were under Rodney and while Rodney believed in magic, who didn’t with everything else that lived on Earth, he still called it old age voodoo. There were a few low level users spread around, from those who worked in Botany who could talk plants into growing and various other areas but this user was different. He was a Spark, they were rare. John was just damned happy that the Spark wasn’t in his area as John had been warned that the Spark had ADHD.

John had already set himself three hours just after the Spark was assigned to Rodney’s lab the next day after the full orientation. It was bound to be a wonderful show. John knew he was an asshole but he really didn’t care about that. Rodney was an asshole as well and loved to watch John spar with his guys, so John didn’t feel bad about making a spectacle of it all. Teyla and Ronon were going to join him with popcorn.

Movement at the edge of the group of thirty had John looking at the kid. There was no other word to describe him than kid. His hands were moving, despite the stillness of the rest of his body now. He was looking but seemed to be hesitant to touch, which was a good thing. The Spark was found it seemed. John watched him as he slowly started to spin around, his head tipped up to look at the upper levels of the area.

John watched as the Spark started to reach out and touch. He was about to yell when one of the military men grabbed him by the backpack and pulled him back.


“What the hell is a Stiles?” someone else said just loud enough to carry through the room.

John looked at the guy who had what could only be described a sour look on his face as he glared at Stiles, the Spark. Stiles was not listed as a name for anyone in the group so it had to be a nickname.

“YOU!” Rodney said as he marched over to where Stiles was still looking at the wall and the other guy was keeping him away.

Stiles turned around when Rodney got close to him.

“Yes, Sir, Doctor McKay?” Stiles looked innocent as hell and it made John snort.

It seemed that the city was going to get a hell of a lot more interesting with the Spark in their midst. John kept looking at the military personnel wandering around, mostly staying in groups. There was the guy who was still holding onto Stiles’ backpack and he watched as he turned his head left and right but didn’t actually look away from Stiles. John pulled his pen from his pocket and dropped it and the man’s gaze turned to look right at John. He found the werewolf and it seemed like he had already figured out who to put on what team. Lorne’s team needed a new science officer as well as third soldier. He would gladly stick those two on his team. Lorne would love him for it. He had to take his fun where he could.

Stiles had to be Mieczysław Stilinski, as it was the only name that was even close to Stiles that was on the roster. John hadn’t expected Doctor Stilinski to be a young man who looked too damned young to be a Ph.D. in anything but here they were.

Rodney’s eyes looked around until they landed on John and already John could see that Stiles was getting under his skin. John figured that they might need more than popcorn.

Derek sighed as he heard Stiles pacing around the room on the other side of his. They had been escorted to their quarters for the evening and told not to leave them until they were fetched in the morning. Derek grabbed the rubber ball that had somehow got packed in his things and not Stiles’ when they had finished packing the day before to head to Atlantis and tossed it against the wall. It was used to keep Stiles’ hands busy when he was having issues standing still or keeping his hands busy.

The room that was Derek’s had a balcony, nearly every single room did but there was varying sizes on them. Derek knew that Stiles’ was larger than his own. He got up from the bed when Stiles hadn’t responded in some fashion to the ball hitting the wall. Sound proofing he assumed. Derek knew that it wasn’t going to be long before everyone on the city knew he was a werewolf, the whole of the Stargate program was read in on the supernatural beings that lived in their world. It was hard to hide it. Derek had fit right in when he had been slotted into it and that was where he had met Stiles.

Stiles was from Beacon Hills, where Derek had lived before he had joined the Marines. The Marines accepted werewolves into their ranks, they were a special unit and trained with each other but still were part of the whole of the Marine forces across the world. They were an open secret that lived under some kind of Captain America mystique.

Derek had known exactly what Stiles was from the moment he met him. The smell from him was something that was rare but the smell of ozone around him told Derek exactly what he was. Derek had met just one other Spark when he had been stationed in Afghanistan. The Stargate Program and now Atlantis had been something that Derek had been working to. Well, he hadn’t known what they were but he knew there were black ops that even the black ops groups didn’t know about.

The balcony door opened as Derek got close to it and he looked at Stiles’ balcony before looking around. He easily jumped up onto the railing and then over to Stiles. He was sure that he wasn’t supposed to leave his room by any means but at least this way there was no record other than him just going onto his balcony.

Stiles’ door opened up and Stiles spun around, freaking out and nearly falling on his ass on the cement like floor. The papers in his hands went flying. “Bell!” Stiles yelled at Derek before he fully recovered. Stiles was always easy to startle but it usually wasn’t that bad.

“What hell, dude!” Stiles said as he crouched to pick up his papers.

“You are pacing and it’s driving me nuts.”

“You can hear me through the walls? Impossible.”

“Stiles, werewolf,” Derek said as he waved as his body.

“Not like I can forget that, Sour Wolf. I just mean that these walls don’t even let the sound of a small bomb going of penetrate into them. There is no way you should be able to hear anything that I do, especially just pacing. That is so weird. Let’s go test it. We can see how far I can get for you stop hearing me.” Stiles turned and started to walk toward the door. Derek reached out and grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“We are confined to quarters until we get the tour tomorrow, Stiles.”

“Where is your sense of adventure!”

“Right firmly where I won’t get kicked off of the city.” Derek knew that Stiles wanted to just explore. He had no filter on what he wanted and what he should do. Derek had learned that. It was part of why he had been assigned as Stiles’ caretaker when they were off world. After growing up the son of the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, he could at least fire guns and Derek hadn’t had to teach him much on that. His hand to hand wasn’t the greatest but he was wily and escaped more often than not.

“I’m bored!” Stiles complained.

Derek huffed and he quickly pulled Stiles in close to him, cupping the side of his face and kissing him. Stiles fidgeted for a minute before he gave into it, tangling his hands in Derek’s shirt and holding him close. Derek broke the kiss to press kisses down Stiles’ neck before he looked around the room. He saw the bag that he knew carried Stiles’ supplies in it and it was laying on the floor beside the bed. If it was going to keep Stiles from getting kicked off the city, and Derek as well as where Stiles went, Derek went, he was more than willing for a little bit of fun to christen Stiles’ bed on their first night.

Turning them that direction, Derek walked Stiles backward toward the bed. Derek dipped his face into Stiles’ neck and inhaled the scent of him. They had been on lockdown for the last two weeks and even though it wasn’t exactly frowned upon since they were not in chain of command for each other, Derek still hadn’t visited Stiles in his room. As a scientist he had been given a single while Derek was in barracks housing on the base.

Derek had missed this. He settled Stiles down on the bed, sitting there before he crouched down to get his socks off. Stiles always took his shoes off when he entered his room, it wasn’t a shock that it hadn’t changed here. He looked up at Stiles, who was still now that his attention was focused wholly on Derek. It was the only time that Derek knew that Stiles’ focus was wholly on him. It was interesting to see it and it made Derek feel special.

The attraction had been instant. Stiles’ scent was nearly overwhelming to Derek until he had saturated himself in it. Then they had found out they had grown up in the same city, with the difference in age, Derek had never noticed him while it seemed that Stiles had gone to his basketball games to see him. A childhood crush and then to find themselves face to face with each other nearly a decade later. Sex had been a foregone conclusion after that. Especially with the way that Stiles smelled like arousal every single time that he was around Derek. The scent of him was intoxicating without arousal changing it. It had made Derek’s mouth water. He refused to deny himself what he wanted. Derek had made their team lead aware of the relationship but it wasn’t like it was going to stop them going into the field together. Every single SG team on the base was too invested in making sure that everyone lived. That they were fucking wasn’t going to change that.

Stiles’ hands settled in Derek’s short cropped hair, pulling him up and into another kiss as Derek worked on getting his pants undone. The uniform was not that different from Derek’s own so it was easy to get Stiles stripped while they kissed and touched. And boy did Stiles like to touch, all of his excess energy went into touching and Derek loved it. Even when Derek was fucking him, his hands never stopped. Derek was just glad that he healed up quickly, Stiles scratched more than he didn’t anything else when he came.

“Derek,” Stiles said, his voice breathy like he was being robbed of his ability to breathe deep enough. That sound went right to Derek’s cock and he stood up, stripping of his clothes with ease before he got Stiles naked as well. Derek wrapped an arm around Stiles waist and lifted him up, carrying him up the bed and dropping him on his back before he reached over for the lube. He slicked up his fingers before coating his cock and found Stiles’ hole. Stiles’ hands were clutching the bedding with a tight grip as Derek made sure that he was slick enough to not get hurt. They had both already been through their medical exam for entrance to the city, on both sides of the wormhole that they had been transported though.

“Open up for me,” Derek said as he wiped his fingers on the bed when he pulled them free of his lover. Stiles spread his legs and Derek slotted himself all up the up using a hand to guide his cock inside of Stiles. It was a heady feeling every single time that Stiles allowed him to do it. Derek was more than willing to swap positions but Stiles liked being fucked and Derek wasn’t going to deny him what he wanted.

“Der,” Stiles said as Derek slide home inside of him. Stiles wrapped his arms around him and Derek got his free hand under Stiles hips to help hold him in placed as they rocked together. When he was sure he wasn’t going to hurt Stiles, Derek braced his other hand on the bed, kissing Stiles so his shouts didn’t echo around the room and carry somewhere else. He was sure that sex was regular here on the city. It was even worse than remote bases, there was no real downtime in a city close. There was just everyone here. Probably why the fraternization rules were lax as hell on Atlantis.

“Touch me,” Derek whispered into Stiles lips before kissing him again.

Stiles hand gripped Derek hard, slipping some as they both started to sweat with their exertion. It had been too damned long for them, for Derek’s wolf to be happy about not being around his mate as much as he should be. The codes of the military didn’t have rules set for mates yet and while Derek had brought it up, it wasn’t there yet. Derek had made sure that Stiles could make decisions about his health and it was the same for Stiles and Derek but it wasn’t enough for his wolf.

Derek felt his claws extending and he knew that Stiles would have a few marks on his hip form the hand that was holding him there. He tried to keep them sheathed but it was too much. Derek curled his other hand into fist to keep himself from ripping up Stiles’ bed there was no reason to announce them that much until they were used to everyone that was on the city.

Stiles came first, his cock untouched outside of where their bodies were rubbing on it. Derek buried his nose in Stiles’ neck, breathing the scent of him as it sweetened with orgasm. Derek rocked in and out of him a few more times before he came as well. Stiles fingers were digging into his back and Derek was sure there was going to be blood there but he felt nothing other than the rush of endorphins to his body from orgasm.

Derek lowered Stiles to the bed and covered his lovers’ body with his own, unwilling to get up and move yet. He wanted to just keep on him until Stiles pushed him away because he couldn’t sit still any longer. It was only a few minutes before Stiles started to wiggle. Derek laughed and slipped off of his lover.

“You had better go,” Stiles said.

“I can hear in the hall some, I’ll know if someone comes to your room or mine. It’s like…the doors thinned.” Derek wasn’t sure that he liked it.

“You couldn’t do that before.”

“No, no I couldn’t. The doors changed.” Derek pushed up to settle on his side. He reached out, tracing the moles that dotted Stiles’ back. Derek found them enthralling like he always did.


“You are the expert on AI, Stiles. You are why we are even here.” Derek hadn’t been slotted to go to Atlantis yet but General O’Neill had slotted Stiles to go and Derek had made sure he was going as well. O’Neill had at least understood and made sure that Derek got to go along. Then the call for a werewolf had happened. The IOA wanted someone else but O’Neill made sure they understood that Stiles was going and there was no reason to send more than one werewolf. Derek had been fought for and that hadn’t happened since he had left his family. The rest of the Hale family hadn’t liked that he wanted to join the military. They had cut him off. All except for his Uncle Peter.

“I know. Doctor McKay promised me that I would get a good tour of the whole science labs tomorrow.”

“I heard a few of the other soldiers talk about the fact that Colonel Sheppard would be watching that with popcorn. I kind of look forward to it as well.”

John hated it because he was late to the show. What he came in to was all of the scientist in the room looking at McKay and Stiles like they had grown another head each. Ronon and Teyla were there. They were half done with the the bowl of popcorn that they had.

That is until there is the sound of alarms.

“Lorne, your team with me,” John said as he turned to run. He made it to the gate room in record time and saw that Chuck was there with the gate open.

“Team 3 is pinned down by a Wraith hunting force.”

“Lorne, where is your team?”

“Here, Sir,” Hale said as he entered the room. Behind him was Stevens and Stiles. They were all dressed and ready to go.

John looked at Stiles. He thought that maybe he needed to read the file on Stiles a little more. It was rare for a scientist to get dressed and ready to go that quick. He had a gun on his hip and a P-90 strapped to his vest. He looked a little like a one-man war. John looked at Lorne.

“You ready to take them into the field?” John asked.

“They both worked well on the team they had been on for the SGC. Highly recommend. I’m fine. We will be fine.” Lorne looked at Stiles and grinned.

John wanted to know what Lorne knew that John didn’t. He really needed to read the rest of Stiles’ file.

As soon as they were on the planet, John knew one thing. No one was going to touch Stiles without Hale ripping them limb from limb. Which was what he did to the first Wraith that got near Stiles.

Hale didn’t fight with a gun, even though he had one strapped to his waist.

6 thoughts on ““Werewolf & Spark on Atlantis”-EAD

  1. I’ve never imagined Teen Wolf crossed with SGA, but this really works for me. I was also extremely amused by Derek following canon tradition and sneaking in through Stiles’s bedroom window. Thank you so much for the intriguing setup. I’m going to have fun imagining what else might happen in this verse.


    1. I’m glad you liked! This was the first story I worked on for TW, having not wrote it before I figured that crossing it with a fandom I knew would help. Then I just spiraled and have a lot of stories started.


  2. I’m only sad we didn’t get a glimpse into the Stiles and Rodney Snark Show, always nice to see someone do a good job meshing these two different shows. Continued good luck and energy with your writing


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