Alone Stiles-EAD

Title: “Alone Stiles”
Ratings: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Child Abuse-Neglect
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: Gen
Relationships: None
Characters: Stiles Stilinski
Tags: Angst, Child Neglect, Sheriff Stilinski is a Bad Parent,
Summary: Stiles Stilinski learned a lot in the wake of his mother’s death. The biggest thing was that parents were not infallible and heroes will always fall off the pedestal they are put on.
Word Count: ~4k
Year: 2004 Forward
Spoilers: Everything
Beta: None

Act 1-Death of Family

Stiles Stilinski looked up from where he was drawing on the paper. His mom had been asleep for an hour so far. He just really wanted her to stay asleep but he knew that she was going to wake up. She had accused him again of trying to kill her but he had nowhere else to go. His father was at work and he wasn’t allowed at home alone.

Though being home alone surely wasn’t going to be an issue going forward, it was like his father was going to mysteriously be able to just work during the hours that Stiles was at school. Though Stiles figured that he would take his bike to the station like he did some days when his mom was getting tests done. Stiles had no clue what to expect so he just pushed those thoughts away until he was able to focus on his drawing again. His summer school work had all been done for a long time. It was near school time again and Stiles spent the mornings rereading all of his homework and various books from the year before. It hadn’t been hard to talk his teacher into letting him take them home. He promised to give them back the first day of school.

Stiles had his little corner of the room, away from everyone and anything that medical people might need to get to. He had learned how easy it was to become invisible inside of a room like this.

The sound of beeping had Stiles looking up. He was mostly hidden behind the chair that his father always sat in. His things were strewn around him. He heard people rushing into the room and just watched as they did things to his mother. He wasn’t sure what was going on until the beeping stopped and there was just a steady tone. The beeping had been the beat of his mother’s heart and now it was gone. Stiles watched as they covered her up. He knew what that meant.

“Someone get a hold of the Sheriff,” the really nice nurse said. She sighed and her body slumped. “And someone please find Mischief.”

Stiles didn’t know how to answer. He was staring at his mom’s covered body.

“Here,” Stiles said as a couple of the people started to move out of the room. All of them stopped and looked at him. “I’m here.”

“Sweetie.” The nice nurse walked over to him and crouched down in front of him. “What are you doing in here?”

“I didn’t want to get in the way while you guys were doing your job.” Stiles hadn’t known that he would be watching his mother die. Though it was just her body. She had stopped being his mother the first time that she tried to kill him.

“Let’s get you out of here. Pace, can you gather up his things?” the nice nurse asked.

“You got it,” Pace said. He was also a very nice nurse. He snuck Stiles Reese’s Cups when he could. Especially when his mother was having a very bad day.

Stiles let himself be led out of the room and dropped into the waiting room just down the hall. He tucked his feet up onto the chair and buried his face in his knees.

A little while later he heard a slight commotion and looked up to see his father coming down the hall. Stiles wanted to run to him but he couldn’t. His father didn’t look upset, he didn’t know. Stiles didn’t want to be the one to tell him. His father already had enough issues with him. Then as he walked, his father slowed down and his face changed.

Stiles knew his father knew at that moment. Stiles wondered if he was going to blame him for her death just like she always said that Stiles was going to be the one to kill her.

Stiles had never been more happy to be back in school. Hell, he was just happy to have a reason to not come home until three. His father had the day off, supposedly to be able to take Stiles to and from his first day given that the whole town knew that his mom was dead. It wasn’t like the gossip wasn’t going to spread.

“Hello,” a boy said as he walked over to where Stiles was. He smiled at him and sat down across from him at the two person table that Stiles had taken over for lunch.

Stiles looked at him. He had a crooked jaw but Stiles had no clue who he was.

“What can I do for you?” Stiles asked. His leg was bouncing. He needed to go to the office and get more of his Adderall taken. It was the only medication that had helped with his ADHD so he was more than willing to let the adults give him what he needed. Deputy Wilcox was the one in control of his medication of his father’s staff.

Stiles was good about taking it when he was home as well, he made sure that he didn’t take anymore than he was supposed to. He liked being able to do what he wanted and he didn’t want to give his father any issues with anything. His dad had a hard enough time taking care of himself, he didn’t need to take care of Stiles as well.

“I’m Scott. You are Stiles right?” Scott asked.

“Yes.” Stiles wasn’t sure what was going on. No one talked to him. They hadn’t since his mom had gotten sick. It was like he had become a Leper. He kind of liked it.

“I wanna be friends,” Scott said.

Stiles recognized him now that he was talking. He was in the grade below Stiles. His father was an FBI agent that worked with his father sometimes. There was a field office close by that he worked at. He had heard his father calling the man and asshole a time or two when he thought Stiles wasn’t around and he was talking to his mother.

“Sorry, I’m busy,” Stiles said.

Scott looked hurt. Stiles figured that the kid thought that since their fathers were law enforcement that they could be buddies. Stiles couldn’t have that though. He needed to protect his father and right now that meant no friends. Though, the little bit of gossip that he had heard about Agent McCall was that he was a drunkard like Stiles’ father. Stiles knew that Scott’s parents were divorced and that Scott had lived with his father for a while, though Stiles wasn’t sure if he still was or not. Everyone kind of always forgot about Stiles and talked like he wasn’t there at the Station.

“Oh. Okay,” Scott said. He got up and went back to another table. Stiles went back to the book he was reading.

Stiles didn’t feel bad. He only had his father left and he needed to protect him.

Stiles heard the front door slam shut and he flinched. He really didn’t want to be here for this but there was nowhere else to go. His father was home from the bar he had gone to with a friend or a Deputy, Stiles wasn’t sure. He knew a game had been on. He wasn’t sure though what kind of mood his father was in. He had two modes when he was drunk, somber and angry.

The stomping on the stairs told Stiles it was anger. He burrowed under the blankets and rolled to his side, facing away from the door. He heard his bedroom door open. It thumped against the wall and Stiles could hear his father’s heavy breathing.

“Claudia, how the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own? This hyperactive little bastard who keeps ruining my life?”

The door slammed shut and Stiles flinched. He listened to his father stumbling down the hall before finally making it to his room. That door slammed shut as well. Stiles waited for time to pass to where he knew his father was asleep before he got up and out of bed. He moved over to his desk and grabbed his homework to work on. All of his math stuff was easy. Everything was always from the books. The teacher assigned random questions from the end of the lesson but Stiles did them all every single time. He was the only one in the class but he liked knowing that he was getting it all down before he moved on. He was halfway through the book already. After that he was going to work ahead in science. He had plans already set down for everything so it was going to be easy to work ahead in case he had days where he didn’t want to do a lot of homework.

Stiles blinked into the room as the sun started to come up. He frowned and looked down at his homework. He had finished more than a few lessons. At least it was better than laying in bed and reading. He looked at his stack of books that he needed to return to the library to pick up more and smiled. He could do that after he made breakfast.

Cooking breakfast was easy. Stiles had more than enough stuff in the house to do breakfast all weekend. It was going to be oatmeal but his father never complained. Especially after a night spent drinking.

Stiles looked at the calendar. It was getting closer to The end of October and that meant November. Which had two big things in it, his mother’s birthday and Thanksgiving. Stiles still wasn’t sure what he was going to do about the second one. He had learned a lot about cooking but not nearly enough to even attempt a Thanksgiving meal.

Breakfast was on the table, including his father’s cup of coffee by the time that he came down looking like death warmed over.

“Morning,” Noah said as he dropped down at the table.

“Morning,” Stiles said. If it wasn’t for school, Stiles would have thought that by now he would have forgotten what his name was. His father hadn’t called him it since his mother died.

Noah started to read the paper and Stiles stood over by the sink and ate his breakfast. He settled in to wash up the dishes when he was done and then put them in the rack. He left the dish water. His father would slip his dishes into it and Stiles would wash them up after he was gone to work for the day.

Stiles wrote out what he was going to be doing for the day on the white board on the fridge. His father would never look at it but at least Stiles was trying. When he turned around, his father was gone from the room. His dishes were still on the table. Stiles cleaned up the kitchen and set about making his lunch. He made sure that sandwich was made so that nothing got too soggy and that he could eat it easily while at the park. The ice packs were stuffed into the lunch bag and then he put his cold food in there.

Next was chips, and other things that didn’t need to be kept cold at the top. He filled his water bottles with water from the tap and slipped them into his bag. Next was his house keys and other things that he might need.

Stiles had his day down pat really. He did the same thing every single weekend. Tomorrow would be a repeat except for not stopping at the library. He got an extra hour in the park and it was awesome.

The side roads were like the back of Stiles’ hands. He knew them well, he sometimes traced the veins that were there and so he knew them well.

Even though it was October, the pack was packed with families. Stiles settled himself into his spot that was close to the lacrosse field. He watched a few families on the edges as they played weird games of tag or even leapfrog.

“Stiles?” a voice called out.

Stiles looked around to see that it was Danny Māhealani.

“What are you doing here?” Danny asked as he dropped down beside him.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Stiles asked. He really wasn’t sure why Danny of all people was talking to him. Danny was friends with Jackson and Lydia and that meant that Danny was supposed to hate him. Though the crush that Stiles had on Lydia was long gone. Stiles wasn’t sure that he would ever like anyone again.

“Well, it looks like you are reading but I was more meaning why are you here? I mean I’ve seen you here every single weekend.”

“You’ve been watching me?” Stiles asked.

“No, I’ve just seen you here with your stack of books and your lunch. You don’t leave. My parents and I drove through the park to get to the other side instead of going around last week and you were still here at dinner time.”

Stiles narrowed his eyes at Danny. It seemed that he was going to have to change his routine if another fucking kid was noticing what he was doing. Stiles just shrugged in answer. He didn’t want to get his dad in trouble. He liked his routine though. He liked what he was doing. He hated that Danny was making him have to change it. He just wanted to do what he wanted. His father didn’t give a single care about what he did. He went to the station a few times a week after school and hung out there and did his homework.

Deputy Wilcox had given him an MP3 player that he could hook up to his laptop and transfer music to. It was one of his older ones but he got a new one and thought Stiles would like it. Stiles still wasn’t sure that was true as he had never seen Wilcox with an MP3 player. Stiles wasn’t sure what he thought about Wilcox buying it for him and lying about it. He didn’t like lies but then it was a normal way of passing things off. He knew that his father wouldn’t be happy with Wilcox buying him something like that but giving him one that he wasn’t using anymore? Yeah, he could see that.

“Wanna play lacrosse? I see you have some gear with you.”

“Yeah, I usually play around a little after lunch.”

“Cool. We can wait until then. That’s no big deal. I’m gonna go and play with my family. I’ll come back after we finish lunch.” Danny got up and ran away.

Stiles watched Danny for a little while as he interacted with his family. The family loved each other and he could see that. they looked happy and healthy and everything that Stiles and his father were not. It used to make him ache to see it but now it didn’t. Not anymore. He knew what he was, a burden on his father. Stiles would have given anything to give his father his mother back. He would have gladly ended his life if he knew it would right the wrong that was him killing his mother. He still wasn’t sure how he had done it but it was what he heard his father say at least three times a week, more lately, more the closer it got to her birthday. He didn’t know what he was feeling anymore but there was an ache inside of him.

After lunch, Stiles sat on his blanket reading until he heard Danny coming toward him. He had lacrosse sticks in his hand and helped Stiles to stand up.

“There is a group of us that kind of play. Do you want to do that or just mess around me and you?”

“I guess we can play with them. I’ve not played a lot with other people who actually know what they are doing.”

“That’s fine.”

Stiles looked at the kids who were playing. He knew some of them but since this was the park closest to the city line that separated the kids from Beacon Hills High and East Beacon High, Stiles wasn’t shocked to see a lot of kids he didn’t know.

Stiles looked at the sun as it started to rise up and he forced himself out of bed. He needed to be out of the house before his father woke up. He needed to be anywhere but here today. He hadn’t even looked at the scheduled to see what his father was working or if he wasn’t. He didn’t know which one he wanted. He really didn’t. If his father was home all day, he was going to drink. If he was working, he would be drinking and that would be worse.

The bag for the day was already packed. Stiles made his father breakfast and left it on the table. He looked at the time to see that it would not have time to get that cold before the alarm went off for his father to wake up. He grabbed his food and shoved it into the lunch bag and watched the time time as he rushed out. He heard his father’s door open and he sighed as he shut the door.

Stiles was on his bike and down the road before his father got a chance to get out the door to find him. If he even wanted to find him. Stiles figured that as long as he was in bed when he was supposed to be his father wouldn’t try and bed a dad, which at this point was a good thing. Stiles could be a good kid, he knew that he could be. He channeled his need for motion into lacrosse practice that he did until he dropped. He channeled his mind not stopping into homework.

The ride was freeing. He made it all the way across town as quickly as he could. He had a date with the park planned. He should stop at the cemetery but he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to go and lay at her grave and talk about how much of a good mother she was. Maybe years down the road when the horribleness wasn’t so fresh.

Stiles settled on his blanket in his new favorite spot in the park that only kids from the other school went to. It was where he went when he needed to be away from Danny. To the rest of the city today was just November 20th. He laid on his back so that he could rest his head on his bag to give it a little softness. He was more than happy to be here like this.

Lunch came and went and Stiles ate a little bit of food.

“Stiles?” a voice called out.

Stiles dropped his book onto his chest and looked at the man who was walking up to him. It was Deputy Roberts.

“What are you doing out here alone?” Roberts asked. He sat down on the edge of Stiles’ blanket and the look on his face told Stiles that he knew exactly what today was. He knew it and was worried about Stiles being here alone.

“I wanted to be alone,” Stiles said.

There was something on Roberts’ face as Stiles said that.

Stiles narrowed his eyes as he heard Roberts inhale a little bit. stiles wondered if he was having breathing issues but as he did it, Roberts’ eyes widened. Stiles had no clue what the man smelled but it wasn’t like he could smell the alcohol smell left in the house from the night before on him could he? No, there was no way. People couldn’t do that.

“Why don’t I take you home?” Roberts asked.

“Why don’t you mind your business?” Stiles demanded.

Roberts flinched like Stiles had tried to hit him.

“Stiles, I don’t like leaving you here like this.”

“Well, I’ve been coming to the parks in the city every single weekend like this. I like reading and having people around. I have where I am at all times wrote on a board at the house. Why don’t you go and visit Dad and you will know that I am allowed to be here?”

Roberts nodded his head and stood up to leave. Stiles had no clue if he was going to actually go and visit his father but he suspected that he would see a few cars going through here while on patrol. He didn’t care all that much about that though. He really didn’t. They would leave him alone. They had all been acting a little off since his mother had died but then he figured that none of them knew how to treat him. Stiles didn’t even know how to treat himself. He just went with whatever he felt he wanted to do while also making sure that his father was taken care of.

Stiles pushed away all other thoughts and then settled into reading again. That was what he wanted to do, read. He didn’t want to think about anything else. He just wanted to be happy.

Various cruisers and SUVs passed by the area that was closest to where Stiles was over the course of the day. When it was close to his curfew, Stiles packed up and headed home. He found his father passed out on the couch in the living room. He sighed and started to cover him up, taking off his work boots and making sure that nothing on him was going to hurt him. He grabbed the now empty bottle and started to clean up the detritus from the fast food dinner that his father had grabbed instead of eating the cold food that Stiles had left for him. Stiles could pack that up and eat it the next day when he headed to the park again. Stiles found a few other things to clean up that his father had knocked over probably heading to the bathroom.

It was close to when Stiles needed to go to bed when he was done. He left the dishes in the kitchen to be washed the next morning as he worked on breakfast. He was tired even though he had done little. Yeah he had gone a few runs around the park when he needed to move but mostly he read. Stiles dropped down into the seat in front of his computer and booted it up. He picked up his research into training to get better at lacrosse but also how to become fitter. He wrote down a few things because he couldn’t print them out and tomorrow he could start some stuff. He could head to the library and print off what he needed Monday. That would be the best course but for tomorrow he had enough stuff to get him going.

Stiles stretched and looked at his bed. He was tired, mentally and physically.

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10 thoughts on “Alone Stiles-EAD

  1. I forgot all about wolves I was so caught up in the details of Stiles’ life. I wonder if it was alcohol or the total lack of his dad’s scent that he noticed. But Stiles will not take it well if if he officially interferes. I’m heartbroken though that he’s believing his dad’s rantings that he killed her.


  2. This cracked my heart but was a lovely and realistic version of Stiles during this time period. I adore him and also want to wrap a blanket around him tight so I can cuddle him like a feral kitten.
    Thanks for sharing,
    ~ Sibyl


  3. My heart hurts for Stiles. It just really hurts for a little boy who feels so unloved and responsible for things he shouldn’t have had to worry about at all. You really convey that hopelessness well. Kudos.


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