“Stiles is Kicked out of the Pack”-EAD

Title: Stiles is Kicked Out of the Pack
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: Major Character Death Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: M/M
Relationships: Stiles/Peter
Tags: Discussion of Animal Sacrifice, Discussion of Animal Murder, Alternate Universe, First Time,
Summary: Beacon Hills is forever changed by what happens after Stiles leaves the pack when he feels like he isn’t treated well there.
Word Count: ~23k
Year: Future
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: Goes AU kind of in 3A, Erica and Boyd are never killed but it goes fully AU at end of 3B, Kate never happens. The Major character death is Scott and it happens before the story really starts.


Derek understood wanting to take time. After everything that had happened, he understood that better than most. He was worried though because Scott had stopped smelling like Stiles at the last pack meeting and even Lydia had admitted that Stiles hadn’t been around any of them, not even Malia. The two of them had a bond from being in Eichen together. Stiles had admitted to Derek that they almost had sex in Eichen but Stiles hadn’t let it go that far. She was pretty but Stiles found that he just didn’t want to have sex with a pretty girl. He wanted it to mean something. Derek walked up to the Stilinski house and saw that it was dark. That meant that the Sheriff wasn’t home. He was probably working late and Stiles was in his room.

It took but seconds to get up to where no one would see him sneaking up into Stiles’ bedroom. But the window was shut and locked. Derek frowned at that. He looked into the room. It was dark but it was late at night so Derek wasn’t worried until he realized that he heard no heartbeat in the room. He frowned as he turned his hearing into the whole house. There was no sounds at all outside of the gurgle of the water tank. Derek crept around the house until he found a window that was unlocked. It was the attic.

The air in there was stale. There was nothing in there at all that said either Stiles or his father ever came into the room. He walked over to where the door was and let himself into the house proper. He found Stiles’ bedroom easily and then stopped as he realized that it was practically empty. There was no smell of Stiles in the room at all. He looked for the murder board and it was empty. He opened up Stiles’ closet to find that it was empty as well. There was nothing in the dressers. There wasn’t a damned thing in the room at all outside of a few knick-knacks here and there. He wondered where in the hell Stiles had gone. He let himself out through the window he had gone in. He assumed that Stiles had been doing homeschooling. It wouldn’t be hard for the Sheriff to get the school to allow it. It was why Malia said that she hadn’t seen him in the school.

Yet, the Stilinski household told a very different story.

Derek decided to walk back to the loft. He hunkered down into his coat and stopped dead when he saw something taped to the door that he used to get in and out of the building. It was an image of him in Stiles’ room. There was a note written on a slip of paper attached. The paper was from the Sheriff’s department ticket book. It said “one free pass, used.” Derek took that to mean that the next time he got into the Stilinski house, something was going to happen. Derek couldn’t believe that he had forgotten about the camera that the Sheriff had put in Stiles’ room during the Nogitsune possession. He sighed and tugged it down but he didn’t crumple it. He carried the picture and paper up to this bedroom and added it to a board that was in his room. He had picture of the cover of Laura’s favorite book in there. He had a lot of things up on that wall that reminded him of everyone in his life that he cared about.

Stiles was family, he was pack, and Derek didn’t understand what was going on. After being taken over like he had, Derek understood him wanting to get a few steps away from everything but he was gone. His room smelled like he hadn’t been in there for months. The last time that Derek had seen Stiles was right after everything had gone down and his father had taken him away in December. It was now February and Derek was pretty damned sure that Stiles hadn’t been in his room in two months. The scent of Stiles that was on Scott up until now had to be from where Stiles had been in Scott’s room.

“I had a talk with our Alpha,” Peter said as he entered the loft. He was down on the first floor of it.

Derek sighed and walked to his bedroom door before going down to see what he wanted.

“I asked him about how Stiles is doing since he’s not been at a pack meeting and Scott’s just been telling everyone that he is fine. The last time that he said that, Scott’s heartbeat tripped a little bit.”

“And?” Derek asked.

“It seems that Stiles has left the pack,” Peter said.

“Yeah, he’s not been home in about two months, from what I can tell about the scent in his bedroom. His clothes are all gone, his books, his computer. Everything that I know know cherished.”

“So where has he gone?” Peter asked.

“I have no clue but if he wants to be out of the pack, can you really blame him?”

“No, not at all. I think that though, maybe it’s time that the Hale’s left Beacon Hills to a new Alpha and we moved on. Cora said that the pack that took her in would gladly take us in as well. Maybe the Hales need to heal more.”

“Yeah. I think that’s a good idea.” Derek knew that the pack was going to be in Scott’s hands and it would be good. Everything would be just fine. There was nothing left for him in Beacon Hills. Stiles reminded him of Spencer and that was part of the only reason that he had come back after taking Cora back to where she had wanted to go. It was going to be fine. The Hales would be good together. What was left of them.

“What about Malia?” Derek asked.

“She’s got a father who at least finally knows about everything and will stop trying to commit her. She’s happier like she is right now. She knew that she was adopted and Lydia asked her about if she ever wanted to know her biological parents and Malia wasn’t sure. I figure that once she’s older and she’s on a good and even keel, we can come back and tell her everything. There is one thing before we leave though. We do need to find her mother and kill her.”

“Why?” Derek looked up at Peter and frowned. He had hoped that his uncle was over his killing for revenge.

“Because there was only one person that I was willing to have sex with around the time that Malia was born and I’ve done a lot of digging into her since I found out that I had a kid. It’s easy to track her, at least illegally. Young Danny was helpful with that in exchange for some money to get good equipment. Corrine has turned into a killer for hire and I’ve found though a few rumor circles that when she had a kid, her powers were diminished when she had the kid. Then she went back and killed the kid but didn’t get her power back. How long before it’s found out about a werecoyote who runs with a True Alpha in Beacon Hills? How long before she looks into it and finds her kid still alive? She wanted dead or alive by the Federal Government as an assassin.”

“That’s where her werecoyote comes from? I’ve heard of a werecoyote who kills for a living. The Desert Wolf. That’s Malia’s mother?”

“She wasn’t that insane before. She was the Left Hand like me for her pack. We had fun.”

“And you think that you can find her?”

“Oh, yes. I think that I can easily find her and we can take care of her. So what say you, Nephew?” Peter asked.

“Anything for family,” Derek said.

“Good. Then let’s get our business taken care of here and then we can figure out where she is.”

Derek nodded his head. He looked around the loft. He owned it and it would be good to have a place that he could come back to. He could easily get in contact with a realtor to rent out the other spaces and get them up and running. He had meant to do it himself but hadn’t done it due to just the insanity. It would be nice to have money coming in. This one would be left alone. He was ready to say goodbye to Beacon Hills.

Chapter 1

Derek looked at Cora as they drove past the Welcome To Beacon Hills sign. He hadn’t seen it since they left just over ten years ago. There was something that felt wrong about everything. He pulled over and waited for Peter to pull over off the road behind him. Derek got out, not shocked that Peter was getting out as well.

“What in the hell?” Peter asked.

“I have no clue, this place doesn’t feel like it used to.”

“That’s a hell of a lot of magic,” Cora said.

“What?” Malia asked.

“There is a boundary on this city, that’s what we are feeling. That pack that I went to visit in Brazil with Alpha Rico felt like this. It was wards to let someone know when anyone Supernatural in origin came across the boundary line. I would say that Scott’s worked on getting this place locked down a lot more in the years since we all left here.” Cora looked a little surprised on that.

“It doesn’t feel welcoming,” Malia said.

“No, it wouldn’t. It’s meant to push people back. So I would say that we continue on and see if Scott’s mom is still at the hospital since no one’s numbers work anymore.” Peter sounded like he wanted to do anything but.

Derek agreed on that. He had been trying to get a hold of anyone from the old pack to let them know they were coming to stay. That they were going to live in the house that had been built with Peter and Cora going over everything from New York where they had all ended up for everyone to go to college and then years after just to live. Derek missed Beacon Hills and so didn’t Peter. They felt that it was time to come home. So they had worked on making a home for them.

“Or do you think we should go to the Sheriff’s station. Stiles’ dad would know how to get a hold of someone from the pack, right?” Cora asked.

“Both are neutral locations and the best places to go when one doesn’t know who the Alpha of an area is,” Peter said.

“Divide and conquer?” Derek asked.

“No. I don’t think I want to do that. The pods should have been dropped off days ago. We all are as ready as we are going to be for this.” Peter’s eyes flashed red and he nodded his head toward Derek’s car before he walked back to his own with Malia following him.

Derek knew that Peter had been a very different Alpha the second time around. No one had expected him to become one again but Derek couldn’t fault him for it. He had snapped the neck of a wolf who had been attacking a woman in New York and ended up killing him without even knowing that he was an Alpha. It worked well for them as the Alpha of their area of New York was more than happy to keep them there while they worked on getting ready to leave. It had only been a year since then and Derek felt more stable than he had in a long time. He looked at Cora. He would never regret giving up his own Alpha Spark to Cora to save her life.

Hanging back, Derek let Peter make the decision on where they were going. He didn’t care which place they went to figure things out. He just wanted to go home. They had decided to make the trip across the country as long as they wanted. Seeing signs for places and visiting them before heading onto the next location. It had taken them a month and a half. They stayed in good hotels but still it wasn’t home and it wasn’t a den.

The flashing lights behind him had Derek nearly slamming on the breaks. He looked at his speed. He was only going about two miles over the speed limit. Still Derek pulled over, putting his flashers on. A second vehicle came around from behind the one that was parking behind Derek’s and did the same to Peter’s.

“Go ahead and step out,” someone called from the vehicle behind Derek’s. Derek looked at Cora and nodded at her. It was two Sheriff’s cars so it was at least someone with authority.

Derek opened up the door and stepped out but he didn’t raise his hands at all.

“It’s safe, stow ’em,” the same voice called out as he slipped out of the driver’s seat. Derek turned to look at him. It was Deputy Parrish. Derek hadn’t known the man well at all but at least it was a familiar face. “Derek and Cora Hale, welcome home. Oh, Peter and Malia?” Parrish looked almost happy to see them but also unsure.

Derek wasn’t shocked that Parrish knew what Cora looked like. It wasn’t like any of them tried to hide the Hale house being built again. Scott probably had everyone who was anyone know that the Hales were coming back with that and he would be on the look out.

“Yes, Deputy Parrish,” Peter said.

“Well, you guys are arriving at the best time that you could. How about you four come with me back to the Station. Friendly like. You don’t have to. If you want to go to the house and freshen up and things, you can. I don’t know how long you have been driving.”

“We were heading to the Station to get in contact with McCall to let him know that we were moving back into town since we’ve been unable to get a hold of him.” Peter sounded like he was unsure if he should talk about the elephant in the room that was the Supernatural.

“Ah, I see well. That’s going to be impossible. Scott McCall is dead and most of his pack.”

Derek looked at Peter. If most of the pack was dead, then who was alive and who wasn’t?

“Then who is the Alpha of the area?” Peter asked.

Derek assumed that since Parrish had said pack the Deputies around them were in the know. Derek looked to see that Parrish wasn’t just a regular deputy, he had the badge that said he was the second under the Sheriff.

“That’s a little hard to explain and I think it would be best if we all talked about this with Sheriff Stilinski. Do you guys mind if I ride with one of you? We were on patrol and they can head back out to it.”

“How did you know where we were?” Cora asked. She looked at Parrish with a concerned eye. She had not got to meet Parrish as he had joined up after she had left.

“I know you felt the wards when you came over. We were dispatched to figure out who was coming across. We knew it was four but unsure of what they were. The wards are still a little testy when there is more than three. Though I assume that Malia is the reason why the wards were pinged weird. So?”

“You can of course ride with us Deputy Sheriff,” Derek said. He was looking at Peter as he said it. Peter’s eyebrows raised at that but he nodded his agreement. It was going to be best if they showed up with an escort than without one given it seemed that there was a new Alpha in the area.

“Great.” Parrish grabbed the radio on his shoulder. “Parrish to command. I’m heading back with four friendlies. How about we roll out the red carpet?”

“You got it, Deputy Sheriff. Lunch?”

Parrish looked at Derek with that.


“It’s Chinese.”

“Just get an assortment. We will eat anything, preference on chicken and shrimp.”

Parrish called out a few things over the radio and smiled as he did it. He walked back to his vehicle and grabbed a few things from it before walking over to Derek.

“I can see that Peter’s car only fits two.”

“Yes. He’s more than happy to only have a single passenger. Cora can sit in the back.”

“Nah, I’m good riding in the back. What kind of weapons do you guys have on you?” Parrish asked as he slipped between Derek and the car to get into the back seat. He was on his cell phone but looked like he as just reading.

“Just the ones we get naturally.”


Derek was confused as hell. He looked at Peter one last time before getting in. Peter looked just as confused. Derek waited for Peter to pull out before he got into traffic behind him. The two cop vehicles pulled out ad made U-turns to head back the way that they had come.

“Did you run the plates?”

“Nah. We didn’t want to waste time with that. It was just easier to pull you over. New York plates either meant a long time which meant your goal was here or you stole them from a rental agency and that would add a lot of time. I should have know with this being one of the new Camaros and then the one in front. The Hales did usually go for the more flashy cars according to the Sheriff.”

“We are talked about that much?” Cora asked.

“A little more in the past year than the other years but yes. The Sheriff debated trying to get a hold of your guys a year ago but then the FBI stepped in. You’ll be meeting with the three person team that’s been assigned to the county, mainly the city over the last year.”

“A full team assigned here?” Derek asked. That was never good. That meant that things were going crazy in some way shape or form. “Why are we meeting them?”

“They are a new unit, supernatural in origin. Every single member is connected in some way. The Nemeton hasn’t been doing well at all and they are still debating what to do about that.”

“Who are the agents?” Derek asked.

“I’m sorry I need to take this.” Parrish pulled his phone up on the second vibration. He listened to someone on the other end but Derek didn’t like that he couldn’t hear it. He looked at Cora and she shook her head as well. Derek wondered if that was magic or something else. “Ten minutes at max, depending on the lights. None of them are speeding like you said they would be. Hell, they weren’t even going five over the limit on the road into town.”

Derek looked at the road ahead of him and then at his speedometer. He wondered who Parrish was talking to that would have known that they would have normally sped into an area like that. They hadn’t wanted to have eyes on them though. So they had gone for normal. Well as normal as one could with a Aston Martin Valhalla being driven by one of them. Peter loved his car though. Cora and Malia’s cars had been shipped over with the rest of their things and were waiting for them in the eight car garage that was on the land. Peter’s other two Valhallas were being brought over after they got home. The one he was driving was red in color. The others were a dark grey and then a electric blue. Malia’s car was one of the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s. Peter had tried to get her to trade it in but she loved it. Cora had a Jeep that reminded Derek of Stiles’.

The drive was peaceful with Parrish getting off the phone after a few minutes and then he was silent. Derek could feel his eyes on him but he didn’t care all that much. Derek parked beside where Peter did in the guest parking at the station. There was only a single black SUV that Derek knew was the FBI standard. He wasn’t shocked about that but he was at how few cars there were in the station. that meant that not a lot of deputies were there at the moment.

A woman was standing at the door and Derek didn’t now her. The way that she looked at him though, Derek did know that. It was just like Lydia Martin used to look at him after she had come fully into her Banshee powers.

“Deputy Sheriff,” the woman said.

“Doctor Whittemore,” Parrish said with a grin on his face.

“My first husband is waiting on you in the Sheriff’s office.”

“And where is your second?”

“Around. He said he didn’t want to be here for this.”

“I can understand that. I’ll bring them in with me then?”

“Yes, my two co-workers are still out in the field. Lunch will be here soon.” Whittemore turned on her heel and entered the station again.

“Who is that?” Malia asked.

“The most junior agent on the BAU team that’s here. Janice Whittemore. She’s a specialist in non-human anatomy. She was snagged from her job in LA after meeting Doctor Reid. He’s the Unit Chief for their team. There are actually five people who work on the team but two of them are consultants. Her two husbands. She’s only legally married to one but the other she calls her husband as well. They are a triad and I would not piss of any of them, the other two will gut you.”

“Whittemore? What’s that the last name of the Kanima?” Peter asked as he held the door open for his three Betas.

“Yes, it is,” Jackson Whittemore said as he stood in the doorway of the Sheriff’s office. He looked damned good. There was still a slight English accent to his voice.

“Got a thing for Banshee’s do you?”

“Fell in love before she even told me that. Though I was hiding what I was as well. This way.” Jackson stepped back and pointed to the office.

Sheriff Stilinski looked slightly older than the last time that Derek had seen him but he looked more relaxed, despite him having an FBI team here.

“Well, Hales. I didn’t think that I would ever see you here again. When the construction started, I figured it was one or two of you coming back. Not all four. Now I would like to know why you are here.”

“We wanted to move back. We tried to get a hold of McCall but Deputy Sheriff Parrish told us that he is dead.”

“Yes, he was killed a year ago when the big issues in town started up. You’ve met Doctor Whittemore. Doctor Reid is on his way back in to speak to you. We have no issues with you coming home. There is no actual Alpha in town but the pack that was left after McCall went crazy all settled under a human Alpha.”

“And that worked?” Cora asked.

“So far it has. As Omegas you four will be expected to check-in after each full moon to make sure that you are handling the change well. Since all four of you are born shifters, I don’t expect to have any issues. The whole force here is now aware of the supernatural. Hell, most of the town as well. Though I think that they were all faking ignorance for years on that.”

“Who is the Alpha?” Peter asked.

“That’s classified.”

“I see. Well, you won’t have to worry about my pack.” Peter flashed his eyes at the Sheriff. “I gained this killing an Alpha who was attacking a human woman. It’s part of why were coming home.”

“That makes matters a hell of a lot easier but that just means that you will have to meet the Alpha sooner rather than later.” The Sheriff looked at Jackson. Jackson nodded his head and left the room, pulling the door shut. There was no sounds from the bullpen. More magic. “The FBI team that is here is a little not standard. Doctor Reid is a veteran of the FBI’s BAU and he gladly slipped off into this when it came up. He’s a werefox shifter and has never had a pack outside of his team. He was bitten during a case in his first year on the team and he bonded to his human team other than a traditional pack. The Alpha is a human FBI agent with a doctorate. He’s been in the FBI since 2017 and joined the BAU in 2018 after they found out that he knew about the Supernatural. The team moves around from place to place. That’s where they picked up the other three members. They were in LA at the time. Jackson, Janice, and Ethan Whittemore were easy to slot into the team.”

“Why are you telling us this?” Peter asked.

“Because I know how you are going to be treated as soon as the other agent gets here. I’d be respectful.”

Derek raised his eyebrows at the ice in his tone. Then the door opened and a scent that Derek hadn’t smelled in a decade filled the room. He spun around to look at Stiles but stopped when he was flanked by Jackson and his wife Janice as well as another man that Derek didn’t know and Ethan Steiner. Nope, Ethan Whittemore now if Derek was right about the second husband that Janice had.

“Little packed in here ain’t it, Dad?” Stiles asked. He slipped in without looking at any of the Hales and got behind his father’s desk. “Why am I here?”

“Peter?” Noah asked.

“Alpha Stilinski, myself and my three Betas request to be allowed to live on our ancestral lands.”

Stiles actually looked at Peter at that point and his eyes flashed red at the same time that Peter’s did. Derek didn’t understand how Stiles was human and an Alpha but he didn’t want to ask about that at the point. He was still wrapping his head around the team that Stiles was working with. Derek knew that he had wanted to join the FBI but he had never decided what he wanted to do in it. It seemed that he had built his own team.

“Would you be willing to take on three new Betas? I think it’s only fair that they join your pack. They gladly submitted to me but they need more than the pack that I can give them. Doctor Reid is a loner and he doesn’t do anything on the full moon and things with Jackson are a little strained.”

“Why would they want to join my pack? They at least know yours.”

Stiles gave Peter a smile at that and he waved behind Peter. “There were only three members of Scott’s pack who survived when my team and I took them down. They gladly surrendered as soon as my team passed judgment on what the rest of the pack had done. So they were spared. They were never given any jobs to do that were questionable and believe me, I made sure of it.”

“What happened here over the years?” Derek asked.

“There was a lot of stuff. You don’t need to know that. It’s all an ongoing case. If you don’t want to take on the Betas, that’s fine. I’ll make sure to find a pack for them as soon as my team and I leave again.”

The door opened up again and Derek turned around to see Isaac, Erica, and Boyd in the doorway.

“Derek?” Erica asked before she launched herself at him. Derek held her close as Isaac and Boyd came over and hugged him as well.

“Look, lunch is in the conference room, why don’t we move this here. We got enough for everyone,” Doctor Reid said.

Derek looked at Peter and he nodded his head. Boyd and Isaac moved off of Derek but Erica didn’t. Derek tucked her into his side as they moved into the conference room that did indeed have a bunch of food around it. Each stack of food had names written on them in marker. Derek found his. It was all of his favorite things. That meant that Stiles had been part of ordering it. The team flanked where Stiles sat at the head of the table. Derek really wanted to hear the story of how Jackson and Ethan met and ended up in a relationship with Janice. The last that Derek knew Jackson was straight, Ethan was gay. It wasn’t hard to figure out that one of them had to be bisexual.

“So I’ll start at the beginning but I need something from you first, Derek.” Stiles dug into his food, using chopsticks in a way that Derek had never seen him before. He was more smooth in his movements, more confident.


“Why did you leave Beacon Hills?”

“You wanted nothing to do with the pack and it just seemed like it was the time after everything. Peter and I talked about it and Beacon Hills has nothing else for us. So we packed up and left.”

“See, I told you,” Stiles said as he looked at Ethan.

Ethan raised his hands and nodded at him.

“What’s going on?” Peter asked.

“This all started long before what happened with the Nogitsune taking me over. But that’s the biggest point that we have. This all started the moment that Deaton found out that Scott was a werewolf. He knew of the legends of what it takes to become a True Alpha and he needed one. He had been working on a plan for a long time but one big thing happened that screwed it up before then.”

“And what was that?”

“Laura went to New York. He didn’t have access to an Alpha who was connected to the Nemeton. He knew that he couldn’t get Peter under his control so he played everything behind the scenes to get Scott to get the Alpha power from him. Only Derek did it instead. So Deaton worked on making Scott a True Alpha. It worked well except for one thing. Scott listened to me more than he listened to anyone else and that wouldn’t work. So he set up the needed situation to where I would be someone that Scott couldn’t trust anymore. He made sure that when Allison, Scott, and I went under, I was opened up enough to where the Nogitsune could get to me. Then he started to whisper in Scott’s ear that it never could have got into me without me letting it. That it took consent to become the host of it. Which we knew from Kira’s mother that it was wrong. She was the one who called it down and it went into a nearly dead man. Consent is not something the Nogitsune needs or wants.

“One week after it all ended, Scott came to me with Deaton and told me that the pack wanted nothing to do with me. That they didn’t want to ever see me again after the death of Allison and that it wasn’t my hands that had done it, it was because of me. I went to find Isaac but all I found was the Argent apartment empty with him, Allison’s Dad, Boyd, and Erica gone. I went to Scott and asked him where they were. He told me that for going against what he wanted, he would banish me the next time that he saw me. That it would make my dad have to leave his job and I’d already caused enough issues with that. So I went to dad and we talked. I took a homeschooling option and moved a few towns over to where my mom’s best friend lived and I finished out high school in five months, taking what tests I needed. I had only ever stayed to be with Scott. He called me a murderer and I couldn’t handle it. I ran away. I believed him. It wasn’t until I came back with the team and we were working out why there were more and more entities coming to Beacon Hills that I found out from Kira that he had told her and the rest of the pack that I wanted nothing to do with them anymore. So we had two different stories from Scott on that, or Kira was lying but if she was why would she do that?”

“It sounds like a clusterfuck,” Peter said.

“Yes. It took a month for us to find the Nemeton and for Janice to tap into it. What we found when he did? Yeah, not a good thing. There was a person who was draining all of the positive energy that the Nemeton was putting off and turning it wrong. It was what was turning the area into such a beacon for everything supernatural. They were gaining power off of it and were about to finish the ritual that would turn the Nemeton evil. There was a single step left and that was for the Alpha of the land to kill an innocent on the Nemeton. It took us too long to find that. We arrived at the Nemeton just at the time where Scott was about to kill the little girl. She had been born right around the time that the Nogitsune had gone into me and according to Deaton, she was a vessel for him. That through her, it was going to come back. He tried to kill her and I ended up putting a bullet into him, wolfsbane that is. I guess when I stepped up and put one in his heart while we were both on the Nemeton, it decided that I needed to be the Alpha for the area. It was a trip.”

“So you killed Scott?” Derek asked.

“I saved a little girl from death. She was more than innocent in it all. Ethan killed Deaton when the man tried to kill me after that. Everything unraveled from there and it’s been a year of cleaning up messes. There is a lot of negative energy that was released from where and it’s just like a radio signal, it goes out and pulls in but even when it’s cut off the message was still put out there. We will be staying here and taking cases from here until we are sure that the message has not reached anyone else. That really could be years.”

Derek was too stunned to say anything. He didn’t understand how any of that could have really happened. He remembered Scott and how he never wanted to kill. Yet, with someone twisting him from behind the scenes like that. He could see it. Scott had let Deucalion go. Derek had never been happy with it but then nothing else had happened during it all either. He had never been heard from again.

“I think that the pack and I have a lot to talk about. To think about,” Peter said as he stood up.

“Yes. Here.” Stiles stood up and pulled out a key from his pants pocket.

“What’s this?” Peter asked.

“It’s the key to your front door. I wasn’t sure who was coming in and I couldn’t tailor the wards on the house to no one so I keyed it to that key. There is a ward stone in the master bedroom all you need to do is put your blood on it, well everyone who you want to have access to the house that is, on it. The wards will expand to where no one can get close. At the moment they are locked to stopping anyone from getting inside.”

“YOu warded our house?” Peter asked.

“I didn’t want anything to happen to it. I had no clue who was coming or even when. There are still those who feel like they should be able to destroy supernatural people. The Hale house catching fire again would be a tragedy. Then I saw the moving pods last week and the two vehicles that were put into the garage. I will gladly ward it when you want as well.”

“You are the one who warded the town?” Peter asked.

“With the help of the Nemeton, yes. It’s at what is considered the city limits. Jackson or Ethan can explain everything later if you decide to stay.”

“Oh, we are staying,” Peter said.

Stiles nodded his head and he turned to look at his father with a smile on his face. He looked older than he had any right to look and Derek wondered when he had been pushed that much further past the age that he was already. He wondered just what had happened to Stiles in the years between leaving Beacon Hills and coming home. He didn’t think that it was good.

Chapter 2

Peter looked out at the early morning dew that was all over the grass at the back of the house. The back porch was better than he thought that it was going to be. He had all of the netting in the windows pulled up since there wasn’t a lot of bugs that would bother him out at the moment. Mosquitoes stayed away from shifters. Something about the magic of them that had them running scared from them. The rest of the house was still asleep and Peter had wandered down to find that there were a few things stocked in the kitchen that he hadn’t had the people who had stocked food stock. The first was a teapot that did all of the brewing for him, with temperature and time picking. As well as Peter’s favorite teas. He said nothing to the others when he had seen the pot the night before. He allowed them to think that he had been the one to do it. The tea was something that few knew and he hadn’t trusted anyone to pick him up tea. He had planned on heading out and getting a good drink to start the day at the coffee shop if it had still been around. Then he had been planning on picking up his teas.

Inhaling the soft scent of the few add-ins on the tea, Peter started to think about what he had stopped himself from thinking about since he had pulled into town the Sheriff’s station and scented Stiles on the woman. Peter wasn’t shocked when Stiles had come into his father’s office. The rest of his pack had been but he had not. Scents were always his thing. Derek was good but he never was as good as Peter.

Stiles had grown into the perfect picture of a good looking young man. He was calmer than he had been before but that could just be the magic in him or it could be that he found a good outlet for his energy. Coming back and finding Derek’s Betas still in town and alive after finding out that most of the McCall had been killed was a shock. The three of them had willingly come back with them to the house. The warding stone that was set in the master bedroom had been easy to add the blood of all of them to. Peter trusted that Stiles would know if they could be trusted. They were Hale bites and that meant that they were connected to them in a way that they wouldn’t be connected to other packs.

The Alpha eyes in the youngest Stilinski were something that Peter was intrigued about. It was a myth just like True Alphas but it wasn’t unheard of. It was the kind of thing that humans in packs whispered about, wondering if they were the ones to gain the Alpha eyes. It was never an Alpha Spark from the pack Alpha that went into them though. It was much like the True Alpha spark that it just came to them when they were doing something that made them worthy.

Not for the first time, Peter regretted not biting Stiles that night or just biting Scott in general. He hadn’t been fully in control over that time. His memories of everything after waking up were fuzzy as hell. Right up until he had resurrected himself.

Peter heard a rustling in the trees behind the house and he waited to see he was coming for a visit before he saw a beautiful fox sniffing the ground as it moved further int the area. Werefoxes were rare across the world. The lines of them were wiped out by idiots who thought that they were never to be trusted, just like the foxes themselves. Peter found it stupid. That the FBI agent had been open about being one meant that he was pretty secure in keeping himself alive. Peter was pretty damned sure that this wasn’t the agent though. This fox didn’t feel like another shifter. Peter laid his tea mug down and shifted in his chair. The fox looked up at him before making a yipping sound and rushing up to the porch. It moved across the barrier so that meant it was someone that Stiles felt like they should be across the boundary. Then the feel of magic that was pouring off of the fox told Peter exactly who it was.

“You are very pretty, all fire and brimstone, Stiles,” Peter said.

Stiles pawed at Peter’s pants leg and Peter picked up his teacup and settled it on the porch before he stood up to head inside to get more tea for himself. He knew that Stiles liked the tea so he grabbed the carafe so that he could fill up the other cup if needed. Their long nights working together to research during everything had been good for them bonding in a way. Peter had at one point wanted to see about taking it further when Stiles turned eighteen but he hadn’t had the chance. He had been left alone again after thinking that Stiles had started to feel something for him.

Peter couldn’t flat Stiles for leaving though if that was what he had been told after everything that happened. He was mentally unstable at that point, dealing with everything. Getting away was probably the best thing that he could have done.

“So how did this happen?” Peter asked as he settled down into his chair again. The tea was still warm enough to drink.

Stiles looked up from the cup and then down at it again. He made a movement that looked like he was sighing and then he moved over and his body blurred a little and then Peter was looking at Stiles in human form with clothes on.

“It’s magic. It’s a spell that I found not long into working with the BAU. It was used by a few of the human members of werefox families. I learned it quickly and Reid was good at helping me pick out a fox to shift into. It’s a wholesale shift too. I mean I’m just like a werefox that I have my own brain. I don’t have a Beta form or anything like it. Just a full shift form. It’s nice for recon during cases. No one pays attention to foxes creeping around, at least in places where there are werefoxes. I can shift with a thought while I’m close to the Nemeton. Other places I have to think about it some and push magic into it.”

“So you figured out what that Spark was in you that Deaton talked about.”

“Yes. So how have you been Peter?” Stiles asked as he grabbed the mug from the wood flooring and then filled it up with tea from the carafe.

“I’ve been good. The pack’s doing well. Derek was more than pleased when I became an Alpha again. It was a change.”

“How did Malia end up with you?” Stiles asked.

“Well, it seemed that Lydia let it slip that I was her biological father and that the memories had been taken from me. Scott thought that if that was so then it was a good reason why Malia was kept from me, so he threw her out of the pack. Malia was shocked about that but she didn’t let that stop her. Until the pack started to make school hard for her. She called Derek then as it was the only number that she had. Tate gave her up easily. He wasn’t comfortable with her being a coyote. I think that he just couldn’t stop hating no matter what. So he signed over custody of her with no issue and I got her enrolled into a school in New York where they worked on getting her up on everything that she really needed to learn for college. She started with low number classes but she learned quickly once we figured out the best way to teach her. I don’t ask a lot about the three months that she lasted after we left town. I have no clue what really happened. You two had a connection from being in Eichen together. So I’m sure that you can get it from her if you wanted to. I don’t want to know what’s going on with that though. She should tell me if she wants to.”

“It’s been nearly a decade.”

“And I’ve never told anyone what I felt and remember between the fire and waking up after I had been killed by Derek. YOu don’t talk about how things were with your mother between her diagnosis and when she finally died. Yeah, little bits here and there but not all of it. We all have people that we tell those kinds of things to and it’s not always family or the ones that we love.”

“Yeah.” Stiles nodded his head and he looked out into the tree line. “Did you enjoy your teapot?”

“I did. It was a welcome thing so that I didn’t have to go and get something slightly dreadful from a local place before getting my preferred things. So you came to check us out this morning?”

“Yeah. I wanted to check the wards and to make sure that the trio was fine. They were doing well under me but they still have a lot of issues with trusting me. I guess after everything, Scott kept on painting me a villain to the pack. Then I show up with the FBI and end up killing him. It was all cleared though. Another BAU who knows about the supernatural came in and worked through everyone. They told the truth of what happened. There is fear there though and it’ snot a good one. They follow along with Scott’s whole aversion to killing. Yeah, it’s the last resort but Scott wasn’t going to stop. He had it in his head that the girl was evil and she was going to cause so much to happen that would destroy this area. He didn’t believe that Deaton was corrupting him. I can’t get the non-classified version that was released to the public for you if you wish.”

“Unlike Scott and his pack, Stiles, I trust the words that you are saying. You are not a worry for me. Cora will follow my lead and Derek knows you better than even I do. Malia thinks of you kindly.”

“We didn’t get to know each other that well, outside of what happened in Eichen but she’s a good girl.”

“What are your plans today?”

“Weekend, so unless a case comes up out of the area then I have the day off. We try and not work on weekends. I usually run the area around the city. I can do that tomorrow.”

“Or I can shift and run with you. It would be nice to see what it all looks and feels like after a decade.”

“Sure.” Stiles picked up his mug and drained the tea before he stood up. “I can carry a few things with me if you want me to take your clothes. If I change with a backpack on it will change with me. I learned that works with weapons and the like as well.”

“That sounds like it’s a good thing. Better than being naked.”


Peter waited for Stiles to turn around before he started to strip off. He shifted and rubbed against Stiles as soon as he was changed. Stiles turned around and grabbed the items that Peter had folded up. He snagged Peter’s cell as well and slipped them into the floppy backpack that was Cora’s that had been hanging on the outside of the door. It was used by nearly everyone who wanted to carry clothes with them when they shifted and ran. It was habit from New York just in case they came across people and needed to be in human form. Peter had worked with Derek and Cora until they were able to make the shift. Malia had been good at it for a lot longer but even she didn’t understand fully how she did it.

Stiles shifted as quick as lightning and took off toward the woods. Peter took off after him, his body loosening up. Even in the more deserted parts of Central Park, it wasn’t safe to be them in there. They only got out of the city sometimes to run like they wanted to. Stiles found a few areas that were harder for Peter to follow along behind him but soon they were beside each other as they ran the whole of the city.

Peter found most of the area to be the same that it had been. It had the same smells and was the same look. He was enjoying the city as it was. It wasn’t tarnished with memories that he could hold in. Stiles kept up a good pace, pushing Peter to the extent of what his body could do given how he had been slacking on that kind of stuff over the last years. New York was settled in a way that Beacon Hills wasn’t.

Beacon Hills was still a battle zone and the pack had decided that they were going to stay. It wasn’t stupid, all of them knew what they were getting into. Malia had the least amount of claim on Beacon Hills but she was at least from the area. Peter had planned on having Derek with the trio to see where they were on a lot of things. Peter didn’t hold to what they had been taught. Peter had thought that Scott was going to be the best Alpha for the area. No one had seen what Deaton would do coming. Hell, Peter had trusted the man. he had been the Emissary for Talia. He wondered if everything to do with that had been put around by him. There was no way to find that out though. He was dead and couldn’t give up his secrets.

They stopped at the edge of the woods near what Peter knew to be one of the better diners, at least it was a decade ago. Stiles shifted to his human form and started to pull out Peter’s clothes before he began to mess around on his phone to give Peter a little privacy as he sifted and got dressed.

“Hungry?” Stiles asked.

“Yes.” Peter actually felt famished.

“Good.” Stiles had a grin on his face that Peter knew well. He was being devious.

Peter followed behind him as they came around the back end of the parking lot. he knew that the town mostly knew about the Supernatural but it was still strange to think about. He wasn’t going to go running around in his Beta shift or anything like that but at least if he was caught somewhere weird it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The diner was not as packed as Peter would have thought for after nine on a Saturday morning. A few people looked at them, staring and a few waved at Stiles.

Stiles took a seat with his back to a wall, leaving Peter to put his back to the room. He trusted that Stiles wouldn’t let anything happen to him. The waitress came over with two mugs full of hot water and a small basket of teabags. Peter just about told her that he wanted coffee when he saw that it was his tea. He looked at Stiles who was plucking one out and dropping it down into the tea before he grabbed another and dropped it into Peter’s water as well. The wrappers were snagged by the waitress and she walked away.

“Come here often?”

“Every Saturday after I get done with my perimeter check. I made sure that she knew to bring two of them. Here.”

“What’s this.” Peter picked up what Stiles shoved at him to see that it was a menu only it was of food combos that were massive, more for a shifter who needed more calories to keep their bodies in good working order. There also weren’t super strong flavors on there as compared to what there was o a normal menu.

“Super menu. Most of the local places have menus like it. You can ask for the super menu anywhere. If they don’t have one they look at you weird. Stuff is more organic, less processed and as you can see the super-strong flavors aren’t on there. There won’t be things like turkey bacon and the like either. The burgers here are great. They swapped to bison for the super menu and I love it. Though I’m not getting that for breakfast. I’m getting Mambo #5.”

“You mean combo.”

“Nope.” Stiles popped the P.

Peter looked down to see that the number five combo was indeed named Mambo #5. He knew that it was a song. Malia and Cora loved to dance to it. He and Derek hated that song. The only bad thing was the combo was the best of the bunch. He looked at Stiles and saw the smirk there. “You named this didn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah. Well kind of. I kept on calling it that and finally they just renamed it on the menu. It’s just great.”

“So you eat more now as well?”

“Magic burns a lot, so yeah. Not quite as much as a shifter but close enough. I’ll have something left on the plate, maybe. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.” Stiles scratched at a nick on the table as they waited for the waitress to come and take their order.

Peter ordered for both of them.

“I’m sorry,” Stiles said.

“Sorry?” Peter asked. He frowned because he had no clue what Stiles had done to need to say that he was sorry about.”

“I left without a word. To you and to Derek. I’ll apologize to him later. I knew that I was leaving people behind but I just couldn’t stand to be here. He looked at me…” Stiles picked up his cup and he swallowed. “Even after I found out what Scott had become, and even when I thought that he might have killed the bus driver under your command, I never cared about that. I cared about Scott. I worried about him. I didn’t give a shit that he might have killed someone under the control of someone else but all he saw when it was me was that the damned Oni had killed Allison. He only cared about how it affected him. I have those memories. I remember what it was like to plant that bomb in the Sheriff’s station. To send it off. To write Kira’s name on that board to have her killed. It was fuzzy at first but as I got used to my new body, it was worse and worse. It was years of nightmares as I remembered bits and pieces. Some of it I am sure is just fake memories that my mind made up to fill in gaps but still.”

“Stiles, you were worried about yourself. We left without even trying to talk to your father about it all. We were all hurting in different ways. We all needed this space. I hate that you thought that none of us wanted you. So how did you really find Jackson?”

“Caught at, did you? I actually started to text him. He knew what it was like. He knew and once I explained what had happened, he never once mocked me for it. He let me type it out as slow as I needed to. It took me a week of small texts here and there for me to get it all out. It felt good afterward.”

“You and he have a good basis for helping each other with that. I’m glad that he was able to help you with that. Especially after all of the animosity between the two of you.”

“Yes, well, he did apologize for a lot of that shit that he did. He called it being too much a jerk because he was scared of admitting that he liked boys as well. He never came out to anyone, I’m not even sure that he did with Danny either. I think though that he might have loved him in some way. We got drunk one night over Skype, a drink for each truth that we told that we ere too afraid to admit to anyone. I told him that even when he was being an asshole to me and I hated his guts, there were nights I dreamed about him fucking me under the bleachers at school. Hate sex can be fun. He admitted that he dreamed of learning how to shut me up with his cock in my mouth. It was good for the soul. Much better than chicken soup.”

Peter cocked an eyebrow at that one.

“Ah, I’ll have to send you that link. Oh, give me the number you have. I lost all of them after leaving Beacon Hills. I remember Derek’s by memory but no one else’s.”

“Sure.” Peter opened up his phone and handed it over to Stiles. Stiles texted himself and then Peter sent him every single number for the pack. he got one back that had all the numbers that he would need. Peter forwarded that to the rest of the Hales. “So how are you liking the FBI?”

“I got through the internship with ease and every year I went back for other things. Helped in the long run. When there was a small attack in DC on the building, a shifter who was out for blood and I took them down with ease without alerting anyone else what they were, I was noticed by the Section Chief for the BAU and he put me on the team that Doctor Reid was on. He was the second in command of the team, didn’t want to be the Unit Chief but then Beacon Hills went crazy and since I was from here and knew all, I was sent along with Janice. We snagged Jackson and Ethan to come along. Jackson’s law degree helps a lot in a lot of various ways and Ethan’s good at protecting all of us. So that’s what we happened to get us all here. I think that we will be here for a long time. Or at least I will be. Doctor Reid’s talked about leaving me here as the liaison between the county and the Federal levels. I’d be okay with that but I think that Jackson’s going to want to stay with me. He doesn’t trust anyone in this town with me.”

Peter just raised his eyebrows at that. He hadn’t spent a lot of time with Jackson when he wasn’t being a raging douche monster from hell in his Kanima form. So this was something that really shocked him. He knew that Jackson had to grow up and adapt at one point but sometimes that didn’t happen until guys like him were forced to do it when they were caught by the law for doing something they felt entitled to do but they weren’t. He wondered if Janice or even Ethan had forced him to face the facts. He couldn’t see Janice marrying him while he was still like he was in Beacon Hills. It wasn’t something that Peter was all that worried about really.

Their food was dropped off and Peter looked down at it. He had learned to eat the kind of food that humans did but as with most shifters, he liked less processed things. There were restaurants that were moving toward fresh and more wholesome ingredients but it wasn’t as cost-effective as most people who wanted that kind of stuff would pay for it but the people who didn’t, wouldn’t.

“So what do you do besides work?” Peter asked.

“Read a lot. Anything I can get my hands on as far as supernatural lore and the like. I’ll never be caught up on that. It seems like every time that I am getting done with something, we help a group and they gladly give over their books for me to make copies of. I have a massive book collection. Thankfully I can pull books in and out of it with ease and don’t have to actually carry them around with me. Small pocket dimensions are great for that. I made sure that I learned that spell first thing. I ransacked the Hale vault that I found under the school of books, made copies of them but I haven’t gotten to them yet. I just thought I would tell you. I was doing a hunt in town two weeks ago for rare books. There are some weird as hell places to find them. I found one buried in an iron box in the backyard of Dad’s house. Whoever lived there before had buried it thinking that it was haunted after they found it at a book sale and was pushed to buy it. It’s a history of Sparks, so I have to think that magic pushed them to do it. Hell, they could have been hearing voices telling them to take it to my mom or dad at that point and was ignoring it.”

“You know that I never had an issue with you reading the books in the vault, even if I never told you that was where I was getting them from.”

“I had Derek’s number but he was always so gruff about things like that. I didn’t want to ask him for your number so I just decided that asking forgiveness was better than permission.”

“I have the same thought a lot of time, at least for things like that.” Peter held out his teacup and allowed Stile to clink his off of it. He was enjoying this. The time to just be near Stiles. That want of him it seemed hadn’t diminished over the years that they were in New York. Now that Stiles was confident and older, he was even more tantalizing to Peter. He would have to make sure to take care of him. Even if Stiles was planning on staying in Beacon Hills, things were rocky at the moment and it was going to be hard to let him go a second time if he needed to. Peter pushed down at that part of himself. He was here in town to live again, he didn’t want a reason to leave.

“So what made you and the pack want to come back?”

“After I became Alpha the urge was there. I don’t know how Laura pushed it away as long as she did. It’s was strong as hell and just something that we all felt. There has always been a Hale in this area protecting the Nemeton. Though I guess there has always been someone from your family as well, at least as long as they have been here.”

“Yes. Mom’s family is matriarchal, just like the Argents and sort of the Hales. I guess the Hales are something different since they only want the Hale name passed. I know that’s why Gregory took her name. Mom’s family though always had daughters. It was something in the whole magic thing. Her family abandoned her when she took Dad’s last name and then I was born. She couldn’t have kids after me, there were more than a few complications with my pregnancy and she was told to not even risk having a second child. So they never did. Dad got a vasectomy since it was going to be easier for him unless Mom wanted to stay on birth control and they use condoms if not. Then when I was at the FBI a block was found on my magic. A little leaked out here and there and that’s how I was able to do what I did with Mountain Ash. So they looked into things and talked to a few people in Poland about the family. Yeah, they are pretty sure that my maternal grandparents put it on me the only time that they ever saw me before they went to Poland after retiring. Even the Nogistune couldn’t unlock that and I think that it tried. I kind of remember it beating on a wall in my mind. It never got through. I think that if I had ever given into it would have. Still, it was strange to have to learn a hell of a lot of other things as well. That training didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it was going to. The people who do that don’t tell anyone in the FBI about it unless the person who is found is a danger. So then I’m in the middle of a case as a junior agent, getting coffee and the more horrible things that no one wants to do like dumpster diving when needed.”

“How did that get them to figure out you knew the occult?” Peter asked.

“Well, there was the revenge spiral on a sheet of paper in the dumpster but I just ignored it. I mean it’s a common symbol. Then it showed up on a body the next day. I guess I said the word revenge loud enough for someone to hear and then the fuckers started to test me. So then I was dumped into the deep end of the biggest secret that the FBI has.”

“And how come no one ever came from that unit to Beacon Hills, instead of sending McCall?”

“He kind of took that upon himself. He was working and the full authority of the FBI but he lied on a few things so that a full until wasn’t sent.”

“I see.”

Peter wasn’t sure what he thought about that. How things might have been different if a different unit had come to that. It wasn’t worth dwelling on the past though.

Chapter 3

The smell of the Preserve had Stiles feeling a little giddy. He rushed forward, chasing around after Reid. It was the full moon and while Stiles knew that the other wolves were out there in the Preserve, it wasn’t like they were going to cross paths. Stiles had pushed his little pack toward the old Hale house, knowing that Peter wouldn’t lead his pack there. Stiles stopped and sniffed at the earth below his paws. The world always felt so different when he was in his magical form as Reid called it. It felt damned good and he loved it. He had the same senses as a werefox when he was like this. He was happy to be like it as well. He was just happy all together with it all.

Stopping, Stiles smelled something that was wrong. He followed his nose, not caring if Jackson and Reid were following him. Ethan was running a perimeter while Janice just enjoyed looking at the stars. Ethan would join them soon enough. They were the strangest pack in the world but it worked for them. Stiles kept on following his nose until he got to where he knew that Laura’s body was buried. Derek had been given her whole body back and he had buried her again in the ground in her wolf form. Stiles pawed at the earth and he could smell death magic. It smelled a lot like Peter had just after he had come back or at least what Stiles thought he smelled like when he dug into his memories of that time with his magic. Stiles yipped into the air, calling Reid and Jackson to him. He knew that Reid might know more than him. He shifted back to his human form though and waited. He had everyone’s clothes in the backpack on him. He took a few pictures with his cell phone as he waited for his pack to join him. There was something severely off by this. He could smell that no one had been around the body for a long time. He could barely smell the body underneath in his fox form.

“Stiles?” Reid asked as he shifted to his human form.

“There is death magic here.”

“Whose grave is this?” Reid asked.

“Laura Hale.”

Reid shifted back to his fox form and started to smell around. Stiles looked at Jackson.

“Be ready to call the Hale pack if needed. If someone is messing with Laura’s body, it’ s not good.”

“No, it’s not.” Reid tugged on Stiles’ backpack when he got back into human form again and he started to get dressed. “Call them.”

Jackson walked over to the edge of the clearing and howled in the direction that they knew the Hale pack was in. It was the first full moon since they had arrived back in Beacon Hills.

“What’s up, Doc?” Stiles asked. It gained him a twitch of the lips from Reid.

“Death magic is not good and the smell of those ground. No one has been around here in years. That means it was set a very long time ago. That’s not good. Timed spells like this are never good.”

Stiles knew that. It was how Peter had been resurrected, just a shorter time on it. They waited while the Hale pack came running toward them. Derek was the first to arrive and he skidded to a stop and started to growl. Jackson growled back and stayed where he was, between Stiles and the Hale pack. Malia came running up next followed by who Stiles assumed as Cora. Peter was last with the rest of the pack. Peter shifted to human form, not even caring that he was naked.

“What’s going on?” Peter asked.

“Death magic around the grave of the Former Hale Alpha,” Reid said.

Derek stopped growling and he shifted. “And you’ve never noticed it before?”

“We’ve stayed away from here and stayed in the more open areas during full moons. We wanted to make sure the packs didn’t cross so I thought that being around here was best. I didn’t plan on coming this close but I caught a hint of the magic on the wind,” Stiles said. Peter knew of his form but he hoped that not mentioning would make Peter not mention it as well.

“You’ve not been around here at all?” Derek asked.

“Nope. I actually haven’t been here to the house since the last that shit dragged us here before I left Beacon Hills. This place is sacred.”

“How close did you get to hint the magic on the wind?” Cora asked.

“Half a mile,” Stiles said. It was enough that if it wasn’t the full moon he would have noticed it. His magic reacted differently on the full moon when he was running with the pack. Stiles tried to figure out where to look with the four Hales naked in front of him. They were all Greek gods and goddesses and Stiles libido wasn’t reacting the best with the moon pulling at him. He kind of hated the spell for this. He never felt like this with his pack. Stiles was pretty sure that magic had made a shifter under his skin and he was just noticing it. “This is like what Peter smelled like just after he got back from the dead. At least the parts that I remember well enough that my brain remembers smells.”

“Yes, it does but it’s not on her,” Peter said as he walked over to where the grave was. There was an actual gravestone there now with the date of her death. “It’s something else. Alphas die but magic stays on their bodies. It’s how they get stuck in the form that we want them in when it comes time to bury them with the wolfsbane. This was her favorite form.”

“I need to go to the Nemeton,” Stiles said.

“I’ll take him,” Peter offered.

“We can do it,” Jackson said.

“No, I can’t take you, Jackson, and you know it. Your hybrid Kanima messes with things. Peter is the most knowledgeable about magic that’s not Reid. I need someone else to bounce ideas off of.”

Jackson growled but he said nothing.

“Strange you are so linked to him,” Erica said. It was meant to be a cut into him but Stiles knew that Jackson wouldn’t rise up to it.

“There is a bond in those who had been forced to kill when they wouldn’t and having the memories of being made to do it,” Derek said.

Stiles nodded his head. He was glad that someone else got it.

“I’ll head back to the house when we are done,” Peter said looking at his pack.

Derek nodded his head.

“Cora, stay with the good Doctor Reid and the other agents. You have a good basis for magic and you know our books better than anyone else. There might be other things that you can help with as well.”

“How could she do that?” Janice asked.

“She lived in South America and Mexico for a long time. They are more connected with death magic than any other group in the world. Why else is there a Day of the Dead and other festivals like that?” Stiles gave Cora a smile before he walked over to where Peter was pointing them in the direction of the Nemeton. He followed behind him until Stiles was pretty sure that they were far enough from the pack that if he shifted it would be fine. He took off, making Peter squawk before he shifted and followed behind him in wolf form.

The Nemeton felt like it had been since Deaton had died. It was asleep, healing from a long time of being abused. It would wake when it was ready and not a moment before. There was nothing else out of place. Stiles crawled up on top of it and sat there. He felt connected to it better when he was like this. To the ley lines that were everywhere. Peter scrambled around trying to find a place to sit that wasn’t lighting up with the ley line under it so Stiles reached out and tugged him up and onto the Nemeton. Peter settled on his butt much like Stiles was, just at the edge of the large cut-down tree. Stiles touched every single mind that was along the ley lines. He jerked when he found that a few of them went through the graveyard and touched every single spot where one of the McCall pack was buried. He hadn’t realized that. He had gone to Scott’s funeral and that was it. It was something that he felt that he needed to do. Melissa hadn’t forgiven him and she had actually slapped him there in front of everyone. She called him a murderer. Then the whole of the case went into the public eye because of her and she learned a hard truth about her son. She still hadn’t forgiven Stiles but at least she wasn’t hostile toward him anymore.

“This is not good, at all,” Stiles said as he shifted to human form. He needed a mouth for this. He called Reid’s cell phone and waited for it to be picked up and he moved it to speaker. “There were spells set in place over the entire fucking area but they were dormant until the Hales came back. Every single member of the McCall pack was buried on a ley line. The spells are tapping into the Nemeton, even while it’s asleep. I can’t stop this unless I destroy the Nemeton and that’s just going to make things worse, not better.”

“What do we need to do?”

“Get ready for every single member of the pack to be brought back to life just as they were before they died on the next full moon. They can be killed easily but we will need to be there in the graveyard. I can set-up wards so that no one can cross from either side. To make sure that it’s going to hold I’ll have to keep us inside. There can’t be a single hole in it all.”

“You are going to have to be the one to kill Deaton and Scott again,” Reid said.

“I know. I can do it.” Stiles swallowed and looked at Peter. Peter was still in his wolf form and he just looked at Stiles with his head cocked to the side. “We need to make sure that the Hale pack is ready as well. We will need them.”

Reid said nothing about that but just made plans to meet up the next day. Stiles tapped the button to hang up and then he looked at Peter. Stiles shifted back to his fox form and curled into a ball. He waited to see what Peter was going to do. Stiles didn’t feel like he could leave the Nemeton alone at the moment, that something was going to flow back to it from the graves. If he was there he would know. A few minutes later, Peter curled around his back and Stiles felt sleep pulling at him.

The sound of feet on leaves had Stiles waking up. He smelled nothing so he pulled on the magic around him to pull his werefox traits to the surface. He smelled pack and he smelled safety. His father was out there. He opened his eyes to see Derek, his father, as well as Jackson there. Derek was looking at him in shock and it took a few seconds for him to realize that he had not pulled his werefox traits to the surface, he had fully shifted.

“That’s not Doctor Reid,” Derek said. He didn’t sound all that pleased.

Stiles could understand the anger being about a strange werefox being in the area, apparently curled up with his uncle, his Alpha. Flashing his red Alpha eye sat him, Stiles held in his laughter. Jackson had told him more than once that the laughter was creepy coming from him in that form. Stiles stretched and rolled to look at Peter who was fully back to human form as well. He grinned before stretching one last time, shifting as he did. Derek stumbled back at that.

“Magic’s great isn’t it?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah,” Derek said.

Stiles poked at Peter until the Alpha started to wake up. He grumbled and then stretched. Uncaring about his nakedness, Peter turned to look at him.

“Despite sleeping on a tree, that was pretty good.”

“Yeah. There is nothing that we need to be in fear of at the moment, nothing is going to happen until the full moon so we have just about thirty days. I can head to the graveyard to see what I can see and figure out if there is a way to stop it before the start of the full moon but it feels pretty tight. Deaton had a long time to get things ready. he would have made sure there were no loopholes but he also probably figured that setting the anchor of the spell on Laura’s body was genius.”

“We have stayed away from the old house. I said my goodbyes to it a long time and while we kept it preserved and the land paid for over the years, I couldn’t tear it down,” Derek said.

“It’s understandable. It’s a good reminder of what not to let happen again,” Noah said. He tossed something at Stiles who flailed but the clothes just flew over him. “Malia sent me with those. She came by and let me know that you were both still out and you had no clothes with you.”

“Thanks,” Peter said, taking the clothes from Stiles.

“So what’s with the cuddling?” Noah asked.

“I might have the form of a werefox but I don’t have the warmth that all of the shifters have. Cuddling for warmth is totally appropriate.” Stiles wondered at what point someone was going to believe that.

“Packs sleep like that when they are alone in unsafe lands. I’m not shocked that Peter stayed close to him in the night. We slept in two queens beds on the trek from New York to here. It was just better that way.” Derek shrugged when Noah looked at him.

“I’ve been dealing with this for a decade and there are still things shock me. So what’s going to happen now?” Noah asked.

“Well, I’m going to be doing a lot of reading and checking over every single grave of the pack members. I will need to go through all of the evidence collected from Deaton’s place as well. I know that I said I didn’t have the time before but I’m hoping that with a shifter with me that can help, I might be able to break down all of the wards around all his items and find the spells that he used to do all of this. I’ll have to step back from the BAU and do just over the phone consults if they get pulled onto a case. Jackson, I know you want to stay and protect me but you will need to go with them for this. Peter isn’t going to hurt me. I promise you that and if he does hurt me, I’ll let you kill him and become Alpha.”

Peter sputtered but he had a glint in his eyes as well.

“Fine. You’ll check in on the regular. Magic can still fuck you up.”

“Where are the good vet’s things?” Peter asked.

“Most of the items we were able to pull and they are in a warded room at the station. There was a room though that is warded to hell and I hadn’t had the chance to really study it and get through everything that I need to.”

“Too bad Lydia isn’t around.”

Stiles flinched and he saw that Peter saw it.

“Lydia was still with the McCall Pack. She was one of the first to die.” Jackson sounded upset at that.

“What?” Peter asked.

“Yes. She kept on finding bodies and it wasn’t until after everything that we realized that Deaton was killing supernatural creatures to keep her focused on those instead of anything else.”

“It’s not like Lydia to be so…unfocused,” Peter said.

“She changed a lot after Aiden died at the hands of the Oni. She followed Scott like a loyal puppy and then she was in Eichen for awhile. Her mother tried to help her during that but she nearly died and her visions of death were changed.” Noah shrugged when Derek looked at him. “I kept an eye on things but there wasn’t a lot that I could do without getting myself killed and I wasn’t going to do that. Deaton led everyone around by their noses, Scott worse than anyone. The full damage wasn’t figured out until much later. Long after their death. We are still uncovering things that we can link Deaton to by magic or by blood. The man used a lot of his blood in things.”

Noah shuddered and Stiles knew what he was talking about. It was like before DNA was a thing and people who did bad things didn’t try and hide their semen or hairs on bodies. Stiles knew that they would probably still be finding things for a long time in Beacon Hills.

“Basically, Deaton turned Beacon Hills into a Hellmouth to try and get more power and immortality, we think. I haven’t found the true basis of most of his spells so I can’t tell on that part. I need to break down the wards in the vet’s office to figure that out. I think I’ve been putting it off long enough.”

Stiles didn’t want to go in there. He didn’t want to know what kinds of things that Deaton and Scott had got up to for Deaton’s vision of what he wanted. And yet there was nothing else to be done. The world would end if he didn’t.

Stiles didn’t need to make up a reason for why he wanted Peter to be the one with him to Peter. They were outside of the vet’s office and Stiles could only feel the death coming off of the place. He hadn’t been around it and only normal humans had been going inside once Stiles had cleared it for things to come out of it. It was strange to be back but Stiles didn’t really care. He laughed as he saw the runes that were still active that were meant to keep him out. Deaton had feared him even after he hadn’t been back in Beacon Hills for years.

“Do you need me to do anything?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, stop me from touching anything if it seems like I’m doing it without noticing. Don’t let me pass out inside of the building and if I do, get me out. As you can see Deaton wanted to make sure that I didn’t get in. I broke those runes once and they came back. Deaton’s magic is all over this place.”

“I can do that but nothing else?” Peter asked.

“I need someone who isn’t excitable with me. Jackson and Ethan both kinda overprotect me and your pack will not understand most of what I do. I don’t trust Cora enough to allow her around me when I’m vulnerable.”

“And you trust me?” Peter purred.

“You never hurt me. You didn’t force the bite on me even though I knew at that point that you were regretting making Scott your Beta and would have rather had me as your Beta. So, yeah I trust you.” Stiles kept the rest of what he wanted to say to himself. He had thought that a long time ago he was half in love with Peter. It was part of why he had left. If Peter had wanted nothing to do with him even after everything that Peter had done, he wasn’t going to make a fool of himself. He didn’t need to make his life harder than it was. Getting away from Beacon Hills was the best thing in the long run. It had allowed him to grow up in the best way that he could. Starting college and getting his degree to where he had a Ph.D. before applying to the Academy. Working as many hours as an intern in the FBI as he could before joining up. Making sure that he had what was needed to pass.

The door was easy to get into even with the rune coming back. Stiles tried to break it harder that time but only time would tell on it.

“You know it never felt like this before.”

“No,” Stiles said as he felt Peter behind him. He sighed as he felt the darkness trying to take the place over. “Deaton actively did rituals to clear most of that out. I never noticed it all myself either. I was too untapped at the time. The first time back home I knew there was a rather large cancer in town but I never figured it out until it was too late. Too many echoes that came from places there were not good. So how do you feel about touch?”

“Touch?” Peter asked.

“I’m better if I have someone grounding me. I can come up out of the trance I am in with you just removing your hand from me. I won’t hear you even if you screamed.”

“Sure. That’s fine. So hand on your shoulder?”

“I’ll be on the exam table so, thigh?” Stiles asked as he hauled himself up onto the exam table in question and got into his favorite pose for doing magical exploration. He didn’t close his eyes until he felt the warmth of Peter’s hand on his thigh. He wanted this a great deal, to have this gone from the town but he had been unable to make himself touch the place.

The pain that dripped off the walls was horrible. He felt Peter’s hand squeeze his thigh tightly as Stiles felt tears rolling down his face. Deaton was in the perfect place to have things happen to animals for a sacrifice that someone would never question. Little Bucky coming in with pain in his side and no appetite, it’s cancer when it’s really not. Heart problems that would be better to have them put down immediately instead of them being in pain and agony for days while it gives out. There were so many lies that he could weave around everything that people believed. It wasn’t the animals could tell anyone where it really hurt. He was trusted and no one had ever guessed that he wasn’t someone who should have their trust. Just like his sister and being a psychologist. Stiles had made sure that she never practiced medicine again. It was the least of what he could do to make sure that she never hurt someone the way that she tried to do everyone in Beacon Hills.

Stiles felt the open wound in the building. It was never going to heal. After this was done and Stiles had gotten everything from this place, he was going to have it torn down. A cleansing ritual would work after that and then he would turn it into a small dog park in memorial for the vet that had died.

The lifting of Peter’s hand from his thigh had Stiles coming up. He looked at Peter in shock. The man was just standing there looking at Stiles.

“Why did you do that?” Stiles croaked. He tried to swallow but found his mouth was dry and his tongue felt like it might have cracked. Peter held out a bottle of something. Stiles drank it down with no issue, the sweet taste on his tongue was enough to pull him out the rest of the way. He looked around to see that it was fully dark outside. It had been just passed noon when they had got in there. “Fuck.”

“Yes. I was reading on my Kindle and didn’t really notice the passage of time until your father called your phone. I talked to him and he gave me the deadline.”

“Yeah. I really didn’t think that I would be lost like that but…this place is a fucking haunted piece of shit.”

Peter’s eyes widened at Stiles’ words.

“Deaton sacrificed animals every year and no one knew. I kind of want to drag Scott’s ass here when he comes back alive and show him the taint of everything that Deaton had done. Show him what his stupid belief in that fucking piece of shit gave this fucking town.” Stiles gripped the edge of the table that he was sitting on, the nexus of the deaths. He wanted to rage and destroy to make his body hurt as much as his mind and heart did at the moment. He looked at Peter’s face to see that Peter was worried. He hated it. “I’ve done as much as I can at the moment and I need to get out of here. It’ll take me a week to get through everything. The sacrifices are all protecting this place and they need to be released from their anchor before they will move on and I can get where I need to go.”

Peter nodded his head and held out his hand. Stiles took it as he slipped off the table. His legs were weak from disuse and it took a few steps before he was able to stand on his own.

“What do you need?”

“I need to tear apart Scott and Deaton with my bare hands. I need to release this anger before it does something to me that I won’t like. I need to just…do something. Anything.”

“So on the fight or fuck scale, you are at a fight. Why don’t we go into the Preserve and you can find a clearing to just rip apart the trees? You can do some damage with your claws.”

“If I give into that in that form, I won’t know friend from foe.”

“And I’ll be there to make sure you don’t hurt anyone, Stiles. I can protect you from doing something you’d regret.”

Stiles snorted because he had a feeling that Peter didn’t understand everything but the urge to just run in his fox form was too much. He never wanted to be a shifter before but after gaining that ability, he understood the kind of high that came from it. He had also decided that if Derek had spent more time in his Beta form, he would be happier. Though, he seemed a lot happier now that he had his family with him as a pack.

Peter was the one that drove them to a section of the Preserve that Stiles had never been in before. It was something very interesting, he could feel the magic all over it. It was Deaton’s and it was faint but still holding strong. It seemed like it was from before he had turned into an insane magic hoarder.

“What is this place?” Stiles asked.

“It’s where we took our young to help them learn control. Once we step inside, only I can drop the wards that will let us out.”

“It’s how you can make sure a wolf on the full moon can’t escape and do anything naughty. I wondered about it. Derek never came out here with the Betas but I can understand that. I mean this was his family’s private place. I’ve never noticed it before. Why are you bringing me here?”

“I’m not as sentimental as my nephew but also I know what you need and that’s to feel safe and this is the best place. I don’t have to keep my eye on you as much. So Stiles, what say you?” Peter asked.


Chapter 4

Peter wasn’t sure what was going on but he felt the warmth of the sun on him. He looked around and it didn’t take long to realize that he was naked in the woods. He saw Stiles was in front of him, naked as well, marks all over his body. It took a few seconds for Peter to realize that the marks were not made by some enemy who had attacked them but by Peter himself. He knew kinds of marks. Sex marks. Stiles was on his front with his arm thrown over Peter and the look of him like that was something that Peter wanted to keep in his mind. He had no clue what was going to happen when Stiles woke up. The night before was a haze of power and lust.

Stiles had texted his father that Peter was taking him to someplace where he could let loose with his pain and anger. Peter had texted Derek and Cora exactly where they were. It had been easy to make sure that no one bothered them. Derek had been worried about Stiles but Peter told him that it was Stiles’ need to tell everyone what had gone on at Deaton’s. Peter didn’t regret that but he hoped that no one else made him regret that. Or what had happened here. Peter like ruthless, competent people. Stiles had been both of those when he put his mind to it when he was younger but this version of him was deadly as well and that just punched all of his buttons. Stiles was like the trifecta of Peter’s wants in someone. Peter just wasn’t sure what Stiles wanted out of everything. If this was a one-time thing that was never to be repeated, if he was just someone that Stiles would fuck when he needed it, or if this was the start of something more. Peter really hoped for the third. He would take the second and build on it if needed. If this was the first, Peter would cherish what memories he had and make sure that Stiles never knew that Peter wanted more.

The sound of animals moving around them slowly woke up Stiles. He groaned and turned his head to where it was pressed to Peter’s shoulder before he scooted closer to him, his head going to Peter’s chest. Peter started to pluck leaves and other forest debris out of Stiles’ hair with a smile on his face.

“Your cock should be labeled as a weapon of mass destruction,” Stiles said after a few more minutes of slowly waking up.

Peter had no clue what to say to that. He wasn’t really above the average in length or girth and had no complaints in either direction from the men and women that he had bedded.

“I’m wrecked to ever have anyone else fuck me again.” Stiles pushed up to look down at Peter with a sated smile on his face. “I guess you’ll have to take that job.”

“Oh, really? And why would I want it?” Peter asked.

Stiles stuck his tongue out at him before ducking down and kissing him. Peter opened up as soon as he was able to, letting Stiles take what he wanted. Stiles kissed like he did everything in his life. With too much gusto and enough skill to be good but not enough to be great. Peter reached up and held his head still as he took over the kiss. Stiles let him with about as much grace as he gave over anything else. Peter lost himself in the kiss until Stiles was braced above him with his hands on either side of Peter’s head and his cock slowly rocking into Peter’s where their groins met.

Gripping Stiles’ hip, Peter kept the younger man thrusting into him. It didn’t take long for either of them to orgasm.

“Do you do everything so well?” Stiles asked as he looked down at Peter.

Peter knew that he was looking smug. He opened his mouth to answer but Stiles’ cell phone started to ring. He groaned and held out his hand. The phone flew across the clearing and dropped in his hand.

“That’s kind of awesome,” Peter said.

“Spell. I always leave my phone in weird as hell places.” Stiles covered Peter’s mouth with one hand before tapping a button. “Stilinski.”

“I thought that it might be best to call before I just showed up so I don’t have to arrest my son and his lover for public indecency,” Stiles’ father said.

“You never arrest anyone in the pack for running around naked,” Stiles said with a pout.

“They never have sex in the Preserve, that I know of.”

“And why do you think that I have?”

“Because Derek said you did.”

“We will be dressed in a few minutes.”

“Did we interrupt?” Noah asked.

“No, we had just finished getting off again. So you didn’t cockblock me.” Stiles hung up before his father could say anything else. He grinned down at Peter. “Well, my father and your nephew know that we have made the beast with two backs.”

“Yes, the scent of us probably is everywhere the area and if they came looking for us, Derek would not come closer than he really needed to. There is a difference between seeing each other naked when we are running together and seeing nakedness before, during, or after sex. Where are our clothes?” Peter asked.

“I think I shoved them in my bag last night before you chased me. I hung it up.” Stiles craned his head around to look and he found it saw it hanging from a limb that was far enough up to dissuade them jumping up to get it but not impossible for Stiles to get it down easily. He got up from Peter and walked over to grab it. he pulled the wipes that he carried in the bag out and tossed them at Peter before digging around at the clothes. He refreshed the socks and underwear just so they didn’t feel all that disgusting while wearing the day before’s clothes. Peter was finished wiping himself up and he handed the wipes to Stiles.

“Why the wipes?”

“When I shift, nothing on my fox form really comes back to me since the fur is not really part of me. Reid though has a habit of chasing things that he really shouldn’t. It’s quite hilarious to see him come back covered in mud but we can’t always get to a shower. So I make sure that the bag has cleaning supplies in it. What about you?”

“We tend to just wash off in a stream before changing back but then we always ran here and it was easy to just slip back into the house if need be. So what are the plans today?”

“I’m going to eat a horse at the diner and then we are going back to Deaton’s. I’ll give you better instructions today so I’m not nearly as hungry when I am done. Feeding times and such. Pizza is nice since I eat it cold, warm, hot, and one time when I was fucking hungry still half frozen.”

“Pizza is good.” Peter smiled at Stiles and Stiles couldn’t help pulling him in for a kiss.

“I know we need to talk but I need to focus on this and not on that.”

“We can talk when it’s done if you promise we are going to talk.”

“Yup,” Stiles said popping the P. He turned his head to look at where the tree was that he had nearly fully destroyed a large patch of bark on it. The other trees it the area had areas where he could see that the wolves had done worse of the years. The trees were all healthy and he could feel the magic in them that made sure that they all healed up. “His magic was so clean when he did this.”

“When he took over as Emissary, this was one of the first things that he had done. It’s the way that it always is with the Emissary, a show that they are committed to making sure that the youngest of the pack is safe.”

“I’ll come out as soon as we cleanse the whole town of him and make sure that I have taken it over. I don’t think that I want even his good taint in the town.” Stiles could feel the pure goodness of the magic on this place but it was overshadowed by Deaton’s magical signature.

“Sure. I would love that. We can figure out the other places where he had done magic and do the same. It won’t be hard to track all of his signatures all over town. It might be good to make sure that nothing evil is hidden inside of good.”

“The spell on Larua didn’t start until you guys got home. I would have noticed that before then. He could have other time-delayed things all over. We could be dealing with this until the end of time.”

“And we will.”

Stiles nodded his head and finished getting dressed. He held out his hand when he was done and Peter gladly held onto it until they were near where their car was. Derek and Stiles’ father were both waiting there for them. It was hilarious to see Derek’s face when he got a good sniff of them.

“We have a minor issue in town,” Noah said.


“Lydia Martin just walked into the station and gave herself up to be contained in a cell.”

“That should be impossible. We have until the full moon.”

“Yes, well she said that she was only going to talk to the Hale Alpha. I assume she thinks that it’s Derek but we wanted to get both of you before we did anything.”

Stiles sighed and rubbed at the bridge of his nose. “I need to eat a cow before I do anything else. Peter needs to as well, he’s not eaten more than I have. So we will go and eat, get cleaned up and then meet you both at the station.”

Noah and Derek both nodded.

Stiles watched Lydia on the screen and wondered what in the hell was going on. She looked exactly like she had been just before she died. She was in clothes that were not what she had buried in. Someone was going to check her grave to make sure that the body was still there. She was interacting with the world around her. She had drunk water and could touch things. Stiles couldn’t feel anything from her though and the wolves on the force couldn’t get a single smell from her. She didn’t smell like death magic to Reid.

It was either a really neat trick or a ruse to distract them before the full moon. Deaton made the long plans and it seemed that he had figured out the one that would throw Stiles off of his game. Stiles wasn’t going to let the man win though. He wasn’t going to let anyone win when they shouldn’t.

“Do you want to go in alone?” Derek asked.

“No, you’ll go in with me and we shall see what game Deaton is playing.”


Stiles looked at Peter who was at the back of the room, his eyes locked on the screen. Peter wasn’t going not like Stiles going in there without him but it was what was needed. Stiles had known exactly what he was getting into when he had pounced on him in the forest the night before. That little spark between them had flared up and he had been more than content to let Peter take what he needed. It had helped to ground him in a way that other things had not in so long. Stiles didn’t feel bad about it at all. He had got what he needed and so hadn’t Peter. The full discussions could happen later. They had a lot of other issues to deal with.

Lydia looked up as Derek and Stiles entered the room. Her face was full of shock that couldn’t be faked, even Stiles knew that. He had been trained for this kind of thing.

“So how are you alive?” Stiles asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Lie,” Stiles said before Derek could say it.

Lydia sniffed and looked at both of them like they were an affront. “You two were supposed to be dead.”

“Supposed to be dead?” Stiles asked.

“The spell was supposed to kill you when we died and then the second that Derek went across the borders with the Alpha power he should have dropped dead and that Alpha power was supposed to feed the spell that would bring me back and then the rest of the pack if we were killed. Deaton said that you were going to come back for us one day.”

“You know I pitied you,” Stiles said. He stepped close to the bars and gave her a smile. Her skin turned pale at the look of him. “Back when I thought that you were being led around by your Banshee powers by a man who has been sacrificing animals at his clinic for years but that was just another ploy wasn’t it? A good cover for when you came back so that everyone would look at you like you were some poor thing that needed to be pitied. I learned something about you though, Lydia. You never need pity. You turn everything to suit you and you love it. You want to make sure that everyone looks at you like the princess you are and it’s not going to work.”

Lydia huffed and walked over to the metal bench that was welded to the wall and she sat down like she had no care in the world that she was in a jail cell.

“You can’t hold me here,” Lydia said.

“Actually, we can. I mean you are going to have to go through DNA tests and everything and then there will be an investigation into how you survived your head being ripped off. I mean your mother claimed your body and we did a DNA test on every single person who was killed that night. Every single one. So how are you going to claim that you didn’t die? I mean it’s pretty open and shut that you were dead. Which means you don’t exist. It wasn’t quite the same for Peter but he still had a shit ton of stuff to go through to reclaim his identity. Though no one knew he was dead. So, Lydia tell me how I should be doing this?”

“You always did think you were better than anyone else.”

“No, not really. Just you know the people that didn’t treat others like they mattered. So tell me, Lydia, how should I treat you when you were part of a whole big thing that would kill innocents?”

“Like you never killed an innocent?” Lydia asked.

“Actually, I haven’t. Yeah, there was a demon in my body who did it but I never did it. It wasn’t my actions that did it. That’s like saying you being a Banshee is why the people you find were killed. Or that Jackson is the killer when he turned into the Kanima and was at the mercy of first Matt and then Gerard. Don’t play those games with me. If I was bitten right now my eyes would be blue but we both know that blue eyes are more than just killing innocents. It’s also from deep and profound guilt. I can feel guilt for what was done in my body but I take no blame for it. Just like Jackson does with the kills his Kamina body made. You though, your eyes would be blue if you could turn into a shifter. Yours and every single member of the McCall pack who let themselves be led around by a man who was so foul that it took daily spells to keep his clinic from reeking of dark magic. So don’t even try that shit with me.”

“How did he live? Did you rip the life from everything around him to keep him alive? How much of the forest did you kill?”

“None. So the spell was tied to Derek coming back an Alpha. Why?”

“It’s not like anyone with any sanity would allow Peter to become an Alpha again. Cora didn’t want it. Malia didn’t either. The Hale pack has an Alpha and Derek’s the best of a sad lot.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart,” Peter said from behind Stiles.

Stiles didn’t even turn around. He knew that tone. Peter was going to be an asshole. Stiles was okay with that.

Lydia looked afraid when she looked up at Peter over Stiles’ shoulder.

“So for your plan to work you needed the death of the Hale Alpha and your band was too stupid to even do a little research and then you needed Stiles dead as well. So what happened to Stiles to make him not die when he was supposed to?”

“Oh, I figured that out easy. Deaton lost me in the fight and he cast some kind of spell and I felt it roll over me and then disappear.”

“How? Deaton said it would settle on you no matter what because you are human?” Lydia hated riddles and things she didn’t understand.

Stiles was half tempted to leave her alone with her thoughts. To never tell her.

“Lydia Martin, you are under arrest by the highest FBI authority and that’s terrorism and treason. The actions that you took to help the Darach Deaton was made against the betterment of the whole country. It was going to unleash a terrorist of the highest order into the world.”

“He’s not a Darach!” Lydia said.

“No, he’s keeping the balance, right? He’s making sure that things are kept safe. But he lied to you.”

Stiles stepped up to the bars again as she stepped forward. There were spells that were going to keep her from getting her hands between the bars but it wasn’t going to stop him. He gripped the edge of her shirt and tugged her forward as he let his eyes flare. Lydia looked shocked as hell at that. She started to breathe so hard that Stiles was pretty sure she was going to pass out. He let her go and she scrambled to the back of the cell.

“Best guess is that Scott’s True Alpha Spark went into me. But we can’t prove that. Though I think that my Nogitsune possession made my form what it is. So Lydia, do tell us everything or I’ll let this body break down. We both know that it won’t last unless Deaton does something. It’ll be painful when it happens and I won’t ease that. Not after everything that you did.”

“You would really leave me to be in that much pain? Me, the first love you ever had?” Lydia asked.

Stiles laughed.

“You weren’t my first love. You were my first crush, the first infatuation, and the reason why I learned what it’s like to love the idea of someone instead of who they really are. So please keep on talking. Do you know what I’ve been doing with my time for the last two days? Figuring out everything that Deaton has done to this town. To unravel the pain that he put everywhere. Come here.” Stiles pushed with his magic and Lydia was forced across the room. He touched her face with both hands, holding her tightly as he pushed just a single percent of the pain he had found at Deaton’s into her mind. She started to scream, thrash, and cry but Stiles kept it up for five minutes. It wasn’t getting worse but her mind couldn’t contain it. When he finally let her go, Lydia dropped to her knees, her face streaked with tears. “Tell me that Deaton is a good man now. Tell me that you were doing the best for this fucking town. Scott never learned his lesson from Theo. He allowed himself to be ped around by his loyalty and his thinking that he was better than everyone else just because he wasn’t someone who would kill.”

Stiles turned to leave the room. Derek and Peter stepped apart to allow him out.

“She knows nothing,” Stiles said when he saw his team there. He looked at Ethan and frowned at him before walking over and hugging him. Ethan ducked and hid his face in Stiles’ neck.

“I’ll see what I can get from her,” Janice said.

“Please do. Make sure that Jackson guards you. I don’t want anyone alone with her. Jackson’s ability to make the venom the best protection that we have at the moment.” Stiles looked at Peter.

“It’s a real body,” Peter said.

“Yes, I got that part of it all. She’s pretty normal really. Deaton did good with that spell, well, it’s a black as fucking black magic can get but it was good. Everyone would be looking at her and not at what was going on with everything else with the full moon. She is a distraction that we don’t need. My team will handle her, Peter can your pack make sure that nothing else has popped up strange?”

“Sure. We can make sure that someone is going around town at all hours. It won’t be hard. Boyd, Isaac, and Erica are taking to the pack well. We will be able to do that.”

“Ethan?” Stiles asked.

“Sure. I can work with them.”

“Not suited for the high minded stuff?” Peter asked.

“Fighting strategy, taking down enemies? That shit I can do. Reading through books, trying to parse out why someone is doing something? Not as much. I’m content in the areas I am good at. Jackson’s got Janice so I can easily help you guys with protecting the town.”

“Did you ever think you would end up back in Beacon Hills?” Derek asked.

Stiles tried to tune them out as he looked at the notes that Janice had handed to him about his interview with Lydia. She agreed with him on every single point. It was good to have someone else see the same things that he did. Janice wasn’t one to let anyone lead her around. Hell, she would fight with him over which jelly was best on a peanut butter sandwich given nothing else to fight about. The team worked because everyone on it could be assholes if given the chance, usually when dealing with others but there were small, snarky fights between everyone when they need something that feels good in the middle of a horrible case.

“No,” Ethan answered. “It took Aiden from me. We were all that each other had after Deucalion killed our pack. We were saved because of what we were. The monster we could turn into. It made it easy to just go along so that we weren’t killed. Hell, we weren’t even sure that one of us could die without the other dying as well. There are days still where I wish that would have happened.”

There was screaming from the other room and Stiles looked at the monitor that showed that Lydia was going off on Jackson.

“She seems like she didn’t know that he was here,” Peter said.

“Yeah, I kept Jackson and Ethan back and they only joined the fight at the end, masked with magic. Jackson and Ethan knew what they were doing but I didn’t want anything to make the others go after them more just because. Jackson was great at incapacitating the trio after they gave up. I don’t trust easy and I refuse to leave an enemy behind me to gut me from behind.” Stiles looked at the paper that Janice had started on the spell that she thought was what was used to bring Lydia back to life.

“The casket still has her in it,” Parrish said as he entered the station and looked at Stiles.

“Totally sure?”

“Yup. The clothes she was in, which are not what she was found in are still there. The seal you put on it was still there as well,” Parrish said.

“What seal?” Derek asked.

“Tape. I literally stuck tape at the edges of the casket, one on each half so that if it was lifted up after it was put into the ground I would know if we dug it up. Did you put it back?” Stiles asked.

“Yup. We checked the other graves and they are all still untouched but we didn’t dig them up. Mrs. Martin was there and she wanted to know why we were digging her up. I told her that the ground around it had been disturbed and we were checking to make sure the casket wasn’t. We told her that it was fine and that we found the reason behind the disturbance was a mole that had dug around her grave a good bit and that we’re going to make sure that mole deterrent is updated around the graveyard.”

“Thanks. She visits a few times a week but I’ve never figured out a pattern to it. Did she keep Gucci?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah. She had the dog with her. I promised her that new sod would be laid so she didn’t have to see a large patch of dirt.”

“Yeah, take that out of the fund.” Stiles looked up as Reid entered the room. He was frowning as he read something in a book.

“Well, I found the spell that was used on Miss Martin. That body is a fully magical construct that will fade away into nothing two days after the full moon unless something else happens. I haven’t found that spell as the page in this book is gone. I’ve got a few contacts working on check-in other volumes. I found this one in the books of Deaton’s.”

Reid handed the book over and Stiles read over the spell and the description and how it was a subtle spell that was time-triggered and there was no way to stop it.

“Given the fight going on in there, I would say that yes, that’s Miss Martin. We can’t put to rest that she isn’t. Which means that the mind inside of the body was being kept somewhere. We might be able to find that and destroy it and then the minds of the others will go away as well. Be easier to fight what would essentially be zombies without the hunger for flesh.”

“I wonder if someone messing up these spells is where we got zombies from.” Stiles read through the pages around the spell that was missing and he knew that Deaton had done to stop them from stopping it but he also was intrigued by the thing that would be keeping the minds and souls of the bodies that were dead. It wouldn’t hard to figure out where it was but he wondered what kind of protection were on it.”

“I’ll have Cora look into the spells as well in case we can’t find anything. One of the people she stayed with while she was in hiding was pretty heavy into research. Collected things just to have them.” Derek was already pulling out his cell phone.

“I need to go back to Deaton’s and break down more of that place.”

“I’ll go with you. Derek, get the pack out and around the town. Stick Malia in the woods. She’ll love that.”

Derek nodded his head as he relayed that information to Cora to give to the pack at the house.

“Ready?” Stiles asked after he handed the book back to Reid. Reid gave him a small smile.

“I have a second team coming this way. You are going to be here for a long time and I know that the trio will be staying with you. So I’m going to see about training up some new people. This town is going to need an FBI presence for a long time to fix it and I see no one better for it. I figure a few cases here and there with members helping me and then we will be good to go alone. You’ll always be there to contact if I need you.”

Stiles nodded his head and looked at Peter. He had been afraid when he came back to Beacon Hills that he would get sucked in and unable to leave. He was right but the Hales were here and they were going to help so it was better than he thought it would be. Whatever he had with Peter was strong but he didn’t know if it was enough to make him want to stay when the time came that he was able to say that the town was fixed.

Chapter 5

There was little in the graveyard that held Stiles’ attention while they waited for the moon to reach its peak. Everyone was around by a grave with a gagged and magically, and physically bound Lydia in the back of a police transport van. Stiles hated that he wasn’t able to talk his father out of being there but at least he was waiting but the van to make sure that no one made it to her and saved her. The holders of the souls and minds had not been found. They found what had been holding Lydia’s but none of the others. Deaton’s magic was all over town and unless they called in a coven of witches that they trusted, there wasn’t a lot that could be done with Stiles still working on the vet office. It was horrible that so much darkness had filled the town but then Stiles knew that Deaton had been working this stuff since the moment that the Hales were killed. Hindsight was twenty-twenty.

“I wish I had killed Deaton the night at the school when I was tormenting you,” Peter said as he dropped into a crouch beside Stiles. Peter was the only wolf who was moving around. Everyone else had a single place they were supposed to stay. Stiles was standing in front of Deaton’s grave. He wasn’t shocked that Peter was there with him. Peter wasn’t ever really all that far away from Stiles at any given point in time. Stiles had taken to staying at the Hale house instead of the place where the team had crashed.

“You know I wonder what we could have stopped if that had happened.” Stiles would never condone cold-blooded murder but even he understood what peter had done when he was insane. That death though could have stopped a lot of things. He didn’t know what else could have been stopped but this would have been more than worth it. To not have lost his best friend.

“Three minutes!” Reid called out. There were enough deputies around the perimeter that no one from the outside should be able to get inside fo the graveyard and would call just in case something else was resurrected.

“Showtime,” Stiles said as he gripped the sword that was at his side. He planned on removing Deaton’s head as soon as he appeared. Peter stood up and his claws came out, they were coated in something that would hopefully help him land blows that would injure and not heal at all, even on the wolves.

Stiles rolled his shoulders as he felt the pull of the moon. It wasn’t nearly as strong as it was for the shifters but he wanted to howl and announce that this was his time. The Alpha inside of him was packing like a caged animal while waiting for the enemies to show up.

The first sound that Stiles heard was the beating of hearts. It was like all of them turned on at the same time. Then there was the sound of gurgling. He looked behind to see Malia ripping out Kira’s throat. Cora had another pack member on the ground, blood going everywhere. Stiles looked down at Deaton’s grave and then over at Scott’s. Derek shrugged where he was waiting. It had been decided that Stiles would take Deaton and Dere would take Scott.

“Derek?” Scott asked.

Stiles spun around where the sound came from and there was Deaton as well as Scott, yet the heartbeats were still under the soil. The whistle of an arrow through the air alerted Stiles that Chris had made his presence known. The arrow went right through Deaton’s head. It was an apparition.

“I see that my plans were thwarted,” Deaton said. He looked at his hand and frowned. It was vaguely see-through.

“Well, magic’s a bitch,” Stiles said.

“How did you survive that night?” Deaton didn’t seem that fazed about it which was really something that Stiles hated. He didn’t get worked up about much it seemed.

“It was really easy, really fucking easy.” Stiles let his shift arch through him a little, changing just a few features before he was human again. “Magic can be a lot of fun.”

Scott stepped forward but was bound to that spot it seemed. His eyes flashed Beta gold in anger. He gasped.

“Yeah, see that’s a nice sign. Your Alphaness is gone, Scott. Ripped from you because you were not worthy. You worked with a man who killed animals for power. Who set you on this path.”

“You are the evil one. Not us!”

“So it’s okay to kill Peter to turn you back from being a werewolf but it’s not okay to kill a man who killed a lot of packs. It’s okay because it’s Peter but it’s not okay to kill a Darach who had killed twelve people and tried to kill our parents? That’s not mercy, Scott. That’s idiocy.”

“She never bothered us again, did she?” Scott asked.

“Because I killed her first,” Peter said.

Scott looked at him in shock.

“Killed her on the Nemeton to make sure that she never darkened our doorstep again. Letting killers out into the world to have them just come back is stupid.” Peter laid his hand on Stiles’ shoulder, squeezing.

Stiles saw what Peter was trying to point out. Everyone else in the pack was dead. The heartbeats of the bodies in the ground behind them were getting stronger.

“Wow,” Stiles said.

“What?” Scott asked.

“You and Deaton are using the deaths of your pack at the moment to fuel your rebirth. I wonder how long those bodies would last if we hadn’t killed them all.”

“MURDERERS!” Scott yelled.

“And how did you survive coming into town, Derek?” Deaton asked, not even showing an ounce of emotion.

“I’m a Beta,” Derek said shrugging his shoulders.

“No, there is a Hale Alpha. I made sure of that.”

“Thanks for that,” Reid said as he stepped up behind the Hales and Stiles. “We had the payment but couldn’t trace it. So you paid that Alpha to attack that woman.”

Stiles knew that the New York FBI field office had responded to Reid’s asking of information on that case after Peter had told them how he became an Alpha. The case had checked out perfectly. Peter had killed him in a very normal human way during a fight so it had been an open and shut case.

Scott finally looked at Deaton with distrustful eyes. Stiles knew those eyes. He had seen them on him. Stiles turned away and walked over to Deaton’s grave and sat down there. He looked at the gravestone, the one that Deaton had picked out.

“Jackson,” Stiles called out.


“Destroy this.”

“Ah, your eyes betray you, Doctor Deaton. Ethan, help.” Reid sounded pleased.

The two werewolves easily destroyed the stone and there inside was small pendants held in an urn. Stiles used his magic to feel out each one, finally putting each of them to rest until he had Deaton and Scott’s in his hand. He closed his eyes and said goodbye to his friend.

Peter turned and looked at Stiles just after the two apparitions disappeared. He saw the bits of metal that were strewn around him. The things they had been looking for. Hidden well inside of Deaton’s gravestone.

Pulling Stiles up to him, Peter held him close as he finally cried. Noah had been more than frank with Peter in the days leading up to the full moon. That Stiles had never cried about the loss of Scott, at any point in his life. That they were going to have to deal with that at some point, when he was settled and able to cry.

Peter already had plans to whisk Stiles away to the Hale House and let them be there alone. Malia, Derek, and Cora were going to find ways to be scarce. They agreed that Stiles needed a few days to get this all under control. Of course, as part of the FBI he would have to go through councilins, all of the team would given what had happened. Peter kind of wanted to meet the person who worked with the team for that kind of stuff.

“Let’s go,” Peter said.

“I need to-”

“You need to go and relax. The threat is over and you’ve been burning the candles at both ends, Agent Stilinski,” Reid said as he stepped closer to them. “I will make it a direct order if I need to.”

Peter could see the fearsome agent then. Who would do anything for his team. He wondered if that was part of why he was given the team, despite his age. He didn’t seem to be that much younger than Peter was.

Stiles just nodded his head and looked around. His father was heading toward them and Peter let go of Stiles so he could hug his father. It wasn’t the best thing in the world but at least he was getting some comfort.

“I’ll give you guys a ride to your place, Peter.”

“Sure.” They had all ridden in various law enforcement vehicles to the graveyard so that looky-loos wouldn’t be able to guess who was with them. It was being called a police training exercise in graveyard searches.

Peter looked at Lydia who was still trussed up like a turkey. After Jackson and Janice were done with her, she had given over everything that she knew. Most of it was lies, though it was what she thought was the truth so she couldn’t be blamed for it.

“Here,” Stiles said as he held out a hand to Jackson. It was the pendant that held Lydia inside of it. “Give her a good final rest when it’s time.”

Peter tugged Stiles away from his father when it seemed like he wasn’t going to force himself to do it. He hated to do it but they needed to go. The smell of exhaustion was getting stronger from Stiles. Noah easily opened up the backseat door on the SUV and waited for Peter to carefully shove Stiles into it before he slid in himself. The trip took longer than Peter would have liked but that was only because it was the middle of the night and the Sheriff didn’t want to cause panic by speeding anywhere.

Soon though, Peter was stripping Stiles down and pushing him into the shower. Stripped himself after Stiles was inside and helped to wash him to settle him down. Stiles hated to go to sleep without a shower and Peter was happy to do this part. Stiles was like a poseable doll but Peter knew that he would be. He was when he was exhausted.

There was little to do for him after Stiles was done so he shut off the water and dried them both off. He didn’t he get them into clothes but he did grab a rag and wet it down. He could smell the salt of the tears in Stiles’ eyes as they walked to the bed. It wasn’t going to be long at all before Stiles was a sobbing mess.

As soon as Stiles was laying on Peter’s chest he was crying, it was soft tears and then it turned into hard and jerking sobs. Peter held him close and let him cry it all out. Stiles was asleep by the time that he was done with it all.

Peter carefully wiped Stiles’ face to get rid of the tears and snot before he cleaned off his own chest. Stiles didn’t let go of him though. He didn’t let him go at all. It took a lot longer for Peter to fall asleep.

The jerking of the bed pulled Peter out of the sleep he had finally fallen into around dawn. He looked around to see that Stiles had slipped off of him in the night and was cuddled beside him, jerking as he was in the throws of a nightmare.

“Shush,” Peter said as he grabbed Stiles and pulled him close. He turned it into a full body hug as Stile was violent now. Stiles smelled scared so Peter just kept on talking to him, calming him down and making sure that Stiles didn’t hurt himself. Peter would have more than a few bruises but those would heal quickly. He really hoped before Stiles was awake but Peter could dissuade him from looking too much by holding him tight.

Peter knew the moment that Stiles woke up. It wasn’t because his body went lax but instead just that he was tense in a different way.

“It’s just use, Stiles,” Peter said.

Those words made Stiles slump down into Peter like someone had cut his strings. Peter held him close and made sure that he knew he was loved.

Love. Peter felt the emotion even though he knew it was too soon but also it had been a long time in the making. Admitting that though was more than enough to send Stiles running so Peter would wait to tell him. Stiles knew that Peter was fond of him, wanted him, and wanted to be with him and that would be enough for now.

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4 thoughts on ““Stiles is Kicked out of the Pack”-EAD

  1. Wow. That was amazing and dark and powerful and cleansing and hopeful. Since you posted this today, there’s obviously more you want to add. Honestly, I’m satisfied with this ending. Sure I’d love to see the sun come out and the future blossom, but I’ll live. I thought the safe space in the forest was awesome. Especially after the horror of the vet’s office. I believe you have created the most despicable version of Deaton I have come across. This was really good. Thank you so much for sharing your WIP.


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