First Meetings

Title: First Meetings
Series: Of Bondage, Kink, Love, and Fires
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): 9-1-1
Category: M/M
Relationships: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Characters: Evan “Buck” Buckley, Eddie Diaz
Tags: BDSM, RACK, First Time, Dom!Buck, Sub!Eddie
Summary: Eddie just needs to find a good place in his head. He had gotten where he needed, and he had Chris all settled in. Now it was time for himself, so he got into his best clothes for a night out on his first four days off at the 118.
Word Count: 10,262
Year: Season 2 (2018)
Spoilers: Everything Aired
Notes: I have gratefully borrowed Tollan Creme from Keira Marcos.
Alpha: V.Mures
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Eddie looked at Tia Pepa as he swallowed. He would pick up Chris in the morning.

“Eddie, if you don’t leave, you never will,” Pepa said.

“I know. I just haven’t left him for this reason since I started at the 118.”

“You need this. You cannot take care of him if you don’t take care of yourself. You will see him in the morning. Call me if you want me to drop him off instead.”

Eddie nodded. He looked at Chris one last time. He had already said his goodnights. The boy was nearly ready for bed. Eddie was going to the kind of place that he didn’t need to worry about getting there early. The place didn’t start to kick people out until four in the morning. Stepping forward, Eddie kissed his tia on the cheek, and before he could second guess himself, he was gone. He had never quite got himself figured out on this stuff.

Pepa had given him a lot of information on what she knew of the world of BDSM when he had called her freaking out after his first brush with kink. He had gotten off hard when he had been held down. Eddie and Shannon hadn’t lasted his first tour of duty, and while she and he had stayed friends, he wasn’t going to go to her with his issues when she had left him with Chris with no warning. The custody papers had been left for him to sign and file; she was giving up all rights to him.

Eddie had spiraled after that and had only figured his ass out when Pepa had come to visit, and a drunk Eddie had dumped his sex life on his tia. She had been quite understanding, shipped him off to a place she knew of, and he never asked how she knew. When he had come up to LA, he had been shown to Kink & Junk. It was a fun place; the rules were strict but made for people to have fun. It was wilder than the place in El Paso had been.

He had never gone back to his aunt for more than that. He had learned what he needed from a few of the Doms at the club in El Paso that loved to teach when they were in between Subs or had an open relationship when it came to teaching with their Sub. Eddie had learned what he could around his jobs and taking care of Chris. It had helped him a great deal after being lost after what happened to get his discharge from the Army.

Eddie looked at the icon that showed the Uber that was on the way to get him. He had promised his Pepa that he would never drive after a scene. He couldn’t sit still. He hadn’t allowed himself this until he was settled into his life here in LA, which meant on a team. The 118 was exactly the kind of team he had been looking for. It was why he had gone to them instead of the other houses that had been trying to get him. He wanted to be part of a family that loved him and Chris for who they were, not who they used to be or who they might be. Abuela and Pepa got that.

Kink & Junk was in a huge building, and Eddie had never figured out what was in the floors above, but the club itself was three floors of the building, the one in the basement was the collection of rooms that were rentable dungeons. The second floor was the dance floor and a small area to sit and eat while also watching the dance floor. Then the top floor held the areas where people could put on exhibitions or used them for teaching. Eddie had toured the place weeks ago and had gotten a membership to the place. It wasn’t nearly as bad as Eddie thought it would be. Higher tier ones allowed for the free use of the rooms on the lowest floor, but Eddie wasn’t sure he wanted to do that enough to get the highest tier.

The bracelet felt strange on his wrist, but it was also a comfort. He had been given two different ones; the green one meant he was a Sub and the white one was that he was there just for the atmosphere, and his status didn’t mean anything. Eddie had almost worn the white one, but he had ended up putting the green one on because he needed it.

Eddie could feel the itch under his skin getting more and more. He got out of the Uber and tipped the driver well, and headed inside. He was checked over for weapons as there were idiots who brought stupid things inside. In El Paso, it was hard sometimes to remove the knife because they forgot it was on them. Which Eddie understood. It took him a while to get used to not carrying a weapon of some kind; settling into submission had helped a lot.

“Mister Diaz, welcome,” the hostess said as she met him at the end of the hall. “What are you looking for tonight?”

“Company,” Eddie said.

“Sure thing. Since this is your first official visit, here.” The hostess handed over a tablet. It had Eddie’s profile on it and what was able to be seen by the Doms and Switches who wanted to look him up. Eddie had liked that to where he didn’t have to deal with Doms who weren’t something that he wanted. There was just a simple checklist of a few safe kinks that were allowed in the public’s areas, and if Eddie wanted to have the Dom have more access, he could. There were tablets all over the room attached to the walls. They were used for ordering drinks, food, and looking at profiles. Eddie would have access to Dom and Switch profiles as well. The bracelets were all numbered, and each was attached to a person. Or one could look through who all was there that night if the bracelet wasn’t visible.

“It all looks correct,” Eddie said.

“And this is your extended profile.”

Eddie looked it over when she swiped screens. “All good.”

“Then enjoy. Remember that if you order alcohol, you’ll not be able to go home or to a room with anyone.”

“I don’t plan on drinking anything other than virgin drinks.”

“Good. Then enjoy it. You can charge your account to pay for the drinks and any food you order. I will say that we have a lovely Dom here tonight. He’s rarer to be here lately. I haven’t been able to nail him down on why. He used to come around a lot more. He’s wearing a red shirt to match his bracelet. He’s a soft as fuck Dom but can be the hardest of hard.”

“He’s topped you before?”

“No, just the things I hear. As a staff member, I get all the lovely gossip. He’s pretty much strictly into Submissives and not Switches, so he would never engage me. He tends to contract for a set time and then release. He’s looking for something but hasn’t been able to find it.”

“Ah.” Eddie knew that he wanted something long-term. He also needed someone that he could be with outside of the dynamic. He wasn’t up for a lifestyle like this in his everyday life, all the time in that life. Not with Chris. He wanted a boyfriend he did a few things with. The dynamic didn’t leave the bedroom.

Eddie thanked the hostess and made his way to the bar to get a bottle of water. The water was free, which Eddie liked. He also ordered a strawberry daiquiri without alcohol to settle in with at the table when he got a chance. The dance floor was hopping, and Eddie was going to enjoy the atmosphere before he settled into finding someone for the night. He wasn’t worried about being recognized, not yet. He hadn’t been part of the news for the Earthquake. He hadn’t made big rescues as Buck had. Eddie had spent part of the shift seeing the stuff online about him.

There was something about Buck that drew Eddie in. Buck had a spine of steel at certain times, and he had been someone who Eddie knew he could rely on in the job. It had been a little rough at the beginning, but Eddie knew that feeling about being replaced. He knew what it felt like when someone else had a better time getting along at first. Buck had been calm in the face of danger, and he had helped keep Eddie calm. Eddie hadn’t wanted to freak out but going in alone, he was just risking his life. Buck’s life wasn’t worth the same as Eddie’s; it was worth more.

Eddie put a stop to those thoughts. This was why he was here.

The song changed to something upbeat, and the music got louder. Eddie smiled as he took a sip of his water as “Hot In Here” by Nelly started to play. It was not that hot, but the level of lust that Eddie had going in him from watching bodies on the floor was enough to make it feel hotter. He kept on looking around to see if he could find the red-shirted man.

Snorting to himself, Eddie thought that he really hoped the man wasn’t a red-shirt. A voice started to sing pretty loud with the song’s chorus, and Eddie was entranced that he couldn’t see the singer. The singer got louder when the song repeated again, and he was dancing around. Eddie could narrow down where the man was. A slower beat song started when the song ended a second time, and the man moved out of the crowd. There were catcalls from men and women and then a flash of a red-shirt.

Eddie kept his gaze fixed on the man who was walking backward toward where Eddie was. The shirt left nothing to the imagination, especially now that it was covered in sweat, making it cling all the more. The ass was in a pair of leather pants that would be impossible to get off now. It was the kind of vision that Eddie loved. He saws the red bracelet on the man’s wrist. Eddie sat up straighter and dropped his hand onto the table as the man turned.

It was like the worst romantic comedy in the world when it was Buck who was turning around. Eddie saw the birthmark spread on his eyebrow, and he was glad that he hadn’t been drinking anything.

Buck stopped stock still there on the edge of the dance floor, and just stared at Eddie, his eyes darting down from Eddie’s green bracelet to his face. Buck was about to take a step toward Eddie when a waitress flagged him down and handed over a drink. The waitress kept on moving as she dropped off other drinks.

Eddie was still just staring, trying to figure out how the hell he was going to hide the erection he was getting from having Buck standing there like he was. The attraction had been there, but Eddie knew that he needed someone in the lifestyle, and he really didn’t want to have to train someone.

Yet here Buck was standing there with a red bracelet and the look of someone who knew what the fuck they were doing.

Buck took a drink of the cocktail in his hand and then looked up to the upper areas; he cocked his head to the side and seemed to be in thought. Eddie wasn’t sure he was breathing. He didn’t know what he wanted. Buck to come over and sit with him or to go away. Eddie could ignore a problem until it went away, he sometimes really regretted it, but he never wanted to just put himself out there. Eddie dropped his hand to his thigh and began to squeeze. He needed something to focus on, and the slight pain from that did it. He was focused on it and his breathing.

A hand covered his, and Eddie was looking up into Buck’s eyes when he finally was able to look up.

“Why don’t we go up to where we can talk better?”

“Sure,” Eddie said.

Buck picked up Eddie’s water and made sure the cap was on tight, allowing Eddie to pick up his daiquiri and carry it. Eddie followed behind Buck, feeling like a lost duckling. Buck never once looked back to make sure that Eddie was there. Eddie could have easily slipped away if he wanted. Eddie wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Either Buck was just smug enough to think that no one would turn down wanting a private chat, or he knew Eddie well enough to know that Eddie wouldn’t tell him no. Not for something like that.

“Here,” Buck said. He held out a chair and waved for Eddie to sit. Buck’s drink and Eddie’s water were already on the table. There was no one else around them. It looked fancy where they were. He looked to see a roped-off area and realized that they were in the VIP section of the upper floor. He really wasn’t sure how much Buck paid for his membership.

Eddie sat down, and Buck pushed the chair in before he walked around to sit in the one across from Eddie. Eddie reached for his water and took a sip of it. Wanting the plainness of it. He was afraid to suck down his mocktail.

“First time here? First time at a place like this?” Buck asked.

“Yes, to the first and no to the second. I was a frequent visitor to a club in El Paso. Nothing since I came up here. I pushed myself to get in at the Academy and then get through it and on to a station. Since I started at the 118, I’ve had an itch that is growing.”

“I see. I gotta say, Eddie, I never thought I would see you here. I come here sometimes to unwind, like tonight. I wasn’t looking for someone, but maybe that pull to come here tonight when I didn’t plan it was a good thing. Now, I can help you find someone if you want.”

“Can I see your profile?” Eddie asked.

Buck gave him a strange look, but he nodded.

Eddie took the time to center himself while Buck was going to snag a tablet from someone. Eddie wasn’t shaking, but he was nearing there. Looking at Buck’s profile, he wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but he needed to know. It would be so much easier and yet harder if Buck fit his profile. Chris loved Buck, the sexual attraction was there, and Eddie already knew that he could trust him.

Buck sat down and handed over the tablet. It was already set to show Buck’s full profile. Eddie wasn’t that sure about a few things there, but he would be willing to try. Buck also wasn’t looking to live the lifestyle, just play in it when he needed it. Looking at it, Eddie almost didn’t believe what he was seeing, but he knew that it had to be real. He wondered just how compatible they were otherwise.

Eddie logged out of Buck’s account and got into his own. He pulled up his profile. If Eddie made changes, it would throw up a red flag to stop people from moving their wants and needs around to make someone else happy. A kink could be added or removed at will, but the changes were kept track of. It was a good way of making things safe. Eddie handed the tablet back over and picked up his mocktail.

Buck sipped at his drink as he looked over Eddie’s profile. Eddie couldn’t sit still. He never did well at things like this.

“Sit still,” Buck said.

Eddie stopped moving, and while he breathed, he didn’t do anything else. Buck was taking his time looking at Eddie’s profile. It was unnerving as Eddie had never seen him take this much time with anything, but he had also never seen him in this element.

“We are a pretty good match,” Buck said as he laid down the tablet.

Eddie peeked a glance at what Buck had on the screen as he laid the tablet down. It was a contract.

“Buck?” Eddie asked.

“I assume that you wanted me to see your things, and you wanted to see mine because you wanted this to be something to try.”

Eddie swallowed. He hadn’t thought that he would say something like that already. They were getting closer as friends, but this was something much more than that.

“Yes,” Eddie said when he could talk again.

“Well, this is a very short-term contract. Two weeks. I do two weeks to start with everyone, and then it’s looked at again, things are talked about changed.”


“Why what?” Buck asked.

“Why me?”

“Your sheet here reads like you are looking for someone that you can bring home. Someone that you would trust Christopher with. You want a partner in and out of kink. We already know that Christopher likes me. He tried to talk you into allowing me to live at your house. You have a guest room that I can stay in on the nights that we both find that we aren’t into this. We can feel this all out, and if it turns out we are not actually compatible, well then we can go back to just being work friends.”

“How are you so sure?” Eddie asked.

“I’ve been a member here since about two weeks after I got to LA. I have dommed four different men and women who work for LAFD. Three work at different stations, and one of them was when I was still in the academy, and afterward, we worked close until his wife got a new job, and they moved.”

“Wife?” Eddie asked.

“I met the wife. She couldn’t fulfill that side of the relationship, and while he loved her, he needed more, so he chose to seek that outside of the marriage. It was an agreed-upon open relationship, and it all happened here at the club. I would make sure he was fine, give him aftercare, and then send him in a taxi home to her, where she cuddled him. She checked in with me usually if he had something weird happen. It was a good relationship.”

“I’ve never encountered that.”

“There are times that letting someone else do what you can’t make it all the better. He loved her more for it. There are all kinds of relationships out there, but all of them take work to make them work.” Buck tapped the screen a few more times and then flipped the tablet around to let Eddie mess with it.

Eddie swallowed. It was all pretty straightforward. There would be nothing at work unless Eddie requested it. Eddie couldn’t see him wanting it, but he was glad that he didn’t have to ask for that to be included. There was a clause about how nothing would happen around Christopher as well. It was all laid out easy. There was a lot of stuff that protected both of them. Of course, it wasn’t a fully binding contract, but it would allow Eddie to feel safer about everything. He would be able to bring it here if Buck violated any part of it. There were even sections on how things would work for sexual and non-sexual domination. Eddie wasn’t sure about the non-sexual part.

“There is just one thing that I want to discuss, the last clause. The location. I can easily take my gear to and from my place. Do you prefer at home or not at home?”

“With you, my place. I can keep Christopher. I bought the place we are in because of the location and it being laid well for Christopher. However, the master bedroom is soundproof, well, as much as that can be. It was made that due to nightmares of the previous owner. I really liked it for that. Not my nightmares and such, but just play.”

“I get that. The other option was to have a sitter for Chris, and then we could play at mine or bring him there. I have a great house that has a dungeon in the basement. It’s not nearly anything like this, but it works, and I have soundproofing between the basement and first floor to muffle the sounds of walking.”

“Oh, that would work well. Chris is good about staying in place.”

“I have a guest room that has an attached bathroom, and there is an intercom between the rooms. He could easily press a button on it, and you would hear him. That’s another thing, Chris comes first, and I get that. He should come first. No matter what we are doing, unless I think that stopping will hurt you in some fashion, I will always stop if he needs something.”

“Thanks,” Eddie said. It was something that worried him. Chris was the most important person in the world to him. There would never be a reason why he would stay in a scene if Chris needed him, but Eddie assumed that Buck had a few ideas of things that would hurt Eddie to stop them.

“We have the next three days. Do you want to think about things and sign later or sign now?” Buck asked.

“Now,” Eddie said. He needed. The itch was getting bigger as he knew that there was someone that he could trust right there to do what he needed to do.

“Okay. Then sign, and I’ll sign. We can talk a little while one of the staff checks everything over to ensure that everything is on the up and up. It’s a nice layer for doing it here. Where do you want to go?’

“Chris is with my aunt, and she’s going to drop him off in the morning if I don’t think I want to drive. I didn’t drive here as I assumed I would still be a little too under.”

“That’s not an answer, Edmundo,” Buck said.

Eddie sat up straight. His hand dropped to his thigh, and he was about to squeeze when Buck’s eyes narrowed. Eddie laid his hand on the table again.

“Your place is fine.”

“Good. We can discuss it tomorrow morning when we are both awake. Do you want to stop at yours to pick up anything?”

“No. I can wear this stuff again to pick up Chris.”

“Not even your truck?” Buck asked.

Eddie paused at that. He had already made the decision that Buck would be with him in the morning. He wasn’t sure what he felt about that.

“No. You can drop me off at home, and I can have Pepa drop him off or go and pick him up if you decide you don’t want to spend the day.”

“Well, I don’t mind spending the day together with you,” Eddie said.

Buck nodded his head. “We can talk about that tomorrow.”

Eddie signed, tapping where his signature needed to go. He waited for the tablet to ask for his thumbprint. He pressed it over the spot, and then it added the signature he had on file. He handed the tablet over to Buck and waited for Buck to sign it. There was an email in seconds on his phone. Eddie opened it and found a copy of the contract with the signatures just marked as on file.

“I never realized how seriously they take this here.”

“It helps that they listen to their customers and what we want. I’ll print a copy of the list later, and we can go over it more, and I can make notations. Before we leave, I want to go over what you want to do tonight. What you need.”

“What do you need?”

“I didn’t come here looking for something, Eddie. I came to let loose where people don’t make a fuss about me being a firefighter. I come here if I don’t want attention. If someone came up and it looked like it might be a good night, I would go with them. I wasn’t looking, looking though.”

“I think I would rather be on the way to your place before we talk,” Eddie said. Now that he was here and knew that he was on his way to getting what he needed, he wanted it done. He wanted to be on his way to what he wanted, what he needed.

“Hand up, Eddie,” Buck said.

Eddie looked down, and his hand was indeed gripping his leg again. He put his hand on the table again. Buck had a look on his face that Eddie couldn’t read. He thought that he already knew Buck well enough to know most of his looks.

“Finish your drink, I’m gonna go and talk to Heather about a few things, and then I’ll come and get you. Do not touch your thighs.”

“Yes, Sir,” Eddie said.

Buck smiled at Eddie and stood up. Eddie didn’t look at him as Buck walked behind him. Eddie wasn’t sure he was going to last until Buck got back.

Anticipation was the name of the game, and it was more than enough to make Eddie want to scream. Buck was going two miles under the speed limit and had been the whole way back to his place.

They had talked through everything that Eddie wanted for the evening, but when what Buck wanted or needed was brought up, Buck was silent. Eddie was sitting with his hands behind his back because he had trouble keeping his hand off his leg. Eddie figured that this was one of the behaviors that Buck was going to have issues with. Eddie hadn’t even noticed what he had been doing; he didn’t notice it at all. It was a good coping mechanism and wasn’t dangerous, but he also understood where it was just a stopgap. It wasn’t a good thing. Eddie knew it, but he also wasn’t in a place where he could do anything about it. He was starting to do something about it now.

Buck parked the Jeep in a garage that was attached to a fairly nice-looking house. It wasn’t huge, but it looked like something that should be out of Buck’s price range.

“Nice place,” Eddie said.

“Thanks. I made a good investment with my money while traveling the country after being kicked out of college the last time. Then something else happened, and I got a good settlement.”

‘What?” Eddie asked.

“I was going through a whore phase for a while. I was having fun, but it impacted work a little bit. I sought out a therapist. Well, she made friends with me on social media, sought me out, slept with me, and still, she kept the appointment and tried to be my therapist. I reported her, but even the infraction of her seeking me out after she knew who I was and accepted me as a patient wasn’t good. So I bought a house and made sure it was set up for my lifestyle.”

“Did you figure out the whore phase?” Eddie asked.

Buck reached over and unlocked Eddie’s seatbelt. The look in his eyes had Eddie staying right where he was as Buck got out and walked around the front of the Jeep, making sure that Eddie could keep his eyes on him the whole time.

Buck opened the door, and he stood there.

“I did, and I figured out a good method for dealing with being a firefighter. I hadn’t quite got there myself, but a friend helped.”

“Is that what led you to this?”

“Nah, I was a Dom before that. I just learned that even Doms don’t have to be on point all the time. We can be weak and need help. I was trying that whole stiff upper lip thing.”

Eddie nodded his head. The people who had helped Eddie find his way had helped him learn what it looked like when a dom needed help.

“How are you feeling right now?”

“Good.” Eddie felt calmer than he had in a while. He felt better, and really, he hadn’t realized how bad he had felt before this.

“I’m glad. Now, this leads right into the kitchen. I’m going to go downstairs and get things set up. I want you to grab a few snacks and drinks in the kitchen that you want. I have stuff for myself in the basement already. You don’t need to get things for me. Yourself. I want you to do it for yourself. Anything in the kitchen is open for you. There is a basket in the kitchen as well. Everything goes in there. When you are ready, come downstairs. Two stairs lead down there. One is only from the kitchen, and the other is from the second floor down to the basement, and it is in the living room.”

“I can do that.”

“Good.” Buck stepped back and held out his hand.

Eddie finally moved, slipping his arms out from behind his back and allowing Buck to pull him out of the Jeep. Buck’s hands went right to Eddie’s upper arms rubbing as the muscles protested the movement after so long of being still and at an awkward angle.

There were all kinds of snacks in Buck’s place; it looked like the kind of place where the kids in the neighborhood all hung out. Eddie had friends whose places were like this. His never was. His parents didn’t mind their own kids hanging around, but they didn’t want others. Eddie grabbed snacks and found drinks in the fridge that he liked. He tossed them into the basket that was there. It was a utilitarian kind of basket.

The basement was easy to navigate. There was the normal laundry room and what looked like a gym but at the back was a stairway on one side of the wall, and then there was the other room. It had a lock on the door. Eddie figured it was the playroom, so he walked to it. The door opened, and Buck was smiling at Eddie. Buck was already down to just his leather pants.

“You were quicker than I thought you were going to be. Here.” Buck reached out and took the basket. He eyed what was in there with the smile still on his lips. “Looks good. We discussed what you want. What you don’t. I have your list of noes, maybes, and yeses. Is there anything you want at this moment? What do you think is the best way to take you down?”

“To have no control,” Eddie said. It was the fast and best way to take him down. To make no decisions, to have Buck use him. “To be used.”

“I see. Well, I can certainly do that. Just one more thing to discuss, and then we can get started. Safeword. I generally use the stoplights with most of the one-time-only Subs that I take into my bed, and I do want to use that with us, but I want you thinking about a word that would put a stop to. I want what you think is the best safe word.”


“Well, that’s a little nail on the head there. It works, though. I can say that if you are thinking of Chris, you are not in the right headspace.” Buck took the basket over to a table in the corner that was by the sink there. There was also a fridge and what looked like a tea kettle.

Eddie took his time looking around. It looked like a normal finished bedroom in a basement, except for the hooks in the walls and ceiling. The bed looked huge; it was the biggest bed that Eddie had ever seen that wasn’t in some stupid movie. He walked over to it and pressed down with his hand.

“Feel free to look around. The chest in the corner has some bigger toys, while the dresser is full of medium and smaller ones. Touch what you want, do what you want. I’ve already turned up the air in here to where it won’t kick on as much to keep this room a little warmer if you want to get naked already.”

“You don’t want to strip me?” Eddie asked.

“Sometimes I may want to, but most of the time, I like to get myself naked and let the other person get themselves naked.”

“Ah,” Eddie said. He liked that himself. During normal sex with a romantic partner, Eddie was all about stripping. He loved kissing and licking skin as it was revealed. Eddie took off his shirt, and he saw there Buck had tossed his own, so he did the same. As he took off each piece, his head went further and further into the space he needed it for this.

Buck was precise as he put up the stuff that Eddie had brought down. There was a sheet of paper, and Buck wrote something down on it every ten or so seconds. Eddie tried not to watch him, but he was just staring at Buck when he was down to just his underwear. There was a difference to the way he moved here. Something that made lust curl in Eddie’s gut. Eddie had a surface attraction to many of the people he had subbed for over the last few years. This was something else, but as the contract stated, feelings were not to be talked about until after two weeks. Eddie had thought it was stupid, but right now, he understood.

Eddie finally jerked his underwear off and tossed them onto the floor below the chair. He snagged his phone from where he had tossed it. He checked the battery level, and there was enough to last the night unless he used it. He figured that Buck had a charger down in the basement somewhere, but he didn’t need it right now, so Eddie didn’t ask for it.

The phone was laid on the bedside table that had three drawers. Eddie had been told to look around, so he opened up each one. There was one that was full of sachets of lube and nothing else. It was the good kind, Eddie’s preferred brand. The next one looked like various bottles of different lubes, a few that were warming, a few flavored, and even one that was cooling. Eddie snagged that one out and laid it on the table. The last drawer was full of condoms, most of them all the same brand, but there were a few small boxes of ribbed condoms, as well as dental dams. It was a well-stocked playing drawer.

“I was tested three days ago and haven’t had sexual contact with anyone, just my toys,” Buck said from right behind Eddie.

“I’ve not been with anyone since my last test. While at the academy, I was part of an accident one evening, and I got strange blood on myself trying to help people. I got myself tested mainly because of Chris.”

“Do you trust me?” Buck asked.

“I do.” Eddie turned around to face Buck.

Buck had two bottles of water in his hand.

“Good. Then we shall begin. Drink half.” Buck handed over one of the bottles before he cracked his own to drink half of it. When he was done, Buck walked around the bed and settled in on the far side, pulling something out of the drawer over there before he tossed it onto the bed. It was a blindfold, one that looked soft.

“Buck?” Eddie asked.

“Don’t worry, that’s not gonna come into the play now.” Buck climbed onto the bed and hung the blindfold up on a hook. He then piled up some pillows and relaxed back into them. Buck crooked a finger, and Eddie moved up the bed to settle into Buck’s lap. He made sure to not be where he could hurt himself before he put his full weight on Buck. “Do you like being naked?”

“Sometimes. Like this, yes. At home outside of the bathroom, not really unless sex is involved.”

“So what you are saying is that you will want to come here more often than not to do this if we do this past tonight?” Buck asked.

“Maybe at first. I didn’t have a long-term anything. Mostly it was me searching out when I couldn’t get what I needed anywhere else.”

“Well, we can certainly make you comfortable. Come here.” Buck crooked a finger.

Eddie leaned in, bracing his hands on Buck’s shoulders as he did. He felt off-center a little bit, and he wasn’t sure why. He wanted this. A part of him needed it, but mostly he just wanted it. He glanced down Buck’s chest and then up into Buck’s eyes.

“You put me off-center, Eddie. You were putting on a shirt the first time I saw you. I wanted you in the worst way. I wanted you on your knees sucking my cock, and it was the only thing I could think of. Then you fit in so well with us that I started to get a little jealous.”

“I could tell you were jealous. I passed it off, though, as you have been in the military, but the other part of me thought it was because you were meant to be with us. Then I saw you sitting in that booth with this.” Buck lifted Eddie’s hand and kissed the bracelet that was still there. I really wanted you then. Fuck did I want you in my bed right that instant. I could see you gripping your thigh, and I knew. It’s not the worst habit that you could have, but I will be trying to correct it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hmm, you calling me sir is nice, but Buck is fine for now. I won’t correct you with either. Take what you want, Eddie, for now, because once I know you, I’ll take what I want.”

Eddie leaned in and kissed Buck. He didn’t even try and act coy. Seconds later, Buck’s hands were on Eddie, touching where he wanted, learning the expanse of Eddie’s skin. Buck touched him like no one else had ever touched him, and for the first time in his life, Eddie felt wanted. He whined into the kiss and tried to press himself into Buck as much as he could. Buck returned it by splaying a hand on Eddie’s lower back and pressing him in even tighter.

It felt like no time at all before Buck was pulling out of the kiss and pressing a few down Eddie’s jaw. They were both panting, and while they hadn’t done more than a kiss, it felt like they had done a lot more.

“You are beautiful, Edmundo,” Buck said.

“How did you know?” Eddie asked.

“About your name? I guessed it before Eduardo. I just wanted to be an asshole. You looked so pissed off when I said it as well. I was more than happy about that. You have a fire inside of you.”

“I’ve had more than one person tell me that. I’ve had a few that want to tame it.”

“I don’t want to tame it. I want to make it bigger. Tomorrow, we will talk about your son’s mother. In detail as I want to make sure that we are on the same page. I’ll tell you all about Abby and what I tried with her.”

“You make this sound like we are starting a relationship, Buck.”

“We are. It’s not gonna be a normal one, but it is one for at least two weeks. I don’t want there to be a minefield. She’s not in your life. I want to understand, so I don’t fuck up.”

Eddie could hear more than he was saying there. Buck didn’t want to fuck up, but also, he was afraid he would. Eddie felt calmer as he leaned in to kiss Buck again. As the kiss deepened, Eddie felt it. He felt the change in Buck as he went from loose to in full control. Eddie shuddered as Buck dropped his hands down to grip Eddie’s ass cheeks. Eddie kept on touching as he hadn’t been told he couldn’t. He enjoyed the feel of Buck’s skin under his and how it really felt to do what he wanted to since he had seen Buck the first time.

“Relax,” Buck said, and he brushed his fingers down the cleft of Eddie’s cheeks.

Eddie shivered and relaxed into Buck’s hold. He trusted Buck to do right by him. They both had a lot to lose if they fucked with each other over this. The more Buck held on tight or rubbed hard on Eddie’s skin, the more he settled down.

“Condom or no?” Buck asked when he broke the kiss again. He reached above his head to grab the blindfold, and he raised an eyebrow at Eddie, asking permission.

“No,” Eddie said. He nodded toward the blindfold and then nodded his head.

“Okay, then you get to grab the lube and lay down on the bed on your back. I’ll blindfold you as soon as you are down.”

It was subtle orders but enough that Eddie felt good for wanting to do them. He got off Buck’s lap and got the lube from the drawer, grabbing a few of the sachets. He looked to the side as he laid them on top of the stand and saw Buck stripping his leather pants off. His cock was hard, and Eddie’s mouth watered at the size of it. He wanted it in his mouth and would do nearly anything to do it. Eddie hadn’t seen something he would call a perfect cock before, but that right there was something he thought was perfect. It looked like it was thick enough for Eddie to feel it in his ass but also long enough that it would wreck his mouth.

“Later,” Buck said.

Eddie looked up into Buck’s eyes and saw the smile that was there and on his lips. Buck looked like he was smug about how Eddie was looking at his cock. Which wasn’t the worst thing in the world. There wasn’t much that Eddie could do but lay down now. Buck climbed on top of him, just as naked as Eddie was, and picked up the blindfold. They were one of Eddie’s favorite things that were not inherently sexual.

The removal of his sight was one of his biggest kinks. He liked it and having his hands bound at the same time. He had one Dom who had called him simple but in a good way. That made it seem like Eddie was special for it. Eddie hadn’t been with him long as he had been someone who visited the club when he was in town, but he wasn’t in town but a few times a year. Their time together had been good, and Eddie had learned to accept what he wanted, what he needed without shame.

“Look at you,” Buck said.

Eddie shivered and then moaned when he felt fingertips over his skin. A thumb brushed over a nipple, and Eddie arched into it. He had been so shocked at how sensitive his nipples were years ago, but it had become something he really liked when it came to other people playing with them. He gripped the sheets on the bed and tried to stay still so that Buck could keep on doing what he was doing.

“Make whatever noises you want; I never want your silence when it comes to this, Eddie,” Buck said.

Eddie hadn’t been trying to silence himself, but he was so used to needing to muffle himself lately with Chris so close to him all the time.

“Trying,” Eddie said.

“Okay, good.”

Eddie wasn’t ready for the lick up his cock, and he let out a little shout at it. He didn’t jerk his hips up, but it was a near thing, especially when seconds later, warm heat wrapped around Eddie’s cock, and Buck sucked, hard. It was like Eddie had gone from 0 to 60 in seconds with that. He felt like he was already on edge, and they had only really started.

Buck lifted off Eddie’s cock. “Come.” Buck dropped again, and his mouth was on Eddie’s cock, sucking and taking him all the way back.

Eddie couldn’t hold himself back. He came as Buck took him down his throat, unable to hold himself back. Buck worked Eddie through his orgasm and into just a touch of sensitivity before he pulled of Eddie’s cock. The darkness around him had Eddie settled down into himself, and he floated a little. It wasn’t subspace, not yet, but he was fucking close.

“Look at you,” Buck said.

Eddie whined a little, and he didn’t feel ashamed. Buck swept his hands down Eddie’s chest and settled them onto his hips before he moved up Eddie’s body.

“I’m gonna kiss you,” Buck said seconds before he did so. He licked right into Eddie’s mouth and shared the taste of Eddie with him. Buck gripped Eddie’s hands and pinned them down into the bed. That feeling of being owned was starting to creep into Eddie’s mind, he was settling down even more, and his hands went lax.

“Please,” Eddie begged when Buck pulled out of the kiss.

“I’ll get you there, I promise.”

Buck kissed down Eddie’s neck and nipped a patch of skin before sucking what was going to be a nice bruise there. Then Buck was sitting up. Eddie kept his hands up at his head and pressed his head into the pillow as Buck moved on top of him. Eddie wasn’t anywhere near getting hard again, and he was fine with that. He liked taking time on things. The longer this took, the better it was.

Eddie heard the rip of one of the sachets of lube, but then there was nothing on him. Buck didn’t move to where he could prep Eddie. Eddie nearly opened his mouth when he felt something on his thigh, a drop of lube. He turned his hands to grip the sheets there. He could see it in his head, Buck prepping himself. He knew that was what Buck was doing, and he was showing how much he controlled Eddie by not letting him see it.

“Look at you, all relaxed and laying there. I think that maybe you should be the one doing the work, Edmundo.”

Eddie shivered at Buck’s tone. It was in control and hot as fucking hell. Buck lifted up.

“Get up,” Buck said.

Eddie slipped out from under Buck and got to his knees on the side of the bed, waiting to be told what to do next. Buck dropped to the bed hard enough to make it rock. Buck laughed as Eddie wiggled to stay upright. Eddie allowed himself to laugh as well. He was glad for the lowering of the tension.

“Come and straddle me, Eds,” Buck said as he laid a hand on Eddie’s hip to help guide him.

Eddie moved to where he was straddling Buck, and as he moved, he brushed his hand over Buck’s cock. It jerked and came back against Eddie’s hand, feeling warm and soft.

“Wrap your hand around it,” Buck said.

Eddie did, but he didn’t move the hand after that. Buck wrapped his hand around Eddie’s squeezed, so Eddie tightened his grip.

“Just like that, now stroke me and no touching yourself.”

Eddie stroked, the drag of skin on skin was a little rougher than Eddie normally would like on his own cock, but both of them were just a little sweaty from exertion. He wanted to duck down and get that cock in his mouth. He hoped he was able to by the end of the night.

“Right like that. You are just fucking perfect.” Buck moved a little but didn’t move far enough to get out of Eddie’s hold. He came back and slipped a sachet of lube into Eddie’s free hand. “Slick yourself up and get between my legs. I want you in me, now.”

Eddie moved backward, taking his time since he still couldn’t see a thing. He felt Buck spread his legs and land on either side of him, so he scooted forward again. He ripped the top off the lube and tossed it toward the edge of the bed. He felt Buck’s thighs and stopped to slick himself up. He used all the lube in the sachet as he knew he was pretty thick.

“In,” Buck said.

Eddie hesitated as he found Buck’s hole so that he could guide himself in. Just as he was starting to push inside, Buck pulled the blindfold off. Eddie paused and blinked to let the light of the room into his eyes just a little until he could see. He felt different. Eddie looked at Buck’s face as he pushed the rest of the way inside.

There was so much warmth around his cock, and Buck’s face was slack with being spread open. He looked like he enjoyed the hell out of Eddie sliding into him. Eddie started to pull back as soon as he was all the way in but stopped when Buck’s leg wrapped around him, pinning him in place.

“Slow and steady until I tell you otherwise,” Buck ordered.

Eddie settled into a position he liked for long fucking and did as Buck told him. Eddie found the rhythm he liked, the best angle that made Buck’s breath shudder when Eddie pushed in just right.

“Yeah, you are good at this. I’d love you to fuck me in the rig. I’d slide down your cock and make you come before spinning you over the seat and fucking you that way.”

Eddie could see it, their turnout gear scattered in the truck and just going at each other. Or Eddie on his knees sucking Buck off. He groaned as the visuals in his head were nearly too good. He got himself under control and waited for when he could move again without coming.

“Make yourself come. Whatever you want to do.”

Eddie shifted to where he was able to bend Buck up to kiss him. This is what he wanted, what he needed. Doing what he wanted to get off was easy to do. He didn’t even have to think about it but Buck’s mouth. That was something he really wanted right now. Rolling his hips, Eddie started to take what he wanted. Buck was touching where he wanted, holding tight, leaving bruises in places where Eddie could press on them and remember this. He had good pain kinks, but he didn’t always need pain kinks, and today, he didn’t need pain. He needed to feel wanted.

The orgasm came rushing in, and Eddie’s thrusts became erratic; he was chasing his release and barely paying attention to anything until he felt a hand on his neck and his head was held in place. Buck’s other hand settled onto Eddie’s hip and started to control Eddie’s thrusts. Eddie came just a few later, and he pressed into Buck, holding himself there.

Buck didn’t break the kiss but kept it going, controlling it and making sure that Eddie was there the entire time. Subspace was licking at the edge of Eddie’s mind, held off by how Buck was controlling him. The kiss slowly gentled down into something soft and easy as Eddie was coming back to himself after orgasm.

“Color?” Buck asked.

“Green,” Eddie answered, and he was. He felt good, calm and the itching was mostly gone.

“Good. Suck me,” Buck said. He rocked himself up into Eddie’s body, showing that he was still hard. “I saw the way you were gagging for it. So make yourself gag.”

Eddie moved down to do exactly as Buck told him to. It had been a while since he had sucked a cock this big, so he took his time making sure that he wasn’t going to gag in the wrong way. He worked himself down on the cock, using his hand to ensure that he was giving Buck a good time.

After a few moments, Buck gripped the back of Eddie’s head, controlling how Eddie was taking his cock. It was fucking good. As he rocked up and down on Buck’s cock, he was slipping more and more away.

Eddie felt the grip on his hair tighten, and he knew what Buck was signaling. Eddie got ready to take Buck’s release. Buck let go of Eddie, not forcing him to swallow, but Buck had for him already, and Eddie wasn’t one to step down from that kind of thing. He didn’t mind it. Eddie went all the way down and sucked as hard as he could as the head of Buck’s cock slipped down his throat as he came up.

Buck held Eddie right there with his cock in his mouth, long after Buck had stopped coming and he had softened up. Eddie felt like Buck liked cock warming some, so he figured that it was something that he could do. It wasn’t something he craved, but he didn’t hate it.

Another moment and Buck used his hold on Eddie’s neck to pull him up to kiss him. They stayed like that, just kissing until Eddie yawned.

“Let’s get cleaned up.”

Showering with Buck was something that Eddie found he liked. Buck cleaned up Eddie before cleaning up himself, but there was always touching even when they were both doing something. Even if it was just a foot pressed to the side of Eddie’s.

“Upstairs, I don’t tend to sleep down here too much. Grab your phone.” Buck was drying himself off and watched as Eddie dried himself. Like he was making sure that Eddie did it to his satisfaction.

“Okay,” Eddie said. He followed behind Buck, who stepped out of the room as Eddie grabbed his phone. Buck’s phone had been on a dresser, and he had snagged it on the way out.

The stairs were carpeted, and Eddie kind of liked that. He looked at where the stairs came out on the ground floor and saw that it was in a living room-like area. Buck kept on going, so Eddie rushed to catch up. The stairs were in the middle of a hallway that ran from side to side. There were two doors on one side of the hall and three on the other.

“Three guest rooms up here and then an office of sorts. I don’t use it much, and it’s pretty much become a library. I’m slowly adding in shelving to make it a real one. Then the biggest room is, of course, my bedroom. You can sleep in a guest bed or my bed. Either one works.”

“Yours,” Eddie said.

“Good. That’s what I would prefer. You didn’t go down too deep, and I didn’t really want to take you down that far. Did you get what you needed?”

“Yes.” Eddie stepped into Buck’s bedroom behind him, and it felt warm in there, not like hot warm but the colors and the way the room was. It was like he had been wrapped in a hug when he stepped inside. Buck went right to the bed and pulled back the covers.

“Sleep. Does your phone need to charge any?”

“No, it’s good.”

“Mine is as well.” Buck laid his phone down. He picked up a bottle of water and tossed it at Eddie.

Eddie drank the water without even thinking about it. Buck drank one himself before tossing the bottle toward a trashcan in the corner that looked like it only had bottles in it. Eddie tossed his in there and turned back to the bed to see Buck there. Eddie really wanted to just curl into his side.

“You don’t need to pout at me, Eds. Just get in and do what you want.”

Eddie did as he was told. Loving the feel of Buck’s bed. He rolled to his side and scooted back to press into Buck. Buck turned and wrapped himself around Eddie, holding on almost too tightly, but it was just what Eddie needed.

For the first time in a while, sleep came easy.

“DAD!” Chris yelled when Eddie got out of the Jeep. He had texted Pepa to ensure that she kept Chris with her that he would be late, but he would be there to pick him up today.

Pepa looked at Buck with a raised eyebrow.

“And who is this?”

“BUCK!” Chris yelled as he looked over Eddie’s shoulder at Buck.

“Ah, so this is Chris’ Buck. He talked of little but him. Did either of you want breakfast?” Pepa asked.

“No, I’m taking the Diaz boys out to eat,” Buck said. He stepped up to Pepa. “Evan Buckley.”


“It’s lovely to meet you.”

Eddie laughed at Buck’s charm before he picked up Chris. Buck turned to look at him, and he walked over, squeezing the back of Eddie’s neck.

“Edmundo, can we talk?” Pepa asked.

“Sure. Chris, Buck’s gonna get you settled into the Jeep. Be good for him.”

“Will always be good for Buck.”

Buck easily took Chris from Eddie’s hands and walked back to the Jeep.

“I thought you were going out?” Pepa asked.

“I did, and I saw him there.”

“You do look better, less like you are about to jump out of your skin. I guess that he’s good for you?”

“We have a two-week contract. We agreed to keep things cool outside of his place, but I told him that holding my neck like that was something I liked. He said he didn’t mind doing that kind of thing.”

“You need to talk to your boss.”

“Buck called him this morning. I guess Buck was open about this life with him. He doesn’t understand it, but he respects it. He trusts that we can keep it out of work. We have paperwork to fill out, but we think it will be fine.”

“You trust him that much?”

“Yes. He’s the one who was in the back of the ambulance that blew after we got the grenade out of the guys’ leg.”

“I see. Why did you keep that name from me?” Pepa asked.

“I thought that I wanted to fuck him since I saw him.”

“Language,” Pepa said.

“Sorry. He’s…he could be everything I’m looking for.”

“He loves your kid. Though few can resist Christopher.”

“There are few who can.” Eddie looked back to see that Buck was still in the back seat of the Jeep with Chris. They were talking, and Chris was making huge gestures with his hands. “We are going out to breakfast and then going to spend the day doing little. If we extend everything at the end of two weeks, we will tell Chris that we are dating and the rest of the team.”

“That’s good. You think he could be your Dom and a lover?” Pepa asked.

“I think so.”

“I’m happy for you. I’ll talk to him alone later. I want to know about him as more than just your aunt.”

“Yes, Tia Pepa.” Eddie took Chris’ bag from Pepa and slung it over his shoulder.

“Get out of here and make sure that you bring him around to meet your Abuela as soon as possible. I don’t want to hear about her not meeting as soon as you are actually dating someone. If the contract lasts, that will be as close as you can get, I am sure.”

Eddie kissed his tia on the cheek and then headed back to the Jeep. Buck was still in the back seat with Chris, so Eddie got into the front passenger seat and turned to look at the pair of them. “Having fun?”

“Dad, Buck said we are going to get breakfast.”

“We are, and then we are going to go back to our house and get a few things to take over to Buck’s as we are going to stay the night there.”

“Really?” Chris started to bounce up and down in his seat, and he looked happy as hell about that.

“Yeah, really. Buck’s place is really cool. I think you’ll like it.”

“I bet I will. Do you have a big TV?”

“I do and a whole bunch of movies to choose from to watch.”


“Minions?” Buck asked as he looked at Eddie.

“Despicable Me.”

“Ah, I don’t think I own that one. Do you promise I’ll like it?” Buck asked.

“Yes,” Chris said like he was making the biggest promise in the world.

“Then I’ll buy it.”

Eddie looked at Buck, who was still looking at Chris. It wouldn’t be hard at all to fall in love with Buck. Eddie had never met anyone who liked Chris as much as Buck did. It warmed Eddie’s heart.

Buck looked up as he started to move out of the back seat. He locked eyes with Eddie and smiled.

Eddie was fucked, and he knew it. He wasn’t going to be able to stop himself from falling in love with Buck, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

4 thoughts on “First Meetings

  1. Oh, wow. Wow.
    Damn that was good. I can’t wait to read that again. I really like Buck as Dom. I hadn’t read that before. They were just delicious together.
    Love Pepa as his coach. Priceless. And very believable.
    Thank you so very much for this delightful story.


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